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									                                                        Google Analytics (Urchin)                      Web Trends 8.6                           Unica NetTracker                        Awstats                            Urchin v6 Webalyser               Neilsen

                                                                                    Good (with purchase of additional modules -                                                                              observing click-streams by using e-commerce
Click Stream Detail                              Limited                            eg Marketing Warehouse/Visitor Intelligence)     Good                                                                    module, customisable.                           Good
                                                                                                                                     One yr license: $995 (US)
                                                                                                                                     Two yr license: $1795 (US)
                                                                                                                                     Three yr license: $2595(US)                                             Around $5,900 for perpetual license for up to
Cost                                             Free                               Variable, per page view                          <dated 12/05/2008>                    Free/ GPL                         1,000 profiles                                  Yes - per
Open data warehouse                              No                                 Yes - ODBC, Web Services                         No                                    No
Export reports                                   Yes                                Yes                                              Yes                                                                     Yes (CSV, XML, PDF)                             Yes - xls, csv, email(html)
Custom reports                                   Yes                                Yes                                              Yes                                                                                                                     Yes - limited to some core metrics
Data overlay to site                             Yes                                Yes (SmartView)                                  No                                    No
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Two sets of reports based on cookies and web
Data Source                                      JavaScript/ Cookie                 JavaScript/Server log/Optionally cookies, CRM Server log                               Server log                        log files                                       Javascript encoded + cookies
Hosting                                          Remote                             Local / Remote (WebTrends On Demand)          Local                                    Local                             Local                                           Local/Australia
Interface                                        Web                                Web                                           Application                              Web/Command line                  Application                                     Web
                                                                                                                                  Yes - NetInsight (although 11K for an    Yes e.g. Maxmind Regions,
Optional add-ons                                 Ongoing updating                   Yes                                           upgrade)                                 Cities, ISP and Organisations     On-going upgrading                              Modules
Data pharsing (Import vs Report)                 Unknown/ Fast                      Slow/ Fast                                    Slow/ Slow                               Slow/ Fast                        Depends on operating platform                   Fast/Slow
                                                                                    Varies (free upgrades only with current
Package updates                                  Free                               maintenance contract)                         To follow up with this info              Free                              Depends on Agreement                            Free - Online upgrades universal
Trial versions?                                  N/a - Free                         Yes                                           Yes                                      N/a - Free                        Yes (30 days)                                   Unknown

Account administration
Account user access set up                       Yes (Admin or General User)        Yes (incl roles)                                 Yes (Admin or General User)                                             Yes                                             Yes
Account user access delete                       Yes                                Yes                                              Yes                                                                     Yes                                             Yes (except other admins)
Account administration level set up              Yes                                Yes                                              Yes                                                                     Yes                                             Yes
Account profile access restriction control       Yes                                Yes                                              Yes                                                                     Yes                                             Yes
Visitor Identification method
IP address                                       Yes                                Yes                                              Yes                                   Yes                               Yes                                             No
User agents                                                                         Yes                                              Yes                                                                     Yes                                             No
User names                                                                                                                           Yes                                                                     Yes                                             No
Session IDs                                                                         Yes                                              Yes                                                                     Yes                                             No
JavaScript/Cookies                               Yes - Primary                      Yes - Primary                                    Yes                                                                     Yes                                             Yes
KPI Matrix
Total visits/sessions to the entire site         Yes                                Yes                                              Yes                                   Yes                               yes                                             Yes
Total visits/sessions to homepage                Yes                                Yes                                              Yes                                   Yes                               yes                                             Yes - manual request required
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Yes - manual request required, limited to
Total visits/sessions to areas/folders
                                                 Yes - filter                       Yes                                              Yes                                   Yes                               yes                                             channels purchased
Page views to site, areas/folders, pages         Yes - filter                       Yes                                              Yes                                   Yes                               yes                                             Yes - where javascript added
Average page views per visit                     Yes                                Yes                                              Yes                                                                     Yes                                             Yes
Unique visitors                                  Yes                                Yes                                              Yes                                                                     Yes                                             Yes
Return visitors                                  Yes - "New vs. Returning"          Yes                                              Yes                                                                     Yes                                             Yes
Visit frequencies                                Yes - "loyalty"                    Yes                                              Yes                                                                     Yes                                             Yes
Average time spent per visit                     Yes                                Yes                                              Yes                                                                     Yes                                             Yes
                                                 Yes - Very limited (Navigation
Click stream information
                                                 summary)                           Yes                                              Yes (done by domain name info)      No                                  Yes                                             Yes
Landing pages/entrance pages                     Yes                                Yes                                              Yes                                 Yes                                 Yes                                             Yes
Exiting pages                                    Yes                                Yes                                              Yes                                 Yes                                 Yes                                             Yes
Bounce rates                                     Yes                                No                                               No (couldn't find any material)     Yes                                 Yes
Search terms                                     Yes                                Yes                                              Yes (under keyword search) we haven't managed to get this to work       Yes                                             Yes (Keyphrase)
                                                 Yes - Must enable "Track Site
Up and down streams of search
                                                 Search"                                                                                                                                                     Yes
                                                                                    Yes - limited (can show where searches have
Failed searches
                                                 No                                 zero results)                                    No                                                                      Yes                                             No
Operating system information                     Yes                                Yes                                              Yes                                   Yes                               Yes                                             Yes
Browser information                              Yes                                Yes                                              Yes                                   Yes                               Yes                                             Yes
Screen resolution information                    Yes                                Yes                                              No                                    Yes                               Yes                                             Yes
Broken link reporting                            No                                 Yes                                              Yes                                   Yes                               Yes                                             No
Goals/conversion information                     Yes                                Yes                                              No                                                                      Yes                                             Yes
Online returns/forms abandonment rate            Yes - via goals/conversion only    Yes                                              No                                    ?                                 Yes                                             Yes
                                                 Yes - assumed through "top exit
Abandonment points/rates
                                                 pages"                             Yes                                              No                                    ?                              Yes                                                Yes (called Loyalty)
Government agencies website ranking              Yes - via "Data Sharing"           No                                               No                                    No                             No                                                 No
Marketing campaign measuring                     Yes - filters, Adwords or Goals    Yes                                              Yes                                   No                             Yes                                                Yes
Marketing ROI                                                                       Yes                                              No                                    No
Referers                                         Yes                                Yes                                              Yes                                                                  Y
                                                                                                                                                                           Yes - can be enhanced with addones                                                Yes
Cross reference reporting                        ??                                 Yes (via custom reporting)                                                             ?                              Yes                                                Not available to my knowledge
Segmentation reports                             Yes - filters                      Yes                                              No                                    No                             Yes                                                No
Capable of tracking web 2.0 applications         Yes - custom meta tags, filters    Yes, in 8.6                                                                            No                             Yes                                                No
Task schedulaing and report exporting
Task scheduling                                  Yes - Reports only                 Yes                                              Yes                                   No - but can easily be scripted Yes                                               Yes
                                                                                                                                                                           No - only html, or experimental
Report exporting                                 Yes                                Yes                                              Yes                                   pdf reports                     Yes                                               Yes

                                                                                                                                                                           Yes - requires minor
                                                                                                                                                                           configuration change, limited
                                                                                                                                                                           to hitting 'update' on the stats
Real time reporting                              No                                 Yes                                              Yes                                   page in the browser              Yes                                              No - next day service
Dashboard report application                     Yes                                Yes                                              Yes                                   Yes                              Yes                                              Yes
Scalable to accommodate different web sites,
portals, areas by using different profiles       Yes                                Yes                                              Yes                                   No - not by profiles              Yes                                             No - standard templates
Multi-channel enterprise solution                Yes - via meta tags and Urchin     Yes                                                                                    No                                No                                              No
Tool Performance

Specified available time                                                            Service is 24/7, phone support during normal                                           N/A - runs locally, unless your
                                                 Yes                                American/European business hours                 N/A - runs locally                    site is externally hosted         Yes                                             Service is 24/7 unless advised

Permitted down time                                                                                                                                                        N/A - runs locally, unless your
                                                 N/a Google defined                                                                  N/A - runs locally                    site is externally hosted         Yes                                             No

Reports are availble after specified hours                                                                                                                                 N/A - runs locally, unless your
                                                 N/a Google defined                 Yes                                              N/A - runs locally                    site is externally hosted       Yes                                               Yes
logs load distribution/balancing                 N/a Google defined                 Yes - with 3rd party software                    No - up to the server admin           No - up to the server admin     Yes                                               No
                                                                                                                                                                           No - but config can be changed
                                                                                                                                                                           to automatically deal with
Compressed data storage
                                                                                                                                                                           gzipped/etc log files for
                                                 N/a Google storage                                                                  N/a - runs off log files              analysis                        Reports are around one tenth of raw log files     No

Tool upgrading                                                                      Download for software version, unknown for       Manual download and upgrade           Manual download and upgrade
                                                 Automatic GUI upgrade              remote service (automatic?)                      process                               process                     Download for new version supplied by Google.          Online tool (upgrades automatic ??)
                                                                                                                                                                           Yes - completely manual
Data backup/DR
                                                 N/a Google defined                 Yes                                              Yes                                   process though              Yes                                                   Yes - completely manual process
Vendor Support

                                                                                                                                     Yes, person who runs the forum also
                                                                                                                                     arranges to meet frequently and is    None - free open source           Depending on agreeement with vendor
Availability/commitment of support               Yes - via Australian 3rd parties   Yes - but US or Euro based support               always quick to reply via email       software - only forums, etc       representative, online forums, news release     Yes - account support from NZ or Australia
Support request response time                    Yes - via Australian 3rd parties   Yes (time depends on support package)            Yes                                   N/A                               Yes                                             Ticketed response
                                                                                                                                     face-to-face, email, forum (and I'm
                                                                                                                                     sure includes phone just haven't
Support channel (face-to-face, phone, email)     Phone, email                       Phone, e-mail, pager                             used it)                              Forums                            Support agreement with vendor representatives Email / Phone

Support documentation (up to date, accurate)     Yes                                Yes (incl knowledge base)                        Yes                                   Yes                               Basic technical specifications online forums    Online help, Search function
Local personnel                                  No                                 No                                               Yes                                   N/A                               No                                              Yes, Auckland based
Data Storage
                                                                                    Inhouse (software version) / Overseas (remote                                          Inhouse, unless your site is
Inhouse or external/overseas                     Overseas                           version)                                      Inhouse                                  externally hosted                 In-house data & reports storage                 external
Privacy agreement                                Yes                                Yes                                           n/a                                      N/A                               In-house hosting & restricted usage of data     N/A
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Unknown, information still available from
Data storage life                                Unknown                            Unknown                                          Data stored on own log files          Up to you, if running it inhouse Up to you, if running it inhouse                 2007
Meet government records management legislation   Unknown                            Unknown                                          Unknown                               Unknown                          Yes                                              Unknown
Cost of initial license fee                      Nil                                Undisclosed (can be US$10,000+)                                                        Nil                               Around $3,000 USD for up to 1,000 profiles
                                                                                    Undisclosed (resellers quote from US$1,000
Cost of annual license fee
                                                 Nil                                per 20,000,000 page views)                                                             Nil                               No
                                                 Nil - unless 3rd party support     Undisclosed (but anecdotes indicate service is                                                                           Optional (support may be needed for initial
Cost of service support
                                                 required                           at additional charge)                                                                  Nil                               setting up
                                                                                                                                  NetInsight is the next upgrade
                                                                                                                                  $90 USD/month Reporting
                                                                                                                                  $90 USD/month Tracking
Cost of upgrading                                                                                                                 $140 USD/month Tracking and
                                                                                    Undisclosed (free with maintenance contracts, Undisclosed amount for Enterprise                                          Depends on Agreement (minor add-on's are
                                                 Nil                                otherwise costs)                              package.                                 Nil                               usually free.
Saving on cross government solutions (group
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Because it can host upto 1,000 profiles, it may be
procurement bargining)
                                                 N/a                                Unknown                                          Unknown                               N/A                               hosted by on agency and used by others             Unknown
                                                        Google Analytics (Urchin)   Web Trends 8.6   Unica NetTracker   Awstats   Urchin v6 Webalyser   Neilsen

Authored by the Web Analytics Working Group:

Adi Christie (Ministry of Economic Development)
Adrienne Foley (Land Information New Zealand)
Alisa Mason (State Services Commission)
Anna Pethig (Ministry of Health)
AnneMarie Curtis (State Services Commission)
Anne Nelson (Ministry of Education)
Christian Evans (Ministry for the Environment)
Claire Sherrington (Retirement Commission)
David Wallace (Land Information New Zealand)
Jennifer Geard (Ministry for the Environment)
Michelle McClellan (Ministry of Economic Development)
Peter Purvis (Ministry of Education)
Terry Wood (Inland Revenue)
Wei Zhang (Inland Revenue)

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