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									               State Agency                 Library Name                Street Address             City
Ohio Attorney General
     Bureau of Workers'               Library of Safety &
                                      Division                30 E.Broad, 15th fl              Columbus
Ohio Commission on Dispute            Hygiene Library         30 W. Spring St., Level 3        Columbus
Resolution and Conflict Management    LibraryResearch and
                                      Policy                  77 S. High St., 24th fl          Columbus
Ohio Department of Development        Office of Planning
                                      Strategic Healthy       77 S. High St., 27th fl          Columbus
Ohio Department of Health             Ohioans Ohio Public
                                      Bureau of Radiation     246 N. High St., 8th fl          Columbus
Ohio Department of Health             Protection Library      246 North High Street            Columbus
Ohio Department of Transportation     Library
                                      Collections Services    1980 W. Broad St., 2nd fl        Columbus
Ohio Historical Society               Division                1982 Velma Avenue                Columbus
Ohio Legislative Service Commission   Library                 77 S. High St., 9th fl           Columbus
Ohio Public Defender's Office         LegalD. Thompson, Jr.
                                      John Resource Center    8 E. Long st. Suite 1100         Columbus
Ohio Retirment Study Council          Memorial Library        88 E. Broad St., Suite 1175      Columbus
Ohio School for the Deaf              Library Kinney Cooper
                                      Martha                  500 Morse Road                   Columbus
Ohioana Library Association           Ohioana Library         274 E. First Avenue, Suite 300   Columbus
Public Utilities Commission of Ohio   Library                 180 E.Broad St,, 11th fl         Columbus
State Library of Ohio                 Library                 274 E. First Avenue, Suite 100   Columbus
Supreme Court of Ohio                 Law Library             65 S. Front St., 11th fl         Columbus
State       Zip                        Website                         Phone            Fax
OH      43266-0410   http://www.ag.state.oh.us/
                     http://www.ohiobwc.com/employer/progra        614-466-4534   614-728-8680
OH      43215        ms/safety/SandHResearch.asp                   614-466-7388   614-644-9634
OH      43215        http://disputeresolution.ohio.gov/            614-752-9595   614-752-9682
OH      43215-6130   http://www.odod.ohio.gov/research/            614-466-2116   614-466-9697
OH      43215-0118   http://www.odh.ohio.gov/
                 614-644-5639   614-564-2409
OH      43212        raryInfo/LibraryInfo.asp?MenuID=100
                     http://www.dot.state.oh.us/Divisions/Trans    614-644-2727   (614) 466-0381
OH      43223        SysDev/Library/Pages/default.aspx             614-752-4818   614-728-6694
OH      43211-2497   http://www.ohiohistory.org/resource/archlib   614-297-2510   614-297-2546
OH      43215        http://www.lsc.state.oh.us/
                     www.opd.ohio.gov/resources/resources_M        614-466-2241   614-644-1721
OH      43215        ain.htm                                       614-466-5394   614-752-5167
OH      43215-3580   http://www.orsc.org/
                     http://www.ohioschoolforthedeaf.org/library   614-228-1346
                                                                   614-728-1414   614-228-0118
OH      43214        .aspx                                         V/TTY
OH      43201        http://www.ohioana.org/                       614-466-3831   614-728-6974
OH      43215        http://www.puco.ohio.gov/                     614-466-8054   614-728-8373
OH      43201        http://www.library.ohio.gov
                     http://www.sconet.state.oh.us/LawLibrary/     614-644-7051   614-644-7004
OH      43215-3431   default.asp                                   614-387-9680   614-387-9689
  Librarian's Name           Librarian's Email
Madelaine Gordon      mgordon@ag.state.oh.us
Melissa Hatfield      library@bwc.state.oh.us
Maria L. Mone         website@cdr.state.oh.us
Steve Kelley          skelley@odod.state.oh.us
Janice L. York        jan.york@odh.ohio.gov
Zona Markley
SarahKahkonen         sarah.markley@odh.ohio.gov
Keppler               .state.oh.us
Deborah Tavenner      dtavenner@lsc.state.oh.us
Lisa Ostrolenk        lisa@opd.state.oh.us
Nancy Boone           boone@osd.oh.gov
LindaDuffy (Director, ohioana@ohioana.org
Paul Hengst
Legal Department)     paul.duffy@puc.state.oh.us
Missy Lodge (Interim) govinfo@sloma.state.oh.us
Kenneth Kozlowski     libref@sconet.state.oh.us
Law, Legislative Information
Occupational safety & health; Worker's Compensation; Rehabilitation
Dispute Resolution, Conflict Management
census information, Ohio statistics
Health Promotion, Public Health
Government Documents, Technical Manuals, and Books, Newsletters, and Journals from decommissioned sites
and nuclear power plants
Multi-modal Transportation
Ohio History
Legislative Documents, Ohio Legal Sources
Criminal Law
Public Pensions, Economics, Insurance
Fiction on deafness works by Ohioans or about Ohio and/or Ohioans; Sheet music and deaf culture
Center & Non fiction for information about deafness, deaf education, sign language, with an Ohio connection;
Biographical Files of Ohio Authors, Composers, artists, etc.
Public Utilities, Law, Transportation
Government Documents, Reference

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