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									     National Capital Region
Training and Exercise Consortium

    Monthly Training and
   Calendar Synch Meeting

         November 6, 2007


• Purpose

• Information Postings

• NCR Key Events (Out to June 08)
   – Exercises
   – Training Events
   – Special Events

• Issues / Discussion

• Conclusion


• To gain better visibility on the activities of all the organizations
  residing in the National Capital Region in order to improve
  operations, coordination, and synchronization of activities and

• Provide a communications conduit to NCR ETOP

• Monthly Synchronization Meetings - first TUE of each month, 1000-
  1200 hours, in the MWCOG Conference Room.

• Meetings co- hosted by DHS/ONCRC and NCR ETOP.

• All FSL organizations within the NCR are invited and encouraged to
  send a representative to this meeting.
                       “Business Rules”

• Provide Calendar input and Event Slides by the last Thursday of each
  month – format for this input provided in later slide.

• The slides will be distributed via email to meeting attendees following
  the meeting.

• The slides from each month will be posted on the ETOP website:

• During the monthly meeting we will review the calendar, provide an
  overview of the identified events, discuss new events and long range
  planning, and develop possible resolutions to any event scheduling

                  Document Web Postings

•   TBD – NCR Training and Exercise Consortium Web Site

•   DHS-National Exercise (NEXS) Portal – Password Required

•   DHS-Lessons Learned Information Sharing Portal – Password Required

•   Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments, Homeland Security &
    Public Safety Homepage

•   Homeland Security Digital Library

•   DHS-Office of National Capital Region Coordination

             National Capital Region
   Training and Exercise Consortium

 NCR Key Events
 (Out to June 08)

Refer to Long-Range Calendar

         November-December Key Events

• 2007 Mid-Atlantic All Hazards Forum: November 7-8
• Mass Care and Sheltering Operations Workshop:
  November 7-8
• Veteran’s Day Holiday: November 12
• MCNCRC Quarterly Professional Military Education
  Program: November 15
• Thanksgiving Holiday: November 22
• Rapid Response Training: Multi-Agency Response to
  Avian Influenza in the US Conference: November 28
• Joint State Funeral Training: December 3-7
• NCR Companion Animal Evacuation and Sheltering
  Tabletop Exercise: December 4
• Christmas: December 25

                     January-June 2008 Events

•   New Years Day: January 1
•   Disability and Special Needs Technical Assistance Training Conference: January 8-9
•   NCR Training and Exercise Planning Workshop: January 10
•   Martin Luther King Day: January 21
•   State of the Union Address 08: January TBD
•   NCR CIP RPWG Exercise: February TBD
•   Presidents Day: February 18
•   Joint Program Guardian: February 27/28 (TBD)
•   The ER One Institute 5th Annual Conference: March 3-4
•   Virginia Emergency Management Conference: March 11-14
•   RESF 16 Volunteer Mobilization Center Regional Exercise: March 18
•   Capital Storm 08 TTX: March/April
•   Marine Corps Command & Staff College National Response to Catastrophic and
    Disruptive Threats Exercise: April 14-16
•   National Level Exercise 2-08: May 1-8
•   City of Falls Church CPX: May
•   National Police Week: May 11-17
•   Armed Forces Day: May 17
•   Memorial Day: May 26
•   Civil Disturbance Response SIMEX: June 23-27

          National Capital Region
Training and Exercise Consortium


                         Mass Care and Sheltering
                          Operations Workshop
    WHAT: Mass Care and Sheltering Operations Workshop
    DATE / TIME: November 7-8; 6:00 – 9:00 PM
    LOCATION: One Judiciary Square, 11th floor conference rooms, 1114 and
    PARTICIPANTS: Government partners, community liaisons, and
    PURPOSE: Learn and get certified for: 1) addressing common shelter
    problems effectively; 2) procedures for opening, operating, and closing a
    shelter; 3) team work to provide quality shelter services; and 4) identifying
    and using resources available to shelter workers

POC: Shirley Hall
W:                                                              10
                    NCR Companion Animal Evacuation and
                             Sheltering TTX
    WHAT: NCR Companion Animal Evacuation and Sheltering Tabletop Exercise
    DATE / TIME: December 4, 2007
    LOCATION: Fairfax County Alternate Emergency Operations Center
    PARTICIPANTS: MWCOG Animal Services Committee, Emergency
    PURPOSE: To focus critical attention on a topic that impacts the NCR

POC: Shandi Treloar
W: (703) 849-0449                                                            11
                                  NCR CIP RPWG TTX

    DATE / TIME: Late January/Early February
    PURPOSE: 1) Increase situational awareness by fostering information flow.       2) Increase response
        and preparedness awareness; for example through the use of and improvement of COOP plans. 3)
        Build stakeholder awareness; reaching out to private sector partners to coordinate efforts. 4) Identify
        interdependencies with greater accuracy and depth. The 6 Critical Infrastructure Sectors Focused
        Upon are 1) Power, 2) Water, 3) Telecommunications, 4) Finance, 5) Health and 6) Transportation.
               •   TBD                Initial Planning Conference
               •   TBD                Mid-Term Planning Conference
               •   TBD                Final Planning Conference
               •   TBD                TTX
               •   TBD                 AAR Complete

POC: Matthew Fuchs, J.D. (MEMA)
W:                                                                                        12
                       Volunteer Mobilization Center
                            Regional Exercise
   WHAT: Volunteer Mobilization Center Regional Exercise
   DATE / TIME: March 18, 2007
   LOCATION: 8 NCR Locations
   PARTICIPANTS: Varied NCR Jurisdictions
   PURPOSE: To share the effective way in which to manage, mobilize and disburse
      spontaneous volunteers in times of disaster
       – Date/Time:     Milestone event (eg, IPC, MPC, MSEL Conf, AAR, etc…)

POC: Joe Henderson
W:                                                     13
                          Capital Storm 08 TTX

 WHAT: Ft. Myer Evacuation Table Top Exercise
 DATE / TIME: March/April TBD
 LOCATION: Ft. Myer, Arlington, VA
 PARTICIPANTS: Ft Myer Military Community, Defense Threat Reduction Agency,
   Arlington County
 PURPOSE: To validate DTRAs new military installation evacuation plan
   template, utilizing the scenario from NLE 2-08.

POC: Dale Barron (DTRA)
W: (703) 676-6830
                              National Level Exercise 2-08

   WHAT: National Level Exercise 2-08
   DATE / TIME: May 1-8, 2008
   LOCATION: Maryland, Virginia, District of Columbia, Washington State, FEMA
      Region III
   PARTICIPANTS: Federal, state, local, JFHQ-NCR.
   PURPOSE: Conduct national level exercise that will combine elements of COOP,
      and DSCA with a hurricane scenario and a credible terrorist threat affecting
      the East Coast and a chemical terrorist incident affecting the West Coast.
   •    9 Aug            Interagency Continuity of OPs Working Group (NCR)   WDC
   •    13-17 Aug        Initial Planning Conferences                        COS
   •    29 Aug           Follow-on Initial Planning Conference (NCR)         WDC
   •    3 Oct            MSEL Development Conference (NCR)                   WDC
   •    28 Nov           Mid Planning Conference (NCR)                       WDC
   •    04-07 Dec        Mid Planning Conference                             SAT
   •    25-29 Feb        Final Planning Conference                           SEA
   •    12 Mar           Follow-on Final Planning Conference (NCR)           WDC
   •    20 Mar           MSEL Synchronization Conference (NCR)               WDC
   •    08-10 Apr        MSEL Synchronization Conference                     SUF
   •    01- 08 May       Execution
   •    08 May           N-NC Facilitated After Action Review                COS
   •    17 Jun           NCR After Action Conference                         WDC
   •    24 Jun           Combined After Action Conference                    WDC
POC: Don Amos, VDEM
W:                                                     15
                                Falls Church CPX

    WHAT: The City of Falls Church Command Post Exercise
    DATE / TIME: May 2008
    LOCATION: The City of Falls Church EOC
    PARTICIPANTS: Falls Church Emergency Management Coordinator, City
       Manager, Public Works Director, Finance Director, Water Authority.
    PURPOSE: To activate the EOC within one hour and discuss alternate EOC
       locations. Use the ICS structure in the EOC, identify personnel who may
       require specific training to fill a position, write an Incident Action Plan and use
       the appropriate ICS forms. Discuss current MOUs the city has and where
       there may be a need for more support.
         – November - December 2008:                  IPC
         – January - March 2008:                      MPC
         – April 2008:                                FPC
         – May 2008:                                  CPX, Hotwash immediately after
         – July 2008:                                 AAR
POC: Aldo Davila (VDEM)
W: 703-986-9983                                                                              16

   WHAT: SIMEX, Civil Disturbance Response Exercise in NOVA
   DATE / TIME: June 23-27, 2008
   LOCATION: Fort A.P. Hill or Fort Belvoir
   PARTICIPANTS: SJFHQs – 29th Infantry Division (ARNG), HQs 29 ID Staff
   (SJFHQs), Other 29 ID Staff, Unit Level Role
   Players: BCTs, Avn, Trans/Med, En, Other Military Role Players Invited: JFHQ-
   NCR, JFHQ VA NG, MD NG and DC NG, Other Key Role Players Invited:
   VDEM/MEMA/DCEMA, EM Services (Police, Fire, and Rescue)
   PURPOSE: Conduct an exercise effects based operation that results in a ready
   and capable Standing Joint Force HQs that can respond to a Homeland Security
   Event within a designated area of responsibility on short notice.

POC: Tom Powell
W:                                                           17
                   National Capital Region
         Training and Exercise Consortium

Meetings, Conferences, Seminars


Monthly Synchronization Meetings   Joint Federal Committee Meetings

•   DEC 4, 10:30 am (COG)          •   NOV 21, 10:00 am (TBD)
•   JAN 7, 10:30 am (COG)          •   DEC 19, 10:00 am (TBD)
•   FEB 5, 10:30 am (COG)          •   JAN 16, 10:00 am (TBD)

               J37 Training Conference and Long Range
                           Calendar Update
   WHO: Selected JFHQ-NCR and Component Staff, Select IA reps
   WHAT: JFHQ-NCR J37 led conference to review the Long Range Calendar and
     Web Update
   WHEN: Last Tuesday of each month
   WHERE: J3 Conference Room, Fort McNair
   WHY: Share information and synchronize calendars and the web update
   Meeting Dates/Times:
      – 27 Nov 07          1330-1430
      – ? Dec 07           1330-1430
      – 29 Jan 08          1330-1430

POC: Steve Schwandt, J37
(202) 685-2910                                                         2 Feb 07
                              Joint Terrorism Intelligence
                                Working Group Meeting
  WHO: MDW Subordinates, NDW, AFDW MCNRC, USCG-Washington Station,
     and federal, state and District, police and protective services
  WHAT: Working Group Meeting with Guest Speakers & Presentations
  WHEN: Bi-monthly (Second Tuesday of each odd month) 1000-1200 Hrs
  WHERE: JFHQ-NCR J3 Conference Room, Bldg 46, Fort McNair
  WHY: To coordinate FPCON response and disseminate timely information and
     current situational awareness on AT/FP and Intelligence issues affecting the
  Future Meeting Dates*:
      – 13 Nov 07
      – 08 Jan 07

  * Note: Call the day prior to confirm meeting status

POC: Mr Rob Martinez, AT/FP
                                                                              19 Jan 07
(202) 685-2581
             Rapid Response Training: Multi-Agency
             Response to Avian Influenza in the U.S.
    WHAT: Rapid Response Training: Multi-Agency Response to Avian Influenza in
      the United States Training Conference
    DATE / TIME: November 28, 2007
    LOCATION: Crowne Plaza Richmond West, Richmond, VA
    PARTICIPANTS: Health care workers; Infection control practitioners; Laboratory
      personnel; Epidemiologists; Commercial poultry personnel; Veterinarians;
      Extension agents; Emergency management personnel; Environmental quality
      personnel; and Game and wildlife personnel
    PURPOSE: Identify the potential for human health problems associated with
      cases of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) in poultry; Learn how to
      minimize the risk of spread of further human infection if human infection or
      disease is identified; Provide guidance to individuals who are involved in
      response activities to protect them against the risk of infection, and minimize
      the risk of viral re-assortment; and Provide guidance to multi-disciplinary rapid
      response teams.

POC: Dr. Catherine McManus
W:                                                     23
                Disability and Special Needs Technical
                   Assistance Training Conference
    WHAT: Disability and Special Needs Technical Assistance Training Conference
    DATE / TIME: January 8-9, 2008
    LOCATION: Capital Hilton
    PARTICIPANTS: Federal. State, and Local Government Officials; Emergency
    Managers and Planners; First Responders; Law Enforcement; Military; Hospitals
    Security Managers; Paramedics; Medical; Disability Advocates; Disability Service
    Providers; Disability Policy Makers; Community-Based Service Providers; and
    Private businesses
    PURPOSE: The Disability and Special Needs Technical Assistance
    Conference will provide technical assistance on aspects of emergency
    management planning and response for people with disabilities and special
    needs. Recent disasters have made us aware of plans and operational
    procedures related to response and recovery to these populations in any natural
    or non-natural disaster. This conference will bring together Federal, State, and
    local experts to discuss day-to-day challenges in planning for their vulnerable
    populations. You will learn new concepts currently used or being developed to
    address disability and special needs planning in their jurisdictions.

POC: Katie Smith
W: (703) 807-2758                                                                      24
                       ER One Annual Conference

    WHAT: ER One Annual Conference
    DATE / TIME: March 3-4, 2008 8:00 AM
    LOCATION: Grand Hyatt, Washington, DC
    PARTICIPANTS: Emergency Care, Trauma Service, Critical Care, Protective Services,
        Members of Emergency Preparedness Committees, Public Information Officers,
        Hospital Administrators and Local, State and Federal Emergency Management
    PURPOSE: Explain the new standards for Joint Commission, NIOSH and NIMS and
    their impact on hospitals' emergency management planning; Describe what external assets
    may be available to assist a hospital and how to optimally integrate them into hospital
    operations; Describe internal issues a hospital might face during a disaster (behavioral
    health support for staff, information management during a crisis, the evacuation process)
    and understand the strategies to manage them successfully.

W: (202) 877-9999                                                                               25
                     Virginia Emergency Management
   WHAT: Virginia Emergency Management Conference
   DATE / TIME: March 11-14, 2008
   LOCATION: Hampton Roads Convention Center
   PARTICIPANTS: Emergency Management

W:                                   26
          National Capital Region
Training and Exercise Consortium


                NCR ICS 300/400 Training

District of Columbia
ICS-300: November 5-7; December 10-12
ICS-400: December 13-14

Fairfax County
ICS-300/400: December 10-12 & 14; January 8-11

Montgomery County
ICS-300/400: November 3, 10, 17 & December 1; November 27-30

                             Training Opportunities:
                               DC HSEMA Courses
WHO: NCR Personnel
WHAT: No Cost Training Opportunity
WHEN: Refer to following website:
WHERE: Refer to following website:

Courses Offered:
   – WebEOC Refresher Training: Nov 15
   – WebEOC User Training: Nov 7
   – Emergency Liaison Officer: Nov 13; Dec 4; Jan 22

POC: Mr. Brian Baker, DC HSEMA
Email:                                   29
                          Training Opportunities:
                              MEMA Courses
WHO: NCR Personnel
WHAT: No Cost Training Opportunity
WHEN: Refer to following website:
WHERE: Refer to following website:
Courses Offered:
      –   Monthly WebEOC Training: First Tuesday at MEMA HDQRTs from 0800 – 1600
      –   ICS-300/400: November 13-16
      –   ICS Train-the-Trainer: November 13-16; December 11-14
      –   Mass Fatalities Incident Response: November 13-15
      –   ICS/EOC Interface: November 14-16

POC: Christina Crue
                             Training Opportunities:
                                  VDEM Courses
WHO: NCR Personnel
WHAT: No Cost Training Opportunity
WHEN: Refer to following website:
WHERE: Refer to following website:
Courses Offered:
   – ICS 400: Nov 29-30 (Charlottesville)
   – VA Coordinator’s Briefing: Nov 13 (Newport News); Nov 28 (Roanoke)
   – Basic Public Information Officer: Feb 12-14 (Richmond)

POC: Mr. Aldo Davila, VDEM
W: (703) 986-9983                                                         31
                            Joint State Funeral Training 08-01
 WHO: JFHQ-NCR, Components, Subordinate Organizations, Interagency Partners
 WHAT: Conduct Full Scale Exercise including Operations Centers
 WHEN: 3-7 Dec 07 (T)
 WHY: Improve JFHQ-NCR readiness and interagency interoperability
     – TBD               Initial Planning Conference
     – 11 Oct            Exercise Planning Group Meeting
     – TBD               MSEL Conference
     – TBD               Mid-Planning Conference
     – TBD               Exercise Planning Group Meeting
     – TBD               Final Planning Conference
     – TBD               MSEL Sync Conference
     – TBD               Academics
     – TBD               Exercise Planning Group Meeting
     – TBD               Full Scale Exercise Execution
     – TBD               After Action Review
     – TBD               Corrective Actions for Lessons Learned

POC: Mr. Cory Wright, J37
(202) 685-2914                                                        9 Feb 07
                          Training Opportunities:
                         Washington Hospital Center
WHAT: Hospital Disaster Life Support Hands-on Course
DESCRIPTION: HDLS is a course on hospital disaster management response
principles. The course combines classroom discussion of critical “all-hazards”
response issues with actual hands-on exercise simulation for conventional, chemical,
and biological Mass Casualty Incidents (MCI). An actual emergency department setting
will be utilized by the participants to practice disaster management concepts and
procedures discussed in class.
WHEN: see website:
WHERE: Washington Hospital Center
PARTICIPANTS: Physicians, critical care/emergency nurses, physicians extenders,
     paramedics, hospital administrators, protective services, and emergency
     preparedness staff.

POC: Yuri Millo                                                             33
                          ETOP Update

                      Current ETOP Projects:

• Project Funding

• CIP RPWG Exercise

• Volunteer Mobilization Center Regional Exercise

                         Event Input Format

   WHAT: Name of the event
   DATE / TIME: Date(s) and time for the event
   LOCATION: Where the event will be conducted
   PARTICIPANTS: List the event participants
   PURPOSE: Why is this event being conducted
       – Date/Time:     Milestone event (eg, IPC, MPC, MSEL Conf, AAR, etc…)

POC: __________
W: __________                                                                  36
            Issues / Comments

• Federal

• State

• Local

• ESFs

                             Points of Contact

•   Mr. Don Amos, VDEM: (571) 221-3583.

•   Ms. Cheri Roe, DHS-ONCRC: (202) 282-8214,

•   Ms. Jamie Quarrelles, DCHSEMA: (202) 481-3078,

•   Mr. Joe Henderson, MEMA: (410) 517-3609,

•   Mr. Aldo Davila, VDEM: (703) 986-9983,

•   Mr. Dann Pickens, JFHQ-NCR: (202) 685-2898,

•   ETOP Website:

                    Next Meeting

Date: Dec 4, 2007

Time: 10:30 a.m.

Location: MWCOG Board Room
          777 North Capital St, NE
          Washington, D.C.


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