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									                                Community Services Consortium


Setting Goals/Self Esteem
This class focuses on setting personal goals. We discuss goals concerning housing, employment,
and money management. The SMART goal setting strategy is presented and participants are
asked to write down their short-term, medium-term, and long-term goals.

Self esteem is also presented in this class. We discuss what self-esteem is. Participants fill out a
self-evaluation questionnaire. The participants are given handouts and information to take home
with them.

How to be a Good Tenant
This class goes over a rental agreement, communication with the landlord, and actions needed to
be taken to get and keep an apartment. Participants watch two videos, one on how to be a good
tenant and one on how to clean their home. Handouts and information are given to participants
to take home with them.

Conflict Resolution
The instructor gives a short introduction on what conflict resolution is all about. Each
participant takes a “test” that shows their mode of dealing with conflict. After the test is
completed the group talks about the different styles. Participants learn tools for resolving issues
in a manner which creates satisfying solutions to problems.

Landlord/Tenant Issue
This class teaches both landlord and tenant rights. Each participant receives a copy of the
Landlord - Tenant Laws in Oregon. The instructor talks specifically about both landlord and
tenant rights and responsibilities. She also talks in-depth about credit reports (how to get one,
what to do about errors, etc.). Misconceptions about evictions are also discussed.

Energy Education
Participants are given information and tools to lower their energy bills. They watch a video on
10 ways to lower their energy bill. They are also given energy saving devices to take home
with them.

Money Management
This class focuses on financial goals and budgeting. Participants are given several worksheets
concerning budgeting and setting goals. A game demonstrating wants vs. needs is also
presented to the class. Tips on saving money are discussed, as well as steps for getting out of

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