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					                                                                Department of Commerce and Insurance

Volume 16 / Number 4                      An Official Publication of the Tennessee Real Estate Commission                      Summer 2008

               In This Edition                               Longevity Recognition Breakfasts Held
     Complaints & Their Frequency .......3                      in Middle and West Tennessee
     What to do when Complaint Filed                                     By Eve Maxwell, TREC Executive Director
     Against You ..................................3

     Greatest Accomplishment Eliminated                T   he highlight for the month of March was the
                                                           award ceremony for the Middle Tennessee
                                                       licensees who have held a real estate license for
     “Curbstoners” ...............................4
                                                       40 years or more and the highlight of the May
                                                       trip to Memphis was the award breakfast held
     Disciplinary Actions.......................5
                                                       there. As you might remember from the spring
                                                           newsletter, Commission Chairman Charles
                                                               Haynes worked tirelessly to get these
        Tune Award for                                           award ceremonies approved and they
     Excellence in Education                                       have really been a great success.
     Presented to Don Klein                                          Held in each grand division, the
                                                                      ceremonies are designed to honor        Commissioner Wendell Alexander
                                                                                                              presents longevity award to Greta
     Don Klein was presented the 2007                                 all those licensees who have had a      Thompson (top). Commissioner Isaac
     William “Bill” Tune Award for                                    real estate license for 40 years or     Northern presents award to Martin
     Excellence in Real Estate Education at                           more. It has been so rewarding to       Edwards, Jr. at the West Tennessee
     a luncheon held in his honor at the                              hear the stories of these real estate   Award Breakfast (bottom).

     Palm Restaurant in Nashville on April                           pioneers and to have an opportunity
     2, 2008. The Tune Award was                                    to recognize them for the solid
     established by the Tennessee Real                           foundation that they have all helped
     Estate Commission in 1996 to honor                        build for the current and future
     Bill Tune, a real estate practitioner and             generations. The ethics, the morals, the
     educator in middle Tennessee, who had             perseverance, the dedication and the passion for
     made the availability of quality real             real estate all emanate from this early group of
     estate education a mission in his life.           real estate licensees.

                                                       The Middle Tennessee ceremony was held at the
                                                       Bluegrass Country Club in Hendersonville,
                                                       Tennessee. The Greater Nashville Association of Realtors sponsored and hosted this
                                                       affair and it was truly a lovely event. The ballroom was filled with licensees and
                                                       family members who were enthusiastically sharing stories around the breakfast
                                                       tables. Mandy Wachtler, President of GNAR delivered a talk that took us all back
                                                       to events which had occurred over the last 50 years. Each licensee who spoke had
                                                       an entertaining antidote to share that really brought home the evolution of the real
                                                       estate profession. Once upon a time, all that was                          cont. page 2

                                                         The TREC Administrative Office is moving while the Davy Crockett Building is being
                                                         renovated. The TREC office will be located in the Andrew Johnson Towers at 710 James
                                                         Robertson Parkway. The TREC mailing address and telephone numbers will not change.
                                                         Nashville TREC meetings will continue to be held in the Davy Crockett Building.
                                    cont. page 2
Tennessee Real Estate News-Journal                                                                                                   2

Recognition Breakfast…cont.                      was held at the Holiday Inn University     and host of the breakfast, gave a most
                                                 in Memphis. There was an electric          interesting talk on the history of real
needed to seal a deal was a                      atmosphere as the honorees and their       estate licensing in Tennessee and on the
handshake and a word that all was                                                           founding of the MAAR. Complete with
                                                 family members entered the reception
well. Many of us have forgotten all the                                                     old clippings from the Commercial
                                                 area, where many old friends stopped
changes that have taken place since                                                         Appeal, I believe that everyone in the
                                                 for several moments to catch up and
these men and women were first                                                              room was completely absorbed in this
licensed as real estate agents. As               share stories with one another. In
                                                 Memphis it was great to see how many       historical overview of the profession of
Commissioners Grover Collins, Gary                                                          real estate in Tennessee. Wade has
Cunningham and Charles Haynes                    honorees brought their children and
                                                                                            been so kind as to allow us to print an
handed each honoree their certificate,           grandchildren to join in this
                                                                                            excerpted version of this talk in this
you could feel the pride and excitement          celebration. After a wonderful
                                                                                            newsletter. Once introduced and
filling up the room.                             breakfast, Jules Wade, executive
                                                 director of the Memphis Area                                         cont. next page
On May 1, the final award ceremony               Association of Realtors, the sponsor

 Recipient attendees for the Middle Tennessee Longevity Award Breakfast.

Tune Award…cont.                                 development opportunities. Since 1997      professionalism,” said TREC Chairman
                                                 under Don’s guidance the number of         Charles Haynes. “He helped develop
Klein, originally from Michigan,                 courses offered at GNAR has more than      GNAR’s beautiful campus into an
attended John Brown University in                doubled in number. GNAR has also           exceptional facility, which is used to
Arkansas, the University of Oklahoma             expanded course delivery to include a      provide outstanding pre-license and
and Tennessee State University and has           multitude of distance learning             professional development classes.”
been in Nashville for almost 30 years.           opportunities.
He was Publicity Director for Paragon
                                                                                            Klein’s commitment to service goes well
Associates/The Benson Company, spent             In accepting the Tune Award, Klein
                                                                                            beyond his professional endeavors and
over a decade with Brumfield-Gallagher           remarked “Serving is a fundamental
                                                                                            includes being past president and current
Public Relations and then created his            principle that I hope characterizes both
own firm, Don Klein & Associates. Don                                                       advisory board member of the Nashville
                                                 me and the organization for which I work
joined the Greater Nashville Association         … that serving comes in the form of        Area Habitat for Humanity, past
of REALTORS (GNAR) in 1997 as                    helping provide the best place for         president and current board member of
Executive Vice President and in 2007             members to gather to pursue professional   Christian Leadership Concepts, past
was named CEO of that organization.              development.”                              president of Salama Urban Ministries
Under his leadership GNAR has                                                               and elder of Christ Presbyterian Church.
experienced a significant growth in              “There are two words which come to         Don and his wife Melonnie live in
membership and expanded its                      mind in describing Don’s commitment to     Bellevue and have a son Jordan who is a
educational and professional                     real estate education…passion and          student at Texas A & M University.
Tennessee Real Estate News-Journal                                                                                                     3

            TREC’s legal staff has supplied information
         concerning open cases (complaints) and their
    frequency. Please see the table and pie chart (at
      right ) which provides this data in terms of both
  numbers and percentages. The data was gathered
              based on open cases on April 25, 2008.

                                                                   of the case, the file number, telephone numbers for the court
   What To Do When a Complaint                                     clerk and the lawyers involved. Often your attorney will
                                                                   provide a response to the complaint, but you need to provide
       Is Filed Against You                                        your own response as well.
                                             By: David Flitcroft
                                                                   Your response needs to be notarized and you need to attach

O    ne of the principal functions of the Tennessee Real Estate
     Commission is to process complaints about real estate
professionals. Complaints are usually filed by a member of
                                                                   copies of all relevant documents. Make a copy of your
                                                                   response and keep it in your file. I recommend strongly that
                                                                   you send your response by certified mail and follow-up with
the public (buyer and seller) but can also be filed by a           the TREC office two or three days after you mail the response
member of the real estate community or the Tennessee Real          to confirm receipt. It is very important that your response be
Estate Commission itself. The complaint process is addressed       received within ten (10) days. Failure to submit a response
in Tennessee Code Annotated § 62-13-313.                           in a timely manner is a violation of TREC rules and is
                                                                   grounds for disciplinary action.
When a complaint is filed, TREC provides a copy of the
complaint to the respondent and the respondent’s principal         If you have any questions about the complaint process,
broker. If you receive a complaint, you should take it very        please contact the TREC office.
seriously and read it carefully. You must file a response to
the complaint within ten (10) days -- be aware of the              Mr. Flitcroft is a Commission member and a practicing attorney in
deadlines. TREC will also ask for a copy of your transaction       Knoxville, Tennessee.
file. Identify any critical documents, such as the contract,
amendments and disclosures, the HUD1 closing statement
and correspondence. Next, meet with your principal broker          Recognition Breakfast…cont.
to discuss your response. Although the complaint may not
have been filed against your principal broker, it is your          congratulated by Commissioners Wendell Alexander, Isaac
broker’s responsibility to ensure that you send a timely and       Northern and Carol Tate, honorees, were given an
complete response to the complaint. You must respond to            opportunity to share a story or experience that stood out in
every allegation made in the complaint, even if you think no       their memories. The tales were absolutely delightful, some
response is required.                                              funny, some sadly reminiscent, but each again exemplifying
                                                                   the unwavering love and devotion that the honorees have
It may also be appropriate to meet with your legal counsel         for their chosen profession. The contributions made by all of
and in so doing, make sure your counsel is familiar with           the early real estate pioneers continue to touch each and
TREC procedures. If you are involved in a court action your        every licensee today and the influence that these honorees
response should include a reference to the court file, the style   and all honorees across Tennessee have had and continue to
                                                                   have is immeasurable. Their legacy will not be forgotten.
Tennessee Real Estate News-Journal                                                                                                           4

                  Greatest Accomplishment Eliminated
                            “CURBSTONERS”          By:                                                                      Jules Wade

                                               to lobby for a mandatory licensing          Seeks Closed Shop”. The paper said,

       he Commission gave us a
       wonderful opportunity by its            law. If you think this was an easy          “Sponsors of the bill to set up a
       recognition of licensees with           task, let me share with you                 Tennessee Real Estate Commission
  forty plus years of service. So much is      newspaper reports in Memphis                claim that it is for the ‘protection of
  learned by listening to these real           decades after the effort began.             the public,’ but we are inclined to
  estate heroes and those who came                                                         agree with Sen. Alfred T.
  before them.                                 On June 9, 1946 The Commercial              MacFarland, of Lebanon, that the
                                               Appeal reported, “Members of the            public is receiving scant consideration
  In the early 1900s, the earliest real        Tennessee State Association of Real         in the matter… It is full of jokers, the
  estate boards were popping up                Estate Boards, winding up a two-day         net effect of which would be to keep
  across the country to bring order to a       convention at the Peabody yesterday         people out of the real estate business
  chaotic industry. While many real            went on record in favor of a state          for the benefit of those already in.”
  estate practitioners were licensed,          licensing law…” The paper went on
  there was an almost equal number             to say, “In discussing the proposed         Ultimately, this latter effort was
  who were not. These unlicensed               state licensing law which was heard         successful but only because of the
  dealers called “curbstoners” operated        at the convention session about the         huge effort by the real estate boards
  in the same fashion as some sidewalk         off-hand manner in which one may            across Tennessee. So, in 1951
  peddlers today who lure you to buy           enter the real estate business in           recorded history tells us about one of
  their brand-counterfeit watches and          Tennessee, it was pointed out that by       our greatest accomplishments, the
  handbags. If a real estate purchase          posting of a bond of $1,000 and the         creation of the Commission and the
  went sour in those early days, there         payment of a city and county                elimination of “curbstoners”. It set in
  was basically no resource for remedy.        privilege fee, anyone can enter the         place the structure for passage of
                                               business.”                                  continued consumer protections
  The seven real estate men who                                                            encouraged by our heroes of the most
  founded the Memphis Real Estate              Apparently the above effort failed in       recent forty years and more.
  Association in 1910 had the singular         the state legislature because the
  focus to eliminate the “curbstoners”         paper strongly opposed a renewed            Jules Wade is the Executive Vice President
  referring to them as “body snatchers”        effort in 1951 and wrote an editorial       of the Memphis Area Association of
  and “pests”. To this end, they set out       with the caption “Real Estate Lobby         Realtors.

 All current TREC policies are on the TREC web-site at:
 Please review them frequently so that any changes concerning
 your license are noted. Policies can be added by the
 Commission or removed when they become obsolete or are
 replaced by rule or law.

 “The Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance is
 committed to principles of equal opportunity, equal access, and
 affirmative action.” Contact the EEO Coordinator or ADA                     Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance. Authorization No.
                                                                             335101, 40,000 copies. This public document was promulgated at a
 Coordinator (615) 253-7685.                                                 cost of $.26 per copy. (Rev. 8/06)
Tennessee Real Estate News-Journal                                                                                                 5

                      —       D I S C I P L I N A R Y                            A C T I O N S               —

FEBRUARY 2008                                skill and care.                              City Gate Realty was assessed a civil
                                                                                          penalty of $250.00 for an escrow account
        Lic. No. AF286098                             Unlicensed
        Johnson City, TN                              Gatlinburg, TN                      COLDWELL BANKER COMMERCIAL
Ms. Conduff was assessed a civil penalty     Gatlinburg Cabins Online, LLC was            PROFESSIONALS
of $3,000.00 for conduct which constitutes   assessed a civil penalty of $10,094.00 for            Lic. No. FM259493
improper, fraudulent or dishonest dealing.   unlicensed activity.                                  Brentwood, TN
                                                                                          Coldwell Banker Commercial Professionals
DARRAN O. DAVIS                              DANIEL C. HOFFMAN
                                                                                          was assessed a civil penalty of $250.00
         Lic. No. AF271361                           Lic. No. PB224305
                                                                                          for an escrow account violation.
         Memphis, TN                                 Memphis, TN
Mr. Davis was assessed a $1,000.00 civil     Mr. Hoffman was assessed a civil penalty     GREENEVILLE BROKERS & OWNERS REAL
penalty for failure to maintain Errors and   of $1,000.00 for failure to timely remit     ESTATE, LLC
Omissions Insurance.                         monies belonging to others.                             Lic. No. FM260020
                                                                                                     Greeneville, TN
                                                                                          Greeneville Brokers & Owners Real Estate,
          Lic. No. AF308003                          Lic. No. PB273604
                                                                                          LLC was assessed a civil penalty of
          Cookeville, TN                             Memphis, TN
                                                                                          $250.00 for an agency disclosure
Mr. Derosa’s license was revoked for         Mr. Mayall was assessed a civil penalty of
failure to timely complete administrative    $1,000.00 for failure to timely remit
measures.                                    monies belonging to others.                  JMAR, INC.
                                                                                                     Lic. No. GM258002
SANDRA A. PRINCE                             ANNA J. PALAZOLA
                                                                                                     Jefferson City, TN
         Lic. No. BR256554                           Lic. NO. PB265223
                                                                                          JMAR, Inc was assessed a civil penalty of
         Franklin, TN                                Memphis, TN
                                                                                          $250.00 for an agency disclosure
Ms. Prince was assessed a civil penalty of   Ms. Palazola was assessed a civil penalty
$300.00 for failing to timely complete       of $1,000.00 for an unlicensed branch
required education.                          office.                                      REAL ESTATE TEN OF MORRISTOWN,
MARCH 2008                                   PPC REALTY
                                                                                                   Lic. No. FM260061
                                                      Lic. No. FM259350
                                                                                                   Morristown, TN
ROYCE DUGAN                                           Franklin, TN
                                                                                          Real Estate Ten of Morristown, Inc. was
        Lic. No. AF311412                    PPC Realty was assessed a civil penalty of
                                                                                          assessed a civil penalty of $250.00 for an
        Gallatin, TN                         $250.00 for failure to maintain firm
                                                                                          agency disclosure violation.
Mr. Dugan was assessed a civil penalty of    signage.
$250.00 for an escrow account violation.                                                  ROCKY TOP REALTY, INC.
                                             APRIL 2008                                            Lic. No. FM259267
FIVE STAR REALTY                                                                                   Knoxville, TN
          Lic. No. FM259394                  CABINS USA REALTY, LLC                       Rocky Top Realty, Inc. was assessed a civil
          Kingsport, TN                                Lic. No. FM257949                  penalty of $250.00 for an agency
Five Star Realty was assessed a civil                  Pigeon Forge, TN                   disclosure violation.
penalty for failure to maintain firm         Cabins USA Realty, LLC was assessed a
signage.                                     civil penalty of $5,000.00 for failure to    YOUNG REALTY GROUP
                                             maintain records for three (3) years.                   Lic. No. FM235353
                                                                                                     Nashville, TN
        Lic. No. PB281028
                                             CITY GATE REALTY                             Young Realty Group was assessed a civil
        Jamestown, TN
                                                     Lic. No. FM258770                    penalty of $250.00 for an escrow account
Mr. Gammon was assessed a civil penalty
                                                     Brentwood, TN                        violation.
of $500.00 for failure to use reasonable
Tennessee Real Estate News-Journal                                                                                               6

                           Middle Tennessee Longevity Award Recipients by City                            *Attended the breakfast

Ashland City            Franklin                  Lawrenceburg            Robert B. Beck *              Ruth B. Randolph
L.J. Matlock, Jr. *     Raymond L. Barrett        Jerry Cash              Coleman S. Boyd *             Edwin B. Rasking
                        John M. Green, Jr.        Trevis W. Griggs        Helen A. Bradley              Don Richeson
Beechgrove              Richard E. Jordan         Robert M. Markus        Suzanne W. Brandes *          D.E. Ryan
Peggy L. Brown          John H. Noel, III         Bill Sanders            Z. Vance Bulla, Sr.           James “Jim” L. Sanders
                        Emma G. Peery                                     Tom Burnette, Jr.             Bernard Sanderson
Brentwood               John S. Phipps            Lebanon                 Royce Bush                    Roy Shainberg *
Floyd Adkisson, Jr.     Brent Sanders             Annette S. Dye          William C. Caldwell           John C. Shea *
Clive Anderson, Jr.                               Dewey J. Fite           Robert J. Chaffin             Billy D. Shoulders
Jerry L. Kemp *         Gainesboro                J. Brent Hurd *         Franklin G. Clark             James V. Sisco
Joann King *            Therold Richardson        Tommy Knowles           N.T. Clinton                  Ruth B. Smith
William A. King *                                                         Robert T. Coleman             Frank L. Smith, Jr.
Carney Patterson, Jr.                                                                                   William C. Spann
                        Gallatin                  Lewisburg               John G. Colley *
Ray Tarkington *                                                                                        Virginia S. Spurlock
                        Noble C. Caudill, II      Grover Collins *        William H. Council *
Billy J. Tisdale *                                                                                      Kermit C. Stengel, Jr.
                        Harold Kemp *             Bobby Martin            Jim Crossman *
James K. Wall                                                                                           Ralph D. Stevens
                        William A. Parks, Jr. *                           Craven H. Crowell, Sr.
Glen Wallis                                                                                             Jim Stevens *
                        Charles Rhoten *          Livingston              Charles A. Daugherty
Max G. Wilson                                                                                           Carl Storey, Jr.
                                                  Charles G. Webb         Clarence A. Demonbreun, Jr.
                        Goodlettsville                                    H.E. Dixon, Jr.               Richard D. Sweeney *
Carthage                                                                                                Fred R. Webber, Jr.
                        Preston Balthrop *        Manchester              Robert D. Eisenstein *
Bobby W. Williams                                                                                       Robert L. Wilson *
                        Jim H. Dunn               Frederick H. Deford     Ross Evans, Jr.
                        Homer E. Chance *         Charles L. Miller       Georgia B. Everett *          Dick Winecoff
Clarksville                                                                                             Stephen F. Wood
                        Mary W. Jones             E.L. Rigney             J. Richard Freeman
Jones R. Edlin                                                                                          J. Douglas Wright, Jr.
                                                                          Jerry D. Fridrich
Edward L. Goodlett                                                                                      Shirley A. Zietlin
Frank G. Goodlett *     Goodspring                McMinnville             Frank F. Ghertner
E. Harold Harris        Gene A. Tucker            Paul Holder             Frank Goodwin *
                                                  Sam Martin, Jr.         H. Lynn Greer, Jr. *          Portland
Brown Harvey, Jr.                                                                                       Melvin Briley
James G. Holleman       Greeneville                                       Karl E. Haury
                                                                                                        Hugh D. Shannon *
Hugh B. Key *           Guy Jones                 Morristown              Harry G. Hemmerly
O.C. Terrell                                      Bill Harville           Henry Hill, Jr.
                        Hartsville                                        George W. Hussey
                                                                                                        Wilburn Hastings, Jr.
Columbia                Gene Carman               Mt. Juliet              William M. Johnson
                                                                                                        William “Bill” Parks *
Waylan C. Dean                                    Odell Binkley, Jr.      Leonard M. Johnson, Jr. *
                                                                                                        Scott S. Shapard *
Cyril H. Evers          Hendersonville            Dwayne Cravens          T.C. Jones *
                                                                                                        C. James Sutton *
Sarah R. White          Charles B. Batey *        Robert “Bob” Earheart   Dan H. Jordan*
                        Ernest D. Hill *          Harold W. Sutton *      Emily F. Kitchel *
Cookeville              Lois E. Jordan *                                  Randolph J. Lee
                                                                                                        Ray “Don” D. Driver
Nancy C. Enochs *       Fred E. Lehman *          Murfreesboro            Howard W. Lipman
                                                                                                        Eston Knowles
                        Beth Longmire             Mel Adams               Ivan E. Luttrell              Donald R. Sonner
Dickson                 Drew R. Maddux *          O.K. Browning           M. Roland Maddox              Jerry Spurlock
Robert L. Nicks         Grover L. Porter *        William A. Cunningham   Woodson J. Martin, Jr.
G.T. Scott, Jr.         William H. Towe *         Don J. Durham           I.B. McAlister, Jr.           Smyrna
                        Willene P. Williams *     John C. Jones, Jr. *    Ernest Medlin                 Eugene “Gene” Hardiman *
Dover                                             Robert M. Maxwell       Joe S. Meeks                  Harold Shelton
Freeman Earhart         Hohenwald                 J. Clayton Rutledge *   Ben Merritt
                        Richard N. Dorning        Charles F. Smith        Ted C. Mooney                 Spring Hill
Duck River              Naymond D. Graves         Marshall P. Sweeney     James G. Morrissey            Ben W. Gary
Norman Dean *                                                             Kenneth E. Newton             Boyce C. Magli *
                        Kingston Springs          Nashville               John H. Otey, Jr. *
Eagleville              Joyce Wiley               Zenoch G. Adams *       Edward S. Pearson             Springfield
Fred R. Hobbs                                     John B. Alexander       Jerald V. Peiser *            Joe H. Moore
                        Lavergne                  James P. Atkinson       J. Fred Pilkerton             Robert D. Moore, Jr.
Fayetteville            Max Puckett               W.L. Bainbridge, III    Albert L. Powell
John H. Richardson                                Martha L. Beck *        Raymond “Ray” E. Pruett *                cont. next page
Tennessee Real Estate News-Journal                                                                                   7

Middle TN                       Tullahoma                       Wartrace                  Woodbury
Recipients…cont.                R.E. Alexander                  Robert M. Morgan          Joe Hawkins
                                George C. Orr                                             Raymond C. Pedigo
                                Roland Segroves                 White House
Summertown                      Clifton A. Weddington           Carl J. Strassle *
Johnny E. Holland

                           West Tennessee Longevity Award Recipients by County
                                                    *Attended the breakfast

Benton                         Shelby                          Shirley B. Hill           Asher “Ace” Roberts
Roy C. Orr                     James Albertine                 Florine Hinds             Marcelle Roberts *
                               Joyce M. Andrews                Robert Hirsh *            Carolyn J. Rogers *
Carroll                        Edward L. Apple                 Jane Hubbard *            Phillip D. Rogers
James T. Reed *                Margie Armstrong                Elizabeth “Libby” Jeu *   William A. Ruleman *
                               W. Turner Askew *               Lawrence Johnson, III *   Charlotte Rutherford *
Gibson                         Charles Askew *                 Jasper Jones              Glenn Rutherford *
William Smith                  Robert F. Baird                 William Jones             Harry Samuels
                               Bernice L. Banes                J.T. Kelsey               Ralph Shankman
Hardeman                       Phillip Baum                    Paul G. Lazarov           John S. Shepherd
Virgil Nutt *                  Donald Bowden                   Edward B. Lemaster, Jr.   David Shirley
                               Helen Bowden                    Michael A. Lightman       Betty Smith
Hardin                         B. Snowden Boyle                Robert Lofton             William H. Smith
Tommy J. Smith                 Norman Brown                    George B. Long            Aubrey A. Smith, Jr. *
                               Rose Brown *                    Jerome B. Makowsky        J. Bayard Snowden, III
Haywood                        James “Jim” W. Burch            Meredith L. McCullar      John Snyder
John D. Clinton                Claude W. Caldwell *            James E. McGehee, Jr.     John J. Sohm *
                               Irvin D. Califf                 Melba K. Medford          John G. Sowell
Henderson                      Mary Callicott                  Joseph D. Merritt         Robert Stacey
Nancy C. Wyatt                 William Callicott               Lawerence Migliara, Jr.   Harold H. Sterling *
                               Frank M. Campbell               Peggy Miller              Raymond E. Taggart
Henry                          James Carter                    Pearlie Monger *          Bruce C. Taylor
Elliot Moody *                 Cap Casey, Jr.                  Harrel C. Moore *         Greta G. Thompson *
                               William Clark                   Charles E. Moore *        Louis Tickle *
McNairy                        Ken Crenshaw                    Elmer Moore, Jr. *        Henry M. Turley, Jr.
Thomas A. Meeks                Bryan A. Crisman *              Gerald Murley             Larry Turner
                               Crit Currie *                   Sadie Nash                William Uhlhorn
Madison                        Ann G. Daniel                   John Nash                 Alston B. Wade, Jr.
R.H. Hickman                   Robert H. Davidson              Robert Neal               Pauline Ward
Norwood Jones *                Dave Dermon                     George Nickey             Margaret Weaver
Robert B. Smith, III           John T. Dozier *                Virgil L. Norris          Mae Weeks
Abner Taylor, III              Martin Edwards, Jr. *           Sue Oglesby               Waymon H. Welch, Jr.
Hugh E. Youmans                Frank Evans *                   David Okeon               Frank W. Wilbourn, Jr.
Reggie Smith *                 Thomas Farnsworth               Clyde Patton, Jr.         Daniel “Dan” F. Wilkinson
Alma Reid                      Barry B. Fife                   Samuel Peace              James “J” Tom Williams *
George Dorris *                Letty N. Fisher *               Sam Pearson               Dorothy Wilson
Jerry R. Thompson              Jerome Frager *                 Clarence Perry            Paul H. Wortham, Jr.
Horace Simmons                 Ken Garland                     Johnnie L. Phillips
                               Raines Gill                     John T. Pitts             Weakley
Obion                          Willie Green                    David Pollow              Marvin Alexander *
Orel “Shea” Riley, Jr. *       Kenneth Guinn                   Dewey G. Price, Jr.       Wendell F. Alexander *
                               Judith E. Harber                Terry Reagor              Mickey Moore *
Tennessee Real Estate News-Journal                                                                                          8

              TREC Contact Information                                  Department of Commerce and Insurance
              (615) 741-2273 or (800) 342-4031                                 COMMISSIONER: LESLIE A. NEWMAN
             www.state.tn.us/commerce/boards/trec                        ASSISTANT COMMISSIONER: STEVEN MAJCHRZAK

 Personnel & Areas of       Education:           Errors & Omissions
     Responsibility          Kathy Riggs              Insurance                Members of the Commission
                                                    Contractor for
                             Licensing:                                  CHARLES HAYNES,             CAROL TATE
   Administration:                                   2007-2008
                          Patricia Appleton                                CHAIRMAN                  Memphis, TN
     Eve Maxwell
                             Hester Curtis                                 Gallatin, TN              VALERIE JOH
                              Kim Dorris                                                             Kingsport, TN
    Administrative                            Rice Insurance Services
                               Gil Dyer                                 BEAR STEPHENSON,
      Assistance                                   Company, LLC
                            Rachel Fowler                                VICE CHAIRMAN            ISAAC NORTHERN
     Betsy Bowman
                          Deborah Malugen             Phone:                Clinton, TN              Memphis, TN
    Kelly McDermott
                            Karen Patton          (888) 248-2444
      Dee Mitchell
                              Ruby Perry                                WENDELL ALEXANDER         DAVID FLITCROFT
                           Richard Thomas               Fax:               Dresden, TN              Knoxville, TN
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                                                                         GROVER COLLINS        Editor/Chief: Eve Maxwell
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                            Linda Wolfert
                                                                           Nashville, TN         Director of Education
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     Permit #768
     Nashville, TN
       PA I D                                                                Nashville, TN 37243-1151
     U.S. Postage                                                            500 James Robertson Parkway, Suite 180
  Presorted Standard
                                                                             Tennessee Real Estate Commission

Description: Hendersonville Tennessee Real Estate document sample