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					               PERSONAL FINANCE
OBJECTIVES: Upon completion of the class, you will be able to:

      Be able to set financial goals.
      Understand how a career relates to a financial lifestyle.
      Maintain and analyze personal budgets.
      Understand credit and how it works.
      Understand the different types of insurance (car, auto, homeowners/renters).
      Maintain checking accounts, savings accounts, and understand about other banking
      Understand about buying/maintaining an automobile (as it relates to a budget).
      Understand about renting an apartment and its related agreements.
      Understand the concepts behind starting a “retirement plan” early in life.

To be successful during the semester, please ask questions! It is the best way to understand
something you do not understand.

MATERIALS NEEDED:             Textbook, workbook, folder, pen/pencil, paper for notes.

GRADING:      Grades earned by the student will be figured as follows:

       Quarter grades will be based on the following:

              Tests         60%
              Homework      30%
              Participation 10%

       Semester grade will be based on the following:

              1st (or 3rd) quarter   40%
              2nd (or 4th) quarter   40%
              Final Exam             20%

CLASSROOM RULES:              All classroom rules are based on respect. If you respect others and
                              their property, you will have a very enjoyable semester.

      Students will respect anyone speaking during class discussions with attention and silence
       (fellow students, teachers, and guest speakers).
      No food or drink in the classroom.
      Students will come prepared to class with necessary materials (textbook, workbook,
       pen/pencil, folder, and paper for notes).
      Students will clean up their work area and push in their chair (when appropriate) prior to
       leaving the room.
      Students will do their own work. Copying another student’s work or files will result in a
       zero on all questionable assignments.
Please ask Questions!   Mr. Fuerbringer   Have a Great Semester!

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