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                                                 SED job#
SED Employment committee job-listing template last revised 04/16/2004
(NOTE: all text that is shown in red will be removed)

 Do not assign a job number. The employment committee will assign this number upon receipt of the

At least one of the following two items (agency name, company seeking applicants) is required.

Agency name:
(If this is an agency, and you do not want the company name sent out to all job seekers, please
provide us with the company name separate from this listing, so we can avoid duplicate listings (see

Company seeking applicants:
Note that we do not currently show company or agency names in the quarterly newsletter, we just
show the job title.

Division of company, if applicable:

Position Title: (required):

General Geographic location:
: (required):
Please use North, Northeast, South, East Coast, West Coast, Midwest, Southwest, Pacific Northwest
etc, even if you specify a state - don’t make us guess

State (optional):
(If you provide the state information on the job listing, the state information will be mailed out to
jobseekers in their updates, and will also be listed in the quarterly newsletter). If you do not indicate a
state, we will just show the general geographic location.

Requested qualifications of applicants: (required):

   Academic

   Experience

Position Responsibilities: (required):

Salary range or additional benefits (optional):

Contact Information (required)

(If you are not an agency, and want applicants to use on-line applications, see also FAQ # 13
about required contact information):

Closing date: (required):
No longer than nine months from when you send it to us (unless this is an ongoing internship
opening). If no date is provided, the job will be listed for six months after receipt.
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NOTE: Please do not insert complex tables or graphics into this document, as they do not translate
well into the HTML format that we use for distribution.
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Important Legal notice about this document that applies to the company/agency submitting it
Please read and understand this before submitting this document:
By submitting this filled-out job-listing template to the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) Sensory
Evaluation Division (SED) Employment Committee Chairperson, I agree to the distribution of this
I understand that neither the IFT, the SED, the Chairperson, or any company that the Chairperson
works for are liable for any errors within it, or for the misuse or redirection of this information to other
parties and thus hold them harmless from any liability.

I specifically grant the chairperson the right to publish (or not publish) this information in any way
he/she sees fit.
I also grant the SED Chairperson the right to remove this job-listing from distribution/publication at
any time.
I also acknowledge and understand that this being a free service, it is revocable at any time and that
the IFT, SED, Chairperson and the company for whom the Chairperson works gives no guarantee or
warranty regarding positions available or candidates for it.

If I am placing this job-listing template in behalf of another company, I claim that I have the right to do
so, and I agree to the above conditions on their behalf.
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General information for people listing jobs with SED

This function was created to give members in the Sensory Evaluation division (SED) of the Institute
of Food Technologists an easy way to find out about positions in the field of Sensory Evaluation and
closely related fields such as consumer testing and Market Research. We receive job postings from
individual companies and agencies/recruiters, and email them monthly to members who have signed
up for this service. The positions are also listed quarterly in the SED newsletter, the Sensory Forum,
which goes out to all SED members (over 1000) It is up to the SED members to take the next step
and apply for the job.

There is no charge for this service to either the agencies/companies listing the jobs, or to SED
members who are sent this information.

Please prepare the job listings in Microsoft Word format using the above template, and e-mail the
document to the current employment committee chairperson:

(Please do not insert complex tables or graphics into the document, as they do not translate well into
the HTML format that we use for distribution).
(Since we are currently sending these updates by email, and cannot for various reasons post them on
a website, some HTML features that are available on a real website do not work well in an emailed

Please do not mail or FAX us copies of newspaper ads for positions. We require that the
postings be emailed to us in an electronic word processing document format, based on the
template provided on the first page.

Questions? - Contact the current employment group chairperson at the email address above.

Please remember that the posting you send us (page 1 of this template) will be sent to members
looking for jobs without further editing, other than:
   1.      Adding the SED job #
   2.      Removing the text we have marked in red on the template - page 1(do not add your own
           red sections, or we will all get confused)
   3.      Removing the general information section above
   4.      Removing the FAQ section below
   5.      Translating the document into another format such e.g. html, acrobat, wordPad) for
           distribution (If the translation changes the appearance a lot, we will send it to you for
   6.      Making minor changes to allow better translation into other formats.
Remember to include only the information you want everyone who has signed up for this
service to see.
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Twenty-two FAQ (frequently asked questions) about this service:

1.    I am not a SED member – can I list a job?
      We want to list as many job listings as possible. Only the job seekers who sign up for the
      monthly job listing updates need to be SED members.

2.    Can you send me the names and resumes of job seekers so I can call the ones I am interested
      The SED Executive committee has decided to treat subscriber names and resumes as
      confidential information. Sorry, no exceptions. The service that the SED employment
      committee provides is to send the job seekers the information on open Sensory positions. It is
      up to them to make the next contact. If they contact you, you can, of course, ask them for their

3.    Will you accept job listings from recruiting agencies?

4.    Do you accept job listings directly from companies looking for applicants?

5.    I am with a recruiting agency and I do not want to provide the name of the company on the
      listing itself. Will you still accept it?
      In general, Yes.

      However, when you send us the electronic listing, please indicate the identity of the company
      in the message part of the e-mail.
      This will allow us to check for duplicate job listings received from different sources (such as
      listings received directly from companies, and listings from other agencies). We will keep this
      information confidential. Company names are NOT shown in the quarterly Forum list of open

6.    Is there any charge for listing a position?
      No! There is no charge to the listing agency, or to the people looking for jobs.

7.    What document format do you prefer for electronic listings?

      We prefer Microsoft Word format. We also have easy access to Word 2000 and Word 97.
      If you cannot provide any of these, you should provide your file in rich text format (.RTF), or, as
      a last resort, ASCII text (.TXT).
      Note: We cannot handle Apple word processing documents at this time.

8.    I have a position that is not closely related to Sensory Evaluation – can I list it to see if there
      are any “nibbles” from the Sensory job seekers?
      Sorry – No
      We want to keep this clearinghouse focused on Sensory Evaluation and closely related fields.
      You might consider contacting the National IFT employment service to reach a wider audience.
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9.    Can you send out the postings only to those people who meet the minimum requirements of
      the position?
      Sorry – No. This would take too much time, and would be very subjective. We have decided
      to leave the screening of applicants to the company that is looking for people, or to the agency
      listing the position.

10.   How long will my job be listed?
      It depends…

      If you give us a closing date, we will use it as the guide (but the closing date should be no
      longer than 9 months from the receipt date). If you do not give us a closing date, we will list it
      for 6 months from the date of receipt, after which you will need to resubmit it to keep it on the
      list. We will not accept “permanent listings” other than for ongoing internship programs that
      some companies have set up.

11.   What else do I need to do?
      Please let us know if/when the position is filled, so we can remove it from the listings, and
      keep the list of jobs up-to-date

12.   Do you get paid for this service?
      No, we are volunteers from the SED.

13.   This is not a question, but an important request to companies listing positions:
      If you are a company asking that applicants apply for the job on-line we require that you also
      give us a name, email address, (and, if at all possible, a phone number)of someone we can
      contact to check whether the job is still open. We will not accept the posting without this
      contact information.

      You should give us this additional contact information as the message part of the email you
      send to us with the job posting information. You do not need to make this information part of
      the posting information itself (since some companies do not like to send out this information

      We will keep this information confidential.

      (This requirement does not apply to agencies that list a position for another company, because
      they have a “built-in” contact at the agency itself, who will provide feedback to us on whether
      the position is still open)

14.   I am a recruiter. Can I get on your distribution list to get regular monthly updates on open

      In general, no. This service is mainly run for the benefit of SED members who are currently
      looking for employment.
      However, if you are a current member of SED, once each quarter you may request the job
      descriptions of all open positions be sent to you. However, you must send a request for each
      update. We will not accept any “standing orders” for quarterly updates.

15.   I have a position I would like to list, but I think that you might already have it listed from another
      source. Will you list mine anyway?
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      Sorry – if it is indeed the same position, it is first come, first served. We will not substitute
      yours for the earlier one. However, once the earlier one closes, you can re-submit the listing,
      so you might want to check with us to find out whether the other job is still open on the list
      Just to be clear on this point, here are some specific scenarios:

      a.     If a company lists a position, then later an agency or recruiter wants to list the same
             position, we will not put the agency’s listing in place of the one we earlier received
             directly from the company. The agency must wait until the listing period of the company
             is over, or the position is filled, whichever happens first.

      b.     If we receive the same position listing from both an agency and a company on the same
             day, we will accept whichever email is received first, and will ask the other to wait until
             the listing period of the first one is over, or until the position is filled, whichever happens

      c.     Finally, if two agencies submit listings for the same position on the same day, we will
             still follow the first come, first served approach, based on when we receive the email.
             The first position received will be accepted, and the second one must wait until after the
             listing period of the first one is over, or the position is filled, whichever happens first.

16.   Is this part of the IFT employment service?
      The Sensory Evaluation Division has set this up as a separate program to benefit SED
      members by listing jobs in Sensory Evaluation and closely related fields. We do not have any
      access to the jobs listed in the IFT employment service, nor to the subscribers to their online

17.   I am with a company looking for applicants for our own positions. I am not interested in listing
      a position with your service, but can you send me the open positions on your list, so I can
      see if we have a competitive advantage in salary or some other benefit?
      Yes, If you are a SED member

18.   How is the information distributed?
      It is sent out two ways:
      Monthly, I email an update to SED members who subscribe to this free service, which contains
      the details of any new positions.

      Quarterly, the list of ALL open positions is shown in the SED Forum newsletter, which goes out
      to all SED members (over 1000)
      This newsletter is published in February, May, July, and October.
      Submission deadlines for the Forum newsletter are January 31, May 1, June 30, and
      September 30.
      Thus, If you miss a submission deadline, you may need to wait a while before your position is
      shown to the whole SED.
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19.   Can I modify the template a bit to better handle the job description?
      Yes, within limits.
      You can change the titles of the sections a bit, or add some new titles, if it will help the job
      seekers understand the position better, but please do not add tables or graphics.
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20.   I am a recruiter, and I have my own numbering system for positions. Can you use my
      numbers instead of the SED number?
      No, we need to use my SED job numbers on the official Forum listings so we all do not get
      confused. However, you can also put your number on the job description in a different place
      than the SED number, so when applicants call you, you can be sure which job they refer to.
      Please clearly differentiate it from the SED job number, perhaps by using your agency name
      before the number. We will also send you a copy of the posting, so you will be sure what the
      SED number is, and what the applicants will see.

21.   I am a recruiter, and found some positions at a company which look appropriate for your
      listings through the use of a a web-based job search engine. May I list these positions with
      you to let some SED members see them?
      Some job search engines specifically prohibit some or all use by recruiters, and we do not
      want to get in the middle of a “terms of use” legal battle. If the company contacts us directly,
      we will consider posting their position based on their request to use the SED service.

22.   How do you make money with this service?
      This service is not aimed at being a moneymaking “business”. It is a free service that the
      Sensory division provides for its’ members.

Revision date: 04/16/2004
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