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									Mark Snodgrass
President, Money Tree Software


Mark Snodgrass draws on diverse experience to create simple yet powerful financial planning software.
President of Money Tree Software and author of “Silver Financial Planner”, Mr. Snodgrass combines
intuitive planning concepts, powerful mathematical models and probability analysis to deliver advanced
reports that educate and inform people about the realities of their financial futures.

Experience in research, banking, brokerage, data systems, and advanced application programming allows
Mr. Snodgrass to bridge the distance from modern probability based planning theory to readable reports.
His designs for client friendly planning tools and reports are well received by financial planning
professionals from beginners to industry patriarchs. Silver Financial Planner is recognized as “What might
be the best solution for handling the planning needs of middle-income clients” (
Money Tree Software is, according to a recent industry survey, the most popular professional planning
software among fee-only advisors (

Mark Snodgrass is actively involved in advancing the implementation of modern customer oriented
financial planning theory into general practice. The innovative Monte Carlo Simulation models he first
created in 1996 are integrated into the financial calculations of all Money Tree‟s programs. The Monte
Carlo Simulation engine developed by Mr. Snodgrass uses the full richness of a client‟s financial picture to
simulate and analyze results from ten thousand of potential economic futures in seconds. His new designs
use Monte Carlo to create dynamic illustrations of complex retirement distribution problems.

Mr. Snodgrass also applies Money Tree technology to web-based planning systems. A robust ASP planning
system connected to a server side calculation engine and PDF report system now supports major providers
of online financial services. This technology delivers distributed planning systems to professional groups,
and effectively offers personal planning illustrations directly to consumers.

The City of New York uses Money Tree Enterprise Online technology to offer retirement planning tools
directly to its retirement plan participants. This innovative online delivery of custom educational content,
pension estimates, investment options, and real time retirement planning gives the „City That Never Sleeps‟
a way to effeciently answer employee retirement and pension questions twenty-four hours a day.

In addition to leading Money Tree Software, Mr. Snodgrass consults with select companies on technology,
training, and calculation issues. As a speaker, Mr. Snodgrass delivers presentations to industry groups on
Financial Planning Fundamentals, Customer Interaction Techniques, and Monte Carlo Technology.

Money Tree Software develops planning systems for CFPs, CPAs, RIAs, securities representatives,
insurance agents, fee only planners, and other financial service professionals. In addition to it‟s standard
software, Money Tree designs and creates customized planning solutions, web calculators, educational
systems, and calculation engines for banks, broker/dealers, insurance companies and government agencies.

                                       Money Tree Software, Ltd
                2430 Profession Dr.,Corvallis, OR. 97330 – Ph. 541-754-3701– email

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