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Playing Cards
      Playing cards use 1 to 15 photos placed on the front side of the card. Please add all the photo numbers up to 15 that you would like on your cards.

      Photo 1                 Photo 2                  Photo 3                  Photo 4                  Photo 5                 Photo 6
      Photo 7                 Photo 8                  Photo 9                  Photo 10                 Photo 11                Photo 12
      Photo 13                Photo 14                 Photo 15

Calendar (8x11)
    Weekly Planner                   Large (8x11)           Small (4.4x6)
      Our photo calendar and planners use 13 photos. One for each month and a cover image. You may choose to use up to three photos per month.
      Place the photo number next to the month desired, if using more than one photo, please seperate photos by a comma.

      Cover                                         Jan                                            Feb
      March                                         April                                          May
      June                                          July                                           Nov
      Sept                                          Oct                                            Aug

      Please list any information you
      would like to appear on
      calendar. Please specify date.
      (ex. Birthdays or special dates)

Guest Book/Journal            (10 pages/20 sides)                         6x9          9x6
 Style:                    Guest pages             Journal pages            Contacts
 You must choose at least 11 images, one for each page and a cover image. If you would like more that one photo you can choose up to 4 per page.
 Please seperate each photo number by a comma. Every other page will be a lined page.

 Cover                                         Page 1                                        Page 3
 Page 5                                        Page 7                                        Page 9
 Page 11                                       Page 13                                       Page 15
 Page 17                                       Page 19

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