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									ACF Alumni Directory Fall 2003       General Information

First Name           Last     Year   Current Location       Undergrad Major            Minor         Current Job/Study
Mi Ryung             An       1996   New York, NY           pseudo-Biology                           Marketing Manager
Mindy                Au       2003   Atlanta, GA            Chemistry                                another big question
Kwang-Hyun (John)    Baek     2002   Hanover, NH            Computer Sciecne                         ph.D. student
Richard              Baek     2001   Columbus, OH           History / Government                     Law School at Ohio State
Ann                  Chang    2003   New York, NY           Economics & Studio Art                   Investment Banking
                                                                                                     Project Manager, The Center for Research on
                                                                                                     Culture, Development and Education at NYU; Part-
Danielle             Chang    1999   Long Island, NY        Psychology                               time graduate student in social work at NYU
John Ji Hoon         Chang    2003   Cambridge, MA          Film Studies with Music                  Unemployed / Intern
Michael S.           Chen     2001   New York, NY           SOC                                      NAVs, Med school hopes
Melissa              Cho      1998   Boston, MA             Art History                              Law School
Peter "cho-motion"   Cho      2000   La Habra, CA           Econ(modified)             Music         Insurance
                                                            Biology - Genetics, Cell
Eric H.              Choi     1999   Broomall, PA           and Development                          Medical School (Temple University)
Ki Pyung Marc        Choi     1998   Arlington, VA          German Literature                        Regional Director, FOCUS (
Jennie               Chung    2002   Hanover, NH            Biochemistry                             Medical School (Dartmouth)
Romero               Hayman   2002   Boston, MA             Psychology                 German        Consultant
                                                                                                     Internal medicine 1st yr resident,        Thomas
Jonathan             Jun      1998 Philadelphia, PA         Biochemistry                             Jefferson University Hospital
Adin                 Kawate   1998 Kauai, HI (yeah baby)    Environmental Biology      Religion      Youth Director, Pidgin Interviewer (no joke)
Balem H.             Kim      2001 E. Elmhurst, NY          Studio Art                               Non-profit development
                                                                                                     Student at Boston University School of Public
                                                                                                     Health, Masters Program (concentrating in Health
Basil H.             Kim      2001 Cambridge, MA            Sociology                  Biogenetics   Law/Social Behavioral Sciences)
                                                                                                     Johnson School of Management (MBA) and
Jeannie              Kim      2000 Ithaca, NY- Cornell U.   Economics                                School of Industrial and Labor Relations(MILR)
                                                                                       Dance, Video
Jin Kook Edward      Kim      2001 Tujunga, CA              East Asian Studies         Games        Korean Translator for LAPD
Kwang                Kim      1998 Philadelphia, PA         English                    (kind of)    Law School, Education School
Michael J.           Kim      1999 New York, NY             History                    Psychology   Finance
                                   changing...always                                                English teacher until January, then Gold bar
Seulgee Rosa         Kim      2003 changing                 English (Lit)                           recruiter at Dartmouth until May
Yolanda              Kuo      2000 San Diego, CA            Biochemistry                            Medical School (UCSD)
Jen Chi Hyang        Kwak     2000 Dallas, TX               Biochemistry                            Medical School
                                                                                                    Program Associate at the Asian American Legal
Hannah               Kwon     2002 Jersey City, NJ          Environmental Studies                   Defense and Education Fund
Benjamin             Lee      2000 Rochester, NY            Biochem                    Psych        Paramedic / MPH
First Name         Last           Year Current Location     Undergrad Major          Minor         Current Job/Study
Jenny H.           Lee            2001 Tacoma, WA           History/Asian Studies                  Masters in International Public Health/ U of WA
Marshall           Lee            2003 New York, NY         Biophysical Chemistry                  hmm..
                                                                                                   Attorney for Children's Law Center of Los Angeles
                                                            Socy modified w/Ed and                 (representing kids in child abuse and neglect
Martin H.          Lee            1998 Monterey Park, CA    Psych                    Drama         cases)
Stella             Lee            2003 New Hyde Park, NY    Government               Sociology     Communications/Journalism
Suzanne            Lee            2003 Northvale, NJ        History                                Working at an autistic preschool
                                                                                                   Part-time Landscape Architecture (MLA) @ UW;
Vanessa Nina       Lee            2002 Seattle, WA          Environmental Studies    Art History   Part-time unemployed

Paul               Lim            1996 San Francisco, CA    Sociology/Bio                          Consultant

Yong Choi (Nicole) Lindley        2000 Pasadena, CA         Sociology mod. w/ AMES                 Mission
                                                                                                   Previously worked at a venture capital firm.
Michael            Min          2000 Columbia, MD           Government                             Currently contemplating grad school.
Andrea Wang        Neuschwander 2000 Smell-A, CA            Psych                                  Pre-Vet
Brian              Ni             2003   Sammamish, WA      Computer Science         & Japanese    Amatuer Video Game Player
Jessica "oeimae"   Oei            2003   Fort Worth, TX     Studio Art (photo)                     Collis Managing Intern
Scarlet            Oh             2000   Rowlett, TX        Economics                History       Attorney
Justin S.          Pae            2000   Jersey City, NJ    Psychology               Music         Marketing, Music Industry
Helena             Park           2001   Somerville, MA     Computer Science                       Consulting at Monitor Company
Steve T.           Park           1998   Philadelphia, PA   History                                Law School
Richard "Sexy"     Sevilla        1998   Bayside, NY        Sociology/Psychology                   Teacher- Jr. High
Jane (Joo)         Song           2001   New York, NY       French                   History       Paralegal
Thomas             Song           2001   New York, NY       Religion                 Sociology     Paralegal
Jeanne             Sucharitaves   1999 Burlington, VT       Computer Engineering     Study         Engineer
                                                                                                   Study Coordinator/Research Tech in
                                                                                                   Neuroendocrine Unit at Mass General Hospital
Melissa            Yamauchi       2003 Boston, MA           Chemistry                              (clinical research)
Judy               Yi             1997 Glen Rock, NJ        Sociology                Education     Attorney
Ryan               Yi             2003 Geneva, OH           Religion                               Gordon-Conwell Seminary
ACF Alumni Directory Fall 2003       Ministry Information

First Name           Last     Year   Church                                      Ministry Areas
Mi Ryung             An       1996   QPEM/KAPCQ                                  praise team, discipleship, bible study
Mindy                Au       2003   Cornestone Bible Church
Kwang-Hyun (John)    Baek     2002   Campus Presbyterian Church @ Dartmouth      praise leader, prayer group leader
Richard              Baek     2001   Korean Church of Columbus
Ann                  Chang    2003   Redeemer Presbyterian Church

Danielle             Chang    1999   Long Island Abundant Life Church            youth group
John Ji Hoon         Chang    2003   Cambridge Community Fellowship Church
Michael S.           Chen     2001   Redeemer                                    worship
Melissa              Cho      1998   Bethany Christian Fellowship of Brookline
Peter "cho-motion"   Cho      2000   none - southland, maybe

Eric H.              Choi     1999   Jubilee Presbyterian Church                 youth group teacher (JH and HS)
Ki Pyung Marc        Choi     1998   The Falls Church Episcopal                  FOCUS is a youth ministry to independent schools
Jennie               Chung    2002   Living Faith Community Church
Romero               Hayman   2002   Cambridge Community Fellowship Church       childrens ministry

Jonathan             Jun      1998 Chinese Christian Church of Baltimore         worship, sunday school
Adin                 Kawate   1998 Kalaheo Missionary
Balem H.             Kim      2001 Redeemer Presbyterian Church

Basil H.             Kim      2001 Cambridge Community Fellowship Church         worship leader, men's group, gospel choir co-director
                                                                                 at this church, currently none, but hope to get into undergrad
Jeannie              Kim      2000 Korean Church at Cornell                      ministry soon

Jin Kook Edward      Kim      2001 LA Open Door Korean Presbyterian Church       praise leader, outreach coordinator

Kwang                Kim      1998 Highrock in Boston
Michael J.           Kim      1999 Redeemer Presbyterian Church                  Usher

Seulgee Rosa         Kim      2003 depends on where I am located…
Yolanda              Kuo      2000 Harbor Presbyterian Church                    praise, college ministry, Christian Medical Fellowship
Jen Chi Hyang        Kwak     2000 looking

Hannah               Kwon     2002 Grace Church Van Vorst
Benjamin             Lee      2000
First Name         Last           Year Church                                          Ministry Areas
Jenny H.           Lee            2001 Federal Way Mission Church                      youth group/ fellowship snacks(yummie)
Marshall           Lee            2003 hmm..                                           taking a break..

Martin H.          Lee            1998 New Life Mission Church (PCA)                   newcomers ministry at church, music ministry at church
Stella             Lee            2003 St. Paul's in Queens (korean catholic church)
Suzanne            Lee            2003 none as of yet
                                       Sanctuary Church (
Vanessa Nina       Lee            2002 [Cambridge Community Fellowship Church]         street youth outreach, GradIntervarsity @ UW
                                       City Church San Francisco (Redeemer's sister    interim community group leader, community builder, event
Paul               Lim            1996 church in SF)                                   planner, praise leader... stuff like that…

Yong Choi (Nicole) Lindley        2000 New Heart Mission Church                        mission

Michael            Min          2000 Bethel Korean Presbyterian Church                 Habitat for Humanity in inner-city Baltimore
Andrea Wang        Neuschwander 2000 Bel Air Pres

Brian              Ni             2003   Pine Lake Covenant Church
Jessica "oeimae"   Oei            2003   CPC Hanover                                   hanger-outer
Scarlet            Oh             2000   still looking…                                still looking…
Justin S.          Pae            2000   Remnant Presbyterian Church                   praise/worship
Helena             Park           2001   Highrock Church                               social justice team
Steve T.           Park           1998   Emmanuel Presbyterian Church                  small group leader, newsletter, praise team, missions
Richard "Sexy"     Sevilla        1998   Queens Christian Alliance Church              homegroup (bible study)
Jane (Joo)         Song           2001   still deciding                                still deciding
Thomas             Song           2001

Jeanne             Sucharitaves   1999 St. Michael

Melissa            Yamauchi       2003 Cambridge Community Fellowship Church
Judy               Yi             1997 Grace United Presbyterian Church                worship team
Ryan               Yi             2003 none                                            small group, community service

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