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Free Newsletter Template Creator - DOC


Free Newsletter Template Creator document sample

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									                                       Using Publisher as a Publication Template
Suggestions for Using Publisher as a Publication Format

Changing Personal/Automated Information
Publisher will automatically add information about the address, personnel, etc. associated with the publication creator
or organization.
1. Go to EditPersonal Information
2. Enter all appropriate information that is the same each time the document is created
3. Click Update
   Publisher will remember this information each time you log into your machine.
   If someone different logs into that machine, this in formation will not appear for that person.

Using the Arrange Menu - The Arrange menu lets you manipulate the text boxes or graphics in your document in a
variety of ways:

                                                    Allows you to change the order of the
                                                    “layers” of objects and/or text boxes.
                                                                                                             To select more than
                                                    You can select several objects and align the             one object, hold your
                                                    left side of the objects, evenly space them              shift key down while
                                                                                                             clicking each object.
                                                    vertically or horizontally, etc.
                                                                                                             Then use the Arrange
                                                                                                             Menu to align, rotate or
                                                                                                             move objects quickly.
                                                    You can turn objects a specific # of degrees
                                                    and/or free rotate them by dragging the
                                                    green dots on the object.

Using the Master Page Feature to Make Each Page Look Similar
NOTE: This is good for adding graphics that can be used for navigation when the document is converted to Adobe
Acrobat Professional and placed online with hyperlinks to “turn the pages”.

Go to ViewMaster PageAdd your items or textClick Close Master Page

Inserting Page Numbers, Dates, etc. - You can use the Insert Menu to add repetitive items to your document.
1. Go to Insert and make your choice:
2. Page – Adds another page to your document
3. Section – Allows you to renumber the pages from this point on in a different manner
4. Page Numbers – Adds page numbers in various formats and locations to the document
5. Date and Time – Adds a default or updated date/time format in a variety of formats and locations.
   NOTE: You must click in a text bo x (or create a new one) to add this date and time. Click Update Automatically to have the date/time
   change each time you open the document.

Deleting Pages in a Newsletter
1. At the bottom of the screen, left-click one time on the page(s) you wish to delete.
2. Go to Edit, Delete Page.
3. The next screen will look like this:
4. Select the page(s) you wish to delete by clicking in the radio button.
5. Click OK.

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