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 This President was one of two
  US Presidents to be Grand
Master of their Jurisdiction. He
was Grand Master of Tennessee.
Who was Andrew Jackson?
   This President was made a
 Master Mason in 1909. Two
  years later in 1911 he helped
form a new Masonic Lodge and
was it's first Worshipful Master.
 He served as Secretary of the
Lodge from 1912 to 1916 when
he was again elected as Master.
Who was Harry S Truman?
  This President's four sons all
became Master Masons. One in
 1933, two in 1935 and the last
        was raised 1953.
Who was Franklin D Roosevelt?
  This President enjoyed attending
lodge and meeting on the level with
his brothers. He especially enjoyed
   attending his Lodge when the
Worshipful Master was the gardener
  of the estate which adjoined his.
Who was Theodore Roosevelt?
 This President's administration
was so popular he did not have an
  opponent in 1820, which has
happened at only one other time,
 when Washington was elected.
    He was made an Entered
 Apprentice Mason at the age of
Who was James Monroe?
This Grand Master of Masons in
Massachusetts was famous for a
midnight ride at the beginning of
   the American Revolution.
Who was Paul Revere?
This Brother was the third Chief
    Justice of the United States
Supreme Court and served in that
 office with great integrity for 34
years. He was also Grand Master
            of Virginia.
Who was John Marshall?
 This Mason served in the army, studied
law, passed the bar and became a District
   Attorney. He defended the American
 Indian, was elected to Congress, elected
     Governor of Tennessee, and was
 Commander-in-Chief of Texas Army in
1836. He was then elected President of the
Republic of Texas, and probably saved the
  life of fellow Freemason, the defeated
    Santa Anna from the angry Texans.
Who was Sam Houston?
     This Mason undertook the
    assignment to organize the
teachings of the Old Charges into
  a modern form of Constitutions
 in 1723 and then revised them in
Who was Dr. James Anderson?
 This Mason traveled throughout
England, recording and comitting
 to memory the various forms of
ritualistic work used by the many
   Masonic Lodges. In 1772 he
    published “Illustrations of
  Masonry”, a series of lectures
   which perfected the Masonic
      ritual used at the time.
Who was William Preston?
This Mason modified the work of
William Preston in 1797 to fit the
   circumstances of American
  Lodges. His work became the
standard ritualistic work of all but
  four American Grand Lodges.
  Who was Thomas Smith Webb?

(referred to as the “Webb Work” in
the Constitution of the Grand lodge
              of Iowa.)
 During this year representatives
from four Masonic Lodges in the
Iowa Territory met in convention
   to form the Grand Lodge of
What is 1844?
 On November 20, 1840 this
Lodge received a dispensation
   from the Grand Lodge of
Missouri to form the first Lodge
     in the Iowa Territory.
What is Burlington Lodge U.D.?
This lodge chartered in 1863 was the
last to receive the name of the town
       in which it was situated.
What is Wilton Lodge No. 167?
This Lodge is the only Iowa Lodge
to reuse the name of a dead lodge.
  What is Capital Lodge No. 110?
    (Capital Lodge No. 101 was
 transferred to the Grand Lodge of
Nebraska on its formation in 1857.)
This symbol represents a method
 of control of an initiate, and is
  removed when love and care
  replace the need for physical
What is the cable-tow?
   This is a symbol of obligation
and a reminder to him who gives
it to remember his promises. It is
universally used as a salute to the
What is the Due Guard?
 This column denotes wisdom and is
represented by the Worshipful Master.
What is the Ionic column.?
This symbol is emblematic of the
chief supporter of the Craft who
    fell before his work was
 completed. It denotes sudden
What is the Broken Column?
This is an old Anglo-Saxon word
 meaning to cover or conceal.
   What is to Hele?
(pronounced like gale)
The minimum age requirement
 for a candidate to petition an
 Iowa Lodge for membership.
What is 18 years of age?
The document given to members
 of a lodge under dispensation,
 who have demonstrated their
   fitness to work as Masons.
What is a Charter or Warrant?
These are the final words of the
Regius Poem and mean "So may
             it be."
What is “So Mote It Be?”
  Except for the purpose of
  Masonic burials, or other
 ceremonies pertaining to the
dead, a subordinate lodge shall
  not be opened on this day.
What is Sunday?
  During an excavation of a bridge
  over the river Shannon in Ireland
    this item was found under the
 eastern corner of the northern land
pier (northeastern corner). Upon it is
 inscribed: “Upon the level, by the
  square / I will strive to live, With
         love and care. 1507”
What is the Baal’s Bridge Square?
   Final Jeopardy Question:
The founder of the Ancient Grand Lodge of
England, Laurence Dermott, wrote this
Book of Constitutions for his Grand Lodge
in 1756. When the Ancients and the
Moderns merged in 1813, this Book of
Constitutions ceased to be used in England.
But to this day some Grand Lodges in
America still apply this name to their
What is Ahiman Rezon?

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