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									                 14-19 DIPLOMA GATEWAY 2 APPLICATION TEMPLATE
Applicants should read this important practical advice before completing the form:

1. Purpose of this form
Alongside the factual information that you provide on our separate on-line form (see our main guidance for more details), this Word document
will make up the main part of your application to deliver up to ten 14-19 Diploma lines from September 2009.

2. Structure of this form
This form is a Word document consisting of three main parts:

       Part A: Consortium Evidence [pp.3-6]. This seeks general information about the consortium, supplementing that which we request you
       provide by 7 November 2007 on the on-line management information form which can be accessed via our Gateway pages at This section also contains a list of questions seeking specific evidence about consortium-wide arrangements
       relating to collaboration, the provision of information, advice and guidance, and workforce development.

       Part B: Diploma Line-Specific Evidence [pp.7-37]. This sets out a list of questions seeking specific evidence about your plans to deliver
       individual Diploma lines. This Part contains 10 separate sections, each consisting of a series of identical questions for a specific
       Diploma line. You need to complete only those sections that relate to the Diploma line(s) that you wish to deliver. You will find it
       easier to handle the form if you delete the sections for lines that you are not applying to deliver.

       Part C: 14-19 Partnership Statement [pp.38-39]. This part is to be completed by the relevant 14-19 Partnership before you submit the
       application form. More information on how this should be done is provided in Part C.

The document also includes a number of boxes for use during the assessment process that will take place after you have submitted the form.
Assessment of the evidence in Part A will be undertaken by Cambridge Education for DCSF; assessment for Part B will be undertaken by the
relevant Diploma Development Partnerships. Assessors will, however, see all parts of the Application Form to inform their assessments. These
assessments will be supplemented by a commentary from the relevant Government Office based on their knowledge of local intelligence, and
put to a Regional Panel that will decide which applications will pass through the Gateway.

Diploma Gateway 2 – Application Template                                                                                                       1
3. Completing the form
The person responsible for collating this application on behalf of the consortium should download it and make sure that all questions in Parts A
and C, and in the relevant sections in Part B, are completed and agreed by the consortium before the form is submitted. In doing so, please
note the following points:

          Word limit for answers. Answers to all questions have a specified word limit. Applications need to show clarity of purpose, so it is
           important that you respect these word limits. Where it will be helpful, please feel free to use diagrams (eg to help explain
           collaborative structures), bullet points or lists instead of lengthy narrative explanations.
          Guidance to support completion of the Application Form. Detailed guidance explaining (1) what kind of evidence you need to
           provide in each answer and (2) the criteria against which each answer will be assessed, is set out in Annex B of the main Gateway 2
          Answer boxes. Answer boxes will expand as you type. The only boxes that you will need to complete will be unshaded. Any
           shaded boxes (i.e. those marked ‘synopsis’) are for our internal use or to be completed during the assessment process after you
           have submitted the form, so please do not amend them in any way.
          Data Protection. As well as being used in the assessment process, the Department will use information from the form in other
           appropriate ways in connection with the Diploma programme. For example, we may share it with other organisations involved in
           activities to support the programme (including, but not limited to, workforce development, communication events and Diploma
           evaluation). By submitting this form, therefore, you will be agreeing to the information you provide being used in this way, and
           warranting that such agreement has also been given, where necessary, by other consortium members on whose behalf you are
           providing information, including any individuals whose name and contact details are included in the form.

4. Submitting the completed form
Once the application form is complete and its commitments have been agreed by the consortium, you will need to upload it by attaching it to the
relevant part of the on-line form. Your uploaded application should consist of a single document: please do not attempt to upload multiple
documents. Detailed guidance on how to upload your application form is provided on the on-line form. Please note that hard copy submissions
will not be required.

5. Submission deadline
The deadline for submission of completed applications is 5pm on MONDAY 3 DECEMBER 2007. Late applications will not be accepted.

6. Feedback
Once the application has been assessed, feedback will be provided to all applicants by email (expected date April 2008).

Diploma Gateway 2 – Application Template                                                                                                           2
                                                        Decision Panel Remarks

                                  PART B: DIPLOMA LINE-SPECIFIC EVIDENCE

Click on the hyperlinks below to take you directly to the relevant page:

1. Construction and the Built Environment
2. Creative and Media
3. Engineering
4. Information Technology
5. Society, Health and Development

6. Business, Administration and Finance
7. Environmental and Land-based
8. Hair and Beauty
9. Hospitality and Catering
10. Manufacturing and Product Design

Diploma Gateway 2 – Application Template                                         3
                                                             Decision Panel Remarks

B1      DIPLOMA COMPONENTS (Engineering)
B1.1 Understanding the specific needs and breadth of the Diploma line and how the delivery model will address this
    Explain what will be needed for successful Diploma delivery.
Consortium response (max 400 words):

Assessment:                                                                                                     B1.1 Rating:      G / GA / AR / R
B1.2 Record of previous delivery in the subject areas of the Diploma line
    Describe previous levels of success achieved by consortium institutions in, or close to, the subject areas of the Diploma, and explain how
     these will support Diploma delivery.
Consortium response (max 200 words):

Assessment:                                                                                                     B1.2 Rating:      G / GA / AR / R
B1.3 Clear allocation of programme delivery roles to the various partner institutions within an integrated programme
    Describe the contribution of each of the institutions to the principal, generic and additional/specialist elements of the learning programme.
    Explain how the different elements will be integrated within the overall programme.
Consortium response (max 200 words):

Assessment:                                                                                                     B1.3 Rating:      G / GA / AR / R
B1.4     Appropriate arrangements for the numbers of learners projected for the Diploma line and their progression into relevant
         employment or HE
      Describe the match between the number of learners projected and the workforce, learning resource, support and time allocated to them in
       the various institutions involved.
      Describe arrangements for developing learner progression routes linked to the Diploma line.
Consortium response (max 400 words):

Diploma Gateway 2 – Application Template                                                                                                             4
                                                               Decision Panel Remarks

Assessment:                                                                                                       B1.4 Rating:       G / GA / AR / R
Overall B1 Diploma Components (Engineering) Assessment:                                                     B1 Overall Rating:       G / GA / AR / R
B2      FACILITIES (Engineering)
B2.1      Ensuring access to high quality applied and practical teaching and learning, simulating conditions in the workplace where
      Describe the specialist facilities which you will make available for each level of the Diploma for which you are applying, including those on
       employers’ and/or HE institutions’ premises.
      If these facilities are not currently available describe the plan, including the timeline and committed funding sources, which will ensure that
       they are available by September 2009.
Consortium response (max 400 words):

Assessment:                                                                                                       B2.1 Rating:       G / GA / AR / R
B2.2 Allocation of clear responsibility for managing specialist facilities and ensuring access for the whole consortium
    Describe the arrangements for managing specialist facilities across the consortium and for ensuring that they will be accessible to all
     learners, including those with disabilities.
Consortium response (max 300 words):

Assessment:                                                                                                       B2.2 Rating:       G / GA / AR / R
Overall B2 Facilities (Engineering) Assessment:                                                             B2 Overall Rating:       G / GA / AR / R
B3      EMPLOYER ENGAGEMENT (Engineering)
B3.1 Engagement with industry and other sectors
    Describe the consortium’s previous experience of engagement with the industry and other sector(s) which are relevant to this Diploma
Consortium response (max 250 words):

Diploma Gateway 2 – Application Template                                                                                                                 5
                                                          Decision Panel Remarks
Assessment:                                                                                                B3.1 Rating:      G / GA / AR / R
B3.2 Employer involvement in planning, delivery and evaluation of the Diploma line
    Describe the involvement of employers and their representative organisations at each stage of Diploma development, illustrating with
     specific examples.
    Describe your plans for ensuring that learning can be applied in work placements and in environments which simulate the conditions of
     the workplace.
Consortium response (max 300 words):

Assessment:                                                                                                B3.2 Rating:      G / GA / AR / R
B3.3 Offering realistic learning environments and high quality applied learning
    Describe the commitments which you have from local employers to offering opportunities for work-related learning linked to the Diploma
    Describe teaching and learning strategies, such as the use of work-related projects, which will unify the learning gained in work
     placements and that gained at school or college.
Consortium response (max 300 words):

Assessment:                                                                                                B3.3 Rating:      G / GA / AR / R
Overall B3 Employer Partnership (Engineering) Assessment:                                            B3 Overall Rating:      G / GA / AR / R

Diploma Gateway 2 – Application Template                                                                                                       6

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