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									                               BOMA of Southern Colorado
Volume XIV                                           August, 2009                                                                Issue 7

  IN THIS ISSUE                                     AUGUST BOMA LUNCHEON
 Board of Directors
                                  DATE:           Tuesday, August 11, 2009
 Legislative Update
 Education Update                TIME:           11:30 Registration
                                                  12:00 Lunch
 Preferred Vendor List
 August Luncheon
 BOMA/IREM/IFMA Golf          LOCATION:          Antlers Hilton Hotel
 Future Luncheon Topics
                                 PRICE:           $23.00 Members
                                                  $26.00 Non-Members

          LINKS                  TOPIC:           Angela Camiolo from Memorial Health Systems will
                                                  present an update on N1H1 preparedness.
      Our website:
  www.bomasouthern               For questions contact Ann Sebastian at 473-8200 or
    BOMA website:


                                                          BOMA of Southern Colorado
MARK YOUR CALANDER                                                     BOARD OF DIRECTORS
Aug 5,        11:30 am           President         Harold Martinez              COPT              599-9424
                              Vice President          Ben Bell           Five Star Sanitary       632-7827
   BOMA Board Meeting
                              Sec./Treasurer         Jeff Seidel              Nor’wood            593-2613
Aug 11,           11:30 am   Principal Member      Tyrone Johnson       Colo. Springs Utilities   668-8241
     BOMA Luncheon at        Principal Member      Denise Lange          Healthcare Realty        641-4109
         Antlers Hilton      Principal Member     Clint Christianson            COPT              599-9424
                             Associate Member       Paul Angotti         Haynes Mechanical        432-8633
Sep 2,            11:30 am
                             Associate Member        Liz Seeger           Tolin Mechanical        260-6565
   BOMA Board Meeting        Education Director     Roger Lage                  USAA              533-8564
                              Past President          Tom Brita         Cushman & Wakefield       473-8200
Sep 18,           11:30 am

     Charity Golf Outing
Classes will start during the week of September 14, 2009. Please sign up for your class by August
31, 2009!

                            Designation Program SMT
Air Handling, Water Treatment, & Plumbing Systems
Instructor: Kevin Donley; FMA/SMA/SMT

Major topics covered in this course:

      HVAC systems
      Air cleaning devices
      Indoor air quality
      Water conditioning and treatment
      Plumbing
      Fire protection and alarm systems

                                Designation Program RPA/FMA
Managing the Organization
Instructor:   Roger Lage; CFM, RPA, FMA Director Workplace Services USAA

Major topics covered in this course:

      Leadership & Communication
      Effective Group & Team Leadership
      Employee Motivation
      Planning, Controlling, Decision Making & Problem Solving
      Change Management
      Project Management
      Information & Decision-Making Systems
      Workplace Safety, Documentation & Document Management

If you are not currently enrolled in the BOMI program, there is a one time new student enrollment fee of
$175.00, and if you currently possess another BOMI designation an additional fee of $75 is required for a
second designation. The course fee for BOMA members is $650, and for non-BOMA participants is
$775. Please complete the attached forms if applicable. These are the one time New Student Enrollment
Application Form, and the required Enrollment and Course Registration Form. Make checks payable to
BOMA of Southern Colorado, and return them to: BOMA of Southern Colorado, P.O. Box 239,
COS, CO 80901-0239. Deadline for registration is 8/15//09.

If you have any questions feel free to call Roger Lage at 533-8564.

                            TOBY SUBMISSIONS
The Southern Colorado BOMA will team with the Denver BOMA this year for the local TOBY Awards.
Any local winners will be eligible for the 2010 Regional and potential advancement for the TOBY
International Awards. The deadline to enter your building is August 15, 2009. Additional information
will be forthcoming. Contact Roger Lage for additional information at 533-8564 or
                           FUTURE BOMA MEETINGS:
SEPTEMBER, 2009, Annual BOMA/IREM/IFMA Charity Golf Tournament. This year the
location will be at Antler Creek in Falcon. More below for more details.
OCTOBER 13, 2009, BOMA Denver will be presenting an update on legislative issues.

                      BOMA PREFERRED VENDOR LIST
                                                 PHONE            FAX
       COMPANY                CONTACT           NUMBER           NUMBER                     EMAIL
 ABM Janitorial Svcs      Heather McDaniel      633-9111        633-0757
 American Facility Svcs   Walt Gerard           630-0419        630-0579
 Armstrong Moving         Tom Amen           475-2800 x 2501    634-0706
 Berwick Electric         Doug Berwick          632-7683        471-9660
 Brickman Group           Jim Cook              550-8580        550-8581
 Bryan Construction       Brian Burns           632-5355        632-0672
 Disaster Restoration     Jim Spinosa           634-7400        314-2095
 Duraclean Master Clean   Paul Miller           473-2703        473-7340
 Fish Window Cleaning     Terry Jensen          559-1910        559-1911
 Five Star Sanitary       Ben Bell              632-7827        632-7958
 Griffith Maintenance     Ronny Wright          574-8562        574-5807
 Gordon Sign Company      Jeff Metzler       633-7763 x 308     634-3550
 Haynes Mechanical        Paul Angotti          432-8633        520-3259
 MasterKlean Janitorial   Mura Golden           268-6743        268-1736
 Painter, Decorator
 Contractors of America   Brandt Domas        303/777-1970          
 Securitas Security       Nick Davis            591-6522        591-8248
 SimplexGrinnell          Jennifer Quigley      799-2168        574-1253
 TECC Painting            Tony Ellis            577-9300        577-4222
 The E Company            Steve Evans         720/351-3515     720/344-3498
 ThyssenKrupp Elevators   Ted O'Connell         548-0211        548-8002
 Tolin Mechanical         Liz Seeger            260-6565        260-0927
 ValleyCrest Landscape    Casey Owen            448-9501        448-9500
 Weathercraft Roofing     John Fleming          382-8511        382-5725
 WeatherSure Systems      Dave Homerding        219-2475       303/781-5453

                                         LEGISLATIVE UPDATE
BOMA Government Affairs Committee
The Government Affairs Committee meets on the first Thursday of the month at noon at the BOMA office. Please
plan to attend the next meeting to be held on Thursday, September 3, 2009. All members, both Principal and Allied,
are invited to participate in this important committee, which covers a variety of governmental issues that impact the
commercial real estate industry. One of the primary benefits of serving on this committee is that you get advanced
information about issues that impact you and your building or company.
Legislative Affairs

The Legislative Affairs Committee (LAC), chaired by Judy Anderson and Shawn Murphy, is busy this summer
attending legislative fundraisers and other events to meet with state legislators, including some new appointees, and
to keep the BOMA name out there. In addition, the committee is preparing for the 2010 legislative session (yes, it’s
not too early). A meeting was held at the City and County of Denver regarding the prompt pay issue and payment
processes and the coalition that worked on the bill last session is meeting to discuss the plans for the upcoming
                           LEGISLATIVE UPDATE (con’t)
Credit Crisis Hearing Focuses on Commercial Real Estate

The Joint Economic Committee held a hearing on Capitol Hill in July to examine the growing financing problems
facing the commercial real estate market and to explore potential solutions to the credit crisis. The hearing had four
witnesses: Real Estate Roundtable President and CEO Jeffrey DeBoer; National Association of Realtors Treasurer
James Helsel; Deutsche Bank Securities Research Analyst Richard Parkus; and Jon D. Greenlee, associate director
for banking supervision and regulation at the Federal Reserve.

Witnesses testified about the negative impact the stalled transaction volume could continue to have on banks, local
government budgets and services, job creation and Americans´ retirement portfolios. Witnesses suggested that
Congress extend the Term Asset–Backed Loan Facility (TALF) program from year–end 2009 to year–end 2010.
The program became operational for newly issued commercial mortgage–backed securities (CMBS) only last
month and just began accepting highly–rated "legacy" (pre–2009) CMBS as collateral. DeBoer recommended the
modification or repeal of the Foreign Investment in Real Property Act (FIRPTA) and extending the carry back
period for net operating losses (NOL) to five years for all businesses as possible policy changes to help address the
credit crisis.
Energy/Climate Bill Change Clears House and Awaits Senate Action

On June 26, the House of Representatives mustered the votes to pass H.R. 2454 – The American Clean Energy
Security Act of 2009, which includes legislation that would reduce greenhouse gas emissions through a cap and
trade program. The far–reaching legislation also includes several other energy efficiency provisions that would
directly impact the commercial real estate industry. BOMA supports language that would provide incentives for
increasing the energy efficiency of buildings; however, we continue to strongly oppose a mandate that would
require future versions of ASHRAE 90.1 to meet extremely aggressive and arbitrary energy efficiency targets. If
the prescribed targets are not met through the consensus standard writing practice, the Department of Energy would
be tasked with writing the standard.

Action is now underway in the Senate. The Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee has already approved
energy language, and the Environment and Public Works Committee is working on the climate change provisions.
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has set September 28 as his target date to complete action. At this time, it does
not appear that the Democrats are going to have sufficient support to pass a cap and trade program.

Representative Marostica to become Chief Colorado Eco Devo Officer

Loveland lawmaker Don Marostica, a Colorado native in his second term as a representative from House District
51 and who spoke at BOMA’s June luncheon, has been named Colorado's new chief economic development
director by Governor Ritter. Representative Marostica is a developer who was a member of the powerful Joint
Budget Committee and who sponsored BOMA’s bill, HB-09 1365, to rectify the unintended consequences of a
2008 bill that exempted state tenants from paying property taxes. In his new position, Marostica hopes to create
more jobs and attract more businesses and more trade to Colorado. Marostica succeeds Don Elliman, who now is
the governor’s chief operating officer.

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