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									                                                                                                                           May 26, 2006        ◆      Vol. 70, Num­ber 10

                              Governor Urges Cooperation,
                               Co-Existence in GE Debate
By Mark Bosma                          wrong.”                                                                                                                              Governor Jim

                                           Wrong not only for the                                                                                                           Douglas urged
           ore than 100 farmers        burden it would have put on                                                                                                          farmers to work
           put chores aside for        manufacturers and retailers,                                                                                                         together toward
           one morning to watch        but also wrong for the burden                                                                                                        co-existence.
Governor Jim Douglas put pen to        it could have placed on the
paper. The Governor wasn’t sign-       thousands of Vermont farmers
ing a bill into law, he was vetoing    who use GE seeds every season.
one: S. 18, a bill that would have     Nearly 40,000 acres of crops
put genetically modified (GE)          were grown with these in
seeds in a class of their own.         Vermont last year. Sales topped
   “S. 18 would have stigmatized       675,000 pounds in the state,
the seeds and made it difficult        which represents a 25% increase
for GE seed manufacturers to do        from the year before and 4 times
business in Vermont,” Agriculture      greater than the number sold in
Secretary Steve Kerr said. “It         Vermont in 2002.
would have put an undue burden             Those numbers have raised
on not only manufacturers, but         concerns among those who           contamination,” GE seed pollen        work with farmers to minimize            thousands of conventional farms
also retailers here in Vermont.        grow organic crops about           drifting from neighboring farms       that risk, and to help all farmers,      in our magnificent state,” Douglas
That would have simply been            the possibility of “cross-         and cross-pollinating their           regardless of whether they are           said. “Ten percent of Vermont’s
                                                                          organic operation.                    organic or traditional, co-exist         dairies now farm organically;
                                                                             Governor Douglas                   and thrive.                              36,000 acres of hay and pasture
                                                                          acknowledged those concerns              “I am as proud of the nearly          are farmed in this fashion. A
                                                                          during the veto ceremony. He          400 certified organic farms              high percentage of Vermont’s
                                                                          said his administration would         in Vermont as I am of the                                continued on page 2

                                                                                                                                                                                Paid at
                                                                                                                                                                           and at Additional
                                                                            Vermont Agency of                                                                               Mailing Offices
                                                                            Agriculture, Food & Markets
                                                                            116 State Street, Drawer 20
                                                                            Montpelier, Vermont 05620-2901
More than 100 farmers turned out to show support for a veto of S.18.

                    InsIde ThIs Issue
  Buy Local Materials: Page 2.         Market Report: Page 9.
  Classifieds: Begin on page 3.        LFO Rules: Page 9.
  Decline in Cropland Erosion:         Safety in the Garden: Page 10.
  Page 7.
                                       Vegetable and Berry News:
  Biodiesel Workshop: Page 7.          Page 11
  Vermont Hay and Forage               Champlain Valley Expo: Page 12
  Directory: Page 8
                                                                                  POSTMASTER: Send address change to: Agriview, 116 State Street, Drawer 20, Montpelier,VT 05620-2901
2                                                                                                                                                                                       May 26, 2006

GE Seeds                                  been and how it has been used.           corn and plant yours as far away           seeds. There is no guarantee,        of these topics in the brochure
continued from page 1                        Crop planning is another              as possible. Timing maturity of            but it is believed that distances,   “Genetic Engineering Co-
                                          method that can be used to               the crops can also help. Using             coupled with a certain number of     existence: Farmer to Farmer
vegetables are grown organically.         minimize the chances of cross-           varieties that mature on different         border rows can help. There are      Guidelines Minimizing Farm-to-
Clearly, this form of production          contamination. If you and your           dates could also minimize the              no official recommendations, but     Farm Movement of ‘GE’ Seeds
has worth and value to all who            neighbor both grow corn as               spread of GE pollen.                       there are suggested guidelines for   and Pollen in Vermont.” You can
support a vibrant agriculture.            well as other crops, talk about             Physical distances also helps           distances:                           obtain a copy by contacting the
As Governor, as a Vermonter, I            where they will be placing their         minimize the movement of GE                   There is much more on all         Vermont Agency of Agriculture
want our organic farms to thrive                                                                                                                                   at 802-828-3829.
and multiply, just as I want our                                                                                                                                      Assistance is also available from
conventional farms to thrive and                                                                                                                                   NOFA-VT at 802-434-4122.
multiply.”                                                      2005 GE Seed Sales in Vermont                                                                         Technical information on
    The keys to co-existence are                                                                                                                                   minimizing pollen drift for this
somewhat simple. The first step                                              Ge    bRand and tRaitS RepoRted:                                                      article came from the report
                                            Seed Type       Brand                     Trait                 Herbicide/Pest Tolerance                               “Transgenic Crop Production
is to talk to your neighbors. This
is the best way to find out what                                                                                                                                   in Vermont: Strategies for Co-
seeds they are planting, and opens          Soybean         Roundup Ready               Herbicide Tolerant                    Glyphosate                           Existence” by Vern Grubinger
up a line of communication for              Corn            Roundup Ready               Herbicide Tolerant                    Glyphosate                           and Gary Deziel of University of
other steps that can be taken in            Corn            Liberty Link                Herbicide Tolerant                    Glyfosinate - ammonium               Vermont Extension.
the process. Communication and              Corn            Clearfield                  Herbicide Tolerance                   Tolimidazolinone                        To view the entire study,
cooperation are critical in this            Corn            YieldGard CB                Insect Tolerant - Bt                  Corn Borer Tolerance                 go to http://www.uvm.edu/
effort.                                     Corn            Agrisure CB (Bt11)          Insect Tolerant – Bt                  Corn Borer Tolerance                 vtvegandberry/factsheets/
    An easy way to avoid move-              Corn            YieldGard RW                Insect Tolerant - Bt                  Rootworm Tolerance                   coexistence.html.
ment of GE seeds is to insure               Corn            Herculex I                  Insect Tolerant - Bt                  Corn Borer, Cutworm,
that shared or hired equipment                                                                                                Fall Armyworm
                                            Corn            YieldGard &                 Herbicide/Insect Tolerance            Stacked Trait
      Distance           Minimum                            Roundup Ready                                                                                              New Buy Local
                         Number of
                        Border Rows
                                            Corn            Herculex &                  Herbicide/Insect Tolerance            Stacked Trait                              Materials
      50 feet                 16            Corn
                                                            Liberty Link
                                                            Liberty Link & Bt11         Herbicide/Insect Tolerance            Stacked Trait

      200 feet                12            Alfalfa         Roundup Ready               Herbicide Tolerant                    Glyphosate
                                                                                                                                                                           he Vermont Agency of
      350 feet                 8
                                                                                                                                                                           Agriculture has a new
      500 feet                 4
                                                                                                                                                                           supply of the “Buy Local”
      650 feet                 0
                                                                                                                                                                   point of sale merchandise ready
is not exposed to GE seeds if the
                                                   Comparison of pounds of GE seed sold in                                                                         to go for the opening of your
machinery is going to be used on                      Vermont from 2002 through 2005.                                                                              farmers’ market, farm stand, or
organic land. When leasing or                                                                                                                                      retail sales outlet. If you would
hiring equipment, it is important           GE Seed                                              2002               2003              2004            2005         like to order supplies for the
to ask where the machinery has                                                                                                                                     coming season please contact
                                            Soybean - HT                                       19,302            115,600           168,900         175,900         Teresa Doyle at 802-828-2416 or
                                            Corn - IR                                               *            138,138           122,786          78,069         at Teresa.Doyle@state.vt.us.
                                            Corn - HT                                               *            119,694           145,755         206,851             Orders can be shipped directly
                                            Corn - IR / HT                                          *             43,566            68,931         214,839         to you or can be picked up in
                                            Alfalfa - HT                                                                                                50         Montpelier at our office.
              (UPS 009-700)
                                                                                                                                                                       We have available the follow-
            Agriview is Vermont’s           Total Corn                                        149,083            301,398           337,472         499,759
    Agricultural Publication of Record.
                                                                                                                                                                   ing items at NO COST to you:
                                            Total Corn + Soybean                              168,385            416,998           506,372         675,659
    It is published semimonthly by the
           Vermont Agency of
                                            Total Corn + Soybeans + Alfalfa                                                                        675,709         •   2.5” round stickers
     Agriculture Food & Markets,                                                                                                                                   •   2 x 51/2” adhesive shelf tags
         116 State Street, Drawer 20        Total Corn Acres (NASS Data)                       92,000             96,000            90,000          90,000         •   Bumper stickers
    Montpelier, Vermont 05620-2901.         Percent GE Corn of Total Corn                          8%               16%               19%             28%          •   Small price cards 5 x 7”
         Telephone: (802) 828-2416          Acres of GE Corn **                                 7,360             15,360            17,100          24,988
            Fax: (802) 828-3831                                                                                                                                    •   Medium price cards 7” x 10”
                                                                                                                                                                   •   Large price cards 9 x 12”
         Steve R. KeRR,                     Acres of GE Soybeans **                                                                                   3518         •   Roadside signs 18” x 24” with
     Secretary of Agriculture                                                                                                                                          wire legs (limited quantities)
                                            Total Alfalfa Acres (NASS Data)                                                                         11,000
     Editor: Mark Bosma, 828-3829           Acres of GE Alflafa **                                                                                    3.33
      email: bosma@agr.state.vt.us
                                                                                                                                                                   Note: These materials are provided
    Agriview is available online at                                                                                                                                  at no charge to be used only on
                                            HT = Herbicide Tolerant                                                                                                  agricultural products grown/raised
                                            IR = Insect Resistant.                                                                                                   in Vermont. For more information
    Advertising and subscriptions:          IR/HT = Insect Resistant/Herbicide Tolerant                                                                              regarding the Buy Local program
        Teresa Doyle, 828-2416
                                                                                                                                                                     please contact the program director,
      E-mail: teresa@agr.state.vt.us        * Breakdown of corn traits is not available for 2002.
       Yearly subscription: $12                                                                                                                                      Jennifer Grahovac at 802-828-
                                            ** Assumes a seeding rate of 20 lb/ac for corn , 50 lb/ac for soybeans, and 15 lb/ac for alfalfa.                        3828.
        Printed by B.D. Press of
            Fairfax,Vermont                    Calculated acres are derived from percentages, which are rounded.
May 26, 2006                                                                                                                                                                                                        

                                                                                       Herefords 14 cow/calf pairs. Price       Six water bowls, $15. each. Call           FOR SALE - 3 used generators:
                                                                                         from $700 - $1000. Call 802-              Johnson (802) 635-2172 (6/2)              Winpower 100 KW $7,000;
   Advertising in Agriview                                                               525-1188 or see web site for more                                                   Winpower 60 KW $6,300;
                                                                                         information. www.northcountry-         Two 1240 JD, 4 row, plateless corn           (both 1000 rpm); Drummond 40
   Subscription Price: $12 per year.                                                     farm.com (6/16)                          planters. One runs, one for parts.         KW $4,900 (540 rpm). Excellent
                                                                                                                                  Best Offer. Call Craftsbury (802)          running conditions. Call 802-868-
   Classified Ads: Free to subscribers, limited to two ads per issue, ads will         British White bulls 22 months old          586-2239 ( 6/2)                            2009 for more details (6/2)
      run for two issues. Please include subscriber number with ad.                      three available $1200 each, also one
                                                                                         bred heifer due late June $1200.       1987 Chevy C-30, 1-Ton Truck,              For sale: 2002 Sooner Aluminum
                                                                                         Call 802 644-6567 Johnson                350 V-8, dual wheels, 12 ft. flat-         Gooseneck 16 ft. Stock Trailer in
   Display Ads: The rate for display advertising is $7 per column inch
                                                                                         (6/16)                                   bed dump with 4 ft. side boards,           good condition, $6000 o.b.o.; 1957
      (a column inch is approximately 2” wide and 1” deep).
                                                                                                                                  $2,200. obo. No. Danville (802)            JD 420 Bulldozer, engine newly
      A 10% discount is available for prepaid display ads.
                                                                                       Scottish Highland Cattle for Sale: 2       748-8461 (6/2)                             re-built, good tracks, winch -
                                                                                         heifers, born April 2005 and Aug                                                    $4000 o.b.o. Huntington. Call 802
   Deadline For Ads: 10 days prior to the publication date.                                                                     John Deere 2755 w/245 loader
                                                                                         2005; Cow born 1999, (most likely                                                   434-7257 (6/2)
                                                                                         with calf), Cow with new calf             Excellent shape, 4wd $19,500.00;
   Classified advertisements must be sent:                                                                                         4wheel hay wagon for round bales
                                                                                         born April 2006. All heifers and                                                  New Idea Corn Picker/Husker,
      • By mail: (see address on page 2)                                                                                           $200.00; Hobart 2hp Meat Band
                                                                                         calves sired by Trafalgar Gunther,                                                  International 820 chopper w/both
      • By e-mail: (to Teresa Doyle; teresa@agr.state.vt.us)                                                                       Saw Like new hardly ever used,
                                                                                         reg. # 31263, son of Trafalgar                                                      heads, Farmhand hydraulic round
      • By fax: (802) 828-3831                                                                                                     super clean $1850.00; Free Water
                                                                                         Benedict 1994 Northeast Grand                                                       bale mover, call 828-5435 days or
      • We do not accept classified ads over the phone.                                                                            tank heaters, Cow tattoo kit and
                                                                                         Champion. $600 each. Call 1-802-                                                    928-3471 nights and weekends.
                                                                                         824-3377 (6/16)                           misc. cow stuff. Brookfield (802)         (6/2)
       Only items of an agricultural nature will be listed. The only real estate                                                   276-3227 (6/2)
   which will be listed is tracts of Vermont land of five acres or more which          25 Holstein and 5 mixed heifers,                                                    JD 1360 disc mower conditioner, 9
   are being used or can be used for agricultural purposes.                              handling, free stall, fed TMR.         JD 3950 Chopper w/5 1/2’ grass               ft cut, nice shape, works perfectly,
       The Secretary reserves the right to make a final decision on the                  (802) 285-6752 or (802) 285-             head, excellent shape, ready to go         ready to cut hay. Asking $4500.
   eligibility of items listed. The editor reserves the right to censor and              6218 (6/16)                              $5,800; two NH 258 roll bar 12’            Call Dave Matt at 802-464-
   edit ads. The Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets                                                                  rakes, $3,800. each; one NH dou-           9788 or email dmatt@sover.net.
   assumes no responsibility for transactions resulting through                        Scottish Highlander cattle, all are        ble rake hitch, brand new, $1,800.         Located in Marlboro Vermont.
   advertising in Agriview. Advertisers are cautioned that it is against                 registered. Cows with calf at side,      Call Brookfield (802) 276-3227             (6/2)
   the law to misrepresent any product or service offered in a public                    steers, and 13 month old bull.           (6/2)
   notice or an advertisement carried in any publication delivered                       One heifer due late summer/early                                                  1986 Toyota Pick-up, 4x4, 4 cyl, 5
                                                                                         fall. Call Derby 802-334-5443.         Farmall 886 Tractor, 85 hp with roll         spd,147k miles, pushbar, rollbar,
   by the U.S. Mail.
                                                                                         (6/16)                                   guard, cood condition, $9,000.             new timing chain, body solid,
                                                                                                                                  Call (802) 265-8165 after 7:30             runs good, extra parts, $2400.
                                                                                       Registered Jersey 3 yrs. Bred to sec-      p.m. (6/2)                                 Jacksonville,VT 802-368-7229
                                                                                         ond calf due in july by mist, Jersey
Bees                                       Beefalo for sale: Registered full-
                                                                                         2yrs. due in June to first calf good   Hens are gone…3 lg. hanging feeders          (6/2)
5 frame nucleus colonies available,          blood bulls born 7/7/05 and                                                          $10. each; new gray egg cartons
                                             4/28/05. Registered fullblood               temperments. $1200.00each or                                                      Farmall 656 well maintained, high
   $85 each. Raised from our own                                                                                                  20 cents each; one large water pan
                                             heifer, purebred heifers and steers..       $2000.00 pair. Call Fair Haven                                                      hours, restorable, $4000 obo. Two
   stock. Send a $5. deposit for each                                                                                             and wire cover $5. Electric water
                                             Mountbrook Farm, Dorset,VT                  (802) 265-3857 (6/16)                                                               Ritchie 4 hole waterers $300 each.
   one ordered to: Singing Cedars                                                                                                 heater and stand $25. Call W.
                                             802-362or-4874 Days; 802-867-                                                                                                   16 foot management rail, portable
   Apiaries, 77 Singing Cedars Road,                                                   Holstein heifer, due mid-May, asking       Danville (802) 563-2025 (6/2)
                                             4078 Evenings or e-mail: mjkit-                                                                                                 $1200. Call Pawlet (802)325-3295
   Orwell,VT 05760. Any questions                                                        $1,700. Call (802) 748-8722 after
                                             tredge@kittmtg.com (6/2)                                                           John Deere two bottom plow Model             (6/2)
   call: (802) 948-2057 (6/2)                                                            4:00 p.m. (6/16)
                                                                                                                                   #612, $100. Cordwood saw, belt-         Gehl 860 Chopper with both heads,
Cattle                                     Reg. Angus yearling bulls. Call             Embryos For Sale, sired by Canyon           driven on wood frame with 18”
                                             Montpelier (802) 223-6552 (6/2)                                                                                                 good condition, $2,800. obo Will
Four Ayrshire heifers, good blood:                                                       Breeze Allen, Dam is an excel-            blade, $50. Two “Rebar”round              sell corn heads separately. Call
  one due in Aug. $1,200. obf; three       Jersey Steer – yearling, approx. 800          lent Grand Slam, Ex 93 mam-               bale feeders, $50. each. Call John        (802) 849-6169 (6/2)
  open $1,000. obf. Tel. (802) 476-           lbs., surgically castrated, finish off     mary, 2ns Dam VG Stardust, 3rd            in Jericho (802) 899-3080 (6/2)
  6079 (6/2)                                  for fall beef, $500. Lowell (802)          Dam VG Belltone, $500 per egg.                                                    Vicon square baler, new chamber,
                                                                                         Good conception rates. Also, Reg.      Ford 4000 gas tractor, good shape            needles and needle yoke. kept
Two premium yearling Angus bulls,             744-6571 (6/2)                                                                      $4,500; Rossi rake, 9 wheels, like
                                                                                         Ayrshire heifer, sired by Laro, due                                                 under cover in great condition.
  30 years AI breeding, $1,800. each.      Looking for a 1 1/2 yr. old or older          in July to Harmony - $1200. Will         new, $1,900; Vermeer round baler           Runs well. asking 3500.00 or best
  Call Jim Kleptz at (802) 985-3295          service Beefalo bull. Calm and              Minot (603) 747-2199 (6/16)              $500; New Holland baler, 315               offer. Wardsboro VT 802-896-
  (6/2)                                      dark in color. Preferred polled.                                                     w/kicker, useable or parts $200;           0015 (6/2)
                                             Need as soon as possible. Call            Polled Hereford yearling bull, will        Wic 45 feed cart, new chain $750
Beef Cattle – 10 certified organic                                                       neuter if desired, parents on prem-      obo. Call Fair Haven (802) 265-          New Holland Haybine model 469
  yearling Angus heifers, $800 each          (518) 585-7696 ask for Dale.
                                             (6/2)                                       ises - $600. Delivery extra. South       4589 (6/2)                                 $700.00 Call Dean at 860-884-
  or $1.20/lb. liveweight. Average                                                       Royalton (802) 763-7443 (6/16)                                                      2889 (6/2)
  650-750 lbs. Vince Foy, No.              Registered Dexter cow, bred to reg-                                                  Allis Chalmers Model D14 with
  Danville (802) 748-8461 (6/2)              istered bull - $1,395. Registered         Dogs                                        loader, new clutch, starter, battery,   N-tech PTO driven 9’ Manure
                                             Dexter heifer, born 8/2005, $895.         Registered Border Collie female for         excellent shape - $3,000. Ford            Pump with Fill Pipe. Vertical wall
FOR SALE: Registered Jersey                                                                                                        8N Tractor with 501mower, extra           mount for tank. New - Never
                                             Please call after 8 p.m. in Weare,          sale. 4 months old. $350.00 (802)
  Bull. Born July 20, 2005, sired by                                                                                               parts - $2,500. 1985 Dorsey 48            submersed. $8,500.00 (new
                                             NH (603) 529-3561. (6/2)                    483-6521 or (802) 353-5334
  Roulette, out of Mor dam. $500.                                                                                                  foot flat bed trailer, new brakes         - $11,500.00) Call Rich at 802-
  Brenda Chmielewski, Wells, 802-          For Sale - Two Holstein Heifers, due                                                    and skid plate - $3,000. (802)            439-6435 (6/2)
  325-3064. (6/2)                            in June. Irasburg (802) 754-6922          Employment                                  824-5288 days; (802) 824-5037
                                             (6/2)                                     I am looking for help or a partner in       nights. (6/2)                           Woods model D-80 rotary mowing
Registered Jersey Cow-calved                                                                                                                                                machine. Drawbar style with man-
  04/20/06. Too many 4-H ani-                                                             my organic agriculture business.
                                           Beautiful Belted Galloway Steer. 2             Give Charlie a call at Brookfield     Kverneland 3 bottom plows, auto             ual lift. It has the ears to convert
  mals-must part with this one.              years old. 800 + pounds. Organic                                                     reset, 3 pt. hitch, 14 inch plows,        to three point if desired. Heavy
  Asking 1150.00. West Rutland                                                            1-888-293-1200 (6/16)
                                             fed, freezer ready. $900.00. Call                                                    used on stone-free land. $1,200.          duty mower with low hours on
  (802) 438-5000. (6/2)                      603-763-9422 (6/16)                       Equipment                                  Pittsford (802) 773-1003 (6/2)            it. In very good condition. About
11 month old Registered Jersey bull,                                                   Gehl manure spreader, 250 bushel                                                     1994 vintage. Asking $1200 OBO.
                                            Registered Jersey 3 yrs. due in July                                                Ford 3000, diesel engine, excellent         Located in Manchester,VT. (802)
  sired by Paramouunt from an                                                            with hydraulic gate, dual axle,
                                             with second calf sired by mist,                                                      condition, good paint and rubber;         688-4662, or E-mail ericsev@
  excellent Montana. Grandam is                                                          PTO driven, mechanically in good
                                             Registered Jersey Heifer 2 yrs. due                                                  canopy, owners manual, 46 hp,             adelphia.net. (6/2)
  88 points with records to 21,000                                                       working condition, $1,050. or best
                                             in June, $1200.00 each or both                                                       $5,700. New Holland 7’ haybine,
  pounds. $1,000 OBO. Ranolph                                                            offer. Call Johnson (802) 635-
                                             for $2000.00 Call Benson (802)                                                       $700. Massey Ferguson side deliv-        Int. 1086, cab, 2 wd - $8,500; Int.
  Center, (802) 728-9057. (6/2)                                                          2172 (6/2)
                                             265-3857 (6/16)                                                                      ery rake, $450. Lowell (802) 744-           485, 4x4, loader, 2200 hrs., exc.
                                                                                                                                  6571 (6/2)                                  - $11,800; Int. 444, loader, 40 hp,
                                                                                                                                                                                         May 26, 2006

    3ph, ps - $3,800; Int. 544’s, one     carries 14 bales - $1,400. obo. 2         9’ very good condition - $800;
    gas/one diesel, $3,500-$4,800;        point hitch bale spear, carries 2         Horse drawn hay rake - $350;
    Manure spreaders, conv. & side        bales, best offer. Call Barre (802)       Ford 542 Baler/kicker - excel-
    dischg. - $800-$2,500; JD plows,      476-4423 (6/2)                            lent shape - $1500; Side Delivery
    5 bottom - $1,450; 2 sets JD                                                    Rake - $900; Case Forage Wagon
    harrows – 13 ft. $1,950 – 10 ft.    Case 430 Tractor, 3ph, power steer-         - $500; Kuhn Tedder - $300; 2
    $1,850; Case 3 bottom trailer         ing, gas - $3,200; Case 400 diesel,       Wood Kicker Wagons - $700 each.
    plows - $700. 3 Kuhn disc mow-        Eagle hitch - $3,500; Two Papec           (802) 888-7881. (6/16)
    ers - $2,500-$4,500; Kvernland 8      choppers, make an offer; hydraulic                                                  Hydraulics, rubber and engine            blower for JD 160 or 170 series
    ft. disk mower, pts or rep.-$800.     dump trailer, needs work, $50.          John Deere model 20 side mower              are all in very good running             lawn tractor - $25. Elizabeth
    (802) 885-4000 (6/2)                  Orwell,VT (802) 948-2627 (6/2)             under carriage and attachments           condition. Sidedresser included.         Everts, 278 Cloudy Pasture Lane,
                                                                                     for model M, and MT tractors.            Clearance is 27” to front axle, rear     Barnet,VT 05821 (6/16)
JD 24T baler - $1,400; JD 336           1959 Ford 641 Workmaster tractor,            May fit more models $75.00.              rims are 38”. New battery. Asking
  baler w/thrower - $2,500; NH            new rear tires, good paint, very           Westford. Call Mark 802-879-             $4900. Brandon 247-6630. (6/16)        Hopto Excavator, smooth pads,
  782 chopper w/2 new heads               good condition – Asking $3,500.            0391. (6/16)                                                                      excellent pit machine, 453 Detroit,
  - $4,800; NH 892 chopper w/2            obro. Call Marshfield (802) 563-                                                  Vegetable Growers: Rain-Flo Model          hydraulics good, good running
  heads - $2,500; JD 3940 chopper,        3876 or (802) 426-3240                  Gehl 860 chopper with both heads,           345 flat bed plastic mulch layer.        machine - $12,000. obo. Chester
  hay and 2 row corn heads, exc.                                                    good condition. $2800.00. Will            Excellent condition. $1200.              (802) 875-3659 (6/16)
                                        New Holland 273 Baler with                  consider selling corn head sepa-          Plastic mulch cultivator (Market
  - $2,500; 12 ft. Richardton dump        Hydraulic controlled kicker.                                                                                               John Deere baler, 214W - $500;
  box, works good - $1,200; Mixer                                                   rately. Call 849-6169. (6/16)             Farm Implement) for cultivating
                                          Always under cover-in very good                                                     between rows of plastic mulch.            Snow Plow and frame to fit
  wagons - $1,000-$2,500; 5 ft. bush      shape’ $ 3000. (802) 482-2376           New Holland model 310 baler with                                                      Farmall H or M - $300. Two
  hog - $850. Springfield (802)                                                                                               Excellent condition. $1000. Small
                                          (6/2)                                     kicker $2000 Obo; New Idea 10’            harvest wagon $500. Cash regis-           Hereford/Angus X, 18 and 22
  885-4000 (6/2)                                                                    disk mower $3000/obo. Phone                                                         mo. BRO. Also, WANTED:
                                        Sawmill blades--50”, 48 tooth, good                                                   ter with integrated scale used for
Grimm Hay Tedder, ground driven,                                                    number to call (802) 849-9776             farmstand. Like new. $500. Pawlet         Sheepshears, working condition.
                                          condition: $325.00 also 54”, 52           (6/16)                                                                              Contact: Scott (802) 874-4944
  good working condition - $150.00        tooth 7-8, F-8 shank, very good                                                     802-325-2401. (6/16)
  or best offer. (802) 948-2767                                                                                                                                         (6/16)
                                          condition: $475.00; Metal lathe,        1959 John Deere 435 Diesel has 2          Like new estate Mighty Manure
  (6/2)                                   flat belt drive. 5 hp 3 phase 20”         cylinder Detroit Diesel engine,                                                  John Deere 6’, 3-point hitch har-
                                                                                                                               Spreader Model 600A. Great for
TO-30 Ferguson-w/7’ mower.                swing--72” centers, very rug-             Front weights, wheel weights.              small farmer or horseman. $450.          rows, good shape - $850; Win-
  Tractor converted to 12 volt sys-       ged machine. I used this lathe            Used for tractor pulls and shows.          Call 802 362 4519 after 5:30 pm          Power Generator, PTO driven
  tem. Both units excellent condi-        for wood turning, many acceso-            Would make a fine collector trac-          Dorset,Vt. (6/16)                        - $1,500; Agrimetal bale shredder,
  tion. $2,650; Ferguson 35 Diesel        ries inc.: $950.00; 7-1/2 hp              tor. Many extra parts and pieces.                                                   7.5 hp, like new - $850; 3-point
  w/snow plow. Tractor in very            phase converter: $400.00. Call            Kind of a rare model. $10,000.00        New Holland 268 Baler and New               hitch cement mixer - $550; stone
  good condition. $3850. Please call      Wallingford,VT (802)-446-2833             Call Wilmington (802) 464-5225            Idea 2 row corn picker both in            rake - $300; over the cab wool
  802-433-5418 after 5 P.M. Ernie         (6/2)                                     (6/16)                                    very good condition. Call daytime:        rack - $100. Best time to call B-4
  (6/2)                                                                                                                       828-5435 or 782-3388. (6/16)              9 am or after 8 pm (802) 888-
                                        Haybine - New Holland model 469           Kuhn rear mounted mower-model                                                         3994 (6/16)
N-Tech 9’ pto-2pt hitch manure            $700.00. Call 860-884-2889 (6/2)          FA372, always under cover and           Running gear w/ wooden platform,
  pump, wall mount w/fill pipe.                                                     well maintained, spare parts              great shape, $850. Dummerston,         2000 K-3500 Chevrolet p/u truck,
                                        3pth FMC air blast sprayer 100 gal.         including a spare cutterbar, instruc-     254 4313 or scottfrm@sover.net           4x4, 1 Ton excellent work truck
  Never submerges. New $11,500,           tank model 1029 good cond.
  will sell for $8,500. or trade for                                                tion manual. Works fine. Asking           (6/16)                                   that has been well maintained,
                                          $400, United 48” 2 dr. ref. case $        $200. (802) 685-3051 (6/16)                                                        5.7L, auto, AC, custom fabricated
  heifer calves. Rich O’Connell,          575. 4x8 ref. salad bar$200. Strew                                                JD 8ft. KBA transport disc harrow.
  Corinth (802) 439-6435 (6/2)                                                                                                                                         rack, includes 8’ Fisher Minute
                                          bales $4.00 413-530-0619 (6/2)          Ford 4000 diesel with loader. In very       Cut-a-ways in front. Recently            Mount Plow. NO commercial
Mueller Milk Bulk Tank 1000                                                         good shape with 4400 hours, orig-         rebuilt. Nice for small farm.            plowing done, 41,000 miles -
                                        REAR WHEEL WEIGHTS for a                    inal paint. This tractor has been         $1,000. No cylinder. Shaftsbury.
 Gallon. Good condtion, runs well.       John Deere 318 garden tractor or                                                                                              $12,000. Moretown (802) 223-
 Westfield, 802-744-6431 (6/2)                                                      well maintained and kept under            (802) 442-4273 (6/16)                    5612 (6/16)
                                         23 X 10.50-12, new condition,              cover. $6400. Plainfield (802)
FORD 1600 2 wheel drive tractor          will sell for $50 or trade for front       454-7765. (6/16)                        3 pth 7’ Rossi Sickle Bar mower,         570 JD skid steer with bucker and
  with 770 loader, has 2 cylinder 23     wheel weights. Call Israel in Cabot                                                   excellent condition - $2,000; 6’        forks for big round bales. Machine
  HP diesel engine with 1115 hours,      at 802-563-6061 (6/2)                    15 Ton Brock Grain Bin, 2 Augers, 2          Heavy Duty Bush Hog - $600;             works good and looks good. Used
  9 forward speed transmission, load-                                                Motors, No rust, used very little -       older Fitchburg Wood Chipper            only to remove snow and take
                                        Case IH 8840 self-propelled wind-            $1,000. (802) 823-5481 (6/16)             - $1,000. Please call Ron at (802)
  ed tires, wheel weights, good rub-      rower, 14 ft. with doubler, 2400                                                                                             big round bales into conventional
  ber and tin, all gauges work, owner                                                                                          885-6786 between 5 pm and 8             dairy barn and off the field. Goes
                                          hrs.,VG condition, $7,500. Fox          Echo hedge clipper, gas-powered,             pm or cell phone (802) 376-5184
  manual, always kept under cover.        4510 chopper, 3 row corn head,            model HC-1500, 19.7” cutter                                                        through four foot door. $5,995. or
  Will include 3 pt. hitch cordwood                                                                                            (6/16)                                  BO. Gene Willey (802) 897-7971
                                          hayhead, metal sensor, auto knife         length, like-new condition with
  saw with right angle belt drive         sharpener, $5,000. 1016 Balzar            less than 30 hours, $150. (802)         John Deere 1520 Tractor, 47 hp,            (6/16)
  and adapter for this tractor, and       silo tender, $2,000. obo. Call            895-4551. (6/16)                           gas, wide front, 3 pth, ps, pb, new
  a 6’x12’ flatbed trailer built on a                                                                                                                                Kverneland Sila Wrap, 7550 - $5,500;
                                          Addison (802) 759-2081 (6/2)                                                         paint - $5,600. Also, JD 2030           256 New Holland Rake - $1,200;
  heavy truck frame. All for $6,000.                                              1980 VW diesel pickup. Recent                Tractor, 60 hp, diesel, 3 pth, ps,
  Springfield (802) 885-5709 (6/2)      4 Row Allis Chalmers Corn Planter;          bodywork and paint. Inspected,                                                     175 Allis Chalmers, 1900 hrs. -
                                                                                                                               pb, looks and runs great - $7,700.      $5,600; three running gear wood
                                          1255 Oliver tractor, diesel, old but      runs well. Economical little farm          Schuylerville, NY (518) 695-6180
2004 John Deere diesel tractor,           still runs;12 ft rolling harrows with     truck. $1300 obo. Call Joel at                                                     round bale racks. Call (802) 334-
  #4120, 4 wheel drive, hydrostatic                                                                                            (6/2)                                   2079 (6/16)
                                          few new discs; Richardson Dump            (802) 388-7776 Middlebury
  block heater, 43 hp, 4 cylinder,        wagon, roof not good shape; 500           (6/16)                                  Manure Spreader, Farmhand/Gehl
  with 400X loader, used only 3.5                                                                                                                                    International Harvester 430 baler
                                          galvanized sap buckets; all priced                                                 350, tandem 6’x12’, poor but               with flotation tires and IH 10 bale
  hrs., $23,000. John Deere #350          to sell; call after 8:00 p.m. 802-      Ford 9600 tractor, 135 hp, with            works - $250. Need Vicon spin-
  bulldozer with winch, 6 way blade,                                                big pusher blade and 90% rub-                                                       kicker with new clutch and belts
                                          885-4920 (6/16)                                                                    ner bar, any length. NH 717, 2             - $1,450; John Deere, heavy duty,
  forward reverser, undercarriage                                                   ber, we used it for bunker pack-         heads, $250. Call Williston (802)
  completely redone, new radiator,      Ford 4000 diesel with loader. In            ing and harrowing, runs great,                                                      31A post hole digger with stand,
                                                                                                                             878-4025 (6/16)                            8’ auger and guide handle - $475.
  $12,000. Call 433-6126 (6/2)            very good shape with 4400 hours,          needs battery, has no hi-lo range,
                                          original paint. This tractor has          pto, or working drawbar. $2900          7140 Case IH excellent condition            Manuals for both. Call Worcester
New Idea Discbine #5209, red, mint        been well maintained and kept             obo. Call Joel at (802) 388-7776          wagon chassis, sub frame with             (802) 229-9362 (6/16/)
  condition - $10,500. Call No.           under cover. $6400. Plainfield            Middlebury (6/16)                         hydraulic cylinder for dump body.
  Troy (802) 988-4384 (6/2)                                                                                                                                          Ford 8630 4WD tractor, 120 hp,
                                          (802) 454-7765. (6/16)                                                              Call (802) 623-8571 (6/16)               3800 hrs., 8 speed standard trans.
                                                                                  Farmall 140 Hi-clear cultivating trac-
Gehl blower 1540, excellent condi-      Vicon Tedder, Fanex 500 (RS510T),           tor. With original style belly culti-   Howard Rotovator, 60” - $495;              w/dual power, cab, AC, heat,
  tion - $1,200. obo. Hydraulic           18’ swath, like new - $3500;              vators for one row, and also double       Kuhn Gyrotedder - $495; John             new rear radial tires, good run-
  tandem dump cart - $1,400. obo.         International Side Delivery Rake,         bar for multiple row applications.        Deere 246, 2 row corn planter w/         ning condition, $22,000. four
  Tandem axle round bale wagon,                                                                                               various seed plates - $450; snow-        Patz barn cleaner units w/motors.
May 26, 2006                                                                                                                                                                                                  

  Patz high flight, 16” gutter chain,       - $3,950. Fairlee (802) 333-4840         Lazy Lady Farm (802) 744-6365             certified. $100-200 each. Ashfield,     HORSESHOEING THE WAY IT
  450 ft. Four 20” barn fans. 75            (6/16)                                   (6/16)                                    MA (413) 628-3203. (6/16)                SHOULD BE! Well schooled
  Norbco loop comfort stalls, heavy                                                                                                                                     experienced farrier. European style,
  duty w/waterline and hardware.          John Deere, KBA, 10 ft. transport        General                                   KID GOATS FOR SALE - Set of                show quality, professional service,
  Clarendon,VT (802) 747-3057                harrows with hydraulic cylinder,      SVDGA Annual Dairy Goat Show.               twins (Alpine/Toggenburg), male          and competitive pricing. Shoeing
  (6/16)                                     18” discs in good shape - $500.         Sunday June 25th. For more info           and female, black & white, born          for those looking for a higher
                                             Also, 20 cubic ft. deep freezer         go to www.southernvtgoats.org             April 12, 2006. One female Kid,          standard. Book your appoint-
Delaval bulk tank, 1250 gal., w/com-         - $100. Brandon (802) 247-6630          (6/2)                                     born May 11, 2006, (Nubian/              ment with Andy Ware at (802)
  pressor and auto washer, model             (6/16)                                                                            Toggenburg) Tan/White/Black              463-2018. Serving the lower
  #FT1250. Plate cooler. Delaval                                                   Organically raised apple trees, grape-      color. All very friendly & well
                                          Case IH 8312 disc mower, 12 ft.            vines, blueberries, strawberries                                                   Connecticut River Valley. (6/2)
  2” pipeline, 400+ ft. w/receiver jar,                                                                                        cared for, come from good milk-
  transfer pump and wash racks. Ten         hydra-swing center pivot, well           and other small fruits. Call Todd,        ing stock. $45.00 each, or all three    REGISTERED PERCHERON
  Delaval super claws, w/Delaval 01         maintained, very nice shape -            Walden,VT 563-3012. (6/2)                 for $100.00 - start your own small       - 8 yr. Grey mare 17.2h 1850#
  shells. Clarendon,VT (802) 747-           $5,100. obo. Addison (802) 759-                                                    herd. Selling because I don’t have       Broke single and double. Been
                                            2480 (6/16)                            Approximately 150,000 gallons liquid
  3057 (6/16)                                                                                                                  room. Call Lisa - Cell (802) 249-        used for showing, farming, logging,
                                                                                     manure, you pump, I’ll trade for
                                          International 881 chopper parts, elec-                                               8567 or after 7 PM (802) 467-            sugaring, hay and sleigh rides. Also
Ford Tractor, 8-N with a woods 5 ft.                                                 heifers or calves. Call Rich in
                                             tric control box and wiring spout                                                 8525 (6/16)                              been ridden. Proven broodmare.
  finish mower - $2,500. (802) 287-                                                  Corinth,VT at (802) 439-6435
                                             and extension, 7.5 ft. hay head for     (6/2)                                                                              Excellent feet, shoes w/o stocks.
  5149 (6/16)                                                                                                                Alpine Doe For Sale. 3 years old, but      Travels straight and true, sound
                                             parts, plus many other 881 chop-                                                  has never kidded. Would make a
Lely Lotus 300 Haysaver Tedder/              per parts. Call for prices. Addison   Heavy creosoted fence posts, aver-                                                   and sensible.$2500 obo. Andre’
                                                                                                                               great horse companion or com-            Palmer New Haven,Vt (802)
  Rake combo. Has 2 piece bas-               (802) 759-2480 (6/16)                   age 7” x 6 1/2 ‘ - $4. each. Metal
                                                                                                                               pany for another goat. Has great         324-1190 (6/16)
  ket, 3 pt hitch PTO driven, $300                                                   laying box for 10 hens - $45. 8”
                                          New Holland 269 baler w/kicker;                                                      temperment. $100. (802) 723-
  worth of extra parts and owners                                                    sewer & drain pipe, heavy duty
                                            tedder; JD forage wagon; Cub                                                       4452 or (802) 239-4080. (6/16)          Registered Percherons - 2 Yearling
  manual, needs some work - $650.                                                    green, SD735: 8 – 13’ pieces $40.
                                            lowboy;Van D gutter cleaner, used        each; 1 – 8’ piece $20.; 1 “T” $45.;                                                fillys. Both are of quality breeding.
  Heston PT7 mower/conditioner,
                                            max 10 hrs. w/150 ft. chain, pad-                                                Horse Equipment &                           Lead, load, bathe. Good feet, sound
  needs some work, have the parts,                                                   1 “L” $45. Call Rochester (802)
                                            dles, etc.; 800 gal. honey wagon;        767-4647 (6/2)                          Services                                    and sensible. $1000 each obo.
  owner manual. Two John Deere                                                                                               Horse Equipment – New double                Need to make room in barn...Too
  14T balers for parts. John Deere          Hesston chopper; all shedded,
                                            work and in excellent condition.       We have organic & untreated forage          leather, double stiched, large horse      many mares. Andre’ Palmer New
  24T with kicker for parts. Have                                                                                              size driving harness $300. Bona           Haven,Vt. 802-324-1190 Would
                                            Hinesburg. Call after 6 p.m. (802)      seeds ( including BMR sorghum/
  manuals for balers. Call for pric-                                                                                           Allen Quarter Horse western sad-          trade for high wheel show cart in
                                            482-2320 (6/16)                         sudan), organic fertilizers liquid
  ing and more information (603)                                                                                               dle, 15 1/2 inch seat, bridle and         good condition. (6/16)
                                                                                    & dry. I have all your needs in
  989-5870 (6/16)                         Farms & Farmland                          organic health remedies and how            blanket - $150. 2 lunge whip
                                          House and 11+ acres overlooking           to use them. I have been work-             $10 ea. cash. New twitch $5. cash.      Rare Breed/Shagya Arabian for
Kverneland three bottom plow with                                                                                                                                        sale by breeder: rising 2 year old
  auto reset, very good condition,          CT River in Ascutney. 20 year old       ing with organic & conventional            Blue girth cover - $5. cash. Breast
                                            organic vegetable gardens, berries,     farmers since 1994 and involved            collar $50. cash. Corinth (802)           gelding. Born bay turning gray
  almost new mouldboards and                                                                                                                                             slowly w/black points. Excellent
  shares - $2,000; International 56         fruit and nut trees. High tensile       in agriculture since 1958. Call            439-6437 (6/2)
                                            fence around pasture. ¼ mile            Charlie at Brookfield Ag. Services                                                   prospect for riding and/or driving.
  blower in good condition - $200;                                                                                           Fancy Britchen Team Harness, com-           Awesome bone, good conforma-
  Universal glass bowl and fittings,        frontage on river. Sandy loam soil.     / 1-888-293-1200 (6/16)
                                                                                                                               plete, $1,200. obo. Bennington,           tion, nice movement. Athletic,
  make an offer. Walden (802) 533-          House is 3-story open concept
                                                                                   Goats                                       NH (603) 588-6711 (6/2)                   friendly, sane. Good w/vet and
  7095 (6/16)                               home with three bedrooms and
                                            two baths, office and large root       Two Registered Alpine Does, born                                                      farrier. Two in August. Sire proven
                                                                                                                             HORSESHOEING THE WAY IT                     50-mile endurance horse (AERC
Manure Spreader, International              cellar. Three outbuildings 30x30,        in the spring of 2005, out of            SHOULD BE! Well schooled
 #75C, ground driven - $350;                24x24 w/frost free pump, and             excellent milking stock. Mother                                                     # ). Dam-line proven in driving,
                                                                                                                              experienced farrier. European              dressage, jumping and endurance.
 Superior Loader #400 bucket                greenhouse/garden shed. $540,000.        appraised excellent @ 90. Both           style, show quality, professional
 loader, 5 ft. bucket, pump - $850;         (802) 674-9930. (6/16)                   have horns. $275. for pair (OBO).                                                   Suitable for CTRs, endurance,
                                                                                                                              service, and competitive pric-             driving, dressage, and/or pleasure
 horse drawn disc set, 6 ft. wide,                                                   Call 802-723-4452 or 802-239-            ing. Shoeing for those looking
 has weight holders - $450; har-          A 130 acre farm for rent in Isle           4080. Registered Alpine Kids For                                                    riding. Asking $4500. (802) 293-
                                                                                                                              for a higher standard. Book your           5783 (6/16)
 row, 3 pt. hitch behind 8N tractor,        LaMotte. Barn cleaner, cemented          Sale out of top quality milking          appointment with Andy Ware
 67” wide - $450. Sell separate or          barnyards, nearby pastures, 52           stock. Good confirmation. Call           at (802) 463-2018. Serving the           Rare Breed/Shagya Arabian for Sale
 as a lot. Call (802) 442-6531 for          comfort stalls w/pipeline and four       David Langmaid at 802-723-4452           lower Connecticut River Valley.            by Breeder:Yearling Stud Colt.
 details (6/16)                             automatic take offs ready for your       or 802-239-4080. (6/2)                   (6/2)                                      Born June 2005. Grey with black
                                            organic or conventional Jersey
Ford 520 baler, one owner, very good        herd. Call weekdays, 828-5435 and      SVDGA Annual Dairy Goat Show.                                                         points. Beautiful and strong with
                                                                                                                             Horse drawn cultivator for sale, ask-       fabulous movement and calm
  cond., needs different tires, paint       evenings 928-3471. (6/16)                Sunday June 25th. For more info           ing $25. Call anytime (802) 748-
  job, manual goes with it, collec-                                                  go to www.southernvtgoats.org                                                       disposition. Should make 15.3hh
                                                                                                                               3787 (6/2)                                to 16+hh. Dam is approved by
  tors item or small farm, makes          Feed                                       (6/2)
  bales from 40-100 lbs. Nine foot        Hay for Sale – Certified Organic, 1st                                              Centered Riding Clinic with Sally           ATA. Sire is 16.1hh sporthorse
  snow plow blade on body mount             cut $2.50/bale; 2nd cut $3.00/bale.    Saanen buck, registered, 3 years old,       Bauder, Morningside Stable, Wells,        sire. Asking $5500/$4500 gelded.
  for dump truck - $300; seven foot         Call Hardwick (802) 563-2755             proven, ADGA #AS1283113. Bred             VT. June 10 & 11. Classical rid-          Shagya Arabians offer the beauty
  snow plow blade only - $100. Sell         (6/2)                                    by Sue Smith. He has the sweet-           ing with body-awareness, center-          and hardiness of the purebred
  separate or as a lot. Call (802)                                                   est personality, hopefully passing        ing and imagery. All seats, abilities     Arab, but in a larger frame, with
  442-6531 for details (6/16)             Hay for sale on around 50 acres.           this trait on to his daughters. $200.     & styles - $175. Call Cynthia             great ride-ability. (802) 293-5783
                                            Corinth (802) 439-6437 (6/2)             Ashfield, MA (413) 628-3203               Larson (802) 645-1957 (6/16)              (6/16)
Westfalia pipeline milker, 5                                                         (6/16).
                                          1st Cut Round Bales for sale. $20.00                                                                                         Registered North American Spotted
 Stimopulse unit for 80 cows.
                                             per bale. call 633-2588 or e-mail     Alpine and Oberhasli Dairy Goats.         Horses & Other Equine
 Westfalia vac pump, 5 hp with                                                                                               Registered Morgan mare, 6 years             Draft mares. 2 years old and well
 oil reclaimer. 800 gallon Zero              somersfarm@kingcon.com (6/16)           ADGA registered. CAE free.                                                          started with ground work.Very
                                                                                                                               old. Lippitt Breeding. 6 weeks of
 tank w/comp. Make an offer. W.                                                      Bottle fed and friendly. Many col-                                                  sweet and love attention. Call 802-
                                          For Sale: Good quality 1st cut                                                       professional training to ride. Had
 Charleston,VT (802) 895-2833                                                        ors. Kids and yearlings. Prices vary.                                               525-1188 or web site for more
                                            hay. $1.50/bale approximately                                                      a foal 9/05. $1200.00 Enosburg
 (6/16)                                                                              Very friendly from superior milk-                                                   information. www.northcountry-
                                            200 bales. Excellent 2nd cut hay                                                   Falls 802-933-2096 (6/2)
                                                                                     ing lines.Excellent conformation.                                                   farm.com (6/16)
Generic Generator, 80KW surge, 40           $2.25/bale. Please call Smokey           Disbudded.. For more information        Black Percheron 14 year old gelding,
  KW continuous, pto shaft includ-          House Center (802) 293-5121 or           please call Pic Conner 802-763-                                                   Young stock for sale, making room
                                                                                                                                17 Hands, 2000 lbs, Been shown
  ed. $2,000. obo. W. Charleston,VT         email shc@vermontel.net (6/16)           2929 (6/16)                                                                         for 2006 foals. $350.00 and
                                                                                                                                in cart and 6 horse hitch. Used in
  (802) 895-2833 (6/16)                                                                                                         the woods and parades. Also rides.       up. Call for details. 802-483-
                                          We bought two tons of organic            Dairy goats, Alpines and Alpine/
                                                                                                                                $2500.00 Enosburg Falls 802-             6521/802-353-5334. (6/16)
Gehl TR 3038, two row corn head,           alfalfa pellets for our goat herd,        Oberhasli crosses, milkers and
                                           but they decided they won’t eat                                                      933-2096 (6/2)
  used on under 100 acres, comes                                                     yearlings. All are due in July, eight
  with older CB1000 base chopper           it!? It is bulk and in a grain bin.       to choose from. Organic – but not
6                                                                                                                                                                                             May 26, 2006

Miniature Morgan Quarter Horse             disposition. Both sire and dam         Flock reduction! Border Leicester         05059 - Telephone (802) 295-                 Calm and dark in color. Preferred
  look-a-like. A 3 year old stud colt,     have beautiful fleeces. Sire is a         white ewe, nice fleece, good           5372 (6/16)                                  polled. Need as soon as possible.
  two year old filly, and 8 month          pure bred black romney and the            mother - $100; RomneyX                                                              Call (518) 585-7696 ask for Dale.
  old filly. All very gentle and well      dam is a white pure bred romney.          yearling, white, twin; Romney/       Wanted                                         (6/2)
  behaved. Call for more informa-          Please contact me directly if you         Border Leicester, white, yearling,   WANTED – Bunker silo; wall units.
  tion or for a picture. $1,200. and       are iterested in seeing pictures of       twin - $75. Lambs: Barbados/          Call (802) 479-9614 or 272-5587            WANTED - Opening Discs for Int.
  up. (603) 989-5870 (6/16)                him. Thank you!! Kim Goodling             Columbia ram lamb - $80;              (6/2)                                       #10 Grain Drill. Please call Mike
                                           802-685-4693 or kimgoodling@              ColumbiaX ewe lamb - $100.                                                        at 802-626-9806 Lyndonville,VT
4 year old 16.1 hand Quarter                                                                                              WANTED – Pullets, all different              (6/2)
                                           yahoo.com (6/2)                           Call Chris Davenport, Otterknoll      varieties. Please call (802) 373-
   Horse cross, bay mare with very
                                                                                     Farm, Wallingford (802) 446-2084      9206 (6/2)                                 WANTED - Bunker silo, please call
   good temperament, green broke,        Pure bred white romney ewe, three           or otterknoll@aol.com. (6/16)                                                     after 8:30 pm evenings 802-479-
   good dressage prospect. This is         years old for sale. This ewe has a
   a beautiful mare - $2,800. obo.                                                                                        WANTED - E-Z Up type tent for                9614. (6/16)
                                           beautiful fleece and would make a      Lambs, Ewes & Cull Ewes. Closed          vendor use at farmers markets.
   Stockbridge (802) 234-6357 leave        wonderful sheep for a handspinner.       flock, delivery available.                                                        WANTED - Good, used hay eleva-
   message (6/16)                                                                                                          Must be functional and clean. Call
                                           She has lambed with no assistence        Call (802) 483-9372 between            Gregg at (802) 362-3073 (6/2)               tor 20’ to 30’ in length. Call Jack
                                           and is a very attentive mother. I        4 pm and 8 pm (6/16)                                                               Frost, 802-362-1477. (6/16)
Blue roan gelding, 15.2 hands, 2 1/2
                                           would consider selling her black                                               WANTED - Oliver 1850 or 1855
  yr. old, good with feet and loads                                               Swine                                                                               WANTED: 5000 bales good cattle
                                           ewe lamb (born April 23, 2006)                                                  tractor for parts, call 828-5435
  good - $1,200. Pittsford - 1(800)                                               10 month old Boar for sale. $50.00.                                                  hay delivered to barn. Would
                                           with her. Kim Goodling 802-                                                     days or 928-3471 nights and
  483-2644 (6/16)                                                                   Call (802) 483-6521 or (802)                                                       like 3000 by mid-July, and the bal-
                                           685-4693 or kimgoodling@yahoo.                                                  weekends. (6/2)
Registered Pinto Mare - 7 years,           com (6/2)                                353-5334. (6/16)                                                                   ance after mid-August. Jack Frost,
  bay and white, 14.3 h., green                                                                                           WANTED - I would like a pto                  East Dorset,VT 802-362-1477
  broke, Morgan cross - $2,800.
                                         Icelandic sheep. Registered, all         Sugaring Equipment                       roto-tiller and/or bush-hog in              (6/16)
                                            horned: Moorit ewe w/twin             1-900 gal. and 2-450 gal.sap storage     working condition. Greg 802-
  Registered Paint Mare, 5 years,                                                                                                                                     WANTED - Brillion Seeder 4 to 8
                                            moorit badger ram lambs. Big            tanks, all are galvanized, no leak-    933-2112 (6/2)
  14.2 h., bay and white, may be                                                                                                                                       foot width. Please contact Ken
                                            black ewe w/twin black ewe              ers; 1-450 excellent, others good.
  homozygous, has 1/2 curly pinto                                                                                         WANTED - White quartz rocks                  Albert, Shelburne, (802) 734-1386
                                            lambs. Moorit ewe lamb. Black           $125 for 900, $100 for best 450,
  stud colt at side - $4,500. Call                                                                                         with pointed crystals. If your farm         or kalbert@shelburnevineyard.
                                            and moorit badgerface ram lambs.        and $75 for other 450. Cornwall
  after 7:30 pm (802) 476-3331                                                                                             has these, before you toss them on          com (6/16)
                                            Icelandic-X’s: 3/4 and 7/8ths           (802)462-2470. (6/16)
  (6/16)                                                                                                                   the rock pile, please call Dave at
                                            Icelandic, white, some colored.
                                                                                  4-12 Grimm Evaporator, used 3            (802) 645-0238 (6/2)                       WANTED - a square bale drag /
Two year old Lippitt Morgan horses:         Available now if you purchase
                                                                                    seasons only, excellent condi-                                                     buncher. Call Derby 802-334-
  two studs, one filly. Great old           ewe with her lambs, early August                                              WANTED - Hay buncher in good
                                                                                    tion. Will sell the pans and sap                                                   5443. (6/16)
  bloodlines. Round pen trained.            otherwise. All reasonable prices                                               working condition. Lynn (802)
                                            accepted. Delivery negotiable. Call     pre-heater separate. All Stainless
  Currier Compount, Randolph                                                                                               563-2999 (6/2)                             WANTED - Horse training card in
                                            Holly 802-897-2401 or email hol-        Steel. I am 86 years old and
  Center (802) 728-3202 (6/16)                                                                                                                                         good useable condition. (802)
                                            lypdf@together.net. (6/16)              someone is going to make a good       WANTED - Looking for a 1 1/2 yr.             439-6437 (6/16)
Poultry & Rabbits                                                                   purchase. Make an offer. Lovell’s      old or older service Beefalo bull.
WANTED – Pullets, all different                                                     Sugarhouse, Box 7, Quechee,VT
 varieties. Please call (802) 373-
 9206 (6/2)
Silkie Chicks -Buff and Blue $3
   each. Oaten and Black Shouldered
   Peacocks males only. Peachicks
   and other Bantam chicks soon.
   Muscovy ducklings soon. (802)
   482-2376 (6/2)
Ready to lay pullets. Organically
  raised New Hampshire and Rhode
  Island Reds — $15/pullet. Also
  second year layers $6/bird. Matt,
  East Dorset,(802) 362-2290
Organically raised 9 month RI Red
  pullets laying well also a few
  Delaware’s $8 each . Call (802)
  644-6567 Johnson
Narragansett turkey poults and fertil-
  ized eggs for hatching. $5/poult,
  $3/egg. Limited quantity avail-
  able, please call (802) 293-5121
  or email hogle@vermontel.net
  (6/16)                                                                                                                            Because Vermont’s rich agricultural land is at the foundation
                                                                                                                                 of our state’s farming heritage and is being threatened by
Rabbits - Full size, Rex Opal, Castor,                                                                                           encroaching development.
  Broken - $20. each. Lionhead                                                                                                      The Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets facilitates
                                                                                                                                 farmland conservation easements for all types of agricultural
  cross bunnies, 7 babies, 4 adults                                                                                              land, helping farmers to:
  - $10. each. Call after 7:30 pm                                                                                                       Fund capital expansion
  (802) 476-3331 (6/16)                                                                                                                 Facilitate intergenerational transfers
                                                                                                                                        Build retirement funds
                                                                                                                                        Reduce debt
Pure bred white romney ram lamb
  for sale as breeding ram with                                                                                                           If you’re a farmer or know a farmer interested
  outside genetics. Born April                                                                                                          in conserving their land, call Sylvia Jensen at the
                                                                                                                                               Agency today for more information:
  14, 2006, as a twin, weighing 10
  pounds. His sire was an AI sired
  ram by Silver Creek Lambscapes
  in Oregon. His dam has a gentle                                                                                                                Minimum requirements exist.
May 26, 2006                                                                                                                                                                               7

          USDA Announces Decline in Cropland Erosion
                   in All Major River Basins

T       he U.S. Department of
        Agriculture’s National
        Resources Inventory
(NRI) says total soil erosion on
cultivated and non-cultivated
                                      layers of soil by rainfall and run-
                                      off, on cropland dropped from
                                      4 tons per acre per year in 1982
                                      to 2.6 tons per acre per year in
                                      2003. Wind erosion rates also
                                                                             reductions in total erosion from
                                                                             1982 to 2003. In the Missouri
                                                                             River Basin, which includes sec-
                                                                             tions of Colorado, Iowa, Kansas,
                                                                             Minnesota, Missouri, Montana,
                                                                                                                   which includes sections of
                                                                                                                   Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota,
                                                                                                                   Missouri, North Dakota, and
                                                                                                                   Wisconsin, fell 2.5 tons per acre
                                                                                                                   per year.
                                                                                                                                                         basins. The study also shows a
                                                                                                                                                         downward trend in both sheet
                                                                                                                                                         and rill erosion and wind erosion
                                                                                                                                                         continued through 2003.
                                                                                                                                                            The NRI is an assessment of
cropland in the U.S. decreased 43     dropped from 3.3 to 2.1 tons per       North Dakota, South Dakota, and           The NRI, conducted by             soil erosion, land cover and use,
percent between 1982 and 2003,        acre per year.                         Wyoming, and all of Nebraska,         USDA’s Natural Resources              prime farmland soils, wetlands,
sheet and rill erosion decreased         The data also shows that 72         the average rate of soil erosion      Conservation Service in coopera-      habitat diversity, selected con-
42 percent, and wind erosion          percent of the nation’s cropland       fell 3 tons per acre per year.        tion with Iowa State University,      servation practices and related
decreased 44 percent. NRI is          was eroding below soil loss toler-         The Souris-Red-Rainy/             shows that the total tons of soil     resources. Data is gathered from
a statistical survey of natural       ance rates, compared to 60 per-        Upper Mississippi River Basin,        erosion declined in all major river   800,000 sample sites on non-fed-
resource conditions and trends        cent in 1982. Highly Erodible                                                                                      eral land in all 50 states, Puerto
on non-federal land                   Land (HEL) being cropped is                                                                                        Rico, the U.S.Virgin Islands and
    “This remarkable decrease         down to about 100 million acres,                                                                                   some Pacific Basin locations. The
in soil erosion can be attributed     compared to 124 million acres                                                                                      NRI is used by natural resource
to the extraordinary efforts by       in 1982. HEL cropland acreage                                                                                      managers, policymakers, analysts,
America’s private landown-            eroding above soil loss tolerance                                                                                  consultants, federal agencies, state
ers to conserve and protect           rates declined 35 percent. Non-                                                                                    governments, universities, environ-
agricultural lands,” said USDA        HEL cropland acreage eroding                                                                                       mental, commodity, farm groups,
Secretary Mike Johanns. “This         above soil loss tolerance rates                                                                                    and the public to address agricul-
report underscores the value of       decreased 45 percent between                                                                                       tural and environmental issues at
cooperative conservation through      1982 and 2003.                                                                                                     national, regional and state levels.
partnerships with our farmers            The Missouri and the Souris-                                                                                       For information on the results
and ranchers, who are among the       Red-Rainy/Upper Mississippi                                                                                        of the cropland erosion study, visit
best stewards of the land.”           River Basins -approximately 50                                                                                     http://www.nrcs.usda.gov/tech-
    Nationwide, sheet and rill        percent of our nation’s cropland -                                                                                 nical/NRI. For soils information,
erosion, which is the removal of      experienced the most significant                                                                                   visit http://soils.usda.gov/.

                            Second Annual Biodiesel Workshop
                               to be Held in South Royalton
By Greg Pahl                             In recognition of the strong        sentations and panel discussions,     and state government fleets and       nized by the Vermont Biofuels

                                      interest in seed oil crop cultiva-     participants in the Farmers and       buildings. Continental breakfast      Association (VBA) and sponsored
          n Thursday, June 8, state   tion and small scale production        Producers track will learn about      and registration begins at 8:00       by the Vermont Biodiesel Project
          and regional biodiesel      of biodiesel, this year’s event will   the economics and crop produc-        a.m. Lunch will be provided at        Partners; including the Vermont
          experts, fuel suppli-       expand to include a track focused      tion techniques of various bio-       noon.                                 Department of Public Service,
ers and end-users, as well as         solely on these emerging issues        fuels feedstock crops such as soy        “We encourage all those with       the Vermont Sustainable Jobs
Vermont economic development          that affect Vermont’s farmers          and canola as well as the results     a commercial interest in the          Fund, the Vermont Fuel Dealers
and agriculture stakeholders          and the agricultural community.        of some early trials in Vermont.      production, use and distribution      Association, and the Institute for
will gather for the 2nd Annual        Several biodiesel fuel suppliers       This will be followed in the          of biodiesel to attend this year’s    Energy and the Environment,
Vermont Biodiesel Workshop            will also be exhibiting and can        afternoon by examples of recent       workshop,” says Netaka White,         with funding from the U.S.
at the Vermont Law School in          help answer purchase and delivery      biodiesel use and development         executive director of the Vermont     Department of Energy and the
South Royalton. The workshop,         questions. The overall purpose         on Vermont farms as well as a         Biofuels Association, who helped      Orchard Foundation.
titled “Meeting the Energy            of the workshop is to help build       discussion of permitting and reg-     organize the workshop. “As                The workshop fee is $50 for
Challenge,” will take place from      commercial demand for biodiesel        ulatory issues for small producers.   biodiesel use has increased in        those who register in advance
9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., and           and to assist suppliers, users and     A gubernatorial candidates forum      the state in the past year or so,     or $75 after May 31. Make
will feature opening remarks          Vermont’s agricultural commu-          on energy policy is planned, but      and fuel prices remain high, the      checks payable to the “Vermont
by Chuck Ross, state director,        nity by providing practical infor-     not yet confirmed.                    number of questions about this        Biodiesel Workshop (VBW)”
Office of Senator Patrick Leahy       mation and education as well as a          Throughout the day, work-         remarkable, renewable fuel have       c/o Delaney Meeting and Event
and a keynote address by Michael      focused networking opportunity         shop participants will have an        increased as well. The program        Management, One Main Street,
Dworkin, director of the Institute    for all participants.                  opportunity to meet individuals       will really help businesses, the Ag   #36, Winooski,VT 05404. Space
for Energy and the Environment.          After the general session, the      actively involved in various seg-     community and individuals get         is limited, advance registration is
This daylong event will build on      workshop will be divided into          ments of the biodiesel industry       the facts and then make the most      strongly recommended. For addi-
the highly successful Biodiesel       three concurrent tracks: Farmers       as well as others who have suc-       of the information that’s avail-      tional information or to register
Workshop held in South                and Producers; Fuel Users and          cessfully used biodiesel in their     able.”                                online visit www.vermontbiofu-
Royalton in June 2005.                Fuel Suppliers. In a series of pre-    businesses and farms, and in town         The workshop is being orga-       els.org and click on “Events.”
                                                                                                                                                                                                May 26, 2006


                          Agriview Hay and Forage Directory
Addison County                               cut $3.00, square bales at the barn.                                                Orleans County                               (1/04)
Addison - Hay: round bales, June cut,        (802) 442-2646 (1/05)                           Need to update
                                                                                                                                 Irasburg – 100 wrapped round bales,        North Clarendon – 1335 Tons corn
  fertilized. $75 a ton at barn. Also,     Shaftsbury - 4 x 4 round hay bales.                 your hay ad?                         first cut, $25.00 a bale. Call (802)      silage in bunker @ $18.00 a ton.
  2nd cut big square bales, processed.       Call (802) 442-4276 or email to                    If so, e-mail                       754-8720 (3/06)                           125 Round bales wrapped baleage.
  759-2336. (8/04)                           oakridgevt@aol.com (3/06)                    teresa@agr.state.vt.us                                                              (802) 775-4424 (8/04)
                                                                                                                                 Glover – 205 top quality square
Bridport – Round bales, clover/tre-        Caledonia County                             or fax it to (802) 828-3831                 bales $2.50 a bale, large quantity,     Pawlet - Corn silage in bunker, $20/
  foil/grass mixed, dry and under          Barnet – Square bales, first cut                                                         easy access to load, box trailers are     ton. Deer Flats Farm 645-0405.
  cover. Delivery available. Call            $1.50/bale, second cut $2.50/bale.                                                     welcome. 160 dry round bales              (10/04)
                                                                                      Franklin County                               and 200 wrapped round bales
  Dan in Bridport (802) 989-9274             633-3927. (9/04)                                                                                                               Wallingford – Corn Silage, 90 Ton,
  (8/04)                                                                              Enosburg Falls – First cut bale hay           put up early to mid-June, double          processed silage at $25 per ton.
                                           Barnet - First cut grass-legume hay          for horses, $2.00/bale. (802) 827-          wrapped, dried down some, all hay
Bridport – First cut haylage, $20/ton                                                                                                                                         (802) 446-2791 (7/05)
                                             $2.50/bale. Excellent 2nd cut.             3276 (3/06)                                 off fertilized fields. Brian Perron
  at the bunk. Audet’s Blue Spruce           $3.50/bale. 584-3772 (3/06)                                                            (802) 525-4455 (8/05)
                                                                                      Georgia – 1500 tons processed corn
  Farm. Call Ernie at (802) 758-                                                                                                                                            Washington County
                                           Hardwick - to all my organic hay             silage $25/ton; 400 tons 1st cut hay-    Glover – Excellent quality certi-
  2179 or cell phone (802) 349-
                                             customers, thank you. We are sold          lage $20/ton. 802-524-4705 (1/05)           fied organic hay, 1st and 2nd cut,      Marshfield – Certified Organic round
  9619 (2/06)
                                             out of hay and haylage. Let’s plan       Grand Isle County                             grass and clover/timothy available.        bales, wrapped. $15-20. Joe Lee at
Cornwall – 1st and 2nd cut square            for 2006-07. Place your certified                                                      $3.00/bale. Also, certified organic        426-3123 or 426-3339. (10/04)
  bales. Excellent quality, no dust,         organic round bale haylage order         Grand Isle - Dry hay, 2003, round             oat straw, $5.00/bale. Organic oat
                                                                                        bales (5’x5 1/2’). Grand Isle,                                                      Plainfield - Good quality square bales
  $2.00-$3.00 per bale. Large 4x5            now so I can plan ahead. Payment                                                       seed and grain available as well.          $2.00 per bale from our barn. Call
  round bales excellent quality, no          not needed for your order. 555             Vermont location. To inspect hay            (802) 525-4672 (4/06)
                                                                                        call 635-7096 (9/04)                                                                   (802) 454-1418 (2/06)
  dust, $15-$25 each. Delivery pos-          bales in 2005, similar amount in                                                    Newport Center - 600 Tons of 2005
  sible. 462-2732. (9/05)                    2006. References available. David        Grand Isle – 2005 hay, 310 round              Ag Bag grass feed, 18-20 percent
Cornwall – 1st cut square bales for
                                             Ring, Buffalo Mountain Farm                bales 1st crop, $25/bale; 80 round          protein, 1st, 2nd, 3rd cut, quality     Windham County
                                             (802) 888-7881 leave a message.            bales 2nd or 3rd crop, $30/bale; 61         feed, delivery available. (802) 334-
  sale, $1.75 a bale. (802) 462-2166                                                                                                                                        Westminster – Hay, excellent quality
                                             (3/06)                                     wrapped round bales 3rd crop, 4             2401 (1/06)
  (11/05)                                                                                                                                                                    square bales from fertilized and limed
                                                                                        wraps, $35/bale. 450 square bales,
                                           So. Ryegate – 2005 1st cut 30-35#                                                     Newport Center – 150 Tons 2st cut           fields, 1st cut $3.50, 2nd cut $4.50
Lincoln – 4’ Round bales in plastic                                                     average 40 pounds, $2/bale at
                                             square bales, $2.50 at the barn.                                                       haylage in bunker silo. This is          per bale at the barn. 722-9828 or
   1st and 2nd cut. Also 1st and                                                        barn. Call (302) 372-6669 (1/06)
                                             Mulch $1.00. Call Steve or Jamie                                                       2004 crop, make an offer. (802)          722-4789 (10/04)
   2nd cuts square bales. Both mixed         (802) 584-4450 (7/05)                    South Hero - Round bales, 4x4,                334-6924. (3/06)
   hay. Delivery available. Please leave                                                                                                                                    Windham - Round bales, double
                                                                                        nice mix of brome grass, clover,
   msg. 453-4033 (9/05)                                                                                                          Newport Center – Good quality 1st           wrapped, nice haylage, $25/bale.
                                           Chittenden County                            timothy, some alfalfa. Also, 1st
                                                                                                                                    cut haylage from Ag Bag, $30/ton.        Brattleboro (802) 257-0409 or
                                           Charlotte - 1st cut, 2nd cut, mulch          and 2nd cut, 40 lb., square bales,
Monkton - 1st cut, horse & cattle                                                                                                   Delivery available. (802) 334-5879       gainesfarm@adelphia.net. (4/05)
                                              $1.00 to $3.00/bale depending on          nice mix of the same as above.
 square bales; mulch. (802)877-                                                                                                     (10/04)
                                              type and quantity. Local delivery         Delivery available within 50 miles.
 2783 (3/06)
                                              available. Also loading help. Clark       (802) 372-3400. (11/04)                  Newport Center – Good quality              Windsor County
New Haven – Hay, small square                 at the Charlotte Berry Farm (802)       Lamoille County                               grass haylage in bunker, 30-35%
                                                                                                                                                                            Chester – Taking orders for 2006 crop
  bales. Haylage in Ag Bags. Corn             425-3008. (9/04)                                                                      dry matter, 1st & 2nd crop mix.
                                                                                      Jeffersonville - 4 X 4 wrapped round                                                    square and round bales in Chester/
  Silage in Ag Bags. (802) 388-2318                                                                                                 (802) 744-6553 (4/06)
                                           Colchester – Straw, square bales. Call        silage bales, certified organic or                                                   Ludlow area. $2.00 square bales off
  (2/06)                                      for more information. Jeff Senesac                                                 North Troy – This year’s first cut           the field, $25 round. Call Andover
                                                                                         conventional. Triple wrapped.
Orwell - Round, wrapped, 4x4 silage           655-2862. (9/04)                           Milk hay, $25 per bale. Heifer hay,        square bales, good quality, piled in      (802) 875-3159 (8/04)
  bales, second cut, grass/alfalfa mix,                                                  $18 per bale. Forage analysis results      barn, weighing 50-55 lbs. Corn
                                           Colchester - Square bales $2.00 off                                                                                              Chester: Top quality 1st and 2nd cut
  $20 each. Call Orwell (802) 948-                                                       available on all feed. Mountain            sileage, 2 Ag Bags and about 400
                                              wagon, $2.50 from barn. Also,                                                                                                   square bales, delivery available or
  2274 (2/05)                                                                            Road Farm, 644-5138. (10/04)               Ton left in bunk. 1 Bag first cut
                                              mulch hay $1.50. (802) 238-8415                                                                                                 pickup at the barn. Mulch also
                                                                                                                                    haylage, good quality, this year’s.
Orwell – 1st Cut Square Bales; 9’ x
                                              (9/05)                                  Orange County                                 Delivery available. Call (802) 988-
                                                                                                                                                                              available. Call 875-2031. (7/04)
  110’ Bag of Corn Silage. Orwell          Hinesburg – 1000 bales 1st cut, 300        Brookfield – 1st and 2nd cut hay,             2959 (7/05)                             Hartland – Handicapped hay farmer
  (802) 948-2627 (11/05)                      bales 2nd cut, no mulch. (802)            400 lbs, round bales. Stored under                                                    in Hartland has 35 lb. average
                                                                                                                                 North Troy – Certified Organic Hay
                                              482-2376 (9/04)                           cover. Leonard A. Herold, 276-                                                        square bales of Timothy and soft
Panton – 4x4 round bales double net                                                                                                 for Sale – 40-50 lb. square bales
                                           Hinesburg – 2005 Crop, horse hay,            3101. (10/04)                                                                         grasses in small quantities. (802)
  wrapped, 1st cut, $12. Also, 2nd &                                                                                                of excellent mixed grass hay $2.50
                                              square bales, timothy, mixed grass-                                                                                             436-2768 (3/06)
  3rd cut square bales, organic, alfal-                                               Brookfield – 1st and 2nd cut hay, 4x4         per bale. Some local delivery
                                              es, small percentage alfalfa. $2.00       round bales, stored under cover.            available. Call (802) 988-4384          Rochester - Corn Silage $25/ton.
  fa and grasses $3 per bale. (802)
                                              per bale at barn, delivery available.     Weston Martin (802) 276-3445                (1/06)                                    Hay $3/bale. Delivery available.
  759-2176 (7/05)
                                              Call (802) 310-4840 (8/05)                (8/05)                                                                                Liberty Hill Farm, 802-767-3926.
Starksboro - 1st cut square bales -        Milton – First Cut Hay – Certified                                                                                                 (1/04)
                                                                                      Chelsea – Square baled hay, 1st            Rutland County
   $2.00-$3.00. Mulch hay - $2.00 a           Organic, round bales. Call (802)                                                                                              South Woodstock – Certified
                                                                                        cut, large bales, $2.50/bale. Call
   bale. (802) 453-2543 (11/05)               893-6302 (8/05)                                                                    Brandon – 1st cut dry square bales.          Organic 1st cut hay. Pick up at
                                                                                        Bonnie at 685-7733 or 685-4821
                                                                                        days Monday thru Thursday; 685-            Certified Organic. $2.00/bale.             the barn $2.50 per bale or $3.50
Whiting - 1st cut clean 4x5 round          St. George – Quality Hay & Mulch,
                                                                                        2292 nights and weekends and all           Call Jeremy or Emilee at (802)             delivered. Birch Hill Farm (802)
 bales $45/bale FOB or picked up              square bales. Call evenings
                                                                                        day Friday. (10/04)                        247-5223 (2/17)                            457-4806 Ext. 1 (2/05)
 at farm. 1st cut horse and live-             or leave message with Gerry
 stock hay and construction mulch,            Guillemette at (802) 862-3741           Chelsea – First Cut, wrapped round         Clarendon - High moisture shell
 picked up or delivered in 300 bale           (12/04)                                                                              corn, 15 tons in an Agbag, Shell
                                                                                        bales, certified organic, only $15/
                                                                                                                                   corn in a Harvestore, 35 tons,
                                                                                                                                                                            Outside Vermont
 loads. Popoma Farm, 802-623-              Essex County                                 bale. Call (802) 685-7726 (6/05)
 6220 or popoma2@juno.com.                                                                                                         $80/ton. Grass haylage in bunker         Crown Point, NY – Hay, first cut
 (12/05)                                   Lunenburg - 250 wrapped round              Fairlee – 100 Tons Corn & Haylage            $20/ton. Clarendon,VT (802)                square bales.V. Lang, Crown Pt.,
                                             bales 4X4 1/2 ft. $25.00 per bale.          Silage $28/Ton. Trucking avail-           747-3057 (5/06)                            NY (518) 597-3502 or
Bennington County                            802-892-7753                                able. Call Fairlee (802) 333-4840                                                    (603) 529-7999 (11/05)
                                                                                         (2/05)                                  Danby - 2nd Cut round bales for
No. Bennington – Hay, Alfalfa-                                                                                                     sale, $15 each. (802) 293-5837
  Timothy Mixed, 1st cut $2.50, 2nd
May 26, 2006                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

                                                                               Market report
                                                                                                          Northampton, MA • May 23, 2006
   Wholesale Prices
             May 23, 2006                                                                             All prices are per hundredweight on the hoof unless otherwise indicated.
                                                                                                            Source: Northampton Cooperative Auction Association, Inc.
Wholesale prices paid per dozen
for Vermont Grade A brown eggs                  Calves:                                   Low                       HiGH                   Cows:                                                         Low     HiGH
delivered to retail stores..                    Good & Choice: 45-60 lbs . . . . . . . . . 44.00                    61.00    cwt           Canners . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .       20.00   37.50    cwt
                                                               61-75 lbs . . . . . . . . . 53.00                    68.00    cwt           Cutters . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .     42.00   46.00    cwt
Burlington:                                                                                                                                Utility . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .   48.00   55.00    cwt
                                                               76-90 lbs . . . . . . . . . 68.00                    80.00    cwt
   Jumbo . . . . . . . . . . . . . $1.20
                                                               91-105 lbs . . . . . . . . 50.00                     70.00    cwt
   X-Large . . . . . . . . . . . . $1.00                                                                                                   Hogs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17.50       69.00   cwt
                                                               106 lbs and up . . . . . None                                 cwt
   Large . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $0.95                                                                                                 Boars . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . None                 cwt
   Medium . . . . . . . . . . . . $0.75         Farm Calves . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 87.50         500.00   cwt           Shoats . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 88.00               cwt
                                                Starter Calves . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . None                  cwt           Feeder Pigs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 45.00          83.00   each
Market, supply and demand good.
                                                Feeder Calves . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 65.00         109.00   cwt           Lambs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 100.00        210.00   cwt
    You can find more reports                   Vealers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 116.00               cwt           Sheep . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15.00        80.00   cwt
            online at                           Bulls . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 60.00    65.25   cwt           Goats . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14.00       154.00   each
    http://www.ams.usda.gov/                    Heifers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 56.00      60.00   cwt           Rabbits . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3.00        9.25   each
         marketnews.htm                         Replacement Heifers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . None                       each
                                                Steers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 46.00     48.50   cwt           Hay . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3.60        5.60   bale
     This is the web source for
        USDA Market News

                                                  LFO Rules to be Revised
By Katie Gehr,                                   The Vermont LFO Rules,                              written, the rules are focused            session. It states, in part:                          quality of state waters and stan-
Large Farm Operations Manager,               originally adopted in November                          mainly on the process of                                                                        dards for acceptable agricultural
VT Agency of Agriculture                     1999, are in need of updating for                       applying for and receiving a              “The secretary may adopt                              practices pursuant to subchapter 2

                                             a number of reasons. The Agency                         permit.                               rules … concerning setbacks or                            of this chapter.”
          ow that the changes to             of Agriculture is committed to                                                                siting criteria for new construc-                            All are encouraged to take
          the AAP Rules and the              assisting farmers in staying in                     • Requiring that a Nutrient               tion or expansion….                                       part in the public revision pro-
          new MFO Rules have                 compliance with a regulatory                          Management Plan (NMP) is                    “The siting criteria adopted by                       cess. For more information,
been through extensive public                program whose objective is to                         required to match the NRCS              the secretary by rule shall be con-                       contact the Vermont Agency of
and legislative review processes             prevent discharges, and thus avoid                    Practice Code 590. Although             sistent with the standards for the                        Agriculture at (802) 828-3476.
and are now in place, the Agency             the need for a federal CAFO                           many permitted farms’ plans
is preparing to draft revisions              permit. Some areas that we see                        are close to meeting the
to the Large Farm Operations                 a need to include or revise in the                    Practice Code 590, there are
(LFO) Rules.
    The agency has not yet begun
                                             rule include:                                         some changes that many will
                                                                                                   have to make. If you haven’t
                                                                                                                                                         Medium Farm
the public input process, although           • Revising the rules to reflect a                     applied for financial assistance                    Operations (MFO)
                                                                                                                                                      Regulation Timeline
that will happen soon. Stay tuned              program shift, now that most                        to aid you in planning this
to this publication as well as                 farms have received an LFO                          transition, please contact the
other major state newspapers for               permit. The shift will address                      Agency of Agriculture
schedules for meetings and com-                issues of staying in compli-                                                                   • The MFO Rule became effective April 16, 2006
ment periods.                                  ance with a permit. As initially                  • Addressing criteria to be used             • VAAFM is currently writing the MFO General Permit
                                                                                                   in siting new barns. The                   • This summer VAAFM will host public information and com-
                                                                                                   authority to consider and                    ment meetings in every county of the state (dates & times will
                                                                                                   develop siting and setback                   be sent to all MFOs and will appear in Agriview)
                                                                                                   criteria was granted to the                • VAAFM anticipates issuing the General Permit by the end of
                                                                                                   Agency by last year’s legislative            2006
                                                                                                                                              • Upon issuance of the General Permit, ALL MFOs will have 6
                                                                                                                                                months to submit a Notice of Intent to Comply (NOIC) to
                                                                                                                                              • Within 18 months of VAAFM receiving a NOIC from a farm,
                                                                                                                                                VAAFM will conduct an on-farm INSPECTION for compli-
                                                                                                                                              • After the inspection, the farm will receive paper verification of
                                                                                                                                                General Permit coverage or denial from VAAFM

                                                                                                                                              * We anticipate completing initial MFO permitting inspections by the
                                                                                                                                                end of 2008
10                                                                                                                                                                             May 26, 2006

Safety in the Garden
                                                                                                                  at all times. Hedge trimmers                or swimming pool, make sure
                                                                                                                  can easily cut through such live            young children are supervised
                                                                                                                  electrical cords just as they do            when nearby, or fenced away.
                                                                                                                  branches! Of course don’t use           •   Wear sturdy gloves, especially
                                                                                                                  electrical equipment on moist               when working with shrubs or
                                                                                                                  ground or in the rain, and only             around perennials. If you have
Dr. Leonard Perry, University of         This will keep                    jewelry that might get entangled.      plug into outlets with ground               many roses, you might invest
Vermont                                  you or some-                          If using chain saws, learn their   fault circuit interrupters.                 in a pair of thick and long rose
                                                                                                                      If applying chemicals, from             gloves.

                                         one from step-                                        own specific
         ardening is such a              ping on them,                                           safety precau-   pesticides to fertilizers, read any     •   Watch when stepping on loose
         healthy activity that you       hurting your                                              tions.         label precautions. Pesticides, even         boards or stones, or on slippery
         may not consider its            foot or spring-                                                When      if “organic”, may require special           surfaces. Falling, especially onto
potential hazards. Following a few       ing the handles                                             mowing,      precautions and clothing. Wear              hard surfaces, is a leading cause
safety checklists regarding obser-       up to your head.                                             turn        proper protective clothing, apply           of accidents.
vations and proper use of tools,     • Use ladders long                                                mowers     properly, and store containers          •   Don’t lift objects too heavy
power equipment, and chemicals           enough for the job.                                           off and    properly. Make sure children and            for you. When lifting heavy
can help you avoid hazards and           Make sure they are in                                         remove     pets will not come into contact             objects, let your legs do the
accidents.                               good repair, with no cracks                               the spark      with them, either when applied              bending and not your back.
   When using hand tools, make           or broken parts, and with anti-   plug wire before working on            or stored.                                  Do warm-up activities before
sure you have the correct tools          skid pads. Make sure they are     or underneath them. Make sure              Finally, keep in mind these ten         heavy or repetitive lifting.
for the job, and that you use            set up on level ground. And       mowers have safety shields. Watch      safety tips when gardening:             •   If gardening in summer in
them properly. Before using,             don’t step too high on them,      for rocks and debris. Disengage        • Look for loose or hanging                 bright sun, use sunscreen, sun-
making sure tools are sharp and          above the marked safe rungs.      blades before crossing gravel              branches, especially after strong       glasses, and some form of cap
in good repair with any bolts            When using power equipment        drives or walks. Don’t mow with            winds and storms that might             or hat. Use sunglasses that are
and screws tightened. Files can be   such as leaf blowers and weed         children nearby—this is a leading          fall and injure someone.                also rated as safety eyewear.
used to quickly sharpen blades.      trimmers, know how to oper-           cause of accidents. One out of         • Check for poison ivy annually,        •   If gardening in the heat, drink
• Be careful not to snip your fin-   ate machinery safely, even if this    every five deaths from riding              and remove wearing protective           plenty of fluids, take frequent
   gers or hands when pruning!       seems obvious. Store gasoline in      mowers involves a child. If using          clothing.                               breaks in a shaded and cool
• Use safety toppers on garden       safe containers and locations. Use    a push mower, mow across slopes.       • Herbicides can be used, or                area, or stop gardening in the
   canes and stakes, even bright     proper clothing and protective        Wear heavy shoes, leg (pants)              plants can be dug. If the lat-          hottest part of the day.
   tape to mark them.                gear for your body, especially ear    and eye protection. Never pull a           ter, make sure not to burn or
• Store tools so they won’t fall     and eye protection. I have some       hand mower towards yourself. If            compost.                               In 2003 in the U.S. there were
   on someone. Even when laying      denim “chaps” found online,           using a riding mower, don’t go on      • Especially later in the season,       83 deaths from accidents with
   tools down outside, make sure     made specially to attach quickly      steep slopes. Mow up and down              check for nests of yellowjackets    yard and garden equipment, and
   blades on shovels, hoes, and      around legs with velcro. Use slip-    slight slopes. Watch behind when           and wasps. These may even be        279,000 hospital or emergency
   gravel rakes are facing down.     resistant shoes. Don’t wear loose     backing.                                   in the ground.                      room visits. This does not include
                                                                               If using electrical equipment      • If there is Lyme disease in your      other gardening accidents than
                                                                           such as hedge trimmers or                  area, check yourself daily for      from equipment. Follow these
                                                                           mowers, make sure to use the               deer ticks. If West Nile virus      safety tips, be aware of other
                                                                           proper size and length extension           is in your area, use protective     potential hazards, and use com-
                                                                           cord, in good repair without               clothing and insect repellent.      mon sense, and you can avoid
                                                                           cracks, and keep it behind you         • If you have or install a pond         becoming one of these statistics.

                                                                                                                                           Featuring the Powerfoil
                                                                                                                                           fan. At full speed, a 24 ft. fan
                                                                                                                                           moves approximately 337,000
                                                                                                                                           cubic feet of air per minute.
                                                                                                                                           This fan is also the best fan
                                                                                                                                           to use for destratification, or
                                                                                                                                           winter usage. One Powerfoil
                                                                                                                                           fan will cover as much area
                                                                                                                                           as sixteen 48” high-speed
                                                                                                                                           industrial fans, saving you
                                                                                     3598 VT Route 105
                                                                                Enosburg Falls, VT 05450                                   money and energy. Please
                                                                                        802-933-6167                                       call for more information.
                                                                                        Fax: 802-933-8859
May 26, 2006                                                                                                                                                                                         11

                          VerMont Vegetable and berry news
                                         germination and rapid growth.              until the proper range is attained.    first release at whorl stage, after    hydroxide may possibly produce
                                         In the cold, wet soils we have this        Thereafter, fall pH tests are best     European corn borer flight has         soluble copper, which is known
                                         spring the seeds are just sitting          because adjustments can be made        begun, and the second release          to be phytotoxic.
                                         ducks. Shallow planting helps              then and the pH will be correct        just at tassel emergence. If you
                                         when conditions are poor. Best             by bud break in the spring.            have questions about how to use        Plastic Mulch And
                                         yet, wait for things to warm up                This year’s N-P-K application      Trichogramma, please call Pam          Fertilization
                                         and dry out.                               should be made according to the        Westgate at (413) 545-3696.            (adapted from Steve Reiners,
                                                                                    timing above, but realize that the                                            Cornell Extension)
                                         Blueberry                                  amount, 600 lb/A of 10-10-10           Applying Copper
                                         Fertilization                              on a mature planting is largely a      And Oxidate                                If you need to broadcast
                                         (Adapted from Gary C. Pavlis,              guess until we take leaf samples       (Andy Wyenandt and                     fertilizer prior to planting, it is
compiled by Vern Grubinger,
                                         Rutgers Univ. Extensions)                  in July. After that we can make        Michelle Infante-Casella,              relatively easy to figure out how
University of Vermont Extension                                                     recommendations based upon the         Rutgers University Extension)          much to apply. If you are using
(802) 257-7967 ext. 13, or                                                          leaf analysis. Note: this can only
                                             Research conducted in the past                                                                                       plastic mulch, however, you may
vernon.grubinger@uvm.edu                                                            happen if the soil pH is correct
                                         two years in Michigan and New                                                         Heavy rain, winds and hail can     be applying more fertilizer than
www.uvm.edu/vtvegandberry                                                           or we must continue to guess           all cause injury to vegetable plant-
                                         Jersey has radically changed my                                                                                          you need. In a typical mulched
                                         thinking regarding the fertilization       on the recommendations. Lastly,        ings. Some injury is quite notice-     field, the width of the soil surface
                                         of highbush blueberries. Research          these changes are needed because       able, such as hail damage, however,    covered with mulch is usually
Seedcorn Maggot                                                                     even though the samples we took
(Eric Sideman, Maine Organic             out of Michigan from Dr. Eric                                                     other injury may go unnoticed.         three feet. The uncovered area
                                         Hansen’s lab, has shown that               last year were from growers who        Cultural practices such as tying,      is usually 2 to 3 feet depend-
Farmers and Gardeners)                                                              are some of the best blueberry
                                         there must be leaf emergence and                                                  staking, cultivation and prun-         ing on the row spacing. For our
                                         growth before you have uptake of           growers in the world, 70% of the       ing can also create entryways for      example, lets use two feet. Prior
    Peas, beans, corn, potato                                                       plants were deficient in nitrogen
sprouts and even cucurbits in the        fertilizer by the blueberry plant.                                                bacterial infections. Many growers     to laying plastic you need to add
                                         The correct timing for the first N-        and 97% were deficient in one          may plan on applying copper fun-       50 pounds of N and 100 pounds
greenhouse are attacked by the                                                      of the micronutrients. Nutrient
larvae of this fly. They are yel-        P-K application is during bloom                                                   gicides or tank mixes. Although        of P and K.
                                         or shortly thereafter. The second          deficiencies cause decreased yield,    temperatures have been cool over           Using a 10-20-20 fertilizer
low-white maggots about a quar-                                                     lower fruit quality, increased dis-
ter of an inch long and sharply          application should be made in late                                                the past few weeks. Be careful,        you could spread 500 pounds
                                         June in NJ. So, timing is the first        ease problems and plant mortality.     when temperatures are high. High       evenly across the acre. But you
pointed at the head end. The                                                        We need to make these changes
symptom is usually that you see          change we have made.                                                              temperatures increase the possibil-    will be fertilizing the area that is
                                             After taking many leaf and soil        as soon as possible.                   ity of phytotoxicity when using        between the rows, an area where
no germination, and when you
dig around you may find nothing          samples this past year I have real-                                               copper-based fungicides. In order      crop roots will likely not be feed-
left or may find the maggots bur-        ized one very important thing.             Trichogramma Wasp                      to avoid this problem, growers         ing but weeds will. If you have
rowing into the seed. Sometimes          Fertilizer recommendations that            For Control Of                         should watch the daytime tem-          the equipment, it is much better
the seed germinates but only a           are based on soil analysis are near-       Corn Borer                             peratures closely and avoid spray-     to apply the fertilizer only to the
weak or partially eaten plant is         ly worthless. Leaf and soil samples        (Adapted from UMass Extension)         ing if temperatures remain high.       area that will be covered with
seen. The injury is most likely to       which had been taken from the                                                     Management strategies to help          mulch. Since that will be only
occur in cold wet seasons where          same plant never agree, and the               A recent UMass study funded         avoid bacterial problems include       three feet of every five feet, that
the germination is                       leaf analysis show what is actually        by the New England Vegetable           not working in fields when the         means that only 60% of an acre
slow, and also in                                    getting into the plant.        and Berry Growers Association          foliage is wet. If overhead irri-      will be used by the crop.You can
soil high in organ-                                           The only impor-       Trichogramma worked well for           gation is used try to irrigate in      cut your fertilizer rate to 300
ic matter.                                                      tant thing that     control of European Corn Borer.        the morning so foliage will dry        pounds per acre from 500 and
    The attack is                                                we learn from      Timing was critical, and some          quickly. Bacterial diseases thrive     still get the same effect. Once this
early in the spring                                              soil analysis is   releases were too late to pro-         and spread when foliage remains        is applied and the plastic is laid,
because the critter                                               pH.Yes, soil      vide control in the target field.      wet for long periods of time.          you can use the same calcula-
spends the winter                                                 pH is critical,   However, Trichogramma wasps                Additionally, the product          tion to apply fertilizer through
as pupae in the                                                   and it must       were able to move by themselves        Oxidate is a promising tool in         the drip system. If you need 20
soil or maybe free                                                be known          to later plantings and provide         for control of bacterial diseases,     pounds per acre of N, P, and K
maggots in manure                                                 because leaf      control of this pest, saving sprays.   especially in tomatoes. However,       and are using a 20-20-20 soluble
or unfinished                                                 analysis results      Use of wasps reduced tractor time      remember that Oxidate has no           fertilizer, you will need only 60
compost. The adult                                       assumes that the           and soil compaction.                   residual activity and should be        pounds of fertilizer rather than
is a grayish brown                                  pH is within the correct           Trichogramma wasps are now          used accordingly. Take caution         100 pounds. It all comes down to
fly only about a                               range. If it is not within that      commercially available from IPM        when using this product on any         the fertilized-mulched acre. This
third of an inch long. It emerges        range, I would not rely on the             Laboratories, Inc. Main St, Locke,     crop and make sure to read the         is the percentage of an acre that
in early spring and deposits eggs        leaf analysis recommendations.             NY, Phone (315) 487-2063. Place        label. According to the product        is covered by plastic mulch where
in rich soil, compost piles or near      Every blueberry grower should              your order two or three weeks          MSDS Oxidate contains hydro-           most of the crop roots will be
seeds and seedlings. Exposed peat        have their blueberry soils tested          in advance! Cost is $15 per acre       gen dioxide (synonym for hydro-        found. Applying fertilizer based
or potting soil mix of transplants       for pH. If soil pH is not within           (plus shipping) for a release of       gen peroxide) and peroxyacetic         on this will save you money and
can also serve as attractive sites for   the 4.5-4.8 range, this should be          30,000 wasps per acre. UMass           acid. The MSDS also states that        maintain your crop’s quality.
females looking for a place to lay       adjusted immediately. If the pH            recommends at least two releases       the pH is 1.33 and that combi-
eggs. There are a few generations        is higher, sulfur is added. If the         per block, one week apart. A           nations of Oxidate with bases          Mention of pesticides is for informa-
each season.                             pH is lower, lime is added. The            higher rate of 50-60,000 wasps         and metals (to name a couple)          tion purposes only, no endorsement is
    The best method of dealing           amount of sulfur or lime depends           per acre may provide better con-       should be avoided due to reactiv-      intended nor is discrimination against
with this critter is to do every-        on your pH and I would have the            trol and more reduction in the         ity issues and product instability.    products not mentioned. Always read
thing you can to encourage quick         pH tested in the spring and fall           need to spray. Plan to make the        Mixtures of Oxidate and copper         and follow the label.
12                                                                                                                                                                                May 26, 2006

        Agency Sets “Health Theme” for
       Presence at Champlain Valley Expo
Steven F. Justis                           September 4. The Agency will             The 5200 square foot, newly            and consumers to keep Vermont        and vegetables will be included
Agricultural Development Division          use the USDA MyPyramid Food              renovated and air-conditioned          agriculture healthy through          in the colorful 15-foot pyramid
Vermont Agency of Agriculture              Guidance System to illustrate the        building will feature a colorful       such means as animal and plant       display.

                                           benefits of healthy food choices         15-foot pyramid, interactive           health protection programs,              The Fit & Healthy Pavilion
        he Vermont Agency of               and regular exercise, as well as         computer workstations, displays        environmental stewardship, farm      will also include over 50 cooking
        Agriculture is working             the broad range of healthy foods         of Vermont foods products, and         and consumer product inspection      demonstrations during the
        with partners from the             available from Vermont.                  an array of healthful activities for   services and business and market     10 days of the fair. Vermont
state’s health community to pres-             The Fit & Healthy Pavilion            youngsters and seniors.                development programs.                agricultural organizations
ent a Fit & Healthy Pavilion               will be located in the Roy Ware             The Agency will be presenting          Opportunities for Vermont Ag      or other groups interested
at the 2006 Champlain Valley               Building located near Gate A on          information on the many                   With an annual attendance         in sponsoring a cooking
fair, running August 26 through            Pearl Street in Essex Junction.          services it provides to farmers        approaching 300,000 people,          demonstration are invited to
                                                                                                                           the Champlain Valley fair offers     participate.
                                                                                                                           an outstanding opportunity to            Vermont farmers, producer
                                                                                                                           showcase Vermont agriculture.        organizations or other ag-
         Goodbye and Good Luck Louise and Marian                                                                           Displays are being planned for       related businesses interested in
                                                                                                                           Vermont dairy products, specialty    participating in the Fit & Healthy
                                                                                                                           foods, artisan and farmstead         Pavilion at the Champlain Valley
                                                                                                                           cheese and chocolates. Other         fair are invited to contact Steve
                                                                                                                           Vermont products, including          Justis at (802) 828-3827 or
                                                                                                                           eggs, meat and poultry, and fruits   stevej@agr.state.vt.us.

     Above, Deputy Agriculture Secretary Louise Calderwood says goodbye to staff, as she prepares for life after
     government. Calderwood recently resigned after eight years of service, and intends to spend more time with her
                                                                                                                                        Subscribe to Agriview
     family, her garden, and her horse. Below, Marian White will also soon say so long to her friends at the Agency of        If you would like to subscribe to Agriview, or have a
     Agriculture. White will retire at the end of May after five years as the Agency’s Agricultural Policy Analyst.           friend who would like to, all you have to do is fill out the
                                                                                                                              form below and return it to us with a check for $12 made
                                                                                                                              payable to: Agriview, c/o Vermont Agency of Agriculture
                                                                                                                              and send it to 116 State Street, Drawer 20, Montpelier,VT


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