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									REGISTRATION DEADLINE: November 30, 2004                  Access to Justice Conference
Name:__________________________________                   Planning Committee:
                                                          Ralph Adams (Legal Services of Maumee Valley)                 4th
                                                          Anne Babcock, Esq. (Saving Homes in 46201)
                                                          Carolyn Barlow (ILS Board Member)                           Indiana
                                                          Rod Bohannon, Esq. (Community & Economic Dev)
                                                          Cynthia Booth, Esq. (Child Advocates, Inc.)            Access to Justice
Address:________________________________                  John Brengle, Esq. (Consumer Law Center)
                                                          Victoria Deak, Esq. (Technology Initiative Project)
_______________________________________                   Charles Dunlap, Esq. (Indiana Bar Foundation)
                                                          Kim Dodson (The ARC of Indiana)
_______________________________________                   Bill Enslen, Esq. (ILS Board President)
                                                          Marie Evans (Christian Ministries of Delaware
                                                                         County)                                Serving the Isolated Client
   (Area Code) – Number
                                                          Monica Fennell, Esq. (Indiana Pro Bono
email:__________________________________                                Commission)
                                                          Krin Flaherty, Esq. (Migrant Farmworker Center)
Attorney Number:________________________                  John Floreancig, Esq. (Indianapolis Legal Aid             December 10, 2004
Fee enclosed (includes lunch):                            Dennis Frick, Esq. (Senior Law Project)
                                                          David Guerrettaz, Esq. (Ziemer, Stayman, Weitzel
 __ I am an Indiana attorney                  $ 50                                & Shoulders)                        Omni North Hotel
 __ I am an attorney employed by a            $ 30
                                                          Sue Hartig, Esq. (Legal Aid Society of Evansville,         8181 Shadeland Avenue
      non-profit organization that provides
     legal assistance to low-income people                                  Inc.)                                       Indianapolis, IN
__ I am an attorney who is willing to         $ 0*        Deborah Hepler, Esq. (Locke Reynold LLP)
       attend the elder law workshop                      Richard Hill, Esq. (Baker & Daniels)
__ I am not an attorney                       $20         Kent Hull, Esq. (Indiana Legal Services)
__ I am a client-eligible person              $0          Harry Johnson (ILS Board Member)                              Sponsored by:
                                                          Nancy Kelly (ILS Board Member)
*a limited number of scholarships will be provided by     Dick Komyatte, Esq. (Komyatte & Associates)
AARP. These will be distributed on a first-come basis.    Abby Kuzma, Esq. (Neighborhood Christian Legal           Indiana Supreme Court
Lunch will be included: Please note any dietary
                                                          Bob Moats (Bartholomew Area Legal Aid, Inc.)             Indiana Bar Foundation
                                                          Angelika Mueller, Esq. (Indiana Legal Services)
                                                          Lee O’Connor, Esq. (Hispanic Law Center)                  Indiana Legal Services
Return form and payment to:                               Professor Joanne Orr (IU Law School, Indpls)
Access to Justice Conference                              Jennifer Sommer (ILS Board Member)                                AARP
151 North Delaware                                        Karen Vaughn (Govenor’s Council for
Suite 1640                                                                People with Disabilities)             Indiana Bar Elder Law Section
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204                               Marcy Wenzler, Esq. (Housing Law Center)
                                                          Ken Weller, Esq. (Legal Aid Corp. of Tippecanoe        The Indianapolis Foundation
Make checks payable to:    Indiana Legal Services, Inc.                County, Inc.)
                                                                                                                         Pip Printing
       Serving the Isolated Client                                                                                                    AGENDA
                                                              The Five Workshop Topics are:                              (All times listed are Eastern Standard)
Isolation is not an issue of geography. Low-Income and
Elderly Hoosiers can feel cut off from help whether they
                                                                               I. Elder Law:
live in the middle of a large city or a rural community.      - Paying for Prescription Drugs                      8:30-9:15                Registration
                                                              - Reaching and Serving Isolated Clients
Often we are confronted with issues of poverty that go        - Helping Nursing Home Residents Go Home             9:15 – 9:30          Welcome
beyond our own expertise. The 4th Access to Justice           - Helping Aging Clients Remain at Home                       Clyde Compton, ISBA President
Conference’s focus is on recognizing the challenges and       - Directing One’s Own Medical Care
solutions in our communities that will ultimately help us                                                          9:30 – 11:20 Workshop Morning Sessions
help our client population.
                                                                   II. Increased Legal Awareness:
                                                              - State Supreme Court Pro Se Initiative:             11:30 – 1:00 Lunch (provided)
Who should attend?                                                   Helping Hoosiers represent themselves
                                                              - Indiana Pro Bono Programs: Linking Legal           Welcome remarks: Jeff Lind, Indiana Bar
        √      Legal professionals who want to                        Professionals with Low-Income Clients        Foundation President
learn more about issues of poverty law.                       - Using Technology to Improve Access to
                                                                      Justice                                      Address by Thomas Thornburgh, Executive
         √        Social service providers who deal           - Reintegration of Offenders Outreach Program        Director of the Michigan Migrant Farmworkers
with clients that may face numerous poverty related                                                                Legal Service Program. FLS, in community with
challenges.                                                                                                        other agencies, works to overcome the challenges of
                                                                     III. Rural/Geographic Issues:                 a rural environment, language barriers, domestic
                                                              - Community Development
         √     Faith-based workers looking for                                                                     violence and poverty related issues to support
                                                              - Court Based Services to Rural and Urban Poor
programs and initiatives that speak to the issue of                                                                migrant and seasonal workers in Michigan.
                                                              - Migrant Farmworker Programs
                                                              - Project 46201
                                                                                                                   1:00 – 4:00 Afternoon Workshop Session
                                                              - Panel Discussion on Rural /Isolated Client Issue
         √       Community leaders who want to
learn about programs to aid the poor that are based                                                                4:00 – 4:30 Closing Plenary Session
here in Indiana as well as around the nation.                     IV. Domestic Violence
                                                              - Domestic Violence 101                              Address by Helaine Barnett, President, Legal
What is on the agenda?                                        - When Domestic Violence Comes to Work               Service Corporation.
Five distinct workshops will be conducted during the          - Putting Protective Orders to the Test              The LSC Board selected Ms. Barnett for the position
Access to Justice conference. Attendees can move              - Solutions that Work                                in January 2004 based on her exemplary 37-year
between the various workshops throughout the day to           - Domestic Violence in Rural Communities             career providing legal services to the indigent as an
 ensure they receive the information most critical to their                                                        advocate with The Legal Aid Society of New York
success.                                                                                                           City, the oldest and largest legal aid organization in
                                                                   V. Overcoming Barriers to Justice:              the country. Ms. Barnett headed the civil division
                                                              - Interpreters and the Court
                                                                                                                   from 1994 through 2003. During Barnett’s tenure,
                                                              - Access to the Courthouse for Litigants, Jurors
                                                                                                                   the civil division grew into a nationally recognized
                                                                      and Advocates (Olmstead and IFSSA)
                                                                                                                   provider delivering high-quality civil legal assistance
                                                              - Guardian Ad Litem and CASA
                                                                                                                   to more than 25,000 clients annually through a
                                                              - Diminished Capacity, Ethical Considerations
    A total of 6 hours of CLE Credits                                                                              network of eight neighborhood-based offices and
                                                              - Alternative Dispute Resolution & Community
                                                                                                                   specialized citywide programs.
        pending, 5 ethics credits.                                    Court

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