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Stephen Flowers Project Management - PowerPoint


Stephen Flowers Project Management document sample

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  • pg 1
									Systems Failures: Theory and

Software Failure:Management Failure
           Fortune and Peters
• Suggest learning from failure by
  – official enquiries
     • costly
     • lengthy
     • lessons specific to failure investigated
  – trust to memory
     • haphazard
     • incomplete
  – systems approach
           Stephen Flowers
• Suggests recognising common features in
  systems failures
• So called ‘critical failure factors’ in IS
• Relates to
  – organizational context
  – management of project
  – conduct of the project
       Organizational context

• Hostile culture
• Poor reporting structures
    Management of the Project
• Over commitment
• Political pressures
        Conduct of the project
• Initiation phase
  – Technology focused
  – Lure of the leading edge
  – Complexity underestimated
         Conduct of the project
• Analysis and Design phase
  –   Poor consultation
  –   Design by committee
  –   Technical ‘fix’ for a management problem
  –   Poor procurement
       Conduct of the project
• Development phase
  – Staff turnover
  – Competency
  – Communication
       Conduct of the project
• Implementation phase
  – Receding deadlines
  – Inadequate testing
  – Inadequate user training

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