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                                     Lesson Plan

Title:                  Thanksgiving Then and Now
Grade Levels:          Grades 4th – 6th
Curriculum Areas:         Language Arts, Social Studies
Measurable Objectives:    TSW use a Venn diagram to compare and contrast the
                          Pilgrim‟s “First Thanksgiving” to our Thanksgiving Day
                          TSW use the online resources to learn about the first
                          Thanksgiving in 1621
                          TSW will write a short essay on the similarities and
                          differences between Thanksgiving 1621 and Thanksgiving
LA Content Standards:     {SOC.4.51} Compare how a person today might view an issue or
                          event differently from a person living in an earlier time
                          {SOC.5.22} Identify different points of view about key
                          events in early American history
                          {LA.} Demonstrate understanding of information in
                          grade-appropriate texts using a variety of strategies,
                          including: comparing and contrasting literary elements and
Technology Standards:     Technology Productivity Tools (Resource Access and
                          Utilization Foundation Skill) Students use technology tools to
                          enhance learning, increase productivity, and promote
                          Students use productivity tools to work collaboratively in
                          developing technology-rich, authentic, student-centered
                          Technology Communication Tools (Communication Foundation
                            Students use telecommunications to collaborate, publish, and
                            interact with peers, experts and other audiences.
                            Students use a variety of media and formats to communicate
                            and present information and ideas effectively to multiple

Technology Connection:   Computer with Internet Access
                         Venn Diagram Template (PowerPoint)
                         Thanksgiving Video –
                         History of Thanksgiving – Reading Comprehension/History
                         The “First” Thanksgiving – Worksheet
                         The Pilgrims’ 1621 Thanksgiving
                         The “First Thanksgiving” – Facts and Fancies
                         Thanks-Giving Square
                         The Truth About the Pilgrims and Thansgiving

Procedures:              In this lesson students compare the Pilgrims "First
                         Thanksgiving" in 1621 to a modern-day Thanksgiving
                         celebration. They use a Venn diagram to help them organize
                         their thoughts and research.
                         Younger students might focus on the foods that were part of
                         the feast the Pilgrims and Wampanoags shared.
                         Older students will use higher level thinking skills to dig
                         deeper into the events and significance of the day.

                         Start the lesson by drawing a large Venn diagram on a board
                         or chart. Give students a couple minutes to share things they
                         think of when they think of the Thanksgiving we celebrate
                         today. Write a few of those key words in the second circle on
                         the Venn diagram (labeled "Thanksgiving Today"). Then ask
                         students what they know about the Pilgrim‟s first
                         Thanksgiving at Plymouth Plantation; write a few key words or
                         phrases about the Thanksgiving celebration of 1621 in the
                         first circle on the diagram (labeled "The Pilgrims‟ „First

                  Next, look with students at the phrases in both circles that
                  might tell things that the Thanksgiving celebrations of 1621
                  and today have in common. Erase or cross out those things
                  from their respective circles and write them in the area of
                  the diagram where the two circles intersect.

                  Inform the students that they will now use the sites listed
                  above to research information on Thanksgiving. Challenge
                  them to located information that was not listed on the class
                  Venn diagram. Also, remind them to think about the first
                  Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving today. They can make a T-
                  chart to record their information as they complete their
                  online research. (This can be done individually or in pairs.)

                  After the students have completed their research, they will
                  use PowerPoint to complete the Venn diagram. Encourage
                  them to add clip art to each side of their Venn diagram.

                  Allow students to share what they‟ve learned about past and
                  present Thanksgiving with their classmates.

                  Students can use the information from the Venn diagram to
                  write a brief essay to describe some similarities and
                  differences between Thanksgiving 1621 and Thanksgiving

                  Extension: Students can design a menu that would include
                  some of the foods that might be unique to the first
                  Thanksgiving feast.

Materials:        Computer w/Internet Access
Assessment:         Completed Venn diagram
Teacher‟s Name:     Kathy Prine
School:             C.M. Fagan


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