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									                                                                          Volume VI, Issue 8
      FAMILY HISTORY NEWSLETTER                                           August 2010

                                    Compiled by Jack & Sylvia Sonneborn, York, PA

                            FREE FREE FREE FREE

   The genealogy research site will be offering a FREE ACCESS
  WEEKEND. Search millions of immigration records, Census records, and many,
  many others for a FREE weekend. Labor Day weekend ONLY, September 2-6.

                                                   examination rolls. These are the main                                    sources of genealogical information in
   Acquires New                                    Sweden.
                                                   For those of you that have already started
  Family Member:                                   your Swedish research, you’re well aware
                                                   that we launched, a site
     Sweden’s                                      focused in Sweden, back in 2007.                                     Altogether, we currently have more than 7
                                                   million   Swedish     records,    including
                                                   emigration     records,    vital   records,
Posted by Heather Erickson on June 15, 2010 in     newspaper clips and parish records.
Company News, Content
                                                   Together with, we will become
If you haven’t already heard the good              the destination for people wanting to learn
news, we wanted you to know that we                more about their Swedish family history.
have agreed to acquire the leading                 Once the deal has completed more details
Swedish family history website         will be provided around the future plans
While the deal is still not final, we expect       for the business and also the access we
the acquisition details to be determined           will be able to give
over the next month.                               customers to this wealth of Swedish
Almost 4 million Americans claimed                 content.
Swedish heritage in the 2000 US census,            In the meantime, you won’t have to wait
so I’m sure many of you are as excited as          too long for more Swedish records to
we are.                                            come online. Separate from our deal with
Though many of the details are still being, in the coming months, we will
determined, this newest addition to the            be adding the Gothenburg, Sweden, family has access to a                Passenger Lists, 1869-1950 collection,
collection of Swedish church records that          which contains more than 1.2 million
contain more than 26 million digitized             Swedish records.
pages of records spanning more than 400              The first part of this newsletter
years from the 16th to the 20th century.            will feature important news about
 These records consist of birth/baptismal,
                                           This is our favorite
confirmation,    marriage,   death/burial,
                                                           commercial website.
church      ledgers     and     household
                                        research. As a natural service
Ancestry Acquires                       extension for, we
ProGenealogists                         expect      the      addition      of
                                        ProGenealogists will also enhance
                                        and     expand   the    professional
                                        research     offerings      currently
                                        available through
                                        Expert Connect.” Read the entire
                                        article                            at
This press release was           just   cestry-acquires-progenealogists/
received   from Ancestry         this
afternoon:                                 ANCESTRY AND THE
                                         CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST     to   Acquire
                                          OF LATTER-DAY SAINTS’
Professional Genealogy Firm
ProGenealogists, Inc.                          AGREEMENT
                                        We just want to remind everyone that an
PROVO, UTAH (August 6, 2010) –          agreement exists between FamilySearch Inc. (Nasdaq:ACOM)         (the LDS Church) AND in
announced today that it has             relationship to indexes and images. It is
acquired   leading    professional      very interesting. Things have progressed
genealogy      research      firm,      since this article was written, but it explains
                                        the agreement the two organizations have
ProGenealogists, Inc.
                                        and how they are working TOGETHER to
                                        get the best information published.
Based in Salt Lake City, Utah,
ProGenealogists      specializes   in   Part of the article is below and here:
genealogical, forensic and family       <
history research. During its 10-        releases/view/?id=239> is the link to the
                                        entire article--
year history, the firm has become
a trusted name in professional
genealogy, finding great success        ―SALT LAKE CITY— and
with client research and expanding      FamilySearch, the two largest online family
both its domestic and international     history resources, announced today they will
capabilities.    As    a    part  of    exchange records and resources to make
                                        more historical records available online. The, ProGenealogists will
                                        first project is a joint initiative to significantly
continue to provide premier family      enhance the online U.S. Federal Census
history research to its existing        Collection (1790 to 1930).
clients    while    extending    the reach across the           FamilySearch is digitally converting master
genealogy value chain.                  microfilm copies of the original U.S. Federal
                                        Censuses from 1790 through 1930 and,
                                        under this agreement, will give these
“We are delighted to welcome            improved images to All
ProGenealogists        into       the   census images and indexes will be available network,” said David       on for subscribers. As projects
Rinn, senior vice president of          are completed, images will be available for
strategy       and          corporate   free in NARA reading rooms and
                                        FamilySearch’s 4,500 Family History
development for
“With this acquisition
can better serve subscribers who, which currently offers indexes
are seeking dedicated, personal         and images to the entire publicly available
support in their family history         U.S. Federal Census Collection, will give

FamilySearch copies of its existing census        index names that are totally unfamiliar to
indexes. Through its online indexing system       them. I realize that you can see your family
and community of volunteer indexers,              name exactly as it is written, but when you
FamilySearch is already indexing select           have no clue what the name is, handwriting
censuses. FamilySearch will merge the             can be interpreted many ways. Until you indexes with the new                 personally index, you never know how hard
FamilySearch indexes to create enhanced           it can be to get it right!
census indexes, which will be added to both
sites. Indexes to the enhanced censuses will      Jill Crandell
be free on for a limited time as
they are completed. Indexes will also be          Jill's explanation on the indexing errors at
available for free on‖          Ancestry was really appreciated.

                                                    ANCESTRY BOUGHT GENLINE
I've been with for a few                  [SWEDISH RECORDS]
years now and I'm noticing that I've been
getting a LOT of new hints with MY family         Of course, FamilySearch has to re-index the
members on passenger lists and many               records already indexed by
other things lately that I’ve never been          The Church will want to have their efforts
able to find before! Also many more links         available and not have conflicts in the future.
to others tree's with the same info as I
have. I know new things are added on              Many organizations do indexing, which
Ancestry on all the time, just as new             duplicates the indexing done by other
people are being added to Family Search           organizations. For example, Canadian
all the time and so on, but this seems to         census records have been indexed by at
be a LOT more than usual!                         least three organizations (ie., Ancestry,
                                                  FamilySearch, and Automated Genealogy).
                                                  I also understand that Ancestry was using
                                                  some type of computerized system that
 WHY DID THE CHURCH DECIDE                        "read" the actual records, and that was
  TO RE-INDEX THE CENSUS                          another reason why the names and places
         RECORDS?                                 were garbled at times.

"Not sure about exactly why the Church            Perhaps one reason Ancestry bought
decided to reindex Ancestry's records.‖ Just      Genline was that the Swedish records were
a small clarification. Much of what Ancestry      already being indexed and the images are
has indexed are records that the Church has       digital in the majority of cases. I am
on microfilm. FamilySearch is indexing all of     guessing that the Swedish records will
the films owned by the Genealogical Society       eventually show up on Ancestry.
of Utah (where permission can be obtained
from the record owners), regardless of            Did any of you notice that the Church is
previous    projects by any separate              looking for more volunteers to help with
organization. Ancestry owns their indexes         indexing? I wish our stake was involved with
and the Church has no rights or access to         indexing. Our volunteers do it without any
them unless Ancestry grants that access.          local support. I love indexing because I find
Anything the Church produces can be made          typing very relaxing. I particularly enjoy
available on their terms regardless of what       indexing    the World        War      II  Draft
others have done. This is how they can            Registrations. They have birth dates and
make them available free of charge,               birthplaces, but the Church isn't asking us to
especially since they are produced by             index the birthplaces -- only the birthdates. A
volunteer efforts.                                batch of 30 men's names from this type of
                                                  record doesn't take too long.
As for the errors at Ancestry, one of the
things they struggle with is paying their         What a wonderful age we live in. There are
indexers. That makes a project extremely          truly miracles all around us as we gather our
expensive, so they have outsourced projects       family names. What blessings we see open
to foreign countries. When you realize that, it   up! I love it. So much better than long family
helps you understand why Ky in a census           group records and typewriters with long
that is obviously Kentucky to us is indexed       carriages. ha!
as Kenya. Also, non-Americans are trying to
                                                  Mary Scott, Northville Ward
                                                    tree with stories about each one. Found a
       New                                          forgotten family member’s headstone as
                                                    you traverse an 18th century cemetery?                                      Add this new person and upload an image
      iPhone                                        of their gravesite. Now when you’re on
                                                    the go, your family tree — and all your
 Application Gives                                  history — goes with you.

  Access to Your                                    For more details about the new
                                           Tree To Go iPhone app visit
  Tree on the Go                          , or download
                                                    the Trees To Go directly
Posted by Heather Erickson on January 19, 2010 in Site, Company News, Family Trees,
                                                    from the iTunes App Store.
Member Connect
                                                    WHAT IF I FIND A SPELLING
You asked for an iPhone® application that            ERROR IN ANCESTRY CENSUS
gives you access to your                        RECORDS?
tree, and we heard you loud and clear.
I’m excited to announce that we have                Nancy, There are a couple of ways to notify
launched the Tree To Go                Ancestry's other users of a spelling concern.
iPhone app.
                                                    First, open the record so you can see the
Whether you’re scouring the research                indexer's summary.
library or getting together to share family
stories with relatives, you’ll never miss a         1) You could put it and other data in the
chance to add to your                  brown box on the left column titled "Leave a
family tree with this handy app. Log in to          Comment." The concern is that this location
your account from                      doesn't put data into search results. It's good
anywhere to access your tree, edit                  for explaining supplementary information,
information, upload photos — even add a
long-lost family member you find on your            2) Again in the left column when you've
way. You never know where or when                   opened to the indexing is something called
you’ll discover something to help you               "Page Tools." Under that heading is a
grow your family tree.                 pencil and "Add Alternate Information."
                                                    What you can leave varies by record, but
With this helpful mobile tree tool, you can         let's use a name as an example.
see all the family trees you’ve already
created on Just download              Click on "Add Alternate Information," window
the app to your iPhone or iPod® Touch,              appears
log in to your account and             Select "Name" from the first little box
choose a family tree.                               Select "Reason" ie, wrong on record,
                                                    indexing error, variation, etc.
         You can browse names in your              Select "Given Name -- Surname" and make
   tree                                             the correction..
       Search for a specific person in             Click "Submit Alternate." It shows you what
   your tree                                        you've submitted. It also asks if it should
       Click on a relative to view, then           apply to others with the same surname in
                                                    that document.
   edit or add vital information,
                                                    You respond yes or no. If there's a typo in
   immediate family members, life
                                                    your comment, you can delete it and begin
   events, notes or new ancestors.                  over.
       Take photos of your relatives,              The corrections made under Page Tools are
   historical documents, keepsakes,                 added to the search results in brackets.
   buildings and more and upload them
   directly to your tree.                           Jerry in Boise
Just discovered a treasure trove of family
heirlooms at your second cousin’s house?
Take pictures and upload them to your
       INFORMATION ABOUT                                    page to include direct links to
          ANCESTRY.COM                                      Family Trees, a search template for
                                                            you to fill in to search for an
                                                            ancestor, “What’s Happening
     Navigating                                [New] at Ancestry,” My Shoebox
         By Sylvia H. Sonneborn,                            [where you can set aside records to
        Ancestry                                            view later]. Recent Activity [places
                                                            you have looked at], Other Links has                                      [People I’m looking for]. Note that
   over a billion names                                     these are now at the top beside
                                                            Help: My Quick Links [click to go
I. Access Ancestry by typing                                directly to Ancestry Card Catalog into your browser.                             and other records], My To-Do List
II. Where do I start?                                       [reminders of places you want to
           A. Tutorial Lessons are available                search].
           – Go to the Learning Center. Tabs            B. TAB – Family Trees – The drop-
           now include a drop-down menu so                  down menu will list trees you
           that you can navigate to sections of             subscribe to.
           the site that previously would have          C. TAB - Search – this is the most
          required several clicks with just one.            valuable tool for searching
                 Webinars are available.                    [Choose old or new version] Old
         B. Charts and software are also                    Version - First look at all that is
available:                                                  available along the right-hand
              1.     Charts are available at                side
              Help by typing “charts” into         Now you are ready to select the hyperlink
              Search box or at                     for something specific, like a Census, or
          select no site if you want to search in all
              harts/ancchart.aspx                  areas. Now type the ancestor’s name and
              2.     Family Tree Maker Starter     some information into the template. The
              Edition 2010 is downloadable at      more information you type, the fewer hits,
        but you will still get a lot of names that
              ownload/starter.aspx                 “might” be yours. Each name is a
III. Activate your search by using the tabs        hyperlink. Click on it to go to the record
across the top of the Home page                    and to view the original image, like a
     A. Across the top, you will find the          census, when available. Ancestry has
     following tabs: Home, Family Trees,           reduced the number of hits and makes a
     Search, Collaborate, Learning                 closer match.
     Center, DNA, Publish, Shop, Hire              Along the right is a listing of the records
     an Expert, and To-Dos and Add to              that are available at the SEARCH tab:
     Quick Links.                                       1. Card Catalog - Look in this to
     B. You can use Ancestry for some                       find surnames, state records, and
     features without subscribing.                          many general research tools.
         1. The Message Board on the                        You will be amazed at the long
     Collaboration Tab                                      listed of resources.
          2. You can view photos, search                2. Browse Records has 6 major
     but not look, publish, shop, hire                      divisions - Listed Below
     experts, upload a
         GEDCOM, archive old                               a. Family Trees -
     resources, look at blog, get                          One World Tree (One World Tree
     newsletter, look at learning                  gathers family trees and family history
     materials                                     records for millions of
IV. We will look at each of the
      A. TAB -Home – the template to start                 (i.) Census - US Federal Census,
           a search. You can customize this                1940 Substitute (directories), UK
           page. Ancestry has redesigned this              Census Collection- US Indian
        Census, Canada Census                             American ancestor who lived during
        Collection, & More                                the past fifty years -a

There are two separate U.S. Census
resources at the
Indices to the Census Records and                         (iii). Immigration and Emigration
                                                          Records - - New York Passenger
Federal Census Images themselves.
                                                          Lists, US Passport Applications,
                                                          Lists, Canadian Border, Crossings,
(ii.) The amount of family                                More…
information varies from one census to
another and generally increases in                        (iv). Military - - WWI Draft
more recent years. Here are some                          Registration Cards, US Civil War
important things to note about census                     Service Records - WWII Newsreels,
records:                                                  US Veterans’ Gravesites, More…
                                                                  (a). World War II Draft
       Though the years from 1790-1840 are                       Registration Cards
        fully indexed, the original records                       (b). Civil War Databases
        only listed heads of households. Other                    (5 million names)
        family members are tallied by age                         Civil War records are of
        and not listed individually.                              two general types: service
       Records from 1850-1870 list all                           records and pension records.
        household members, but do not                             Using the index to find the
        indicate any relationships between
                                                                  pensioner's name is your
        the head of the household and other
        household members.                                        first step. You can get a
       Records from 1880-1930 list all                           copy of the ancestor's actual
        household      members      and     their                 pension file from the
        relationship to the head of the                           National Archives:
       99% of the 1890 population census was                     search/order/
        destroyed (though has                        ml
        created a partial replacement census).
       The 1850 census is the first to provide           (v). Directories & Member Lists -
        ages and birthplaces for everyone                 Cities Directories, New York City
        tallied.                                          Directory, 1890, - Early UK and US
       The 1870 census indicates whether the
                                                          Directories – phone books and
        individual's parents were of foreign
       *The 1880 census is the first to provide          (vi). Court, Land, & Probate –
        the birthplace of parents.                        US General Land Office Records,
       The 1930 census was released on 1                 British Chancery Records, Texas
        April 2002.                                       Land Title Abstracts, Middlesex,
*The 1890 census documents were virtually                 Probate Index
destroyed in a fire in 1921. To partially
compensate for this loss, Ancestry has created a          (vii). Dictionaries, Encyclopedias
special database using directories from that              & Reference- (BGMI)
period. The U.S. Records Collection on                    Genealogical Library Master Index includes the index for this (but not         (Last name, place name, or subject)
images), and the U.S. Federal Census Images               - AGBI (American Genealogical-
and Indexes subscription includes both the                Biographical Index) - Periodical
images and the index. This can be helpful in
                                                          Source Index (PERSI), Historical
locating people who lived in 1890.                        Newspapers

        (ii.) Birth, Marriage & Death --                  c. Stories & Publications - Listed Below
        Social Security Death Index,                              (a). Newspapers & Periodicals - -
        Obituary Collection, Birth Index,           Historical Newspaper Collection
        and More (a). SSDI - Select an
              (b). Stories, Memories, and Histories       pay Ancestry to print it for
 - Public Member Stories - Slave Narratives               you. Cost of book with leather
      d. Photos and Maps - Check here for US              cover and 20 pages = $44.95.
 map collection, US School yearbooks, Public              $.49 for each additional page.
 member records,      Maps, Atlases and               H. TAB - Shop – Purchase products
 Gazetteers, and more                                     from Ancestry Store – books,
       e. Special Collections – African American          records, software, photos, maps,
 and Jewish Collections                                   services, scrapbook, gifts. Family
        f. Other Resources - Find out general             Tree Maker paid edition
 information about your family name: family           I. TAB – Hire an Expert – Click
 statistics, surname distribution, place of origin        here to find paid professional help
                                                          for family history research
3. MAP - Next look at a well-kept secret
at the SEARCH tab. Scroll down beneath                J. TAB – To-Dos – Keep track of
the name template. Below the template is a               future plans for research
map. Click on a place to see all the resources        K. TAB – Add to Quick Links – Add
available on that locality, like marriage                an area to Quick Links as a
records of Falckner Swamp, Montgomery                    bookmark.
County, PA in the 1700’s.                             L. VI. Weekly and Monthly
4. Newer Search Version [click on yellow              M. One of the best ways to continue
bar to change view of Search page.] New                  building your family tree is to read
Search has the Search template in the center.            the family history newsletter. This
     D. Collaborate - Has Message                        e-mail newsletter contains up-to-
                                                         date information on
        Board, Your Profile, Member
                                                         databases and family history how-
        Connections, Member                              to articles on many topics. It is an
        Directory, and World Archives                    essential tool in continuing your
        Project.                                         family history research. To sign up
     E. TAB - Learning Center – Build a                  for the Weekly Discovery, simply
        Tree, How to Search,                             click on the Learning Center tab
        Understanding Records, Article                   and find the sign-up information on
        Archives, Webinar Online                         the right. There is also an Ancestry
        Seminars, Help – FAQ,                            Monthly Update. Blog, Family                        VII. COST to Subscribe to
        History Wiki.                          
     F. TAB - DNA – Use DNA testing to                         U.S. Deluxe Membership –
        find cousins, discover ancestry, etc.                     $155.40; 6 months $89.70;
        DNA Kit Costs $149                                        Quarterly $50.85; Monthly
     G. TAB – Publish – all registered                         Annual World Deluxe
         Ancestry uses can use Ancestry                           Membership - $299.40
         Press to create family history tree
                                                                  (Has UK, England,
         projects [books, posters, photo                          Scotland, Ireland, Wales,
         books, collages]. Click on                               Canada); 6 months
         “Publish” and begin your project.                        $161.70; Quarterly $83.85;
         Ancestry will use templates and                          Monthly $29.95. There is
         your existing tree. Select the
                                                                  a 14-day free trial
         beginning person, and Ancestry
                                                                  available if you like
         will help to create the online
                                                                  Ancestry. Ancestry is free
         project. There is no limit on
                                                                  at some of the larger
         pictures, but there is a limit on
                                                                  FHCenters. Free site:
         pages [max. 250]. You can print
         a book on your own printer or                            m
                OLD                          ON FUTURE INVENTIONS MEANT
                                             TO GIVE US TIME TO DO FAMILY
   AND LONG FAMILY GROUP                                HISTORY

Have I got a deal for you? On the Family     "Susan Young Gates once asked her
History Consultant message board, there      father, President Brigham Young, how it
was an answer to this question. Lorin        would ever be possible to accomplish the
Lund has written a program to do what        great amount of temple work that needed
you want. It is called "wide Family          to be done."
Group Sheet printing program.” It prints
the old style sheets directly from your      "He told her there would be many
PAF 5 data file. It can be downloaded        inventions of labor-saving devices, so
from his website at                          that our daily duties could be performed         in a short time, leaving us more and
ft.html. It is a shareware program for       more time for temple work."
which he asks a consideration of $5.00.      "The inventions have come, and are still
He has several other programs listed at      coming, but many simply divert the time
the same site. Thanks Lynn for this help.    gained to other channels, and not for the
                                             purpose intended by the Lord."
                Books                        SOURCE: "Genealogy - Put On Thy
                                             Strength, O Zion!" by Archibald F.
Many books for your family history
                                             Bennett, Improvement Era, Oct. 1952,
research have been digitized and posted
online. A few collections include:
                                             Also: "Training from the Old Testament:
                                             Moroni's Lessons for a Prophet" By W.
      Google Books
                                             Jeffrey Marsh, Ensign, August 1998,
                                             Sent in by Greg DeFriezz
      BYU Digital Books Collection
         tml                                              Question:
      Scribd
      Internet Archives                     Can I order birth, marriage and death              certificates for England online?

             HistoryPin                                    Answer:

Google and "We Are What We Do"               Yes. You can order certificates at
have teamed up to create Historypin, an
interactive, worldwide, crowd-sourcing       icates/
photo project. Upload an old photo, geo-
tag it to Google maps and tell about it.       The Cache Celtic Festival
There is an introductory video on the site
to show you how to explore a web of
                                                and Highland Games
photo stories intended to bridge the gap     will be held at the American West
between generations. This is an amazing      Heritage Center August 27 and 28th. If
site with a lot of potential.                you have Celtic heritage, this is fun
Submitted by: Richard Mills                  way to teach your family about their
                                             family history. Get more information.

                                                       part how we can do it for free, how it can be done
    200 Million More                                   at no cost to the patron,‖ said Nauta. Currently,
                                                       350,000 volunteers worldwide log on to
 Historic Records See the                               and         use
                                                       FamilySearch’s proprietary software to view
       Light of Day                                    digital images of historic documents of personal
                                                       interest and type in the desired information.
SALT LAKE CITY 18 Au gust 2010 As the                  FamilySearch then creates a free, searchable
nation’s genealogical societies gather in              index of the historic collections online for the
Knoxville, Tennessee, at the Federation of             public to use.        LDS Church Newsroom
Genealogical Societies Conference this week to
share tips and tricks for finding one’s elusive             UNFOLDING THE FUTURE OF
ancestors, there will certainly besome clamoring             ONLINE FAMILY HISTORY
over an unexpected gift from FamilySearch, a
world leader in historic records preservation and                      RESEARCH‖
access. FamilySearch announced the addition of
over 200 million new searchable historic records       Provo, Utah. July 29 Conference on Family
representing 18 countries to its online database.      History and Genealogy at BYU. Senior
The new records were added to the hundreds of          product manager for FamilySearch Dan
millions FamilySearch published earlier this year
at a similar event in Salt Lake City, Utah. The
                                                       Lawyer declared, ―Something big is coming
number of records on the pilot site totals 700         soon.‖ He and others went around the world
million.                                               to observe people and their reaction to
                                                       genealogy, and the group concluded that ―it
The latest deluge of records includes 53 new or        is not engaging to people new to the
updated collections from the United States and         pursuit.‖
over 100 million new records from Europe,
Scandinavia and Mexico. The United States              The new goal is to get more people to work
collections include the 1910 U.S. Census and           on their family history by doing a major
states’ birth, marriage and death records. There       renovation to the website FamilyhSearch
are 10 million new records from New Jersey and
Michigan, 4 million from Tennessee, an amazing
                                                       with these goals in mind:
41 million from Massachusetts, and many more
from other states.                                             Make it easier for family and friends
                                                                to work together on their family
―Some time ago, FamilySearch committed to                       history.
creating access to the world’s genealogical                    Make it easier to access, share and
records online in a big way. Today’s updates are                preserve ancestral artifacts.
part of an ongoing effort to make good on those                Make it so you don’t have to be a
commitments,‖ said Paul Nauta, FamilySearch
                                                                genealogist to do genealogy.
public affairs manager. ―We have only just
begun,‖ Nauta concluded. In the U.S.,                          Make the site more genealogically
FamilySearch is currently focusing on digitizing                sound so it will appeal to more
and publishing online federal and state censuses                advanced genealogists.
and state birth, marriage and death records.                   Make it easier to give and receive
When complete, the initiative will provide a                    assistance.
definitive collection of U.S. genealogical
resources for family history researchers.
                                                                We can expect the website to come
                                                                in line with the proposed goals.
In addition to the new U.S. collections, over 100
million records were added to FamilySearch’s
international collections online — making it most              Creative Genealogy Blog
likely the largest international genealogy
collection online. The new international               This blog brings something new to family
databases come from birth, marriage and death
                                                       history enthusiasts - challenging us to take
records and from municipal records. Go to, then click Search Records and
                                                       time off from the names, dates and research
then Record Search pilot to see a full list of the     to instead pursue creative ways of sharing
free collections. The records will also soon be        our ancestors with the world. The focus is
available at                    searching out and highlighting great family
                                                       history oriented kits for digital scrapbooking,
―What makes today’s announcement even more             but also discusses photo editing and other
impressive     is   that     FamilySearch       uses   creative                               pursuits.
predominantly a growing corps of volunteers to
accomplish the task of digitizing and indexing the
records for online publication. That’s also in large
                                                        when you are working on a
       SUMMARY OF                                       large list, after you perform
    CHANGES TO NEW                                      a function like reassigning
                                                        on an individual, the
     FAMILYSEARCH                                       program will take you back
                                                        where you stopped working
                                                        instead of taking you home
New Family Search is an evolving
                                                        each time.
database. We have had at least 3
beta tests to the program, followed
                                                G. In previous releases, the use of
by numerous improvements. While                    Adobe Reader and Flash was
this article may not cover all of the              optional. You now need Adobe
changes, it will try to summarize                  Reader 8.0 or higher and Flash
some      of   the    major    ones:               Player 9.0.115 or higher. Your
       A. The Family Tree view moved               computer now also needs at
          from the pilot site to the Family        least 512 MB RAM and a
          Tree View within nFS                     screen resolution of at least
       B. The location of the family               1024 x 768 pixels.
           group sheet differs with no
           opportunity to edit the sheet        H. In the Help Center, you can
           Local family history consultants        find your local family history
          are listed in a purple block in the      consultant and family history
       Help Center                                 center.

       C. The statuses of about 500,000         I.   When you click the Me and My
          ordinances that were                       Ancestors tab, you will see
          incorrectly listed as ―In                  the Family Pedigree with
          progress‖ now show as                      Details as usual. If you click
          ―Completed.‖                               the Change View button, you
       D. An individual can have up to               can now switch to the Family
          150 combined records. The                  Tree view or the Individual List
          previous limit was 85.                     view.
       E. E. For the current status of          J.   On the Family Tree view, you
          third-party affiliates used for            can do many things that you
          various operation in nFS,                  cannot do on the Family
          please contact the affiliate               Pedigree with Details view.
          directly, or go to
        K. The rules that the system uses
          g/affiliates/index.html.                 to determine whether an
       F. The Temple Ordinances list               individual’s ordinances can be
          helps you see reserved                   done have changed.
          ordinances, print and reprint
          FOR’s, monitor status of              L. On the Temple Ordinances list,
          ordinances, remove                       you might see       next to an
          ordinances, reassign                     individual’s name instead of a
          ordinances, and un-reserve               check box. The prerequisite
          them. You can also sort them.            ordinances are not done, and
          You must reserve all of an               they are either reserved by
          individual’s ordinances. You             someone else or assigned to
          must now go to the Temple                the temple.
          Ordinances list in order to print     M. If an individual’s ordinances
          a Family Ordinance Request.              have been reserved, you can
          This makes it much easier to             see the user’s contact name. If
          print one request containing all         that user allows the system to
          of the individuals whose                 display contact information,
          ordinances you want to do. As            you can also contact that user.
          of the August 2009 release,           N. Before you print a Family
          you can simply remove the                Ordinance Request, you see a
          individual from your Temple              screen on which you review
          Ordinances list and destroy the          the individuals and ordinances
          card. As of ―August 2010,
    that you selected. On this                      You can use exact search
    review screen, you can also                     options to narrow your
    indicate which ordinances you                   searches.
    want to do. Ordinances must                W. Improved Selection of
    be done in proper sequence.                     Standardized Places The
                                                    feature that helps you select a
O. Previously, the Temple                           standardized place-name has
   Ordinances list had a Remove                     been improved. When you
   button that you could use to                     enter a date for a birth,
   remove an individual from the                    marriage, death, or other
   list; now each individual on                     event, the drop-down list gives
   your list has an Unreserve link                  you more options. It is also
   that you can click to do the                     easier to select and change a
   same thing.                                      standardized place.
                                               X. In this release, the system no
P. LDS Account and User Profile:                    longer allows you to add new
   You now have one less user                       disputes. The system has been
   name and password to                             translated into Russian and
   remember. Use your LDS                           Italian. You will also see
   Account to sign in to the new                    tutorials, updates to the
   FamilySearch Web site.                           Temple Ordinances list, and
Q. If you do not yet have an LDS                    some changes that help people
   Account, go to                                   enter names of Asian,                    ancestors.
   and click the Register.                     Y. Changes to the Dispute
R. You can now see your entire                      Feature
   Temple Ordinances list at                   The dispute feature is being
   once. When you click the                    removed from the system. As a first
   Temple Ordinances tab, a                    phase, you can no longer add a
   progress bar at the bottom of               new dispute. You can still see
   the screen indicates how much               disputes that were previously
   of the list has been loaded.                entered. You can edit the notes of
   When the system is finished                 disputes that you added. You can
   loading the information, you                also still remove your own
   see your entire list. F-11                  disputes. Eventually, all of the
   enlarges the screen so that                 disputes in the system, including
   you can see more individuals.               their notes, will be moved to the
S. If you click Go to at the top of            discussion boards. Instead of using
   the Family Tree view, your                  disputes, you are encouraged to
   name now appears in the list,               work with other contributors to
   making it easy to return to                 correct information: you can work
   yourself.                                   with a contributor directly. Click a
T. Previously, you could set a                 contributor’s name to see if he or
   preference option that would                she has provided contact
   automatically reserve the                   information.
   ordinances for all of the                   Z. NFS         implemented      Italian,
   individuals who were in a                        French, Chinese, Korean, and
   GEDCOM file that you                             Japanese languages in August
   contributed. This option no                      2010. (10 hours to load.)
   longer exists.
U. If an individual is not currently       Recently released is 'A
   linked to a spouse, you can
   now click an Add spouse link         Celebration of Family History' concert
   directly on the pedigree to add          and program on DVD. Order at
   him or her.               
V. The June 2010 release adds          stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?storeId=1
   discussion boards and exact
   search. Exact Search The
   search feature now has exact                   1&catalogId=10151
   search options for names,                 This was the program that was
   event dates, and event places.          held during the NGS conference.
Though still incomplete, this database of
10 million immigrants is nonetheless a        There are many ways to do this. You
breakthrough tool if your family arrived      can search online collections of
through the port of New York before           genealogical data, such the World
Ellis Island opened in 1892. Still to come    Family Tree. Or, look for published
are 2 million records dating from the         information on your family by searching
1820s and implementation of advanced          card catalogs, such as the one for the
search features. Source: FamilyTree           Family History Library or the Library of
Magazine, 10 Best Web sites for               Congress. When using pre-published
International Searches                        information, whether in print or
                                              electronic form, remember that you
 THE SPIRIT WORKS FROM THE                    should only use the information
   OTHER SIDE OF THE VEIL                     contained in these sources as clues, not
                                              as fact. Remember that the quality of
                                              the data is the responsibility of the
"...My grandfather, being one of a family,
                                              author or submitter, and it is always
searched all his life to get together his
                                              possible for mistakes to occur.
genealogical records; and when he died,
                                              Source:     "Time-Saving     Tips    for
in 1868, he had been unsuccessful in
                                              Genealogists", by Michael John Neill,
establishing his line back more than the
second generation beyond him. I am
sure that most of my family members
feel the same as I do--that there was a           DO YOU SHARE FH?
thin veil between him and the earth,
after he had gone to the other side, and      We try to remind the members in our Ward
that which he was unable to do as a           that Family History work is for the living as
mortal, he perhaps was able to do after       well as the dead. Are you having family
                                              reunions, keeping a daily journal, writing
he had gone into eternity. After he
                                              your life history, writing to friends and
passed away, the spirit of research took      relatives bearing your testimony to them,
hold of men--his family in the West and       and sharing with others ?
two distant relatives, not members of the     Submitted by: Larene & Clyde Merritt,
Church, in the East. For seven years          consultants for the Logan 43rd Ward.
these two men--Morrison and Sharples--
unknown to each other, and unknown to
the members of the family in the West,         "The process of finding our ancestors one
were gathering genealogy. After seven          by one can be challenging but also
years, they happened to meet and then          exciting and rewarding. We often feel
for three years they worked together.          spiritual guidance as we go to the sources
The family feels definitely that the spirit    which identify them. Because this is a
of Elijah was at work on the other side        very spiritual work, we can expect help
and that our grandfather had been able         from the other side of the veil. We feel a
to inspire men on this side to search out      pull from our relatives who are waiting
these records; and as a result, two large      for us to find them so their ordinance
volumes are in our possession with             work can be done. This is a Christlike
about seventeen thousand names."               service because we are doing something
Source: The Teaching of Spencer W.             for them that they cannot do for
Kimball, pg 543                                themselves."
                                               SOURCE: James E. Faust, "The
                                               Phenomenon That Is You," Ensign, Nov.
                                               2003, pg. 53.

"The Lord is in this work.                         These are the Nine
He wants it to prosper. He                       Downloadable Guides for
wants us to be success-                                   nFS
ful in our efforts.”                          Users of new FamilySearch can
                                              download to their computer if they so
While living with my grandmother,             choose:
Louise Ballif Benson, in Logan as a
student, I knew she had been working          1. What’s new in FamilySearch 7
very hard on her research. She kept           pages
referring to the fact that there was a gap    2.     A User Guide to the New
that she couldn't fill, and it worried her.   FamilySearch. 280 pages
She prayed about it fervently.                3. Contributing a GEDCOM file to the
                                              new FamilySearch.      3 pages
One day she received a package                4. How to submit names to the Temple
addressed just 'Benson Family, Utah.'         using the new FamilySearch. 6 pages
The package contained a printed book          5.    Getting started using the New
which had come from a man in                  FamilySearch. 8 pages
Syracuse, New York, who had done              6. Printing a family pedigree and Family
research independently--not as a              Group Record. 1 page
member of the Church. You can imagine         7. Policy for preparing names for the
the joy that filled my grandmother's          temple.         14 pages
heart when she found that this not only       8. A Members Guide to Temple and
filled the gap, but did much more than        Family History work. (Free manual from
that. Her prayers had been answered.          dist.) 54 pages
                                              9. Family History Consultants Guide.
Yes, there are many ways to help get          Currently only available in electronic
the job done." SOURCE: Teachings of           format. 46 pages
Ezra Taft Benson, p. 164)
                                              On the home page click on ―Help
      DO YOU OWN YOUR                         Center,‖ click on ―Training and
                                              Resources’ tab (upper right), in the box
        ANCESTORS?                            Resources for Consultants and Leaders,
                                              click the last one ―New FamilySearch
New FamilySearch encourages us to             and Temple Name Submission process
change our way of thinking when talking       Video.‖
about genealogy with our relatives that we    Gary and Bob’s guide to Using nFS
are trying to get information from. For
                                                AFRICAN AMERICAN RESEARCH
From: ME centered to WE centered                          SITES
From: MY ancestors to OUR ancestors
From: There is one right set of data To:      I just picked up a sheet at our local
There are multiple opinions, many of which    Family History Center. I haven't
may be right.                                 checkout all these sites yet but here are
From: More than one opinion is bad To:        a few:
More than one opinion creates a dialog and
makes the record more findable.     
Working together WE can make OUR family
history as accurate as possible.
Remember this is not MY database, but the
Lord’s database.                    
Gary and Bob’s Guide to Using nFS             antation.html
Please send comments to:                                Nancy

    JUST A FEW NOTES ON                        If anyone from a family might have
                                               served in the Civil War (1861-1864),
     OHIO AND MICHIGAN                         there was an 1888 Civil War Veteran's
         RESEARCH                              schedule taken in Michigan that is
                                               located at the State Archives.
In the 101 website list, there is a virtual
library for Cincinnati that I did not know     Some repositories that might be helpful:
existed even though I live here and keep
up with the genealogical information.          Library of Michigan
It has city directories that I have not had    140-54504_18635---,00.html
a     chance       to    look     at    yet.
                                               State Archives of Michigan
I did download a book called "Map of ,1607,7-
Hamilton County" & found a very                153-54463_19313---,00.html
different Hamilton County boundary in
1792.                                          National Archives - Great Lakes Region
I sent out a FH handout to my                  (covers Michigan)
distribution list. Thay may or may not do
anything with it but I have done my part
to make them aware.                            Bentley Historical Library
The library has a newsdex for local
papers from about 1930. In that you can        The methodology would be to use
fInd obits. You just call them with the        censuses and large indexes to locate
citation number, and they email the obit       the family in a specific county, and then
to you within 24 hours. I found that a few     you can use county marriage records,
months ago. It is a gold mine for the          county histories, and other resources to
time period. Again, getting people to use      fill in the needed details. The majority of
it is a challenge. I get more excited          US records are kept at the county level.
about the data than they do.                   If the family stayed in Detroit, the city
Nancy                                          records may be separate from the
Also -                                         county that the city was located in.
FamilySearch Record Search has some            Jill Crandell
Michigan collections covering this time
period, and another excellent website
for Michigan research is                        DISCUSSIONS BOX ON nFS Michigan
required marriages to be recorded
starting in 1805, so the marriages have        We are currently working on a solution for
been well recorded. Most county                nFS that will notify you of discussions that
marriage films are available through the       have been added to the ancestor you
                                               have posted or replied to. This will most
                                               likely start out as an email you receive
                                               regularly, but we are also looking at ways
Michigan also took state censuses in           to help indicate that there is a discussion
addition to the typical federal censuses.      entry you have not seen.
They were taken in 1845, 1854, 1864,
1874, 1884, 1894, and 1904.                    Thanks,
The ones taken in 1884 and 1894 were           Ron Tanner
the most complete and detailed, and            Product Owner – NFS
they also included mortality schedules
those years. Part of 1904 is available         News from Paul Nauta
online if you click on the link from the       FamilySearch Public Affairs Manager

    ROOTS TECH GENEALOGY                      FamilySearch Record Search News:
        CONFERENCE                            Millions of Historic Documents from
                                              Microfilms     Emerging    Digitally
RootsTech is a new genealogy and              Online
technology conference designed to
bring together technology creators with       The following is from FamilySearch.
those who use technology to spark
understanding and innovation in the field     FamilySearch’s microfilm conversion
of genealogy. The first annual                initiative is beginning to sail. Over 12
conference will be held February 10-12,       million digital images from thousands of
2011, in Salt Lake City, Utah. Hosted by      microfilm, representing 8 countries,
FamilySearch and sponsored by leading         were published online for free viewing
genealogical      organizations,      the     this month. FamilySearch’s online image
conference will include demonstrations,       viewer makes it easy for online patrons
panels, and interactive forums to             to view the newest digital images from
provide a highly interactive environment      Argentina,      Costa    Rica,    France,
and accelerate innovation.                    Luxembourg, Mexico, the Netherlands,
                                              Puerto         Rico,      and      Spain.
Now Online: England & Wales,
National Probate Calendar                     This week the complete U.S. 1910
(Index of Wills and                           Federal Census name indexes for
Administrations),1861-1941                    Idaho, Montana, Nebraska, North
                                              Carolina, Oklahoma, and Missouri were    has    recently   added
                                              also published online at FamilySearch’s
England & Wales, National Probate             Record Search pilot(,
Calendar     (Index     of    Wills    and    click Search   Records,     and    then
Administrations),1861-1941 to its online      click Record Search pilot) and coming
collection of records. This is a major        soon to
resource for genealogists.
                                              FamilySearch plans on digitizing and
This collection contains summaries (not the
actual documents) of the vast majority of     publishing online the bulk of its 2.4
probate cases in England and Wales            million rolls of microfilm—representing
between 1861 and 1941. It effectively         132 countries. In addition, it is now
forms an index to wills and probate records   capturing millions of new images each
for this period. Read entire article at       year digitally ―at birth‖ from its 185 field
EastmanTo read the Plus Edition,              camera teams worldwide. It all
subscribe at                                  translates to a steady stream of new                      digital image collections for genealogy
                                              enthusiasts to anticipate and enjoy.

Update on Legacy 7.5 progress -
FamilySearch Sync                               Appalachian American
Certification in Process
The following is from the Legacy
We've got great news for those                m/ focuses on providing genealogical
awaiting our New FamilySearch                 research information for the Southern
integration    tools.    We've   now          Appalachian Region known as the "Tri-
completed the requirements for                State Area"; but, also includes the
"Sync Certification" and have applied         Northwestern area of South Carolina
for official certification on these           because it was significant in ancestors'
features. Legacy is already certified         migration patterns into the area.
in "Access", "Print", and "Ordinance
     CHARGING TO DO FH                         clock and the employer is responsible
                                               for all the equipment and so forth.
I got to the point where I hated doing
someone else's genealogy because I             Think of hiring a lawyer. They charge
never had time for my own research, but        $200 an hour and up. I used to get hired
I just want to clarify something you said      by lawyers to do courthouse probate
so everyone will be informed.                  research for them in my area. I charged
                                               them $25 an hour, and they charged
"Experts" on may use              their client $200 an hour. Fair? No,
some of Ancestry's tools, such as              but that’s just the way some of them did
indexes, but "professionals" are hired --      it. Some researchers are as shady as
normally in the area of needed research        lawyers. Again: check them out before
-- so they can GO TO the local area and        hiring anyone.
do research. Much of the cost
associated with expenses is the mileage         I have also worked for some of those
and lodging required. I used to travel a       you see in the TV spots researching
5 state area, but I don't go to places so      unclaimed funds. They paid me for the
far away any more as I don't l like to         legwork. That was all I was -- a "leg" --
spend the night other than at home. The        so they did not have to fly from say
next day may be one of those days I get        California to Louisiana. I have worked
up not in too good a shape and it would        for court ordered public defenders,
be hard for me to carry all the junk I         probate lawyers, and just plain folks like
have to have on my bad day and then            me and you wanting a book complied.
try to do research on a walker those           My fees was the same for all of them.
days I can't walk.
                                               The point is:
I saw a post recently that said that "all of   Everyone charges based on his or her
the research needed was now online." I         own situation and location.
nearly fell off my chair laughing. As we       You hire someone to do what you can't
all know, less than 1% of all records          do... normally that is "leg" work.
needed are online. If we just had what
was in the vault at the mountain, it still     But I am retired now and can work on
would not be even 50% of the material          my own research again!!!
needed for research.                           Just wanted to make that clear.
                                                Annette Womack
Again, Ancestry "experts" are hired to
"GO TO" the area and do research, not          For copies of Genealogy News, go to
just research in Ancestry or other online
Again, what a person charges depends
on a lot of things. It is all different for    Thanks to Don and Jeanine Hartman of
different parts of the county. I always        Utah for posting the newsletter online for us.
gave the person hiring me a break-down
of estimated cost such as mileage,
parking fees, lodging, etc.                    PPPP
 Also, most clients don’t know
that professional researchers have to          "To be ignorant of what occurred before
add in those fees charges         you were born is to remain always a
them, plus overhead of computers,              child. For what is the worth of human
books, utilities, food on the road, etc.       life, unless it is woven into the life of our
etc., plus we also have to pay IRS self-       ancestors by the records of history?"
employment tax on what we make. It is                   Cicero- The Orator
entirely different when you work for
yourself than when you punch a time
    AFTER SHARING FAMILY                   RootsMagic, RootsMagic Essentials is
 HISTORY WITH THE CHURCH, I                also available and will allow you
     LOST MY DATABASE ~                    to download your family from nFS.
                                           The link to Get My Ancestors is
From time to time we may get requests
from patrons, such as, "Years ago I sent
all of my genealogy to the Church on a
                                           The link to RootsMagic Essentials is
floppy disk. I have lost my copy of the
data. Is there some way I can get a copy
from the Church?"
                                           Sue Maxwell
There are various ways of trying to
retrieve data from Ancestral File or the   Let me complete the list. In addition to
Pedigree Resource File. A simpler          the      two      software      products
answer is usually, "Yes, we have a free    mentioned here, there is also Ancestral
software program called Get My             Quest,      which      will    download
Ancestors that is very easy to use. You    ancestors from NFS into either a PAF
will need to use your sign-in name and     file, or to an AQ file. It will
password for the new FamilySearch.         also download the LDS ordinances. This
Then click on Me and My Ancestors,         feature of AQ is always free --
select the number of generations, and      at Family History Centers, during the 60-
wait."                                     day free trial of AQ, and this
A few weeks ago I did this for a recent    is one of AQ's many features that
convert, and I was amazed that in          continue to function for free even
searching 10 generations back and          after the 60-day trial is over.
forward, the downloaded file had over
17,000 individuals. I could scarcely       The Family History Center version can
believe it! I expected a few dozen         be obtained either from LANDesk,
since I had linked her to her previous 4   or here:
or 5 generations, (or maybe a few
hundreds if she was really lucky), but
nothing on that scale!                     1fhcdlagree.htm

Results    will  vary    according    to   and the 60-Day free trial version of AQ
circumstances. Get My Ancestors does       can be obtained from this link:
not retrieve ordinances, sources, or
notes. That will require synchronizing
with nFS using other approved affiliate
software, with a steeper learning curve.   I suspect that each of these products
Bill BuchananWhat’s New in                 download       information     from    NFS
                                           slightly differently, so you might try each
Get My Ancestors is free for everyone:     and        compare         the      results.               Gaylon Findlay

However, FHC's will find it easier to      Actually, I think to complete the list we
download via the Software Portal           need        to       include      Legacy:
so they don't have to deal with getting They have a
the registration.                          free version that will sync with nFS.
Barbara L. Eades                           What these 3rd party affiliate programs
                                           allow you to do is to compare your
Barbara, Get My Ancestors is a free        database with the nFS database and
utility from Ohana Software and will       then allow you to transfer one piece of
allow you to download your family tree     information, like a birth date, at a time
from nFS. The free version of              for one individual.                 ylvia
 HOW TO DEVELOP A TIME LINE                  move the Saints to Utah Valley. Joseph
  TO GET ACQUAINTED WITH                     was ordained to the different offices in
     ONE’S ANCESTORS                         the Preisthood and held the office of a
                                             High Priest at the time of his demise.
As patron Sandi Sechrist has said, she       His first wife having died, he married
would like to get to know her ancestors.     Margaret Robbins (daughter of Isaac
Many of her ancestors are pioneers with      Robbins and Margaret Robbins) who
temple work completed. Sandi has just        became the mother of eight children.
come across another interesting pioneer      Elder Beck took part in the so-called
story for her ancestor Joseph Ellison        Walker Indian War in 1853 and also in
Beck along with a lot of documentation       the Tintic War a few years later. During
and a few biographies.         At first,     the Black Hawk War he did considerable
everything was very confusing because        military service as a guard. Bro. Beck
there are numerous errors in this line in    was always energetic in performing his
new FamilySearch along with many             duties as a member of the Church and
assorted records.
                                             as a citizen of the community in which
                                             he resided. His main avocation in life
Coupled with that is the fact that Joseph
                                             was that of a farmer. He died Oct. 12,
Ellison Beck was polygamous, and on
Ancestry, we were able to document 8         1903 at Spanish Fork, Utah.
wives, most of them with primary             From: unknown book (LATTER-DAY
records. At the present, many wives          SAINT?)p. 594”
are disputed on nFS, and the disputer
claims that Joseph Beck had only 3           These are the steps I took to establish a
wives, but the documented marriage           time line:
records substantiate other wives.                1. Checked the ancestor on new
                                                     FamilySearch and found many
The only way to make sense out of the                errors in the records.
records is to establish a timeline, so I         2. Checked        the    records     of
set out to take all the biographical                 ancestors on
sketches and primary documents and               3. Began to copy and paste the
organize Joseph Ellison Beck’s life. I               Ancestry sources and events in
started with a biography such as this                chronological order into a blank
one as the core:                                     Word document with enough
                                                     information to give details of the
―Joseph Ellison Beck a veteran Elder of              event. In Ancestry, Sandi and I
                                                     learned that Beck had made a
the Spanish Fork Ward, Utah Co., Utah
                                                     significant contribution to the
was born May 31, 1810, in the State of
                                                     Church (Orson Hyde) before
Pennsylvania, the son of James Beck
                                                     Beck even joined the Church.
and Mary Beck. He was raised as a                4. Googled ―Joseph Ellison Beck‖ ~
Pennsylvanian farmer and joined the                  genealogy. Since I already knew
Church in 1847. In Pennsylvania he                   that he was an LDS pioneer, I
married Hannah Forsyth (daughter of                  felt there would be stories about
John Forsyth and Margaret Hodson)                    him. There were lots of stories,
who bore her husband seven children.                 and because of having several
Emigrating to Utah in 1850 Bro. Beck                 wives and many children, he has
located temporarily in Salt Lake City and            many descendants with family
resided there until 1852, when he                    pedigrees.
moved to Spanish Fork, Utah Co., where           5. Copied and pasted the most
he resided until the time of his death. In           significant stories and events in
1858 at the time of the "move" he                    chronological order, which gave
furnished two teams for moving                       me a very long list of events for
purposes, and he and his son, John F.,               Joseph Ellison Beck.
went to Salt Lake City and helped to
   6. Found a core biography and            James and Hannah         (Antrim)    Beck
      printed it and then underlined        (Dutch-Irish)
      dates and significant event
      information to add to the             Ca 1830 - Involved in meat-packing
      timeline.                             business in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
   7. Next I moved to another word
      document on my netbook and            1817, March 4 - His wife Hannah Hodson
      used my PC as a source to             Forsyth was born in Recklise, Burlington
      shorten the events of the             County, New Jersey, United States,
      timeline.                             daughter of John Forsyth and Margaret
   8. As a result, I created a timeline     Hodson.
      which shows the migration of
      Beck fro NJ to UT. Now Sandi          1833, December 17 - Married Hannah
      can continue to do research on        Hodson Forsyth
      Beck and fill in additional events
      as she finds them. As Beck’s          1836, October 1 - Thomas Harrison Beck
      participation    in   wars    was     born to Hannah Forsyth Beck - NJ
      mentioned, I Googled the wars
      to get approximate dates.             1838, July 2 - Anna Lucilla Beck born to
   9. We can now look at the                Hannah Forsyth Beck - NJ or PA
      organized life of Beck and also
      go into nFS to begin to correct       1839, November 28 - Alfred Roger Milton
      some of the errors. In addition,      born to Hannah Forsyth Beck-NJ or PA
      Sandi has a good tool for
      additional research. She now          1840 - Mormon apostle Orson Hyde on
      knows her ancestor so much            his way to Palestine stopped in
      better than she did before.           Philadelphia and announced his mission
                                            to dedicate the land for the gathering of
From a longer biography, we learned         the Jews. Hyde mentioned that he was
that Beck was born in New Jersey, so        traveling without purse or script. Joseph
we have corrected that. Apparently he       Ellison Beck sent him a purse containing
went into the meat-packing business for     gold coins on the condition that he (Beck)
a while in Pennsylvania. We were able       be mentioned in the dedicatory prayer.*
to document 8 wives; yet he appears to
have had children to only two of them.      1841, January 12 - Margaret Francena
Below I have set up a time-line for Beck.   Beck was born to Hannah Forsyth Beck-
                                            NJ or PA

                                            1842, December 25 - Rebecca Rowene
                                            Beck was born to Hannah Forsyth Beck-
                                            NJ or PA

                                            1843, October 5 - Wife Margaret Burtis
                                            Robbins was born, daughter of Isaac and
                                            Margaret (Anna Shin) Robbins, in
                                            Chesterfield , Burlington, New Jersey

                                            1844, May 12 - John Forsyth Beck was
TIMELINE FOR JOSEPH ELLISON                 born to Hannah Forsyth Beck-NJ or PA
                                            1846, January 12 - Joseph Ellison Beck
1810, May 31 - Birth of Joseph Ellison      (Jr.) as born to Hannah Forsyth Beck-NJ
Beck near Chesterfield, Burlington          or PA
County, New Jersey, United States, son of

1847, May 23 - Joseph and Hannah joined    1871, February 1 - Joseph Ellison Beck
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day   (III) was born to Margaret Burtis
Saints, baptized by Elder Bailey.          Robbins

1848, November 9 - Married Mahala          1872, November 3 - John Antrum Beck
Lindsey                                    was born to Margaret Burtis Robbins

1850, June 11 - Becks left for Utah        1872, December 18 - Wife Hannah
                                           Forsyth died following a stroke
1850, October 8 or 20-23 September
1850- Joined the James Pace Company of     1877, August 21 - Margaret Beck was
50 wagons and                              born to Margaret Burtis Robbins
emigrated to Salt Lake City , Utah,
arriving Oct 8                             1879, December 11 - Mary Robbins Beck
                                           was born to Margaret Burtis Robbins
1852 - Moved to Spanish Fork, Utah,
Utah, United States                        1903, October 13 - Joseph Ellison Beck
                                           died at the age of 93 in Spanish Fork,
1853 - Pvt in Utah Volunteers Indian War   Utah, Utah, United States
(Walker Indian War)                        Additional Marriages with no date in
                                           “U.S. and International Marriage
1854 - Brigham Young set apart the         Records, 1560-1990.” It names the groom
Spanish Fork Indian Farm Resevation        as Joseph Ellison Beck, born 1810.
and appointed Joseph Ellison Beck as
farm superintendent**                      Helen Bennet
                                           Roxanna Bennet
1856 – Beck also served in Tintic War a    Margrette Erson
few years later (involved with Walker      Sarah Hodson
Indian War)                                Theodosia Hodson

1857, 11 September + - Wife Hannah         The timeline may not be 100 per cent
Forsyth helped unfortunate members of      correct at this point, but it is a starting
the Meadow Valley Massacre; made a         point. Now Sandi can take this and
home for 16 orphans until parents could    continue to research and investigate
come for them                              each additional fact that she finds to see
                                           if it makes sense and fits into the
1859 - Moved into “The Lane,” a home       general movement of her ancestor. She
that he had erected south of town          can make corrections, study her
(Spanish Fork)                             ancestor, and in general get to know this
1862, December 13 - Married Margaret       direct-line ancestor along with his wives
Burtis Robbins in polygamy in the          and children.
Endowment House, Salt Lake City,
married by George Albert Smith.            She still has a ―big nut to crack,‖ and
Hannah Forsyth Beck had a stroke, and      that is researching the 5 wives that have
Joseph’s wife Margaret took care of        marriage records to Joseph Ellison
Hannah until her death.                    Beck, born in 1810, but someone has
                                           disputed this on nFS. Was he merely
1863, November 21 - Issac Beck was born    providing a home and care for these
to Margaret Burtis Robbins                 women? In nFS, there are even some
                                           additional women named. Sandi will
1865-67 - Black Hawk War (Utah) Beck       have to investigate this part of her
served as a guard                          ancestor’s life.

1867, April 12 - Ann Beck was born to      In investigating this ancestor, Sandi has
Margaret Burtis Robbins                    added one more man of strong ancestor

to her pedigree to inspire her. She has      I have been working on the
discovered another pioneer story to tell     Hunt/Hagerty/Hamill line for many years,
her children of how this ancestor gave       and with the help of some distant
purse to Orson Hyde to go to Palestine       cousins, we have put together a list of
to dedicate that land for the gathering of   people who are working on the same
the Jews.* Sandi also learned that           line. Some of them are in Australia.
Brigham Young appointed Beck as farm
superintendent** of the Spanish Fork         One of the reasons this line interests me
Indian Farm Reservation, so her              so much is that I was named for my
ancestor was personally acquainted with      great-grandmother Nancy Hunt’s sister
the Prophet. The timeline is very helpful    Sylvia Crossman Hunt, and earlier in a
to trace Beck’s path as he joined the        newsletter, I posted a scan of a painting
Church in 1847 and lived in good             that I received of Great-Aunt Sylvia. We
standing in the Church till his death at     have just added another cousin to the
93 years. In Philadelphia. Beck started      list from Missiouri. This collection of
as a member of the public who was            ―cousins‖ has been remarkable. My
listening to Orson Hyde’s future plans       family has collected a lot of the Hunt
and who was touched by the Spirit to         photos. We have all united despite an
donate money to this cause before Beck       unfortunate event that occurred when
even joined the Church. The timeline         Sylvia’s sister Isabella left with Sylvia’s
traces the movement from his                 husband to Australia and much sorrow
conversion in 1847 till his death at age     and divorce of Sylvia and Wm. John
93 in 1903 in Spanish Fork, UT. Sandi        Hamill followed; we found a lot of
can be assured that when the Lord            ancestors in Australia (some even LDS)
received him, it was one of those, ―Well     with photos of that line, and we all
done, thy true and faithful servant.‖        embraced each other as one big family.
After this investigation of Joseph Beck      I had American photos. Other cousins
for the Sechrist Clan, their ancestor is     had paintings and other collections. We
now a three-dimensional individual and       have put together quite a story.
not just a flat piece of paper with a
name. As they learn more about their         But today I was once more touched by
grand heritage, they can gather strength     the acquisition of yet another Hunt
to endure to the end – strength that         pastel drawing from our Missouri
flows from these fearless pioneers who       contact. It brought tears to my eyes,
made endless sacrifices to reach Zion.       and I would like to take a few minutes to
―How to Create an Ancestor’s Timeline‖       introduce you to a new relative whose
by Sylvia H. Sonneborn                       photo I received for the first time today.

        Temple and family history work
                                             After looking at the beautiful likeness of
is a sacrifice of love. Faithful Saints
                                             Grade Hamill, I felt inspired to write a
contribute millions of hours compiling
                                             poem for her as I realized the hurt that
family history. They research microfilms
                                             she has lived through since her father
and records, and with pens and
                                             left the family when she was 2. Then I
computers they record dates and
                                             rejoiced, knowing of the eternal gift that I
events. In the temple they perform
                                             had given to her when she was an
sacred ordinances for their precious
                                             ―unknown face.‖        What a wonderful
ancestry. Like the Savior, this is an
                                             surprise it is to put an image to a name I
expression of sacrifice-doing something
                                             printed on an ordinance card. Grace
for others which they cannot do for
                                             looks like she was a beautiful lady, and
                                             now I can see a face.
Robert K. Dellenbach Of the Seventy
"Sacrifice Brings Forth The Blessings of
Heaven," Conference October, 2002
                                                 Your mother’s name was passed to me,
                                                 But all I knew was just a name.
                                                 And then I probed into her life
                                                 To find the unexpected pain.
                                                 And you emerged, so aptly named,
                                                 With grace and dignity.
                                                 Familial lines on pedigree
                                                 Brought your name home to me.
                                                 What could I do to honor you
                                                 And stifle wicked shame?
                                                 Was there a way to touch your soul,
                                                 Restore your tarnished name?
                                                 Inspired by my love for you,
                                                 Tied up with bonds of truth,
                                                 I pledged for you the covenants
                                                 That had escaped you in your youth.
                                                 Your soul was intertwined with mine
                                                 As proxy in a Holy place.
                                                 I felt restoring grace ascend
                                                 Upon your time-worn face.
                                                 Today in missive came such joy -
                                                 Oh, still, my pulsing heart,
                                                 As I beheld the unknown face
This is Sylvia Hunt Hamill’s daughter            Of Grace, a work of art.
Grace Wier (Hamill) Crawley:                     In pastel frame you were unveiled –
                                                 A sister I set free.
Daughter of Sylvia Crossman (Hunt)               The choice is yours to follow Him
                                                 For all eternity.
and William John Hamill                          Your earthly cares have no import.
b. 4 Nov 1862, Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland,   The pain you suffered here
United States                                    Has turned your Heart to Him with
d. 25 Feb 1927, Clarksdale, Coahoma,             grace.
Mississippi, United States
                                                 The gates have opened there.
                                                 By Sylvia H. Sonneborn
Wife of William Abia Crawley

                                                    Church Assisting with
       Redeeming Grace                                Aid to Pakistan
 Your eyes stare deeply into my soul –           SALT     LAKE CITY 25 August 2010 The
Your face of beauty, oh so rare,                 Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is
                                                 coordinating with other relief agencies to provide
The chestnut orbs and auburn hair,               aid to flood-ravaged Pakistan. The Church has
Give credence to your sojourn here.              partnered    with     International  Relief   and
 Not just an image on a page                     Development, International Medical Corps, and
Of someone lost, without a name,                 Saba Aslam Welfare and Trust to locally
                                                 purchase and distribute immediate relief supplies.
But here in hues of browns and blues,            Additional supplies from the Humanitarian Center
I feel your soul alive again.                    in Salt Lake City will be shipped in the coming
Called back to mansions in the sky,              weeks in partnership with Islamic Relief USA.
You long ago left this abode.
Back to the Father who gave you breath            WESTERN PENNSYLVANIA
On wing’ed courser home you rode.                Unpaid Advertisement: Need beautiful
 Reunion would not be out fate;                  wedding photos or digital images of old
Nor witness to your humble birth.                    photos, contact Marty Erdley:
I never chanced to touch your hand;     
You left before I came to earth.
  STGC TO HOST TABLE AT                          WHAT’S IN A NAME?
    GENEALOGICAL FAIR                       Names are so interesting. Libbie (also
                                            spelled Libby) is one of the nicknames
Joan and Don Miller and their daughter      for Elizabeth.
Debbie as well as Frank Long will
represent the Susquehanna Trail             One of my ancestors was Nancy Moon -
Genealogy Club at the Willow Valley         - we sometimes see her name as Nancy
Cultural Center on the afternoon of         Ann Moon. Nancy means "little Nan.‖
September 28. The cultural hall will        Nan is a nickname for Ann. We think of
host booths from a large variety of         Nancy as a separate name, but it is a
family history organizations. Our booth     form of Ann.
is usually teamed with the Lancaster
Family History Center of The Church of      I have to be very careful with my Dutch
Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Many     research. "Anne" (with an e on the end)
historical societies and genealogical       is a masculine name. In fact, one of the
clubs also display family history and       temple presidents for the temple in the
offer free materials. The Millers will      Netherlands had the first name of
feature      information    about   their   "Anne.‖ The feminine name in Dutch is
Mayflower organization, and Frank will      always "Anna" (with an a on the end). I
have information on how to join the         had to explain this to my bishopric and
STGC. The event, while presented for        YM leaders because it would confuse
the benefit of the residents of the         them when they were doing baptisms.
Village, is open to the public.             Even a temple office clerk said: "You
                                            have an Anne as a male.‖ Yes, I did. He
                                            was a father with many children. Ha!
Online Registration Now
Open for the Baltimore                      How did Peggy become a nickname for
                                            Margaret? It comes from the "Peigi"
Family History Workshop                     which is one Gaelic form of Margaret.
Sept. 11 ~ Last Chance                      The other one is "Mairghread".
We are pleased to announce that
                                            In doing research, it is good to
online registration is now open for
                                            understand the names and their
the 2010 (12th Annual) Baltimore            derivatives. It is so interesting.
Family History Workshop! The
workshop is sponsored by the                Mary Scott
Baltimore Maryland Stake of the             Northville Ward
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day        Westland Michigan Stake
Saints and held in Essex, Maryland,         Detroit Michigan Temple District
on Saturday, Sept. 11. Please visit
our website at                              Another explanation for Peggy goes
                                            back to the Cockney times in early
                                            England. Historically, the cockney area
                                            of London had lots of very poor, often
.org to find out more and to register       less than honest people, and they did a
for up to 6 of our more than 50             lot of rhyming with the names.
exciting classes being offered this         Margaret became Meggy which rhymes
year.                                       to Peggy. Edward gets shortened to Ed,
                                            which then rhymes to either Ted or Ned.
Karen Perry                                 Ann/Anne, of course, rhymes into Nan.
Registrar/Assistant Directory                there are others within old English.
Baltimore Family History Workshop           Karen

     Brigham City Temple                    thing to be a part of. Scott and the boys
                                            were at scout camp, so just the girls and
      Ground Breaking                       I went. We weren't among those that
                                            had tickets but got to the site early and
                                            had good seats until the cameras and
                                            crowd moved in, but we could hear the
                                            speakers: an Elder Walker, Elder Snow,
                                            Elder Russell Nelson, Sister Packer and
                                            President Packer. I guess it’s no secret
                                            he [Pres. Packer] was born and raised
                                            here in Brigham City. He talks about it
                                            all the time, and when we have regional
                                            conferences and he speaks, he talks
                                            about the history of the county and
                                            people he knew. He said, ―I am home.‖

                                            The talks were brief but spoke of
In the shadow of the historic Box           strengthening family and not taking the
Elder Tabernacle, ground was                opportunity to attend the temple for
broken July 31 for the new Brigham          granted, especially when it was so
City Utah Temple, with President            convenient. After the dedicatory prayer,
Boyd K. Packer, president of the            the meeting ended and then they broke
Quorum of the Twelve, presiding at          ground. After the local church and public
the morning ceremonies, providing           officials were invited to take a turn at the
                                            shovels, they invited anyone up who
the keynote address, directing the
                                            wanted to go. Ashley and her friends
unveiling     of    the   architectural     who were sitting with us went up and
rendering and offering the prayer in        each got a turn. I know, and she knows,
dedicating the temple site.                 it was only symbolic, but it still makes
He said, ―We ask that…in due                the future temple feel more personal,
time…there will stand here this             and it will be something she can tell her
glorious white building with the            children and grandchildren. She got to
towers reaching to heaven, and the          dig in the temple ground dirt!
rooms equipped for ordinance work
that they will be available to anyone       It still seems unreal that a temple will
in the Church, but particularly to          one day stand on that corner lot. The
                                            pictures of it are beautiful and I am so
those who live here.‖         President
                                            thrilled. I am grateful my children get to
Boyd K. Packer, President of the            have it here. The boys will pass it as
Quorum of the Twelve [Excerpt from          they go to high school - what a reminder
the site’s prayer of dedication.]           to remember who they are and how they
                                            should act.
We recently reported about our
friends, the Clayson, living in             We were surprised there were not any
Brigham City. Jack’s missionary and         protests - there is a strong group of anti-
our dear friend Becki Clayson gave          Mormon people here. There was an
us a firsthand account of the               article in our local paper about
experience:                                 ordinances permitting free speech under
                                            proper assembly so I guess the city
                                            leaders must have gotten wind of future
Dear Jack and Sylvia,
                                            protests and were reminding people to
                                            act accordingly.
I've been wanting to tell you about the
                                            I do want to share some personal
ground breaking and haven't gotten to it.
                                            experiences I feel apply to you and
[for Brigham City Temple] It was a fun

The first happened about 10 years ago          I've got with the new Family Search;
and was a simple but profound                  then i'll start digging for more!
experience. I was washing dishes and
looking out my kitchen window, looking         Well, that's all for now. Ashley has
at the mountains and thinking of all the       photos on her Facebook about the
blessings I had because of where I lived       ground breaking if you want to look.
and my circumstances. I thought to             Below, the groundbreaking, and Becki
myself, "How did I get to be so                Clayson’s daughter Ashley holds the
blessed?" Immediately the thought              shovel to lift up a shovelful of soil to start
popped into my mind, "It's because of          the building of the Brigham City Temple.
your ancestors." This took me by               Love,
surprise. I don't live anywhere near           Becki [Kirkham Clayson]
where my ancestors settled when they           August 2010
moved here [although Scott's mom was
raised in the Ogden area]. Then it hit         Below
me - it's not where they were that
mattered. I'm blessed because of the
choices my ancestors made.

Then last week as I drove by the temple
lot and saw the preparations going on
for the ground breaking, my ancestors
came to mind once again. [I think of
them often but not always in relation to
the temple]. As I passed the site, I
wondered what my ancestors would
think if they knew I lived in a town where
I could have easy access to the Lord's
highest blessings and covenants on
earth. Suddenly I felt like I was
swarmed by the spirit of those
ancestors, and they were rejoicing for
me to have this privilege. I thought they
might resent the ease with which I live,
but I felt their happiness, and I knew that
this had been the goal of the sacrifices
they made over a hundred and fifty
years ago. They were concerned for
their posterity and hoped they would
embrace the fulness of the gospel the
way they had. I was filled with the desire
to do all I can to help my children
understand and love the gospel. I hope
I've been doing that all along, but I felt a
renewed effort to give it my best. I would
hate to face my ancestors and have to
tell them I'd let them down.

I guess this is what is meant by the
turning of the hearts to our fathers. I am
so grateful for the choices they made. I
know I've got to get on the ball and start
adding names to the genealogy that has
already been done. I have been getting
my records in order so I can verify what

QUESTION: Can there be                          Do a little homework on your
special callings in indexing?                   ancestors in the new
I am a Stake Family Records Extraction
Director, and we do only FamilySearch
Indexing in our stake; we were a new
stake in 2005, so we never did do UDE.
Since I have nine, going on ten, wards
in my stake and about 350 indexers
registered, I assigned one family history
consultant in each ward to be over
the indexing in that ward. They help me
keep up with the indexers training
and let me know if one moves, changes           “Summer may be coming to a close,
email    address,   etc.    I   give     the    but there are still plenty of good times
                                                to be found in the thousands of new
reports of each ward's indexing efforts to      yearbooks we’ve just added to
the High Priest Group Leader, and      Our newly expanded
                                                collection   now      has   58    million
he   works   with   the    family     history
                                                additional records that could include
consultant to coordinate the efforts.           photos of your ancestors and friends,
                                                and maybe even your own awkward
                                                youth.” Ancestry
So there can be such a calling as a
family history consultant with a special        I was able to find two photos of my
                                                mother from 1924. Since I was not the
assignment in Indexing.                         one to receive the yearbooks, it was
Shanna                                          fun to find those images and be able to
                                                print them and send them to some of
If you would like to volunteer to do            my siblings. This is just another find
indexing, go to                                 on Ancestry. Sylvia      Use     your    This newsletter is compiled by Jack and
LDS Account or public account to                Sylvia      Sonneborn,       family     history
                                                consultants, of the York 2nd Ward for use
register. There are tutorials to help you       within the ward. It is also e-mailed to parties
know what to do.       Elder Drasher of         interested in family history, but it is not an
                                                official publication of The Church of Jesus
Gettysburg-Hanover is serving a part-           Christ        of       Latter-day       Saints
time mission in indexing.       You might
want to direct any questions to him.
                                                That’s all, Folks! We hope this
'He will cover you with His feathers,           newsletter will remind you to
And under His wings you will find               celebrate October as “Family
refuge.'                                        History Month.”
(Psalm 91:4)
                                                Jack and Sylvia

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