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					FULL_NAME             TITLE                      COMPANY              CITY                    STATE_PROVINCE
Mr. David Altman      Attorney                                        Los Angeles
                                                 Law Office's of David, Lawrence, Altman CA
Ms. Camille Anthony Executive Director                                Salt Lake University of UT
                                                 Utah Criminal Justice Center -City            Utah
Mr. Orlando D. Bowman Program Supervisor II                           of Law Enforcement Information Management Section
                                                 Navajo Department Window Rock                AZ
Mr. Ross Bryant       Director of Training                            Las Vegas               NV
                                                 University of Nevada, Las Vegas/Institute for Security Studies
                                                  and Group
Mr. Gary R. Cooper Vice President Consulting CJISResearch             El Dorado Hills         CA
Mr. Craige Couture Chief of Police                                    Pablo
                                                 Flathead Tribal Police                       MT
                      Business Development Manager
Mr. Matthew D'Alessandro                         Motorola             Sandy                   UT
Ms. Kim DeBeus                                   Maricopa County Attorney's Office
                      Statistician/Program Specialist                 Phoenix                 AZ
Ms. Luann M. Dettman  Executive Director                              Boise                   ID
                                                 ID Council on Domestic Violence & Victim Assistance
Mr. John S. Garcia    Grants Administrator                            Phoenix
                                                 Maricopa County Attorney's Office            AZ
Ms. Christie Hedman Executive Director                                Seattle
                                                 Washington Defender Association              WA
Mr. Dana P. Hlavac Deputy County Manager Mohave County Criminal Justice Services AZ
Mr. Rich Hoggan       Budget Director                                 Las Vegas
                                                 Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department NV
Ms. Gayle Huston      Executive Liaison                               Lakewood
                                                 CO Department of Public Safety - CICJIS CO
Mr. James R. Lamb                                                     N. Hollywood            CA
Ms. Esther Larsen                                Spokane County Sheriff's Office
                      Grants & Contracts Coordinator                  Spokane                 WA
Ms. Debra LeRoy                                   Analyst
                      Research & Development Kent Police Department   Kent                    WA
Ms. Bonnie Locke                                 NLETS
                      Director of Program Management                  Phoenix                 AZ
Ms. Debbie MacKenzie  Research Assistant                              Phoenix
                                                 Maricopa County Attorney's Office            AZ
Ms. Jessica MarcheseCriminal Justice Planning Arapahoe County Centennial                      CO
Ms. Mary Marshall                                                     Commission
                      Public Information Officer AZ Criminal Justice Phoenix                  AZ
Ms. Marlene Martineau Marketing Manager          New Dawn TechnologiesLogan                   UT
Ms. Marti Maxwell     Administrator                                   Olympia
                                                 Thurston County Superior Court               WA
Ms. Cheryl Newman Lieutenant                                           Sheriff's Department CA
                                                 Los Angeles CountyIrvine
Eileen O'Brien                                   Crystal Judson Family Justice Center
                      Criminal Justice Systems Consultant             Tacoma                  WA
                      Chief                                           E
Ms. Elizabeth A. Pearson Operating Officer URL Integration, Inc. nglewood                     CO
Mr. Eric Philp        Manager                                         Denver
                                                 Office of the State Court Administrator      CO
Dr. Michael B. Pons, Ph.D.                                            Mission Viejo
                                                 Health & Human Services Group, DEA & CBP-OBP CA
Mr. Roger K. Przybylski                          RKC Group            Lakewood                CO
Mr. Joseph Pura       Director Financial Services                     Boulder
                                                 Boulder Police Department                    CO
                                                 Colorado Judicial Department
Mr. Thomas J. Quinn Director, Division of Probation Services          Denver                  CO
Mr. Jack K. Reed                                 Coordinator
                      Criminal Justice Planning Arapahoe County Centennial                    CO
Mr. Grayson RobinsonSheriff                                           Centennial
                                                 Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office             CO
Mr. John Ruegg        ISAB Director                                   Cerritos
                                                 Information Systems Advisory Body            CA
Ms. Teri Sidebottom Accountant                                        Denver
                                                 CO Bureau of Investigation                   CO
Mr. Steve Siegel                                 Denver               Denver
                      Director of Program Development District Attorney's Office              CO
Mr. Raymond T. Slaughter,J.D.                                         Fort Collins            CO
Mr. Dwayne Tatalovich Chairman                                        Phoenix
                                                 Tatalovich & Associates, Inc.                AZ
                      Court                                           Las Cruces
Mr. Greg F. Toomey, J.D. Executive Officer State of New Mexico, Third Judicial District NM    Court
Ms. Teresa A. Tschupp anagement Analyst                               Phoenix
                                                 Maricopa County Juvenile Probation           AZ
Mr. John E. Vinson Project Director                                   Phoenix
                                                 Rocky Mountain Information Network           AZ
Mr. Chris Wallner                                                     CJIS
                      Chief Information Officer Colorado Integrated Denver                    CO
Ms. Judie V. Welch Administrator                                      Phoenix
                                                 Phoenix Police Department                    AZ
                      Director, Training & Technical Assistance
Mr. William R. Woodward                                                & Prevention of Violence
                                                 Center for the StudyBoulder                  CO
Ms. Maureen Young                                                     Oro Valley              AZ

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