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					                   Finance and Administration Cabinet
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1 Property Rental Contracts in PD

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              Property Rental Contracts in Procurement Desktop

Just a reminder… The Finance and Administration Cabinet‟s Division of Real Properties must approve
Property Rental Contracts and most Contract Modifications. They do not need to approve
modifications to account numbers if there is no change to the total dollar amount of the contract. To
assure the proper approvals, use the „Contract/Contract Mod – Property Rental‟ Approval template.
(Communication Leads – please insert the name of the appropriate agency personnel in your agency
here) should apply the „Management‟ and „Need‟ approvals for (Communication Lead – please insert name
of your agency here).

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Route the contract to Virgie See in Real Properties. When creating the „Routing Sheet‟, be sure to
select the check box for „Allow addition to route‟, and the originator should add his/her own name as
the last person on the route. This will allow Real Properties to return the contract to the originator in
a timely manner.

The contract will be routed to the appropriate property manager for the „Property Rental‟ approval.
Real Properties will make a copy of the contract and save it for the following fiscal year, and will route
the approved contract/contract mod back to the agency, i.e. the last person on the „Routing Sheet‟.

Watch for updated procedures on renewing Property Rental Contracts for fiscal year 2001. When
available, they will be posted on the MARS page on our Administrative Services web site

 MARS Tip…Organizational Search by Address

 If you are doing an organizational search by address in Procurement Desktop, you may occasionally
 get a message indicating that “no match is found”. Chances are, the organization is in the system,
 but listed under a different address identifier than the one you are searching for. The Customer
 Resource Center can help – contact them by email at or phone (502-
 564-9641 or toll-free 877-973-HELP).

December 3, 1999                                                                         Page 2
                                 What’s New In Training?

For the past year the MARS Training and Registration team has been on the move in more ways than
one. They are now under the umbrella of the Customer Resource Center (CRC), in a new and
permanent location, where they can provide the best customer service to you. As part of this
transition, they will expand their role to include:

       Coordination of all agency training and educational sessions related to the Finance and
       Administration Cabinet‟s administrative services functions, policies, and procedures

       Development and delivery of all administrative services training by the Finance Cabinet,
       including MARS training, ProCard, Best Value, Surplus Property Disposal, etc.

With lots of new and exciting training coming your way, we ask that you hold on to your helmet as
MARS 2000 Training unrolls. If you have a training or registration need, please contact Cliff or Kathy
at their new home:

       Cliff Boggs                                   Kathy Hutcherson
       MARS Training Team Lead                       MARS Training & Registration
       Phone: (502) 564-9666, Ext. 113               Phone: 502-564-9666, Ext. 109        
       Fax: 502-564-9667                             Fax: 502-564-9667

                                New MARS Training Schedule

MARS classes scheduled for February - June have just been posted on the web at under the heading “MARS Training Schedule for
the Year 2000”. (This is an Excel spreadsheet, so be sure to click the tab at the bottom of the screen
for the time period you want.) Your Agency Training Team Lead (TTL) can give you information about
classes and explain your agency‟s registration process. If you would like to register, contact our
agency Training Lead (Communication Lead, please insert the name and contact information for your
TTL here).
                                          Need A Tutor?

On request, the Customer Resource Center can arrange for a MARS trainer or CRC staff member to
provide individualized assistance to you and/or your co-workers in Room 98 of the Capitol Annex. If
you need additional one-on-one training and would like to spend some time processing transactions
under the guidance of a “tutor”, contact Kathy Hutcherson at 502-564-9666 ext. 109.

                                            STAY IN TOUCH…

 If you have a question, suggestion, or would just like to check out a rumor, let us know! We have a
 “Feedback” button on the Administrative Services Project Web site That site
 also contains a “News” button where you can view previous Project Updates.

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