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					Round 6
Packet by Jason Dettlebach et al
Written by
With Contributions From SP, DW, DL, BG, DG, AJ, MB
Edited by Brittany Clark and Mike Bentley


1) Their fifth album featured lesser known songs such as “O My God” and “Tea in the Sahara,” along with
two top ten singles; it also earned this group a Grammy for Best Rock Performance. Their second album,
Reggatta de Blanc got them a Grammy for Best Rock Instrumental Performance while their fourth album
Ghost in the Machine contained songs such as “Invisible Sun” and “Spirits in the Material World”. Featuring
such songs as “King of Pain" and “Message in a Bottle”, FTP, identify this band which reunited at the 2007
Grammys and may be known for such songs as “Roxanne” and “Every Breath You Take”.
ANSWER: The Police

2) A monument in Armory Square is dedicated to it, and it was first envisioned by Howard Hobson. Leo
Ferris helped to devise the first one, which debuted in a scrimmage at Blodgett Vocational High School.
Partly created in response to the dribbling ability of Bob Cousy, it was introduced by the owner of the
Syracuse Nationals, Danny Biasone. It made its initial appearance on October 30, 1954 as Rochester beat
Boston 98 to 95, and in its first season, it led to an average increase in scoring of 13.6 points per game.
Credited with saving the game of basketball, FTP, name this device that was originally arrived at by dividing
2880 seconds by 120, which limits the amount of time teams have for each possession.
ANSWER: 24-second shot clock

3) Ashley Benson stars in the fourth installment scheduled for release in 2008. The second installment
featured a pre-One Tree Hill Bethany Joy Lenz and the third, released in 2006, starred Beyonce‟s sister
Solange Knowles and Hayden Panattiere. While all were based on the same subject, none of the follow-ups
matched the success of the original, which featured a rivalry and eventual national competition between the
East Compton Clovers and the Rancho Carne Toros. That original starred Eliza Dushku as Missy Pantone
and Kirsten Dunst as Torrance Shipman. FTP, name this movie franchise detailing the exploits of high
school and college cheerleaders.
ANSWER: Bring It On

4) Dennis Franz of NYPD Blue fame appeared as this person on both an episode of Celebrity Deathmatch
featuring Lucy Lawless and on an episode of Unhappily Ever After. For a time Blockbuster used the one
created by Ron Lussier in its advertisements, and its spread is mostly thanks to The Zeitghost. A Blue Swede
cover song is most often associated with it, and in probably its most famous use, executive producer Jeffrey
Kramer explained that it was a symbol for a character‟s biological clock. FTP, identify this diaper wearing
Internet Phenomenon that appeared in Ally McBeal‟s hallucinations to the tune of Hooked on a Feeling
(Ooga Chaka).
ANSWER: Dancing Baby (also accept Baby Cha-Cha)

5) This series was known as Quantico during the filming of its pilot, and Gonzalo Menendez plays a
recurring character who runs the Baltimore Field Office. One character on this show, Elle Greenaway,
resigned due to the fact that she killed a man suspected of being a serial rapist after she had been shot in the
first season finale. Penelope Garcia plays the techie on this show, and can often be seen playing MMOs and a
DS, while other characters include special agent and black belt Derek Morgan. FTP, identify this CBS
procedural starring Thomas Gibson as Hotch and Mandy Patinkin as profiler Jason Gideon, a series focusing
on the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit.
ANSWER: Criminal Minds

6) Characters in the first game in this series, released for the Super Nintendo in 1997, included Nina, the
daughter of the flower shop owner, and the main character whose grandfather had recently passed away. In
Japan, several titles have been released with the “for girls” brand, which switches the gender of the main
character and offers male bachelors like Cliff and Gary. Two games in this series have taken place in Mineral
Town, while a recent Gamecube game essentially ripped off Animal Crossing and was subtitled Magical
Melody. Best described as farming sim meets dating game, FTP, identify this Natsume series whose title
refers to a lunar phenomenon during the time of the autumnal equinox.
ANSWER: Harvest Moon

7) His father, Michael Weinburg, ran a string of bingo parlors in the eastern United States, which this man
would take over as his first business venture. His rich art collection became slightly less valuable when he
put his elbow through one of his most expensive works, Picasso's Le Rêve. He paid a one and a half million
dollar ransom after his daughter was kidnapped, although the captors were caught when purchasing a Ferrari.
First getting into the casino business with the Golden Nugget and later finding success with The Mirage and
Bellagio, FTP, identify this man associated with the revival of the Las Vegas Strip in the 1990s, also a
namesake of newly built casino built over the Desert Inn.
ANSWER: Stephen Alan "Steve" Wynn

8) A woman named Connie posed as an imposter for her real half-sister Silver, and she also has a half-
brother named Mark. She lost her cosmetics company to Cambias Industries in 2003 and for a time was
addicted to painkillers after a fall on the runway. Her controversial abortion in 1973, the first shown on
television after Roe v. Wade, got downright ridiculous when it was revealed that her doctor saved the fetus
and implanted it into another woman, eventually resulting in the return of her long lost son, Josh. FTP,
identify this oft-marrying long running character on All My Children played by Susan Lucci.
ANSWER: Erica Kane
[Moderator: After a team has successfully answered “Erica Kane”, say:
“Correct. You'll now get a bonus five points if you can name Erica Kane's complete name, including all
nullified married names in the order they were acquired. Conferring is allowed and you have 5 seconds to
ANSWER: Erica Kane Martin Brent Cudahy Chandler Roy Montgomery Montgomery Chandler
Marick Marick Montgomery

9) He credits players like Drew Pearson, Jackie Smith, and Calvin Hill for his success, and scoffs at a 1975
play that ended up in the football lexicon. He first saw college action when he entered the game during the
second half against Cornell, and proceeded to lead the team to 6 second half touchdowns. Though he won
both the Maxwell Award and Heisman trophy, he forwent the draft and served a tour of duty in Vietnam, due
to his attendance at the Naval Academy. FTP, identify this former Dallas Cowboys quarterback, MVP of
Super Bowl VI.
ANSWER: Roger Staubach

10) (DG) This company's “CEO”'s myspace page includes a bio that says he was born on a cattle ranch in
Colorado, with nothing more than “a love for burgers and pretty women”, and he also wonders if others are
creeped out by The King as well. Ad campaigns have included one where the company's mascot was blown
up, and one where a man washed up on a desert island, with only an antenna ball shaped like the mascot's
head, similar to Cast Away. The chain also owns the Qdoba Mexican Grill franchise, and serves regional
delicacies in both the Hawaiian and southeastern markets to counterbalance its staples. For ten points,
identify this California-based chain known for its Ultimate Cheeseburger and 1993 e. coli outbreak, which
you might associate with a child's toy and “Pop Goes the Weasel.”
ANSWER: Jack in the Box

11) (DW) A sequel to Sammeeeees [SAM-MEEZ], one of these, is expected to launch in late July. Chasing
the Wish and its sequel Catching the Wish were both the idea of Dave Szulborski, who is one of the leading
authorities on making them. Dan Fabulich introduced the concept of “trout” as an indicator of redundancy
while helping the Cloudmakers solve The Beast, based on the movie A.I and largely recognized as the first
one of these. The most famous may be ilovebees [I LOVE BEES], a viral marketing ploy for Halo 2, and
ABC‟s the Lost Experience. FTP, name this Internet-driven genre of game, where the “collective detective”
uses their real-world e-mail, Internet, and phone to solve a fictional mystery.
ANSWER: Alternate Reality Gaming (also accept ARGs and word forms of "Gaming")

12) (DG) The voice of Rudy the Old Man in this film, who was saved by a curtain after being tossed out of a
window, was provided by John Fielder, who was also the voice of Piglet. Eartha Kitt, voices a character
described as “scary beyond all reason,” and one sequence in this film involves rapid species changes
including a bird, a turtle, a whale and a kitten. One character was a Junior Chipmunk which is where he
learned to talk to squirrels and also cooks a dinner which was supposed to disguise the poison that went
awry. Originally titled Empire of the Sun, FTP, identify this 2000 Disney movie featuring John Goodman as
Pacha, Patrick Warburton as Kronk and an emperor which gets turned into a llama.
ANSWER: The Emperor's New Groove

13) Her iTunes-only acoustic cover of The Pretenders' “I'll Stand By You” peaked at number two on that
chart, while her other successful songs have included Wasted, a song dealing with addictions. In the medium
that made her famous she performed Tiffany's Could've Been and Donna Summer's MacArthur Park, as well
as Angels Brought Me Here, performed a year earlier by Guy Sebastian. She is only the second country artist
to have a single that has sold more than 1 million ringtones, her second single off of her debut album, Some
Hearts. Followed by fans known as “Care Bears”, FTP, identify this former American Idol winner known for
her hits "Jesus Take the Wheel" and "Before He Cheats."
ANSWER: Carrie Underwood

14) The property he built over Bing Crosby's former home in 1991 became the largest single-family home in
LA and is now known as The Manor. As an actor, he played bit parts in Dragnet and Gunsmoke before not
appearing on screen again until 1998 when he played Vincent Duke on Sunset Beach. One of the latest series
he was responsible for was Summerland, and his first and only Emmy came for producing the HBO
miniseries And the Band Played On. FTP, identify this prolific television producer responsible for shows like
7th Heaven, The Mod Squad and Charlie's Angels, also the father of actors Randy and Tori who both
appeared on his creation, Beverly Hills 90210.
ANSWER: Aaron Spelling

15) This drink was developed in Michael‟s Pub in Columbia, Maryland, which caters to a American
descendants of a certain diaspora. Variations include the “Jimmey & Guinney” which uses a snifter glass for
the Jameson whiskey instead of a shot glass. It is served neat and consists of one splash of whiskey, one half
pint of stout and a certain type of cream liqueur. FTP, name this boilermaker which is made by dropping a
shot glass of Bailey‟s and whiskey into a pint of Guinness and drinking it before the Bailey‟s curdles.
ANSWER: Irish Car Bomb (also accept Belfast Car Bomb and peacemaker)

16) One character with this surname is the creation of J.J. Henderson, and solves crimes in books like
Mexican Booty. A coach with this surname was fired six games into the 1988 season, and an infielder with
this surname is pictured on a notorious error card featuring the words “fuck face.” Another player with this
surname allegedly beat up Kevin Costner for sleeping with his wife and had his nose broken by Roberto
Hernandez during the 1996 All-Star Game. That player hit a home run off Chan Ho Park en route to being
named MVP of the 2001 All-Star Game, and won MVP awards in 1983 and 1991. FTP, identify this
surname most associated with a player inducted into the Hall of Fame along with Tony Gwynn, a shortstop
who played in 2,632 consecutive games.
ANSWER: Ripken

17) This man tied for second in a national juggling competition but he is better known for his acting, getting
his first role in the stage production of Torch Song Trilogy. His first major television role was as the closeted
sportscaster boyfriend of Will on Will & Grace and got an Emmy nomination for his role as Aaron in Once
& Again. He was cast several times in pilots that were never picked up and he co-starred with Anjelica
Huston and Hilary Swank in HBO‟s Iron Jawed Angels. Also playing Reese Witherspoon‟s fiancé in Sweet
Home Alabama, name, FTP, this “Can’t Buy Me Love” actor who has been nicknamed McDreamy in his
role as Dr. Shepherd on Grey’s Anatomy.
ANSWER: Patrick Dempsey

18) (DW) The best-known cover version of this song is extremely censored, although someone left in the
line about being a “one-eyed cat, peepin' in a seafood store”. Elvis Presley performed a version of it on the
Dorsey Brothers Stage Show in 1956, although he also censored a line about getting out of bed with a
woman later told to “get out in the kitchen make some noise with the pots and pans”. The chorus consists
simply of the four title words being repeated over and over, with the occasional “I said” inserted in between.
Covered by a band who would later have success with “Rock Around the Clock”, FTP, name this song
originally performed by Joe Turner, the first major hit for Bill Haley and his Comets.
ANSWER: “Shake, Rattle and Roll”

19) (DW) It was allegedly prompted by Red Barber in the presence of New York Journal-American writer
Frank Graham, and a song with this name warns “don‟t pat yourself on the back, you might break your
spine”. Spoken first on July 6, 1946, during the middle of a rivalry series between the seventh-place New
York Giants and the then-league-leading Brooklyn Dodgers, its reference to “seventh place” was edited by
Baseball Digest to its more familiar form. FTP, name this four-word phrase attributed to Leo Durocher,
which defines as “basically meaning that you will never have any sex whatsoever in
your life if you don't treat women like shit.”.
ANSWER: “Nice guys finish last”

20) While obtaining his masters degree at NYU he worked on the crew of Spike Lee‟s thesis film “Joe's
Bed-Stuy Barbershop: We Cut Heads” while his own thesis “Fine Line” earned him Best Director in the
student film festival. He explored gay themes in 1993‟s “The Wedding Banquet”, and turned down the
chance to direct “Terminator 3” in 2003, instead choosing to film a movie adaptation of a comic book hero.
In 1999 he was asked by his old directing partner Li-Kong Hsu to make a movie based on the traditional
Chinese martial art and chivalry genre, and he‟d win an Oscar for Best Director in 2006. FTP, name this
director of “Hulk” “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” and “Brokeback Mountain”.

21) (BG) It appears towards the end of the opener to CNN‟s The Situation Room and the first level of MDK2
takes place in this sector. It has appeared in the mugshot of SpongeBob SquarePants and on the fake mugshot
of Tom DeLay on The Colbert Report. In the Family Guy episode “Road to Rhode Island”, Stewie
mistakenly punches it in instead of Lois‟ number and in 2004 a man tried dialing this for every single area
code in order to find this popular girl who is believed to be available for a good time. FTP, identify this
phone number, which allegedly belongs to a “Jenny” as popularized by Tommy Tutone.
ANSWER: 867-5309

22) (BH) He worked as a Press officer for a British nuclear power board from 1983-1987, which may
account for his description of magic‟s after-effects. Those effects first manifest in the fifth book of his most
famous series, Sourcery, where the 8th son of an 8th son wreaks havoc on the universe, forcing this author‟s
„hero with a thousand backs‟ and his many-legged luggage to save the day. Death, Cohen the Barbarian, Sam
Vimes, and the aforementioned „Wizzard‟ Rincewind are some of the main characters in the works of, FTP,
which creator of the Discworld series
ANSWER: Terry Pratchett


[Moderator note: Skip this bonus if you are unable to play these songs.]
1) AUDIO BONUS. Given songs, identify the videogame series that they appeared in, FTPE. [These files
can be accessed at]
[10] [Track 6]
ANSWER: Sonic the Hedgehog
[10] [Track 7]
ANSWER: Banjo Kazooie
[10] [Track 8]
ANSWER: Megaman

2) (SP) Maureen O'Hara was in a lot of movies. Name some of them, FTPE.
[10] She played Maggie McKendrick, whose twin daughters, Sharon and Susan, sought to reunite her with
her divorced husband Mitch. Lindsay Lohan wasn‟t in that version, though.
ANSWER: The Parent Trap
[10] She played Angharad, the only daughter of the Morgan family, in this 1941 John Ford movie set in
Wales based on a Richard Llewellyn novel.
ANSWER: How Green Was My Valley
[10] In this other John Ford film, O‟Hara played Mary Kate Danaher, sister of Squire Will. John Wayne also
plays a boxer in this film.
ANSWER: The Quiet Man

3) Identify the following characters from the Harry Potter series for ten points each.
[10] This character first surfaced in the third book where he tried to warn Harry not to go to school because
his life is in danger. He was later freed by Harry when he gave him a sock.
[10] This was the name of the Hippogriff who was rescued by Harry and Hermione when they went back in
time to save Sirius.
ANSWER: Buckbeak or Witherwings
[10] This centaur who rescued Harry in the first book was hired by Dumbledore in the fifth book to teach
ANSWER: Firenze

4) Identify the figure skater, FTPE.
[10] This 1988 Olympic gold medalist and the first American to land a triple axel was parodied in a South
Park movie in which they sing about what he would do.
ANSWER: Brian Boitano
[10] This 1994 Olympic silver medalist is also known for an injury to her knee and recently appeared in
Blades of Glory.
ANSWER: Nancy Kerrigan
[10] This 1981, 1982, and 1983 World Champion and 1984 Gold Medalist co-founded Stars on Ice, and is
also known for providing commentary for skating competitions.
ANSWER: Scott Hamilton

5) (AH) Name the 2004 romantic comedy from plot summaries, FTPE:
[10] Adam Sandler must romance Drew Barrymore many times because of the latter's memory condition; he
eventually marries her and makes a videotape to creepily remind her that her entire life exists each morning.
ANSWER: 50 First Dates
[10] Ben Stiller plays an insurance agent afraid of risk but when he finds his wife cheating on him, he begins
a romance with Jennifer Aniston.
ANSWER: Along Came Polly
[10] Paul Bettany plays Peter Colt, a washed-up tennis player looking to hit it big both on the court and with
saucy young superstar Lizzie Bradbury, played by Kirsten Dunst; he wins and gets the girl.
ANSWER: Wimbledon

6) (DG) The 2007 Country Music Association Awards won't be held until November, so answer some
questions about previous winners FTPE.
[10] This group, famous for hits like “Red Dirt Road” and “Only in America,” has won the CMA award for
Vocal Duo of the Year every year from 1991 to 2006, except for 2000 when they lost to Montgomery
ANSWER: Brooks & Dunn
[10] Male Vocalist of the Year from 2004 - 2006, this Australia native is not only known for songs like
“Days Go By” and “Somebody Like You” but also for his cocaine addiction and relationship with Nicole
ANSWER: Keith (Lionel) Urban
[10] This late musician won the 1975 CMA award for Musician of the Year, which probably gave him a
“Rocky Mountain High.”
ANSWER: John Denver

7) Identify the following actors, based upon their roles as dentists for ten points each.
[10] As Orin Scrivello, this dentist was cut up and fed to a plant named Audrey II.
ANSWER: Steve Martin
[10] As Nicholas Oseransky, he became sort of a “hitman dentist” opposite Amanda Peet and Bruce Willis in
The Whole Nine Yards and its sequel.
ANSWER: Matthew Perry
[10] As Dr Alan Feinstone, he enacts cruel dental torture in a 1996 movie but he has also appeared as Arnold
Becker on L.A. Law.
ANSWER: Corbin Bernsen

8) (AJ) FTPE, name these professional wrestlers who became involved in matches with non-wrestlers:
[10] At Wrestlemania 2, he was disqualified for using a body slam in a boxing match against Mr. T. He is
also known for wearing a kilt” and appeared in several movies.
ANSWER: "Rowdy" Roddy Piper or Roderick Toombs
[10] As part of a feud with A.J. Pierzynski in TNA, this man visited the Chicago White Sox at spring
training, where Ozzie Guillen hit him with a chair.
ANSWER: Simon Diamond (or "Irish" Pat Kenney)
[10] This WCW champion teamed with both Jay Leno and Karl Malone in tag matches against Hulk Hogan.
He would put together his index and thumbs to represent his name.
ANSWER: Diamond Dallas Page or DDP or Page Falkinburg

9) (DL) FTPE, name these characters from “Animaniacs.”
[10] This younger of the Warner Brothers, whose voice is modeled on Ringo Starr's, wears a red cap and no
[10] This crotchety aunt of Skippy tells stories of her days as an animation star and frequently battles Walter
ANSWER: Slappy Squirrel
[10] This turning device told the audience and the Animaniacs the lesson we should learn for the episode.
ANSWER: Wheel of Morality

10) Identify these record holding tennis players, FTPE.
[10] Racking up a singles record of 1309-146 over her career, this Florida native holds the record for
winning percentage amongst all tennis players. She also won 7 French Opens in the „70s and „80s.
ANSWER: Christine Marie “Chris” Evert Lloyd
[10] This Jersey native became the youngest player to ever win a Grand Slam when defeated Ivan Lendl in
the finals of the French Open in 1989.
ANSWER: Michael Te-Pei Chang
[10] Although he won some 14 Grand Slams over his career, he was unable to advance past the semi-finals
in the French Open. He also had some rivalry with some dude named Andre Agassi.
ANSWER: Peter “Pete” Sampras

11) Identify the following related to a certain indie rock band, FTPE.
[10] Their latest album, the Crane Wife, tells a three part Japanese tale of a man nursing an injured crane
back to good health. You might have also heard that their guitarist lost to Stephen Colbert and Peter
Frampton in a guitar battle last year.
ANSWER: The Decemberists
[10] The Decemberists' first album, Castaways and Cutouts, contained this excellent track about a title
French soldier waiting for a frigidaire to come passing by.
ANSWER: The Legionnaire's Lament
[10] One of the Decemberists' most popular tunes, this track from Picaresque tells of an eponymous sea
faring man who kills his mother's former lover in the belly of a whale.
ANSWER: The Mariner's Revenge Song

12) Identify things about a 80s and 90s TV show, FTPE.
[10] Former second baseman Tony Micelli takes a job as a live-in housekeeper for divorced advertising
executive Angela Bower in this show.
ANSWER: Who’s the Boss
[10] Tony Micelli was played by this actor who also starred in Taxi and hosted his own eponymous talk
ANSWER: Tony Danza
[10] Tony‟s daughter, Samantha, was played by this actress who also filled the role of Phoebe Halliwell from
ANSWER: Alyssa Milano

13) George Allen wasn‟t the only one to have his career hurt by an embarrassing video posted on the
Internet. Identify some of these other such people, FTPE.
[10] Okay, the video wasn‟t posted, but this man‟s leaked phone call where he called his daughter Ireland a
“rude little pig” almost led to his resignation from 30 Rock.
ANSWER: Alec Baldwin
[10] Eating a hamburger was a little more difficult than it seemed for this drunk actor in a video recorded by
his daughter Taylor Ann.
ANSWER: David (Michael) Hasselhoff
[10] This contestant on the first season of Survivor allegedly released her own sex tape with her husband
Travis Wolfe in 2004. It might have actually helped her career.
ANSWER: Jenna Lewis (accept either answer)

14) Videogames make learning about religion fun! Or something. Answer some questions about these
different religious themed games, FTPE.
[10] Released in 1991 by Wisdom Tree, this unlicensed NES game contained three different games: Noah's
Ark, Baby Moses, and David and Goliath.
ANSWER: Bible Adventures
[10] I guess if your religion was that of the Ancient Greeks then you'd find this NES platformer by Nintendo
to be religiously informative. It used the same engine as Metroid and its protagonist will be making a
comeback in the new Smash Brothers game.
ANSWER: Kid Icarus
[10] Not surprisingly, this series has spawned a GBA game called LarryBoy and the Bad Apple, based on the
video of the same name. It provides kids a “lesson in fighting temptation”.
ANSWER: Veggie Tales

15) (BG) Identify these trick plays from American Football, FTPE:
[10] This play is often employed in goal line situations in high school or pee wee football. All offensive
lineman line up on one side of the center, and the quarterback attempts a quick pass or run.
ANSWER: Swinging Gate Pass
[10] This play involves a deceptive pump fake and a quick handoff to the running back. It is named for the
unique position of the quarterback when executing it.
ANSWER: Statue of Liberty Play
[10] This play, now illegal in most high school, college, and professional football, involves the quarterback
placing the football on the ground, with a guard picking it up and running the opposite direction of the
offensive line.
ANSWER: Fumblerooski

16) Identify the following relating to a certain singer, FTPE.
[10] Born Jiles Perry Richardson Junior, this one-time DJ's life was tragically cut short on “the day the music
ANSWER: The Big Bopper
[10] The Big Bopper's most successful song, it describes a “baby [who knows] what I like”. It may be best
known for its opening line, “Hello Baby!”
ANSWER: Chantilly Lace
[10] This '50s sex symbol recorded the song That Makes It in response to Chantilly Lace. Her film career
included roles as Camille Oaks in the adaptation of John Steinbeck's The Wayward Bus.
ANSWER: Jayne Mansfield (also accept Vera Jayne Palmer)

17) (PS) Steve Jackson games not related to GURPS for FTPE.
[10] All players start the game as a “level one human with no class”, working their way to “level 10” by
killing monsters and grabbing magic items such as the “Chainsaw of Bloody Dismemberment.”
ANSWER: Munchkin
[10] Players take on the identity of one of several societies, winning the game by either achieving the
society's special goal or building a power structure given a certain amount of cards and players. “New World
Order” is the game's trading-card variation.
ANSWER: Illuminati
[10] Players of this game take the role of roommates and are given a “Job” card describing their free time,
income, special ability and their slack goal. The first person who meets their or exceeds their slack goal is
declared the winner.
ANSWER: Chez Geek

18) (DW) Dodgeball had nothing on this true underdog story. For 10 points each:
[10] Team Underdog won this 2005 spinoff of a popular 1970's show which featured former participants
from American Idol and Big Brother.
ANSWER: Battle of the Network Reality Stars
[10] Fittingly, two members of Team Underdog were from this series, where normal-looking, marginally
geeky men competed for the heart of a beautiful woman.
ANSWER: Average Joe
[10] The host for Battle of the Network Reality Stars was this man, who also hosted every season of
American Gladiators.
ANSWER: Mike Adamle

19) (DW) While broadcasting this game, Brent Musberger told his audience, “You kids don't have school
tomorrow. Ask your dad to get you another Coca-Cola”. For 10 points each:
[10] Give the number of this game in the 1976 NBA Finals, a three-overtime classic often called the
“Greatest Game Ever Played”.
ANSWER: Game 5 (of the 1976 NBA Finals) (Phoenix at Boston)
[10] Although Phoenix's 22-point comeback in regulation nearly fell short, this Boston swingman missed one
of two free throws with 19 seconds left, to send the game into overtime. He also notably stole the inbounds
pass at the end of game 7 of the 1965 Eastern Conference finals.
ANSWER: John “Hondo” Havlicek
[10] Down one with one second left in the second OT, Paul Westphal came up with this strategy that allowed
Phoenix to get off a game-tying shot. In the 1993 NCAA championship game, Chris Webber did this to
cement the win for North Carolina.
ANSWER: calling a time-out the team didn't have (accept equivalents, obviously prompt on “calling time-

20) Did the 2007 ICT really need a tossup on the corporate history of Best Buy? Perhaps not, but the Chris
McCray Tournament For Academic Excellence needs a bonus on that history. Identify the following relating
to Best Buy, FTPE.
[10] One of the employees of this Best Buy subsidiary got in trouble in April for putting his camera phone in
a woman's shower while on a tech support visit. They also drive Volkswagen New Beetles.
ANSWER: Geek Squad
[10] Best Buy also owns this branch of Canadian electronic stores that they purchased in 2001.
ANSWER: Future Shop
[10] Best Buy was listed as the 5th most charitable company in 2003 by Forbes Magazine, just above this
pharmaceutical giant that markets pills like Plavix and cancer medicine for Lance Armstrong who appeared
in some of their commercials.
ANSWER: Bristol-Myers Squibb

21) While not all podcasts can be as thrilling and as culturally important as the Quizbowl Cast, there are a
few that perhaps come close. Given a series of podcasts, name the company or organization that publishes
them, FTPE. If you need an additional clue, you will only receive five points.
[10] The Daily Giz Whiz, Windows Weekly, Security Now.
[5] The premiere podcast of this network, founded by former Tech-TV host Leo Laporte, focuses on the
latest news from around the Internet every seven days.
ANSWER: TWiT (also accept This Week in Tech)
[10] Scott Mills Daily, The Best of Moyles, The Football Phone-In: 606.
[5] This royally sponsored entity is also home to the Radio 3 Arts Talk Podcast.
[10] Retronauts, EGM Live, and this website's namesake “Yours” Podcast.
[5] This website shares its name with a green, yellow and white mushroom that provides an extra life in the
Mario franchise.

22) Give the location of the following soap operas from their titles for five points each and a five point bonus
if all are correct.
[5] Days of Our Lives
[5] Another World
ANSWER: Bay City
[5] Guilding Light‟s current location
ANSWER: Springfield
[5] Passions
ANSWER: Harmony
[5] General Hospital
ANSWER: Port Charles


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