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					All is SWEET…and Sour…and Salty
by John Miller
Images by D. Massarik & R. DiSilvestro

CANDY Anyone?                            marketing, and even sessions on
                                         commodities pricing.
 The 2009
ALL                                      And candy is not just an arena
CANDY                                    for ‘child’s play’. According to     Reserved Ad
EXPO®                                    NCA, confectionery products are
closed last                              the third largest food category         Space
week with                                sold in the US, just behind          Block C-22a
record attendance of over 14,000         soda/carbonated beverages and
industry professionals having            milk. Candy-snack sales
attended the National                    represent $8 billion in annual US
Confectioners Association’s              sales. For comparison, salty
annual trade show at Chicago’s           snacks trail closely with $7.2
McCormick Place May 19-21.               billion in sales, followed by
The 2009 Expo featured nearly            cookies with $4 billion in annual
500 confectionery related                retail sales.
exhibitors from 70 countries
around the world during the              The All Candy Expo attracts all
three-day event.                         the big players (Nestle, Hershey,
The National Confectioners               Jelly Belly, Cadbury, Mars)
Association (NCA), sponsor of            along with local Chicago
the All Candy Expo, annually             representation (Wrigley, Ferrara
presents the largest                     Pan, Tootsie Roll, and Worlds
confectionery, cookie, and snack         Finest Chocolate to name a few)
show in the Americas.                    although industry consolidation
Confectionery, snack and cookie          is clearly a trend –the Chicago
products generate $280 billion in        base William Wrigley Co was
retail sales worldwide according         acquired by the Virginia based
to the industry association. Since       Mars last year in it’s drive
the inception of the Candy Expo          towards becoming the worlds
ten years ago, the confectionery         largest confectioner. While there
                                                                             OPEN Ad Space
industry in the United States has
expanded an average of 30                                                      Block C-22b
percent.                                                                      (hold for PSA)
While the emphasis is on candy,
it’s not entirely about the
products—the show encompasses
diverse educational seminars that
help identify the trends in the
industry, how seasonal shopping
patterns change, how to take
advantage of changes, how
                                         was no shortage of new products
changing demographics around
                                         and innovations-- the ‘energy’
the world will impact sales and
               Convenience STORE         May 2009             Page 23
confectioneries of last year were still        chocolate even if it used vegetable oil or
prevalent-- all was not sweet at the           fat as a substitute for cocoa but ter.
Candy Expo 2009. Sour candies have              Manufacturers that continued to make
made a strong return to the marketplace.       real chocolate --containing 100% cocoa
Jelly Belly was emphasizing several            butter would be at a financial
new additions to it’s sour lineup and          disadvantage to those producing cheaper
Nestlé’s WONKA brand has all but               ‘imitation’ chocolate…and the
specialized in capturing the sour market       consumer won’t know by a simple look
with its impressive collection of Nerds,       at the label that they are no longer
Runts, SweeTarts, and of course                purchasing a true chocolate product.
Gobstoppers. Pez has also ventured into
the deeper into the sour market but            While candy continues to be the feature
chose to add a few twists by including         focus of the ALL CANDY EXPO, a
Sugar-Free sour Pez candies as well as         shift is in the works. For 2010, the expo
Kosher compliant versions.                     is taking on a new name. Next year, it
                                               will be re-christened the Sweets and
                   A continued bright          Snacks EXPO in deference to the
                   spot that wasn’t            growing salty-snack segment.
                   advertised at the
                   show was the end of         Large and small manufactures, new
                   the battle (in the          technologies and old-school practices,
                   USA) over what can          product samples in abundance, no one
                   be defined as               would deny the sugar-rush of the largest
chocolate per FDA rules.                       confectionery expo in this hemisphere.
The U.S. Chocolate Industry, via the           The NCA is reporting that 80% of the
Chocolate Manufacturers Association            display space for the 2010 Expo is
(CMA), and the Grocery Manufacturers           already reserved. Mark your calendar.
Association (GMA) had supported a              Alert your dentist.
request to the US FDA to allow
manufacturers to call a product

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                               Block C-23

       Convenience STORE            May 2009     Page 23

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