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  The Premier Online Resource for Entrepreneurial and Investment-
            Centric Landlords and Property Managers

                   70,000            Subscribers             Call for pricing!

The Email List reaches entrepreneurial and investment-centric
landlords. It includes individual property and multi-unit landlords and property managers
who are generating income and tax breaks to offset their investment. Typical subscriber-
members are high net worth individuals, have above average income, and have as many as
one hundred properties and as many as a few thousand rental units.                                          Source             Web Generated

Landlords visit and subscribe at and the weekly                             Selections
CompleteLandlord Landlord Advisor e-newsletter to obtain access to relevant content and
online community, free special reports and free weekly landlording and investment tips via                  HTML Setup         $150 Flat
email. There is also an option to become a premium member for access to additional valuable                 A/B Splits         $50 Flat for each split
content, online property management software, services, and products that helps landlords                   Personalization    $10/M
optimize their investment, revenue stream and the management/marketing of their properties.                 Suppression        $100/Flat Email List allows marketers to target a hard to reach community of                     E-mail Rental Conditions
landlords who are also real estate investors. M any of these individuals are based out of a
home office, using their properties to create positive cash flow and tax breaks to augment                  (*) Pricing includes transmission.
their primary income and add to their personal wealth. They frequent the website on a regular basis to obtain information such as:                              Allocate 5 working days for preparation,
                                                                                                            approval, and transmission of your
        Real Estate Tax Planning                                                                           message
        Rental Property M anagement Ideas
        Tenant Screening Techniques                                                                        The first proof/revision/proof cycle is
        Properly Handling Evictions                                                                        performed at no cost. Additional changes
        Property M anagement and Repair                                                                    after this cycle are at $50/F per additional
        Rental Property Investment Strategies                                                              proof.

Web-based software tools are also available for a fee, and include Property Management                      10,000 name minimum
Solution and Lease Creation Pro. Subscribers to the premium membership and buyers of the
software tools can spend anywhere from $100 to $1,000 per year with                                         Updated weekly.
                                                                                                            Rev. 09.19.08
The Email List and Landlord Advisor Newsletter (please inquire
about sponsorship opportunities) allows marketers to reach a highly unique and hybrid
audience of investors, small business owners, property managers, and, of course, landlords.
They are highly receptive to a wide range of investment, entrepreneurial, real-estate, and
home office/small business offers.


All Financial and Investment Offers, Financial Newsletters, Real-Estate Offers, Small
Business Offers, Home Office Offers, PC Offers, Software Offers, Executive Self-
Improvement Offers, Books, M agazine Subscriptions, Informational Offers, Credit Card
Offers, Upscale Consumer Products, Property and Facilities Offers, Retirement Offers,
College Financing Offers, Credit Reports Offers, Insurance Offers, M ortgage Offers,
Collections Offers, Do-It-Yourself Offers, Advertising Offers and M ore!

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