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					                                                                       Published by
                                                                       International Association off Machinists
                                                                       and Aerospace Workers, AFL-CIO/CLC
                                                                       Washington, D. C. 20036

   VOL, XXXV                               JUNE 1980                                  NUMBER 2

THE MACHINIST IS   Read by More than 3,000,000 in All of the 50 States, Puerto Rico, and Panama
                                                                                               July; 1AM Blood Donor Month
                                                                            Whenever and wherever the need is greatest—on the job                     life-saving value of union members' donations of blood.
                - IhterhatiorialcAsisdciation                            or in the community—you'll usually find the IAM.                                One young leukemia victim in the family of an IAM member
                      . of- Machinists '". .'•*;                                                                                                      has received 52 units of blood, thus far, reports, George Robin-
                                                                           That's why July is Blood Donor Month in the IAM.
                  and Aerospace Workers                                                                                                               son, director of IAM Community Services. But the family has
                •;/.; AFL-ClO/ctc          :                                The American Red Cross reports that because summer is so                  not suffered the added anxiety of needing to find donors to
                                                                         often associated with fun, travel and vacations, donations de-              replace the -blood. The American Red Cross has replaced all
                    1300 CdnnectlcutiAve;; N.W.                          crease and the need for blood increases dramatically.                       the blood because of the union's agreement with them:
                    ; Washington, DC 20036* 1 .
                                                                           That's why IAM President William W. Winpisinger has pro-                      The second, sad example is of the daughter IAM'mem-
                                                                        claimed each July IAM Blood Donor Month.                                     ber in Chico, CA, who was injured severely in a motorcycle
                                                                                                                                                     accident. Unfortunately, her community hospital is-tied "in with
                                                                           In scores of locals and districts across the USA, concerned               a commercial blood bank which demands a two-f or-one replace-
                                                                        members are working with their local Red Cross Chapters to                   ment, instead of the Red Cross. Hopefully, members from IAM
                                                                        set up visits by. Bloodmobiles to plants and local union offices.            locals in California will generously donate their blood toward
                                                                           Two graphic examples of many that pour into the IAM's                     the cause. Details may be obtained from George. Robinson at
                                                                        Community Services Department every week underscore the                      IAM headquarters in Washington, DC.

                    WILLIAM W. WINPISINGER
                     . International, president

                       EUGENE D. GLOVER .
                    General Secretary-Treasurer
                                                                                                            Paradichlorobenzene, welding tape and TCE solvents
                                                                                                                                          By Thomas F. Mancuso, M.D.
               .;    General Vice Presidents               ; -                                                                               IAM Medical Consultant
  . - MIKE RYGUS, 2 8 * MacLaren St.,
  .;     Suite, 4 0 0 ; . Ottawa, Ontario,..                               An IAM member from                  After the rash cleared, it left    vere respiratory effects without     just that., I worked for about 9
  :'••;' Canada K2P0L9 -'. . / . . : - -•','..                          Connecticut writes:                  your face scarred where the red      knowing the cause. The diiso-        months men the company fired
                                                                                                             blotches were. You say this can      cyanates are released in poly-       me, because they said I couldn't
           TOM DUCY, 50 West Oakton Sti,                                    "I got a bad rash on my face,                                                                              do my regular work. Another
             Des Plainest IL 60018                                                                           be covered up easily with face       urethane spray paints (such as
                                                                         and breathing hard when I           makeup, but nevertheless it is       used in aircraft industry), and      worker had a back injury and
                                                                         started to use the foaming                                                                                    after he accepted a settlement
           SAL lACCJOy 420 Lexington Ave., '
                                                                         chemicals. So, I had to be taken    important to note that this did      in the preparation of the ure-       from the company they fired
       .     New York, NY 10017       *; . I ,                                                               occur.                               thane varnishes. The chemical
                                                                         off the job. It cleared up but                                                                                him too. I filed for compensation
           ROE SPENCER, - i l l O f t Mock/~\<                           when I went back the rash came                                           is released when polyurethane        and got disability approved, but
           : ingbird Lane,: Dallas, TX 75247 .-;*                        back again, so they took me off       Your skin reaction to the          foam is made or used and when        my condition now, 2 years later,
                                                                         completely and moved me some        chemical could be that of a          the polyurethane foam itself is      has gotten worse."
           JOHN PETERPAUL,814 Machin-\                                  other place. Certainly glad "to
             ists' Bldg., Washington, DC :-                                                                                                                                             First the job injures the
                                                                        get out of mere. What chemi-
             20036 - <- ; - ' •• : ";-.- ";••;"-                        cals would do that?"                                                                                         worker then the company fires
           STANLEY JENSEN, 11105 N.E.                                                                                                                                                the worker, because the injured
             Sandy Blvd.,, Portland, OR ^                                  In the making of the ure-                                                                                 worker no longer can do the
             97220                                                      thane foam, at your particular                                                                               work. The cause of the disabil-
           JUSTIN OSTRO/1300 Union Bank
                                                                        plant, methylene diphenyl di-                                                                                ity was the work process in the
           , Bldg., 400 Oceangate, Long .                               isocyanate (MDI) was used. It                                                                                first place.
             Beach, CA.90801            :                               was this chemical component
                                                                        that was principally responsible                                                                                I am concerned too about
           GEORGE POULIN, 1005 Machin-                                  for both the skin and respiratory                                                                            that worker, and other workers,
             ists' Bldg., Washington;'rDC                               effects you had.                                                                                             who got injured on the job,
           '.- 2 0 0 3 6   : • - . : • ; .   ,-; _   , : - . . .;.._
                                                                                                                                                                                     who accepted a lump sum set-
   ) MERLE , E. . PRYOR, JR., 6500"                                         The sequence of events you                                                                               tlement, and were later fired.
       Pearl Road, -Cleveland, OH .                                     reported were as follows: You                                                                                No other employer will hire
   \ u 4 4 1 3 0 , v ..,.... ;, .t. :..-,„.' ,t                         operated the foam gun, directly                    CHMIKER                                                   them now because of fear of
                                                                       spraying the chemicals which                      MENPMENTS                                                   liability for compensation due
                                                                       became urethane foam, used as                                                                                 to a previous injury. Your com-
                       EDITORIAL OFFICE              .     ;           insulation for parts to be                                                                                    pany got off cheaply indeed
                                                                       shipped. Within one month after                                                                               with a lump sum settlement.
           9 0 9 Machinists^ Bidg.; Washing- ;                         you started the foaming opera-                                                                                The workers will probably use
       •;• ton,D.C: 20036: Phone: 202/ '                               tion, your face started breaking                                                                              up their settlements in subse-
   w           "857-5220". ' '. "-s";., >"~: >-'- ;:; •>i               out with a rash, with "red, itch-                                                                            quent hospital stays for further
                                                                        ing spots," "blotchy looking,"                                                                               treatment
                                                                        "real ugly," which occurred on
                                                                        the left side of your face. The                         "Toxic fumes'                                           Basically, a lump sum settle-
                                                                        rash started near the eye and                                                                                ment for a back injury is an
                                                                       went down to the mouth. The          primary irritant response to the  subjected to heat, as when cut         illusion, because the money
                                                                         'spots started off like pimples,   chemical, or that of an acquired  or shaped with a hot wire or           would be a fraction of the
                                                                       then water came out like a           sensitization to the diisocyanate other means and during a fire.         amount needed to take care of
  •'' v",Susah -Ellis, •^riy';Mubjiri;::>}'"/:; ?w                     small blister and spread." Odd-      compound. One indication that        Workers who have developed          the hospital and medical ex-
                                                                       ly, the rash was confined to         you did develop some sensitiza-   breathing difficulties or asthma       penses that will probably be
   :v           James Confey *:                                                                             tion was your difficulty in
                                                                       only one side of the face.                                             like symptoms or severe skin           needed in later years.
                                                                                                            breathing that occurred at your   conditions following such ex-
       Art Editor;;- . 9;\                                                The contact with the chemi-       first exposure to the chemicals,                                            You did get a compensation
                                                                                                                                              posures, should write to me, so
      •Thomas Hutchens ?                              t                cal fumes could have been            the same time that you devel-     I can determine whether a blood        claim filed and approved, with
    -J3SN"": '0047-5378:'..--.*--.'V'"-;-'0 ';";•'.'"c&i               greater on the left side because     oped the skin reaction.           test would be helpful.                 a certain level of disability, but
    .The Machinist Is puttliahed nwnthly" ?
   » and mailed to ; every .-memijer/'inT- •'                          of your working position doing                                                                                since then, now 2 years later,
     accordance with convention^"-and'',-                              the spraying of the foam. Never-        Most of the reports, about        An IAM member from                  your condition has. gotten
     referendum • action.          Subscription                                                             severe respiratory problems have Missouri writes: .
   , price. $4' -.per, year.-.-,Jlembers'?- saVr.- ; j                 theless, the entire face was also                                                                             worse.
     scriptions are paid^for'out-of-their.' .x                         exposed to the chemical fumes.       been about toluene diisocyanate
     union dues' at :the (rate' of -*?2., per-.- •'                                                         (TDI), but it is evident that         "I have worked for the same           I would recommend that
     year."Back""copies,,35 cents.'Printed-'-. .                       You coughed a lot. You had                                               company for 10 years. I injured
     in USA.          Publication No. 324020 -
                                                                       wheezing that lasted 1-2 days.       similar effects occur following                                          your attorney obtain a new
                                                                       At night when you tried to
                                                                                                            exposure to MDI. In .one case- haveback doing my job. I had to
                                                                                                                                                     surgery on my back. Nine        medical evaluation by another
                                                                       sleep you couldn't breathe. You      involving MDI in polyurethane      months later, the company in-         expert, so that this reassessment
                                                                       went to the nurse, who took          paint, a worker became sensi-      sisted that the doctor release me     of your disability can be
                                                                       you off of that job. You were        tized, experienced extreme dif-    for light work. Being the com-        brought to the compensation
                                                                       away from the diisocyanate           ficulty in breathing,' and devel-  pany insurance doctor he did          agency. _       >
                                                                       foam spraying for 2-3 weeks          oped blisters of. the skin around
        Notices should be received by at
      least the-15th'of the month preced- /?"•                         and the rash on your face            the eyes and face, even though
  •- ing the,event. .Address-copy to The,-'-,
                                                                       cleared up completely, and so        the persons was in the office
     Machinist, 909 Machinists
   ., Washington,,D.O.SOOSe. . .
                                     ;   .,'.                          did the coughing.                    most of the time.                    Mifs.
       CON«RfNC£ will-meet-Juiie 2-4, at'" .'•                            You went back to the ure-            A new blood test has been         Ill*
       the .Cosmopolitan Hotel,.Denver.*CO                             thane foam department and            developed that can identify          — S -oS
       IAM .Vice..President, Stanley Jen-'"                                                                 whether a person has acquired
       sen,< reports., •_ . ' '--  , - -., -' ',                       started spraying the chemical        a sensitization to either TDI or
    NEBRASkA State Council ot Ma-' \'                                  foam again. One week later,          MDI. I am enclosing the spe-
   -chinists will meet,-on;June 6, at'the':- -                         your face broke out again, at
  .'Holiday.'- House, -'Freemont,."--'NB;~ ~ '
    Dean- Kocina"..sec.-treas., 'reports.- /y ':
     PENNSYLVANIA . state \Counca 'iot'":-.
  , Machinists 34th, Annual-Convention ' o
   . will- meeif on- June 5-7, at the, Holi- ""-•'
   , day ' -Inn,-'' Meadville,r--PA, -' John ""-
     Loughlin, sec-treas.," reports.'-i •••?.;? I •,
                                                                       exactly the same spots on the
                                                                       left side of the face and with
                                                                       the same ugly appearance. The
                                                                       nurse sent you to the doctor
                                                                       who took you off that job, so
                                                                                                            cial instructions which have to
                                                                                                            be carefully followed both for
                                                                                                            the handling of the blood sam-
                                                                                                            ple and for.the shipment to the
                                                                                                            research laboratory.
                                                                       you were away from that chemi-          The work exposure to the di-
  ' OHIOSateCouneUy 28-29;
                                                                       cal foam exposure for 3 weeks.       isocyanates is 'more common
                                                                       Within that period of time your

    ton-Columbus tMotor^Hofel.-                                                                             than presently recognized and
                                                                                                                                                   ilii                                                  NCr,

   .bu8ri-OHrf wPhUip>Zanttella; .                                     face cleared up.

  /treaa.,r-.reports.,,-> ^;s-.--v-\ ; -<",--.•                                                             workers may have suffered se-
PAGE 2                                   THE MACHINIST                                JUNE 1980                                                                                          PRIORITY    ONE^ORGAN/ZE
                  Lack of apprenticeship training
                  brings skilled worker shortage
    Apprenticeship has a long tradition.                           Statistics from the 1980 IAM Apprenticeship De-            ence voted to send a telegram to BAT in Washington,
                                                                partment Report contain estimates that small metal-           D.C. It read in part:
    Preservation and passing on of skills from one gen-         working shops are able to employ only 79% of the
 eration to another has been around nearly 4,000                skilled labor they" need and that machine tool and tool          "The Conference desires to be on record with your
 years. Probably the earliest reference on what is now          and die plants have 'to rely on five or more hours of         office as being strongly opposed to any fragmentation
 known as apprenticeship is contained in the Code of            overtime per week per worker to get their jobs com-           of standard Machinists or Tool and Die Makers Ap-
 Hammurabi, the first systematic code of laws, published        pleted.                                                       prenticeship programs."
 by Emperer Hammurabi, of Babylon, in the eighteenth                                                                             Another IAM attempt to stimulate quality appren-
 century before Christ.                                            Recent projections from the U.S. Department of La-         ticeship training was the development of a pilot pro-
    The code mentions a requirement that artisans teach         bor forecast a need for 9,000 trained tool and die work-      gram for the automotive industry under federal funding
 then- skills to the young. This tradition of craft education   ers per year and 23,000 journeyman machinists per year        through the Comprehensive Employment and Training
 was practiced by most societies around the world but           between now and 1990, just to maintain present levels.        Act (CETA).
 became formalized in Europe, through the medieval                This is in keeping with IAM records that indicate a            The IAM not only met but exceeded its goal of plac-
 guilds that were formed by members of the different            decrease of 76,588 skilled journeyman machinists since        ing 3,000 persons in training by enrolling more than
 skilled trades, starting in the 13th century, A.D.             1970, with only 22,738 apprentices now in training.           4,000 new apprentices. An additional contract with the
    It seemed logical to the ancients, and to most people                                                                     federal government will expand the scope of training to
 today, that a good way to teach a trade or skill to a          Reasons for shortfall                                         other machinist categories, including all metal trades.
 young learner was to let him or her watch how some-              According to Earl Chambers, national coordinator,           Solution: Negotiated trust funds
 thing is done and gradually allow them to initiate doing       IAM Apprenticeship Department in Washington, DC,
it, always under the watchful eye of a qualified crafts-                                                                         However, a more important method of providing for
                                                                there are two main reasons for the declining numbers of       the future was stressed by Poulin and Bradford during
man-teacher.                                                    apprentices in the face of shortages of skilled machinists.   the Tool and Die Conference: negotiation of trust funds
    The old-time apprenticeships were long, ranging up                                                                        for apprenticeship training during contract talks.
to seven years and beyond. The reason for the long                 First is that employers, who traditionally supported
training period was to insure that the apprentice would         apprenticeship training, withdrew their funding and sup-         A few IAM contracts with like-minded, far-sighted
be competent in all facets of the trade by the time he          port in misdirected attempts at economizing. They pre-        employers already contain provisions for employer con-
(there were few, if any, woman apprentices before the           ferred to concentrate on "pirating" skilled workers from      tributions for apprenticeship training. Past experience
twentieth century) graduated to journeyman status.              their competitors.                                            has shown that the IAM and management usually work
                                                                                                                              well together in administering such programs—once the
    One of the most prominent examples of an appren-               The second reason is that the emphasis of the govern-      corporate bosses have agreed to establish training trust
tice success story from early American history is Ben-          ment and employer has been on the quick-fix approach          funds.
jamin Franklin, who was apprenticed in the printing             of training "specialists"—to perform a part of the over-
trade to his brother before distinguishing himself as an                                                                         It has come to the point where both management and
                                                                all craft. It is quicker and cheaper to train someone to      worker'will be sure losers if the shortage of skilled ma-
inventor, scientist, diplomat and statesman.                    do one specific task in a tool and die shop, for example,     chinists is not corrected. Businesses will have to close
   When the IAM was founded in a railroad pit in At-            than it is to let them progress through four years of com-    due to a lack of competent workers. And those who
lanta in 1888, apprenticeship was the traditional way           prehensive training.                                          lose their jobs -will lose seniority after moving to a new
for the skilled workman to learn his trade.                        But the statistics from the Department of Labor show       plant.
    However, this system of education that worked for the       that the chickens have come home to roost, as evidenced          In recognition of this economic fact-of-life, the IAM
ancients—that proved itself capable of keeping Amer-            by the shortage of workers who can handle most any            Executive Council established the Department of Ap-
ica's skilled workforce among the most capable and              job in the shop.                                              prenticeship as an autonomous department. IAM Presi-
versatile in the world: that was able to meet the emer-                                                                       dent William Winpisinger reestablished a National
gencies caused by demands for war production many                  Another disquieting fact is that 40% of IAM tool
                                                                and die workers will reach retirement age during the          Standing Committee on Apprenticeship, under the co-
times throughout our country's 204 year history—has             next decade.                                                  chairmanship of IAM Vice Presidents Poulin and Tom
now fallen in disfavor. ,                                                                                                     Ducy.
Imminent Shortage                                                 These numbers make it an understatement to say that            Two representatives from each IAM territory have
                                                                something has to be done—and quickly. The realization         been selected by their vice president to serve on the
   During the 1980 IAM Tool and Die Conference in               has hit even the most stubborn employer that pirating
Chicago last month, both IAM Vice President George                                                                            committee.
                                                                cannot continue to provide sufficient skilled workers.
Poulin and IAM-Director of Organizing Charles Brad-                                                                              Thus far, all concerned parties seem ,to agree that the
ford raised the same warning cry: Unless something is             The Department of Labor's Bureau of Apprenticeship          federal government should assist in financing apprentice
done soon to train qualified machinists and tool and die        and Training (BAT) has shown signs of opting to sup-          training, but not by funding partial training that short-
workers, our country will face a critical lack of com-          port the quick, limited training for "specialists," rather    changes the young worker, the employer and, ultimately,
petent personnel.                                               than for full apprentice programs that would give com-        the taxpayer.
                                                                plete training.                                                  Many IAM locals have negotiated trust funds for ap-
   Even now, this shortage is upon us. That was illus-
trated by an employer who spoke at the meeting, who               The IAM is trying to change the minds of the BAT            prenticeship programs. The results will provide a'broad
said that good workers can walk in his plant door and           administrators through advice from the Apprenticeship         range of skilled workers who will be the cadre for the
start to work immediately.                                      Department. In addition, the 1980 Tool and Die Confer-        revitalization of our ailing industrial economy.—D.B.D.

PRIORITY                                                                                                         JUNE 1980                   THE MACHINIST                     PAGE 3
                                 's '* " '" -

                                                                                                                        Strike vets win showdown
                                                                                                                   Paul Shelton, and Bonnie Shoun, show off the shirts that so
                                                                                                                infuriated their employer, that they were ordered to remove
                                                                                                                them, cover them, or go home. They chose the latter, alternative.
                                                                                                                   After a 13-week strike at Hughes Aircraft Co., Shelton and
                                                                                                                Shoun, members of IAM Local 933, Tucson AZ, wore the tee
                                                                                                                shirts to demonstrate their solidarity was as solid as ever. They
                                                                                                                filed a grievance, and were advised by James Whitten, local
                                                                                                                business rep, to also file charges-with the National Labor Re-
                                                                                                                lations Board (NLRB).
                                                                                                                   The NLRB ruled the shirts did not disrupt the workplace
                                                                                                                and that the workers were entitled to pay lost as a result of
                                                                                                                their being required to leave. In addition, the NLRB ordered
                                                                                                                the company to post a notice stating that workers could wear
                                                                                                                the tee shirts with no fear of reprisals.
                                                                                                                  In photo, from 1 to r; Sid McGill, chief steward; Ernie
                                                                                                                L'Armee, local president; Paul Shelton; Bonnie Shoun, and
                                                                                                                James Whitten, business rep.

     $2,448 vacation pay recovered
   With inflation soaring and paychecks shrinking, every dollar
 counts. George Kirkpatrick, rep for IAM District 68, Delevan,                         French regains job, seniority, $15,000
 WI, reports that when 17 workers at Whitewater Mfg. recently
 spotted shortages in their paychecks they turned to IAM Local                   Mike French knows how millions of unemployed Americans feel—he too lost his
 1072 to find out why.                                                        job. But, thanks to his union, he now has his job back, and $15,000 in back pay. .

    The matter was quickly settled in the' first step of the griev-             When French was fired from his job at G. Heileman Brewers, for alleged insub-
 ance procedure. The corporation then agreed to pay the 17 a                  ordination, the IAM team at Local 2040, and District 153, Evansville, IN, went to
 total of $2,448. Management claimed the error was a "mis-                    work pressing the grievance to its successful conclusion. An arbitrator's decision
 calculation" of vacation pay.                                                awarded Frendh his job, seniority, and $15,000 in back pay.

   Reviewing the grievance settlement above are Dennis Bost-                    In photo above, French (center) receives his check from Preston Higgs (left), shop
 wick, president of Local 1072, left, and Vincente Lozano,                    chairman, and Warren Mart, directing business rep, District 153.

    State law nets workers $2,800
                                                                                            $2,594 back pay at Iowa Mfg.
  IAM reps know their contracts and the state laws that affect
workers.                                                                       Pat Leonard, right, a member of-IAM Local 831, Cedar Rapids, IA, learned first-
                                                                          hand recently the value of his IAM contract. His employer, Iowa Manufacturing Corp., by-
   That was demonstrated again recently when Qantas Airways               passed him on the overtime schedule.
denied sick leave benefits under the Hawaii Temporary Dis-
ability Act. The shop committee at IAM Local 1979, Honolulu,                  Bud Given, directing rep for the local, left, reports that repeated attempts to settle the
HI, brought the matter to the corporation's attention and set-            matter through the regular grievance procedure were all blocked by the corporation. So,
tled the problem without having to resort to a written grievance.         Leonard's union took his case to arbitration. The arbitrator ruled the corporation had, in-
Above are two IAM members who shared part of the $2,800                   deed, violated the union contract and ordered Iowa Mfg. to pay Leonard the $2,594 he
settlement, Ta'a Utu, left, and Eugene Hew-Len, center. Right is          would have, earned if he had not been bypassed.
Robert Burgess, local committee chairman.

PAGE 4                  THE MACHINIST                      JUNE 1980                                                                                PRIORITY ONB—ORGANIZE
                                                                 Machinist Photo                                                                       Machinist Photo

               IAM launches media training                                              Dave Meredith, another good IAM Scout
        The IAM has begun Media Training Conferences to acquaint officers in               Everyday across the USA and Canada, thousands of IAM members give
     each territory about ^the positive side of public relations and how to deal        real meaning to one of their union's mottos: "Service to the Community."
     with the press—television, radio, newspaper or magazine. The training              Dave Meredith, center, a member of IAM Local 34, Kenosha, WI, is
     was inaugurated during a session given to the IAM Executive Council dur-           another example of that dedication.
     ing its last meeting in Florida. Pictured is Patricia Lehman, MNPL co-              ' Meredith was recently awarded the George Meany Award for Scouting,
     ordinator from District 70, Wichita, KS, who is on camera and on the               organized labor's highest award for service to youth. Bill Buzza, left, presi-
     simultaneous monitor at left during a session in Chicago.                          dent of the Kenosha AFL-CIO Labor Council, and Bob Hornby, right,
                                                                                        United Community and Labor Service Director, make the Meany Award
                                                                                        presentation to Meredith.

           Local 25B7's Member of the Year                                                      1433'$ Labor person of the year
        Joe Mclssac, left, a 35-year-member of 1AM Local 2587, Fulton, NY,                Four IAM locals in the Kensington, CT area annually select a "Labor
     is the 1980 winner of his local's coveted William Harrington Award.               Person of the Year." This year's winner was IAM Local 1433*s Rose
     The award, named for a deceased member of the local, is presented an-             Wieczorek, the Local's recording secretary since 1968. She became a union
     nually to the year's outstanding member..                                         activist in 1964, serving as Trustee of Local 1433 and shop steward for
                                                                                       11 years at the Stanley Works, hand tool division, New Britain, CT, She
       Mclssac has served on a number of committees in the local and his co-           has served with the local A. Philip Randolph Institute, and on the Execu-
     workers say he exemplifies "the true spirit of trade unionism." Presenting        tive Board of the NAACP. The award was presented by former Local 1433
     the award is Tony Froio, right, the local's first recipient of the award.         president, Peter Janowski.

                                                                                                                   Labor Department
                                                                                                                   honors Winpisinger
                                                                                                          The annual awards banquet of the National Football
                                                                                                        League Players Association (NFLPA) caught IAM Presi-
                                                                                                        dent Winpisinger, left, off guard, when Secretary of Labor,
                                                                                                        Ray Marshall, right, presented him with an unannounced
                                                                                                        award for outstanding contribution to the Departments
                                                                                                        Summer Youth Program.
                                                                                                          The IAM was the first of 16 unions to join with the
                                                                                                        NFLPA in sponsoring the "Unions for Youth" summer
                                                                                                        camping program.
                                                                                                           The program, which emphasizes career exploration and
                                                                                                        goal seeking for children 14 to 16 years, is administered
                                                                                                        by the NFLPA which calls upon hundreds of professional
                                                                                                        athletes to talk with and advise the young people who spend
                                                                                                        up to two weeks at the summer camps.

                                                                                   Machinist Photo

PRIORITY ONE—ORGANIZE                                                                                JUNE 1980                  THE MACHINIST                     PAGE 5
                                                                                                                                                         " . Then the fictitious "organizer"
                                                                                                                                                          continued his lesson to the per-
                                                                                                                                                          spective union busters.
                                                                                                                                                             "My next advice would be to
                                                                                                                                                          terminate any foreman or super-'
                                                                                                                                                          visor" who is too fair or lenient
                                                                                                                                                          with his or her workers. 'That
                                                                                                                                                          edict should even cover manage-
                                                                                                                                                          ment people who play favorites.
                                                                                                                                                          "Foremen who play favorites or-
                                                                                                                                                         ganize more employees than I
                                                                                                                                                          (the phony organizer) could ever
 IAM wins victory                                                                                                                                        organize through my own ef-
 for U.S. consumers                                                                                                                                         The trainees were also told to
    The IAM and other members            erful the right wing was in this                                                                                give workers thinking about vot-
 of the Citizen/Labor Energy             session of Congress."                                                                                           ing for a union the management's
 Coalition scored a major vic-                                                                                                                           version of the company's finan-
                                         Food stamps saved                                                                                               cial standing.
 tory for consumers last month
 when they won a federal court              With a big push from the IAM,                                                                                   Don't open your books to your
 decision blocking President Car-        Congress pushed through emer-                                                                                   workers, of course. But tell them
 ter's attempt to impose a ten-cent      gency legislation to keep the food                                                                              some kind of fable to suit your
 per gallon gasoline import fee on       stamp program alive, at least for                                                                               overall management program be-
 consumers.                              a few more months.                                                                                              cause "they (workers) like to
                                            The $2.45 billion appropriated                                                                               know how business is, where the
     By conservative estimates, the                                                                                                                      organization is going, whether
 extra ten cents would come              by Congress was described by
                                        IAM Legislative Rep Dorothy                                                                                      they will have steady work for
 closer to 20 cents per gallon be-                                                                                                                       the next six months. Only in that
 fore it reached the pumps.             Ellsworth "as too little to last out
                                        the fiscal year." IAM Legislative                                                                                way can they make their own
    IAM President William W.            reps have exacted a Conference                                                                                   plans—plans about a new car, a
 Winpisinger, Coalition president,      committee agreement to raise the                                                                                 new home, or sending their chil-
 filed a suit with U.S. District        total up to the Senate-passed $3                                                                                 dren to college."
 Court Judge Aubrey Robinson            billion when it became necessary.                                                                                   But it goes without saying that
 because he believed the "new Car-                                                                                                                       it is quite alright to leave out of
 ter tax on workers and other               Food stamps are now a major
                                        item of assistance to more than                                                                                  those company plans any real
 consumers would make it impos-                                                                                                                          move that management will be
 sible for workers—those who still      20 million Americans, including
                                        millions of workers unable to                                                                                    making that will affect the work-
 have jobs—to get to their jobs."                                                                                                                        ers, such as a plant closing that
                                        earn enough to feed their fam-
    Although Judge Robinson             ilies.                                                                                                           may only be months, or weeks,
 agreed, the tax battle is far from                                                                                                                      away.
 over. White House lawyers are          Budget cuts increase joblessness
 appealing the court decision and                                                                                                                          Newell reported that that "les-
                                           At presstime, a House-Senate                                                                                  son" was typical of the kinds of
 Carter lobbyists are swarming          Conference Committee was ham-                 Second in a series            employee that I had who was do-
 Capitol Hill seeking to get Con-                                                                                   ing a poor and unsatisfactory        psychological intimidation and
                                        mering out a budget that would            Earlier this year, IAM                                                 other tools of industrial warfare
 gress to pass the unheard of (un-      make President Carter happy at                                              job." (Think of the ground that
 til now) consumer tax.                                                        Research Director Reginald           could cover).                        that were unveiled at the union
                                        the expense of millions of work-       Newell attended a seminar on                                              busting seminar.
                                        ers who will lose their jobs be-       how to keep workers from orga-           Then the class is told that any-
Lubbers confirmed                       cause of the meat-axe approach         nizing a union when they wished       body who finds any fault with
    The IAM and other organiza-         Congress is taking in slashing                                              working, conditions, foremen or
                                        pro-people programs.                   to have such union protection.
 tions interested in. decent enforce-                                          Conducted by the American            other supervisors or his or her
ment of the National Labor Re-                                                 Management Association, the          plant manager - about anything
lations Act also chalked up a              IAM Legislative Rep Barbara
                                        Shailor predicted that the final       weeklong course gave employers       from safety to coffee breaks is a
victory in the Senate when Wil-                                                                                     menace. If the workers feel any
liam A. Lubbers was confirmed           version of the 1981 fiscal budget      the a,b,c's of union busting. In
                                        will be billions of dollars lower      fact, the course was entitled,       sense of injustice, they are unsat-
as general counsel of the National                                                                                  isfactory.
Labor Relations Board (NLRB).           than the first budget proposed by      "The Non-Union Employer: Pre-
                                        Carter last January. Even that         ventive Labor Relations."               If the anti-union employer
   Corporate America bitterly op-       budget proposal, high on mili-                                              overlooks the worker who wants
posed Lubbers who rose through          tary gadgetry and low on job              In this second article Newell     to better himself or herself, that
the ranks of the NLRB after 27          generating programs, was de-           reports on one specific "lesson"     worker "turns to a source outside
years in which he fairly admin-         scribed as "austere" by Carter.        taught to his class by the profes-   the plant, or, in other words, to
istered the labor law. Although                                                sional union busters who con-        a union organizer."
employer groups could find no          Among the victims of the                ducted the seminar. In this class,                                                        Newell
grounds to challenge either his .budget cutting mania were the                 the instructor dreamed up an            So what was NewelFs class ad-
ability or his integrity, corporate millions of jobless workers who            imaginary union organizer and        vised to do with these workers            In the next article in this
messenger boys in Congress be- were receiving trade adjustment                 had the class think about what       who have gripes, including legiti- series, THE MACHINIST will ex-
gan a filibuster against Lubbers.   assistance. Those funds ran out            thh "organizer" would tell them      mate complaints?                       amine some of Newell's "class-
                                    June 2. IAM International Af-              if the "organizer" were advising        "Don't wait. Do it now before mates," including the kinds of
   "This was more than a battle fairs Rep Helen Kramer said that               them on how to prevent the           it is too late."                     ' industries they came from and
over a government position," ex- even if the IAM and other un-                 workers from winning a union.                                               discuss why they were attending.
plained IAM Legislative Director ions are successful in winning                                                        Do what?                            The list of registrants and the
Jerry Thompson. "The 62 to 34 new funds, there will be at least                   Here's what the "organizer"          "My first advice would be to variety of companies from which
vote to cut off the filibuster rep- a month's lag time during which no         told his union busting trainees:     discharge immediately" every they came makes for interesting
resented a test on just how pow- payments will be made.—P.J.Z.                    "First, I would discharge every   such worker."                          reader for any worker.


PAGE 6                   THE, MACHINIST-                       U ^ 198$.                                                                                      PRIORITY: ONE—ORGANIZE
                                                                                                               Tool & Die Conferees
        Dereg mania hits trucking                                                                              discuss training, politics
      The 150 delegates to the IAM's 20th Auto-           Corporate America and speak up for working
   motive Conference last month at Hollywood,            men and women1 for once."                                 The IAM has a growing in-          for the next 10 years.
                                                                                                               terest in expanding and strength-         "I believe that we in the IAM
   FL, -looked for all the world like recruits in            General Secretary-Treasurer Eugene Glover         ening apprenticeship programs
   the. Mission Impossible Force. Their assignment:                                                                                                   have a major responsibility to
                                                         brought one of the conference's few bright notes      to meet the critical need for          help fill these needs," Poulin
   To help save a thriving, healthy, competitive in-     to delegates. He pointed out that the "foresight      qualified machinists over the next
   dustry—and ultimately the jobs of thousands of                                                                                                     said. He revealed that the IAM
                                                         and wisdom of delegates to the 1976 Grand             decade and beyond. That was the        is developing ways to do so and
   workers—from economic disaster.                       Lodge Convention who voted to establish the           message that Charles Bradford,         plan for the future.
                                                         Program for Progress has helped the union             IAM Director of Organizing told
       "The Carter Administration's paranoid deter- achieve new and better services and a solid finan-         more than 60 delegates at this            IAM Vice President Tom Ducy
    mination to deregulate the over-the-road truck- cial foundation unmatched in the IAM's 92-years            year's Tool and Die Conference         of Chicago, host officer at the
    ing industry, at any cost, could well signal the of progress."                                             at Chicago, IL. It was one of the      Tool and Die Conference, called
    beginning of the end of the world's finest trans-                                                          largest tool and die conferences       for delegates to remember their
   portation system," IAM Vice President John                IAM Vice President Roe Spencer, of Dallas,                                               first priority—organizing. "The
                                                         TX, in whose territory the conference was held,       ever convened.
   Peterpaul, warned.                   -                                                                                                             IAM has a proud history of pro-
                                                         filled delegates in on organizing and other on-          "We're in trouble if we don't       viding better opportunities for a
       He cited the current history of deregulation in   going programs now under way in the Southern          regain control of our future by        better life among members and
   the air transport industry. It is right in the throes Territory.                                            working to establish and run ap-       should rededicate its goals to
   of massive, layoffs, declining service, rapidly-          On the national scene, IAM Vice President         prenticeship programs to meet          spreading these opportunities to
   rising fares, and other major upheavals, directly George Poulin discussed the status of relation-           the demand," Bradford declared.        the many other disadavantaged
    attributable to the Airline Deregulation Act passed ships with other unions and the importance of          "One of our priorities must be to      workers who need them," Ducy
    18 months ago,                                                                                             negotiate trust funds in new con-      declared.
                                                         maintaining old and forging new alliances where-      tracts to provide for apprentice-
                                                         ever possible.                                        ship programs with input from             He told delegates that the is-
       "Is there any doubt in anyone's mind sitting                                                                                                   sues raised by U.S. Sen. Edward
   in this room that we face exactly the same thing          A highlight of the conference was the appear-     the IAM."
                                                                                                                                                      M. Kennedy (D,MA) during the
   in the truck repair industry?" the IAM's Trans- ance of Phil Threshie, veteran championship race               He said other unions are now        primary elections should show
   portation Vice President asked.                       car driver, who will be at the wheel of the           making apprenticeship trust funds      honest working persons who is
                                                         IAM's newly-designed race car during the 1980         a part of their negotiating list and   the best choice for President.
       He outlined the union's efforts to stop, or at United States Auto Club (USAC) racing season.            are able to gain a vital organiz-
   least sidetrack, the Carter Deregulation Express.                                                           ing tool while training qualified         Whoever is the Democratic
   Despite the wholehearted opposition of the truck-         Threshie narrated a special slide show spot-                                             nominee, the Democratic plat-
   ing industry, "Carter and Congress seem hell- lighting the development and building of racing's                                                    form should contain safeguards
   bent on destroying the finest ground transporta- first ail-American, all-union-made -race car—the              IAM Vice President George           that progressive ideas, such as
   tion system in the world," Peterpaul declared.        IAM's #31. (See sketch and story about race           Poulin of Washington, DC,              those promoted by Sen. Kennedy,
                                                         car program on page 10).                              joined Bradford in urging that         be incorporated into the philoso-
      Previous attempts to halt deregulation notwith-       Other conference speakers included Jerry           the IAM prepare for the future         phy of the Democratic party and
   standing, delegates were asked to renew then-                                                               by establishing apprenticeship         be honored by the eventual candi-
   efforts in their locals, districts and communities Thompson, IAM Legislative Director; Louis                programs today. He discussed re-       date. This would deter a candi-
   to prevent "economic genocide of the trucking Poulton, Assistant General Counsel; Charlie                   cent projections from the U.S.         date from giving lip service to,
   industry." That will require "thousands, not Bradford, Director of Organizing, and Jerry Roll-              Department of Labor predicting         platform promises and reneging
   hundreds," of letters, phone calls, telegrams and ings, Assistant Director of Communications.               a need for 9,000 tool and die          on them, as occurred after the
   personal visits to legislators, Peterpaul concluded.     To deal with specific industry problems, the       journeymen per year and 23,000         1976 election, Ducy said.
                                                         conferees met in six special committees. The          journeyman machinists each year                                —D.B.D.
      From Automotive Coordinator Andy Kenopen- committees and their chairmen were: Apprentice-
   sky's opening gavel, conference delegates began ship—Tom Roach, IAM Local 777, St. Louis,
   wrestling with numerous, political, social, and MO; Factory branch & truck dealership—Artie
   economic problems confronting their union and Rand, IAM Local 1152, Tacoma, WA; Licens-
   their industry. - ^»-w-~r - •                         ing—J. B. Martin, IAM Local 1305, Sari Fran-
                                                         cisco, CA; Organizing—Walter Seeger, IAM
      IAM President William Winpisinger updated Local 510, Milwaukee, WI; Over-the-road truck-
   the conference . on the union's political action ing—Dan Sheck, IAM Local 724, Philadelphia,
   programs, which are aimed at electing a Presi- PA; and Automotive dealers—Bernie Tolentino,
   dent and Congress that "is willing to stand up to IAM Local 1546, Oakland, CA.—J.L.R.

Airline workers' future clouded                                                                                                                                         Machinist Photo
                                                                                                               IAM Vice President Tom Ducy talks organizing with.Tool & Die
   The Airline Deregulation Act of 1978 and             ers they leave behind. The panic-paced competi-        delegates. Next to Ducy, I to r, Fred Speclcman, IAM District 9,
Carter economics have hit airline workers with          tion is fast leading some airlines to the brink of     St. Louis, MO, conference chairman; and Rudy Poweleit, District
a vengeance. Nearly 300 delegates to the IAM.           bankruptcy on the heels of a $300 million first        10, Milwaukee. WI.
Air" Transport Conference, at Hollywood, FL, last       quarter loss for the industry. Quinton Kerr, presi-
month grappled with a host of problems facing           dent and general chairman of IAM District 142,
airline workers because of deregulation. Among          explaining the chaotic state of airline management,    Republican politics bring layoffs
                                                        declared: "The company will tell you one day
those problems: layoffs, mergers, cut-throat com-
petition, soaring energy costs, and a recalcitrant      they're going to start flying into city A or they're   brewery, construction delegates told
President who is fearful of leaving the White           going to increase flights into city B—the next day        The "Republican" domestic     880 members. The economic
                                                        it's all changed. The airlines don't know what         policies of President Jimmy      belt-tightening has also curtailed
House.                                                  they're doing."                                        Carter came under heavy at-      demand for lawn and garden
  Here is a summary of the problems dominating                                                                 tack during the Brewery-Bever-   equipment, forcing layoffs in
the 1980 air transport agenda:                             Bi-lateral Agreements—"For the first time in                                         John Deere plants, Ducy said.
                                                        aviation history, 52% of air travel in and out of      age and Construction Erection
   Layoffs—Workers on United and TWA have               the U.S. now belongs to foreign carriers. That's       Conference last month in Chi-       But, it was not all bad news.
 been hardest hit thus far. More than 5,000 workers     directly attributable to President Carter's route      cago, IL.                        A report by the IAM Research
are already jobless, and the industry is predicting     give-away agreements," IAM Transportation Vice         "For the first time since World Department foretold good news
more layoffs to come.                                   President John Peterpaul declared. "We partici- War II, truck line mechanics are for the Brewery workers. When
   Lou Schroeder, president and general chairman        pated in the negotiations and watched the U.S. getting laid off. In the light air- the economy goes down, people
of IAM District 141, warned the delegates who           negotiators give the store away."                                                                           expensive al-
                                                                                                            craft industry, • Cessna in Wichita switch from more to beer and
                                                                                                                                                coholic beverages
work for the few airlines that are hiring, to "keep                                                         laid off 3,000 and Beech Air-
                                                           Soaring energy costs—Adding to the problems craft also has layoffs," IAM Vice wines, making the future bright
your fingers crossed, that can change in a hell of      of deregulation, aviation fuel has soared from 110 President Tom Ducy, of Chicago, for that segment of the IAM
a hurry. When TWA began to layoff, United               a gallon to over 900 a gallon in a few short years. said during a discussion of the membership.
workers thought 'it won't happen to us.' United is      President Carter, at the IAM Grand Lodge Con- Carter economy at the Confer-
now laying-off." Schroeder feels that most of the                                                                                                  The delegates heard a report
                                                        vention just four years ago, described the Nixon/ ence.                                 on the recent successful organiz-
layoffs are a direct result of airline deregulation.    Ford energy policy as a "large and sudden in-                                           ing campaign at the Miller Brew-
   Mergers—The adverse impact on workers caught         crease in the price of oil." IAM President William     He also mentioned that the ery plant in Albany, GA, de-
in mergers has increased drastically since the ill-     Winpisinger told the delegates that "Carter is the slumping economy is affecting livered by Grand Lodge Rep
conceived deregulation act became law 18 months         president of Big Oil, Inc." He added: "Look at IAM jobs both directly, as in George Harrison, of the South-
ago. Pan Am and National and Flying Tiger and           the misery you put up with in your industry. lagging construction for the con- ern Territory. He reported on the
Seaboard Air are recent examples of the merger          Shock after shock delivered to our economy while struction and erection workers. long, hard campaign to bring the
mania sweeping the industry. Southern Airways           the president just goes around deregulating every- and indirectly, with loss of jobs benefits of IAM membership to
and North Central recently became Republic Air-         thing."-Winpisinger's remarks received a standing for JAM members making clocks the brewery workers, despite the
lines and is already seeking to merge again with        ovation from the delegates.                         and wiring harnesses for new cars heavy-handed delaying tactics of
Air West. IAM airline coordinator, Bill Scheri told                                                         because of plummeting sales for the Teamsters union.
the delegates/that former IAM members caught in            Delegates also heard from General Secretary- new autos.
                                                        Treasurer Eugene Glover and IAM Vice Presi-                                                Delegates representing Con-
the Pan Am-National merger are facing a host of         dents Roe Spencer and George Poulin. Other             This is only the tip of the ice- struction & Erection workers
problems in the newly formed airline. The IAM           speakers included President and General Chairmen berg because the recession is" sure told of other organizing gains
is actively pressing for their rights.                  Charles Bryan, District 100; Charles Easley, Dis- to lessen demand for such items despite competition from other
   Cat-throat competition—As predicted, the air-        trict 143; Lanny Rogers, District 146; and IAM. as pleasure boat engines, made unions, as well as limitations be-
lines have swarmed into high traffic markets at         headquarters staffers Jerry Thompson, legislative by IAM members. Mercury Ma- cause of the poor economy.
the expense of smaller communities and the work-        director, and Allison Beck, legal department.—J.C. rine has already had to lay off                              —D.B.D.

PRIORITY ONE—ORGANIZE                                                                                          JUNE 1980                     THE MACHINIST                    PAGE 7
                                                                                                                     Vicki Breese                           Carol Gardner                           Robert J. Miller                       Larry A. Reichert                        Jean Schroedel                        William M. Waters                            Robert O. Warren
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       (No picture available)

                      IAM                                                Vickie Breese. Age: 22. Mem-
                                                                       ber. IAM Local 1045, Algona, IA.
                                                                       Occupation: Metal box assembler,
                                                                       Snap-On Tools. Ambition: Re-
                                                                                                              Academy.     Union     experience:
                                                                                                              Steward from 1975-78. Ambition:
                                                                                                              Aeronautical engineering. College:
                                                                                                              University of Kansas, Lawrence.
                                                                                                                                                     cal 322, Sunnyvale, CA. School
                                                                                                                                                     activities: Drill team; California
                                                                                                                                                     Scholarship Federation; Sr. Co-
                                                                                                                                                     Captain, drill team. Ambition:
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Evonne M. Hochhalter. Age:
                                                                                                                                                                                                17. Parent LeRoy A. Hochhalter,
                                                                                                                                                                                               IAM Local 2672, Vancouver,
                                                                                                                                                                                               WA. School activities: Honor So-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      College: Georgia Institute
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Technology, Atlanta.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Martin A. Merritt. Age: 18.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        of         Susan Toombs. Age: 17. Parent:
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Fred Toombs, IAM Local 118,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Montreal, Que., Can. School ac-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                tivities: Editing yearbook; student

         Scholarship                                                   search in physics. College: Iowa
                                                                       State University, Ames, la.
                                                                          Carol Gardner. Age: 29. Mem-
                                                                                                                 William M. Waters. Age: 36.
                                                                                                              Member: IAM Local 1111, Los
                                                                                                              Angeles, CA. Occupation: Elec-
                                                                                                                                                     Veterinarian, specializing in horses
                                                                                                                                                     or large animals. College: Univer-
                                                                                                                                                     sity of California, Davis.
                                                                                                                                                                                               ciety and honor roll;, music; band;
                                                                                                                                                                                               macrame teacher with own small
                                                                                                                                                                                               business; and jobs. Ambition: Ma-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Parent: John D . Merritt, IAM Lo-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      cal 128, Freeport, TX. School ac-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      tivities: Band, orchestra; writing;
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      debate, and stagehand. Ambition:
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              ' council; modeling in fashion
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                shows', and class valedictorian.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Ambition: Major in psychology
                                                                                                                                                                                               jor in business administration, go                                               and work with children. College:

          Winners                                                      ben IAM Local 63, Portland, OR..
                                                                       Occupation: Machinist trainee for
                                                                       ship repair, NW Marine Iron
                                                                       Works. Union experience: Trustee;
                                                                                                              tro-mechanic for T W A Union ex-
                                                                                                              perience: Shop steward. Ambition:
                                                                                                              Business Administration. College:
                                                                                                              University of So. California, Los
                                                                                                                                                        Theresa M. Carlson. Age:. 18.
                                                                                                                                                     Parent: Richard H. Carlson, JAM
                                                                                                                                                     Local 780, Minneapolis, MN.
                                                                                                                                                     School activities: Band;- concert
                                                                                                                                                                                               into banking career. College: Uni-
                                                                                                                                                                                               versity , of Washington, Seattle.

                                                                                                                                                                                                  Kim M. Keppler. Age: 17. Par-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      To be a musician, symphony con-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      ductor, and writer. College: Rice
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      University, Houston.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Acadia      University,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Nova Scotia, Can.

                                                                                                              Angeles. • •                                                                                                                                                      Steven VIcko. Age: 18. Parent:
    Unlike some of life's other good things that can often be          Exec. Board member; Metal'                                                    choir; drama club; American               ent: Edward E. Keppler, IAM Lo-            Jeffrey J. Pool. Age: 18. Parent:   Gary L. VIcko, IAM Local 1496,
 lost, stolen, or taken away, learning is a precious com-              Trades Council delegate on Civil                                              Field Service; Spanish, German            cal 2458, Argonne, JL. School ac-      Leonard S. Pool, JAM Local 660,
                                                                                                                 Joseph Andreshak. Age: 18.                                                                                                                                   Burlington, WA. School activities:
                                                                       Rights Committee. Ambition: Me-                                               clubs; National. Honor Society.           tivities: Piano playing and accom-     E. Alton, JL. School activities:
 modity that, once gained, stays with you forever. That's                                                     Parent: Leon Andreshak, IAM                                                                                                                                     Plays golf for school team; Honor
                                                                       chanical engineering career. Col-                                             Ambition: To major in foreign             pasiment; clubs—medical, educa-        National Honor Society; track,                                                                 MEMBERS                        Michael E. Lynch, son of Mi-
 the prize sought and won by seven IAM members and 24                                                         Local 1487, Chicago, IL. School                                                                                                                                 Society president; member of
                                                                       lege: University of Portland.                                                 languages. College: Macalester            tion, Red Cross and National           and field. Ambition: To become a                                                       Brenda M. Lytle, IAM Local          chael Lynch. IAM Local 1145,
                                                                                                              activities: Cross-country, track,                                                                                                                               school's Judicial Board. Ambition:                                                 Selkirk, NY.
 children of members across the USA and Canada. They're                                                                                              College, St. Paul.                        Honor Society; newspaper re-           practicing physician. College: So.      Major in pre-law and journalism              388, Davenport, IA.
                                                                          Robert J. Miller: Age: 32. Mem-     math club, - band. Ambition:                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Bobyn E. Maupin. daughter of
 the winners of the IAM's 1980 Scholarship competition.                ber: IAM Local 692, Vancouver,         Chemical engineering career. Col-                                                porter. Ambition: Major in chem-       Illinois . University at Edwards-       and become a lawyer. College:                  Sylvia D. Mangelsdorf, IAM          Terry Maupin, IAM Local 1183,
                                                                                                                                                         Kenneth L. Cukrowski. Age: 17.        istry or biology with view to be-      ville, JL.                              Western Washington University,                                                     Aberdeen, WA.
    IAM President William Winpisinger reports the 31 awards            B.C., Canada. Ambition:'Applied        lege: Massachusetts Institute of                                                                                                                                                                             Local 93, Rochester, NY.
                                                                                                                                                      Parent: Art. W. Cruz, IAM Local          coming doctor. College: Grinnell                                               Bellingham, WA.
 equal last year's record of being the largest number ever pre-        science and mechanical engineer-       Technology, Cambridge, MA:                                                                                                 Susan Riley. Age: 18. Parent:                                                       Cesar M. Escobar, IAM Local            Samuel B. McGeorge, son of
                                                                                                                                                      1186, Los Angeles, CA. School            College, Grinnell, IA.                                                                                                                                            Robert W. McGeorge, IAM Lo-
                                                                       ing. College: University of British                                            activities:  Class- valedictorian;                                              J. C. Riley, IAM Local 1948,                                                         510, Chicago, IL.
 sented in a single year in the history of the union's scholar-        Columbia.                                 Alexander J. Bass. Age: 18.                                                                                                                                     Brenda Williams. Age: 18. Par-                                                  cal 1046, Great Falls. MT.
 ship program. The program was established by delegates to                                                    Parent: Alexander J. Bass, Sr.,         cross-country; track, Bible School         Gail J. Lance. Age: 17. Parent:      Newport, AR. School activities:                                                        John A. Hester, IAM Local             Kathryn M. McNally, daugh-
                                                                                                                                                      teacher; Youth Grange leader.                                                   Active in Future Business Lead-         ent: Alvin V. Williams, IAM Lo-              330. Buffalo. NY.
 the 1960 IAM Convention.                                                 Larry A. Reichert. Age: 26.         IAM Local 1894, Idlewild, L.I.,                                                  James Lance, JAM Local 981,                                                                                                                                       ter of Eugene M. McNally, IAM
                                                                                                                                                    - Ambition: Physician.       College:                                             ers of America; Beta Club. Am-          cal 64, Clifton, NJ. Ambition:                                                     Local 1005, Portland, OR.
                                                                       Member: IAM Local 1338, Den-           NY. Ambition: Major in physics                                                   Wooster, OH. School activities:                                                                                               Kenneth J. Zufan, IAM Local
                                                                                                                                                      Pepperdine University, Malibu,                                                  bition: To become a lawyer. Col-        Enter communications field. Col-
    Charlie Crown, IAM Director of Eduction*, reports that             ver, CO. Occupation: Journeyman        and. become researcher. College:                                                 Football, wrestling, newspaper,                                                                                             1825, Cleveland, OH.                    Lesa J. Muder, daughter of
                                                                                                                                                      CA.                                                                             lege: Arkansas State University;        lege: Will apply to Syracuse and                                                   Everett K. Muder, IAM Local
 the IAM Scholarship Program is the largest in the trade               Machinist with Denver & Rio            Columbia University, NY, or an-                                                  National Honor Society, Future                                                                                                                                    1020, Salt Lake City, UT.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      AR.                                     N Y Universities, NY; and Rutgers               Dale I.. Kins, IAM Local 2202,
 union movement. During the nearly 20 years of its existence,          Grande RR, balcony machine             other Ivy League school or                                                       Teachers, yearbook, lead in play,                                                                                           .Seattle, WA.
                                                                                                                                                        Glen P." Dickson. Age: 17.                                                                                            University, NJ.                                                                      Earl V. Nathasingh, son of
                                                                       shop. Union experience: former         M.I.T.                                                                           church choir, counselor for out-
 it has helped hundreds of members and children of mem-                                                                                              Parent:. Philip W. Dickson, JAM           door education, president church          Eric R. Shinsato. Age: 18. Par-                                                     David I/. Perkins, IAM Local        George Nathasingh, IAM Local
 bers, who otherwise could not have afforded it, to complete           shop committeeman, trustee. Am-                                                                                                                                                                                                                     1315, Elkhart. IN.                    1186, Los Angeles. CA.
                                                                                                                  Robin Beers. Age: 18. Parent:      Local 2692, Los Angeles, CA.              youth group. Ambition: Career in       ent: Roy T. Shinsato, IAM Local            Jesse G. Wong. Age: 18. Par-
 their college educations.                                             bition: Major in geology, minor                                                                                                                                                                        e n t Paul Wong, IAM Local 751-                                                      Anna M. Nesmoe, daughter of
                                                                       in chemistry and engineering. Col-     William N . Beers, IAM Local           School activities: Talented High          chemical engineering. College:         912, Cincinnati, OH. School ac-                                                        CHILDREN OK MEMBERS                 Inez B. Nesmoe, IAM Local 751,
                                                                                                              2189, Middletown, NY, School           School Student, program; CA               The University of Akron, OH.           tivities: Play instruments in or-       C, Seattle, WA. School activities:                                                 Seattle, WA.
    The program is open to all members and high school                 lege: Metropolitan State College,                                                                                                                                                                      Many Sr. class activities including            Barbara M. Balocki, daughter
                                                                       Denver.                                activities: Vice-Pres., Thespian       Scholarship Federation (CSF);                                                    chestra and marching band; Na-                                                       of Rudolph J. Balocki, IAM Lo-          Albert B. Perez, son of A.
 seniors, who are children of members, with two years'                                                        Troup; among top ranking in se-        math association; bicycle club;               Judith C. MacDougall. Age: 19.     tional Honor Society; clubs—            legislator; prom committee; key              cal 1433, New Britain, CT.           Perez, IAM Local 964. Riverside,
 continuous good-standing membership in the union.                        lean Schroedel. Age: 28. Mem-       nior class. Ambition: Career in        CSF News and Math Field Day            •.Parent: A. Lloyd MacDougall, '          Latin, forensic, thespian, jass ed-     club and fund-raising. Ambition:                                                   CA.
                                                                                                              literature, journalism or science;                                                                                      ucators, and Junior League; tech-       Tp combine an engineering and                  Michaela Bambergr, daughter           Paula F. Pnente, daughter of
                                                                       ber: IAM Local 79, Seattle, WA.                                               Committees. Ambition:' Career in        /i JAM Local,863, Burlington, Ont,                                                                                            of Martin G-.' Bamberg. IAM Lo-
    There is no question that the need for funds to help               Occupation: Runs numerically           interested in becoming an Astro-       mathematics or the physical sci-        J Can. School activities: Theatre;       nical theatre; church. Ambition:        business career. College: Univer-            cal 1894, Idlewild, L.I., NY.        Rosalio G. Puente, IAM Local
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              sity of Washington, Seattle.                                                      755, Chula Vista, CA.
 workers and their children earn their diplomas is still there.        controlled lathe. Union experi-        naut. College: Stanford Univer-        ences: College: University of Cali-      7
                                                                                                                                                                                                Student Council; choir; yearbook;     Study     biomedical   engineering;
 This year, there were more than 1,200 applicants for the 31                                                  sity, Stanford, CA.                                                                                                     have career as engineer in medi-                                                       Theodore A. Black, son. of            Carmen M. Ban, daughter of
                                                                       ence: Former chief shop steward,                                              fornia, Los Angeles.                       youth group; job. Ambition: Ma-                                                                                            Charles A. Black, Jr.. IAM Lo-       Harold D. Rau, IAM Local 1357,
 scholarships.                                                         Kenworth Truck; served on civil                                                                                          jor in drama. College: Queen's        cal research lab. College:. Ohio           Michelle A. Wylie. Age: 17.               cal 104, Huntington, WVA.            Ajo, AZ.
                                                                                                                 Bradley W. Brock. Age: 17.            Ann Hager. Age: 17. Parent:                                                                                            Parent:.William A. Wylie, IAM
                                                                       rights and legislative committees.     Parent: Jesse M. Brock, IAM Lo-                                                   University, Kingston, Ont .           State University, Columbus. -                                                          Matthew W. Bowman, son of             Deborah L. Beed, daughter of
    This year's winners bring the total of IAM Scholarships            Ambition: • pre-law, political sci-                                          Albert F. Hager, IAM Local 49,                                                                                            Local 1751, Dorval, P.Q., Can.               Willard D. Bowman. IAM Local         James D. Reed, IAM Local 51,
                                                                                                              cal 681, Louisville, KY. School       Chicago, IL. School activities:              Carolyn E. Mashbum. Age: 18.            Raymond J. Shumovicb. Age:           School activities: Many sports in-                                                Pine Bluff, AR.
 presented to members and children of members to 300. To               ence. College: University of                                                                                                                                                                                                                        569, Louisville, KY.
                                                                                                              activities: High Q, Math League,      Performing arts, math and Span-            Parent: Alvin G. Mashbum, IAM          18. Parent: Edward J. Shumovich,        cluding skiing, tennis and skating;
 date, 70 members and 230 children of members have re-                 Washington, Seattle.                   chess team. Ambition: Mathema-                                                                                                                                                                                 David L. Broker, son. of David        William P. Bepasky, son of
                                                                                                                                                    ish clubs; National Honor Soci-            Local 709, Marietta, GA. School        IAM Local 52, Pittsburgh, PA.           jazz dancing; model Parliament.              Braker, Sr., IAM Local 873,          Anthony Repasky, IAM Local
 ceived financial assistance from the fund.                                                                   tician. College: California Insti-    ety; Quill & Scroll; school paper.         activities: 'Drafting club and re-     Ambition: Career in electrical en-      Ambition: Study commerce, busi-              Horicon, WX                          110, Meadville, PA.
                                                                          Robert O. Warren. Age: 25.
                                                                       Member: IAM Local 1650, River-         tute of Technology, Pasadena.         Ambition: Pre-law with major in            porter of same; church youth           gineering. College: Hopes for the       ness administration, possibly law.             David Xi. Bryant, son of H.           Gnillermo Bivera, son of Guil-
   A total of 171 have graduated; 109 are still studying o r                                                                                                                                                                          Massachusetts Institute of Tech-        College: Dalhousie University,               Lane Bryant, IAM Local 1690,         lermo Rivera, Sr., IAM Local
 will enter college this fall under the program. Only 20 have          side, MO. Occupation: Mainte-            Cynthia A. Carlson. Age: 18.        political science or business. Col-        choir; job at jewelers. Ambition:                                                                                                                                1376, Fitchburg, MA.
                                                                                                                                                    lege: DePaul University, Chicago.        . Career in mechanical engineering..     nology, Cambridge, MA.                  Halifax, Nova Scotia.                       Atlanta, GA.
 not been able to complete their educations for personal               nance worker, Breech Training          Parent: Paul E. Carlson, IAM Lo-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Donna F. Bndzinsky, daughter          Richard A. Schadt, son of
 reasons.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 of 'William Budzinsky. IAM Lo-       Andreas Schadt, IAM Local 1746,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          cal 2223, Winnipeg, Man., Can.        Southington, CT.
   The program is funded by voluntary donations from IAM                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Terry F. Byrne, son of. Dan          Benae S. Schierkolk, daugh-
Locals and Districts, State Councils, Ladies' Auxiliaries, and                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Byrne, IAM Local 831. Cedar          ter of William H. Schierkolk,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Rapids, IA.                           Jr., IAM Local 606, Denver, CO.
interested individual members. The International Union pro-                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Stephen D. Caron, son of Rob-        Karen E. Schneider, daughter
vides $6,000 a year to the fund and pays for all administra-                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              ert R. Caron. IAM Local 1518,         of James R. Schneider, IAM Lo-
tive costs.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Oakland, CA.                          cal 1905. New Orleans, LA.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Jennifer A. Carroll, daughter         Sharon Ii. Schmitz, daughter
  Financial awards under the program to winning members                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   of Michael Cacioppo. IAM Local        of Lewis L. Schmitz. IAM Lo-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          126, Chicago. IL.                     cal 802, Petersburg, VA.
are $2,000 for each year continuing until the member earns
a bachelor's degree, up to a limit of four years. Children of                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Lucy H. Carter, daughter of          Larry C. Scholle, son of Frank
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Robert E. Carter, IAM Local          C. Scholle, IAM Local 1886,
members receive $1,000 a year until they earn a bachelor's                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                1781, Burlingame, CA.                Denver, CO.
degree, also to a four year limit.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Carol C. Champagne, daughter         LuAnn Sgrecci, daughter of
   Winners are selected by an impartial panel of five Wash-
                                                                  JL                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      of Arthur M. Champagne, Jr.,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          IAM Local 46. Battle Creek. MI.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Louis Sgrecci, IAM Local 1765,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Montour Falls, NY.
ington, DC-area educators.                                         Joseph Andreshak                                                  Robin Beers                Bradley W. Brock               Cynthia A. Carlson              Theresa M. Carlson            Kenneth Cukrowski               Glen P. Dickson                 Philip J. Chmielewski, son of        Tamara A. Shoulta, daughter
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Ervin J. Chmielewski, IAM Lo-        of Richard R. Shoulta, IAM Lo-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          cal. 1862, Cudahy, WI.               cal 1294, Calvert City. KY.
  In addition to the winners, seven members and S3 children
of members were selected for Honorable Mention. If a win-                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Janet M. Dole, daughter of            Larry E. Slotylak, son of Ed-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Bruce A, Dole, IAM Local 66,         ward Slotylak, IAM Local 151,
ner does not accept the award, an alternate is selected from                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Milwaukee, WI.                       New Westminster, B.C., Can.
that list, which appears on the facing page.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Lisa A. Gelvin, daughter of           Janet K. Smith, daughter of
                                  *                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       James L,. Gelvin, IAM Local 81,      Otis Smith, IAM Local 1843,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Rock Island, IL.                     Klamath Falls. OR.
  Brief biographical sketches of the winners are at right.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Michael G. Smith, son of
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Dennis P. Gilbert, Jr., son of
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Dennis P. Gilbert. IAM Local         Lewis C. Smith, Jr., IAM Local
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          2249, Bay St. Louis. LA.             681. Louisville, KY.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Marianne K. Grant, daughter           Angela L. Smith, daughter of
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          of Leaon N. Grant. IAM Local         Andrew L. Smith. IAM Local
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          2003, Daleville. AL.                 1923, Longview, TX.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Cliff B. Hall, son. of Robert         Carol D. Szabo, daughter of
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          F. Hall, IAM Local 742, Ar-          George Szabo, IAM Local 1500,
                                                                        Ann Hager                   Evonne Hochhalter              Kim M. Keppler                 Gall J. Lance               Judith MacDougall              Carolyn E. Mashbum               Martin A. Merritt               Jeffrey J . Pool            gonne, IL.                           Richmond, B.C., Can.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Marlene M. Hall, daughter of          Dana M. Taliaferro, daughter
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          David Hall, IAM Local 950, St.       of Orvilk Taliaferro. IAM Local
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          John's, NFLD. Can.                   414, Borne, GA.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Kenneth L. Hamelin, son of            Sarah A. Wahtera, daughter
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Roger Hamelin, IAM Local 1726,       of Wayne V. Wahtera, IAM Lo-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          East Boston, MA.                     cal 1416, Owatoona. MN.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            John B. Horton, son of Ray-           Jeffery A. Wilson, son of Da-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          mond A. Horton, IAM Local 93,        vid H. Wilson, IAM Local 2508,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Rochester, NY.                       Orlando, FL.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Douglas M. Kit. son of Steve          Joey A. Zevnik, son of Miro
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Kit, IAM Local 2603, Winnipeg,       Zevnik, IAM Local 118, Montreal.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Man., Can.                           Que., Can.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Linda S. Kramer, daughter of          Mary J. Zwisle, daughter of
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Merlin Kramer, IAM Local 1197,       Albert J. Zwisle, TATVT Local
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Beloit. WI.                          734, Lock Haven, PA,
                                                                       Susan Riley                   Eric R. Shinsato          Raymond Shumovich                 Susan Toombs                                                   Brenda Williams                         G. Wong             Michelle A. Wylie
PAGE 8                  THE MACHINIST                     JUNE 1980                                                                                     PRIORITY ONE—ORGANIZE                          PRIORITY ONB—ORGANIZE                                                                                           JUNE 1980                     THE MACHINIST                         PAGE 9
                                         Those 'non-inflationary' executivesalaries
           At bargaining tables in virtually         ing the year. The highest roller was       of corporations who negotiate with the    Daniel McKeithan, Jr., Schlitz Brew-
        every industry in all parts of the           movie mogul Frank Rosenfelt, chief         IAM: T. A. Wilson, Boeing, $660,000;      ing, $225,000.
        country, a wave of patriotism is             executive officer at MGM who tallied       David Lewis, General Dynamics,               J. M. Henske, Olin Corp., $459,000;
        sweeping management negotiators. Al-         $5,063,000 in salary, bonus and long-      $688,000; Roy Anderson, Lockheed,         William Sneath, Union Carbide, $645,-
        ways there is a fervent cry for wage         term income. He was trailed by Raw-        $386,000; Harry Gray, United Tech-        000; Charles Thornton, Litton Indus-
        restraint by union negotiators. That         leigh Warner, Jr., chairman of Mobil       nologies, $804,000; Edward Carlson,       tries, $307,000; William May, Amer-
        patriotism quickly fades, however, in        Oil, who drew $4,313,000. Richard          United Air Lines, $467,000; Frank         ican Can, $674,000; Frank Considine,
        the board rooms of Corporate Amer-           Vieser, executive vice president at Mc-    Borman, Eastern Air Lines, $343,000;      National Can, $314,000; Reginald
        ica. That's clearly seen in the latest       Graw Edison, followed with an annual       and L. Edwin Smart, TWA, $246,000.        Jones, General Electric, $1,036,000;
        report on executive salaries in a recent-    compensation of $2,635,000. The low-                                                 R. E. Kirby, Westinghouse, $742,000;
                                                     est in the millionaires club—number 25       Archie McCardell, International Har-    Lee Morgan, Caterpillar Tractor,
        issue of Business Week magazine.             —was C. C. Garvin, Jr., chairman of        vester, $945,000; R. P. Gwinn, Sun-       $523,000; W. L. Wearly, Ingersoll-
                                                     Exxon, who made $1,078,000.                beam Corp., $292,000; John Platts,        Rand, $527,000; Thomas Barrow, Ken-
           During 1979, 25 execs made the mil-
        lionaires club, earning at least one mil-       Here's a rundown on the 1979 com-       Whirlpool Corp., $373,000; August         necott Copper, $1,203,000; George
        lion dollars in total compensation dur-      pensation of some of the t.op officers     Busch, Anheuser-Busch, $511,000;          Munroe, Phelps Dodge, $341,000.
                                            Wages, rule changes highlight new pact
     IAM members working on                 Joe R. Duncan, District 4 gen-    in the future."                        Complete information on Medi- safety agencies to end Conrail's
 Auto-Train recently signalled           eral chairman who led the nego-                                           care coverage is available from "people-be-damned maintenance
 approval of their new 36-month          tiations, reports: "The wage set-       Also instrumental in achieving any Railroad Retirement Board" cutbacks."
  p a c t , which                        tlement of 38.69% for all em-        the Auto-Train workers' second office. A new pamphlet available
  w a s achieved                         ployees produces $10.18 an hour      contract were local chairmen free from the same source is               * In letters to Conrail manage-
  after long                             for top rated workers, with com-     Wayne Marple, Local 2591, San- "Guide to Health Insurance for ment, Congress, and concerned
  m o n t h s of                         mensurate increases in all other     ford, FL, and Drew McColl,, Lo- People with -Medicare." It de- federal agencies, union officials
  n e g o t i a-                         categories. This represents a very   cal 2655, Lorton, VA.                scribes what Medicare covers, the pointed to several "near trage-
  tions. The rat-                        substantial increase over Auto-                                           kinds of private insurance sup- dies" involving derailments of
 ification vote                          Train's last offer of 27.79%            Medicare for railroaders — plements available and other use- freight trains, some carrying haz-
                                         which only produced $9.38. . . .     Workers who retire under Rail- ful facts.                              ardous materials. They demanded
  was 145 "yes"
  votes, 14 "no."                        We were also successful in reach-    road Retirement are covered by          New Conrail cars—Rail Ma- a crash program to revamp Con-
  The pact is                            ing improved rule changes,           the Federal Medicare program chinists working on Conrail will rail's cars to avert a major trag-
  retroactive t o                        which were badly needed to help      just as are retirees under Social be kept busy with a new order edy.
  May 1, 1979,                           transform Auto-Train into a fair,    Security.                            for 2,000 100-ton gondolas to be
                                         decent and equitable employer.                                                                                Completion date for work on
  a n d expires       Duncan                                                                                                               car
                                                                                 Railroad retirees and their fam- built at the Samuel ReaIAM shop the $60 million project is due by
  April 30, 1982.                           "I believe that under very ad-    ilies are also eligible for Medicare at Hollidaysburg, PA.        ma- the end of 1980. The new 52-
     The members comprise about          verse conditions the foregoing
                                                                              hospital and medical insurance. chinists •do. the bearings, the cars' foot long, open cars, will be used
  200 workers in nearly every rail       economic gains are a major ac-
                                                                              This coverage generally begins at air brakeaxles,-
                                                                                                                                            and the to serve the metals industry,
 shop category) B. B. Kidwell, di-       complishment. They will put us       age 65, but may begin earlier in                                       carrying semi-finished steel prod-
 recting general chairman for            on the right road to better things   the event of total, disability or.     Conrail upkeep hit—Railroad ucts and scrap metal. • - •
 IAM District 4, reports.                for all employees of Auto-Train      chronic kidney disease.              unions are calling on federal                               —S.E.

                                                      Championship racing's newest car all IAM-built
   The IAM is off to the races           carry the radiator's and exhaust     Randol, of Portland, OR. Use of      the accessory drive, which allows      IAM Locals and Districts and
 again.                                  air to a rear venturi area. Front    stock block power plants is a con-   the stock block to be inter-        individual members who would
                                         suspension will be conventional,     cept IAM President William Win-      changed for a turbo-Cosworth in     like to help get their union out
     The union is taking a bold          but the rear of the car will be      pisinger, a former auto mechanic,    any car already designed to ac-     front on the famous USAC rac-
' new step to focus international        carried on A-arms to ease the        has long encouraged. A number        cept the Cosworth.                  ing circuit can help by sending a
  attention on the skills of its 250,-   ducting of air from under the        of entrants in this year's Indy                                          donation in any amount to: "IAM
                                         chassis," Looper explained.          '500' are using the engines.            The new design and car's
  000 auto, truck, airline and rail-                                                                               power is expected to focus much     Race Car Program," c/o General
  road mechanics through its cham-                                              Randol is using Donovan alu-       attention during the 1980 United    Secretary-Treasurer Eugene Glov-
  pionship race car and mechanics'          In addition, the IAM's new
                                         race car will be powered by stock    minum blocks and Brodix alumi-       States Auto Club (USAC) racing      er, 709 Machinists' Bldg., Wash-
  award programs.                        block Chevrolet engines, which       num heads as the basis for his       season on the IAM and its racing    ington, DC 2003,6. You can use
                                         are being developed by Keith         engine. He and Looper designed       program.                            the handy coupon below.
    With the unanimous support
 of the IAM Executive Council
 and the union's automotive locals
 and State Automotive Councils,
 the IAM is bringing a first to the
 tracks this year:
   A completely all-American, all-
 union-made race car.
     The car, pictured at right, was
  built by Arizona Racing Associ-
  ates, Inc. (ARA), of Tucson,
  which is owned by Phil Threshie                                       / want to be part of the IA
  and Chuck Looper. Threshie is a
  respected championship race car
  driver. Looper is former chief
' mechanic for the Lindsay Hop-
  kins and Russ Polak champion-
  ship teams.
   All mechanics and other per-
 sonnel at ARA are IAM mem-
   The IAM's new race car's de-
sign is "evolutionary, rather than
revolutionary," Looper reports.
   "Aerodynamics is the major
concern in its design," Looper
adds. "Airflow will be utilized to
induce downforce wherever possi-
ble. Removable side pods will

PAGE 10                     THE MACHINIST                     JUNE 1980                                                                                      PRIORITY ONE—ORGANIZE
 ftiR. VRflUflSPORS!                                         Oversight hearings-"*, must"
    Just as Nero fiddled while Rome burned, Congress,           which they are furloughed. That's contrary to what the       committee.
 the Carter Administration, and the Department of             • act was supposed to provide.                                    Oversight hearings—As reported in the April issue of
 Labor, are oblivious to the inferno that is raging as             The Labor Department's response thus far—"you guys       THE MACHINIST, the IAM is pressing Congress for
 a result of airline deregulation (see Air Transport Con-       (labor and management), try to work this out"—form a        oversight hearings. The hearings are necessary not only
 ference report page 7). Compounding the problem, they                                                                      to prove that airline deregulation has not worked, but
 are also ignoring thousands of Iaid-off airline employees                                                                  also, the provisions that were supposed to protect work-
 whose jobs have been eliminated because of the infamous            Eastern jobs buck trend                                 ers, have been non-existent.
 act.                                                                                                                           Scheri suggests that IAM members write or contact
                                                                  Eastern Airlines is bucking the jobless trend in the
    IAM Airline Coordinator Bill Scheri, reports that the     air transport industry. Warren Baum, general chairman         their Congressmen and Senators, requesting their sup-
 labor protection amendment written into the deregula-         at IAM District 100, reports that Eastern has immedi-        port for a review of the entire anti-worker, airline de-
 tion bill has been completely ignored by the airline in-      ate job openings at its main base at Miami, FL. Vacan-       regulation act.
dustry and the agency charged with administering it,          cies include jobs for machinists, welders, industrial            Hawaiian pact—IAM members on Hawaiian Airlines
the U.S. Labor Department.                                    maintenance mechanics, industrial electricians and avi-       have ratified a new contract yielding significant gains
                                                              onics mechanics. All applicants should have at least          retroactive to July, 1979.
    "From the beginning," Scheri laments, "when the La-       four years of current experience in those jobs. Avionics
bor Department assigned the enforcement of labor pro-         mechanics should also have a first or second class FCC           The contract they won calls for hikes bringing wages
tection to the unemployment division rather than the          license.                                                      up to $15.17 and hour for mechanics and up to $11.75 •
employee protection division, that traditionally handled                                                                    for supply agents.
such laws, the case for workers.has been bungled, if not         Baum explains that the starting rate of pay is $10.50         In addition, mechanics and inspectors acquiring fed-
sabotaged."                                                   an hour, rising to more than $13 an hour. All jobs in-
                                                              clude the substantial benefit provided by the IAM con-        eral licenses will receive raises of up to 65 cents an hour
    Because of an unrealistic 7.5% "trigger" (the number      tract on Eastern and include worldwide travel privileges.     over the life of the agreement.
of workers that must be laid off in a 12 calendar month       Applicants must bear their own relocation costs to               IAM negotiating committee members were: Lou
period), not a single furloughed airline worker has bene-     Miami. Qualified applicants should write to: Eastern Air      Schroeder, President and General Chairman, IAM Dis-
fited from the labor protection amendment. The few            Lines, Department Maintenance, 4600 N.W. 36th Street,         trict 141, Charles Ng, Assistant General Chairman; Jack
airlines that are hiring have refused to hire Iaid-off        Miami, FL 33148.                                              Chun, Norman Matsuzaki, Gerald Liu and Pakaulani
workers without resignations from the companies from                                                                        Namahoe.—J.C.

                                                                                                                       Gates survives recession
                               A woman's work .
      HEAUDK                   can be dangerous                              While other general aviation
                                                                          or light aircraft manufacturers
                                                                                                               way to do this is in a corporate
                                                                                                               owned jet. This, of course, is no
                                                                                                                                                    45th, down eight from the pre-
                                                                                                                                                    vious year.
   Most of the discussion of         restaurants, packing plants, mu-     are sliding into the Carter re-      consolation to the workers who
dangers in the workplace re-         nitions factories, textile mills,    cession, Gates Learjet Corpora-      lose jobs in these plant reloca-       McDonnell Douglas was in
volves around the hazards in         farms, utility companies, steel                                           tions, but it is helping to make     54th place, nine spots higher than
                                     mills and machine shops.             tion is announcing plans to step                                          the previous listing. Lockheed
jobs that are worked, for the                                             up production.                       Gates recession-proof so far.
most part, by men. The side of          In addition to seeing the dan-                                                                              ranked 82nd, Northrop was?
the safety and health story that     gers women face during their            Right now Gates has a $1 bil-        Gates believes this will con-     204th, Grumman was 216th,
iz not often seen is the one that    workday, the film contains inter-    lion backlog of orders and will      tinue. It is scheduling a further    Cessna was 301st, Fairchild was
considers the very real dangers      views with some women who            increase its production from nine    production increase to reach 15      354th and Beech Aircraft was
faced by women in the workplace.                                          to ten aircraft a month.             aircraft per month by 1982.          396th.
                                     have suffered injury or other
                                     harmful health effects from their       Meanwhile Beech, Cessna and          Exporting technology — The           NASA continues SST studies
   There are 43 million women        jobs.
working in the United States and                                          Piper are laying off IAM-repre-      chicken of technology sent           —Despite the slashing of the Na-
not all of them are in jobs that        We see a woman who. worked        sented workers and other em-         abroad has come home from            tional Aeronautics and Space Ad-
we associate with the old-fash-      with asbestos in the air for 29      ployees. Generally, the light air-   China to roost at Boeing's door.     ministration budget, NASA will
ioned idea of "women's work."        years without ever having heard      craft industry is in a recession     Now comes word that the Chi-         continue to subsidize technology
These would include nursing,         about the dangers from the com-      because of President Carter's        nese are building their own 707      studies of advanced supersonic
secretarial and white collar ad-     pany . . . We see a woman who        high interest rates and the high     and calling it the Y10. This re-     transport (SST) concepts. Com-
ministrative jobs, bank work,        caught her hand in a machine at      cost of fuel because of petroleum    port caused a tongue-in-cheek        panies holding NASA contracts
sales positions, etc.                work and, because of the exces-      price deregulation.                  comment from Albert E. Wydick,       are Boeing, Lockheed and Mc-
                                     sive noise of the factory, had to       The General Aviation Manu-        directing rep of IAM District        Donnel Douglas. The companies
   Today, women work as tele-        wait a long while to attract any-                                         751 in Seattle, WA. "Y10 is a        are updating designs that have
phone linesman (or, more cor-                                             facturers Association is predict-    good name for that plane. It         grown out of previous studies.
                                     one's attention to help her . . .    ing the worst year since 1975.
rectly, lineswomen), coal miners,    We see telephone operators timed                                          prompts me to ask, why t(h)en
construction engineers, chemists,    when they go to the bathroom—          But as of now that prediction      can we not stop this violation of       The Boeing concept involves a
and-even astronauts.                 a job pressure that must affect      does not cover Gates Learjet.        U.S. export control laws which       blended body and a delta wing,
                                     those workers' health.                                                    limit the U.S. sale to a potential   with a capacity of 270 passen-
   Each of their jobs has a possi-                                           Most experts say it is because                                         gers and a proposed cruise speed
bility of injury and dangers to                                                                                foreign market?"
                                        The film shows why the best       Gates builds only business jets.                                          of 2.4 times that of sound (mach
health. In the last Safety &         way to obtain a safe working         And more and more companies            Thus far nobody from the gov-      2.4). Lockheed is studying a,
Health column there was a dis-       place for the working women is       are being forced to buy such jets.   ernment or from Boeing has been      290-passenger arrow wing con-
                                     through union membership. And        First, since airline deregulation,   able or willing to answer that       figuration at mach 2.5 and Mc-
                                     the tragic thing, the film points    companies are slashing service       question.                            Donnell Douglas is working on
                                     out, is that only one in seven of    and cutting routes all across the                                         plans for a similar configuration
                                     America's working women do be-       nation.                                 Fortune rating—Boeing, off a      to seat up to 300 passengers fly-
                                     long to a labor union that can                                            record performance last year, was    ing at mach 2.2.
                                     represent them in obtaining a          There are more than 14,000         first among aerospace companies
                                     safe place to work.                  locations in the United States       in Fortune Magazine's listing of        And, according to a Congres-
                                                                          where airplanes can land. Com-       the 500 largest industrial firms.    sional study released last month,
                                        "Working for Your Life" is        mercial airlines now land at only    Boeing is now in the 29th spot,      there is a real possibility that
                                     available from LOPH Films,           350 of them.                         up 11 from the 1979 listing, with    U.S. made SSTs could be flying
                                     Transit Media, 779 Susquehanna                                            1979 sales totaling more than        by the year 2000. The Congres-
cussion of how VDTs (video dis-      Ave.; Franklin Lakes, NJ 07417.        Also, many companies have          $8.1 billion.                        sional Office of Technology
play terminals or Cathode Ray        Rental charge for the 57-minute,     been scattering their plants                                              (OTA) predicts a market of about
Tubes) might cause cataracts and     color 16mm. film is $65 for any      around the countryside and cor-        The second aerospace com-          400 such aircraft worth about
other eye problems among airline     interested IAM local or district.    porate leaders have to get out       pany on the 500 list was Rock-       $50 billion in 1979 dollars.—
reservation clerks, newspaper re-                                         and visit those plants. The best     well International which ranked      P.J.Z.
                                        Safety saves $80 billion — The
porters and others.                  benefits of health and safety laws
   That was just one example of      far outweigh the economic costs,
dangers to workers including         according to a recent study by
women. A recent film, "Working       Ralph Nader's Corporate Ac-
for Your Life" examines some of      countability Research Group.
the many other dangers that af-         More than $80 billion is saved
fect working women.                  in lives and reductions in dis-
  Among sponsors of the film         ability benefits because of safety
was the IAM and 13 other inter-      improvements, not to speak of
national unions. The filmmakers      an estimated 100,000 lives saved
worked through the auspices of       since 1966 by auto safety laws
the University of California's La-   alone.
bor Occupational Health Pro-            One ironic finding of the study
gram, where they are employed.       was that OSHA, currently under
  The film depicts die dangers       severe attack by Corporate Amer-
in a broad spectrum of work          ica and the sponsors of the
categories that involve women.       Schweiker apendment, saved
                                     about 350 lives per year, well
  We see scenes of women work-       worth OSHA's annual budget of
ing during a regular workday in      less than $200 million.—D.B.D.                                             Boeing Artist Sketch of SST

PRIORITY ONE—ORGANIZE                                                                                          JUNE 1980                  THE MACHINIST                     PAGE 11
                               Prevent overspending through money management
                                                                    By Mrs. Esther Margolius
                                                                               I A M Consumer Expert
                                                                                                                                                                  Outdoor water toy
                                                                                                                                                                    More than 100,000 outdoor
                                                                                                              "general" account. Each payday, you de-             "Fun Fountain" water toys
     Families with money problems can do             is a frequent cause of small and sometimes                                                                   may cause serious eye injuries
  much to help themselves as can families           large crises.                                             posit proportionate amounts allotted by the
                                                                                                              monthly spending plan for periodic expenses,        to children. A free correction
. who want to get ahead and save, if they              You may have to do some approximating                                                                      program is being conducted
  review their spending.                            until you know your actual expenses. Include              such as housing, furnishings, insurance, auto,
                                                                                                              clothing and gifts. You can then draw from          voluntarily by the Wham:O Mfg.
                                                    in the appropriate expense categories pay-                this account when the anticipated expenses          Co. of San Gabriel, GA.
     Scrutinizing all your spending is the heart
  of managing money in these inflationary                                                                     come due. Meanwhile, these "set-asides"
                                                                                                              earn interest and also guard you against late          The toy consists of a clown
  times.                                                                                                                                                          hat and head which attach to the
                                                                                                              penalties or charge account fees often neces-
    The most successful spending plan is one          QOUOLCUT                                                sary if you do not anticipate these "needs.         end of a garden hose; the hat
                                                         FOOD BILLS.                                                                                              rises in. the air as water flows
 tailored to your own needs, not based on an          IFWU PIAN MEMS                                                                                              through the clown's head. The
 "average" or "typical" budget. No plan will          ABOUND WHAT'S
                                                                                                                  It is also wise to have a second separate
                                                      CURRENTLY SEASONAL                                       bank account for medical-care allotments. It       stream of water could cause
 be truly satisfying unless it reflects your own      AND REASONABLE
                                                                                                                                                                  serious eye injuries to children
 tastes, goals, size of family and life-style.        CHECK STOREADS,                                          too, will accumulate and earn interest until
                                                       THEN PLAN FAMILY
                                                       MENUS SEVERAL DAMS
                                                                                                               needed, or if not can be transferred to other      who peer into the water outlet.
     Even if you keep records for only a short         IN ADVANCE ON THE                                       family goals.
 time period, you will be able to see what you
                                                       BASIS OF THE SPECIALS                                                                                      Since June, 1979, a six-year-
                                                                                                                  Or you can have other accounts, for ex- old boy and a seven-year-old boy
 are spending. Comparisons with last month                                                                     ample one labeled for "education," "home have suffered eye injuries when
  •>r the same month last year, etc., can reveal                                                               improvement," "retirement" or whatever long struck at close distance by the
   eaks and unplanned spending and signal'                              Thanks to IX.GWU                       range allotments the family mutually has de- water stream.
 where you may want to cut back.                                                                               cided to set aside.
     Q List (and pool) your income           In-                                                                                                                 The toys have been sold na-
                                                    check deductions such as for health and life                  Some families find it convenient to use tionwide in toy stores and vari-
 dude any earnings on.savings but not tem-                                                                     budget envelopes for. allotments for weekly ety stores for approximately $10.
 porary income, such as overtime.                   insurance, and installment payments for car,
                                                    or home furnishings.                                       needs, but only as a supplement to special Model number 237 is printed on
     Then estimate your monthly after-tax in-                                                                  bank accounts. This system need not be rigid. the toy's package.
                                                       @ Review your spending          This is the             One could borrow judiciously from one en-
 come. If paid weekly, multiply the weekly          time to have a family discussion, including
 after-tax amount by 4VS; if biweekly by                                                                      velope to supplement another if expenses go        Parents should go to their re-
                                                    the older children, for two purposes: to                   over in some category one week, and then tailer to receive a free valve in-
 2 1/6. Include all your pay except tax with-       see which expenses can be reduced for the
 holdings, even pay' withheld for insurance,                                                                  catch up in succeeding weeks.                   sert for the toy to control the
                                                    sake of long-range goals and to discuss which
 retirement fund, or other deductions.              really are the family's main goals. A success-                                                            water flow. They also may re-
                                                                                                                 And you should provide moderate allow- ceive the insert by contacting
    g) Estimate your monthly expenses               ful money plan usually does not result from                ances for each member, to be spent for per- Wham-O, Customer Service De-
 A monthly estimate is preferable to a week-        finding one big leak, except perhaps in the                sonal wants and needs without detailed ac- partment 7, 835 East El Monte
 ly since many expenses are paid monthly,           case of severe personal problems, such as                 counting.                                       Street, San Gabriel, CA 91778;
 and even some weekly spending as for food,        compulsive gambling or drinking.                                                                           toll-free telephone, 800-423-4171
 fluctuates. Be sure to include all your ex-           @ Make a mutual spending plan                             A recent survey found that in the ma- (in California, call collect at (213)
 penses. Most people consider only the most        Your plan should include allotments for sav-               jority of families, wives assume responsibility 287-9681).
 prominent items such as housing, food'and         ing toward long-range goals. Differences in                for food spending and also for most of the
 car expenses. Underestimating basic expenses      desired goals especially occur among younger               family clothing. Husbands usually decide           AH "Fun Fountain" toys man-
 such as medical care often leads families into                                                               about cars. Couples usually share decisions ufactured since December,. 1979,
                                                    couples, but need not become a problem un-                about life insurance, savings, household
 overcommjtting themselves for large pur-
                                                   less more serious difficulties are present.                equipment, vacations, recreation and chil- are equipped with water flow
                                                       @ Arrange a money-handling system                      dren's education.                               control valves. These new edi-
   Also make sure to include one-twelfth of              One procedure some families use is                                                                   tions can be identified by a blue
 the expenses you pay annually. Failing to         based on special bank accounts for specific                   What is important is that any major buy- hose connector (instead of a red
 plan for such annual or occasional costs as       purposes. For other than day-to-day needs,                 ing commitment first be discussed and connector) at the base of the
 car license fees, insurance, and property taxes   you can have a specific bank account labeled               mutually agreed upon.                           clown head. "Important Notice"
                                                                                                                                                              and "Safety Check List" also are
                                                                                                                                                              printed on the new toy cartons.
                                                                                                                                                                 55,000 night lights recalled
                                                                                                                                                                   Approximately 55,000 plastic
                       Auto Accidents: The Passenger Can't Always Sue                                                                                            night lights that may pose a
      A woman in South Carolina       owner or driver for injury in an             dren can't sue parents. The idea       sonably related to either one of       shock hazard to consumers, are
. accepted a ride to work with a      accident unless that person was              is that if there is insurance, two     them. The "preservation of hos-        being recalled by their importer,
                                      guilty of more than just negli-              people, who would ordinarily be        pitality" function is no longer        Danara International. Ltd., of
  friend one day but was soon                                                                                                                                    South Hackensack, NJ.
  rorry. The friend didn't pay        gence in causing it. There has to            too friendly to sue each other,        served by the statute under mod-
  enough attention to avoid an ac-    be "gross negligence"—meaning                will secretly team up to allow a       ern conditions, the court said.
                                      a "heedless or reckless disregard            big recovery in court and then                                                   The night lights were manu-
  cident, and the passenger landed                                                                                                                               factured in a square shape with a
  in the hospital. She was sorrier    for the rights of others"—before             split the insurance money.
                                      there can be a lawsuit by a                                                                                                white plastic cover depicting pop-
  still when she found out that the                                                   But in modern times, when                                                  ular cartoon and nursery-rhyme
  driver's insurance company didn't   "guest."                                                                                                                   characters. The cover can be ro-
                                                                                   virtually all drivers have liability
 want to pay the hospital bills.          This is a typical "guest stat-           insurance, this reasoning makes                                               tated so that the picture can be
                                       ute." The traditional "common               less sense, the woman's lawyer                                                turned to an upright position
   In fact, the company said, it       law" says that a driver had to              argued. In recent years at least                                              regardless of how the light is
would not do any good even to          use "reasonable care" to avoid              nine state supreme courts have                                                plugged into an electrical outlet.
bring a lawsuit, because the state     injuring a "guest." That means              held their state's guest statutes
had a law saying the driver, and       being liable in a lawsuit if you            unconstitutional.                       Generous drivers don't really fear        Some of the lights were man-
therefore her insurance company,       are guilty of even "simple negli-                                                   getting wiped out by a lawsuit as      u f a c t u r e d w i t h insufficient
did not have to pay. And they          gence." The South Carolina leg- South Carolina case                                most carry adequate insurance.          amounts of glue, permitting the
were right. In this case, however,     islature changed that in 1930 by      When the case was decided                                                            front cover to detach from the
                                                                                                                             As for "collusion," it might be     light" assembly and thereby ex-
                                       enacting the guest statute.         and appealed, the South Carolina               that the guest statute does pre-
                                                                           Supreme Court felt the same way.                                                       posing the interior electrical wir-
                                          Between 1927 and 1939 many It said that the statute violates                    vent a few fraudulent lawsuits.         ing.
                                       states adopted these guest statutes the "Equal Protection Clause" of               However, it prevents far more
                                       to change the "common law." the U.S. Constitution. The court                       than those few when it bars all            The recalled lights bear the
                                       Apparently the reasons were two- explained that the guest statute                  valid claims by perfectly honest       following inscription embossed
                                      fold. One was to protect gener- divided people into two classes                     accident victims. Thus its "over-      on the orange plastic backing:
                                      ous host drivers from lawsuits by and let one come into court but                   broad" method of achieving the         "Danara International, Ltd., V4
                                      ungrateful guests. This has the not the other. The class that it                    valid goal is so unreasonable that     watt, 11.5 volts."
                                      good "public policy" effect of en- discriminates is non-paying guests               it can't be constitutional. The fact
                                      couraging people to double up in of careless drivers. The other                     that so many other state supreme          An estimated 46,000 of the
                                      cars, and avoid the overcrowding class is all other people who get                  courts have found it unconstitu-       lights have been sold nationwide
the victim got a lawyer who de-                                                                                           tional is a strong indication that     since March, 1978 by Sears, Roe-
cided it was time to challenge        of the roads with cars and the re- injured in car accidents.
                                      sulting waste of fuel.                                                              the guest statute really was not a     buck and Co. for $1.50 each,
that law.                                                                                                                 reasonable method of serving the       picture of Winnie the Pooh and
                                                                             For a statute to discriminate
Guest Statute                             The other was to avoid "collu- between two classes of people                    public interest.                       Tigger. The remaining 9,000
                                      sion" in the bringing of lawsuits. and not be unconstitutional it has                                                      lights feature other characters
   The law that this unlucky pas-     This is a reason that has -been to be doing it for a reasonable                        The important thing for uneasy      and were sold in a variety of re-
senger ran up against was called      given over the centuries for all purpose.                                           riders to remember is that even        tail outlets for approximately the ~    ~
the "guest statute." A statute is a   kinds of legal rules that limit                                                     if your state does still have a        same price.
written law passed by the legisla-    people's rights to bring lawsuits.     The court looked , at the two                "guest statute," all is not lost if
ture, and this one said that a        These include rules that a hus- traditional purposes, of guest stat-                you have an accident: it's a law          Consumers should return the
non-paying passenger in a motor       band or wife can't sue their utes and found that in modern                          that the courts might be ready to      lights to the place of purchase
vehicle has no right to sue .the      spouse for injuries and that chil- times this kind of law isn't rea-                throw out.                       -     for a full cash refund.

PAGE 12                   THE MACHINIST                      JUNE 1980                                                                                                  PRldWTV ONi—ORGANIZE '
                                        Polish Doughnuts                                                               dates to remember
   Mrs. Angie Madey has sent us      are interested in obtaining Polish                                                from the IAM calendar
her recipe for Paczki, -Polish       recipes you should write to Polish              6—D-Day, Allies invaded                  June 23—Taft-Hartley Act, 1947
doughnuts, along with an address     Publications, 4935 Abbott Ave.          June
for Polish Heirloom Recipes for                                                        Normandy, 1944
                                     N., Brooklyn Center, MN 55429                                                            June 25—Fair Labor Standards Act,
Mrs. Marilyn Adyniec. If you         for information.                        June   14—Flag Day                                       1938
                                                   Paczki                              First Canadian Parliament,
                                                                                       1841                                   June 28—lAM's Matthew Maguire,
                                       - 3 cups floor                                                                                 founder of Labor Day, 1850
   Kitty Calipers'                      2 yeast cakes                        June   15—Father's Day
                                       10 egg yolks                                                                                  POLITICAL CALENDAR
   latest patterns                     % tep. salt                           June   16—Watergate break-in, 1972
                                                                                                                              June    3—Presidential primaries in
                                       V2. cup melted butter                 June   19—Stanley E. Jensen, IAM
                                       V2. cup sugar                                   Vice President, 1922                             California, Mississippi,
                                        1 tsp. vanilla                                                                                  Montana, New Jersey,
                                       V2. tsp. almond flavoring             June   21—First day of summer                              New Mexico, Ohio,
                                       % cup milk                                      U.S. Constitution ratified,                      So. Dakota, and
                                        Scald milk. Add half cup Sour                  1788                                             W. Virginia
                                     to the milk while it is hot, stirring             Merle E. Pryor, Jr., IAM               June 10—Presidential primaries in                  G
                                     until smooth. Cool until luke-
                                     warm. Crumble yeast into the
                                                                                       Vice President, 1931                           So. Carolina and Virginia.                 1
                                     cooled mixture and mix thor-                                                                                                                    a
                                     oughly. Let rise until double in                                                                                                                a
                                     bulk. Add salt to egg yolks and                                                         Scrapbooh                                               a
                                     beat until thick and lemon color-
                                     ed. Add beaten eggs, sugar, flour,                                       An Ode to the IAM                                                  i
                                     flavoring and melted butter to                                                  By Paul Karrer                                              a
                                     the yeast mixture and knead                                                  Trustee, IAM Local 70                                          a
                                     thoroughly. Let rise until double                                                Ft. Wayne, IN                                              3
                                     in bulk.- Punch down and let                                                                                                                a
                                     rise again. Place dough on lightly      In the beginning                                     With a restless young society
                                     floured board, stretch toward you       stood prehistoric man.                               moaning as never before,
                                     and fill with your, favorite mar-       Working together                                     and skilled trades people
                                     malade. The filling must be thick.      meant to survive.                                    trying to protect their own.
                                     Fold over and cut with small            The cunning and strong                               Some of history's leaders
                                     glass into balls. Place on lightly      would lead the way.                                  were seeing the score.
                                     floured board and let rise about        Then, to take advantage of his brothers              Honest Abe Lincoln's
                                     30 minutes. Fry in deep hot fat,        seemed a most profitable way.                        Emancipation Proclamation
                                     turning only once. Drain on ab-         "Make them work in servitude",                       would bolster labor's momentum more.
                                     sorbent "paper. Sprinkle with           the motto called.                                    The Union movement
                                     vanilla flavored powdered sugar         Across Asia slavery's value grew.                    well into its birth,
                                     or a mixture of granulated sugar        Let them work for nil.                               with men like
                                                                                                                                  Samuel Compers and Matthew Maguire
                                     and cinnamon.                           Written records began to stay,                       stretched its young legs
                                                                             with peasants whining,                               across our nation's valleys and plains.
                                                 Danish Kringles             "We want a decent workday                            The fight to keep poverty "
                                        Here's another tasty pastry.         with fair pay."                                      was going astray
                                                                             Their lords would say,                               Let them work for nil.
                                     This is for Danish Kringles.            "Work for someone else
           916O                           1 cup sugar                        if you do not want                                   The twentieth century
           8—2O                           1 cup rich sour cream              what we offer here."                                 came thundering in,
                                         3 cups cake flour                   Poverty for many stretched                           with many problems unchanged.
9410—Give a boost to your                 1 tsp. salt                        over Europe's lands.                                 The yellow dog contract
wardrobe ' with easy sun tunic           1 tsp. cinnamon                     The peasants were padding                            was well into play.
and yoked shirt. Printed Pat-           3
                                          /4 tsp. soda                       their landlord's till.                               The Company's store
tern, Misses Sizes 8-18; Half             1 ounce chocolate                  Let them work for nil.                               owned employees as well.
Sizes 10!<i-20V£. Sew and save!                                                                                                   Union recognition was slowly crawling.
                                        Dissolve sugar in sour cream.        Then industry's gate was opened wide.                The gloominess of long hours
9160—So simple, sash gathers in                                              Across the ocean,                                    and sweat shops remained.
softness beneath yoke. Printed       Sift flour, salt, cinnamon and soda     a promising new land.
                                     together. Combine with the                                                                   Into jail with loss of job
Pattern, Misses Sizes 8-20. Size                                             The poor man fought                                  and pride many did go.
12 (bust 34) takes 2Y2 yds. 60       cream and sugar. If chocolate is        and clawed his way.                                  Pressures and strife
inch.                                used, melt and add last. Drop by        The rich man came,                                   would follow their trail.
                                     half-teaspoonfuls on a greased          bought and brought his slaves.                       Let them work for nil.
   For LAM families, patterns are    cookie sheet and bake at 350° for       The new continent became
offered at a special discount rate   about 20 minutes.                       the wealthy's haven.                                 Some of government's fair laws
of $1.00 each. Add 500 for first-                                            let them work for nil.                               came through the mist and the gray.
class. Send orders to: IAM Pat-         Recipes wanted: The following                                                             The Unity movement
tern Dept., 232 W. 18th St.,         recipes were requested last month:      A new breed of man                                   becoming more bold,
New York, NY 10011. Please           Orange Gia, White Chocolate             came to the helm.                                    pressed harder for labor's liberation.
print clearly. Be sure to use your                                           Seeing young children                                It proved people could work
                                     Cake, Dill Bread, Cake made             work in the mills
zip.                                 with yeast, Candied Grapefruit.                                                              without domination.
                                                                             and the mines                                        With a slight gust of freedom,
                                                                             from early morning J?                                it drifted into legislation's arena.
                                                                             to the dark of night, j c |                          We need the IAM Union, today,
DENNIS AT HIS BEST                                                           with education far    {£)£                           as much as before, maybe more.
                                                                             from their reach.                                    Through the scope of the future,
                                                                             He felt the need to guide.                           we must remain strong.
                                                                             To see people locked in the shops                    There are men who wait,
                                                                             for twelve hour days.                                would halt labor's goals.
                                                                             This was not in Cod's design.                        They clamor and call,
                                                                             Let them work for nil.                               "Let them work for nil."            ^ ^ S

                                                                                                                                 Step by step to a
                                                                                                                                 home-built jogger
                                                                                                                                    The jogging craze has hit all parts of this
                                                                                                                                 country, but even the most dedicated jogger
                                                                                                                                 finds it a rough go when it comes to trotting
                                                                                                                                 around the block in hot, muggy weather. For
                                                                                                                                 an idea that defeats unhospitable climes and
                                                                                                                                 allows you to jog in the comfort of your own
                                                                                                                                 home—build the indoor jogger pictured at left.
                                                                                                                                    Photos come with the pattern to show you
                                                                                                                                 step-by-step stages of construction. Just trace
                                                                                                                                 the pattern parts onto wood, saw out and as-
                                                                                                                                 semble. The cost is a fraction of what a ready-
                                                                                                                                 made jogger would cost.
                                                                                                                                    To obtain the full-size Jogger, pattern
                                                                                                                                 #474, send $2.50 by check or money order to
                                                                                                                                 Steve Ellingson, c/o: Machinist Pattern Dept.,
                                                                                                                                 P.O. Box 2383, Van Nuys, CA 91409.
PRIORITY ONE—ORGANIZE                                                                                         JUNE 1980               THE MACHINIST                        PAGE 13
                                                                                                                                                            Soles for submitting notices

                                                                                                                                                                                                   Wlth   t h e ma
                                              1930 MODEL A 4-dr. (Murray) sedan. "BATTERY AND THE Boiler," by
                                                 Good orig. interior. Model B engine         Ballantyne; "Happy Jack," by Bur-
   1976 BUICK chassis service manual, all        w/rare optional police head. Solid           gess; "Daisy Thorton," also "Dark-                     • Any U I member can list
     series, exc. cond. $10 ppd. N. Montig-      body, strong engine, $5,000. Leonard         ness and Daylight," both by Mary
     lio, Local 1987, 33 Leonard St.. Hunt-      Perry, Local 1842. 317 Elk St., Frank-       J. Holmes. Make offer plus postage.                tools or ol                             • We publish notices in the
     ington Sta., 1*1., NT 11746.                lin, PA 16323. Call (814) 432-4533.          Leo Johnson, Local 1510, Rt. 1, Box
   CHEV. MONTE CARLO, 1974 Landau CHILTON'S AUTO repair manual for
                                                                                             61, Dolgeville, NY 13329.                           erty, Notici
     auto., air., PS, PB, AM/FM stereo
     w/8 trc!k, $1200. K. G. Austin. Local       all American made cars for the years MOTOR AUTO repair manual, years                            cepted for         f
                                                 of 1971 to 1978. Very good cond. $10         1935-1953. Best offer SASE. Paul                                                         ter the next, you must resub-
     1056, PO Box 501, Bronx, NY 10473.          plus postage. Edward H. Keenan,              Riedl, Local 1129, 2806 S. Lawndale               services, genealogies, side
  1959 EDSEL 2-dr. hardtop, automatic,
                                                 Local 126. 12600 Alpine Dr.. Alsip, IL
                                                                                              Ave., Chicago, IL 60623.                                                                  " *
                                                                                                                                                                                       " «
                                                                                                                                                jmes, or firearms and ammuni- appear. » you still want it to
     nice interior. Needs little body re-                                                 1861 WEBSTER dictionary. Estimated                    «on. Advertising cannot be
     pair. Call 314/755-8772. Robert R. AUTO MANUALS, motors: 1952 (35- worth $1,000 despite some damaged
     Roberts, Local 777, R. 2, Box 89A, 52); 1955 (40-55); 1957 (49-57); 1959
     Williamsville, MO 63967.
                                                                                             front pages. Offers to James R.
                                                                                              Smith, Local 1202, 951 Sard Ave.,
                                                                                                                                                accepted from anyone.                  • Address all notices to-
                                                  (52-59); 1963 (53-63). Chiltons: 1971
                                                  (64-71); Glenn's: 1967 (57-67). $18.        Aurora, IL 60506.
' 1975 JAYCO CAMPER fold-down trail-             ea., ppd. A. Winters, Local 1470, 138
     er. Sleeps 6. Heater, stainless sink,       Queens Ave., Floral Park, NY 11003. SNOW LOVERS, new books on ex-
     ice box, butcher block table, many                                                       tremely heavy snow, 8 ft. on level,
     extras. $1200, or best offer. J. Krown,                                                 30 ft. in season, 64 beautiful photo-
                                                 GOODYEAR 7:00-15LT load range
     Local 126, 5037 N. Marmora, Chicago, 4 mud/snow tires w/tubes on % D             ton graphs. Send $10.41 to M. Macierow-
     1L 60630. Call 312/286-0527.                Ford pickup. Used 1 mo. T. Monk-             ski. Local 761, Rt. 177, Barnes Corn-
                                                 man, Local 746. 4824 Saratoga, Down-         er, NY 13610.
  1966 MUSTANG convertible 28-auto.              ers Grove, IL 60515. Call (312) 964-
     Restored 3 yrs. ago. Red w/new              2272.                                    MACHINERY'S HANDBOOK, Indus-
     white top. Needs a little work. $3,000.                                                  trial Press, '78, like new, $12. Others
     Arthur Buller, Local 701, 321 S. 13th    1964 CHRYSLER "300K" ram, induc-                for machinists, inventors, engineers.
     St., St. Charles, IL 60174. Call 312/       tion 413CID eng. 2-4 BBL carbs. Eng.         College texts. H. Stowell, Local 331.
     584-3980.                                   & trans, perfect. Needs body work            318 Cornell SE, Albuquerque. NM
                                                 from rust. 86,000 mi. $1,500 firm. Call     87106.
  ANTIQUE 1947 Crosley, good motor, no           (513) 746-7050. G. Reed. Local 2535,
     rust, needs paint. Dick Frazier. Lo-        1102 S. Main St., Franklin, OH 45005.
     cal 1752, 514 Locust, Elgin, IL 6012O.                                                                                                       For Sale—Miscellaneous                        For sate—Raal Estate
     Call 312/695-5856.
  1975 BODGE van camper, 29,000 mi.                                                                                                     1941 CHRIS-CRAFT 17%' special run-
     Fully equipped plus A-l shape. Full                                                                                                   about, 95 hp, 6 cyl., K-model Chris- ALMOST 5 ACRES, level, partly wood-
                                                                                          100ft MIXED WHEAT cents, $33 ppd. Craft inboard eng.. $1200. For more                         ed, fantastic view in 3 directions.
     info on request. Win. Thomas, Local                                                     Anthony C. Riess, Local 777. 10916 info, write Richard O'Donnell, Local                    $5,600 per acre. Mike Fitzpatrick.
     168, 207 S. B St., Livingston, MT "EROS," (c) 1962, 4 volumes. Sixties                  Tesson Ferry, St. Louis, MO 63123.            2333 Prospect, New Holstein, WI              Local 130, 4200 84th NE, #7B, Marys-
     59047.                                      sensation! $250 ppd. Frank W. Heim,                                                       53061.                                       vine, WA 98270.
                                                 Local 1987, 16 W. Florida Ave., Copi- NICKELS V.G. & better, 2 1955p & 1
  1940 FORD Convertible, body exc. New ague, NY 11726.                                       1950p for 500: S.A.E. limit pis. Other C. B. RADIO sonar F.S. 2340. 40 chan- FIVE-RM. HOUSE, 5 lots, paved road,
     paint, running boards, bumpers. 350                                                     prices for Mercs, Wash, Liberty               nel w/stock mike. Call A. L. Kar- 2 mi. from Florida line, well, cen-
     Chev. eng., turbo trans., needs top- ABBOT, "NOTABLE WOMEN in His- nickels. Walter J. Finn. 120 Cath-                                 daras, (no collect). Local 48, 312/ tral heat, fireplaces, pecan trees.
     upholstery. K. Black, Local 709. Gen. tory," $6; Guthrie, "The Way West,"               erine St., E. Northport, NY 11731.            743-1078. 6433 N. Ridge Blvd.. Chi-          $25,000. J.H. Moore, Local 625, 2721
     Del., Adairsville. GA 30103. Call 404/ $6; Sanderson, "Animal Treasure,"                                                              cago, IL 60626.                              Oberlin Dr., Durham, NC 27705.
     773-3803.                                   $5; Thayer, "Theodore Roosevelt," REICHSBANKNOTES from Germany
                                                 $6. R.N. Asaro, Local 645, RD 1,            1923, inflationary period. Genuine BEST -ENERGY decision you will ever HOUSE for lease, Chesapeake, MD, 1
  1965 PONTIAC Tempest 2-dr. V-8 3-              Newport, NY 13416.                          circulated. 10.000 mark denomination.         make. Solid weather window adapter           hr. commute Wash/Bait, 30 min. An-
    spd. stick, exc. cond. $1500. Ron Hel-                                                   3 notes for $2 ppd. Ira Wittlock, Lo-                                                      napolis. 3 bdrm, 2 bath, living room,
     berg. Local 1430. 622 S. Garfleld, Port CASE TRACTOR Manual: Instructions                                                             will cut heat loss. Plans
                                                                                             cal 1987, 14 Crescent Dr.. No., Far- Hurley, Local 1765, Box 253,$3. Rich     Odessa,      den, kitchen with all modern con-
    "Washington, WI 53074.                       on Operation and Care of the Case           mingdale, NY 11735.                           NY 14869.                                    veniences. Bay view, lg. fenced yard,
                                                 12-20 tractor (J.L. Case Threshing                                                                                                     1-car garage, washer/dryer. Ideal for
-ORDER CAB. PARTS: Fuel pumps,                   Machine Co.). $15; Railroad Maga-                                                                                                      family or 2 married couples. 1-yr.
    wheel cylinders, brake shoes, carbs,                                                                                                                CARDS
                                                 zine, June 1965; 100 years of Lacka- BUFFALO NICKELS, $20 ea. 1934 thru BASEBALLover 2,000 from mid-50's to
                                                                                                                                           mid-70's,             in all. Best offer     lease $425 a mo. plus utilities. Avail-
     brushes, points, caps, skirts, lenses,      wanna Steam Power, by Bert Penny-           1937, good to fine. Also, one dollar                                                       able 7/1/80. Call 202/856-7367 or 301/
     much more. SASE. Rick Santoste-             packer. $5. Jimmy Kapsos, Local             silver certificates $10 ea. Other silver.     accepted. Bill Eichelbarger, Local           257-7681 after 6 p.m. for appointment.
    fano. Local 700. 45 Millbrook Rd.,           2066, Box 76, Diamond City. AR              S. Collward, Local 588. 274 W. Main           789, 1901 Rollins Dr., Loveland, OH          R. Hurlock, Grand Lodge.
    Middletown. CT 06457.                       72644.                                       St., Williamson, NY 14589.                    45140.
                                                                                                                                                                                     LOT, NEAR BOULDER Creek, CA.
  1965 VETTE Convertible, 4-spd.. 327 "TRIUMPH AND Tragedy," Winston ONE EACH only. Tennessee & Ohio BOAT, than 10 hra. -16' tri-hull, cond.,
                                                                                                                                                  MOTOR, TRAILER, A-l
                                                                                                                                                                             1977.      $12,000, terms or cash. Hiwy #9,
     eng., 300 hp. Cheap. Max Cover, Lo-         Churchill, 1953. $2.50; "Barriers           state commemoratives, silver dollar           Sell for $3,000 or trade for vehicle.        frontage zone R # 1 for home, utili-
    cal 1151, 337 So. Street Rd., Galion,       Burned Away," E.P. Roe. 1892,                size, minted in nickel silver only.           Louis Angeletti, Jr.. Local 2454.- 61        ties, trees. R. Thompson, Local 1327,
     OH 44833. Call 419/468-3078.               $2.50. Postage 500 each. M. Whitlock,        Limited edition 5,000 with written            Union Valley Rd.. Elkton. MD 21921.          728 Spindrift Dr., San Jose, CA 95134.
                                                Local 1905, 801 Blanche St., Metairie,       history of subject on medal. Minted           Call (301) 398-1788 after 5 PM.
  FORGED ALUMINUM: "superrods,"                 LA 70003.                                    in 1968. $25 each, plus insurance &                                                     BELEN, NM, Rio Grande Estates, Va-
     Venolia ll."75 to 1 pistons. Complete                                                   postage. SASE. W. C. Mason, Local                                                          lencia Co. (25 mi. So. of Albuquer-
     set of TRW bearings & rings, new. ELECTRONIC BOOKS, magazines. Al-                      k735. Rt. 2, Box 209. Antioch, TN TRANSCEIVER NCX5 w/power sup-                            que).' Retirement or investment. 4
     Fits Chevy six cyl. Larry Seeurman,         so electronic equipment, parts. Pis.        370}3.                                        ply. Both in exc. cond. $425. Local
     Local 1280, 4050 Redbud Rd., Dres-                                                                                                    only, no shipping. J. V. Walsh, Local        adjoining lots. Sacrifice all for $2,000.
                                                send SASE for complete list. A.                                                            1894, 8520 Parsons Blvd.. Jamaica,          H. Schweder, Local 2024, 2543 Colby
     den, OH 43821.                             Kenna, Local 1987. 2200 Hamilton SILVER DOLLAR, 1895, good cond.,                          NY 11432. Call (212) 658-0694.              Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90064.
                                                Ave., Merrick, NY 11566.                     best offer over $200; 1883 over 2.
  1966 PONTIAC G.T.O. 389, 350 hp., pos.                                                     shield nickel, very fine cond., -best OLD CAR REAR trunk refrigerator, NICE BLDG., restricted lot on beauti-
     trac. Bucket seats, console, rally COLLECTORS & PLEASURE readers.                       offer over $100. Herman Stanley, Lo-                                                      ful Bull Shoals Lake in Arkansas.
     wheels. Hurst shifter. Exec. cond.         List of old books. SASE for latest           cal 681, Rt. 3, Box 295, Lagrange, KY         GE 7 cu. ft. Sausage grinder, hand
                                                                                                                                           operated. 13-gun gun cabinet. J. A.         Front on good road. $3,200. cash or
    throughout. $1,200. Call (607) 563- price list. L. Adams, Local 701, 2701 40031.                                                      Wehner, Local 701, 715 N. Haddon             will finance with $500 down, rest 9%.
     3020. Steve Kozlowski, Local 1529. RD So. 59th Ct., Cicero, IL 60650.                                                                 Ave., Arlington Hgts., IL 60004. Call       Write B. R. Colley, Dist. 837D, 2310
     #3, Bainbridge, NY 13733.                                                                                                             (312) 253-1834.                             Entity, Overland, MO 63114, or con-
                                              HARLEQUIN romances, brand new,                                                                                                           tact J. .(Jarr Diamond Acres, Inc., PO
  1963 CHEV. Impala, 2-dr. HT. 6 cyl.           125 for $30. You pay postage. George                                                    COLLECTORS' ITEMS: Dolly Parton                Box 119, Diamond City, AR 72644.
     aut. 24,000 orig. mi. Perfect shape.       Kishdoian, Local 1142. 110 Pontiac                                                         singing" at age 13 record album; John
     $3,000 or best offer. Call (414) 684- Ave.. Cranston, RI 02910.                                                                      Kennedy 1960 campaign buttons;             RIO RANCHO, Albuquerque. NM, 1
     0472. Mike Masterson or Jim Starr,                                                   MINIATURE GLASS soda bottles, Co-                colored postcards; in-person photos         ea. % acre unit 2, block 8, lot 66,
     Local 72, Manitowoc Vocational 100 OLD ISSUES of Scientific American                   ca-Cola. 7-TXp, Pepsi, Orange Crush,                                                       asking $1,800.; 1 ea. 1.1 acre, unit 2,
    School. 1290 North Ave., Cleveland,         magazine thrue 1950's and 1960's. $40                                                      of show business
                                                                                            liquid filled, in wooden cases, 12 to listing. B. Smutny,stars. SASE for
                                                                                                                                                                   Local 21, 2701 block 48, lot 74, dead end street, ask-
    WI 53015.                                   plus shipping Ira Whittlock. Local          a case: $10 ppd. J. Bazan. Local               Leonard, La Crosse, WI 54601.               ing $4,800. K. Fernau, Local 1056. 125
                                                1987, 14 Crescent Dr., Farmingdale,         1894, 1460 Straight Path, Linden-                                                          Belmont Ave., W. Babylon, NY 11704.
  1947 GMC % ton pickup in good, re-            NY 11735.                                   hurst, NY 11757.                           16' OCEAN BOAT fiber glass/plywood.
    storable cond. Orig. 6 cyl. motor, 4-                                                                                                  8' beam, 75 hp, O.B. Compass, 22 3 BDRM. HOUSE, ranch style. 13 yrs.
    spd. trans., 61,643 orig. mi. Best of- OLD BOOKS in good cond. complete                                                                gal, gas tank, bait tank, trailer, ex-       old in Eugene, OR. Lg. bath, chain
    fer. James Schutt. Local 1745. Rt. 3, works of William Shakespeare 1884;                                                              tras. $1,000. Jim Middleton, Local           fenced. Well pump. 2-car garage, im-
    Hermann, MO 65041. Call (314) 252- Poetical works of John Keats II 880;                                                                389, 2881 Preece St., San Diego. CA         maculate, fireplace, all-elec. heat.
 i 4250.                                        Poetical works of Robert Browning;                                                        92111.                                       Double windows. $55,000. R. A. Wil-
                                                "Lucile," by Owen Meredith; "Evan-                                                                                                     liams, Local 824, 3777 Kendra St.,
  INSTRUCTION BOOK for "The Pre- geline," by H. W. Longfellow. Make BEAUTIFUL POSTCARDS from Fiji ORIG. POLAROID land camera, model                                                    Eugene, OR 97404.
    fect," mfgd. in England by Ford             offer plus postage. P. J. Schuergens,        Islands in So. Pacific. M. Shamim,            95 w/case, light meter & flash unit. 78
    Motor Co.. Ltd. Jimmy Kapsos, Lo-           Local 575. 38-615 Commons Valley             GPO Box 1282, Suva, Fiji Islands. So.        RPM records & old sheet music. LOT, LAKE TANSI, Crossville, TN.
    cal 2066, Box 76, Diamond City, AR          Dr.. Palm Desert, CA 92260.                 Pacific.                                      Helen Myers. Local 1228. 1346 Mentor         Pay equity, take over balance. Small
    72644.                                                                                                                                Ave., #520, Painesville, OH 44077.           payments. Charles Ingram. Local 56,
                                                                                          OLD FASHIONED white spine cucum-                                                             19 Hillcrest Dr.. Rossville, GA 30741.
  SHOP MANUALS, '61, '65. '64, '79. '80 'DADDY'S GIRL," by Mrs. Meade,                      ber seeds. Outstanding flavor. Bears GENUINE WHALES' TEETH (8). 2.%"
    Pontiac; '60 Comet; '70 Sprite Midg-        1914; "Ten Boys," by J. Andrews;            throughout summer white skin cukes            to 5%" length, $25 to $100. SASE. Ed- 70 ACRES in NW Arkansas. Good live-
    et; '80 Phoenix. Owner's manuals;           "Horse and Buggy Doctor," by Dr. 3% to 4 inches long. 20 seeds $1 plus                                                                 stock farm with ample water. Old,
    3 timing lights; transmission parts         Hertzler, 1938; "47 Arizona High-                                                                             Local 727E, 1067 E.
                                                                                            SASE. J. W. Crips, Local 735. Rt. », win Finkbeiner, Burbank, CA 91501.
                                                                                                                                          Magnolia Blvd.,                              non-modern house, fair bar. % mi.
    manual; radio tubes 40 to 70. Peter         ways." Make offer plus postage. Leo         Box 57, Lebanon, TN 37087.                                                                 off paved road. $4,900. Rue Fitchue,
    Esser, Local 1134, 375 Union Ave.,          Johnson. Local 1510. Rt. 1, Box 61,                                                                                                    Local 1093, Rt. 1, Box 106, Omaha,
    Clifton, NJ 07011.                          Dolgeville, NY 13329.                    CATHEDRAL WINDOW quilt pattern                                                                AR 72662. Call 501/'426-5173.
                                                                                            (the no-quilting quilt). Fast, easy,
                                                                                            beautiful, $2 plus stamped envel. M.                                                     2 CEMETERY LOTS, $700. Rose Hills
                                                                                            Caviness, Local 709, 150 Old Marietta                                                      Mem. Pk. Sequoia, Lawn, Whittier,
                                                                                            Rd., Canton, GA 30114.                                                                     CA. I. C. Sumrall, Local 272D, Rt.
 UNION SHOP                                                                              REUNION — TJ.S.S. Scott, DE-214,
                                                                                                                                       AKC REGISTERED Maltese & Pomer-
                                                                                                                                          anian male pups & proven studs.              3, Box 293 J, Mission, TX 78572.
                                                                                                                                          Send stamped, self-add, envelope for
                                                                                            WWII to be held July 27-28, Iron             more info. M.L. Harper, Local 1992, 2 CEMETERY LOTS, Memory Gar-
                                                                                            Mtn., MI. Contact: Dana F. Paw-               Rt. 1, Box 45, Sterling, KS 67579.           dens. Garden of Meditation. Arling-
                                                                                            litzke, IAM Local 1181. 3041 Adams                                                         ton Hgts., IL $800. Thor Neumann,
                                                                                            St., Two Rivers, WI 54241.                 SHIH-TZO pups, AKC, males & fe-                 Local 701. 1224 Main St.. Apt. 1C,
                                                                                                                                         males. Assorted colors & sizes.               Antioch, IL 60002. Call 312/395-5709.
                                                                                         LARGE BAR under $50. No building                Whelped: Feb. The Chinese Foo dog,
                                                                                            required. Details, $3. Bonnie Crow-          $250 and up. Call 414/744-9722. Jack SO. IL. LOT with 10' x 50' mobile
                                                                                            ley, Local 2040. 1129 Bayard Park,            S. Scardino. Jr., Local 1862, 3011 S.        home, city water, natural gas, elec,
                                                                                            Evansville, IN 47714.                         9th St., Milwaukee, WI 53215.                5 mi. to 1-57. $11,000. T. D. Kolerich,
                                                                                                                                                                                       Local 1484, 5433 W. 117th St., Ingle-
                                                                                         BEAUTIFUL, .. HAND-SEWN double COON HOUNDS for sale. One blue tick                            wood, CA 90304.
                                                                                           bed quilts, starting at $90 each. Dalla        male 5 yrs. old; 1 pair red bones
                                                                                           Turner, Local 1553, Rt. 1, Box 65, hounds 4 yrs old. Robert Bruce, Lo- FLORIDA LOT, 75' x 150', Highlands
                                                                                           Leaf River, IL 61047. Call 815/938-            cal 35, 218 Ballard Circle. Forest           Pk., Est Best offer. Also 1 acre NM,
                                                                                           2149.                                          Park, GA 30050. Call (404) 361-7600.         Estancia, 15 mi. so. of Albuquerque,
                                                                                         SUPER 8 Elmo ST, 1200 sound pro- ARABIAN HORSES, sale or lease.                               best offer. D. A. Wolf. Local 49, 9027
                                                                                           jector with extra lamp, full range             Registered purebred, Ferzon & Raf- 60457.    S. Roberts Rd.. Hickory Hills, IL
                                                                                           speaker. Bolex dual editor: Craig             fles blood lines, mares foaled in April.
                                                                                           pro-rewinds, super 8 splicer, on desk         Will lease for almost breeding fee. BUILDING LOT, 75' X 150*, lot #9.
                                                                                           bench, w/light, rear projection mir-           on 4 yr basis. Rodger Drury. Local          block 1, High Lake. Ozark Acres. PO
                                                                                           ror. Sound film, mint cond. $350. .R.          837B, Rt. 1, Berger. MO 63014. Call         Box 9. Hardy. AR. Asking $3,000.
                                                                                           Pinnell, Local 402. 2028 Greene Ave.,          (314) 834-5358.                             Call 716/434-7647. R. Laskey, Local
                                                                                           Ridgewood, NY 11385.                                                                       1180. 184 Green St., Lockport, NY
                                                                                         HEAVY DUTCH oven, lg. family size;                                                           14094.
                                                                                           lg. teflon fryer w/glass cover; lg.                                                      WASHINGTON, DC area, 1.3 acre res-
                                                                                           cookie sheet, & 8" stainless steel                                                         idential corner lot w/water. Partly
                                                                                           fryer. All $5. Call 312/637-1714. G.                                                       wooded near Indian Head, MD. $18.-
                                                                                           Sacomano, Local 701, 6815 W. Armi- 3 CHOICE CEMETERY lots in veter-                        000 cash or $20,000 terms. Call 202/
                                                                                           tage, Chicago, IL 60635.                      an's section, by flag pole, at Green         332-7791. A.E. TJmbarger, Local 1776,
                                                                                                                                         Hills Mem., San Pedro, CA. Will* sell        1126-11th St., NW, Washington, DC
                                                                                         BLACK WALNUT TABLE. 16" X18"                    1 or all. Call 602/758-2841. Joe B.          20001.
                                                                                           with 1 drawer, 125 yrs. old. $100. H.         Green, Local 1484, Box 412, Riviera,
                                                                                           Y. Carpenter. Local 236, 411 S. 4th           AZ 86442.
                                                                                           St., Aurora, IL 60505. Call- 312/896-                                                    3-4/10 ACRES near Brooksville. FL.
                                                                                          2437.                                        TENNESSEE, 6 acres level land w /              Well drained, good well water, sep-
                                                                                                                                         large house & barn, in middle TN.            tic tank. light poles, fenced 3 sides.
                                                                                         SAVE MONEY on water system that                 7 mi. from Mufreesboro, & % mi. Reasonably priced. Good retirement
                                                                                           provides pure water at less than 10           from 1-24 exit (Buchanan). Will sell         prop. $15,000 cash. For info, write or
                                         ->ioo like to join-oor grievance                  a gallon. Call 908/374-8673, or write         as a whole or divide. $20,000 an acre.       call 813/677-3704. Joseph B. Irvin,
                                                                                           Richard Robinson, Local 1101, 1182 J.D. Pearson. Local 735, Rt. 1, Chris-                  Local 758, 8207 Alfafla Ridge Rd.,
            committee ? "                                                                  Springfield Dr., Campbell, CA 95008. tiana, TN 37037.                                      Riverview, FL 33569.

PAGE 14                        THE MACHINIST                            JUNE 1980                                                                                                           PRIORITY ONE—ORGANIZE
                                                                                                                                                                                   Prescription for
                                                                                                                                                                                   happy retirement
                                                                                                                                           Retired Machinist Neils Yde,       have ventured outside Washing-
                                                                                                                                        73 years young, has a prescrip-       ton and listened to public opin-
                                                                                                                                        tion for a happy, eventful re-        ion, rather than rely on polls,
                                                                                                                                        tirement.                             have discovered the concerns of
          For Sale—Real Estate                        For Sale—Real Estate                                                                                                    Americans are rarely headlined
 97 ACRES, 2 bedrm. modern home, all 1 ACRE LAND in California pines near                                                                 "Keep active and busy . . . be      on the night's TV news. The con-
   fenced, ponds, a good cattle or hog          Altaus, CA. $5,500 casn. M. Kaaika                                                     interested and take part in things     cerns are mainly economic. One
   larm. i n scenic So. IL. Priced right.       Local 1186, 7778 Bellflower Dr., Buena
   Owner will handle interest, contract         Park, CA 90620.                             ANY AUTOMOBILE advertising items           around you," says the _ trans-         is the growing plight of older
   for deed. Howard Osman, Local 1846,                                                       for older cars: sales literature, post-   planted Arizonan, who moved to
   Rt. 2, Box 31, Ellzabethtown, IL TWO CHOICE double tier cemetery                          ers, banners, badges, fobs, promo-                                               Americans; they are being run
   62931 Call 618/Z64-36U2.                   • lots in Los Gatos, Memorial Park             tional models, etc. Also want own-        that desert.state from Minnesota       down by inflation.
                                                San Jose, CA. $400 each. F. Schwab           ers' manuals, parts manuals, lactory
 COBNEB LOT, SV x 120', approx. N               Local 1101, 5800 Stockton Blvd., Sp          photos, etc. Audy L. Harrison, Local      in 1945 to alleviate his crippling
    Calif. City -water available. $2,500.       26, Sacramento, CA 95824. Call. (916)        1261, 8488 Harvard Park Dr., Box          arthritis. His name, pronounced           Potentially, the most cohesive
    c a l l 213/4 /5-1689. D. E. Kussell, Lo-   393-9221.                                    542, Sandy, UT 84070.                                                            political bloc in America is the
    cal 2024, 2653 Westwood Blvd., Los                                                                                                 wide, comes from his Danish
   Angeles, CA 90064.                         6 FURNISHED APTS, plus landlord's             LIONEL TRAINS & accessories. New           parents.                               senior citizens, rather than super-
                                                4-bdrm. home on 5 lots. John R.               or used. Any age or cond. Send cond.
 CHICAGO AREA, SW suburb. Crest-                Campbell, Local 701, 713 E. Main,             & price. Will correspond w/collec-                                              patriots, farmers or union work-
   wood, bi-level, face brick & cedar,          Marion, IL 62959. Call (618) 997-2533.        tors. Richard M. Wentz, Local 2171,                                             ers.
   3 bedrm., 2% bath, lge. kitchen,                                                          109 Mockingbird Lane, Cresson. P A
   dishwasher, store & refrig., lam. rm., RANCHER, 3-bdrm, nice school, area,                 16630.
   carpets, drapes," C/A, 2% car garage,        2 fireplaces, % acre all chain link                                                                                              A Congressional Wives
   lge. patio. $69,000. Call 312/389-0135.      fenced. Owner leaving state. $63,500        GOOD USED chrome center-mounted
   N. Grahovek, Local 701, 5336 W.              w/many extras. $60,000 without ex-           front fender, also good used low-                                                 Force reports: "Right now, over
   139th St., Crestwood, I L 60445.             tras. L. Angeletti, Jr., Local 2424. 61      mileage speedometer for directional                                              -23 million people (in the US) are
                                                Union Valley Rd., Elkton, MD 21921.          canceler for 1977 650CC Yamaha mo-
 BELEN, NM. 4 very large lots. Very             (301) 398-1788 after 5 PM.                   torcycle. Roy Lafek, Local 234, 7865                                              65 or older. . . . Because- of a
   reasonable, half acre, full acre, and                                                     W. Appleton Ave., Milwaukee. WI
   2 lots 36,000 sq. ft. each. View of WILHOIT, AZ, 3-bdrm, 20* x 43' mo-                    53218.                                                                            reduction in maternal and child-
   Rio Grande River & mountains. All            bile home with 8' x 20' add-on room                                                                                            hood mortality, and because of
   utilities in. Stamped, self-add, en-         on 150' x 250' lot. Water softener &        SMALL MUSICAL BEER steins. Give
   velope for details. William Carpen-          self-owned -propane tank g o with            full description & price. Send photo                                              improved medical        technology,
   ter, Local 685. 409 Palm Ave., #A-8,                                                      if possible. F. McClenahan, Local
   Imperial Beach, CA 92032.                    property. Asking $25,000. Manard
                                                                                             777. 6651 Old LeMay Ferry, Imperial,                                              people are living longer. At age
                                                Garner, Local 637, Wilhoit, Star
 CEMETEBY LOTS, Meadville, PA. 2 . Route, Kirkland, AZ 86332. Call (602)
                                                                                             MO 63052.                                                                         65, a man can expect to live 14
   lots w/4 burials on ea. lot. Roselawn        422-3811.                                  TO BUY OR TRADE for beer cans &                                                     more years, a woman 18. . . .
   Mem. Gardens, $250 single grave or                                                       beer trays. Send name, description,                                                By the year 2000, 32 million
   $800 for ea. lot. C. McNamara, Local                                                     price and cond. Richard Damato, Lo-
   1059, Box 67, Yermo, CA 92398.                                                           cal 354, 48 South St., W. Hartford,                                                people will be 65-plus."
                                                                                            CT 06110.
 CAMP IN SO. VERMONT, on % acres.
    2 lge. rma. Running water. Inside                                                      BRITISH ARMY & Canadian Army                                                          Not only is this a growing
    toilet & elec. Completely furnished.                                                    hat badges and medals, any period.
    Call 203/653-3831. John L. Farrott, U.N. MINT N.H. 10 diff. sets, $2; 20                Also R.C.M.P. badges & buttons.                                                   sector of America, but senior
    Local 354, 30 Buttles Rd., Granby,         diff., $4.50; #226-233, $2.75; #234-243,     D.S. Wright, Local 2182, 2120 Mar-
    CT 06035.                                   $2; #244-55, $3.50; #256-266 plus s/s,      cus Ct., Sacramento, CA 95821.                         Neils Yde                  citizens are more likely to vote
                                                $4.50;s/s #85, $7.25; #145, $1; #179,                                                                                         than any age or ethnic bloc,
 LOS ANGELES CO., 10 level acres; 35            600; #212, 950; #262, 95(8. All five       LABELS, BOXTOPS. & coupons for
    air mi. from LA. Near Lake LA de-           sheets for $10.25. Frank LaManna,           exchange. Send SASE to: C. Graddy,            Soon after, he was well enough      and their interests and concerns
    velopment, airport, Crystallaire Coun-     Local 1470, 69-08 198th St., Flushing,       Local 751, 11112 NE 128. Kirkland,         to take a "sit-down" job, and in
    try Club & Wrightwood ski sports.          NY 11365.                                                                                                                      are in sharp focus.
                                                                                            WA 98033.
    $1900 p/a. $2500 dn.-E.K. Wheelbar-
    ger. Local 727F, 1924 Hilton Dr., WORLDWIDE STAMPS 125 quality
                                                                                                                                        1953 he joined IAM Local 933,
    Burbank, CA 91504. Call 213/846-5299.      stamps. $1; 225, $2; Czecho 500, $6;        TOY TRAINS, electric or windup,             at Hughes Aircraft, Tucson,                Other retirees say: "The in-
                                               Hungary on better sets at % Scot,            Marx. Kusan, Lionel, also accessor-                                               flation problem has reached crisis
  % ACRES: $2,000. Hlles, WI. JR. 1, V*        catalog. J. J. Stasz. Local 701. 122 N.      ies. Any cond. Need junkers for            where he hired in as a handi-
    mi. from lake. Alois Bukovic, Local        State St., Glenwood, IL 60425.          '    parts. Correspond w/collectors. John       capped worker. Yde's handicap,         proportions, and the elderly are
                                                                                            W. Rosser, Local 1939, PO Box 67,
    1259, New Holstein, WI 53061.                                                           Watsonville, CA 95076. Call 408/724-       which has required numerous            unfairly bearing an excessive
                                            $10 RETAIL VALUE for 1 half silver              0942.
:TWO CHOICE grave plots, Forest               "dollar dated 1964 or before; $5 re-                                                     surgeries and fusions, has never       share of inflation losses." Yet,
    Home Cemetery, 863 So. Desplaines          tail value for silver quarter dated         LIONEL TRAINS & accessories, 0 and                                                 the Administration is seriously
    Ave., Forest Park, IL 60130. Chicago       1964 & before; $2 retail value for 1         027 gauge 1940-1965, also Corgi and        kept him down. He began at
     Suburb. $500 for both. H. J. Kruspe,      silver dime dated 1964 or before. My          Dinky toy cars, trucks, buses, made       Hughes as a maintenance man,           considering a cut in the "auto-
    Local 701, 188 Surfside Dr.. Apt. 1,       choice or yours if possible. Send             in England. William Reese, Local                                                 matic cost-of-living increase in
    Lexington, KY, 40503. Call (606) 277-      with SASE to: Bruno Kotula, Local             1894, 79 Clay Pitts Rd., Greenlawn,       working up to parts finisher and
    7352.                                      742, 5159 So. Lockwood Ave.. Chi-            NY 11740.                                  ending his career by retirement in     Social Security . . . so that bene-
                                               cago, IL 60638.
 FLORIDA, Cape Coral water front lots                                                      ZINC NAILS, or small diameter zinc          September, 1971, in the skilled        fits would rise only 75 to 80%
    near shopping, school, hospital, ideal FIRST DAY covers, Artcraft. $1 ea.;               rod. Not galvanized iron. L.P. Cam-                                              as much as the consumer price
    location. Tom Bolda, Local 233. 2034       Set of 13 overrun countries on covers,        eron, District 751. 1809 Plath Ave.,      job of "hone man," machining
    Holstead St., Lakewood, OH 44107.          $20; 1976 souvenir sheets set, $20;           Yakima. WA 98902.                         parts to a very close tolerance.       index, instead of 100% as now."
                                               used comm. 110, $1 pack w/SASE.                                                                                                The Congressional Wives Task
 AUTO , REPAIR. J3HOP, consistently            J. Evans. • Local -1492, • -1011 - Hudson   POCKETKNIVES "with broken" blades,
 " successful business. Established 8          Ln., Napa, CA 94558.                         springs & handles, rust no problem.          "Always a union man," as he          Force reports: "Inflation is the
    years. Exc. location. Leaving for                                                       Case, Keen-kutter, KaBar, Robinson,
    health purposes. • $65,000 cash or FOREIGN, ALL DIFF.. MNH 125 for                      Remington. Winchester. State cond.         describes himself, Yde rarely          number one concern of older
    terms. D. W. Wilson, Local 1546, 1067      $1: TJ.S. mint & used, send want list.       & price i n first letter. Robert A.                                               Americans, many of whom live
    Andalucia Dr., Livermore, CA 94550.        #909-21 F-VF MNH, $2. Tom Evans,             Martin. Local 710, 32 Orlea St., West-     misses a meeting of his local, to
    CA 94550. Call (415) 447-7278.             Local 822, 407 Smith St., Hannibal,          ville, IL 61883.                           which he usually drives himself        on fixed incomes. A Harris poll
                                               MO 63401.                                                                                                                      shows that 97% of the American
 MOBILE HOME, 24' x 44'. 2 bdrms, 2                                                        TOYS: AMERICAN Flyer trains or              in a specially-equipped car, re-
    baths, A/C & heat, 10' x ZW screened FIRST DAY COVERS, 500 ea. My                        accessories (any cond.) made from         ports Ernest C. L'Armee, presi-        public believes that Social Secu-
    porch facing water & boat docks,           choice, pis. include SASE. L.W. Da-           1946 -1966 (2-rail track): Winrose
    fully furnished, deluxe appliances,        vis, Jr., Local 2107, 30-Wicks Ave.,         •trucks. Tootsie toy Greyhound bus-        dent of Local 933.                     rity payments to the elderly
    $32,000 firm. E. J. Gortner, Local 48,     Jamestown, NY 14701.                          es, cars, trucks, etc., Dinky toys. &                                            should, increase with rises in the
    Lot 1, Harbor Shores, Key West, FL                                                       Matchbox Super Kings. Shanon Toal,
    33040. Call (305) 296-5933.             100 DIFF. in ea. packet, $2 per packet           Local 1400. 540 Broadway. Hanover,           Currently, he and other re-         cost of living.
                                               of following: U.S.. Germany. Poland,          PA 17331. Call 717/637-8293.              tired union members are engaged
CEMETERY LOTS, 3 grave spaces in               Brit. Empire & Worldwide. Robert
 . Forest Home Cemetery, Chicago, IL,          Hums, Local 50, 4843 N. Sayre Ave.,         SHOP MANUAL, in good cond. for              in forming a Retirees' Club in            "Rising costs for basic needs
    close to chapel & entrance. Beautiful      Chicago, IL 60656.                           1978 Dodge Aspen. L. P. Cameron,           the area. The founders hope to
    section $600 for all three. G. W. Bell,                                                 Local 751A, 1809 Plath Ave., Yakima,                                              —shelter, food, medical care,
    Local 702, Box 2082, Melbourne, FL 300 OLDER U.S. Stamps, $4; 500 world-                WA 98902.                                  steer their club members into          clothing, nursing home care,
   32901. Call (305) 727-8334.                 wide stamps, $3. E. M. Lamb, Local
                                               837D. 7521 Castro Dr., St. Louis. MO        SMALL COMMUTATOR turning lathe,             useful as well as purely social        taxes, hospitalization, dental care
SATELLITE BEACH, FL, 2 lots 75' X              63135.                                       or small bench lathe. Roland Cipra,        activities.
    103' walking distance to post office,                                                   Local 1546, 3938 Delmont Ave.. Oak-
                                                                                                                                                                              and transportation—go up while
   bank, shopping center & ocean. 125 USED U.S. Commemoratives. all                         land, CA 94605                                                                    incomes in the majority of casej
   Paved roads, sewer & city water.           diff., $1; 125 used foreign, all diff.,                                                     Yde regularly writes his rep-
   $18,500 each. Victor R. Wallace. Lo-        $1.- SASE. K. Gordon, Local 1746A,          CHEVY PARTS, new or used: fender                                                   remain locked into unrealistically
   cal 2061, 525 Hibiscus Blvd., Merritt       128 Laurel Ct., Plainville, CT 06062.        skirts, for '55-56-57, also scuff pads     resentatives in the state and U.S.     low levels. Rents and utility costs
   Island, FL 32952.                                                                        for same. Also Wonderbar radio for         Congress. His Number 1 goal in
                                            SELLING MY collection of U.S. Plate             .55-56-57. Any Nos or mint used ac-                                               go up, and often rental units are
GEORGIA, 5% acres, 1 hour west of             Blocks & foreign complete sets, all           fis=orios. Tlirtinrrl D Thomas Local       Arizona: "To get rid of the sales      converted into condominiums at
   Atlanta, near lake, wooded lot $5500.      Mint Never Hinged, F-VF cond. Rea-            165, 5904 Plantation Rd., NE, Roa-
   Will finance, J. Hembree, Local 709,       sonably priced to union members               lioke, VA 24019.                           tax on food." Nationwide, he           prices impossible for the low-to-
   Rt. 2, - Box 204A. Tallapoosa, GA          only. Write me your needs. Neil                                                          joins with countless other Ma-
   30176. Call (404) 574-7349.                Aiello, Local 1470. 920-9 Baychester         ROCHESTER FUEL injection (any                                                      moderate income tenants to meet.
                                              Ave., Bronx, NY 10475.                        model) & parts for same. Also any          chinist retirees in opposing Social    Those who own their own homes
MOBILE HOME lot, 120'' x ISV Briar-                                                         Chevy/Rochester literature, training       Security cuts and pushing for
   clifE by the Lake, 6 miles east Mt.                                                      manuals, etc. for these units. Julius                                             upon retirement find maintenance
   Home, AH. Hiways, roads, utilities                                                       H. Busbee, Local 2242. P.O. Box 1861,      National Health Insurance.             costs and taxes becoming exces-
   available. 1 mi from Lake Norfolk,                                                       Santa Maria, CA 93456.
   ideal retirement location, $6,000. (816)                                                                                               Yde's wife Hazel, whom he           sively high.
   356-7869. V. Cress, Local 314. 8701 E.                                                  OWNER'S OR SHOP manual for 60 hp
   79th., Kansas City, MO 64138.            1936. JOHNSON 5 hp. outboard $100;              Scott McCauglic outboard motor &           describes as the head "push" in
                                              1937 Bendix 3 hp. outboard $75;               where to find parts. Send name of
                                                                                                                                       his household, will join his              "As grocery bills mount, the
BEAUTIFUL LAKE Stevens area near              Snap-On Rollaway $150, w/set of               shop & price manual. William Le
  new Hewlitt-Packard plant. % acre           tools $950; unit dozer, 10 ton ram,           Tarte, Local 1546. 39800 Fremont                                                  quality of diet suffers. Most
  2 bedrm double-wide 4 seasons mo-           both $300; H.D. air hammer, fittings,         Blvd., #403, Fremont, CA 94538.            daughters Neala and Kathleen in
                                                                                                                                                                              frightening of all to the elderly
  bile home. Sensible financing. T.P.         etc. (antique) $100; H. D. touch                                                         the rooting section of the retirees'   is the high cost of medical care
   Killingsworth, Local 720, 15002 62nd       trailer couple, etc. $30. W. M. J""i-        USED STEAM calliope to be put on
   Place NE, Lake Stevens, WA 98258.          eson. Local 289, 2117 S. Hanford St.,         trailer or truck. To be used by Shrin-     club activities.                       and hospitalization. Care in the
                                              Seattle, WA 98144.                            prs. Call (502) 527-7532. J. C. Wyatt.
RIO GRAND Estate, lot % acre. Ex-                                                           Local 1294, Rt. 8, Box 90, Benton, KY         Issues 1980—That's the focus        home, which most would prefer,
   changable for residential lot near 3 LATHE tool holders, 8" long, %                      42025."
   Belen, NM. $1,000. George Roemheld,        wide, 1% high. Two have right & left                                                     of the National Council of Senior      is nearly impossible to obtain ex-
   Local 79, 21238 N. Tapps Hi-way,                                                        RADIOS, any two-piece AM/FM multi-                                                 cept at exorbitant costs. Nursing
   Sumner, WA 98390.                          hand off sets, %" sq. tool slots. The         plex car radio from the 1960's. State      Citizens' Convention in Cincin-
                                              other is a cut off toll. John Cahill,                                                                                           homes are even more costly in
MESA, AZ, sale by owner. 2 house on           Local 49, 1310 Tomike St.. Lake Ge-           cond. & price, postpaid, first letter.     nati, OH, June 26-28. Machinist
                                              neva, WT 53147.                               Henry F. Jones, Jr., Local 990 825                                                circumstances where patients are •
   lot size 94' x 144', R-2 3-bdrm, 2 bath.                                                 N. 12th St., Blue Springs, MO 64015.       retirees and other delegates will
   Close to school, shopping. Steve Rati, DELTA comp. tbl. drill press, $300;                                                          take up the many problems faced        unable to qualify for Medicare,
   Local 620, PO Box 2103, Carson City,       Van Dorn valve ref. kit. $40; plomb          PRE-1930 MOVIE memorabilia: stills,
  NV 89701.                                   body, fender tools, $20; Motorola 6           posters, lobby cards, sheet music,         by America's older citizens and        or who do not have adequate
                                              vt. car radio. $25. P. Kottendorf. Lo-        photoplay novels, postcards, buttons,      lay plans for action to overcome       health insurance."             ->
CEMETERY LOTS, 2, Last Supper,                cal 1056. 6734 Groton St.. Forest             etc. D. Collins. Local 1271. 15 Green
  spaces 1 & 2, Lot 67-A, Highland            Hills, NY 11375.                              Acre Dr., Salem. NH 03079.                 them. All IAM retirees are urged
  Memory Gardens, Des Moines, IA.
                                                                                           ISSUES OF Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery        to attend and lend their spirit          Recent studies by the Social
  Call (408) 374-1589, Edward Jordan, PRECISION GROUND squares. Star-
  Local 1101, 2252 Datoro Dr.. San Jose,      rett #20, base 2%". blade 3%"; B&S,            Magazine before 1978. Please' state       and ideas to the forum.                Security Administration indicate
  CA 95130.                                   base 4%", blade 7%". Like new in               date of issue, cond. & price. Also                                               that the poverty rate among el-
                                              case. Best offer. Dave McDevitt,' Lo-          Hitchcock's Anthologies # 5 . C. Gas-
                                              cal 402, 99-05 208th St., Jamaica, NY          kin. Local 1605. 5 Ferncrest Blvd.,          An excellent background for         derly Americans is close to 21%.
POSTAGE. IN, 3-dbrm., 1% ceramic                                                             No. Providence. RI 02911.
  bath, brick & stone ranch. Approx.          11429.                                                                                   the subject is the publication The
  1600 sq. ft. Fireplace, intercom, car-                                                   SLOT MACHINE, one armed bandit.             Washington Spectator, edited by           Quick profile — The facts
                                                        COUNTER, model EC6, com-
  peted, drapes, Lg. fenced yard, land- GEIGER with batteries. $75. Factory
                                              plete                                          D. Baker. Local 1976. 1477 9th St..                                              sketch a profile of the elderly
  scaped. New furnace & water heater,         calibrated July 1979. James T. Calon-          Freedom. PA 15042.                        Tristram Coffin in the nation's
  humidified. Immaculate. $64,900. Tony       ico, Local 1546. 109 Dogwood PI., San                                                    capital. A journalist noted for        American as: lower income;
  Cameron, Local 701, 6288 Defiance,          Ramon, CA 94583.                             MTLT-TNG ATTACHMENT for face
  Portage, IN 46368. Call (219) 762-3491.                                                   milling for old 6" S->uth Bend lathe.      his courage and keen insights,         some working; most homeown-
                                            AMERICAN SOCIETY for Metals                     Arthur Fortesnue. Local 447 9,1-48
                                                                                                                                       Coffin devoted a recent issue to       ers; in need of health care; aided
BAYSHORE BRIGHTWATERS. Long                   (ASM) Engineering and Machining               Bleecker. St.. Ridsewood, NY 11385.
  Island, NY. Residential bldg. lot           books, Machinerys' Handbook (lat-                                                        "Problems of Senior Citizens."         greatly by Social Security. But,
  100' x 160' landscaped, fenced, 2-car       est). Tool Engineers' die casting            BUTTONS 6f all types, preferably po-
                                                                                                                                       Following is an excerpt: ,             above all, politically conscious
  garage, 1- block "shopping. Terms.          books—all in new condition & almost           litical, centennial, or dated pins. Also
  Call (516) CU5-588O. M. Trotta. Local       V> price. Tom Mav. Local 751, 31034           trade or cash tokens wanted. Clem                                                 and active. In the last fact lies
  447, 151 Carroll Ave.. Valley Stream,      10th Ave., SW, Federal Way, WA                 Weiler, Local 924. Rt. 4, Box 340,           . . . the few politicians who        the hope for the future.—S.E.
  NY 11580.                                  98003. Write for prices.                       Mankato, MN 56001.

PRIORITY ONE—ORGANIZE                                                                                                                  JUNE 1980                    THE MACHINIST                      PAGE 15
                                                       • ' r J * \ r-   \k •'• **

 Reaching Out

  I A M organizers                                                                  Shooting finished for IAM organizing flick

  expand jurisdictions
    From the Canadian Pacific           Peterpaul said the in-plant
 to the sunny Atlantic coast,         committee was also instrumental
 IAM locals and districts are         in the victory for Penney em-
 consistently translating the un-     ployees. They included Hay wood
 ion's Number One Priority into       Burgess, Pete Perez, Frank War-
 reality.                             muth and Octavio Sanchez.
    Typical of the scores of suc-       Interestingly, this was the
 cessful    organizing    victories   fourth organizing drive at the
 amassed in recent months is the      Center. Previously the Teamsters
 one chalked up by IAM Local          had tried twice to organize the                                                                                     Film crews finished
 702, Miami Springs, FL.              group and another union had                                                                                       shooting the lAM's new
                                      made a third unsuccessful at-                                                                                     organizing movie last
    "The work this airline mainte-    tempt.                                                                                                            month. The 15-minute film,
 nance lodge did in organizing a                                                                                                                       which stars Ed Asner
 nearby J. C. Penney Distribution     CP Air unit certified                                                                                            from television's popular
 Center is typical of the kind of                                                                                                                      Lou Grant Show, outlines
 organizing our people are doing,"        Far to the north, in Van-
                                                                                                                                                       the benefits of I A M
 reports IAM Vice President John       couver, British Columbia, Can-
                                                                                                                                                       membership across the
 Peterpaul.                            ada. IAM Vice President Mike
                                                                                                                                                       wide spectrum of occupa-
                                       Rygus reports that the Canada                                                                                   tions covered by IAM
    Peterpaul said that the local      Labour Relations Board has cer-
 was not content to stand pat with                                                                                                                     contracts. Last stop for
                                      tified the IAM as bargaining agent                                                                               the film crew focused on
 its membership at the Greater         for workers at the CP Air ac-
 Miami Airport, where the bulk of                                                                                                                      the skills of members
                                      counting and data preparation de-                                                                                of 1AM Local 1 1 8 who
 the membership works.                partment. The 327 office and                                                                                     maintain diesel locomo-
    "Instead, they reached out to     technical workers are now part                                                                                   tives at the Canadian
 the nearby Penney center, where      of IAM Local 764. which already                                                                                  National Railway's big
 workers badly needed a union,"       had some 1.700 maintenance                                                                                       overhaul shops outside
 he declared.                         members on CP Air.                                                                                               Montreal, Quebec. The
                                         Rygus said the Local already                                                                                  film is now being edited
    Nothing stopped the Local 702                                                                                                                      in preparation for its
 cadre of organizers. Although        has negotiated a first contract for
                                      the new group, which has been                                                                                    debut at the I A M Grand
 they were more familiar with the                                                                                                                      Lodge Convention at
 rules and regulations of the Na-     ratified He said the organizing
                                      campaign was led by Grand                                                                                        Cincinnati, O H , in
 tional Mediation Board (NMB),                                                                                                                         September.
 which supervises air transport un-   Lodge Rep. Harold Thayer and
 ion elections, the local went        Local 764 General Chairmen
 ahead with its Penney campaign       Ron Keras and Ralph Steeves
 under the rules of the National      (see photo below.)
  Labor Relations Board (NLRB).          In another example of the wide
    The IAM won the NLRB-con-         range of workers choosing TAM
 ducted election by two to one representation, TAM Local 82,
 vote and now represents drivers, Detroit, MI, won a recent repre-
 drivers' helpers, stock clerks, re- sentation election among truck
 finishers, cleaners, clerks and drivers and production and main-
 others at the center near the air- tenance workers at W. E. Hen-
port.                                nells Company, Inc. of Canton.
                                                                                    >   .   ^
w                                    MI IAM Vice President Merle
    Active in the campaign were Pryor said the vote for the TAM
the local lodge officers and staff was better than four to one. IAM
including organizing committee- Local 812 President Stanley E.
man Rick Haro and organizing Glass said the company makes                                                                                                             Machinist Photo
chairperson Tony Klinakis.           air and hydraulic equipment

                                                                                                                                                                        Machinist Photo

                                                                                                                             Organizing on the move
                                                                                                              i      Organizing is really on the move in the Buffalo, NY, area as this
                                                                                                                  photo shows. IAM Vice President Sal Iaccio reports that the advertise-
                                                                                                                  ment on the back of buses in Buffalo is sparking much interest in
                                                                                                Machinist Photo
                                                                                                                  who and what the IAM is.
Members of the CP A i r office in-plant organiz--       of IAM Local 764, Dorothy McAllister, Jean                   "This is just one more step that we have taken in an effort to in-
i.fy committee checking the Canadian Labour             Hall, in-plant committee chairperson; Grand               crease the IAM's Number One Priority, reports Local 1053 Organizer
Relations Board certification form are I to r.          Lodge Rep Harold Thayer, Bob McLean, Local                Dave Kusmierski. The auto mechanics' local is sponsoring the ad-
Lyndon Paulger, General Chairman Ron Keras              764 secretary-treasurer, and Doreen Brodie.               vertisement.

PAGE 15                 THE MACHINIST                        JUNE 1980                                                                                     PRIORITY ONE—ORGANIZE

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