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									ANNUAL REPORT 2009

                       F. C . T U C k E R
                     C O m PA N y, I N C .
F. C. Tucker Company, Inc.
Annual Report
Letter From Jim Litten, President of F. C. Tucker’s
Residential Real Estate Services Division . . . . . . .         3
Central Indiana Home Sales . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4

Real Estate Forecast for 2010 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7

Snapshots From Around the State . . . . . . . . . . . . 9

Letter From Fred Tucker,
President of F. C. Tucker Company . . . . . . . . . . .     13
Tucker’s Family of Businesses . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14

F. C. Tucker Indianapolis Offices . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17

Statewide Franchise Offices . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18
From Jim Litten, President of                           • Recruiting 115 new and experienced sales
F. C. Tucker’s Residential Real                         • Celebrating the achievements of our sales
Estate Services Division                                   associates
By any measure, 2009 has been a tough year for          • Improving our Web site with new home search
everyone, not just the real estate industry.               features
But despite the many challenges, F. C. Tucker           • Continuing our commitment to community service
Company’s “can-do” spirit, our belief in the “Golden    During times of uncertainty, homebuyers and sellers
Rule” value of client service, and our continued hope   flock to the best, most experienced team to guide
for a better day have carried us through.               them through the process. Our sales associates,
After 91 years in business, the F. C. Tucker Company    employees and affiliates have the experience and
remains in a position of strength. Thanks to the        expertise, and as a result, we are seeing even
dedication and hard work of our more than 1200          more buyers and sellers “Talk to Tucker.” In fact,
sales associates and staff throughout Indiana and       F. C. Tucker’s market share is better than it has ever
beyond, we have maintained our position as one          been.
of the leading independent real estate firms in         On behalf of the F. C. Tucker Company, I want to
the nation and, certainly as the leading Indiana        thank all of our Tucker professionals and clients for
residential real estate company.                        their loyalty and commitment to the company. With
October 2009 was our second-best October on record      your continued support, we are confident that 2010
for home sales in the past 12 years. Several offices    will be better for all of us.
reported improving sales throughout the year, and
we expect by the end of 2009, overall pended home
sales for F. C. Tucker Company will be up 5% over
2008. Tucker highlights of 2009 also included:
                     Central Indiana                                               re-listing their homes, which could raise inventory
                                                                                   levels just about the time the market more fully
                                                                                   recovers; and the latest federal tax credits end April
                                                                                                                                             marion County’s Washington Township had the most
                                                                                                                                             homes sold with 1,762 sales. Lawrence Township,
                                                                                                                                             also in marion County, was second with 1,515 sold. A
                     home sales poised                                             30, 2010, and Congress may not extend again.
                                                                                   But all in all, we are breathing a sigh of relief that
                                                                                                                                             significant growth was in Hamilton County’s Jackson
                                                                                                                                             Township with a 33.5 percent increase; 132 homes

                     for greater gains                                             2009 has come to a close, and 2010 holds promise to
                                                                                   be an improving year.
                                                                                                                                             sold compared with 99 in 2008. Also noteworthy was
                                                                                                                                             Center Township in Boone County, which increased
                                                                                                                                             23.5 percent, and Pleasant Township in Johnson
                     in 2010                                                       A look back at 2009 shows a year of stabilizing and
                                                                                   increased activity, especially at the end of the year.
                                                                                                                                             County, which increased 15.5 percent.

                     2010 looks promising. Finally. Promising because              much of the sales activity was boosted by the federal     Number of Homes Sold
                     we are seeing real declines in Central Indiana real           tax credits offered to first-time homebuyers in the        County        2008 Total   2009 Total*   # Change     % Change
                     estate inventory, including significant portions of           second half of the year. In fact, October 2009 was
                                                                                   F. C. Tucker Company’s second-best period on record        Boone            725          771           6          6.3%
                     foreclosed and bank-owned properties, existing
                     for-sale properties and new home properties. And              for listings sold and buyers represented. A total of       Hamilton        ,737        ,713          -2        -0.5%
                     inventory declines mean further price stabilization           2,260 home sales are estimated for 2009, with             Hancock          88          795           -53        -6.3%
                     and the potential for a pickup in the demand for              December’s sales forecasted by F. C. Tucker Company.
                                                                                                                                              Hendricks       2,123        2,088          -35        -1.6%
                     both existing and new homes.                                  Remarkably that’s only a 2 percent decline over
                                                                                   2008 sales numbers. The average home sales price in        Johnson         1,8        1,98          10         5.6%
                     Central Indiana inventory declines are nearing the            Central Indiana also stabilized at $139,12, a modest      madison         1,37        1,303          -        -3.3%
                     eight-month’s supply mark, and F. C. Tucker Company           decline of 3 percent over 2008’s prices. Clearly, a        marion         11,887        11,529        -358        -3.0%
                     anticipates real estate supply will continue to decline       recovery is starting!
                     in 2010 toward a more balanced real estate market                                                                        morgan           792          70           -52        -6.6%
                     of about a six-month’s supply.
                                                                                   Existing and New Home Sales                                Shelby           52          373           -79        -17.5%
                     F. C. Tucker Company’s reasons for optimism for 2010          by County/Township                                         Total**        24,755       24,260         -495        -2.0%
                     real estate are many: an ample supply of attractively                                                                   *Includes projected December 2009 statistics.

                     priced homes, stable and low mortgage interest                Home sales were down at the beginning of 2009             **This is an average of all activity in the nine-county area,
                                                                                                                                             not an average of the other nine averages.
                     rates (expected to be below 6.5 percent in 2010),             compared to January 2008, but improved month by
                     continued activity by first-time homebuyers buoyed            month, gradually showing positive gains, especially
                     by the extension of the first-time tax credit, and the        toward the end of the year. The extension of the
                     new tax credit for move-up buyers, which may cause            homebuyer tax credits in november had a positive
                     some of the homeowners on the sidelines to make               overall affect on sales.
                     the move to buy.                                              A total of 2,260 homes sold in 2009, compared with
                     2010 brings some uncertainty as well. Central                 2,755 in 2008. Boone and Johnson counties were
                     Indiana is still working off foreclosed and bank-             the only areas to show a positive increase in sales
                     owned properties, which may stifle price stability            at 6.3 percent and 5.6 percent respectively. Other
                     in some neighborhoods; a number of existing                   markets, including Hamilton and Hendricks counties
                     homeowners are waiting for prices to rise before              were relatively stable, with a slight decrease in sales
                                                                                   at 0.5 percent and 1.6 percent. The remaining five
                                                                                   Central Indiana counties tracked an above average
                                                                                   decline in sales, with Shelby County sales off 17.5
                                                                                   percent compared to 2008.

2009 AnnuAL REPORT                                                                                                                                                                 F. C. TuCkER COmPAny, InC.
                     Existing and New Home                                                  At the township level, the most expensive homes
                                                                                            were found in Boone County’s union and Perry
                                                                                                                                                      Days on Market
                     Sales Prices by County/                                                townships with average sales prices of $19,123 and        County          2008 Total       2009 Total*        # Change
                     Township                                                               $30,600 respectively. The most significant increase       Boone               95                97                2
                                                                                            in average sales price over 2008 was in Van Buren          Hamilton            82                82                0
                     The average home sales price in Central Indiana
                                                                                            Township in Shelby County, where average sales
                     decreased by 3 percent in 2009, due in large part                                                                                 Hancock             9               100                6
                                                                                            price spiked 93.3 percent from $66,65 in 2008 to
                     to foreclosures affecting the overall market value.                                                                               Hendricks           86                88                2
                                                                                            $128,800 in 2009. The average sales price in Hancock
                     Homes in 2009 sold for an average price of $139,12
                                                                                            County’s Jackson Township increased 63.2 percent           Johnson             88                88                0
                     compared with $13,67 in 2008.
                                                                                            from $92,388 in 2008 to $150,769 in 2009.                  madison             106              106                0
                     Hendricks and marion County home prices remained                                                                                  marion              95                87                -8
                     the most stable, at nearly the same average sales                      madison County’s Boone Township experienced the
                     price as 2008. Shelby County experienced the most                      largest decline in average sales price at 58. percent,    morgan              9                97                3
                     significant decrease in sales price, dropping 13.1                     dropping from an average price of $91,600 in 2008          Shelby              10              103                -1
                     percent to $86,809. Despite the decline in sales price,                to $38,150 in 2009. The township also had the least
                                                                                                                                                       Overall**           92                89                -3
                     Hamilton County maintained the highest average                         expensive homes in 2009.
                                                                                                                                                      *Does not include December 2009 statistics.
                     price overall among the nine counties at $228,820.                     Also in madison County, Van Buren and Pike Creek          **This is an average of all activity in the nine-county area,
                     Boone County was close behind with an average                          townships reported the next lowest-priced homes,          not an average of the other nine averages.
                     sales price of $218,777.                                               with an average sales price of $38,2, down 29.5
                                                                                            percent and 25.2 percent respectively from the year
                     Average Sale Price                                                     prior.
                                     2008 Total
                                                   2009 Total*   $ Change
                                                   $218,777 -$23,786
                                                                             % Change
                                                                                            Number of Days on Market
                      Hamilton       $25,665      $228,820 -$16,85          -6.9%
                                                                                            by County
                      Hancock        $138,022      $13,737 -$3,285           -2.%         Homes spent an average of 89 days on the market,
                      Hendricks      $158,30      $157,08 -$1,256           -0.8%         three days fewer than 2008. While most homes in
                      Johnson        $13,929      $139,11 -$,518           -3.1%
                                                                                            the nine-county area remained on the market for
                                                                                            more than 89 days, Hamilton County posted the least
                      madison        $77,225        $7,071      -$3,15      -.1%         days on market with 82. madison County homes
                      marion         $10,65      $10,002       -$63       -0.%         were on the market the longest with 106, the same
                      morgan         $129,063      $123,621 -$5,2           -.2%         number of days as 2008. Other counties with more
                      Shelby         $99,861        $86,809      -$13,052     -13.1%        than 89 days included Shelby (103), Hancock (100),
                                                                                            Boone (97) and morgan (97).
                      Overall**      $143,467      $139,142 -$4,325           -3.0%
                     *Does not include December 2009 statistics.
                     **This is an average of all activity in the nine-county area,
                     not an average of the other nine averages.

2009 AnnuAL REPORT                                                                      5                                                                                                   F. C. TuCkER COmPAny, InC.
                     An Overview of                                              30-Year Fixed-Rate                                      Indianapolis Single-Family
                     Mortgage Rates                                              Monthly Mortgage Rates*                                 Building Permits*
                     In 2009, the government became more involved in                          month                           Rate       Single-family building permits in the nine-county
                     correcting the affects of the sub-prime mortgage                        January                         5.375 %     region are down 23 percent for the year, dropping
                     aftermath. Although many lenders had money to                           February                        5.375%      from ,355 permits in 2008 to 3,333 in 2009. none of
                     loan, the approval process became more selective, and                                                               the counties experienced a year-to-date increase in
                                                                                              march                          .875%
                     programs were rolled out to help homeowners facing                                                                  building permits, although several counties showed
                                                                                               April                            5%
                     foreclosure.                                                                                                        an increase in building permits in the fourth quarter
                                                                                               may                            5.5%
                     The Federal Reserve, in an effort to make home                                                                      of 2009.
                                                                                               June                            5.5%
                     purchases more affordable and boost the real estate                       July                                      The greatest decline was in Shelby County with 35
                     market, continued to keep mortgage rates near 5                                                                     permits issued, down 5 percent from 76 issued in
                                                                                              August                          5.25%
                     percent by purchasing $1.25 trillion in mortgage-                                                                   2008. Hendricks County experienced the least decline
                                                                                            September                        5.125%
                     backed securities in 2009.                                                                                          in activity, with 578 permits issued, down 6 percent
                                                                                             October                         5.125%
                     Conventional 30-year fixed mortgage rates remained                                                                  from 615 issued in 2008.
                                                                                            november                          .75%
                     very low and stable during the year, with rates                        December                                     The other seven counties all saw permits decline by 1
                     bottoming out at .75 percent, the lowest level in          * Statistics drawn by Tucker Mortgage Company           percent or more.
                     decades. However, as the housing market improves in         on Dec. 11, 2009.
                     2009, mortgage rates are expected to rise slightly.         Monthly rates were recorded on the first business day   * These statistics, provided to F.C. Tucker Company by the
                                                                                 of each month.                                          Builders Association of Greater Indianapolis, do not include
                                                                                                                                         December 2009 figures.

2009 AnnuAL REPORT                                                           6                                                                                               F. C. TuCkER COmPAny, InC.
                     Real Estate                                                  Overall Central Indiana
                                                                                                                                              ranking, according to Money, was the city’s 1th
                                                                                                                                              consecutive quarter in first place, as Indianapolis
                                                                                                                                              showed a full 93 percent of all homes sold being
                     Forecast for 2010                                            Central Indiana experienced many starts and stops
                                                                                  in 2009 as new companies sank roots and others
                                                                                                                                              affordable to median family households.
                                                                                                                                              Foreclosures in Central Indiana remain a problem
                     Compiled by F. C. Tucker Company, Inc.                       reduced their workforce. The state’s jobless rate hit       as in many parts of the nation, though less of a
                                                                                  10.7 percent in July but declined at the end of the         problem in 2009. Central Indiana foreclosures in
                     F. C. Tucker Company’s Jim Litten, president of the
                                                                                  third quarter to 9.6 percent. The unemployment rate         2009 numbered 31,876 as of December 2009, a drop
                     Residential Real Estate Services Division, makes the
                                                                                  reached a plateau during the last quarter of 2009,          of 18.5 percent from October 2008. We predict even
                     following real estate predictions for the coming year:
                                                                                  according to the Indiana Department of Workforce            fewer foreclosures of single-family homes in 2010 in
                     Overall Central Indiana Economy                              Development, and the number of job losses has               Central Indiana, as the economy improves and fewer
                                                                                  declined since the same period in 2008.                     homeowners are forced to abandon their homes
                     unemployment Less Than 9.6 Percent                                                                                       because of job loss or financial emergencies. This will
                                                                                  Indiana university economists predict 2010 will fare
                     Overall Central Indiana Real Estate Market                   better than 2009, especially when Indianapolis is           help stabilize and increase overall home prices and
                                                                                  compared to the nation as a whole. But I.u. predicts        further reduce inventory levels.
                     Positive upswing
                                                                                  it will take three to five years for the state to regain
                     Existing Home Sales                                          full employment and a strong, robust economy.               Existing Home Sales
                                                                                  Consumer confidence, a key factor in making the
                     up 3 Percent to 25,500 Residential units Sold                                                                            Existing home sales in central Indiana’s nine-county
                                                                                  decision to buy or sell, is likely to inch up as the job
                                                                                  outlook and credit markets improve in 2010 and              region recorded a slight decline of 2 percent below
                     Average Sales Price
                                                                                  beyond.                                                     year-to-date pended sales for existing residential
                     up 1 Percent to $12,000                                                                                                 homes in 2008. A total of 2,260 existing homes
                                                                                                                                              sold, according to pended statistics.
                     New Home Starts                                              Overall Central Indiana
                                                                                                                                              Looking to 2010 – a number of reports from
                     up 5 Percent to 3,500 Permits Pulled                         Real Estate Market                                          national groups, such as PmI mortgage Insurance
                     Interest Rates                                               Tax credit incentives through April, competitively priced   and IHS Global Insight, rank Indianapolis as one of
                                                                                  homes and a steadily improving economy all bode well        the more stable and affordable housing markets in
                     Stable Between 5-6 Percent/30-year Fixed                                                                                 the u.S., and these reports further predict a more
                                                                                  for continued improvement in the real estate market in
                                                                                  Central Indiana in 2010. Optimistic, yes.                   significant rise in central Indiana home sales with
                                                                                                                                              an anticipated improved job market and a better
                     Down 3 Percent to 1,206 Residential units                   The extended $8,000 tax credit, coupled with the            functioning credit market. The national Association
                     Listed on Average                                            $6,500 existing home owner tax credit, provide              of Realtors forecasts sales of existing homes to rise
                                                                                  continued incentives for first-time, and now move-          nearly 1 percent to 5.69 million nationally in 2010.
                                                                                  up, homebuyers. And as existing homeowners trade
                                                                                  up, it may help drive a domino effect, freeing up           Here in Central Indiana, we are predicting an up-tick
                                                                                  less expensive, existing homes for more first-time          in sales of existing homes to 25,500 homes sold in
                                                                                  buyers.                                                     2010, a modest 3 percent increase.

                                                                                  In Money magazine (march 2009 issue), Indianapolis
                                                                                  topped the list as the most affordable u.S. metro
                                                                                  area with more than 500,000 in population. This

2009 AnnuAL REPORT                                                            7                                                                                              F. C. TuCkER COmPAny, InC.
                     Average Sales Price                                         New Home Starts                                          Inventory
                     While nationally home prices have fallen 11                 Housing starts were down sharply in 2009, with           Existing home inventory at the end of 2009 was
                     percent on average, Central Indiana home prices             a 2 percent overall decline in new single-family        approaching an eight-month supply, indicating
                     fared better on average, with a slight decline of 3         permits through September 2009, according to             a more balanced market. Two major factors in
                     percent, to $139,12, at the end of the year. Money         the Builders Association of Greater Indianapolis.        our inventory numbers are, first, the number of
                     magazine reported that Indianapolis-area real estate        However, thanks to the first-time home buying            home sellers waiting for the market to improve
                     prices peaked in the first quarter of 2008, and the         tax credit, many Central Indiana buyers turned out       before listing or re-listing their homes for sale, and
                     magazine projected an overall housing price bottom          in what had been the last few weeks of the 2009          second, the number of foreclosures impacting both
                     in Central Indiana in the third quarter of 2009.            tax credit to buoy new home sales in the fall. For       inventory levels and overall average existing home
                     Money magazine statistics also showed that home             example, October new home permits were up eight          sale prices. Active listings were down more than 15
                     prices climbed 25.3 percent in value from the year          percent over October 2008. Hopefully, we will see a      percent in the fourth quarter of the year, but those
                     2000 to the first quarter of 2008 and had lost only         slight improvement in housing starts in early 2010,      numbers could increase as more homeowners take
                     0.5 percent through 2008.                                   as consumers continue to take advantage of the tax       advantage of the new $6,500 tax credit for existing
                                                                                 credits that now expire in April. However, it will be    homeowners.
                     For 2010, F. C. Tucker predicts that Indianapolis-
                                                                                 some time – perhaps as long as five years – before
                     area home prices will finally begin to record
                                                                                 we reach the same level of new home building
                     positive gains, as inventory tightens, interest rates
                                                                                 activity that occurred earlier in the decade. We
                     remain stable and the local economy builds more
                                                                                 predict that 2010 new home permits will end the
                     momentum. We see the average sales price in central
                                                                                 year at about 3,32 single-family permits pulled,
                     Indiana moving from $139,000 in 2009 to $12,000
                                                                                 which is a 5 percent increase over single-family
                     in 2010.
                                                                                 permits pulled in 2009.

                                                                                 Interest Rates
                                                                                 many experts believed the overall economy finally
                                                                                 hit bottom in late 2009. The worst is behind us. The
                                                                                 average rate for a 30-year, fixed-rate mortgage in
                                                                                 2009 was 5.18 percent, which increased slightly
                                                                                 from 2008, when rates reached an all-time low of 
                                                                                 percent in some areas of the country. The national
                                                                                 Association of Realtors predicts the 30-year, fixed-
                                                                                 rate mortgage will rise gradually to 5.8 percent by
                                                                                 the end of 2010 – still a relatively low interest rate
                                                                                 for home mortgages.

2009 AnnuAL REPORT                                                           8                                                                                           F. C. TuCkER COmPAny, InC.
                     Snapshots From                                                   Bloomington
                                                                                      For the past two decades, the F.C. Tucker/Bloomington,
                                                                                                                                                addition, 2009 third-quarter home sales saw
                                                                                                                                                improvement over 2008 third-quarter sales. We
                                                                                                                                                are proud of the consistent results we provide our
                     Around the State                                                 REALTORS® team of trusted and experienced residential
                                                                                      and commercial sales associates has served the
                                                                                                                                                customers through hometown values and a thorough
                                                                                                                                                understanding of the local real estate market.
                                                                                      residential, investment and commercial real estate
                     Anderson                                                         needs of monroe County and the surrounding counties.      In 2009, Bloomington ranked fourth on Forbes’ list
                                                                                                                                                of best small places for business and careers. In
                                                                                      Our team of 0 sales associates offers clients in-depth
                     Residential sales are looking up in Anderson. Like the           knowledge about the local market, national trends         addition, the life sciences and information technology
                     rest of the country, our residential sales are down in           and regulations, as well as unparalleled dedication to    industries continue to grow. These hopeful indicators,
                     2009 compared to 2008 (too much inventory and 15                 servicing their needs.                                    along with the stability Indiana university brings
                     percent fewer homes sold at a lower average sales                                                                          to the community, should continue to improve
                     price), but the last six months have seen an influx of           To celebrate our 20th anniversary, we partnered           consumer confidence across monroe County and
                     buyers from bordering counties due to lower home                 with the City of Bloomington Parks & Recreation           adjacent counties in the coming year.
                     prices and a short commuting distance from Hamilton              Department to plant 20 American elm trees along the
                     and marion counties.                                             “B-Line,” a hugely anticipated pedestrian and bicycle
                                                                                      trail currently under construction in downtown
                     Commercial business in Anderson has hit an even                  Bloomington. It is an honor to have shared in the         2009 has been an interesting year to say the least.
                     more positive streak. With construction investment               city’s successes since 1989, and we look forward to       The unemployment rate is high and has obviously
                     increasing 25 percent from 2008, many new businesses             the challenges and opportunities in the next 20 years.    taken a toll on buyer numbers. In order to remain
                     and jobs will be created. Ivy Tech has announced a
                                                                                                                                                optimistic, Crawfordsville has focused on the 90
                     new $20 million campus, and Exit 22 is expanding in              Through October 2009, the Bloomington-area
                                                                                                                                                percent of the population who still have jobs and
                     2010. Projects there will include a second accelerator           housing market experienced a 6.5 percent downturn,
                                                                                                                                                continue to be active in the real estate market.
                     building for an alternative energy company and a new             but a 2.5 percent improvement over 2008. Contrary
                     distribution building for Zatkoff Seals and Packing in the       to the national trend of home value depreciation,         The industrial base has always been a positive
                     Flagship Enterprise Center. Also in 2010, a new Holiday          the average real estate sales price reflected a 1.5       element in the Crawfordsville community. Although
                     Inn Express is to open at exit 26. The phase II expansion        percent increase from last year, with the average price   it continues to be strong, Crawfordsville has suffered
                     for nestle is nearing its completion and will soon have a        approximately $160,300. Homes in the $100,000             the effects of slow times with the loss of a major
                     total of 1,100,000 square feet under one roof. Another           to $250,000 range reported the best activity and          travel trailer manufacturer and the layoffs by
                     wonderful addition to the Anderson community is the              remained the strongest part of the market, thanks         companies who seem to be tightening their belts and
                     expansion and move of Boots Casket Company to the                to the national first-time homebuyer tax credit and       becoming leaner operations with fewer people.
                     downtown area.                                                   extension.
                                                                                                                                                The Presidential stimulus package has played a
                                                                                      Commercial real estate was sluggish, and new              large part in first time home buyer activity. With the
                                                                                      construction was very moderate. A fair amount of          addition of the Step-up Buyer package, the F.C Tucker/
                                                                                      inventory was available for properties to purchase        Carter Hess Group is already seeing increased activity
                                                                                      or lease. Commercial land values appreciated very         from past clients. Lender qualification requirements
                                                                                      slightly over the course of the year. Commercial rents    and appraisals continue to complicate the home
                                                                                      remained stable and in some areas showed signs of         buying process. nevertheless, these difficulties
                                                                                      decline as landlords scrambled to retain tenants, a       are welcomed as The Carter Hess Group’s third and
                                                                                      trend very similar to 2008.                               fourth quarter numbers in 2009 were positive. The
                                                                                                                                                Crawfordsville office is encouraged that the recent
                                                                                      The market share for F.C. Tucker/Bloomington,
                                                                                                                                                increase in activity is going to give a much more
                                                                                      REALTORS® improved 1 percent over 2008. In
                                                                                                                                                exciting and brighter 2010.

2009 AnnuAL REPORT                                                                9                                                                                            F. C. TuCkER COmPAny, InC.
                     Evansville                                                       savvy investors taking advantage of the low pricing.
                                                                                      Farm ground remains active and is still bringing top
                     The Evansville market stabilized in the last year and is         dollar for good production properties. The leasing         The Lafayette residential real estate market has
                     poised to make a strong recovery in 2010. Our market             section is continuing to improve as companies              experienced a moderate decline in units sold over
                     continues to be insulated from the dramatic swings               just want to test the market for now instead of            the last year; however, the median price has held
                     other areas of the country have experienced. Through             committing to a purchase or long term lease. High          relatively steady compared to the 2008 market. The
                     October 2009, 3,398 units were sold as compared to               end net lease and medical net lease properties             resilience of the market may be due to a stable,
                     last year’s 3,36 units.                                         are still in demand but very short in supply. The          diverse local economy and a lower unemployment
                                                                                      availability of financing will be key to a turnaround by   rate. Also, the availability of home loans to qualified
                     F.C. Tucker Emge REALTORS® gained significant                    the end of 2010.                                           buyers and the first time home buyers’ stimulus
                     market share in 2009 with the acquisition of The                                                                            has helped to steady the market. We have not
                     Realty Group and the continued focus on growing                  Kokomo                                                     experienced the “bubble burst” that many parts of the
                     their business. year to date, F.C. Tucker Emge                                                                              country have experienced due to overvaluing of real
                     represents 30.21 percent of the market, compared to              F.C. Tucker/Tomlinson REALTORS® continues to be a          estate. This factor may have also reduced the number
                     21.96 percent last year. This growth can be attributed           market leader in the kokomo area. As of november           of local foreclosures compared to the numbers
                     to the strength of the F.C. Tucker Emge brand in their           2009, the Howard County market has seen an                 experienced in other parts of the state and the
                     market, website dominance and superior agents. F.C.              increase in 37 units sold over the same time in 2008       nation. The excellent quality of life, enhanced by the
                     Tucker Emge sells more real estate than the next two             which is hopefully a sign that the foreclosure market      presence of a highly respected Big Ten university and
                     competitors combined.                                            and resale of foreclosed homes is nearing an end.          a progressive state community college, has attracted
                                                                                      Delphi and Daimler Chrysler, both major employers          new residents to Lafayette and surrounding smaller
                     market wide, inventory is currently at 7.57 months               in the area, are affecting our market with industry        towns. Our residential market has remained steady
                     versus 9.2 months last year. Days on the market                  losses due to major layoffs and job cuts. The market,      and residential real estate is still a good investment in
                     averages 110 and the list-to-sale-price ratio is slightly        however, is still showing activity. Home sales are         the Lafayette area.
                     lower at 9.82 percent vs. 95.65 percent last year. The          somewhat steady with some pent up demand
                     average sales price decreased to $117,603 in 2009                that seems to be utilizing the low mortgage rates,         Last year, the Greater Lafayette commercial market
                     from $120,379 in 2008. The uptick in the lower end               favorable inventory and drastically reduced prices         proved to be a real challenge. We learned to adjust
                     market due to the $8,000 tax credit has driven the               along with all of the new tax incentives for buying a      to a new real estate environment. new construction
                     average sales price lower.                                       home.                                                      drastically slowed, and rent started to decrease.
                                                                                                                                                 Owners and landlords are very anxious to negotiate
                     2009 in the commercial and industrial segment of the             The average sales price has increased from $70,861         terms when there seems to be a solid tenant to
                     market started as a year of the unknown and finished             in november 2008 to $79,733 in november 2009.              procure. We hope to see some signs of improvement
                     with more doubts as prices across the board have                 Approximately 36 percent of the sales in 2008 were         in 2010.
                     dropped in all segments. In some categories such                 REO foreclosed or bank-owned properties that were
                     as industrial, pricing is continuing to drop to levels           being sold at discounted prices. In 2009, that number
                     about a third of what they were a year and a half                jumped to almost 1 percent. The average days on
                     ago. While southern Indiana has not been hit as hard             the market increased to 12. In Howard County, there
                     as some of the larger midwest markets, the trend is              are 850 active residential properties currently on the
                     the same. With questions in financing and billions               market which is down compared to 887 this time last
                     in commercial loans coming due in 2010, the market               year.
                     remains uncertain. Lender foreclosure rates are much
                     higher than normal, but this also is bringing out                The kokomo Tucker office has 15 full time agents with
                                                                                      combined sales experience of more than 280 years.

2009 AnnuAL REPORT                                                               10                                                                                              F. C. TuCkER COmPAny, InC.
                     Muncie                                                         Seymour                                                    beginning of a turnaround in demand. We have a
                                                                                                                                               good balance of available residential lots but new
                     muncie is a market on the “edge.” On the one hand,             Seymour has enjoyed a slight growth in business this       home construction has practically been at a standstill.
                     the city has lost over 1,000 automotive-related,               year, primarily due to investors taking advantage of       Foreclosed or bank owned homes resold this past year
                     manufacturing jobs in the last four years; this has            the foreclosure market and low interest rates. Thanks      for an average of $1.39 per square foot. The number
                     trickled down to job losses and closings in small              to the extension and expansion of the stimulus             of bank owned homes has dropped to 57 in november
                     shops, and charitable organizations and food banks             package, we haven’t experienced the usual slow             from 92 in January. Hopefully this inventory will
                     are stretched to the limit. On the other hand, the             down in the third and fourth quarters of the year.         continue to be reabsorbed in to the market.
                     real estate business has been good this year, and              Seymour is a small farm town of approximately
                                                                                                                                               We experienced a wild swing in farm prices this year
                     F.C. Tucker/Five Star Real Estate has seen modest              20,000 people with one of the largest egg production
                                                                                                                                               in reaction to the price of oil and its’ impact on the
                     increases as well. It seems that buyers and sellers            plants in the country. Because the egg plant buys a
                                                                                                                                               grain market. There were several farm sales in 2008
                     have different attitudes and look at the exchange              lot of the farmers’ grain, these two industries help the
                                                                                                                                               in excess of $7,000.00/acre. With commodities,
                     process in a more intelligent manner than they did             community’s economy stay relatively stable. The rest
                                                                                                                                               however, what goes up usually comes back down, and
                     two years ago. Buyers are still looking for a deal, and        of our employment base is fairly diverse which also
                                                                                                                                               as the per-barrel price of oil dropped, the demand for
                     many sellers seem to be resigned to the fact that their        has provided economic stability through the recent
                                                                                                                                               ethanol diminished and the grain market returned to
                     properties have lost value.                                    recession.
                                                                                                                                               normal. Tillable land prices followed this trend, and
                                                                                    F.C. Tucker/House of Realty, Inc., has been open
                     In 2010, F.C. Tucker/Five Star Real Estate looks to                                                                       per acre prices climbed from $5000.00/acre in 2007
                                                                                    since 2002 and has become a familiar name in our
                     continue this upward growth. Ball State university is                                                                     to $7,000.00/acre in 2008 and back to $5,000.00/acre
                                                                                    community. We are proud to have former Gov.
                     getting larger, and the campus is beautiful. Clarian                                                                      in 2009. Our prediction for farmland prices in 2010 is
                                                                                    Edgar D. Whitcomb as one of our many loyal clients.
                     Health is now partnered with Cardinal Health, and                                                                         to stabilize in the mid $5,000.00/acre range. But, if
                                                                                    Our small office offers one-on-one, old fashioned
                     they are still expanding. Aside from the community                                                                        gas goes back to $.00/per gallon, ethanol made from
                                                                                    service. We are blessed with wonderful clients who
                     school corporation, these two businesses are muncie’s                                                                     corn will undoubtedly drive the bushel price back up,
                                                                                    have rewarded us with their continued business
                     major employers, and they are doing well. Brevini                                                                         and land prices will immediately follow.
                                                                                    and encouragement and are looking forward to a
                     Transmission has completed the move of their uS                prosperous 2010.                                           Shelby County is still waiting for commercial
                     headquarters to muncie. The new plant for Brevini                                                                         development. But as we grow the population base, our
                     Wind is under construction with 50 new jobs to
                     be created next fall which will help boost the area’s
                                                                                    Shelbyville                                                demographics will increase, and we will see commercial
                                                                                    Shelby County has been in the spotlight for the past two   development blossom. until then we will just have to
                     overall economy.                                                                                                          drive to the Indiana Live Casino in our new Honda Civic
                                                                                    years since Honda announced they would build a new
                     muncie is one of the most affordable college towns             automotive plant in Greensburg. Indiana Live Casino        and hope for lady luck to be gracious while we play the
                     in the country, and many people like the cultural              also added to the fanfare when they announced they         slots and hope for the big jackpot.moving into 2008
                     attractions, the quality health care, and the quality          would build a new casino in Shelby County. Both of         we expect there to be more industrial announcements,
                     of life that it offers. The market for existing home           these companies have enjoyed tremendous success in         more retail growth and more new home construction
                     sales should stabilize and begin growing in the                startup and hope to see fabulous growth opportunities      to meet the growth that is inevitable in Shelby County.
                     coming year, regardless of stimulus programs. new              for the future. The majority of transferring employees     Although the overall real estate market in the state of
                     construction, however, will probably not rebound as            have been unable to sell their homes from where they       Indiana may have suffered this past year, the Shelby/
                     fast or achieve the same sales levels they enjoyed in          originated, resulting in an increased demand for nice      Decatur micro-market could be described as robust,
                     the past.                                                      single family residential rentals. We are hopeful that     comparatively speaking. Our local office could not have
                                                                                    these incoming transferees purchase homes locally          realized this year’s success without the help of Chris
                                                                                    when their existing home sells.                            Courtney, Angela Cast, John Snavley and the support
                                                                                                                                               staff at the corporate office. We’re looking forward to a
                                                                                    Available residential inventory has shrunk in October      successful 2008.
                                                                                    of 2009 compared to October 2008 indicating the

2009 AnnuAL REPORT                                                             11                                                                                              F. C. TuCkER COmPAny, InC.
                     The Valparaiso office opened on July 8, 2009, and
                     quickly brought on five agents and is continuing to
                     grow. Even though the northwest Indiana market-
                     -including Lake, Porter and Laporte Counties--has
                     seen an increase in first time home buyers, the
                     majority of units sold, listing and selling prices have

                     According to the Greater northwest Association
                     of Realtors mLS Board, overall sales are down for
                     2009 compared to 2008. In Lake County, however,
                     the number of units sold increased by 12.6 percent
                     though the median sales price is down 6. percent
                     and the median list price is down 7 percent. In
                     Porter County, the number of units sold is down 15.
                     percent, the median selling price is down 1.2 percent,
                     and the listing median price is down slightly at just
                     0.006 percent. In LaPorte County, the number of
                     units sold is down 11. percent, the median selling
                     price is down 6.7 percent, and the listing median
                     price is down 7 percent.

                     As a new office, 2009’s numbers were difficult to
                     project, and adjusting our strategy was a direct result
                     of not only the economic conditions, but also of
                     interest rates and the political atmosphere.

                     One factor giving us hope for 2010 is that some of our
                     previous clients who had been reluctant or unable
                     to sell are now showing faith in the economy and
                     putting their homes back on the market.

2009 AnnuAL REPORT                                                             12   F. C. TuCkER COmPAny, InC.
From Fred Tucker,                                         In our core marketing area we have developed an
                                                          outstanding “one-stop shopping” delivery system to
President of F. C. Tucker                                 provide nearly every service required to complete the
Company                                                   sales process – from mortgage services to insurance
                                                          to title and closing services. By packaging these
As we have witnessed these last few years, the real       services, we can assist each customer with a smooth
estate market has been challenging, and transactions      transaction that is completed on time with little if any
have become more complex. Our sales associates have       surprises.
redoubled their efforts and also sought additional
education and training that would assist them in          This “one-stop shopping” delivery system is
staying at the forefront in delivering the best in        complimented by alternative real estate solutions,
professional real estate services. All remain dedicated   including auction services and home leasing and
to providing guidance and counseling to each              management. maintenance and care of your home
customer to insure the successful completion of the       is provided through Tucker’s Home-Link and may be
process.                                                  enhanced through a home warranty product available
                                                          throughout the listing and selling process.
you can find these professional services being
delivered throughout the state by equally committed       We look forward to continuing to serve all of your real
franchise owners and associates, complimented by          estate needs in 2010 and beyond.
a referral network of over 900 inactive licensees. Our
commitment to education is paramount and begins
with the pre-licensing school created to attract the
next generation of licensees to our industry.
                     Tucker’s Family of                                              Carrie Abbott and Jennifer Brucker specialize in the
                                                                                     commercial area. As a team, we have more than 100
                                                                                     years’ experience serving the insurance needs of the
                                                                                                                                                   Our Evansville affiliate, F.C.Tucker Emge Realtors,
                                                                                                                                                   added an office in Princeton, Indiana, in 2008. This
                                                                                                                                                   office of five, managed by Anita Waldroup, is located
                     Businesses Grows                                                Tucker Company.                                               at 1105 S. main Street, Princeton, In 7670. They are a
                                                                                                                                                   wonderful group of people, and we are thrilled to have

                     and Prospers
                                                                                     As a testimony to the quality of the insurance products       them as part of our network.
                                                                                     offered by Tucker Insurance, consider that they convert
                                                                                     50 percent of the quotes they make into policies              Our Fort Wayne affiliate, F.C.Tucker/mike Thomas
                                                                                                                                                   & Associates, moved their south office into a new
                     Tucker Mortgage, L.L.C.                                         Tucker Associates, Inc.                                       beautiful facility in 2008. This office is located at
                                                                                                                                                   1033 Illinois Road, Suite A, Fort Wayne, In 681.
                     2009 was an exceptional year at Tucker mortgage.                Although 2008 and the first half of 2009 continued
                     As a survivor of the mortgage meltdown, Tucker                  to be a rough ride, we have been very proud of our            Our Jasper affiliate, F.C.Tucker kerstiens Realty, merged
                     mortgage was able to take advantage of the reduction            franchise network and how each and every office               with their largest competitor in 2008. They went from
                     in competition and increase its market share. The               handled the negative media and drop in consumer               an office of nine to an office of 18. Chip kugler is their
                     first-time homebuyer’s tax credit was instrumental in           confidence over the last two years. With the help of          manager, and they remain at their location of 901
                     stimulating real estate sales in 2009. Tougher appraisal        our leader, Jim Litten, our owners studied the market         newton Street, Jasper, In 756.
                     and underwriting standards were actually beneficial             and the strategies to weather the storm. They now
                     to Tucker mortgage because of its expertise in FHA and          can see the positive signs of change. With strategies         Our Lafayette affiliate, F.C.Tucker/Lafayette REALTORS®,
                     VA lending. While other lenders struggled to adapt              that ranged from buying smaller real estate offices           expanded their commercial division into a new building
                     to the new standards, Tucker mortgage was able to               unable to hold-up in an unstable economy to actually          in downtown Lafayette in 2008. Led by manager kevin
                     provide superior service to its customers.                      closing branch offices that were less profitable and          Bol, they continue to be the prominent commercial real
                                                                                     a drain on the profit center as a whole, our franchise        estate group in Lafayette. Their address is: 250 main
                     The first six months of 2010 should mirror the last half                                                                      Street, Suite 50, Lafayette, In 7901.
                                                                                     network positioned itself to be “ready for action” when
                     of 2009. With the extension of the tax credit for the
                                                                                     the market turned. Fortunately many of our offices            We were also pleased to open a new office in Goshen,
                     first-time homebuyers and the addition of a tax credit
                                                                                     are already experiencing that market turn. In January         Indiana, in December of 2008. Larry Smith and Lou
                     for long-time buyers, mortgage applications should
                                                                                     of 2009 our franchise network was down almost 30              Ann Stoner owned an existing real estate office and
                     be robust through June 2010. We also expect home
                                                                                     percent over the previous year. As of October 31, we          decided to leave their brand to affiliate with F.C.Tucker.
                     sales to increase substantially in the second half of
                                                                                     are back up to over 6 percent over the previous year.         They have been a wonderful addition to our team,
                     2010 as the economic conditions improve through the
                                                                                     2009 has definitely been a wild ride.                         and we are proud to be associated them. F.C.Tucker/
                     remainder of the year.
                                                                                     In 2008 milestone Realty Group announced its affiliation      maplewoods Realty Group, 200 Elkhart Road, Suite A,
                     Tucker Insurance                                                with the F.C. Tucker Company. This office, under its new      Goshen, In 6526.
                     A Division of Acordia, L.L.C.                                   name F.C. Tucker milestone Realty marked the 33rd F.C.        In January of 2009 F.C.Tucker Emge Realtors merged
                                                                                     Tucker affiliate in the three-state network. The minority-    with their largest competitor, The Realty Group of
                     Founded as a division of the F.C. Tucker Company in             owned office is operated by Jerrol Z. miles and his
                     the 1960s, Tucker Insurance later became a franchise                                                                          Evansville, to create the largest real estate firm in the
                                                                                     daughter Stacey miles-mecier. Specializing in residential     area. They now house more than 230 agents in eight
                     operation. In 1992, Acordia of Indiana, L.L.C., a large         and commercial real estate, F.C. Tucker milestone opened
                     national insurance agency, purchased our operation to                                                                         offices in southwestern Indiana and northwestern
                                                                                     with nine licensed REALTORS®. This real estate group has      kentucky. With open arms we welcomed Wayne Ellis
                     serve the sales associates, employees, and customers            served the residents in Southern Indiana for more than
                     of the Tucker Company.                                                                                                        and all of his agents who joined our Tucker family.
                                                                                     two years. The office is located at 3626 Grant Line Road in
                     Tucker Insurance writes all types of coverage. Debi             new Albany. F.C. Tucker milestone replaced the F.C. Tucker    In July of 2009 Grace and Jeff Safrin, longtime Tucker
                     Butler and the personal lines team specializes in               Emge REALTORS® office formerly located in new Albany.         sales associates, opened F. C. Tucker/1st Team Real
                     personal insurance while Tom Johnson, Jeff Johnson,                                                                           Estate. REALTORS® since 1999, the Safrins were already

2009 AnnuAL REPORT                                                              1                                                                                                  F. C. TuCkER COmPAny, InC.
                     Life Time members of the Presidents Club, Tucker’s
                     highest honor for sales achievement. They have
                                                                                      Tucker School of Real Estate                                 Title Services, L.L.C.
                     been designated as First Vice Presidents in the Tucker           At the Tucker School of Real Estate, we’re teaching          Title Services, L.L.C. is a full service title insurance
                     Company and have consistently been named among                   success! Hundreds of students attended our pre-              agency offering title insurance, closing services, 1031
                     the top 20 percent of real estate agents in the country.         licensing school last year, making it one of the largest     exchange services and other related title insurance
                     Their office is located at 13 Lincolnway, Suite 203, in          real estate schools in this area. We continue to boast one   products and settlement services to the residential
                     Valparaiso.                                                      of the highest passing ratios in the state. Our qualified    and commercial real estate community in Indiana.
                                                                                      team of instructors offers valuable years of experience in   The Company’s mission is to deliver timely, accurate
                     Finally, our Fort Wayne affiliate, F.C.Tucker/mike Thomas        real estate sales and related industries. We continually     title information and to facilitate real estate closings
                     & Associates, opened a fourth branch in Angola in                offer a full schedule of classes and maintain our            while providing outstanding, professional service to
                     August of 2009. The manager is mike Ruch, and the                commitment to provide the best instruction possible for      its customers.
                     office is located at 1250 n. 200 W., Angola, In 6703.           pre-licensing and continuing education.
                                                                                                                                                   2009 was a year of continued market share and
                     As owners tightened their belts to weather the storm,            Students can now obtain information and sign up for          profitability growth by Title Services. With a focus on
                     we did experience a few casualties over the last                 classes at www.TuckerSchool.com. Licensees can now           the residential brokerage and commercial market
                     two years. In 2008 Terre Haute closed their branch               obtain all 16 hours of Continuing Education online at        segments, Title Services, LLC, continues to be one of
                     office of three people in Rockville, Indiana; Anderson           TuckerSchool.com.                                            the leading title insurance agencies in central Indiana.
                     closed their Pendleton branch,Valparaiso closed                                                                               In 2009, new orders and closings exceeded 2008 levels
                     their branch office in knox, Indiana; and our office in          Tucker Referrals                                             even with the challenging and slower real estate
                                                                                                                                                   market. market share increases continued over 2008
                     Treasure Island, Florida closed its doors due to lack
                     of activity in the struggling Florida market. In 2009            Tucker Referrals has had another great year with total       percentages due largely to the trust and confidence
                     we continued to struggle with our Valparaiso affiliate           closed volume of over 35 million dollars. The company        our customers place in Title Services to provide quality
                     closing its Portage branch and eventually letting go of          holds licenses for more than 900 members who have            title products and outstanding settlement services.
                     their franchise altogether. In march of 2009 we also             generated more than 00 referrals to our metro and
                                                                                      franchise Tucker offices. Tucker Referrals, Inc. would       The Company has enhanced its ability to service its
                     experienced the loss of our martinsville affiliate due to                                                                     growing customer base by replacing its title and
                     the economic downturn. Fortunately the second half               like to thank all of the agents who have referred their
                                                                                      licensed clients, friends and family members into this       escrow software in early 2009. The new technologies
                     of 2009 was kind to the real estate market, and we feel                                                                       will allow Title Services, L.L.C. to increase overall
                     confident that we will end the year on a happy note.             worthwhile program.
                                                                                                                                                   efficiency and communications with our customers,
                                                                                      Tucker Referrals, Inc. continues to be a valuable            while decreasing its title commitment turnaround
                     Currently we have 31 franchised offices with over                member of the Tucker family of businesses offering a
                     725 associates statewide. We look forward to 2010,                                                                            time, increased policy production and enhanced
                                                                                      viable alternative for new and experienced licensees         closing services. The company continues to focus
                     as we continue to look for opportunities to grow the             who do not want a full-time commitment to real
                     Tucker brand both inside Indiana borders and to new                                                                           on customer service improvement initiatives and
                                                                                      estate sales. With only one phone call, our referral         bottom-line improvements; many of which were
                     territories beyond.                                              associates are assured that their clients will receive       implemented in 2009 and will be enhanced in 2010
                                                                                      only the best service from the number one real estate        with the introduction of an interactive transaction
                                                                                      company in Indiana.                                          management software system.
                                                                                                                                                   The employees of Title Services, LLC are led by the
                                                                                                                                                   management team of Jerry Leugers, President; Dave
                                                                                                                                                   Schmitz, VP & General Counsel; Betty Caron, VP &
                                                                                                                                                   Title Operations manager; and marilyn Bradford, VP &
                                                                                                                                                   Closing manager.

2009 AnnuAL REPORT                                                               15                                                                                                F. C. TuCkER COmPAny, InC.
                     Tucker/Schrader                                                    2009 was a successful year of accomplishment on
                                                                                        all levels, with over 70,000 clients and 180 service/
                                                                                                                                                    The Bryant Company
                     Auction Company, L.P.                                              product vendors participating. The year offered             The Bryant Company, Inc., in alliance with the F.C.
                     Tucker Schrader Auction Company, L.P. is a full service            many opportunities, highlighting quality companies          Tucker Company, is providing one more way for Tucker
                     Auction division of the F.C. Tucker Company managed                associated with Home-Link and the F.C. Tucker brand.        agents to meet their clients’ objectives. We have
                     since 2000 by John Stewart at the 9201 office. An                  The annual vendor reception surpassed all previous          seen variable market trends for 2009. Due to overall
                     auction can help sell unusual properties such as high              years in both sales associate and vendor attendance.        conditions, demand for our leasing and management
                     profile properties, multi-parcel properties, luxury                The “Tucker Top Twelve” and “Best in Class” awards          services has increased tremendously to help clients
                     properties, unique properties, farms, estate sales,                spotlighted the top vendor companies of the year.           with another alternative to assist with property
                     investment properties, properties in disrepair and                                                                             responsibility demands.
                                                                                        F.C. Tucker sales associates continued to expand
                     foreclosures.                                                                                                                  In 2009, The Bryant Company met the executive home
                                                                                        personal business marketing programs, creatively
                     The auction method has proven to be an excellent                   utilizing Home-Link through focus groups and                leasing and property management needs for hundreds
                     alternative to traditional marketing when timing is                individualized plans. With direct links from personal       of clients creating an approximate 15 percent increase
                     important to the owner or when determining value is                web sites, materials for open houses, listing               in inventory base. Extension and renewal rates have
                     difficult. Every auction utilizes the services of a Tucker         presentations, industry specific catalogs, and media        climbed as high as 81% and properties with sale
                     agent to combine a team of professionals to provide our            advertising, sales associates leveraged the power of        values surpassing the 2 million dollar range have
                     clients with the best real estate auction service possible.        Home-Link as a tremendous differentiation tool in the       touched our leasing market. Even with the increase
                     Hey there! Say there! What are you going to pay there?             marketplace.                                                in demand represented by this figure, The Bryant
                                                                                                                                                    Company, Inc. has continued to emphasize customer
                                                                                        Home-Link maximized convenience to sales associates         satisfaction and to offer unparalleled service in a
                     HMS Home Protection Plan                                           by relocating to the 9279 n. meridian building, and         highly demanding area.
                     The usage of home warranties continued to                          optimized opportunities through enhanced programs
                                                                                        with other division businesses in the F.C. Tucker family.   Potential clients who might require The Bryant
                     increase throughout 2009, with over 20 percent                                                                                 Company’s expertise would include corporate level
                     more buyers participating. By partnering with HmS                  Home-Link continued ongoing support to the                  executives, business owners, CEOs, professionals,
                     Home Warranty, the Tucker Company has been well                    community and company as the sponsor of F.C.                investors, transferees intending to return to their
                     positioned to meet this growing demand. utilizing the              Tucker’s annual breast cancer “Lee Denim Jeans Day.”        homes, individuals who have been less than successful
                     masterPeace Protection Plan offered through HmS,                   Home-Link coordinated significant vendor donations          in selling their property and those in numerous other
                     Tucker agents, sellers, and purchasers have found                  of gifts and monies for St. mary’s auction, participated    circumstances.
                     a meaningful solution to solving problems related                  in the “Christmas Stockings for kids” and “Backpack
                     to unexpected and unanticipated home repairs.                      Attack,” and organized many vendor sponsorships for         Douglas F. Bryant and his staff continue to
                     The home warranties offered by HmS are backed by                   the annual Tucker Golf Outing.                              work diligently to be unsurpassed in their field.
                     comprehensive coverage and a dedication to award-                                                                              Furthermore, they aspire to continue to be a proud
                     winning customer service.                                          Exciting innovations planned for 2010 will increase         and honored branch of the Tucker family of businesses
                                                                                        client choice, convenience and savings, while               in 2010.
                                                                                        expanding Home-Link’s support and commitment to
                     Tucker’s Home-Link®                                                F.C. Tucker sales associates.
                     Home-Link®, F.C. Tucker’s premier home services
                     division serving the Indianapolis market, provides
                     “one source” convenience exclusively to the clients of
                     F.C. Tucker sales associates. Home-Link® offers the
                     unprecedented combination of a Personal Service
                     Coordinator, the latest in home services technology,
                     and access to a network of quality service providers.

2009 AnnuAL REPORT                                                                 16                                                                                             F. C. TuCkER COmPAny, InC.
                     F. C. Tucker Company, Inc.                                                                    Metropolitan                            Meridian North/9277/9279
                                                                                                                                                             9277 north meridian Street
                               Corporate Offices                                                              Indianapolis Residential                         Indianapolis, In 6260
                       9279 north meridian Street, Suite 100
                              Indianapolis, In 6260                  Tucker Referrals, Inc.                          Offices                                      (317)8-200
                                                                                                                                                             9279 north meridian Street
                                  (317)571-2200                 9279 north meridian Street, Suite 100A                     9201 Group                          Indianapolis, In 6260
                             tucker@talktotucker.com                    Indianapolis, In 6260                  9201 north meridian Street, Suite 250              (317)83-7766
                                                                            (317)57-5575                              Indianapolis, In 6260                meridian@talktotucker.com
                                  Relocation                            Contact: Jane Johnson                              (317)566-2399
                       9279 north meridian Street, Suite 201         jjohnson@talktotucker.com                        9201@talktotucker.com                        Noblesville
                              Indianapolis, In 6260                                                                                                            100 Lakeview Drive
                                  (317)571-0828                   Tucker School of Real Estate                       Carmel/Keystone Way                       noblesville, In 6060
                               fct@reloindiana.com                          Castleton Park                              1119 keystone Way                         (317)776-0200
                                                                   6515 East 82nd Street, Suite 115                      Carmel, In 6032                    noblesvl@talktotucker.com
                             Title Services, L.L.C.                    Indianapolis, In 6250                             (317)86-7751
                       9201 north meridian Street, Suite 100               (317)57-5580                             carmel@talktotucker.com             Northeast/Geist Crossing Drive
                              Indianapolis, In 6260                 Contact: Stephanie Jordan                                                               9930 Geist Crossing Drive
                                  (317)571-6969                      sjordan@talktotucker.com                    Castleton/Allisonville Road                   Indianapolis, In 6256
                              Contact: Jerry Leugers                                                                   9111 Allisonville Road                      (317)81-8880
                               jleugers@tsindy.com             Tucker/Schrader Auction Company                         Indianapolis, In 6250               northeast@talktotucker.com
                                                                     9201 north meridian Street                            (317)89-5050
                           Tucker Associates, Inc.                     Indianapolis, In 6260                        castletn@talktotucker.com               South/State Road 135
                       9279 north meridian Street, Suite 100               (317)566-2399                                                                      705 South State Road 135
                              Indianapolis, In 6260                   Contact: John Stewart                               Downtown                             Greenwood, In 613
                                  (317)571-2200                                                                     32 massachusetts Avenue                       (317)888-3311
                                Contact: mark Bush                HMS Home Protection Plan                            Indianapolis, In 620                   south@talktotucker.com
                            mbush@talktotucker.com                      Contact: Dan Strayer                              (317)686-0612
                                                                      1-800-521-826 ext. 112                      Downtown@talktotucker.com            Suburban North/Greyhound Court
                               Tucker Insurance                                                                                                                15015 Greyhound Court
                       9201 north meridian Street, Suite 100        F. C. Tucker’s Home-Link®                      East/Washington Street                         Carmel, In 6032
                              Indianapolis, In 6260            9279 north meridian Street, Suite 201                  28 yorkshire Boulevard                      (317)8-66
                        Contact: Debi Butler, (317)88-0218            Indianapolis, In 6260                          Indianapolis, In 6229                suburban@talktotucker.com
                          Debi_butler@wellsfargois.com            (317)72-2600 / (866)9-9                            (317)891-0100
                       700 n. Shadeland Avenue, Suite 100              Contact: Elaine Sholty                         east@talktotucker.com                       West/US 36
                                  P.O. Box 5005                    home-link@talktotucker.com                                                               10188 East uS Highway 36
                              Indianapolis, In 6250                                                                          Fishers                             Avon, In 6123
                           Tom Johnson, (317)81-3309              The Bryant Company, Inc.                            12692 East 116th Street                   (317)271-1700
                          tom_johnson@wellfargois.com                   8515 Cedar Place Drive                            Fishers, In 6038                   west@talktotucker.com
                                                                        Indianapolis, In 620                             (317)570-3800
                           Tucker Mortgage, L.L.C.                          (317)253-7500                             fishers@talktotucker.com                      Zionsville
                       9201 north meridian Street, Suite 200             Contact: Doug Bryant                                                                   10 north First Street
                              Indianapolis, In 6260                     doug@bryantco.com                           Keystone/86th Street                       Zionsville, In 6077
                                  (317)72-9201                                                                        305 East 86th Street                      (317)873-5391
                               Contact: Ron mcGuire                                                                   Indianapolis, In 620                 zionsvil@talktotucker.com
                           ronm@tuckermortgage.com                                                                        (317)259-6000

2009 AnnuAL REPORT                                                                                       17                                                                               F. C. TuCkER COmPAny, InC.
  Statewide Franchise                       F. C. Tucker Emge REALTORS®
                                                 5625 Pearl Dr., Suite 101
                                                                                    F. C. Tucker/Kerstiens Realty
                                                                                            901 newton Street
                                                                                                                         F. C. Tucker/Mike Thomas Associates
                                                                                                                                   1560 Shook Drive
                                                                                                                                                                  F. C. Tucker/Tomlinson REALTORS®
                                                                                                                                                                         1825 South Plate Street
        Offices                                     Evansville, In 7712                     Jasper, In 756                      Auburn, In 6706                        kokomo, In 6902
                                                       812-26-9020                           (812)82-12                         (260)925-6900                            (765)52-8216
  F. C. Tucker/1st Team Real Estate               Contact: kathy Briscoe                   Contact: Chip kugler                  Contact: mike Thomas                     Contact: Jean Ferenc
         13 Lincolnway, Suite 203            kathy.briscoe@fctuckeremge.com                  ckugler@psci.net               mthomas@mikethomasrealtor.com               jeanferenc@comcast.net
           Valparaiso, In 6383
              (219)309-9930                 F. C. Tucker Emge REALTORS®           F. C. Tucker/Lafayette, REALTORS®      F. C. Tucker/Mike Thomas Associates       F. C. Tucker/Wagner REALTORS®
           Contact: Jeff Safrin                 2202 uS Highway 1 north              125 Sagamore Parkway north                    1250 n. 200 W                           716 Third Street
            Safrin @jorsm.com                      Henderson, ky 219                     Lafayette, In 790                     Angola, In 6703                        Columbus, In 7201
                                              (800)611-1131 / (270)827-1131                  (765)8-88                          (260) 668-8877                           (812)372-85
   F. C. Tucker/Advantage Realty                  Contact: Paula Johnston                 Contact: Lou Johnson                   Contact: mike Thomas                       Contact: Jim Petro
        22 West Washington Street           paulajohnston@fctuckeremge.com            ljohnson@tuckerrealty.com            mthomas@mikethomasrealtor.com                jim@tuckerwagner.com
           Rensselaer, In 7978
             (219)866-0002                  F. C. Tucker Emge REALTORS®           F. C. Tucker/Lafayette, REALTORS®         F. C. Tucker/Milestone Realty       F. C. Tucker/Wayne Collins, REALTORS®
           Contact: Deana Rule                      89 Ruffian Lane                   250 main Street, Suite 50            3626 Grant Line Road, Suite 205             1216 South Third Street
       deana@tuckeradvantage.com                   newburgh, In 7630                      Lafayette, In 7901                    new Albany, In 7150                     Terre Haute, In 7802
                                                     (812)853-3381                           (765)7-8886                           (812) 206-0161                  (800)26-9996 / (812)238-9996
F. C. Tucker/Bloomington REALTORS®               Contact: kenneth Haynie                  Contact: Lou Johnson                 Contact: Stacey miles-mercier               Contact: Wayne Collins
       87 South Clarizz Boulevard            kenhaynie@fctuckeremge.com               ljohnson@tuckerrealty.com          Staceymecier@FCTucker-milestone.com         collinswayne@email.msn.com
         Bloomington, In 701
             (812)336-7300                  F. C. Tucker Emge REALTORS®         F. C. Tucker/Maplewoods Realty Group      F. C. Tucker/O.C. Clark, REALTORS®
           Contact: John West                        621 main Street                    200 Elkhart Road, Suite A               309 West Eleventh Street
          west@tuckerobr.com                       Vincennes, In 7591                      Goshen, In 6526                       Anderson, In 6016
                                                      (812)882-                          (888)533-699                           (765)63-3391
   F. C. Tucker/Carter Hess Group               Contact: Robin montgomery                Contact: Lou Ann Stoner                    Contact: Tom Seal
          20 East market Street           robinmontgomery@fctuckeremge.com               stoner@maplenet.net                   thomas_seal@yahoo.com
         Crawfordsville, In 7933
              (765)362-700                 F. C. Tucker Emge REALTORS®         F. C. Tucker/Market Place Realty, Inc.        F. C. Tucker Realty Center
           Contact: Rusty Carter                  1105 South main Street                116 mishawaka Avenue                  605 north Western Avenue
          rusty@rustycarter.com                     Princeton, In 7670                   South Bend, In 6615                      marion, In 6952
                                                      (812)386-6200                          (57)25-500                           (765)662-6099
    F. C. Tucker Emge REALTORS®                  Contact: AnitaWaldroup                  Contact: Connie Shaffer               Contact: Charmayne Saylors
         81 East Virginia Street          AnitaWaldroup@FCTuckerEmge.com             shaffermail@sbcglobal.net                  csay283162@aol.com
            Evansville, In 7715
              (812)73-0123                F. C. Tucker/Five Star Real Estate    F. C. Tucker/Mike Thomas Associates        F. C. Tucker/Schneider Realty
          Contact: kathy Briscoe                 317 West Bethel Avenue                 1020 East Dupont Road                   1013 Indianapolis Road
     kathy.briscoe@fctuckeremge.com                 muncie, In 730                      Fort Wayne, In 6825                    Greencastle, In 6135
       fctucker@evvrealestate.com                    (765)289-200                   (800)89-6282 / (260)89-2000                   (765)653-8702
 fccomm@evvrealestate.com (commercial)             Contact: Tom Parker                    Contact: mike Thomas                  Contact: Suzie Schneider
                                                  munciehome@aol.com                mthomas@mikethomasrealtor.com             suzy@fctucker-schneider.com
    F. C. Tucker Emge REALTORS®
   7820 Eagle Crest Boulevard, Suite 200     F. C. Tucker/House of Realty        F. C. Tucker/Mike Thomas Associates         F. C. Tucker/Shelby County
            Evansville, In 7715                  800 West Second Street               1033 Illinois Road, Suite A.            20 north Harrison Street
              (812)79-0801                         Seymour, In 727                     Fort Wayne, In 6825                    Shelbyville, In 6176
      Contact: Contact: kathy Briscoe                 (812)523-1200                          (260)625-5550                           (317)398-8709
     kathy.briscoe@fctuckeremge.com               Contact: Shirley Runge                 Contact: mike Thomas                      Contact: Steve Allen
       fctucker@evvrealestate.com                   sarunge@msn.com                 mthomas@mikethomasrealtor.com                talktostevea@msn.com

2009 AnnuAL REPORT                                                                                 18                                                                            F. C. TuCkER COmPAny, InC.
2009 AnnuAL REPORT   19   F. C. TuCkER COmPAny, InC.
F. C . T u C k E R C O m PA n y, I n C . • R E A LT O R S S I n C E 1 9 1 8

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