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                                                Sophomore Reading List

Title                           Author                         Summary
The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the   Adams, Douglas                 The insanely funny, satiric best-seller about the end of the world and
Galaxy                                                         the days that follow it.--reminds one of Vonnegut.
Bastard out of Carolina         Allison, Dorothy               Bone deals with the pain of growing up poor in an emotionally,
                                                               physically, and sexually abusive home and tells her story through the
                                                               mind of a child trying to cope with abuse while rationalizing its

Speak                           Anderson, Laurie Halse         A traumatic event near the end of the summer has a devastating effect
                                                               on Melinda's freshman year in high school
Feed                            Anderson, M. T.                 In a future where most people have computer implants in their heads to
                                                                control their environment, a boy meets an unusual girl who is in
                                                                serious trouble.

Ancient One                     Barron, T. A.                  While helping her Great Aunt Melanie try to protect an Oregon redwood
                                                              forest from loggers, thirteen-year-old Kate goes back five centuries
                                                              through a time tunnel and faces the evil creature Gashra, who is bent on
                                                              destroying the same forest.

Squashed                        Bauer, Joan                    As a sixteen-year-old pursues her two goals--growing the biggest
                                                               pumpkin in Iowa and losing twenty pounds herself--she strengthens her
                                                               relationship with her father and meets a young man with interests
                                                               similar to her own.

Dances with Wolves              Blake, Michael                 No Review

Ender’s Game                    Card, Orson                    After the Earth is twice attacked by aliens, the world
                                                               government begins breeding military geniuses, one of whom
                                                               is Ender Wiggin.

Ricochet River                  Cody, Robin                    No Review

Chocolate Wars                  Cormier, Robert                A young high school student refuses to join in the school's
                                                               annual fund raising drive and learns about intimidation and
                                                               peer pressure first hand.
Getting Near to Baby     Coulombis, Audrey   Although thirteen-year-old Willa Jo and her Aunt Patty seem to be
                                             constantly at odds, staying with her and Uncle Hob helps Willa Jo and
                                             her younger sister come to terms with the death of their family's baby.

Deep Six                 Cussler, Clive      The President disappears from his yacht just as poison is released into
                                              the ocean, and Dirk Pitt must save the government, its leader--and
                                              seize personal revenge.

Aspen Gold               Dailey, Janet       No Review

On the Devil’s Court     Deuker, Carl        Struggling with his feelings of inadequacy and his failure to make the
                                             basketball team in his new school, seventeen-year-old Joe Faust finds
                                             himself willing to trade his soul for one perfect season of basketball.

Painting the Black       Deuker, Carl        When star athlete Josh Daniels moves in across the street, Remy Ward
                                             doesn't realize how much his life will change during his senior year at
                                             Seattle's Crown Hill High.

Paris Trout              Dexter, Peter       Tells of the murder of a fourteen-year -old black girl by a white man
                                             in a small town in Georgia just after World War II.
Battle Dress             Efaw, Amy           As a newly arrived freshman at West Point, seventeen-year-old Andi
                                             finds herself gaining both confidence and self esteem as she struggles
                                             to get through the grueling six weeks of new cadet training known as
                                             the Beast.
Goddess of the Night     Ewing, Lynn         Vanessa, who has always had the special power to become invisible,
                                             discovers that she and her best friend Catty, a time-traveler, are
                                             goddesses of the moon who must fight together to overcome the evil

Shadow Catcher           Fergus, Charles     As a government-backed expedition makes its way west--sent to America's
                                             Indian reservations to extol the virtues of U.S. citizenship--
                                             photographs of the poor conditions on the reservations, the work of
                                             someone in the expedition, make their way into D.C. papers.

Love Among the Walnuts   Ferris, Jean        Born and raised in isolation in a wealthy, eccentric family, Sandy is
                                                shocked when he, his parents, and their servants become victims of a
                                                vicious plot by his greedy uncles to incapacitate them and take their
Eight Seconds           Ferris, Jean            Eighteen-year-old John must confront his own sexuality when he goes to
                                                rodeo school and finds himself strangely attracted to an older boy who
                                                is smart, tough, complicated, gorgeous, and gay.

America                 Frank, E.R.             Teenage America, a not-black, not-white, not-anything boy who has spent
                                                many years in institutions for disturbed, antisocial behavior, tries to
                                                piece his life together. Dr. B., a psychiatrist at Ridgeway Hospital,
                                                nudges America's life story from him.

Cold Mountain           Frazier, Charles        Inman, a wounded Civil War soldier, endures the elements, The Guard,
                                                and his own weakness and infirmity to return to his sweetheart, Ada,
                                                who is fighting her own battle to survive while farming the mountainous
                                                North Carolina terrain.

A Lesson Before Dying   Ernest, Gaines          This novel tells the story of a young black man sentenced to death for
                                                a murder he did not commit, and a teacher who tries to impart to him
                                                his learning and pride before the execution. In the end the two men
                                                forge a bond as they both come to understand the simple heroism of
                                                resisting --amd defying--the expected.

Fat City                Gardner, Leonard        No Review
Sights Unseen           Gibbons, Kate           Hattie Barnes relates how it was growing up in North Carolina with a
                                                manic-depressive mother in this fictional memoir.
Paper Trail             Gilbert, Barbara Snow   In hiding from the Soldiers of God, the Oklahoma antigovernment militia
                                                group whose members have now turned against him and his parents, a
                                                fifteen-year-old boy remembers what it was like to grow up among them.

Pushing the Bear        Glancy, Diane           Brings to life the haunting voices of Maritole, a young Cherokee woman,
                                                her husband and a host of others as they travel the Trail of Tears.

The Jump Off Creek      Gloss, Molly            Lydia Sanderson confronts the painful hardships of pioneer life in
                                                Oregon in the 1890s as she sets out to homestead a place of her own.
Memoirs of a Geisha      Golden, Arthur    No Review
Debt of Bones            Goodkind, Terry   A young peasant woman struggles to win the aid of the most important
                                           man alive in the hopes he can prevent a catastrophic war.

“A” is for Alibi         Grafton, Sue      Out on parole from a conviction of murdering her husband, Niki Fife
                                           hires PI Kinsey Millhone to follow a trail leading to the real killer.

Mary Wolf                Grant, Cynthia    Sixteen-year-old Mary tries to keep her family together as they
                                           aimlessly travel the country after her father's business fails and he
                                           starts to change.

White Horse              Grant, Cynthia    In her writing for a concerned teacher, sixteen-year-old Raina reveals
                                           her troubles with a dysfunctional family, life on the streets, drug
                                           abuse and finally an unplanned pregnancy.

Snow falling on cedars   Guterson, David   When a newspaper journalist covers the trial of a Japanese American
                                           accused of murder, he must come to terms with his own past.

My Sister’s Bones        Hanauer, Cathi    No Review
Dune                     Frank, Herbert    The story of a young prince, Paul Artreides, scion of a star-crossed
                                           dynasty, and of his journey from boy to warrior to ruler of a dying
                                           planet destined to become a paradise regained.

A Bell for Adano         Hersey, John      No Review
Hoot                     Hiaasen, Carl     Roy, who is new to his small Florida community, becomes involved in
                                           another boy's attempt to save a colony of burrowing owls from a
                                           proposed construction site.

Coyote Waits             Hillerman, Tony   An investigation of the murder of a tribal policeman leads to a
                                           historical find worth a fortune.

Rice Without Rain        Ho, Minfong       After social rebels convince the headman of a small village in northern
                                           Thailand to resist the land rent, his seventeen-year-old daughter Linda
                                           finds herself caught up in the student uprising in Bangkok.
Downriver                      Hobbs, Will             Fifteen-year-old Jessie and the other rebellious teenage members of a
                                                       wilderness survival school team abandon their adult leader, hijack his
                                                       boats, and try to run the dangerous white water at the bottom of the
                                                       Grand Canyon.

Raspberry House Blues          Holeman, Linda          When Poppy's divorced mother spends the summer in Greece with her
                                                       boyfriend, the adopted teen decides to visit her dad and his new
                                                       family in Winnipeg and search for her birth mother.

Demon in the Teahouse          Hoobler, Dorothy        In eighteenth-century Japan, fourteen-year-old   Seikei, a merchant's son
                                                       in training to be a samurai, helps his patron     investigate a series of
                                                       murders and arson in the capital city of         Edo, each of which is
                                                       associated in some way with a popular geisha
Alone at Ninety Foot           Holubitsky, Katherine   Fourteen-year-old Pamela Collins struggles to    come to terms with her
                                                       mother's death.

A time for dancing             Hurwin, Willis          Seventeen-year-old best friends Samantha and Juliana tell their stories
                                                       in alternating chapters after Juliana is diagnosed with cancer.

Their Eyes were watching god   Hurston, Zora Neale     A story about a young black woman and her coming to an understanding
                                                       about love and happiness.

Typical American               Jen, Gish               No Review Available
Mona in the Promised Land      Jen, Gish               Mona Chang, the American-born daughter of Chinese immigrants, fully
                                                       embraces the ideals of freedom and converts to Judaism in the first of
                                                       many rebellions she stages in her search for individualism while
                                                       growing up in the 1960s and 1970s.
Damage                         Jenkins, A M            In a future where most people have computer implants in their heads to
                                                       control their environment, a boy meets an unusual girl who is in
                                                       serious trouble.

Pocket Change                  Jensen, Kathryn         When her father's behavior becomes erratic and violent, sixteen-year-
                                                       old Josie suspects that it may be connected to his wartime experiences
                                                       in Vietnam.
Waiting                        Jin, Ha                  Story of a married army doctor who falls in love with a nurse during
                                                        the Cultural Revolution.
Night Flyers          Jones, Elizabeth McDavid   In 1918, caring for her family's homing pigeons while her father is
                                                 away fighting in World War I, twelve-year-old Pam comes to suspect that
                                                 a mysterious stranger in her small North Carolina town is a German spy.

Trumpeter of Krakow   Kelly, Eric                A Polish family in the Middle Ages guards a great secret treasure, and
                                                 a boy's memory of an earlier trumpeter of Krakow makes it possible for
                                                 him to save his father.

Ironweed              Kennedy, William           Ironweed is a kind of fantasia on the strangeness of human destiny, on
                                                 the mysterious ways in which a life can be transformed and sometimes
                                                 redeemed . . . a work of unusual interest, original in its conception,
                                                 full of energy and color.

Blue Coyote           Ketchum, Liza              While searching for his lost friend, Alex not only learns the reasons
                                                 behind Tito's disappearance but also comes to accept some hidden truths
                                                 about himself
Secret Life of Bees   Kidd, Sue Monk             Fourteen-year-old Lily and her companion, Rosaleen, an African-American
                                                 woman who has cared from Lily since her mother's death ten years
                                                 earlier, flee their home after Rosaleen is victimized by racist police
                                                 officers, and find a safe haven in Tiburon, South Carolina at the home
                                                 of three beekeeping sisters, May, June, and August.

Lucy                  Kincaid, Jamaica           Lucy, a teenage girl from the West Indies, comes to work as an au pair
                                                 for a wealthy American couple, discovering the dark side behind their
                                                 facade of happiness as she also awakens to her own sexuality.

Mr. Potter            Kincaid, Jamaica           Mr. Potter, an illiterate chauffer, struggles to live a good life,
                                                 despite the difficult events of his life.

Animal Dreams         Kingsolver, Barbara        Hallie Nodine fights for justice in Nicaragua while her sister, Codi,
                                                 returns to Arizona to confront her dying father, as myths, dreams, and
                                                 flashbacks blend to examine life's commitments.
Bean Treez            Kingsolver, Barbara        Taylor Greer grew up in poor rural Kentucky with two goals: to avoid
                                                 pregnancy and to get away. She buys a 1955 VW bug and starts her
                                                 journey West only to have a young Indian child, who is badly hurt, put
                                            in her car propelling her into the position of "motherhood".

Pigs In Heaven        Kingsolver, Barbara   Six-year-old Turtle Green witnesses a freak accident drawing her and
                                            her mother into a conflict of historic proportions.

Prodigal Summer       Kingsolver, Barbara   The coming of summer to Appalachia's Zebulon Mountain brings a
                                            blossoming in nature as well as in the lives of reclusive wildlife
                                            biologist Deanna Wolfe, young hunter Eddie Bondo, transplanted city-
                                            girl Lusa Landowski, and a pair of elderly, feuding neighbors.

Blood and Chocolate   Klause, Annette       Having fallen for a human boy, a beautiful teenage werewolf must battle
                                            both her pack mates and the fear of the townspeople to decide where she
                                            belongs and with whom.

Kiss the Dust         Laird, Elizabeth      Her father's involvement with the Kurdish resistance movement in Iraq
                                            forces thirteen-year-old Tara to flee with her family over the border
                                            into Iran, where they face an uncertain future.

She’s Come Undone     Lamb, Wally           Overweight and sensitive Dolores Price grows from painful childhood,
                                            through excruciating adolescence, to lonely adulthood, experiencing
                                            the heartache of being a misfit in a confusing world.

Sackett               L’Amour, Louis        The adventures of the members of the Sackett family in the frontier

The Fixer             Malamud, Bernard      Winner of the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Award, this is the
                                            story of Yakov Bok, accused of murder as part of an anti-Semitic
                                            movement, and how he becomes a hero.

The Natural           Malamud, Bernard      Roy Hobbs is a talented athlete whose promising career is derailed and
                                            attempts a comeback as an aging player.

A Killing Frost       Marsden, John         Sequel to: Tomorrow, when the war began and the dead of night
Dead of Night         Marsden, John         Six determined Australian teenagers try to find their missing friends
                                                     while continuing to resist the enemies who have invaded their country
Tomorrow, When the War Began   Marsden, John         Seven Australian teenagers return from a camping trip in the bush to
                                                     discover that their country has been invaded and they must hide to stay
Nectar in a Sieve              Markandaya, Kamala    A woman's struggle to find happiness in a changing India.

Christy                        Marshall, Katherine   Eager for excitement, nineteen-year-old Christy decides to leave home
                                                     and teach school in a remote section of the Smoky Mountains.

Faces in the Ground            Marshall, William     No Review
Listen For the Fig Tree        Mathis, Sharon Bell   A sixteen-year old black girl's first celebration of Kwanza gives her a
                                                     sense of the past and strength to deal with her troubled mother and her
                                                     own blindness.

Trial by Wilderness            Mathieson, David      A girl survives a plane crash off the coast of British Columbia, and
                                                     then faces survival in the wilderness, a feat that calls upon her
                                                     courage, her endurance, and her skills.
The Truth Trap                 Millo, Frances        Following the death of their parents in an automobile accident, 15-
                                                     year-old Matthew and his younger, deaf sister run away to Los Angeles
                                                     where he becomes the only suspect in her brutal beating and murder.

Lost in Translation            Manes, Nicole         No summary.
Women of Brewster Place        Naylor, Gloria        A series of vignettes focusing on seven black women who are residents
                                                     of Brewster Place.    Shows how they react to certain situations is
                                                     affected by their background, age, dreams, and problems.

Big Mouth and Ugly Girl        Oates, Joyce Carol    When sixteen-year-old Matt is falsely accused of threatening to blow up
                                                     his high school and his friends turn against him, an unlikely classmate
                                                     comes to his aid.

The Things They Carried        O’Brien, Tim          Related short stories with recurring characters and an interwoven plot
                                                     and theme as told by a foot soldier recreating his Vietnam War

Giai’s Toys                    Ore, Rebecca          No Summary
Peeling the Onion              Orr, Wendy            Following an automobile accident in which her neck is broken, a teenage
                                                            karate champion begins a long and painful recovery with the help of her

Pastime                          Parker, Robert             No Summary
Kathleen the Celtic Knot         Parkinson, Siobhaan        Twelve-year-old Dubliner Kathleen Delaney is given the chance to take
                                                            Irish dancing lessons in 1937 and discovers she has a talent for it.

Eyes of a Child                  Patterson, Richard North   No Summary
Eragon                           Paolini, Christopher       In Aagaesia, a fifteen-year-old boy of unknown lineage called Eragon
                                                            finds a mysterious stone that weaves his life into an intricate
                                                            tapestry of destiny, magic, and power, peopled with dragons, elves, and

Gift of Asher Lev                Potok, Chaim               When the death of a beloved uncle brings him back to his native
                                                            Brooklyn after two decades, painter Asher Lev is plunged into a
                                                            conflict between the culture into which he was born and the life that
                                                            he has forged for himself.

Carpe Jugulum                    Pratchet, Terry            King Verence unwittingly invites trouble when he opens the doors of the
                                                            castle to Uberwald's undead, the Magpyrs, to celebrate the birth of his

A Door Near Here                 Quarles, Heather           No Summary
All Quiet on the Western Front   Remaque, Erich             Depicts the experiences of a group of young German soldiers fighting
                                                            and suffering during the last days of World War I.
Safe Harbor                      Rice, Luann                When a tragic accident takes her beloved sister from her, Dana
                                                            Underhill returns to her childhood home to care for her sister's two
                                                            daughters, but she soon finds the challenges of motherhood may be more
                                                            than she can handle.

The Lovely Bones                 Sebold, Alice              Fourteen-year-old Susie Salmon, the victim of a sexual assault and
                                                             murder, looks on from the afterlife as her family deals with their
                                                             grief, and waits for her killer to be brought to some type of justice.

A Boy Called H                   Senoh, Kappa               An autobiographical novel in which Kappa Senoh describes what it was
                                              like to grow up as a nonconformist in Japan during World War II.

Stone Diaries              Shields, Carol     An aged woman discovers herself as she reflects upon her life in the
                                              20th century.

Pilot’s Wife               Shreve, Anita      No summary
Town Like Alice            Shute, Nevil       No summary
Rewind                     Sleator, William   Not long after learning that he was adopted, eleven-year-old Peter is
                                              hit by a car and then given several chances to alter events that could
                                              lead to his death.

Joy in the Morning         Smith, Betty       The story of a young couple from Brooklyn who marry young, have little
                                              money, and face bitter parental opposition, but are determined to make
                                              something of their life together.

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn   Smith, Betty       No summary
Sasquatch                  Smith, Roland      Thirteen-year-old Dylan follows his father into the woods on the slopes
                                              of Mount St. Helens, which is on the brink of another eruption, in an
                                              attempt to protect the resident Sasquatch from ruthless hunters.

Message in a Bottle        Sparks, Nicholas   Theresa Osborne, divorced and disillusioned, finds a bottle on the
                                              beach with a mysterious love letter inside.

A Cold Blooded Business    Stabenow, Dana     Alaskan private detective Kate Shugak goes undercover to expose the
                                              illicit drug trade along the TransAlaska pipeline, but the case is
                                              threatened when her own cover is blown and the body count begins to

Fruit of Stone             Spragg, Mark       This is the story of the lifelong friendship between     two men and their
                                              love for the woman who eludes them. Then she leaves      her husband for a
                                              new life, the two men follow her on an odyssey across    the American West
                                              that forces truths and tests the ultimate, mystical       extremes of love
                                              and loyalty.

East of Eden               Steinbeck, John    Covers the passionate lives of two turbulent families.
Crystal Cave           Stewart, Mary       Sequels: The hollow hills and The last enchantment.

Billy                  Strieber, Whitley   Barton Royal, a deranged misfit, kidnaps twelve-year-old Billy Neary
                                           from the video arcade at the Crossland Mall and imprisons him in the
                                           secret black room beneath his house, in a tale of madness and evil.

Sophie’s Choice        Styron, William     The gripping, unforgettable story of Stingo, a 22-year-old writer;
                                           Sophie, a survivor of the Nazi camps; and Nathan, her mercurial lover.
                                           The three friends share magical, heart-warming times until doom
                                           overtakes them as Sophie's and Nathan's darkest secrets are revealed.

Joy Luck Club          Tan, Amy            In 1949 four Chinese women began meeting in San Francisco
                                           to play mah jong. They called their gathering the Joy Luck
                                           Club. Forty years later they look back and remember.

Sniper                 Taylor, Theodore    Fifteen-year-old Ben must cope alone when a mysterious sniper begins
                                           shooting the big cats in his family's private zoological preserve.

Walking up a Rainbow   Taylor, Theodore    Fifteen-year-old Ben must cope alone when a mysterious sniper begins
                                           shooting the big cats in his family's private zoological preserve.

The Rain Catchers      Thesman, Jean       Growing up in a house full of women, fourteen-year-old Grayling learns
                                           to deal with death, love, and the unanswered questions raised by her
                                           widowed mother's apparent abandonment.

Grounding of Group 6   Thompson, Julian    Arriving at what they believe is an exclusive school, five sixteen-year
                                           olds are unaware that they have been sent there to be exterminated and
                                           that their teacher is a murderer for hire.

The South              Toibin, Colm        No Summary
Stuck in Neutral       Trueman, Terry      Fourteen-year-old Shawn McDaniel, who suffers from severe cerebral
                                           palsy and cannot function, relates his perceptions of his life, his
                                           family, and his condition, especially as he believes his father is
                                           planning to kill him.

Saint Maybe            Tyler, Anne         Ian Bedloe's life is forever affected by an event that took place years
                                          before--the night, in 1967, when he told his older brother, Dan, that
                                          Dan's wife had been cheating on him and that the baby son Dan had come
                                          to love was not his own.

Slaughterhouse Five     Vonnegut, Kurt    No Summary
Striking Out            Weaver, Will      Since the death of his older brother, thirteen-year- old Billy Baggs
                                          has had a distant relationship with his father, but life on their farm
                                          in northern Minnesota begins to change when he starts to play baseball.

Machine Gunners         Westall, Robert   After an air raid, a group of English children find a German machine
                                          gun and hide it from adults who are looking for it.

The Accident            Wiesel, Elie      No summary
Look Homeward Angel     Wolfe, Thomas     This is the story of an early twentieth century North Carolina family
                                          as told through the eyes of the youngest son, Eugene Gant. The Gants,
                                          despite delightful eccentricities stemming from both sides of the
                                          family, are not extraordinary, but through the eyes of Thomas Wolfe,
                                          their lives sparkle with joy and tragedy.

Briar Rose              Yolen, Jane       The bright tale of Sleeping Beauty and the dark tale of the holocaust
                                          twined together in a memorable story.

Beyond the Mango Tree   Zemger

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