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									Travelling Europe On a Budget

In this article, I’m going to give you my best advice for travelling
Europe on a budget.

First of all, you need to get there. Of course, I don’t know where in the
world you are but it doesn’t really matter. I suggest you get yourself a
copy of the <a href=">Real Cheap
Flights System</a>. This ebook will give you simple step-by-step
instructions for finding cheap flights from anywhere in the world to
anywhere in the world, including Europe. If I where you I would look for
tickets to major European hubs like London or maybe Paris. Prices to
those places will probably be cheaper than tickets to Ukraine for
example. If you want to go somewhere else afterwards you can just fly
with low cost airlines once you are in Europe.

Since you are travelling Europe on a budget there are some countries you
are going to want to avoid and others where you should consider spending
more time due to low prices. Basically, big parts of Europe are a lot
more expensive than for example the United States or Australia.

So aim for the cheap countries while travelling in Europe on a budget.
I've taken some time to make a list of the cheapest countries in Europe
along with estimated daily spendings for budget travellers. The amounts
below include accommadation, three meals a day, some sightseeing and
mostly public transport.

Here we go:

*Albania - US$40 per day.
*Bulgaria - US$48 per day.
*Czech Republic - US$33 per day.
*Estonia - US$33 per day.
*Hungary - US$37 per day.
*Iceland - US$40 per day.
*Lithuania - US$40 per day.
*Macedonia - US$40 per day.
*Moldova - US$30 per day.
*Poland - US$35 per day.
*Romania - US$27 per day.
*Turkey - US$34 per day.
*Ukraine - US$31 per day.

If you are going to be travelling Europe on a budget I also recommend you
get the <a href="
shoestring-travel-guide-6">Lonely Planet Europe on a Shoestring</a>.
Along with the <a href="">Real Cheap
Flights System</a>, those two will save you lots of money. The Lonely
Planet will give you all the information you need to save money while on
the ground and the cheap flights system will save you money on the
flights in between.

Travelling in Europe is great fun even if you are on a tight budget. I
strongly recommend you get yourself a ticket and do it!

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