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Texas Bank and Trust + Longview Texas by kjr12144

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									         A rich history of service


            Making a difference in our communities

Welcome to Austin Bank!

 “Austin Bank’s core values of honesty
 and service have guided us for over
 100 years. Growing with over 28 locations,
 Austin Bank is a trusted financial source
 for the families and businesses we serve
 in East Texas—today and for generations
 to come.”
      Jeff Austin, Jr.

 “We are proud of our
 employees who work
 as a team to deliver
 exceptional customer
 service. Each office
 and department is
 staffed with committed
 individuals and stable
 leadership ready to serve you.
                                                    Jeff Austin, Jr.
                                                    and Jeff Austin, III

 Our commitment is to consistently deliver
 the best products and services as your
 ‘Bank of Choice.’ We strive to earn your
 trust and build a long-term relationship.”
      Jeff Austin, III
      Vice Chairman

                                              Local people • Local decisions
Austin Bank in Big Sandy was formerly First State Bank. It was one of the six chartered
banks that changed their name to Austin Bank on April 1, 1996. The bank opened in
1947 in downtown Big Sandy and in 1972 a new building was built at 108 East
Broadway, where the bank is located today.

What makes Big Sandy different is… Our people. Most of the employees in this
branch have worked here or in the community for many years. The customers at our
branch are more like family. This kind of customer and banker relationship is hard to            At the Texas Bankers Association Convention
                                                                                                       past TBA Chair Jeff Austin, Sr. received
find in large cities. We have a true home town feel in Big Sandy with big city capabilities.                      the 50 year Banking Award
                                                                                                            from TBA Chairman Jeff Austin, Jr.

Austin Bank began serving Bullard in 1997 through the acquisition of a Bank of America
office. Austin Bank then added to Bullard’s strength by purchasing the First National Bank
of Bullard in 2004. The combined banks now office in the original First National Bank
building on North Houston Street. Sealed in the bank’s walls are 25-year time capsules
scheduled to be opened in 2008.

What makes Bullard different is… Its longstanding history of banking in the
Bullard Community and the technological advances used by Austin Bank.

Austin Bank began operations in Emory in February 1997 through the acquisition of
a Bank of America office. The bank has experienced rapid, continued growth in loans
and deposits.

Emory, the county seat and largest town in Rains County, is located at the junction of
U.S. Highway 69 and State Highway 19. Emory benefits from its close proximity to
Lake Tawakoni and Lake Fork, internationally known for excellent bass fishing. Rains
County has been recognized as one of the fastest growing counties in the United States.

What makes Emory different is… We are down to earth bankers who know how                       Left: Larry Reed, Senior Vice President Emory
to go the extra mile to earn and maintain our customers trust. We call our customers               office honored by Brucy Bynum, Chairman
                                                                                                              of the Texas Bankers Association
by their first name and treat them all like friends. We truly value the relationship we
                                                                                                         Agriculture & Rural Affairs Committee
have with each of our customers.                                                                         for his dedication and commitment to
            All this, plus more                                                                   Texas agriculture and the banking industry.
            is what makes our customers truly feel at home.

Austin Bank became a part of the Garrison community on April 10, 1995 as a branch of
Timpson First State Bank. In 1996, this Garrison bank adopted the Austin Bank name.

Austin Bank has always been active in the Garrison community lending support to the town
and Garrison ISD programs.
                                                                                                            Jacksonville banking––family style
What makes Garrison different is… Austin Bank Garrison strives to provide exceptional
customer service by extending prompt, courteous and friendly service with a smile. Since
Garrison is a small community, the majority of our customers are personally known, therefore
they are able to experience more of a personal touch.

Austin Bank in Gilmer opened in January 1996 as a branch of Austin Bank,
Longview. In the same year Austin Bank purchased a Bank of America office
in Gilmer and consolidated the two offices at 1208 N. Wood.

Gilmer is the home of the East Texas Yamboree and the 2004 3A State
Gilmer Buckeye Football Champions.

What makes Gilmer different is… Customers want to bank with Gilmer
because we are a part of the community. We believe in our customers and go the
extra mile to make them feel comfortable and happy with our banking services.

GLADEWATER                                                                               Jeff Austin, III, Sissy Austin, Jeff Austin,Jr.,
                                                                                        John Williams at corporate headquarters,
Austin Bank began serving the Gladewater community in February of 2008.                                                    Jacksonville
Formerly City National Bank, the Gladewater office opened in October of 2000
at 700 N. Main which is now used as our "Convenience Center" with drive-in and
ATM services. On April 30th 2007, the bank moved into a new 6,000 square
foot state of the art facility located at 1625 E. Broadway (U.S. Hwy. 80).

Being part of the rich oilfield history of East Texas, Gladewater boomed to life
with the discovery of oil in the Sabine River bottoms in 1931. Today, the city is
a hub of tourism with the downtown antique district, beautiful Lake Gladewater,
East Texas Gusher Days, and the annual Gladewater Round-Up Rodeo. Founded
in 1937 the Gladewater Rodeo is one of the largest PRCA rodeos in the State of Texas.       John Williams accepts the 2006 Better
                                                                                                  Business Bureau’s Torch Award
What makes Gladewater different… The centerpiece of our lobby—a five foot
Remington replica of a cowboy breaking a wild bronco. This art work depicts the
determination and hard working spirit that have made our bank and the people of
Gladewater successful.

Texas National Bank, Longview purchased the former First National Bank of
Grand Saline in 1991 and in 1996 changed its name to Austin Bank. The
bank’s building has been used as a financial facility since the early 1900's.

Austin Bank Grand Saline is an active member of The Main Street program,
Chamber of Commerce, Salt Festival, Blooming Festival and Salvation Army.
The bank proudly sponsors the Annual Career Day at Grand Saline Middle
School and the American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life.

What makes Grand Saline different is…                                                                       Our young investors at
Our employees are the "Salt of the Earth."                                                              Grand Saline Middle School

The Jacksonville office was established as
First National Bank in 1900. At this time
Jacksonville was a hustling, bustling, thriving,
progressive agricultural community with a
bright future. The railroad was the attraction
for many who settled in this area and cotton
was king.

Today Jacksonville continues to grow.
Executive homes, an outstanding public school                                                   Austin Bank Executive Team: Left to right:
                                                                                     Keith Chambers – Senior EVP / Chief Financial Officer;
system, golf courses, two junior colleges, and a theological seminary         Billy Mullins – Senior EVP / Operations, Loan Administration
all combine to add enrichment to Jacksonville's natural setting.                                                         and Risk Management;
                                                                                               Jeff Austin, III – Vice Chairman of the Board;
                                                                                                                     Sissy Austin – Senior EVP;
The Jacksonville office is Headquarters for Austin Bank Texas, N.A.                                  Jeff Austin, Jr. – Chairman of the Board;
and the Leadership Team of Austin Bank.                                                  Larry Bolton – Senior EVP / Chief Lending Officer;
                                                                                                                John Williams – President/CEO
What makes Jacksonville different is… The rich tradition of
community involvement and the genuine team spirit of the office.

Austin Bank’s South Jackson office was built at 1700 South Jackson and
opened in 1985. This office was opened to serve the growth of Jacksonville.

The office was given a fresh new look in 2005 and the number of drive-thru
lanes was doubled. The office smoothly handles thousands of transactions
each month.

What makes South Jacksonville different is…The way we interact
with our customers. Questions are answered and banking needs are
                                                                                                            Ready for the Jacksonville Rodeo
met––sometimes in two languages.

The Kilgore office was initially established as City National Bank in
1980. City National Bank was proudly acquired by Austin Bank in
February of 2008.

Kilgore is called the City of Stars, where more than 80 oil derricks dot
the Kilgore skyline today. Topped with lighted stars, the derricks serve
as a reminder that our country’s Stars and Stripes wave free—due in
large part to the contribution of East Texas oilfields. Kilgore is home of
the East Texas Oil Museum and world famous Kilgore College Rangerettes.

What makes KILGORE different is… we are part of this big-hearted
community with an oil rich heritage.
                                                                                                  Jeff Austin, Jr., Sissy Austin, Jeff Austin, III

The Longview Bar-K office, serving growing northeast Longview, opened in the Bar-K Convenience
Store in August 1995 as City National Bank and was one of five branches acquired by Austin Bank
in February 2008. The Bar-K banking center is full service complete with drive-thru service.

What makes Bar-K different is…convenience. We are the only Austin Bank
that is located in a retail store.

Texas National Bank began operations in Greggton in July 1994. The bank was
the first of six charters to change their name to Austin Bank in 1996.

What makes Longview - Greggton different is… The friendship
customers and employees have with each other.
                                                                                                   Greggton at Hwy 80 Rescue Mission

The Longview Loop location celebrated its opening
February 12, 1996. The bank was initially staffed to
service the growing northeast part of Longview. During
the past decade, the area around the bank has grown
immensely due to the new north side development in

The Longview Loop employees are heavily involved in
the Longview Community giving their time, experience and
financial support to such groups as the Junior League,                                            Ready to serve you at Longview Loop
American Cancer Society, Junior Achievement, The United
Way and the Longview Partnership.

What makes Longview Loop different is… We have some employees with
20 or more years of banking experience with Austin Bank, as well as, newer
employees who add fresh life and spirit to our organization.

Longview Oak Forest, part of the City National Bank acquisition in February 2008,
is located in a large office complex and opened for business in July 1997. The Oak
Forest office is located in the center of Longview in a growing commercial and
residential area.

What makes Oak Forest different is…location. We can always be found on
the green. We are located beside the Oak Forest Country Club golf course.                         2007 Austin Bank Scholarship Awards

Austin Bank's third Longview location opened June 4, 2007 at 2609 Gilmer
Road. The bank is located in the growing commercial and residential Pine
Tree district of Longview. This convenient area was selected in order to
serve the high concentration of an existing Austin Bank customer base.
The bank opened with nine employees.

What makes Longview - Pine Tree different is... We are friendly
and enthusiastic with a genuine interest in the needs of each customer.
                                                                                   Longview-Pine Tree Ribbon Cutting

Austin Bank in Marshall opened as a Loan Production Office in May
2000. Shortly thereafter, construction began on the new bank building
at 1210 E. Pinecrest. The new full service facility opened in June, 2001.
The bank’s staff boasts over 65 years of combined banking experience.
Not only do employees work hard for the bank, but they also work hard
as volunteers throughout the community. Involvement includes Rotary,
Lion’s Club, Leadership Marshall, Ducks Unlimited, Growth Enterprises,
and Marshall Festivals, Inc.

Marshall prides itself in that it has three major colleges, East Texas
Baptist University, Texas State Technical College and Wiley College. The
city has three major festivals, Wonderland of Lights, Stage Coach Days
and Fire Ant Festival.

What makes Marshall different is… We are the only family-owned                             The spirited Marshall team
and operated bank in Marshall.

The Austin Bank Nacogdoches office opened June 1, 2001 in a store-front
location on Austin and University. By July 2004, the bank relocated to its
current location at 3120 North Street. Austin Bank has been voted "Best in
Banking Service" by readers of The Daily Sentinel in 2005 and 2006 and is
proud of this achievement over many larger bank competitors.

The bank enthusiastically participates in community and Stephen F Austin
State University events. The community often sees the bank staff around
town wearing purple "Austin Bank backs the Jacks" shirts or "Black Out for
Nacogdoches Dragons" shirts. The bank’s passion and commitment is
quite evident to their community.                                                        Nacogdoches Ribbon Cutting

What makes Nacogdoches different is… Our customers consider us friends; and
we honor and appreciate that friendship. The warm and inviting atmosphere at our
community bank results in lasting customer relationships and great referrals!

The history of Austin Bank in Rusk dates back to 1907 with the founding of the
Farmers and Merchants State Bank, which later changed its name to First State
Bank Rusk. The bank was acquired by the Austin family in 1944. In April 1996,
First State Bank Rusk changed its name to Austin Bank, along with the five other
chartered banks. Austin Bank in Rusk now occupies the site of Rusk’s first bank
which is recognized as a historical landmark site.

Rusk is the county seat of Cherokee County. The city is home to The Texas State
Railroad; Jim Hogg City Park, which marks the birthplace of Texas’ first native
born Governor, James Stephen Hogg; the longest footbridge in the nation and the                          Rusk Fair on the Square
Cherokee County Motor Sports Park featuring NHRA drag racing.

What makes Rusk different is… You’re not only our customers at Austin Bank
in Rusk but also our neighbors. Our employees have lived in Cherokee County for
a combined 370 years.

First State Bank, Timpson––the oldest bank in Shelby County––was acquired in
1970. In 1974 the original bank building was torn down and the current facility
was constructed around the original bank vault. In 1996 the bank’s name                              Employees and family at the
became Austin Bank.                                                                                    Annual Appreciation Day

Timpson is a small, rural community with a diverse commerce tied to timber,
poultry and cattle. Timpson was built around the railroad in the late 1800’s and
gained fame when Tex Ritter recorded “Tenaha, Timpson, Bobo and Blair.”

What makes Timpson different is… All of us at Austin Bank in Timpson know our
customers personally through church, school and other organizations. Customers feel
they are with family when they come into the Timpson office - a place they can share
their life experiences with people who care.

                                                                                                    Jared Colville of Rusk, 2008
                                                                                              Austin Bank Scholarship recipient
In August of 1989, First National Bank of Jacksonville purchased Troup Bank
and Trust Company and later that year the bank moved to its current location
on West Duval. In April of 1996 the bank was combined into the Austin Bank charter.

Troup is experiencing growth as the expansion of Smith County moves south
and out of Tyler. Troup schools continue to be rated one of the better schools
in Smith County based on standardized test scores and are competitive in
most extra curricular activities.

What makes Troup different is… When customers walk into Austin Bank
in Troup they find friendly and familiar faces that make them feel at home.

                                                                                       Jeff Austin, III receiving the Texas Bankers
                                                                                       Association Award for Austin Bank’s 2008
                                                                                                    Leaders in Financial Education

The Tyler Downtown office opened in February 2005 as the third Austin Bank office
in Tyler. Located in the historic Petroleum Building, the office provides a convenient
location for those working and living near and around downtown Tyler. The staff
provides a level of service that generates loyal customers and repeat business.

Like its citizens, Tyler is a place of unique beauty, community atmosphere, and
cultural diversity. And the same can be said of the Austin Bank Tyler Downtown office.

What makes Tyler - Downtown different is… The atmosphere                                       Tyler Literacy Council Austin Stars
of family, efficiency and cultural diversity. The customer base is as varied
as the staff with different levels of expertise and demographics.

Med Center opened in July 1986 as a branch of the former First National Bank
of Whitehouse.

Due to rapid deposit and loan growth, Med Center outgrew the Fleishel location
and relocated to 611 South Beckham in 1997. Med Center continues to boom
and recently completed a remodel and expansion to accommodate additional
growth in the medical district and the east side of Tyler.
                                                                                              Helping Habitat Business Blitz Build
What makes Tyler - Med Center different is… We are located in the hub of
the medical community and therefore many of our customers are employed by
hospitals, doctors and other medical related businesses. In addition we have a
large Hispanic customer base.

The South Tyler office of Austin Bank is located in the heart of Tyler just south of
Broadway Square Mall and Rice Elementary School. Austin Bank has been at this location
since 1996 and is staffed with over 100 years of combined banking knowledge. South
Tyler boasts fast, friendly service with seven quick-response drive-up lanes and an ATM.

South Tyler is highly involved with area events and organizations, such as United Way,
Boys Scouts of America, East Texas Area Council, TJC Small Business Development, Junior
Achievement, Tyler/Smith County A&M Club and Tyler Area Chamber of Commerce.                              City of Rusk Luncheon

What makes South Tyler different is… The personal relationship we
have with our customers shown by our genuine smiles and friendly handshakes.

Austin Bank Tyler West Loop opened on April 12, 2004. This office is in the
Tyler Business Park located on West Loop 323 near Tyler Junior College’s
West Campus and the Cascades Golf/Residential development.

What makes Tyler - West Loop different... The West Loop office is
professionally managed and operated by employees who take great pride in
delivering exceptional customer service.                                                   West Loop Grand Opening, April 2004

Tyler’s fifth Austin Bank office opened January 8, 2007 at the
Cumberland Park Development on Highway 69 South. The bank
is part of a wave of new development near the recently opened
Loop 49 in South Tyler. Staffed by ten employees, this office
is ready to serve the financial needs of businesses and residences
in this rapidly growing area.

What makes Tyler - Cumberland Park different is… The
energetic staff eager to meet the needs of the existing and new                                                       Tyler-Cumberland Park
customers in southern Tyler and Smith County.

Austin Bank in Van was part of a bank acquisition completed in 1997. The
bank was originally located at 205 South Elm Street. Three years later, a
new banking facility opened February 22, 2000 at 766 West Main Street.

Van, a town rich with oil field history, has a school district that is recognized
as “Exemplary” in education and “Outstanding” in sports.
                                                                                             April 2008 Star of the Month Brandon Looney,
What makes Van different is… We strive to know our customers                                   Customer Service Telephone Representative
professionally and personally. We work with a team attitude, so we are
able to make our customers feel as though they are part of the Austin Bank
family and not "just" a customer.

Chartered on August 30, 1965, First National Bank Whitehouse was started
by a group of local investors from Whitehouse. The Austin Bank family
purchased the bank on February 24, 1984. In April 1996, First National Bank
Whitehouse changed its name to Austin Bank, along with the five other
chartered banks.
                                                                                                             Whitehouse and Tyler Downtown
                                                                                                                  employees ringing the bell
The Whitehouse community is over 150 years old. Population has grown
from 2,000 in 1980 to almost 8,000 in 2006. A classic bedroom community,
Whitehouse is best known for its excellent 4A school system and proximity to
Lake Tyler. The bank has a large number of customers who have banked
with us for over 30 years.

What makes Whitehouse different is… The people that choose
to work here. Our community sees us as more than their banker. We
are their friends and have relationships with many of them.

                                                                                    Generations of service to the Bank and to the industry.
                                                                                                                         left: Jeff Austin, Jr.
                                                                                                                     center: Jeff Austin, Sr.
                                                                                                                       right: Jeff Austin, III
                                                                                       at the 1988 Texas Bankers Association Convention

              Commitment to Convenience
              From the play grounds of Garrison to Longview’s Pine Tree school district to the 25-year time capsule sealed in
              Austin Bank’s Bullard location to bass fishing in Emory, on to Marshall’s Wonderland of Lights, Tex Ritter’s Timpson,
              Tyler’s medical hub and the growing Whitehouse community—Austin Bank is committed to service through 28
              convenient locations in 18 cities and 9 counties.
                                                                                                                                      Big Sandy
                                                                                                                                      Gladewater (2)*
                                                                                                                                      Grand Saline
                                                                                                                                      Jacksonville (2)*
                                                                                                                                      Longview (5)*
                                                                                                                                      Tyler (5)*
                                                                                                                                      *Multiple banking locations


                                                        Headquarters:         200 East Commerce Street
                                                                              Jacksonville, TX 75766
                                                                              903-541-2086 (fax)

                                                        Parent Company:       Austin Bancorp, Inc.

                                                        Date founded:         1900

                                                        For information
                                                        contact:              Patty Steelman; AVP, Director of Marketing

                                                                                                                           Local people • Local decisions
Member FDIC

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