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									                                                           Robin Swezey
                                      IT engineering student : development, e-business, management

Address:                                                   +33 629 792 766                                                       Date of birth:
9 rue de Malabry                                                                   14 August 1985, Clamart (92)
92350 Le Plessis-Robinson (Paris)                  Français, English, Pусский, 日本語                              French and American nationalities


2006 - Now        EFREI – INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES ENGINEERING AND MANAGEMENT SCHOOL                                                       Villejuif
                  Daily courses : studying for an engineering degree in information systems and management
                  UNIVERSITY OF PARIS VII (DIDEROT) – ORIENTAL LANGUAGES SECTION                                                              Paris
                  Evening courses : studying for a university degree in Japanese
2004 - 2006       LYCÉE RASPAIL – PREPARATORY CLASSES                                                                                         Paris
                  Scientific preparatory classes : higher mathematics, general scientific training
1996 - 2004       LYCÉE HENRI IV – BEST SECONDARY EDUCATION IN FRANCE                                                                         Paris
                  Middle school and high school : general education, scientific baccalaureat with honors
2007 – Now        SEPEFREI – STUDENT JUNIOR COMPANY                                                                                        Villejuif
                  Intermittent work : web development
2004 – Now        HÉRISSON BLEU – VOLUNTARY ASSOCIATION                                                                        Le Plessis-Robinson
                  Intermittent work : server administration and web development
August 2004       LINDSAY – LLC                                                                                                               Paris
                  One month : Setup of the computer infrastructure and migration
1999 - 2002       BLEUCIEL – LLC                                                                                                              Paris
                  Intermittent work : Computer tutoring, computer assistance, sale
Technical         Client applications, Server applications, Database applications, Web applications, Games, Simulations
Non-technical     Project management, marketing, accounting, IT law, corporate organization and processes, problem solving
Languages         ActionScript, Asp, Bash, Batch, C, C++, C#, CSS, Java, Javascript+Ajax, Pascal, PHP, Python, Ruby, SQL, Visual Basic
Libraries         ActiveX, Django, Java, .Net, QT, Ruby on Rails,, SDL, STL, Swing, XNA, Zend Framework
Conception        Database conception, UML 2.0 conception, framework conception, game engine, graphics engine
Networking        CISCO, network topology, server administration, TCP/IP
Core IT           Algorithmic, automatons, computer architecture, data structures, framework conception, operating systems, testing, prog. /contract
Electronics       Transmission channels, digital communications, information storage, nanophysics
AI                Graph theory, game theory basics, AI for robotics and behavior
Mathematics       Discrete mathematics, probabilities, coding and transformations, linear algebra, mathematics for development
                                                      SOFTWARE & OS MASTERY
IDE               CodeBeans & DevC++, Eclipse IDE, Emacs, Jigloo, Notepad++, VIM, Visual C#, Visual Studio, XNA GSE, Zend Studio
Conception        BoUML, Database Designer, Dia, Objecteering, Power AMC, Umbrello
Management        Artemis Publisher, Microsoft Project Manager, CVS, SVN, Trac
OS admin          Debian Linux, Free BSD, Gentoo Linux, Ubuntu Linux, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003
Database admin    Fast SQL, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle
Other             Adobe graphics suites, Adobe web development suites, Microsoft Expression, Ray Dream Studio
                                                      UNRELATED EXPERIENCE
2007 - 2008       ASIAN EFREI – VOLUNTARY ASSOCIATION                                                                                      Villejuif
                  Intermittent work : Japanese language teacher
August 2007       GM BÂTIMENT – LLC                                                                                                           Paris
                  One month : Phone operator
2002 - 2004       MUSICALEMENT.COM – LLC                                                                   Greater Paris area and north of France
                  Intermittent work : MC for professional receptions and marriages
Languages         English (TOEIC 980/990) French (native) Russian (baccalaureat 14/20) Japanese (Paris VII Diploma)
Writing           Excellent expression and spelling, mastery of office suites, storyboard, synopsis
Tastes            Design, fantasy novel writing, internet boards, comic and manga drawing, science fiction, technical magazines,
                  Japanese culture, Slavic culture, basketball, tennis, martial arts, break dancing, baroque music

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