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									     BioDome Rubric
              Names:                                  F
                          Pt.      %     Pts.
                         Value   Earned Earned
Research                  15               0
Ideas / Originality       10               0
Scientific Feasability    15               0
Participation             20               0
Specificity / Detail      10               0
Scaled Drawing            10               0
Written Presentation      20               0

                         100              0
                          Armour High School Grading Scale
 Average    0   69   71     75   77   79   83    85   87     91   93   95
Ltr Grade   F   D-   D      D+   C-   C    C+    B-   B      B+   A-   A
                     BioDome Project
Mr. Dill Crinton and his wife Hilarity have requested plans for a
Biodome from your company. Mr. Crinton is a multi-billionaire who
is convinced that biological warfare has begun and there are germs
everywhere that are “gonna get” him.

Your company is bidding on a contract to build a biodome to house
Mr. Crinton, his wife and a staff of four servants. He plans to take a
chef, maid, gardener, and a nurse into the dome with him. All of them
will have to help one another and share duties.

Mr. Crinton needs to have access to his finances and his businesses.
He plans to operate his companies from inside the dome, so
communication is going to be a huge factor in his choice of designs.

Remember that all of the desires of a very wealthy man must be taken
into consideration. He wants to live separate from the rest of us, but
not like the Clampetts before they found oil. He will not tolerate
stenches, carrying water, bugs, loud animal noises, etc.

You are dealing with a spoiled rich person. Remember that he is
choosing between many competing designs.

You must take care of food, water, air, wastes, health issues, and
communications as a bare minimum.
Everything possible must be repairable without entering the biodome.

Good Luck!
                                                                            Science Proje
                         Background Research                                                  Scientific Obs
        I used a variety of pertinent resources.
_____                                                                         _____

_____ I correctly cited all sources used.                                     _____

        I collected enough information to understand the main idea of the
_____                                                                         _____

        I used information from electronic sources.
_____                                                                         _____

        I utilized information from scientific journals.
_____                                                                         _____

        I utilized information from textbooks in class.
_____                                                                         _____

        I found recent materials so my information is up to date.
_____                                                                         _____

_____ I used only reliable resources.                                         _____

        I used resources that had data to support the claims.



Science Project Checklist
                    Scientific Observation                                           Cooperative Group
          I was able to communicate my observations clearly and

          My observations were appropriate in number.                        _____

          Careful observation allowed me to discover something I did
    not know before.

          I described in detail the object(s) I was instructed to observe.

          I was able to separate my opinion from fact in what I

          I drew all items as accurately as I could.

          I labeled all items.

          I described as many physical properties as I could find.
                                                                                      Laboratory Work

                   Experimental Research
           I gathered information that helped me understand what I am

          I summarized the results and then drew conclusions.                _____

                      Cooperative Groups
           I actively participated with other group members.

           I contributed both time and effort.

           I listened to my partner's ideas.

           I listened to my group's ideas.

           I provided ideas that contributed to success of the project.

           Without my help, we could not have completed this project.

           I held both myself and other group members accountable for
     high quality work.

                        Laboratory Work
            I created a storyboard as an organizer and/or a summary for a
     lab project.

           I answered all lab questions to the best of my understanding.

           I followed the scientific method to do my project.
                        Science Research Paper Evaluation Rubric                          assignment #
Student Name:                                                                              Score:
This analytic rubric is used to verify specific tasks performed when producing a research paper. If the task has been
   Category                                     Scoring Criteria                           Points Evaluati
                 Title page consists only of: a descriptive title for the paper, author's
   Title Page
                 name, and paper completion date.                                             5
    5 points     (The font on this page is the same used in the paper.)
                 Separate page abstract clearly summarizes the essential research
                 findings and conclusion in less than 200 words.
   10 points     (The abstract is written after the paper, not before.
                 Place the abstract immediately after the title page.)
 Introduction A thesis statement makes the research topic clear.
   15 points     (A thesis statement does not begin "this paper is about".)
                 Background information is provided to establish the importance of the
                 research topic.
   Report of     Scientific terms and concepts are properly used.                             5
                 Research findings are presented in the student's words, not "cut and
   Research                                                                                   5
   15 points     At least one research reference is "quoted".                                 5
  Conclusion The most important research findings are restated.                               5
   15 points     Student's final thoughts about the research topic are stated.                5
                 No new information is introduced.                                            5
  Annotated A single page annotated bibliography is provided.
                 (A brief description of the information contained in the source is proved
 Bibliography                                                                                10
                 for each reference.)
   10 points
  Appendix                                                                                    5
                Professional Vernacular - a single page with all relevant terms defined.
                Diagram - at least one diagram or picture of importance related to the
  15 points                                                                                   5
                research topic is included.
                Research organization is demonstrated by including the concept map
                used to plan the paper.
                Paper demonstrates an effort to produce a professional product free of
   Rewrite                                                                                   10
                grammar, spelling, and typing errors.
  15 points     There are no "first person" statements in the paper.                          5
    Score                                     Total Points                                  100
     Self-      Students are expected to honestly evaluate their own work. If the difference between the student
  evaluation    evaluation and the teacher evaluation is more than 10 points, 5 points will be deducted from the
   Deadline     All "turn-in" assignments are expected to be completed by the assigned deadline. Research papers

gnment #
. If the task has been

etween the student
 educted from the
 ne. Research papers
      POSTER ID#

     JUDGES NOTE: Some characteristics may not be appropriate for all students’ projects. You will have to use your jud
                  as a professional to decide the appropriate point value. You must select a whole number.

     Verbal Presentation of Research:

      1. Introduction and Originality
                Either student provided an introduction that begins with general information leading up to his/her specific role
                Students maintain ownership of the research as their project (not with a majority of assistance from teachers, p

                                                   8           7          6           5          4           3

      2. Hypothesis and Problem Statement
               Student clearly explained the goals or purpose of the research
               Problem was sufficiently limited to allow a plausible method

                                                   8           7          6           5          4           3

      3. Methods and Materials
                   Uses an efficient and reliable method for scientific work
                   A clear plan was shown and variables were identified
                   If controls were necessary , appropriate controls were correctly used
                   Sample size was appropriate for the type of study conducted
                   If a survey was used, the questions adequately addressed the problem
                   Student was able to answer questions directly related to his/her research in a confident and profession
                   Both students can describe their contribution to the work as a whole

                   10                   9          8           7          6           5          4           3

      4. Results
                   Both students clearly explained the results of their work
                   Adequate data presented to support the conclusion. If applicable , statistical analysis was used properly
                   Students interpreted the data in a way that supports or refutes the original hypothesis/problem statement
                   Both team members’ results contribute significantly to the project

                   10                   9          8           7          6           5          4           3
 5. Conclusion
          Sound conclusions were made based on the data presented
          Project was carried out to completion within the scope of the original intent

             10                    9          8          7           6          5           4          3

 6. Discussion, Significance of the Research and/or Future Application
           Both students understand the significance of their results with respect to their original hypothesis
           Students were able to explain method of analysis used
           If statistical analysis was used, students were able to adequately explain the results
           Students provided possible future applications of their work
           Students demonstrated a clear direction for further study in the area of research

             10                    9          8          7           6          5           4          3

 7. Creative Ability
           The research supported a creative approach to addressing a scientific question or problem
           Students demonstrated enthusiasm in the presentation of their research

                                              8          7           6          5           4          3

 8. Teamwork
         Project demonstrates a cooperative effort by the members to achieve a common goal
         Project completion relies on both members contributing data that supports the original intent of the study
         Both members can answer questions about the project fluently

             10                    9          8          7           6          5           4          3

 9. Overall Presentation Style
          Students demonstrated understanding of the project by answering specific questions
          Students speak well (uses eye contact and body language)

             10                    9          8          7           6          5           4          3

Physical Poster Characteristics / Layout:

 10. Physical Poster Organization
           The poster presented an organized scientific approach of background information leading to a specific area of
           Poster clearly presented the specific goals or specific purpose of research study
              Text was clearly visible with readable formatting
              Information was creatively organized in a way that enhanced the presentation of students’ research

                                              8          7          6           5          4          3

 11. Graphs and Charts/Schematics
          Poster clearly showed the data that was presented in identifiable tables, charts and/or graphs with a written sum
          If necessary, a schematic diagram was used with precise measurements to describe the project

                                              8          7          6           5          4          3
               JUDGE #

u will have to use your judgment
whole number.

ng up to his/her specific role area of research; student understands how their research builds on previous work
f assistance from teachers, parents, scientists or engineers)

                  2          1

                  2          1

 confident and professional manner

                  2          1

sis was used properly
sis/problem statement

                  2          1
                  2           1

inal hypothesis

                  2           1

                  2           1

inal intent of the study

                  2           1

                  2           1

leading to a specific area of research
udents’ research

                   2        1

/or graphs with a written summary.

                   2        1
ntific Report Rubric

t __________________________________

      Authors' names:

                   Beginni Develo Accom Exempl
                     ng     ping plished ary
                     1       2       3    4    Score
                    Does not
                    give any               Gives too
                   informatio                 much
                     n about Gives very    informatio    Presents
                     what to     little     n--more      a concise
         Introdu    expect in informatio      like a     lead-in to
          ction    the report.     n.      summary.     the report.
                                          Answers           most
                    Does not                some         questions
                     answer               questions          and
                       any                   and          includes
                   questions             includes a         many
                   suggested Answers few other              other
         Resear       in the     some    interesting    interesting
           ch       template. questions.    facts.          facts.
                                   sa                   Addresse
                               tidepool                   s a real
                    Does not     issue    Addresse         issue
         Purpos      address   which is s an issue        directly
                     an issue unrelated somewhat        related to
         e/Probl   related to      to     related to    research
           em      tidepools. research. research.        findings.
                          Some of         Most of      Presents
                         the steps       the steps     easy-to-
              Not           are             are          follow
          sequential     understan      understan        steps
            , most         dable;          dable;     which are
          steps are      most are       some lack       logical
          missing or     confusing        detail or       and
Proced        are         and lack          are       adequatel
  ure     confusing.       detail.      confusing.    y detailed.

          Data table          Both
            and/or       complete,
             graph           minor    Both     Data table
            missing      inaccuraci accurate, and graph
          informatio      es and/or some ill-    neatly
           n and are       illegible formed completed
Data &    inaccurate     characters characters and totally
Results        .                .       .      accurate.

          an illogical
               n for                         Presents
            findings      Presents           a logical
                                         a logical
           and does      an illogical       explanatio
                not      explanatio        n forn for
            address         n for             findings
          any of the      findings          and  and
          questions          and            addresses
          suggested      addresses            most of
                                         some of
Conclu        in the         few            the  the
 sion      template.     questions.         questions.
               Very                               All
Gramm       frequent                         grammar
 ar &      grammar                               and
              and/or     More than Only one spelling
Spellin      spelling      two      or two       are
  g          errors.      errors.   errors.   correct.
                                        Legible         well-         Word
                                        writing,      formed      processed
                                       some ill-   characters      or typed,
                                        formed        , clean     clean and
                                        letters,   and neatly        neatly
                                       print too   bound in a     bound in a
                                       small or        report         report
                          Illegible   too large,       cover,        cover,
                          writing,      papers     illustration   illustration
             Attracti       loose       stapled           s             s
             veness        pages.     together.     provided.      provided.

                         handed in
                         more than                       Report
             Timelin     one week Up to one Up to two handed in
               ess         late.   week late. days late. on time.

urn to the Cabrillo Tidepool Study page.



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Science Lab Report Evaluation Rubric
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The Staff Room for Ontario Teachers –Rubrics

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and a model rubric from the Ontario Ministry of Education aligning “Ontario Curriculum” expectations with letter/percentage grad


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collection and data analysis.

useful guide in marking science presentations.
report. If the task has been completed, all points are awarded. No points are awarded if the task is not complete.

nment accuracy and work quality.

lligences addressed.

earch paper. If the task has been successfully completed, all points are awarded. No points are awarded if the task is not complete

sign, data and observations, data analysis, data interpretation and conclusion.

projects, research process, group work, technology, writing, reading skills, speaking skills, science, study skills, physical educatio

ritten by a curriculum planner from a middle school.
tations with letter/percentage grades.

t other grade levels.
 is not complete.

 warded if the task is not complete.

nce, study skills, physical education as well as general information about rubrics.
Below are several rubrics (scales of assessment) which you may find useful. Changing wording and grade

Intermediate Rubric (Science)
90% +                         80% +                                      70% +
Exemplary                     Strong                                     Capable

Student presents a clear,             Student presents a clear,          Student meets assignment
specific understanding of the         specific understanding of the      expectations. The student
topic . All notes, assignments        topic. High interest and           demonstrates new knowledge
and labs required are                 excitement leads the student to    learned in oral participation and
completed on time, are                an investigation that reaches      or written tasks. The work is
extremely well organized and          beyond requirements. All           well organized and complete.
questions are answered                notes, assignments and labs        The student understood the
accurately. High interest and         required are completed on          assignments. He/she used the
excitement have lead the              time, are very well organized      number of resources required;
student to an investigation that      and questions are answered         and organized information in all
reaches far beyond the                accurately. The student has        notes, assignments, debates
requirements. Student has             used as more resources than        and labs. All notes,
read related materials and has        required; and demonstrates         assignments and labs are
used many sources of                  new knowledge both orally and      complete, carefully done and
information for reports and or        in written work and uses this      the student meets the
experiments. The student has          knowledge in his/her               requirements and expectations.
used his/her new knowledge            assignments and oral               All tests meet the standard
when participating in all oral        participation. New knowledge is    level of achievement.
discussions. Student makes            evident when student shows
connections between past and          connections between past and
present, cause-effect                 present or cause-effect
relationships, willingness to         relationships. Student notes,
change beliefs if necessary,          labs, debates and assignments
and results in the ability to         are clearly organized, carefully
make a prediction. The                done, and often goes beyond
students notes, labs, debates         teacher expectations. All tests
and assignments                       are beyond the standard level
                                      of achievement.

     Generic Rubrics

                                  4                                  3                                  2
-contributed outstanding effort       -contributed good effort to work -contributed fair effort to work
to work or project                    or project                       or project

-shows outstanding language           -shows good language skills        -shows fair language skills

-report or project is compelling -report or project is interesting       -report or project is written
and moves the reader through and keeps reader's attention;               clearly, using good sentence
the text; uses multimedia or     uses word processing                    structure; neatly handwritten
desktop publishing
-illustrations done neatly and in -illustrations mostly accurate     -illustrations somewhat
colour, and enhance the           and appropriate                    accurate and appropriate
understanding of report

-goes beyond all requirements -satisfies allrequirements             -satisfies somerequirements

4                                   3                                2
-excellent                          -very well done                  -adequate

-extremely thorough,                -above average                   -met most goals

-risk taking very apparent          -risk taking apparent            -little risk-taking

-highly creative and innovative -creative                            -adequately covered guidelines

-reflective critique of topic and   -met all expectations            -
goes beyond teacher's
4                                   3                                2
Full accomplishment!                Substantial                      Partial accomplishment!

-demonstrates a full                -demonstrates essential          -demonstrates partial but
understanding and use of the        understanding of the central     limited understanding of the
central concepts and ideas          ideas and concepts               central ideas and concepts

-recorded work communicates -recorded work communicates -recorded work may be
thinking clearly, using     thinking clearly, but some  incomplete, misdirected, or not
somecombination of written, pieces may be missing       clearly presented
symbolic and visual means

Science Class Participation Rubric

5                                   4                                3

Well prepared for each class, Prepared for class, attempts to        Occasionally not prepared for
attempts to answer teacher       answer teacher generated            class (no pencil, notes etc.)
generated questions and adds questions                               Often listens but doesn't
outside information to the class                                     volunteer info. Could use class
when relevant                                                        time more wisely (interrupts at
                                                                     times or irrelevant

Makes excellent use of class        Good use of class time to work
time to work on labs,               on labs, assignments, and
assignments and projects            projects
Primary Science Rubric

4                                  3                                 2

Consistently demonstrates          Usually demonstrates curiosity    Sometimes demonstrates
curiosity and motivation for       and motivation for learning.      curiosity and motivation for
learning. Demonstrates full        Displays a complete and           learning. Displays an
understanding of the scientific    accurate understanding of the     incomplete understanding of
process, procedures, and           important concepts and            the important concepts and
concepts in a given                procedures in a given             procedures in a given
experiment. Consistently           experiment. Generally draws       experiment. Requires
Draws logical conclusions and      reasonable conclusions and        assistance to draw conclusions
independently uses knowledge       uses knowledge to solve           and to solve problems.
to solve problems, extend          problems or extend thinking       Communicates plausible facts
thinking and verify hypotheses.    with some teacher guidance.       but lacks clarity in presenting
Uses rich, vivid, and powerful     Consistently communicates         facts and observations.
description in a variety of ways   information effectively through
to clearly communicate             accurately recording and
observations, data, and            describing observations and
conclusions.                       conclusions.
useful. Changing wording and grade scales may be necessary.

          60% +                                Less than 60%
          Developing                           Limited

          Student knowledge of the topic       Student use of the topic is not
          is partly understood, but not        shown. Steps through the
          complete. The assignments,           process were not followed.
          notes and labs are occasionally      Notes, assignments and labs
          incomplete and could be              lack neatness, organization,
          organized better . Some              detail and evidence of new
          resources have been used, but        knowledge. Work does not
          it is not clear what the student     meet requirements. Parts are
          understood. Some of the              missing. Participation is weak,
          information included by the          or student is often not
          student was not important to         participating. Labs, tests and
          the topic Student does most          assignments are poorly done
          what is required, but nothing        and fall well behind the
          more. Some of the work may           standard level of achievement.
          not be finished. Tasks are not       Overall, the student has failed
          carefully done and the               to grasp new concepts covered
          information from the resources       in the topic.
          is not used. Test results often
          fall below the standard level of

          -contributed minimal effort to
          work or project

          -shows some or weak
          language skills

          -report is completed;
-illustrations inaccurate and

-satisfies a few requirements

-in progress

-not following guidelines

-incomplete, unorganized,
missing components

-not acceptable in this stage of

Little accomplishment!

-demonstrates little or no
understanding of the central
ideas and concepts

-recorded work is difficult to

2                                  1

Often not prepared for class,    Rarely prepared, no pencil, pen
listens with blank expression or or notes , no significant work
doesn't pay attention.           done, minimal or no effort to

Gives up easily, is not            Creates interruptions, does not
engaged, difficulty remaining      remain on task
on task

Rarely demonstrates curiosity
and motivation for learning
concepts. Demonstrated
severe misconceptions about
the concepts and procedures in
a given experiment. Lacks
ability to draw reasonable
conclusions. Is ineffective in
communicating information.

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