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									                                     Hewlett Packard

                                    Campaign Concept –Overview-

Campaign Name:
Campaign Type:

Problem to be Solved
Main Idea/Key Points
Key Promise or Benefit

                                   Key Elements            Description   Rating (1 to 10)
Target                        -    Key Insight
                              -    Key Benefits
30%                           -    Key Points of the Ad

Creativity                    -    Graphics
                              -    Logo
30%                           -    Quality

Timing                        -   Launch of Ad
                                  (compared to product
20%                               launch)
                              - Launch of Actual
                              (how long after ad
                              campaign is product
                              actually launched)

Product Concept               -    Clear Message
                              -    Easy to Use
20%                           -    Shift Perception

Total Weighted Score (out of 10)

Comments/Lessons Learned
Rating (1 to 10)
                  Hewlett Packard Advertising Template
Graphics                                                                 1 2 3 4 5
Does the graphic appeal to the target market?
Is the graphic an eye pleaser?
Does the graphic draw attention to the message?
Does the graphic give an idea of what is being sold?
Is the image interesting/appealing?
Does the image pique curiosity and interest?
Does the image evoke emotions?
Does the graphic attract the attention of your prospect and draw them
them into your message?
Is the product shown or in use in the advertisement?

Does the headline persuade customers to take action?
Is the headline clearly visible?
Is your headline benefit driven?
Is the headline credible and risk free?
Is the headline memorable?
Does the headline have an emotional impact?

Is your copy in complete sentences?
Is it written in the present tense?
Is the copy specific and right to the point?
Does the copy include the benefits to the reader?
Does the copy state the unique selling point?

Does the advertisement use facts and statistics from reliable sources?
Is the advertisement simple to respond to?
ie. Telephone number, email, website
Is the advertisement simple and clear of clutter?
Does the advertisement clearly show what the product/service is?
Does the advertisement have a good proportion of copy and images?
Does the advertisement give pleasure and avoid pain to the customer?
Does the advertisement have a unique competitive advantage?
Is the white space in the advertisement used effectively?
Does the advertisement use scarcity tactics? ie. while quantities last
Is the advertisement truthful and honest?
Does it offer a strong guarantee?
Does the advertisement use testimonials?
Is your advertisement going to be placed in an appropriate
viewing area of the target market?
Does your advertisement have one specific objective?
Has the objective been met?
Does the advertisement sell the benefits?
           Hewlett Packard Advertising Template

Campaign Name
Campaign Type
Vehicle Type

What is the problem that the Advertisement must solve?

Advertising Objectives
What is the target market?

What is the target market key promise/benefit?

What is the support?

What is the tone of the advertisement?

What is the brand character?
                                             Hewlett Packard

Campaign Name
Campaign Type
Vehicle Type

Problem to be solved

Key Concept
Key Benefit
                   Key Elements                                                       Description   Rating * to ****
 Target Audience Will target consumers know the ad is intended for them?
      25%        Does the ad take the target viewpoint?
                 Does the ad reach a pain or need of the consumer?
                 Is the ad able to reach a personal level with consumers ?
                 Does the ad have an attention getter? What is it?

     Creative      Is the layout/colour inviting, does it make the consumer
       35%         want to look at the ad?
                   Does the ad flow together, are headlines and text
                   Does the ad have enough colour?
                   If the ad does have colour is the right colours for HP,
                   does it use blue or colors more commonly associated with HP?
                   Will the ad engage the customer? (humor, Facts, etc)
                   Is it easy to read? Is the page cluttered?
                   Does the size of the ad do the product justice?

Product Concept    Does the ad have a clear and concise message?linked to a benefit
      35%          Does the ad leave a memorable impression, or will
                   consumer forget about the ad before product is launched?
                   Is the ad easy to grasp, or will all the technical information
                   confuse the consumer and cause them to lose interest?
                   Is the ad able to link consumer benefits to the product?
                   Does the ad sell the product, does it create the need for

      Timing       Does the ad have a reasonable lauch date as compared
       15%         to the product launch date?
                   Does the ad run in time to get it tune with the consumers
                   need? Will it tap into the consumers pain or want.
Company:                                                                   Medium Used to Advertise;
Campaign Name/Type:                                     q    Magazine Ad       q Newspaper         q      Billboard
                                                        q    Commercial        q Internet          q      Other

              AD OBJECTIVES                                                     TARGET GROUP
    q      Increase Awareness                           Key Characteristics / Insight (Hot Button) etc.
    q      Shift Perceptions                             *
    q      Build Credibility                             *
    q      Build Brand Name                              *
    q      Generate Immediate Response                   *
          KEY PROMISE or BENEFIT                        What segment is the ad targeting?

                                                        Is this segment appropriate?

                               ELEMENTS TO                                                                     Rating
                                                                    DESCRIPTION OF FINDINGS
                                CONSIDER                                                                        A-F
   COPY or MESSGE         * clear, concise
                          * boasting
                          * it was personal, informal
                           and relevant
        CREATIVITY        * images
                          * headings
                          * coulor, texture, balamce
                          * eye catching
    CONSUMER       * physical data (stimuli)
PERCEPTION PROCESS * physiological (sensory)
                          * psyhological (emotional)
                          * cognition (awarness)
                          * memory

     MOTIVATION           * motivators
                          * deals with wants
                          * deals with needs




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