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Newsletter for the Procrastinating Quilters Guild
July 2010

In this issue…..                                                     Next Deadline:
Message from the President                                           Sept 6th
Upcoming Events 2010
VP Report
Community Outreach                     Message from the President
                                       Susan Herman
Free BOMs & Patterns
New Look for PQ Website
Thanks from Members
Invites to workshops & lectures

PQ’s Website
Check the latest news on our website

Up Coming Events 2010                  Vice President’s Report
                                       Teri Roberts, VP
08/19 PQ Business Meeting – Held       Even though I have a large number of UFOs, I have just
at Crossroads Baptist Church.***       started doing a redwork Christmas wall hanging for my
                                       Mom. I haven’t done any red work before, although I
08/20 Pam Bono Class – Bursting        have embroidered and worked on counted cross stitch.
Buds / Crossroads Baptist Church       I’m really having fun with it. It is very easy and not taxing
                                       on the mind. So try some new technique that you
 08/21 Pam Bono Class –                haven’t done before; you might enjoy it.
Snowmen are a Bunch of Flakes/         There are no parties in the summertime; so the next party
Crossroads Baptist Church              is the Christmas party. Do any of you have any ideas for
                                       Christmas party favors? If you have ideas, you can call
09/24-26 Jacksonville Quilt Show       me at (727) 586-1712 or email me at
                              or talk to me the next time
02/11 – 12 Quilt Show - Quilter’s      you see me. Also, I need some volunteers to help make
Crossing                               the party favors – many hands make light work.
                                        Hope to see all of you at the August PQ meeting.
Pam Bono Workshop
Lynn Woods, Programs Chairman

It’s seems that I have been writing about this
forever but it’s finally August and Pam Bono,, will be our
guest this month! Our meeting will be held at
Crossroads Baptist Church, NOT Country
Quilts and Bears. The lecture and trunk show                         Bursting Buds
are open to all and there is a $5 fee for non-    From Karen Gornall, Duluth, GA:
members. Bring a friend or two, or as many        We thank you for our best workshop ever. We
as you like. Pam is known for her fabulous        had so much fun and learned so much.
trunk show and lectures and I’m sure you will     Seriously, we have never had the turn out
really enjoy her.                                 that we had-- and only one was not a
                                                  member of our guild. That alone should put a
There is still plenty of space left in both the   smile on your face. If you ever need a group
Friday and Saturday workshops (7-8 in each).      to sing your praises-- call on us! Again, thank
Pam’s workshops are always sold out with          you. You and Robert make a dynamic team-
waiting lists but for some reason that is not     - what a statement you make for marriage,
the case with our guild. That’s great news for    relationships and teamwork. I hope everyone
any of you that have been procrastinating         sees that in both of you along with all your
about attending and would now like to take        fantastic quilts, techniques, graphics and
advantage of this learning opportunity. It’s      tools! A tidy package!!!! Hugs to you both!
not too late but I need to hear from you          Karen
                                                  From Jill Cox, Utah State Quilt Guild:
                                                  Last September the Utah Quilt Guild had the
                                                  honor of having Pam and Robert Bono as
                                                  one of our national teachers. They were the
                                                  favorite. Everyone loved them and thought
                                                  Robert was a hoot. We even gave Robert a
                                                  special award for being such a "rippin" good

                                                  Remember, Pam Bono’s designs look like
                                                  they can be appliquéd or paper pieced.
                                                  However, they are neither. Come see how
                                                  she creates her lovely works of art!!! Pam has
                                                  loaned us a few quilts that are on display at
Let me share a few letters that Pam received      Country Quilts and Bears until the trunk show,
from other guilds about the workshops to          so go down and take a look at what you
give you an idea of what to expect:               could be learning to make. Don’t miss out
                                                  on this wonderful learning opportunity.
                                                  September Program
                                                  Lynn Woods/Carol Hemmingsen

                                                  The Sewing Room Reveal program we had
                                                  rescheduled for September is once again
                                                  being postponed, as Carol will be out of town
                                                  for work again. This time we’re just swapping
                                                  with the October program. Therefore, you’re
                                                  not off the hook for sending in your pictures.
Pam Bono Class Information
                                                  The Dead Line to email pictures of your
                                                  sewing space to Carol is September 1 so that
Cost: $40 each and includes Angler tool and
                                                  she will have plenty of time to get the
                                                  presentation together. Carol’s personal e-
                                                  mail address is
Location: Crossroads Baptist Church.
                                         If that
                                                  email comes back, then send them to her
                                                  work email at
Friday, August 20th - Bursting Buds
                                                  need to clean and organize, just take those
Saturday, August 21st - Snowmen are Just a
                                                  pictures just as it looks today and make sure
Bunch of Flakes
                                                  you are in at least one picture.
Time: 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Be there early to set
                                                  In September we’ll have PQ Show & Tell Night
                                                  with the theme being “Not Your Typical Quilt
                                                  Show”. As I have been away all summer
Call or email me for space availability before
                                                  caring for my ailing sister and won’t return
sending your payment. I’ll email you
                                                  home until the 17th, I don’t have access to
instructions and pre-cutting requirements. My
                                                  my notes so I’ll have to let you know the
email address is, phone
                                                  categories at our meeting in August or a
399-9407. Mail your check to Lynn Woods at
                                                  separate email and also in our next
9244 133rd Lane N., Seminole, FL 33776.
                                                  newsletter. In the mean time, start thinking
                                                  about what quilt you would like to bring, I’ll
For those of you attending the workshops,
                                                  be making up the categories from the surveys
please make sure that you read all the
                                                  you filled out in January and as I recall, there
directions, choose one project, i.e., runner,
                                                  were a few unusual suggestions.
banner, placemats, etc., and do all the pre-
cutting prior to the workshop. If you have not
received an email from me with this
information, please let me know ASAP so that I
can re-send it to you.
                                                     A note from Marguerite Connolly
                                                     The birthday girl

                                                     I would like to thank the many birthday PQ’s
                                                     that sent me cards and emails for my 70th
                                                     birthday. It really made me feel great on a
                                                     kind of hard birthday. (70, i must be an old
                                                     lady now). I really appreciated the thoughts.

 Bursting Buds Table Mat – Pam Bono Designs          Marguerite

New look for the PQ Website
Lori Lewis

Hopefully you have seen the new look for our
PQ website. I needed to do some
housekeeping on the content we had as
much of it was no longer being used. It wasn’t
things you actually saw, just files left lingering
on the internet. So, I cleaned out the files and
decided to streamline the website a little.

I first published the PQ website in January of
2006. Wow, where did the time go???!!! It has
been an honor to create this for the PQs and
hopefully it has been a useful tool for our guild.

I will be changing out the photos on the front
page often. I have a few in my stash but I
really, really hope you will send me some to
use. Here are some suggestions that will be

   •   Keep photos in focus
   •   Photos without people or pets
                                                      Bursting Buds Placemat – Pam Bono Designs
   •   Stage pics of your best quilts, use props
   •   Need photos of Bear Paw blocks/quilts
   •   Interesting shots of quilt tools
   •   Work in Progess is ok as long as the
       photo is intriguing
   •   Photos of PQ projects
   •   Must be your own photography
Community Outreach for Veterans                       Membership
Carol Clarke and MaryAnn Leonard                      Submitted by Carol Clarke

Thank you for your continued support!                 The updated membership was e-mailed in
                                                      June. If you did not receive it, please e-mail
Veteran’s Wish List:                                  me at , and I will send
•     EASY Patriotic quilt tops – kits (6 ½” squares) you another copy. If you do not have e-
available at meetings;                                mail, I will give you a hard copy.
•     Privacy and Dignity bags - kits available at
meetings;                                             Please let me know, if you change address,
•     Patriotic or male oriented fabrics;             phone, or e-mail.
•     Afghans;
•     Travel Neck Pillows;                            Thank you.
•     Shower bags for toiletries;
•     Sample size toiletries (hotel sizes are
•     New toothbrushes; and
•     Lap quilts approximately 36” X 48”.             Free Quilt Pattern
                                                      All People Quilt
See you at the meeting!

Free Summer Quilt Pattern
Sew, Mama, Sew!

                                                      FREE Sunflower Wall Hanging Pattern

No batting required! A summer quilt has not 
batting so it is light weight. Make an easy throw     ideas/throws-wall-hangings/sunflower-
for the beach or a picnic. Sew, Mama, Sew! has        applique_1.html
a free tutorial.
Thanks for PQ Generosity!
Linda Mae Zebrowski

Here is an updated on the charity quilt I brought
in to one of our business meetings.
Jennifer Guelke-Holmes sent me the loveliest
note about the Opportunity Quilt that I made,
and you all supported with your generous
donations. Please read an excerpt from the letter

"Words cannot express how you and your
Quilting Group have touched my heart. This has
been a very rough time for me and my family.
The fact that women, who do not know even
me, were willing to come together and donate           Thanks to generous donations like yours, we
for this amazing quilt is so wonderful to me!"         were able to raise over $1,200 for this
                                                       young woman and her family! The woman
She goes on to say how touched she was and             who won was another young lady that I
how she still has the very first quilt I made her over knew from my own daughter's high school
20 years ago!                                          days and had donated $100 to our cause.
                                                       Attached are pictures taken on July 4th
                                                       when I picked the winning ticket. My
                                                       granddaughter, Bella, kept me honest!!!

                                                     Thank you again for your support and
FREE BOM from Bunny Hill                              Speaking of Bunny Hill
Lori Lewis                                            Bunny Hill Blog news

                                                      Bunny Hill has a new line of fabric coming
                                                      out by Moda this October. It is so precious
                                                      and yet sophisticated enough to make
                                                      something grown up as well.

Bunny Hill Designs has released pattern 8 in
their free BOM that started in January 2010. All      Go to to
the patterns for this group are still available.      view the whole line and see ideas and
Go to to get the             projects made with this new fabric line.
free patterns and sign up for an email each
month when the pattern is posted.
                                                      Retreat Quilt 2011
Free Pin Cushion Pattern                              Lori Lewis
Heather Bailey
                                                                        A pattern is available
                                                                        on the PQ website.
                                                                        We are making a
                                                                        tumbler block quilt.
                                                                        Make any size as long
                                                                        as it is complete
                                                                        (quilted, bound,
                                                                        labeled) by Retreat
                                                                        2011. As always with
                                                                        PQ’s, participation is
Download the free pattern to make this cute                             OPTIONAL.
pincushion. You can never have too many!
Great gift idea for your secret pal, too.
Nancy Chong Lecture                          Places to ponder
Lynn Woods                                   Lori Lewis

The Largo Cracker Quilters invite you to     Here are some fun websites to help inspire
share a special program with a national      your creativity.
quilt teacher.
                                             Threads that Bind
Nancy Chong, Hawaiian quilt and
appliqué specialist with the Pacific Rim
Quilt Company, will be lecturing at the
Christian Outreach Center on November
15, 2010 at 9am. Admission is $10.

For more information please contact
Janet Fishman of Largo Cracker Quilters
The Christian Outreach Center is located
at 222 S. Lincoln Ave, Clearwater, 33756.
                                             I love their wool appliqué kits.
We will be entering the information to our
website within the next few days, so
please check to see more details at                UNIVERSITY OF KANSAS, Spencer Museum
                                             of Art
Don't miss it, she is a wonderful speaker,
has gorgeous patterns that you have
seen at some of the bigger shows, and
has developed a perfect appliqué
technique different from the usual
methods. Besides, we love to share and
get together.

Joan Scaffidi, Publicity
Largo Cracker Quilters
                                             This museum has an exhibit called Quilts:
                                             Flora Botanica. The historical quilts are
                                             lovely and great for inspiration. Well known
                                             quilt expert, Barbara Brackman, organized
                                             this exhibit.


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