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                       e-Accounting System Requirements

For optimum speed and efficiency, it is best for people who access e-Accounting system
regularly to use the recommended system requirements.

Other who will access only portions of the e-Accounting, such as applying annual leave,
can use the minimum requirements.

Recommended System Requirements
      E-Accounting compatible 1 GHz computer
      256MB RAM with 32MB or more available for applications
      Hard disk with at least 200MB free space
      Windows 2000 or XP
      Internet Explorer 6.0
      1024X800 screen resolution
      High-speed Internet connection (256kbps or higher), such as DSL, cable modem,
       or T1
      Windows compatible printer for printing invoices, reports and other forms.

Minimum System Requirements
      E-Accounting compatible 450MHz computer with 128MB RAM
      Windows 98
      Internet Explorer 5.0
      VGA showing high colour 16bit
      800X600 screen resolution
      128kbps Internet connection

Software Integration Requirements
      MS Excel 97 or later is required for viewing downloaded reports.
      Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 or higher for viewing downloadable invoices, and
       other forms (Adobe Acrobat Reader is available as a free download).

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