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					                                     RESUME OF GARY W. THOMAS

                          Name:     Gary W. Thomas
                       Address:     1784 Kirkmont Drive
                    City / State:   San Jose, California, U.S.A.
                   Postal Code:     95124-1235
                          Home:     408-264-1422
                         Mobile:    408-858-6346
                            Fax:    408-516-9562
                           Email:   gary@thomasland.org
              Online Resume:        http://thomasland.org/resume
          Profile / References:     http://www.linkedin.com/in/garythomas

                 Career focus:      Technology Marketing Management
            Preferred function:     Individual Contributor, Group Manager or Director
           Preferred category:      Product Marketing, Channel Marketing, Marketing Communications
          Preferred industries:     Computer Networking, Network Security, SaaS, GPS, Alternative Energy
             Recent functions:      Independent Marketing Consultant, Product Marketing Director, Senior
                                    Product Marketing Manager, Solutions Marketing Manager
       Networking background:       Gigabit Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Ethernet, Token Ring, ATM, FDDI; routers,
                                    switches, appliances, wireless, access points, hubs, management
         Security background:       Firewall, IP-SEC, URL filters, VPN, SSL VPN, N AC, Cisco IOS Intrusion
                                    Prevention System (IPS)
     Voice over IP background:      Functions (PBX, IVR), Media (PoE, VoBB), Gateways (SIP, H.323,
                                    PSTN/IP), Protocols (MGCP, TGCP, SRTP, SS7/C7, PESQ)
         Wireless background:       WiFi, 802.11b/g/n, 2G/3G/GSM, Cisco Land Mobile Radio
                   Experience:      More than 25 years in Network and Telecom Product Marketing plus
                                    Channel Marketing Promotions; 6 years as Field Systems Engineer
                    Education:      Cambridge Institute at MIT – AT&T Professional Development Curriculum;
                                    AT&T Field Systems Engineer Curriculum, Millersville University of
                                    Pennsylvania; Delaware County College
          Type of employment:       Full time, regular
          Salary requirements:      Market competitive, negotiable
              Current location:     San Jose, California U.S.A.
      Preferred work locations:     Metro Silicon Valley including Campbell, Cupertino, Fremont, Los Gatos,
                                    Milpitas, Mountain View, Palo Alto, San Jose, Santa Clara and Sunnyvale
          Previous employers:       Teneros, Cisco Systems, Nortel Networks, Bay Networks, SynOptics
                                    Communications, NCR Corporation, AT&T Bell Laboratories, AT&T
                                    Computer Systems, Verizon
       U.S. work authorization:     Yes
              Language skills:      Fluent English
         Office software skills:    Microsoft Office (Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access), Internet
                                    (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Netscape, Front Page)
                 Certifications:    Brainbench Certification, Marketing Concepts
                                    Brainbench Certification, Marketing Strategy
                      Hobbies:      Family, Photography, Railroading, Toy Trains, Diecast Cars, Web

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                                         RESUME OF GARY W. THOMAS

   To become a key contributor to the success of your business in a senior marketing role. This position would utilize my
   breadth of experience in technology, solution, product and channel marketing, sales readiness, launch management,
   customer acquisition and retention, marketing communications and field sales to strengthen your core team.

   Dynamic leader recognized by peers as an excellent coach, team player and mentor. A creati ve hands -on problem solver
   skilled in the planning and execution of successful programs throughout the full product lifecycle. Results -oriented and
   effective at increasing company revenue. Consistently promoted to positions of increased responsibility. Oversee corporate
   departments, including enterprise network hardware and software product marketing, launch management, demand
   generation plus field and market communications. Expertise in articulating the features, benefits and values that satisfy
   customer requirements in their terms. Ability to proactively anticipate, or react to, changes in competitive pressures.


   San Jose, California (January 2007 – Present)
   Founder and Marketing Consultant
   Marketing consultation, product and solutions marketing, sales readiness, demand generation and custom marketing
   services for small businesses.
           Services include the creation of go-to-market (GTM), launch plans, image packs, sales and end-user collateral,
            success stories, slideware, direct marketing, project and agency management.
           Target clients encompass start-ups and pre-IPO companies who have yet to invest in internal marketing or who
            need project assistance.

   Mountain View, California (October 2007 – November 2007)
   Director, Product Marketing
   Product lines support for program strategy, competitive analysis, sales readiness and channel support of application
   continuity appliances for Microsoft Exchange.
           Duties include converting technical positioning into key market messages.
           Launching new products into the business continuity market.

   San Jose, California (January 2005 – February 2006)
   Marketing Manager, Integrated Services Routers and VoIP Gateways
   Product marketing and launch management for Cisco 2800 routers and AS5000 VoIP gateways.
           Managed marketing for integrated services routers (ISR), component modules and bundles to ensure the success
            of router security upgrade programs.
           Launched new service provider voice gateway products globally, achieving over 60% conversion to the new
            platform within 90 days of product launch.
           Managed collateral update process for over one hundred documents to ensure fresh and accurate content for
            external and internal web sites.

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                                       RESUME OF GARY W. THOMAS

San Jose, California (June 2002 – December 2004)
Founder and Chief Marketing Consultant
Services were designed to grow business without expanding marketing staffs, replace cold calls with quali fied leads,
effortlessly open CxO doors via imaginative concepts, quickly create newsletters and direct touch programs plus
stretch small marketing budgets.
        Business plan included online self-service marketing and full-service agency options.
        Target clients included small semiconductor and integrated circuit developers, computer and networking resellers
         (VARs), software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies, Internet service providers (ISPs) and system integrators (SIs).

Santa Clara, California (January 1992 - May 2002)

Director, BayStack Product Marketing (January 2000 – May 2002)
Directed global marketing for workgroup networking products, including new product launches and sales tools.
        Championed branded product portfolio capabilities and developed differentiating messages to capture new low -
         end LAN switch market revenue.
        Increased cross-selling revenue and made purchasing easier by changing web site focus from point products to
         integrated network applications.
        Successfully managed products throughout their lifecycle including new product transition.

Director, SaaS Busine ss Development (January 1999 – December 1999)
Led initial business development team chartered with building a software -as-a-service (SaaS) offer to enable service
providers to host Windows -based software in partnership with Epicon, Inc.
         Determined that Epicon, Inc. provided a key foundation element for the Nortel Preside Managed Application
          Services Platform (PMASP) and promoted the merger of the development teams.
         Windows integration enabled a projected $700M revenue ramp over a 3 -year period.
         Project culminated in the Nortel acquisition of Epicon, Inc. for $275M in June 2000.

Director, North American Small/Medium Busine ss Marketing (January 1998 – December 1998)
Set the strategic direction for all marketing and related communications and training in new innovative program
targeting network equipment resellers who service small/medium businesses.
        Defined and executed go-to-market strategy to penetrate new high volume market.
        Instituted highly successful, large-scale reseller recruitment, education and sales incentive programs that
         enrolled 6,000+ new resellers, 50% purchasing immediately.
        Developed sales automation and reseller storefront eCommerce applications.
        Successfully launched hub, switch, router, firewall and WLAN networking products by positioning branded
         product family solutions that included network management software.

Director, Workgroup Product Marketing (January 1996 – December 1997)
Led groups responsible for Product Marketing, Launch Management and Direct Marketing. Provided global marketing
management for networking products, including launches, sales tools, channel development and sales support.
        Set new standard for Product Marketing quality and effectiveness as rated by peers.
        Authored and implemented ISO 9000-compliant new product introduction process (NPI), which ensured sales
         readiness at launch time, thereby increasing product revenue ramp.
        Refined direct marketing process with proven return on investment (ROI).
        Pioneered the creation of web-based product configuration tools.
        Conducted briefing center visits and delivered seminars and trade show theater presentations.

Manager, Solutions Marketing (January 1992 – December 1995)
Supervised enterprise solutions marketing activities together with application and solution development, technology
positioning and pre-launch market conditioning.
         Identified key enterprise customer requirements and developed these concepts into key corporate market
          conditioning themes.
         Authored and delivered highly acclaimed Network Design Seminar series.

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                                      RESUME OF GARY W. THOMAS

       Authored companion white paper series as seminar follow-up collateral.
       Developed and delivered advanced customer and field education on backbone networking, switching, network
        design and design preparation.
       Launched highly successful enterprise and workgroup Ethernet switching products

Lincroft, Morristown and Bridgewater, New Jersey
Group Manager, Network Hardware Marketing (January 1989 – December 1991)
Led global marketing for hub and router lines of business. Managed group responsible for large deal sales support,
marketing programs, sales tools, training and technical sales support.
       Launched AT&T Ethernet hubs and OEM (Cisco Systems) routers.
       Developed marketing plans and ISO 9000-compliant information processes.
       Developed forward-looking programs, including Ethernet switching and ATM strategies.
       Captured cover stories in Network World, LAN Technology and Communications Week.

Metropolitan Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Delaware

Field System s Engineer Levels I, II and III (January 1981 – December 1989)
Responsible for field sales support of telecom, data networking and computer solutions.
      Completed Master's program equivalent in MIS at Cambridge Institute at MIT – AT&T Professional
       Development Curriculum under Professors John Donovan and Stuart Madnick.
      Interned on data switching network solutions at AT&T Bell Labora tories.
      Provided Level II and III pre-sales technical support and systems assurance
      Managed and supported nationwide data networking project for chemical industry leader.

       Brainbench Certifications, Marketing Concepts and Strategy
       Cambridge Institute at MIT – AT&T Professional Development, Management Information Systems
       AT&T Field Systems Engineer Training Curriculum (Levels I, II and III)
       Delaware County College, Computer Science and Social Studies
       Millersville University of Pennsylvania, Secondary Education and Broadcast Journalism
       Philadelphia National Bank, International Financial Transactions

       Member, Cisco, Nortel and AT&T Alumni Associations
       Member, Association of International Product Marketing Managers (AIPMM)
       Member, Booksin Elementary School Community Association (BESCA)
       Member, California State Railroad Museum (CSRM)
       Member, Hiller Aviation Museum
       Member, Monterey Ba y Aquarium
       Member, The Nature Conservancy
       Member, The Sierra Club
       Member, Train Collectors Association (TCA)
       Past Co-chairman, Free Library of Philadelphia Annual Book Sales
       Past Co-chairman, National Thespian Society (NTS)
       Past Co-chairman, Philadelphia Chapter, American Wine Society (AWS)
       Past Volunteer Coordinator, WHYY-TV12 (Public Broadcasting Service)

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