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									A   Abacus                      GDS system provided by Sabre

    Access Code                 A unique Rate Plan code used by the GDS’s.

                                An Organisation, individual or company involved with our business (Customer, Competitor
                                or Partner)

                                Fixed file that cannot be manipulated, but looks Professional. Need Adobe Acrobat to read
    Acrobat (PDF) file
                                - used in Reports (can download for free at

    Activity                    Schedule Event - Tasks or Calendar events.

    ADS                         Alternative Distribution Site

    Address Bar                 Bar at top of internet page where you type URL you want to visit

    AHS                         Advanced Hospitality Solutions

    Alpha                       Letters only

    Alphanumeric                Both numbers and letters

    Amadeus                     One of the four GDSs

    America Online (AOL)        Internet and email provider

    APAC                        Asia and Pacific

    API                         Application Programming Interface

    Apollo                      GDS now operated by Galileo

    ARC                         Airline Reporting Corp - Similar to IATA

                                Not-For-Profit communications company in the US also provides network services to GDS
                                and hotel and car companies

    AS                          Airline Solutions

    ASP                         Application Service Provider - SynXis is considered an ASP.

    ASCII (pronounced as-key)   Plain text (no special formats) used in programming

    AVI                         Video format for use with Windows - also used is Quicktime

    AXESS                       GDS system provided by Sabre used mainly by Japanese travel Agents

B   Bandwidth                   The amount of information that can be transferred over a network or internet connection

    BAR                         Best Available Rate

    Base Rate                   The single occupancy rate of a Rate Plan

    BAUD (pronounced bawd)      The speed of a computer modem - term no longer used - see bps

    BE                          Refers to the Hotels Booking Engine also referred to as IBE - Internet booking engine

                                Best Practice - Tried and tested way of doing things. Gets shared across the business to
                                prevent "re-inventing the wheel"

    bps                         Bits per second used to describe the speed of a modem
                                        A trail left as you move through the system so you can track previous pages you have
                                        come from

    Browser                             Software used for accessing the internet (ie Netscape, MS Internet Explorer)

                                        Industry term for placing an arriving guest at a substitute hotel due to no rooms.
    Bump / Book Out
                                        Normally they would also pay for first night, taxi and a couple of phone calls

C   Cathode Ray Tube (CRT)              PC monitor (old style with tube)

    Case                                Detail Description of a customers Issue, Problem or Question.

    CCD                                 Customer Care Desk

    CCP                                 Central Commissions Payments
                                        Compact Disc - They can be Recordable (CD-R) information recorded once or
                                        rewritable (CD-RW) - Data can be copied to the CD on more than one occasion.
                                        Rewritable compact discs can also be erased.
                                        1. Customer on Demand Training
                                        2. Compensation Decision Tool
                                        A method of delivery or distribution via a particular route e.g GDS, IDS, Voice Booking

    Closed Session                      A period of time in which users use the new release for testing.

    Complete Access                     Amadeus type A link that provides instant responses to Travel Agents

    ConCur                              EMEA computer system for company employees expense claims

                                        Rate negotiated between a hotel and a travel agency group. A consortium is a
    Consortia Rate
                                        conglomerate of travel agencies

    Contact                             Any individual associated with an account.

    Contract                            Written Agreement

                                        Small files left on computer when on the internet helps websites recognise you when you
                                        Central Reservation Office (a place where agents can book multiple hotels). (Call

    CRM                                 Customer Relationship Management

                                        Central Reservation system (a central database of rates/availability/info/electronic

    CSP                                 Cryptographic Service Providers (works with API)

    CSV (comma delimited)               For exporting to Excel - data can be manipulated - Used in Reports

    Cyberspace                          The 'Universe' available on the internet

D   Dashboard                           In Sales Force - A realtime snapshot of KPI's which is graphically displayed.

                                        Rates that are linked to, and track another rate. Eg CONBTI linked to CONAMX but 5%
    Derived Rates
                                        Locations that can be linked to your property to increase search options on reservations
    Destination Assignments

    Direct Connect                      SABRE type A link giving instant responses.

    Direct Connect Availability (DCA)   SABREs seamless link providing LIVE availability direct from hotel res systems

                                        Section of each GDS that holds all the info about our hotels including sales info to try to
    Direct Reference Systems
                                        persuade the agent to book our hotels
                                   A unique scheme where hotel guests can claim against both their hotel loyalty card and a
    Double Dipping
                                   Frequent Flyer card thus gaining twice the points.

    DOW                            Day of Week

    DPM                            Development Performance Management

                                   Direct Reference System - GDS page for corporate information, mainly used by travel

    Drop down menu                 Accessed by clicking on arrow next to input box - click on choice to fill in box

    DS                             Data Services

    DSWO                           Data Services Work Order

    Dynamic Packaging              In Red X this refers to where independent ‘value added’ extra’s are added to a Rate Plan

E   E-mail                         Electronic Mail

    EBITDA                         Earnings Before Interest, Tax, Depreciation and Amortization

    .edu                           A domain suffix given to websites of educational institutions

    EMEA                           Europe, Middle East, Africa

    E-Site                         Division of SynXis for online marketing and web design

    ETMT                           Employment Transaction Management Tool

    Export                         To send data into another program to make it easier to view

    Express View                   Quick way to see all rates/restrictions/inventory for each room type (by channel)

F   False                          No!

                                   A free or subsidised visit to our hotels for agents designed for them to acquaint
    Familiarisation Tour (FAM)
                                   themselves with our products
                                   A Sabre and QANTAS airlines product for Travel Agents in Australia, New Zealand and the
                                   South Pacific

    FAQ’s                          Frequently Asked Questions

    Favourites                     Bookmarked links you can set up to your most used/visited pages

                                   Term used to describe the booking restrictions used on programs to minimise dilution of
    Fencing                        higher rates. Examples of these can be advance booking, guarantee, cancellation or
                                   refund policy requirements

    Filter                         When you add in search criteria (parameters) to lessen the information returned

                                   To protect your computer from anyone else accessing it from outside the company's

    FLASH BE                       One of 2 versions of the SynXis booking engine

                                   Best prediction / estimate on how much future business (Revenue) you anticipate to
                                   Full pattern LOS - mainly used by automated Yield systems, however can be inserted
                                   manually by hotel users if necessary.
                                   A system used for sending files (sometimes very large files) by secure link over the
    FTP (file transfer protocol)
                                   internet regardless of type of computer or operating system

    FYI                            For Your Information
    FYROM                           Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

G   Galileo/Apollo                  One of the four GDSs

    GC (Guest Connect)              Guest Connect is SynXis's Booking Engine

    Get There                       Travelocity - booking tool for Sabre employee travel bookings.

                                    Global Distribution System (what Travel Agents use to access and book flights/hotels/car
                                    hire) AA = Sabre, UA = Apollo/Galileo, 1A = Amadeus, TW = Worldspan

    GETS                            Gabriel Extended Travel Services - GDS for over 30 partner airlines

                                    Graphics interchange Format - a way of storing a photograph or graphic using minimal

    GOP                             Gross Operating Profit can also be known as IBFC

    Guest Name Record (GNR)         The file in a hotels CRS or PMS which contains the guest reservation information

    GUI (pronounced gooey)          Graphical User Interface - Front end user interface ie Trip manager, PlanetSABRE

H   Hacker                          Someone who breaks into a network and tampers with the system

    HIP                             Hotel Information Pack

    HIF                             Hotel Verfiy Form (Hotel Initialisation Form)

    HK                              Designator to show segment as confirmed in a GDS

                                    Hotel Description Data in the GDS which includes such things as address, phone, ratings
    HOD                             room and property description, policies, reference points, landmark, services and

    Home Page                       The main page of a website

                                    The THISCO subsidiary created to provide centralised commission payment, worldwide
    Hotel Clearing Company (HCC)
                                    and in local currency, for hotel chains

    Hotel Description (HOD)         The information area that holds the info for a hotel like address tel numbers etc

    Hotel Electronic Distribution   Hotel marketing automation organization formed to promote the communication,
    Network Association (HEDNA)     procedures and technology for hotel distribution through the GDSs

    Hotel Select                    The Hotel product of Worldspan

                                    Worldspans seamless connectivity product that allows agents to rates and info drawn
    Hotel Source
                                    directly from the hotels CRS

    HTNG                            Hotel Techincal Next Generation

    html                            Hyper Text Markup Language - used for writing web pages

    HTML BE                         One of 2 versions of the SynXis booking engine

                                    Hyper Text transfer protocol - set of rules that govern the delivery of web pages over the
                                    internet - also the beginning of all web addresses
                                    Control mechanism to open and close rates in RedX. Can be set by a user or via an
    Hurdle Rate
                                    automated yield managaement system. (eg IDeaS V5i).

    Hyperlink                       A line of text that when clicked will open another document or web page

I   IATA                            International Association of Travel Agents - identifying number for Travel Agents

    IBE                             Internet Booking Engine
    IBFC                           Income before fixed charges

    IDeaS                          Yield Management - System Provider. (V5e / V5i)

    IDS                            Internet Distribution Systems: Websites such as Expedia, Orbitz etc

    IM                             Instant Messenger

    Imps                           Implementations

    Infini                         Japan based regional GDS owned by Abacus and ANA

                                   Apollo/Galileos seamless availability product that enables agents to view rates and info
    Inside Availability
                                   for hotels directly from their CRS
                                   Galileo Internationals Type A link product that enables travel agents to receive instant
    Inside Link
                                   responses to bookings
                                   A type of mapping table that acts as a 'translator' allowing messages to pass between
                                   separate databases/systems specific rooms, rates, description and policies
                                   International network of networks - includes ALL computers in the world that are
                                   connected to a network
    Internet Cache or Temporary    Record kept on your computer of pages visited - helps reload pages quicker when you
    Internet Files                 return
                                   Internet protocol address - the address of a computer - EVERY computer on the internet
    IP Address
                                   has a unique IP address ie
                                   Internet relay chat - a way of chatting to other PC users round the world by text in a
                                   specific chat channel
                                   Integrated Services Digital Network - a network that moves much faster - up to 128,000
                                   bits per second

    ISP                            Internet Service Provider

J   Java                           Application used to enable animation on websites and some computer programs

                                   An image compression system formed by the Joint Photographic Experts Group. Widely
    JPEG (pronounced JAY-PEG)
                                   used on internet however some Internet browsers do not support them

K   KPI                            Key Performance Indicator

    Kronos                         Payroll / Work Force Management / Time Tracking system.

L   LAN                            Local Area Network - a small concentrated network

    LBE                            Linear Booking Engine

    Lead                           Any person, organisation or company that may be interested in products or services.

    LRA (Last Room Availability)   The ability to book the last room in the hotel

    Login                          An ID given to each person to be able to access the system (ie RedX)

                                   Maximum Length of Stay. This will prevent a booker from booking a stay longer than the
                                   number of days selected.
                                   Market Intelligence Centre - The MIC provides a centralized repository of market
                                   information from both internal and external sources, exploring topics such as market
                                   trends / size / forecasts, competitive profiles, landscape and segmentation analysis,
                                   customer satisfaction ratings, product concept tests, etc
                                   Minimum length of stay The ability for a hotel to state that guests arriving on a certain
                                   day must stay for a certain number of nights
                                   Short for Modulator-Demodulator - Converts a PCs digital signals into analogue to be able
                                   to send it to other PCs over telephone lines
    MVD                           Montevideo - Uruguay - SynXis Data Centre

    Multi-level rates             Apollo/Galileo term for negotiated rates

N   Negotiated Rates
                                  Rates that are part of contract. These rates are restricted so that an agent can only
                                  access them with their own code or that of the corporate

    NDA                           Non Disclosure Agreement

    Net                           An abbreviation for network - can also refer to the Internet

    Netiquette                    Internet Etiquette - for instance shouting by using CAPITAL LETTERS!

    Netscape Navigator            An easy to use Internet browser interface

    NLRA                          Non Last Room Availability

    Numeric                       Numbers only

                                  The Online Distribution Database that contains basic hotel information which is supplied
                                  to those websites that use the Pegasus Booking Engine (via the Pegasus Switch)

    ODDR                          The Online Distribution Database Redesigned - will replace ODD eventually

    Offsets                       An additional person supplement that would be added to a base rate.

                                  the business model used by and where the consumer does not
    Opaque Rates
                                  know what product/brand they are buying before they purchase it.

    Opportunity                   Any potential revenue generating event (deal)

    Ops                           Operations Department

    OTA                           Open Travel Alliance

                                  An amount of rooms that the hotel will sell over the capacity for the property. This can
    Over Booking                  be applied to the total hotel (house) as well as being distributed across a particular room
                                  type / selection of room types.

P   Parameters                    For use in Reports - the information you want to search on ie. Date, rate type.

    Passenger Name Record (PNR)   A booking file with travel, hotels, car bookings and passenger details help in the GDS

    PATA                          Pacific Asia Travel Association.

    PBIT                          Profit Before Interest and Tax.

    PCI Compliant                 Payment Card Industry - Industry standard for credit card Data Security Standards

    PERO                          Provides centralised commission payment system in New Zealand for hotel chains

    PI                            Property Interface

    PID                           Property ID Number

    Pipeline                      Future Sales Opportunity/Deals (sales pipeline)

                                  Property Management System (the system you have at hotel level that manages your
                                  accommodation, reservations, accounting etc) (ie Fidelio)

    PMS code                      Sometimes used where code in RedX does not match code in PMS

                                  Used to stop annoying Ads appearing on internet pages, but can affect software
    Pop Up Blocker
                                  applications as well.

    Pop Up Box                    A box that appears when you click on certain links

    Pseudo City Code (PCC)        Individual identifier number assigned by the GDS which is used to identify travel agents.
                               A rate negiotated between the hotel company and a specific client. This can also be
    Preferred Rate
                               known as a negotiated rate or volume rate.

Q   QA                         Quality Audit

    QuickTime                  A video system that compresses and plays videos on a computer

R   Radio Button               Small round button to click to make a selection

    Rate Access Code           Specific Code used to securely book a negotiated rate on the GDS.

    Rate Category              Previously known as SRP Groups

    RFP                        Request for Proposal

    Rate Plan                  Previously known as Rate Types

    Rate Season                Dates rate is available

    RedX                       SynXis Reservation System

    Refresh                    Used to refresh internet pages (including RedX) either click on View - Refresh or F5

    Related tasks              Preset links to pages that are linked in some way to your current page

    Re-Seller                  Third party that sells on our Services / Products (repersents us)

    ResAccess                  See Wizcom International

                               Revenue Per Available Room (Yield Management term - Total accommodation revenue
                               divided by the total number of rooms available).
                               1. Read Only                                                                           2.
                               Room Only (rates with no inclusive elements)

    ROI                        Return on Investment

                               An alphanumeric code given to all rooms to identify it's amenities in a GDS ie A1K usually
    Room code
                               means deluxe room with 1 king bed

    Room Master                Hotel booking program of Apollo/Galileo

    Room Type                  Classification of room including bedding - ie Deluxe King Bed

    Run Of House               A flat price at which a hotel agrees to offer any of its rooms

S   Sabre                      One of the four GDSs

    Sabre Town                 Internal Company - Networking Site / Community

    Sabre Online Research      Online System for creating Customer Survey's / Feedback Questionnaires

                               Sita Airline Hotel Advanced Reservations Automation - Hotel booking system for GETS
                               GDS. Allows staff of airlines etc to check availability

    SAP                        Sabre Accounts Payable

                               The highest level of GDS access - allows live information to be pulled direct from Hotels
    Seamless Connectivity

    Search Engine              Website that provides search capabilities for the whole web - ie

                               CRS control function - arrival must coincide with a minimum length of stay including but
    Sell Through
                               not necessarily starting on that night.
                               Hotel Reservations / Revenue Manager will apply a selling strategy to manage their hotels
    Selling Strategy
                               rates / room type inventory based on demand levels.
                               Central computer system that holds all the files, documents and other functionalility and
                               delivers it to users of that network.

    Service Delivery Manager   External / Customer Facing job title for Implementations Person

    SF (SalesForce)            Sales Force a central sales and account amanagement system used by SynXis
    Shopping Basket          On a website - where your purchases/bookings are collected prior to payment

                             Ensuring the same rates and availability restrictions apply in all channels. This will ensure
    Single Image Inventory   that bookers will get access to the same rates and availability irrespective of the channel
                             they are "shopping" in.

    SLA                      Service level Agreement

    SLC                      SynXis Learning Centre - Online Training environment

    Signature File           A footer automatically added to emails.

                             Societe International De Telecommunications Aeronautics - A non-profit organization
                             offering communication system in the travel industry it operates SAHARA

    Site Map                 Page showing links to all other pages within that website

    SOA                      Service Oriented Architecture

    SOP                      Standard Operating Procedures

    Southern Cross           GDS marketed in the South Pacific - uses Galileo/Apollo (RoomMaster) applications

                             SynXis internal communication to all team members, on the company's plan / vision /
    Strategy Map             strategy for the next few years. All objectives come or are linked back to the Strategy
                             Sabre Travel Information Network - Operates SABRE GDS - own by AMR - the owner of
                             American Airlines

                             Smith Travel Research - Provides global reports on hotels performance across all
                             brands/cateogries in regards to occupancy, revpar, ADR etc

    Subscription             Used to set up reports to be produced on a regular basis

                             A Hotel Chain or Property is repersented under one company on the GDS and want to
                             Switch to being repersented via / Under the SynXis Chain Code.

    SWOT                     Strenght Weakness Opportunites Threats

    Switch/Ultra Direct      Software that routes data and messages between CRS/GDS/Websites

    System One               The original GDS merged to make Amadeus

T   T-1
                             A phone line connection that can transmit 1.5 million bits per second - frequently used to
                             connect to LANs

    T-3                      Phone line capable of transmitting 45 million bits per second - capable of full screen video

    TACS                     Travel Agent Commission Settlement

                             Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol - A set of rules that governs how
                             different PCs can talk to each other on different networks
                             Software tool for SynXis - Development Team - where enchancements, fixes and new
    Test Track
                             functionality is recorded and released once designed, tested and approved.
                             The Hotel Industry Switch Company - Not for profit organisation formed by 16 hotel
                             companies. They first developed Ultra Direct for communicating with GDSs

    ThinkWeb                 Used to store and maintain static hotel specific information for Booking Engine

    TN                       Travel Network

    Town Hall                Internal Meeting - update by Region.

    True                     Yes!

    Type A                   GDS link that delivers confirmations within 7 seconds

                             Batched Type (teletype) - confirmations are returned to the travel agent via their Queues
    Type B
                             and require action by them

U   UC                       Designator to show segment as unconfirmed in a GDS
                                A type of operating server that is used on servers - designed for use by many people at a

    URL                         Uniform Resource Locator – web address

    USP                         Unique Selling Point

V   VAS                         Virtual Agent Services (Outsourced Call Center)

    VAT/GST                     Value added Tax/Goods & Services Tax.

    VPN                         Virtual Private Network

    Voice Agent                 Reservations system used by CROs

                                Industry term for placing an arriving guest at a substitute hotel due to no rooms.

W   Walk                        Normally they would also pay for first night, taxi and a couple of phone calls (Bump /

    WAA                         Web Application Accelerator (Akamai)

    WAN                         Wide Area Network

    Web Archive                 This is in HTML format - used in Reports

    Web browser                 The software used for accessing the internet

                                A collection of web pages that are thematically or commercially related and are linked
                                together via a homepage.

    Winzip                      Program used to make large files much smaller (zips them up)

                                A subsidiary of Avis - provides a link between CRS and GDS - they were the first seamless
    Wizcom International
                                connectivity link

    WL                          Designator to show segment as waitlisted in a GDS

    Worldspan                   One of the four GDSs

    WTTC                        World Travel & Tourism Council

X   XML file with report data   For importing into other applications - used in Reports

                                The practice of airlines, hotel and car companies to control the supply and price of their
Y   Yield Management
                                products to ensure maximum revenue. Can also be know as Revenue Management


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