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									The Catholic Campaign for
  Human Development
Volunteer Resource Guide
                    Created by
   Archdiocesan Catholic Social Action Office
                                          *Last Updated April 2010
    We cannot be called truly “Catholic” unless we hear and heed the
   church’s call to serve those in need and work for justice and peace.
         -US Catholic Bishops, Communities of Salt and Light

This resource guide contains valuable information about non-profit groups
in the Cincinnati Archdiocese that are working to create change and break
the cycle of poverty. Groups mentioned in this guide have been recently
funded by the Catholic Campaign for Human Development. This
campaign, instituted by the US bishops to fight American poverty, begins
with an annual collection every November in parishes around the nation.
The money from that collection then goes to fund groups that are working
for social and institutional change and the empowerment of members of
low-income communities. (More information is available on the next page)

By volunteering with one of these organizations, you will be able to see the
integral connection between Catholic Social Teaching and the call to work
for justice. Additionally, we hope that you will be inspired and
encouraged by the change these groups are making to break the cycle of
poverty in your local area. Your contribution to this effort through the
donation of your time, talents, and energy are greatly appreciated.

If you would like more information on any of these groups or information
about volunteering in general, please contact the Catholic Social Action
Office at 513-421-3131 or email us at csa@catholiccincinnati.org .

Thank you for your interest!
   Catholic Campaign for Human Development Mission in Brief
Since its start in 1970, the Catholic Campaign for Human Development
(CCHD) has worked to transform lives and communities, focusing steadily
on breaking the cycle of poverty in thousands of communities across the
United States.

CCHD was established by the United States Conference of Catholic
Bishops with a two-fold mandate to fund low-income controlled
empowerment projects and to educate Catholics about the root causes of
poverty within the context of the Catholic social tradition. CCHD
programs are funded through an annual collection in parishes each year.

The Goals of CCHD: To promote a spirit of solidarity among those who
are successful, those who have acquired some share of this nation's goods,
and those still trapped in poverty.

CCHD is committed to working toward the elimination of poverty and
injustice in the United States. Sponsored by the United States Conference
of Catholic Bishops, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, tax-exempt organization, CCHD
today stands as one of the nation‟s largest funding organizations for self-
help programs for the poor.

Please visit the National CCHD Website at www.PovertyUSA.org, the
National CCHD page on the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
website at www.usccb.org/cchd, or our Local CCHD website at
http://www.catholiccincinnati.org/socialaction/cchd.html for more
            Cincinnati Area Funded Organizations
The Amos Project
Living Wage and Workforce Development Campaign
Paul Graham
745 Ezzard Charles Dr., Cincinnati, OH 45203

The Amos Project is a coalition of congregations committed to living out their faith through public action. Recently, the
Catholic Campaign for Human Development has funded the Amos Project‟s Living Wage and Workforce Development
Campaign, which is focused on securing apprenticeship positions for minorities and low-income residents of Greater
Cincinnati on Public Works Projects and also securing living wages from employers who receive public subsidies.

                                               VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES

  Since the Amos Project is primarily a coalition of congregations, they cannot receive volunteers in the same way as
  other organizations. However, If you would like to contribute to the mission of the Amos Project, feel free to call Paul
  Graham at the number listed above. He would be happy to talk with you about possible ways of becoming involved.
  As with all of our organizations, the Amos Project is always in need of financial support as well.
The Contact Center
Safe and Stable Families Campaign
Lynn Williams
1227 Vine Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202

The Contact Center is a community-based, non-profit organization in Over-the-Rhine, created by the residents of Over-
the-Rhine. The Contact Center works in the community to empower residents and low-income families to use their
collective voice to effect compassionate social change. Recently, the Catholic Campaign for Human Development
(CCHD) has funded the CONTACT Center‟s „Safe and Stable Families Campaign,‟ which works with the Ohio
Empowerment Coalition for policy reform regarding kinship care to strengthen and support families.

                                   One time                     Seasonal Events & Programs                           Recurring

For Groups             Voter registration                   Get Out the Vote!                         Letter Writing/Petition
                       Follow-Up Calls                         -voter drive focused through Oct-        - Letter writing and Petition
                       Letter Writing/Petition                 Nov before elections                     gathering for local, state and national
                       Allow for Contact Center booth at    OTR Festival                               figures can be done throughout the
                        Parish Festivals                       - Volunteers are needed to help           year on a variety of issues. Get in
                       Group Educational Presentations        organize and run the annual Over-         touch with the Contact Center for
                        (Urban Plunge Experience and/or        the–Rhine Festival held in August.        details and information on what
                        speakers)                              -Organization starts in January           issues are most pressing.
                        - put on by Contact Center staff      State Legislature Day: April 23rd
                       Childcare during meetings             -Help lobby the state legislature in
                                                             ● Annual Holiday Toy Sale
                                                                  - Collect toys

For Individuals        Voter registration                   Get Out the Vote!                         Voter registration
                        (individuals can come together to                                               Drivers
                        then go in groups)                   OTR Festival                              Letter Writing/Petition
                       Drivers                                                                         Some student internship positions
                       Follow-Up Calls                      State Legislature Day: April 23rd          are available, which could include
                       Database entry                                                                   projects like event planning, web-
                       Letter Writing/Petition                                                          site maintenance, or working on an
                       Training Contact Center members                                                  organizing campaign. Call for more
                        in skill areas:                                                                  information
                        -Microsoft Office
                        -QuickBooks & Accounting
                       E-mail Newsletter Organizer
                       Childcare during meetings
Communities United for Action (CUFA)
Environmental Justice and Youth Committee
Marilyn Evans
1814 Dreman Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45223

Communities United for Action is a non-for-profit grassroots organization designed to address community issues that
range from youth empowerment and environmental work.

                                                              VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES

     With such a large range of issues, there are many ways in which a volunteer could become involved with
      CUFA. CUFA staff is very flexible and is willing to work with any volunteer who is interested in a one
      time or recurring volunteer opportunity. Technical and computer skills are highly appreciated. Further,
     CUFA would gladly welcome and appreciate individuals who would be willing to share the intricacies of
      their career path or field with Youth programs aspiring to create life goals. Also, CUFA has had intern
      positions available in the past. For more information on both volunteer, Youth education, or internship
                           opportunities, please call, email, or check out CUFA’s website.
Resource Raising: Donations are always greatly appreciated.
Please send to:    CUFA
                   1814 Dreman Ave.
                   Cincinnati, OH 45223
Cincinnati Interfaith Workers’ Center (CIWC)
Wage Theft and Day Labor Organization Campaigns
Don Sherman
40 E. McMicken Ave. Cincinnati, OH 45202

The Cincinnati Interfaith Workers Center is a parent organization of the Day Labor Organizing Project and The Cincinnati
Coalition for Comprehensive Immigration Reform. It performs extensive legal and human rights services for low-income
day laborers and immigrant workers. Among other projects, the Center has recently focused on the growing problem of
wage theft. By targeting industries that routinely steal wages from their workers, the Center has strived to win back stolen
funds and establish agreements that end such abuses. To date, the CIWC has won back over $115,000 in unpaid wages for

                                        One time                     Seasonal Events & Programs                  Recurring

  For Groups              Interviewing Workers to learn and       Call to check on any upcoming    Interviewing Workers to learn and
                            document injustices                    events or programs                document injustices
                            - discover and document injustices                                      Advocacy Work
                            that workers are facing                                                  -Building a coalition among the
                          - work on investigative projects                                           community
                          - volunteers that have language skills                                     - organize speakers and events in
                           in Spanish and French are especially                                      your community or parish
                           helpful                                                                   -form an advocacy base in your parish
                          - volunteers would receive training on                                     or community to speak with elected
                           labor issues                                                              officials
                          Help with database work
                          Childcare during meetings
                          TOUR/EDUCATION Groups
                           -work with CIWC staff to organize
                           educational visits to the facility
                            -meet with workers and immigrants
                           to learn more about the issue

  For Individuals         Interviewing Workers                    Call to check on any upcoming    See above
                          Help with database work                 events or programs
                          SPECIAL SKILLS VOLUNTEERS
                           NEEDED! (Lawyers, paralegals)
                            -Pro Bono work needed from those
                            with experience in Immigration,
                            Criminal and Human Rights Law

  Resource Raising: In addition to volunteering your time, you may also consider donating specific resources to further the mission
  of CICW. Currently, the Center is in need of various office supplies (call to ask about specific needs). Also, CIWC has a Worker
  Rights Manual that they frequently use in their work. Due to high printing costs, limited resources, and a low budget, it is
  increasingly difficult to print out multiple copies of the guide. Any parish or organization with a working printer would be of
  great help in this process. The Center can electronically mail the guide to your parish and then pick up the printed guides
  whenever they are ready. For more information or other resources your parish can provide, please call CIWC at the number
Cornerstone Community Loan Fund
Developing Renter Equity
Margery Spinney
1115 Pendleton St. NW, Suite 2, Cincinnati, OH 45202

Cornerstone Community Loan Fund gives low-income renters the opportunity to build assets similar to home equity through
various responsibilities. The program is currently based at St. Anthony Village, a 28-unit project developed by the Franciscan
Friars of Cincinnati, with additional projects still in development. The organization aims to help revitalize the community
and empower its residents to take an active role in their community‟s direction.

                                            One time                      Seasonal Events & Programs                   Recurring

 For Groups                  Activities in Solidarity                  Call to check on any upcoming    One time volunteer opportunities can
                               -Organize an activity with               events or programs                often be made into recurring ones.
                               Cornerstone to work with residents                                         Work with Cornerstone to see which
                               side by side                                                               are most feasible.
                               -examples include gardening,
                               hanging up holiday decorations
                             Skills Training
                              -Come help teach home ownership
                             and job skills to individuals in the
                             housing program
                             - training is often needed in tasks such
                             as painting, minor home repair,
                             gardening, and interview/job referral
                             Group Educational Presentations
                               (Experiential &/or speakers)
                               - put on by Cornerstone staff

 For Individuals              Activities in Solidarity                 Call to check on any upcoming    See above
                                                                        events or programs
                              Skills Training

Resource Raising: In addition to volunteering your time, you may also consider donating specific resources to further the mission of
Cornerstone. Currently, Cornerstone is in need of gardening/work tools, home maintenance supply kits (cleaning supplies, mops,
brooms, 409, floor and surface cleaner, etc), old home appliances, and old furniture. For more information or other resources your
parish can provide, please call Cornerstone at the number above.
Dress for Success Cincinnati
Professional Women’s Groups
Mary Ivers
135 W 4th St. Cincinnati, OH 45202

Dress for Success is a national organization that outfits women with the tools they need to feel confident and capable of
securing employment. The Professional Women‟s Group takes a comprehensive approach to moving low-income women
toward self-sufficiency by addressing their social and economic needs in relation to work, home and community through
ongoing support and education.

                                               VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES

                     Volunteers can donate their time through working in the dressing room on
                     Saturdays to outfit women in business suits as part of their interview
                     preparation process. This opportunity is available for women only. Other
                     opportunities include help with mailings and similar group projects.
                     Additionally, professionals can lead workshops on a variety of subjects
                     dedicated towards empowering women in the group to become self-
                     sufficient and financially independent. Please call Dress for Success for
                     more information regarding these opportunities.

Resource Raising: Funds are always needed and appreciated. Additionally, gently used women’s business attire in good
condition would be welcomed. Please send donations to:
Dress for Success Cincinnati
135 W. 4th Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202

                     Cincinnati has the third highest poverty rate of any US city.
                      1 in 10 Ohioans is currently on the federal Supplemental
                                      Nutrition Assistance Program
                                    (formerly called Food stamps).
Intercommunity Justice and Peace Center (IJPC)
Families That Matter
Julie Przybysz
215 E. 14th Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202

IJPC is a coalition of faith-based organizations and individuals who work together to educate around justice issues, take
collaborative action, and perform public witness. They address local, national, and international concerns focusing on
economic justice, women's issues, human rights, racial equality, peace, and the environment. Recently, CCHD has funded
IJPC‟s „Families That Matter‟, a project that organizes death row inmates and their families and encourages them to form
supportive groups and fight for legislation to end the death penalty.

                                            One time                         Seasonal Events & Programs                  Recurring

     For Groups              Event volunteers                            Way of the Cross (Lent)          Join committees to help work on
                               -Volunteers are always needed with         Peace Camp (Summer)               projects
                             IJPC events                                  Write-A-Thon (March 1)              -i.e. Way of the Cross, Death
                             -see opportunities under limited time        Human Rights Day Events            Penalty, Peace Camp
                             Days of Reflection                           (December 10th)                  Petition Gathering
                               - IJPC can help organize reflection        Hiroshima-Nagasaki               Help with Bulk Mailings
                            services after an Urban Plunge                 Remembrance Day (August 6th)     Consistent help with IJPC events
                            experience                                    Women Martyr’s Day               Letter writing and legislation calls
                             Petition Gathering                           (December 2nd)                     during key issue movements
                             Help with Bulk Mailings                     St. Nick Day Gift Sale (first    Join e-lists through the website for
                             Satellite Events                             Saturday in December)              updates on other events
                             -Events can be hosted at specific
                             parishes (i.e. Write –A-Thon, where
                             letters are composed and sent to our
                             elected officials for a particular cause)
     For Individuals         Event Volunteer                            See above opportunities            Day a week/month commitment
                             Petition Gathering                                                            -what needs to get done
                             Service projects ( as needed)                                                 -project based
                             Guest columnist for e-mail                                                    Technical support for IJPC
                                newsletter                                                                  Pen Pals to death-row inmates
                                                                                                            - training by IJPC
                                                                                                            - Use of IJPC address
                                                                                                            Skilled Volunteers to help with
                                                                                                            death row inmate cases and their
                                                                                                            -Stress Relief
                                                                                                            Join e-lists through the website for
                                                                                                           updates on other events
                                                                                                            Join our prayer services the night
                                                                                                           prior to an execution (local) and
                                                                                                           during an execution (Lucasville)

Resource Raising: In addition to volunteering your time, you may also consider donating specific resources to aid in IJPC‟s activities.
Currently, IJPC is in need of embossed envelopes (letters sent to inmates cannot have adhesive stamps) and Birthday cards for death row
inmates. For more information or other resources your parish can provide, please call IJPC at the number above or visit the IJPC website.
Interfaith Business Builders, Inc.
Retail Cooperative Planning and Development Project
Ray West
1707 Westwood Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45214

Interfaith Business Builders (IBB) is a faith based Cincinnati organization with the mission of developing employee owned
worker cooperatives empowering low income people. The organization has twenty six years experience developing
community based business. It has previously developed a temporary labor business and a construction company.
Currently, IBB provides management services to a newly establish business, Cooperative Janitorial Services, in addition to
developing a project to initiate a new cooperative retail store/coffee shop near Xavier University campus.

                                                          VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES

       Because of the unique and innovative mission of Interfaith Business Builders, potential volunteers are
     encouraged to please contact IBB and director, Ray West, in order to discuss positive outlets for energy in
      IBB’s effort to maintain and increase the effectiveness of cooperative businesses in the Cincinnati area.

Resource raising: Donations are always welcomed and appreciated.
Please send to:    Interfaith Business Builders, Inc.
                   1707 Westwood Ave.
                   Cincinnati, OH 45214
Lower Price Hill Community School
GED Program
Jen Walters
2104 St. Michael Street, Cincinnati, OH 45204

The Lower Price Hill Community School was founding in 1971 in response to increasing numbers of students not finishing
high school. Knowing that leaving high school without a diploma was a key indicator of future poverty because of
ineligibility for most employment, the neighbors of Lower Price Hill band together to form the Lower Price Hill Community
School. Today, LPHCS enrolls an average of 370 high school dropouts annually. LPHCS has provided tuition-free education
to over 5,000 individuals, and more than 740 LPHCS students have received their GED diplomas. Many graduates go on to
complete college degrees.

                                                VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES

                   The school has many volunteer opportunities. LPHCS is always seeking volunteers to
          assist in all programs. Volunteer opportunities consist of tutoring for Basic Literacy, ESOL or
          GED. We are also open to holding workshops for the students and community, such as financial
          planning or career development. Volunteers may also assist with clerical work, such as updating
          database, filing papers, distributing flyers, etc. For more information call 513-244-2214
Peaslee Neighborhood Center
Center for Community Documentary Work
 215 E. 14th St. Cincinnati, OH 45202

Peaslee Neighborhood Center provides a peaceful places where Over-the-Rhine residents create and participate in
dialogue-based educational programs that foster creative expression, self-determination, personal voice, and social
justice. The Center for Community Documentary Work, a recent-CCHD-funded project, is a photography project
developed for 8-12 year old children who live in OTR. In addition, a workshop series for teens, neighborhood oral
history projects, photography classes, production of exhibits of participants‟ work, a monthly Zine and
entrepreneurial endeavor offering low-cost photographic services to neighborhood organizations and businesses
are included in the project.

                                          VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES

                Peasleee offers a variety of programs, from early education to music
                creation. For more information, visit the website listed above. Please
                contact the center for individual interest in any of these programs.
                Additionally, the center also hosts service learning experiences for groups
                who seek to understand and engage in the Over-the-Rhine community
                through multi-media and oral history-based education and service.
West Eighth & State Teen Council (West C)
Youth Against Violence
Fred Hoeweler

West-C is a long-standing community organization in Lower Price Hill that addresses issues of increasing violence in
their schools and streets by focusing on the reduction of violence and the low level of academic achievement and high
school dropout rate.

                                             VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES

                   Due to the focus on youth empowerment, West C generally encourages the
                   teenage community members to take action on building repairs, maintenance,
                   organization, and other such tasks. If groups or individuals are interested in
                   serving this community, they are encouraged to inquire with a partner group, the
                   Urban Appalachian Council, also located in Lower Price Hill.

                   The contact information for that group is:

                                               Urban Appalachian Council
                                                 2115 West Eighth Street
                                                 Cincinnati, Ohio 45204

                                                  phone: (513) 251-0202
Winton Hills Opportunity Connection (WHOC)
First Step Program
Ms. Betty Gazaway

Winton Hills Connection Center, formerly known as Winton Hills Senior Computer Project, is largely a volunteer run
center which tries to empower individuals to initiate and excel their careers and life goals. Beginning with basic one-on-
one assistance in computer skills and professionalism, WHOC attempts to work with their “costumers” to move from one
step to the next step in progressing the individual‟s life goals.

                                             VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES

                     WHOC can “always” use volunteers, especially during the
                     summer season when school volunteers are lower. Individuals
                     with technical skills with computers, professionalism, or book
                     keeping as especially requested. Additionally, individuals who
                     have a background in volunteer coordinating would be greatly
                     appreciated. For more information, please contact Ms. Betty
                     Gazaway at 513-242-8533.
Working in Neighborhoods (WIN)
(WIN) Action Organizing Project
Dave Scharfenberger
513-541-4109, ext 105
1814 Dreman Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45223

Working In Neighborhoods (WIN) is a non profit organization that provides staff support and leadership training in
Southwest Ohio to empower residents to come together around common issues and provide a vehicle where they have a
voice in decision making institutions that affect the quality of their lives. WIN provides staff support to organizations that
are funded by CCHD including the WIN Action Organizing Project and Communities United For Action. WIN is currently
also working with the Advocates For Justice Collaborative to educate and inform members of Catholic parishes in the
Archdiocese of Cincinnati about the foreclosure issue, what they can to do help others in need, and how they can advocate
for needed changes.

                                        One time                   Seasonal Events & Programs                          Recurring

                          Sponsor foreclosure forum at church    WIN ANNUAL RACE                       Home Rehab
 For Groups                or organization                         -usually first weekend in April
                          Home Rehab (demolition, painting,       at 9 am                               Mailing Moguls
                           yard maintenance and construction       -help staff water stations
                           activities)                             -assist with the “fun run” for        Computer Entry
                          Mailing Moguls (help with Bulk          children
                           Mailings)                               - cheer people on!                    WIN Annul Race (Usually in April)
                          Computer Entry                         Special Project Assistants
                          WIN Annul Race (Usually in April)       -assist staff and residents with
                                                                   special projects
                                                                   - i.e. health fairs and youth care
                                                                   -organize events
                                                                   -recruit resources and people for
 For Individuals          Home Rehab                            See above                               Home Rehab
                          Mailing Moguls                                                                Mailing Moguls
                          Computer Entry                         Event Coordinators                    Computer Entry
                          Assist with foreclosure intake          -help fundraising by becoming a       Newsletter
                           session or foreclosure task force       part of a special events team          -Collect info; write article; design
                          Assist with WIN Race                    - raffle, 5k race, speaking            layout
                                                                   engagements, and other special        Computer lab assistants
                                                                   events                                 -help individuals learn how to use
                                                                                                          computers at WIN‟s community
                                                                                                          computer lab
                                                                                                          - assist children as well as adults
                                                                                                          - hours are flexible
                                                                                                         Newsletter Editors
                                                                                                          -need volunteers to collect info, write
                                                                                                          articles, and design layout
                                                                                                         Assist with WIN Fundraiser
                                                                                                         -including raffle that benefits the WIN
                                                                                                         Action Organizing Project and
                                                                                                         Communities United For Action,
                                                                                                         setting up speaking opportunities and
                                                                                                         other special events.
                                                                                                         Summer Youth Camp
                                                                                                         -Youth aged 5-12; South Cumminsville
                   Greater Dayton/Springfield Area
                                Funded Organizations

The Clubhouse of Dream Builders Group Inc

Cheryl Bender
937-667-1069 Ext 274
6759 S County Rd 25A, Dayton, OH 45371

The Clubhouse is a faith-based relational, non-profit organization in Miami and Montgomery Counties, created and
implemented by local teen leaders of the Miami Valley Area. Clubhouse is a free after school and summer program for
elementary children with limited opportunities. Local Teen‟s receive training to be leaders & mentors in this faith based
approach. Teens challenge children & themselves to new experiences, learning & develop relationships with others in the
community. Tutoring, Homework help, Character Development, Community Service & Sports/Arts Appreciation. A
special leadership program for 6th graders helps develop them to understand and live out being a leader and community

                                   One time                         Seasonal Events & Programs                            Recurring

 For Groups               Event Volunteers Staff a day of           Summer Camp & Christmas
                           Summer Clubhouse either your               Party activity leaders, activities
                           group creating the day from                will be specific to the theme of
                           scratch or following a                     the event
                           Clubhouse provided schedule             Community Block Parties or
                          Create Visual Aids for a Session           Service Projects
                           Clubhouse.                              Christmas Present Shoppers
                                                                   Food Crew to prepare, serve and
                                                                      clean up for 250 guests at special
 For Individuals        Event Volunteer                         Summer Camp & Christmas Party             Drivers getting teens/children from
                        Skilled Professionals to Train            activity leaders, activities will be     school to the local Clubhouse in
                        Teens at a quarterly training              specific to the theme of the event       provided vehicles
                        Teachers, Counselors, Community          Drivers getting children &/or teens       Teen Small Group Leaders to work
                        Advocates..                               to events in provided vehicles              with 2-3 children in one of the
                                                                 Teen Small Group Leaders to                 following days: Faith & Character
                                                                  work with small groups of regular           Development, Homework Help &
                                                                  attending children during the entire        Tutoring, Learning Exploration,
                                                                  event time. Call for more                   Sport/Arts. Monday – Thursday 3:30
                                                                  information                                 – 5:45 call for more information.
                                                                 Donation Coordinator                      Adult Support for Teen Leadership:
                                                                 Clubhouse Organizer and                     work in partnership with daily teens
                                                                  Shoppers                                    encouraging them and giving
                                                                 Grant Writers                               direction as needed. Call for more
                                                                                                            Skilled Professionals to Train Teens
                                                                                                              at our quarterly trainings. Teachers,
                                                                                                              Counselors, Community Advocates..
Dakota Center
Expanding Economic Opportunity in Urban Inner-West Dayton
Sharon Mitchell
33 Barnett Street
Dayton, OH 45407

The Dakota Center aims to enrich the “quality of Life” and empower the residents to reach their potential within the
MacFarlane and surrounding neighborhoods by providing first class programs and services in collaboration with other
centers, organizations, businesses, and government agencies. This project seeks to intervene in a generational cycle of poverty
by empowering adults with a basic understanding of economic opportunities through financial literacy and micro enterprise
in urban inner-west Dayton.

                                         One time                         Seasonal Events & Programs                         Recurring

   For Groups                    Tutoring in Reading, Math,             Assist in youth programs                       Tutoring in Reading, Math,
                                  and English                                   -    Homework club                        and English
                                                                                -    Art appreciation                    Mentoring
                                                                                -    Music
                                                                                -    Computer Skills
                                                                                -    General after school
                                                                                -    First job training
                                                                                -    Youth nutrition
                                                                         Golden Age Club for Seniors
                                                                         Cyber seniors: computer instruction
                                                                          for senior citizens
                                                                         Adult Education programs
                                                                         Contact Dakota Center for Seasonal
   For Individuals             See above opportunities           See above opportunities                         see above opportunities

Resource Raising: Funds and supplies are always needed and appreciated. Please send donations to
Dakota Center
33 Barnett Street
Dayton, Ohio 45407
Good Samaritan Home
Citizen Circle Ex-Felon Mentoring Group
John Graham
442 E. Third Greenville, OH 45331

In Ohio, 39% of parolees will return to prison in the first 3 years following release. Citizen Circle addresses the recidivism rate
in Darke County by training community volunteers to partner with ex-felons an help them find employment, affordable
housing, and most importantly develop the skills necessary to become productive members of the community. Good
Samaritan Home, through programs like the Koinonia residential house and the Fitzpatrick House, seeks to assist ex-
offenders and the homeless by offering housing, spiritual guidance and personal mentorship.

                                              One time                       Seasonal Events & Programs                      Recurring

   For Groups                  Rehabilitation of Fitzpatrick House  Contact John Graham for Seasonal        Citizen Circle Mentoring:
                                - Fitzpatrick House will provide       Events & Programs                          - Good Samaritan Home works with
                                   temporary housing for homeless                                                    the Ohio Department of
                                   persons. Volunteers are needed                                                    Corrections in implementing and
                                   in rehabilitation for its future                                                  operating the Citizen Circle
                                   opening.                                                                          program in Western Ohio. The
                                                                                                                     Citizen Circle program brings
                                                                                                                     together professionals from the
                                                                                                                     Department of Corrections like
                                                                                                                     parole officers and counselors and
                                                                                                                     joins them with everyday citizens
                                                                                                                     from various backgrounds.
                                                                                                                     Meeting with selected ex-
                                                                                                                     offenders on a monthly basis, the
                                                                                                                     Citizen Circle provides
                                                                                                                     encouragement, practical advice
                                                                                                                     and mentorship.
                                                                                                              Good Samaritan Home Mentoring
                                                                                                              Fitzpatrick House Rehabilitation
   For Individuals              See above opportunities                 Contact John Graham for Seasonal    Citizen Circle Mentoring
                                                                          Events and Programs                     - see above
                                                                                                              Koinonia Mentor
                                                                                                                  - Good Samaritan Home works with
                                                                                                                     local government, business and
                                                                                                                     spiritual leadership to provide
                                                                                                                     personal, financial and spiritual
                                                                                                                     mentorship for ex-felons.
                                                                                                              Good Samaritan Home Mentoring

Resource Raising: Funds are greatly appreciated and will go to fund rehabilitation and mentoring programs.
Please send all donations to: Good Samaritan Home
                              Attn: John Graham
                              442 E. Third
                              Greenville, OH 45331
Leaders for Equality and Action in Dayton (LEAD)
Montgomery County Expansion Project
John Gromek
20 W. First Street
Dayton, Ohio 45402

LEAD prepares and empowers people of faith to work together for justice in the greater Dayton area. LEAD brings 15
congregations with a combined total of more than 5,000 members together to work on the systematic causes of local
community problems. This year, LEAD will increase the number of congregations to over 18, and the number of people
directly engaged in the LEAD efforts of listening, research and action to over 650.

                                                           VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES

                          Volunteer opportunities are available through membership in LEAD.
                          Membership opportunities include:

                                   Extensive training available to members
                                   Members learn about research, action, monitoring the process to
                                    follow-up on agreements won, and fundraising
                                   Members train with our national consultants, the Direct Action and
                                    Research Training Center, Inc. (DART)

                          Information regarding how your congregation can begin to work for justice
                          in the greater Dayton area can be obtained by contacting LEAD.
Resource Raising: Funds are always needed and appreciated. Please send donations to
20 W. First Street
Dayton, Ohio 45402.
PowerNet of Dayton

Craig Powell
184 Salem Ave, Dayton, OH 45406

PowerNet‟s mission is to empower communities to define and enhance their quality of life by addressing the root systemic
causes of the most serious issues impacting the community, through the utilization and development of the assets, skills and
abilities of our citizenry and other resources inherent to the community. PowerNet brings together volunteers to do research,
community organizing, community education and advocacy, coalition building, strategic planning, program development
and evaluation, and resource gathering. PowerNet facilitates the process of prioritizing the issues of greatest concern to the
individuals who live, work or own businesses in the targeted community. PowerNet subsequently engages these citizens in
the planning and implementation of the most appropriate goals, objectives, strategies, and actions to address the issues
identified (e.g. crime, unemployment, economic deprivation, poor housing, lack of youth opportunities, poor health, poor
self-esteem, hopelessness).

                                             One time                      Seasonal Events & Programs                    Recurring

   For Groups                                                           Citizen Circle Training in          Mentoring opportunities
                                                                         February, May or June. Contact       - with the adults returning to our
                                                                         Collette Harrison for more           community, and also with their
                                                                         information                          children, teens, and especially the
                                                                        Mentor training in March             youth (ages 18 – 22) who are at risk
                                                                                                              of following the same destructive
                                                                                                              path as their parents.
                                                                                                           Special training needed. Orientation
                                                                                                              in March. Contact Collette Harrison
                                                                                                           Citizen Circle groups
                                                                                                           - working with the Department of
                                                                                                              Corrections, the Citizen Circle
                                                                                                              creates an environment which
                                                                                                              fosters acceptance and focuses on
                                                                                                              offenders' personal strengths
   For Individuals              Behind the scenes office work.         Citizen Circle Training in        See above mentoring opportunities
                                 Contact Collette Harrison for           February, May or June. Contact    Set up appointments to go out and
                                 more information.                       Collette Harrison for more          speak, developing handouts,
                                                                         information                         brochures, and PowerPoint
                                                                        Mentor training in March            presentations, etc. Some of our
                                                                                                             participants have interests in these
                                                                                                             areas and would benefit from
                                                                                                             mentoring in these tasks as well.
                                                                                                           Community GEM Leadership
                                                                                                             Development Program. A few
                                                                                                             dedicated and committed people
                                                                                                             who can help with the intake
                                                                                                             interview and follow-up process.
                                                                                                             Some counseling background
                                                                                                             preferable, but not essential

Resource Raising: Funds are always needed and appreciated. Please send donations to
PowerNet of Dayton
184 Salem Ave
Dayton, OH 45406
Think Tank, Inc.
Clack County Circles

Karin VanZant
 (937) 727-9232
1241 W. First Street
Springfield, Ohio 45504

Think Tank, Inc. is a non-for-profit located in Springfield, OH. Recently, the Catholic Campaign for Human Development has
funded Think Tank‟s Clark County Circles Program. This program seeks to connect people and families in situations of poverty
to leaders and active members in the larger community. By the development of relationships, the gaps of isolation,
misunderstanding, and poverty are decreased and addressed through individual goal making and action on community

    VOLUNTEER                                                 Seasonal Events &
                                    One time                                                       Recurring
   OPPORTUNITIES                                                  Programs
   For Groups or            Meal Donations for our         Bridges Out of Poverty         Circles Allies
   Individuals             Weekly Community                Training this is a 5 hour
                           Meetings held every             training held quarterly           Training provided to
                           Thursday night at               both in Springfield and           prepare persons
                           Covenant Presbyterian           Dayton to increase the            interested in being a part
                           Church. Meals should            awareness of class issues         of a low-income persons
                                                           in our community and how
                           include food for 50 people,                                       journey out of poverty.
                                                           to build relationship across
                           main dish, side dish,                                              An Ally makes an 18-
                                                           class lines.
                           dessert and drinks.                                               month commitment to
                                                          Poverty Simulations - 2            Circles which includes
                                                           hour event that happens           approximately 5 hours
                                                           quarterly or as a group is        per month of service.
                                                           interested in hosting.
                                                            Gives participants a new
                                                           identity of a low-income
                                                           family member and a new
                                                           community in which to
                                                           survive poverty for "1
                                                           month" of time.
Wesley Community Center
Male Awareness Program
Robert Walker
3730 Delphos Ave. Dayton, Ohio 45417

Wesley Community Center works as a social service agency on many varying levels. Recently, Wesley Community Center‟s
Male Awareness Program was funded by the Catholic Campaign for Human Development. The Male Awareness Program
was developed to address the specific barriers of marginalized men that have prevented them from being self-sufficient:
substance abuse, entanglement with the criminal justice system, chronic unemployment. Using a peer support group, men
develop their skills and abilities to build positive relationships, self esteem, and spirituality.

                                             One time                      Seasonal Events & Programs                          Recurring

   For Groups                   Food pantry                            Thanksgiving                               After school tutoring
                                        -    donate                         -   Food donations                      Senior program
                                        -    assistance                     -   Clothing donations                    -    Organize and participate in
                                Senior program                         Adopt A Family                                    activities
                                Clothing Boutique                          -   donate gift certificates
                                        -    donate
                                        -    assistance
   For Individuals              See above opportunities                Summer Camp                                  Provide information on current
                                                                             - A summer activity program               social issues that affect the
                                                                                for youth ages 5-13. Camp              Community such as:
                                                                                begins at the end of the               -    Money management
                                                                                school year and runs the               -    Health
                                                                                entire summer from 7 a.m.              -    Encouragement builders
                                                                                to 6 p.m. A well structured            -    Counseling
                                                                                program with planned                   -    GED program
                                                                                weekly field trips.                    -    Housing
                                                                        Leadership Development                        -    HIV/AIDS
                                                                         Institute                                     -    Predatory Lending
                                                                             - A youth leadership training             -    Candidates Nights
                                                                                program designed to build              -    Computer Learning Center
                                                                                leadership skills through a        After school tutoring
                                                                                structured program for             Sports programs
                                                                                youth ages 12-17. It features      Field Trips
                                                                                a one week intensive               Community Building Youth
                                                                                training in a rustic setting.       Activities

Resource Raising: Funds are always needed and appreciated. The Wesley Center would deeply appreciate donations of gently used clothing. Please send donations
Wesley Community Center, Inc.
3730 Delphos Ave.
Dayton, Ohio 45417
            Key Principles of Catholic Social Teaching
               From Office of Social Justice, Archdiocese of St. Paul-Minneapolis, www.osjspm.org

◄ HUMAN DIGNITY ►                                              ◄ DIGNITY OF WORK AND WORKERS ►
In a world warped by materialism and declining respect         In a marketplace where too often the quarterly bottom
for human life, the Catholic Church proclaims that human       line takes precedence over the rights of workers, we
life is sacred and that the dignity of the person is the       believe that the economy must serve people, not the
foundation of a moral vision for society. Our belief in the    other way around. If the dignity of work is to be
sanctity of human life and the inherent dignity of the         protected, then the basic rights of workers must be
human person is the foundation of all the principles of        respected -- the right to productive work, to decent and
our social teaching.                                           fair wages, to organize and join unions, to private
                                                               property and to economic initiative.

◄ THE COMMON GOOD ►                                            ◄ PROMOTION OF PEACE ►
In a global culture driven by excessive individualism, our     Catholic teaching promotes peace as a positive, action-
tradition proclaims that the person is not only sacred but     oriented concept. In the words of Pope John Paul II,
also social. How we organize our society – in economics        "Peace is not just the absence of war. It involves mutual
and politics, in law and policy – directly affects human       respect and confidence between peoples and nations. It
dignity and the capacity of individuals to grow in             involves collaboration and binding agreements.” There
community. Our Church teaches that the role of the             is a close relationship in Catholic teaching between
government and other institutions is to protect human life     peace and justice. Peace is the fruit of justice and is
and human dignity and promote the common good.                 dependent upon right order among human beings.

Catholic tradition teaches that human dignity can be           Catholic tradition insists that we show our respect for
protected and a healthy community can be achieved only         the Creator by our stewardship of creation. We are
if human rights are protected and responsibilities are met.    called to protect people and the planet, living our faith
Therefore, every person has a fundamental right to life        in relationship with all of God‟s creation. This
and a right to those things required for human decency.        environmental challenge has fundamental moral and
Corresponding to these rights are duties and                   ethical dimensions which cannot be ignored.
responsibilities -- to one another, to our families, and to
the larger society.
                                                               ◄ SOLIDARITY ►
                                                               Catholic social teaching proclaims that we are our
◄ OPTION FOR THE POOR ►                                        brothers' and sisters' keepers, wherever they live. We are
Catholic teaching proclaims that a basic moral test is how     one human family, whatever our national, racial, ethnic,
our most vulnerable members are faring. In a society           economic, and ideological differences. Solidarity means
marred by deepening divisions between rich and poor,           that "loving our neighbor" has global dimensions in an
our tradition recalls the story of the Last Judgment (Mt.      interdependent world.
25) and instructs us to put the needs of the poor and
vulnerable first.
                                                               ◄ ROLE OF GOVERNMENT ►
                                                               Because we are social beings, the state is natural to the
◄ PARTICIPATION ►                                              person. Therefore, the state has a positive moral
All people have a right to participate in the economic,        function. It is an instrument to promote human dignity,
political, and cultural life of society. It is a fundamental   protect human rights, and build the common good. It's
demand of justice and a requirement for human dignity          purpose is to assist citizens in fulfilling their
that all people be assured a minimum level of                  responsibility to others in society. Since, in a large and
participation in the community. Conversely, it is wrong        complex society these responsibilities cannot adequately
for a person or a group to be excluded unfairly or to be       be carried out on a one-to-one basis, citizens need the
unable to participate in society. In the words of the U.S.     help of government in fulfilling these responsibilities.
bishops, "The ultimate injustice is for a person or group to   According to the principle of subsidiarity, the functions
be treated actively or abandoned passively as if they were     of government should be performed at the lowest level
non-members of the human race. To treat people this way        possible, as long as they can be performed adequately. If
is effectively to say they simply do not count as human        they cannot, then a higher level of government should
beings."                                                       intervene to provide help.

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