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									                                                                         A Publication of Mayfair Leasing and Mayfair Rent-A-Car

   The Road Ahead Just Got Easier.                                  Volume 14 | February | 2009

   The Current Economy’s Affect on                                                    IN THIS ISSUE:
   your Company Vehicles                                                                • Current Economy’s Affect on
                                                                                          Company Vehicles
   How Mayfair Leasing Can Help
                                                                                        • Ford F-150 Named Truck of the
   What a year: fuel prices reached record highs, the                                     year
   availability of financing was challenging, and the stock
                                                                                        • Wisconsin Traffic Fatalities Down
   market tanked. Used vehicle values plummeted. Nope, this                               in 2008
   wasn’t 2008 folks, it was 1973. In fact, last year marked
   the 35th anniversary of the Arab Oil embargo which had                               • New 511 Information System
   a great affect on the economy during 1973 -1974, and                                 • 2009 Top Safety Picks
   challenged managers responsible for company vehicle
   fleets.                                                                              • Chevrolet Spark and Orlando
                                                                                          arriving in 2011
   Our current economic situation is again presenting a number of
   challenges with managing a company fleet. As evidenced by the past,                  • Input Responsive Knobs and
   we have faced similar issues, and will get beyond the current situation                Buttons, Ford Increasing Models
   by applying sound management.                                                          offering Rearview Cameras

   Mayfair Leasing is a resource that should be tapped to provide optional
   strategies within your vehicle program, and guide you through the
   current maze.

   Economic Impact on your Vehicle Fleet
    •   Used vehicle prices have dropped considerably. Depreciation
        schedules that were put in place over a year ago may not align
        your residual values with market values at planned replacement                   PLAN TO ATTEND
        dates. You have several options available to address this
        issue; either extend the replacement date, adjust the rate of                           2009
        depreciation, or do nothing and budget for the potential loss. A            Greater Milwaukee Auto Show
        thorough review of your vehicle fleet on a vehicle by vehicle basis
        would identify the best option. Mayfair Leasing will take the lead              Saturday, February 21, 2009
        on preparing the review and exploring your options.                                       through
                                                                                          Sunday, March 1, 2009
    •   Fuel prices. The price of fuel is down considerably from the record
        highs we experienced in 2008. Fuel prices will likely go back up as
        the economy improves and continue to impact vehicle operating               Monday – Thursday 3 pm – 9 pm
        costs. We can’t do anything about the price of fuel, but there are          Friday: 1 pm – 10 pm
        ways to better manage the expense.
                                                                                    Saturdays: 10 am – 10 pm
                                                                                    Sundays: 10 am – 6 pm
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Ford F-150 Motor Trend                                • Fuel economy should be considered when developing selector
                                                        lists or replacing vehicles. A minimum miles per gallon target
Truck of the Year                                       for the fleet could be established.
                                                      • Implementing a fuel management program puts better controls
                                                        in place and ensures that gas purchases are for company
                                                        vehicles. It’s a good time to manage these costs before they
Motor Trend announced the selection of
                                                        increase. Mayfair Leasing offers nationwide fuel programs and
the all-new Ford F-150 as its 2009 Truck
                                                        will assist you with the roll out.
of the Year.
                                              •   Availability of financing. The argument for leasing has never been
                                                  stronger. Why utilize lines of credit for vehicle purchases when
                                                  leasing options are readily available? Mayfair Leasing is in an
                                                  excellent position to fund your vehicle acquisitions through our
                                                  leasing programs. Leasing also provides much better cost control
                                                  of vehicle operating expenses, especially related to managing
                                                  depreciation expenses.
“The stakes were high and the field           •   Vehicle incentives are changing. Are they going to increase? Are
of contenders was among the best                  they going to decrease due to the economic challenges all of the
yet for this year’s voting,” said Angus           automotive manufacturers are facing? Mayfair Leasing is your
MacKenzie, editor in chief of Motor               advocate with regards to negotiating the lowest possible purchase
Trend. “Despite the downturn in the               price. We stay abreast with available fleet incentives, volume
economy, the pickup truck remains                 incentives, and many hidden discounts that you may qualify for. Our
the automotive backbone of America.               Vehicle Management Program audits every vehicle invoice to ensure
“It was a tough call, but ultimately the          you receive the lowest possible price.
F-150 prevailed for the third time in its
production history,” said MacKenzie.          •   Increase in overall vehicle operating expense. The combination of
                                                  all of the factors above will result in an overall increase in vehicle
During judging, editors praised the               operating costs. It will be more imperative than ever before to
low noise levels and interior materials           implement strategies that better control operating expenses. Mayfair
quality. Handy features like the Tailgate         Leasing’s Vehicle Management Program addresses the four major
Step, Box Side Step, a stowable bed-              cost areas; acquisition, depreciation, maintenance, and fuel.
extender, and rear seats that fold up with
one hand to reveal a broad, flat load        There will always be a need for company provided transportation for
floor helped tally a strong superiority      sales and service. As a result of the current economic situation, the
score.                                       cost of this transportation will likely become more expensive. The
                                             combination of these two factors perpetuates the need to employ a
Ford claims it sells more of its ½-ton       more sophisticated management of transportation costs. Mayfair Leasing
pickups to work and commercial               is ready to assist you.
customers than its competitors, and
the company predicts this segment will       Wisconsin Traffic Fatalities Down in 2008
grow to 45 percent of F-150 sales. To
that end, the truck’s fully boxed chassis    Wisconsin ended 2008 with 589 traffic fatalities, which is the lowest
is further fortified to provide best-in-     total since 1944, according to preliminary statistics from the Wisconsin
class rigidity, payload capacity, and        Department of Transportation.
tow ratings. As such, the new F-150 is
well positioned to capture contractors                           “This extraordinary reduction in traffic deaths in 2008
migrating down-market out of Super-                              was due in part to record-high gas prices and long
Dutys to save money and gas with a new                           stretches of severe weather in the winter and summer
six-speed automatic, a lighter, more                             that decreased traffic volumes and moderated vehicle
aerodynamic cab, and other tweaks to                             speeds,” said Dennis Hughes, chief of safety programs
boost fuel economy by 12 percent with                            for the WisDOT Bureau of Transportation Safety.
the 5.4L engine.
                                             The “Zero in Wisconsin—A Vision We Can All Live With” campaign which
The complete report on Motor Trend’s         began in January with statewide television, radio and Web messages,
2009 Truck of the Year is available online   based on the theme that even one preventable traffic death is one too
under the features section at www.           many. The messages will demonstrate vividly to drivers how simple                              changes in their behavior can save their lives and the lives of others.
                          The Road Ahead Just Got Easier.

New 511 Traveler Information System now                                           Toyota Makes Push for
available in Wisconsin                                                            Greener Vehicle Interiors
Dial 511 to receive traffic and road condition information for
                                                                                  Toyota reported that it will boost the
main highways
                                                                                  use of “green” plastic in its vehicles,
There is a new way to get information                                             beginning with an unnamed hybrid
about road conditions in Wisconsin: Just                                          vehicle next year. Presumably, that
dial 511. The Wisconsin Department of                                             vehicle is the redesigned 2010 Toyota
Transportation has initiated the launch of                                        Prius, which had a formal unveiling at
a new 511 Traveler Information System,                                            the 2009 Detroit Auto Show.
a one-stop source for timely and easily
                                                                                                           The Japanese
accessible traffic and road condition
                                                                                                           automaker said
information on Wisconsin’s main highways,
                                                                                                           its “ecological
including the Interstate system.
                                                                                                           plastics” will
While the new system is being made available to provide basic                                              be used in
information, including winter road conditions and incident information,                                    scuff plates,
additional features will be available as it evolves.                              headliners, seat cushions and other
                                                                                  interior vehicle parts. “Within 2009,
511 replaces the state’s toll free 1-800 ROAD WIS number with a system            TMC aims for ecological plastic to
that not only provides considerably more information, it provides more            account for approximately 60 percent
than five times the number of lines. As the system expands, more than             of the interior components in vehicles
1000 lines will be made available, virtually eliminating the possibility of a     that feature it,” the company said.
busy signal.
                                                                                  The ecological plastic comes from
The 511 Traveler Information System uses voice recognition software to            either plant-derived materials or a
prompt callers through a list of options that provide information on traffic      combination of plant- and petroleum-
incidents and road conditions; transit services, including bus, rail, ferry,      derived materials, according to
and taxi providers; roadside services, including rest areas; as well as links     Toyota. The benefit, it explains, is that
to the Division of Motor Vehicles, the State Patrol, sheriff’s departments,       such material reduces petroleum use
and commercial airports. In addition to using voice recognition software,         and emits less CO2 during a product’s
callers can use the keypad on their phones to input information.                  life cycle.

Top Safety Pick Awards
Seventy-two vehicles earn the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s Top Safety Pick award for
2009. This is more than double the number of 2008 recipients and more than 3 times the number
of 2007 winners. Top Safety Pick recognizes vehicles that do the best job of protecting people in
front, side, and rear crashes based on good ratings in Institute tests. Winners also have to have
electronic stability control, which research shows significantly reduces crash risk.

Listed below is a representation of the winners, typical to fleet application:

    Midsize cars: Audi A3, A4, BMW 3 series, Ford Fusion, Mercury Milan, Saab 9-3
    Large cars: Audi A6, Cadillac CTS, Ford Taurus, Lincoln MKS, Mercury Sable, Toyota Avalon Volvo S80
    Small SUVs: Ford Escape, Mercury Mariner
    Midsize SUVs: BMW X3, X5, Ford Edge, Flex, Taurus X, Lincoln MKX
    Large SUVs: Audi Q7, Buick Enclave, Chevrolet Traverse
    Large pickups: Ford F-150

If safety is important to your fleet, contact your Mayfair Leasing Account Executive to acquire one of these vehicles

BETWEEN                                             Chevrolet Spark and Orlando Headed to the
                                                    United States in 2011
          the lines                                                                   An all-new Chevrolet Spark
                                                                                      mini-car and Orlando seven-seat
                                                                                      compact multi-purpose vehicle
Knobs and Buttons that                                                                will come to the United States
Respond to Inputs                                                                     in 2011. The announcement was
                                                                                      made during a General Motors
                     Automotive supplier                                              press conference at the North
                     Visteon is exploring                                             American International Auto.
                     a new technology
                     inspired by mobile             “Chevrolet Spark will bring great style, roominess and versatility to
                     phones that would              the segment of extremely fuel-efficient small cars in the U.S.,” said
cause electronics’ controls to vibrate, click       Troy Clarke, president of GM North America. “The decision to add
or push back as they’re being used.                 the Spark to Chevrolet’s portfolio reflects the brand’s commitment
                                                    to being a fuel efficiency leader in the industry.”
Known as TouchSense, the concept is
based on haptic technology, in which                “The Chevrolet Orlando show
controls offer tactile feedback as they’re          car, unveiled at the recent
being manipulated. The technology has               Paris Auto Show to positive
the potential to be used throughout a               public reaction, combines the
vehicle, from radio and climate controls to         versatility of a sport-utility,
navigation screens. Research has shown              a family van and a wagon
that haptic feedback allows users to make           in a single vehicle,” Clarke
quicker and more accurate adjustments. In           said. It has the added benefit
automobiles, that could translate to fewer          of excellent fuel economy,
distractions and more time for drivers to           because of its car-based architecture.”
keep their eyes on the road.
                                                    First photos and plans for the Chevrolet Orlando’s global rollout
                                                    will be released in the coming months. It will be in Chevrolet
Ford to Double Models                               showrooms in the U.S. in 2011.
Offering Rear View Camera
System                                          GM and Ford Invest in the Future of Electric Cars
Ford Motor Co. announced it plans to            GM Plans to Invest $30 Million in Battery Plant for All-Electric Chevy Volt
double the number of Ford, Lincoln and
Mercury models that offer its rear view         General Motors Corp. said it will invest $30 million in a U.S. plant, in
camera system by the end of 2009.               Michigan that will build next-generation batteries for its all-electric
                                                Chevrolet Volt, Reuters reported. The facility is set to open in 2010.
Approximately 75 percent of Ford vehicles
will offer the feature by the end of next       Ford Launches Plan for Battery-Electric Vehicles and Next-Generation
year.                                           Hybrids

“Our research shows that visibility is one      Ford Motor Company has launched a plan to bring pure battery-electric
of the biggest customer concerns today,         vehicles, next-generation hybrids and a plug-in hybrid to market quickly
which is why we are the only company            and more affodably during the next four years.
to offer a rear view camera system,             To start, Ford will introduce in North America during the next 4 years:
blind spot mirrors and the radar-based
blind spot information system,” said Jim        •    A new battery electric commercial van in 2010
Buczkowski, director of electrical and          •    A new battery electric small car in 2011 to be developed jointly with
electronics systems engineering at Ford.             Magna International
                                                •    Next-generation hybrid vehicles, including a plug-in version by 2012
Ford will also launch new blind spot
mirrors, collision warning with brake                                                  Mayfair Leasing
support forward collision warning                                                   Mayfair Rent-A-Car
technology and Blind Spot Information                                                    Companies of
System with cross traffic alert in 2009.

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