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									Table - Listing of Pennsylvania NPDES Permits in Affected Portions of the Delaware Mainstem and Tributaries

                                                                                                                     PERMIT      PERMIT EXPIRED    SIC
 NPDES ID         FACILITY NAME                       STREET                   ADDRESS               COUNTY                                                   SIC DESC
                                                                                                                  ISSUED DATE        DATE         CODE
                                                                                                                                                         CONSTRUCTION, NOT
PA0034029   SAND SPRING WATER COMPANY     4101 SAND SPRING RD        SCHNECKSVILLE, PA 18078-2405     LEHIGH       AUG-26-2002     AUG-25-2007    1629   CLASSIFIED
PA0050288   RUN                           431 DEEP RUN RD            DUBLIN, PA 18917                  BUCKS       AUG-01-2000     AUG-01-2005    2047   DOG AND CAT FOOD
PA0014681   INCORPORATED                  2050 POPE ROAD             ALLENTOWN, PA 181049308          LEHIGH       FEB-26-2003     FEB-25-2008    2047   DOG AND CAT FOOD
                                                                                                                                                         CANDY AND OTHER
PA0062791   JUST BORN MANUFACTURING       1300 STEFKO BLVD           BETHLEHEM, PA 18017-6620       NORTHAMPTON    APR-03-2002     MAY-11-2007    2064   PRODUCTS
PA0055395   GREEN TOP PARK INC            107 GREEN TOP RD           SELLERSVILLE, PA 18960            BUCKS       MAR-26-2003     MAR-31-2008    2451   MOBILE HOMES
PA0062251   VALLEY GORGE MHP              ROUTE 940                  WHITE HAVEN, PA 18661            LUZERNE      AUG-17-1998     AUG-16-2003    2451   MOBILE HOMES
PA0057487   FRONTIER WOOD PRODUCTS        DIVISION OF JOLLY GARDENER QUAKERTOWN, PA 18951              BUCKS       DEC-29-2003     DEC-31-2008    2491   WOOD PRESERVING
PA0063266   PARTNERSHIP                   6 HORWITH DRIVE            NORTHAMPTON, PA 18067-9749     NORTHAMPTON    MAY-17-2000     MAY-16-2005    2611   PULP MILLS
                                                                                                                                                         SANITARY FOOD
            FORT JAMES OPERATING                                                                                                                         CONTAINERS, EXCEPT
PA0051896   COMPANY                       605 KUEBLER ROAD           EASTON, PA 18042               NORTHAMPTON    FEB-10-2003     APR-21-2008    2656   FOLDING
                                                                                                                                                         COATED AND
                                                                                                                                                         LAMINATED PAPER,
                                                                                                                                                         NOT ELSEWHERE
PA0013005   FIBERMARK INCORPORATED        45 N 4TH ST                QUAKERTOWN, PA 18951              BUCKS       JUN-03-2003     JUN-30-2008    2672   CLASSIFIED
PA0012092   BOC GASES                     1011 EAST MARKET STREET    BETHLEHEM, PA 18017            NORTHAMPTON    MAY-01-2002     APR-30-2007    2813   INDUSTRIAL GASES
PA0013064   INCORPORATED                  1525 WOOD AVENUE           EASTON, PA 18042               NORTHAMPTON    AUG-27-2002     MAR-30-2006    2816   INORGANIC PIGMENTS
PA0012424   ALLEN INCRPORATED             AVENUE                     QUAKERTOWN, PA 18951              BUCKS       JUN-05-2000     JUN-05-2005    2816   INORGANIC PIGMENTS
                                                                                                                                                         CYCLIC ORGANIC
                                                                                                                                                         CRUDES AND
                                                                                                                                                         INTERMEDIATES, AND
                                                                                                                                                         ORGANIC DYES AND
PA0028495   RHODIA INCORPORATED           275 KEYSTONE DRIVE         BETHLEHEM, PA 18017            NORTHAMPTON    MAR-01-2002     FEB-28-2007    2865   PIGMENTS
                                                                                                                                                         INDUSTRIAL ORGANIC
                                                                                                                                                         CHEMICALS, NOT
            GEO SPECIALTY CHEMICALS       2409 N. CEDAR CREST                                                                                            ELSEWHERE
PA0070505   TRIMET PRODUCTS GROUP         BOULEVARD                  ALLENTOWN, PA 181042617          LEHIGH       DEC-26-2002     SEP-30-2007    2869   CLASSIFIED
                                                                                                                                                         INDUSTRIAL ORGANIC
                                                                                                                                                         CHEMICALS, NOT
PA0051691   PHARMACHEM CORPORATION        719 STEFKO BOULEVARD       EASTON, PA 18042               NORTHAMPTON    DEC-17-2002     DEC-16-2007    2869   CLASSIFIED
            ATLAS MINERALS & CHEMICALS                                                                                                                   ASPHALT FELTS AND
PA0012998   INCORPORATED                  1227 VALLEY ROAD           MERTZTOWN, PA 195390038           BERKS       JUL-24-2001     AUG-01-2006    2952   COATINGS
            AMETEK WESTCHESTER PLASTICS                                                                                                                  COMPOUNDING OF
            DIVISION GREEN ACRES          ROUTE 54 AND MOUTAIN                                                                                           PURCHASED PLASTICS
PA0060747   INDUSTRIAL PARK               AVENUE                     NESQUEHONING, PA 18240           CARBON       AUG-15-2003     AUG-14-2008    3087   RESINS
PA0064009   ESSROC CEMENT CORP                                       NAZARETH, PA 18064             NORTHAMPTON    DEC-05-2000     DEC-04-2005    3241   CEMENT, HYDRAULIC
PA0063983   ESSROC CEMENT CORP EGYPT PLT 4329 RELIANCE ST            WHITEHALL, PA 18052              LEHIGH       MAR-23-2000     MAR-22-2005    3241   CEMENT, HYDRAULIC
PA0063991   ESSROC CEMENT CORPORATION     ROUTE 248 & EASTON ROAD    NAZARETH, PA 18064             NORTHAMPTON    APR-02-2001     APR-01-2006    3241   CEMENT, HYDRAULIC
PA0064017   PLANT 3 QUARRY                401 WEST PROSPECT STREET   NAZARETH, PA 18064             NORTHAMPTON    DEC-14-2000     DEC-13-2005    3241   CEMENT, HYDRAULIC
PA0013552   HERCULES CEMENT COMPANY       501 CENTER ST.             STOCKERTOWN, PA 18083          NORTHAMPTON    SEP-15-1999     SEP-14-2004    3241   CEMENT, HYDRAULIC
PA0011517   KEYSTONE CEMENT COMPANY       RTE. 329                   BATH, PA 180140058             NORTHAMPTON    OCT-09-2002     OCT-08-2007    3241   CEMENT, HYDRAULIC
PA0012505   WHITEHALL PLANT               5160 MAIN ST.              WHITEHALL, PA 180521827          LEHIGH       JUL-24-2003     JUL-23-2008    3241   CEMENT, HYDRAULIC
                                                                                                                                                         STEEL WORKS, BLAST
                                                                                                                                                         FURNACES (INCLUDING
            BETHLEHEM STRUCTURAL                                                                                                                         COKE OVENS), AND
PA0011177   PRODUCTS CORPORATION          1805 EAST 4TH STREET       BETHLEHEM, PA 180152253        NORTHAMPTON    FEB-12-2003     FEB-11-2008    3312   ROLLING MILLS
                                                                                                                                                         SMELTING AND
                                                                                                                                                         REFINING OF
PA0012751   ZINC CORPORATION OF AMERICA   900 DELAWARE AVENUE        PALMERTON, PA 18071              CARBON       DEC-18-2001     DEC-17-2006    3341   NONFERROUS METALS
                                                                                                                                                         FABRICATED PLATE
PA0051551   ALSTOM POWER INCORPORATED     1550 LEHIGH DRIVE          EASTON, PA 180426283           NORTHAMPTON    NOV-21-2003     NOV-20-2008    3443   WORK (BOILER SHOPS)
                                                                                                                                                         PLATING, POLISHING,
                                                                                                                                                         ANODIZING, AND
PA0011762   AMERICAN NICKELOID COMPANY    129 CHERRY STREET          WALNUTPORT, PA 180881689       NORTHAMPTON    JAN-27-2003     JAN-26-2008    3471   COLORING
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                                                                                                                      PERMIT      PERMIT EXPIRED    SIC
 NPDES ID          FACILITY NAME                      STREET                    ADDRESS               COUNTY                                                 SIC DESC
                                                                                                                   ISSUED DATE        DATE         CODE RELAYS AND
            LEHIGHTON ELEC INCORPORATED    15 BLAKESLEE BOULEVARD                                                                                         INDUSTRIAL
PA0044920   PRINTED CIRCUIT                WEST                        LEHIGHTON, PA 182350328         CARBON       DEC-10-2002     DEC-09-2007    3625   CONTROLS
                                                                                                                                                          RELAYS AND
            THOMAS AND BETTS               PARK AVENUE AND RIDGE                                                                                          INDUSTRIAL
PA0040321   CORPORATION                    ROAD                        PERKASIE, PA 18944               BUCKS       MAY-13-2004     MAY-31-2009    3625   CONTROLS
PA0011134   AGERE SYSTEMS INC/ALLENTOWN    555 UNION BLVD              ALLENTOWN, PA 18103             LEHIGH       DEC-09-2002     SEP-30-2007    3674   AND RELATED DEVICES
                                                                                                                                                          AIRCRAFT PARTS AND
                                                                                                                                                          EQUIPMENT, NOT
PA0062626   CHAMPION AVIATION              75 W. MAIN ST.              WEATHERLY, PA 182551099         CARBON       OCT-15-2002     OCT-14-2007    3728   CLASSIFIED
PA0012203   ALLEN ORGAN MANUFACTURING      150 LOCUST STREET           MACUNGIE, PA 18062              LEHIGH       MAY-01-2001     APR-30-2006    3931   INSTRUMENTS
            BUCKEYE PIPELINE COMPANY                                                                                                                      REFINED PETROLEUM
PA0055174   LIMITED PARTNERSHIP MACUNGIE   135 BUCKEYE ROAD            EMMAUS, PA 18049                LEHIGH       AUG-27-2001     AUG-26-2006    4613   PIPELINES
                                                                                                                                                          REFINED PETROLEUM
                                                                                                                                                          FIXED FACILITIES AND
                                                                                                                                                          INSPECTION AND
                                                                                                                                                          WEIGHING SERVICES
                                                                                                                                                          FOR MOTOR VEHICLE
PA0064262   SLATINGTON MTNC FAC            RD 4 BOX 400                SLATINGDON, PA 180809805        LEHIGH       DEC-04-2003     DEC-03-2008    4785   TRANSPORTATION
PA0012823   ELECTRIC STATION               6605 FOUL RIFT ROAD         BANGOR, PA 180134857          NORTHAMPTON    AUG-06-2001     AUG-05-2006    4911   ELECTRIC SERVICES
                                           POWER HLDGS BANGOR
PA0063606   RELIANT ENERGY MID-ATLANTIC    QUARRY ASH                  BANGOR, PA 18013              NORTHAMPTON    JAN-08-2003     JAN-31-2008    4911   ELECTRIC SERVICES
PA0012475   POWER PLANT                    RIVER RD AND ROUTE 116      PORTLAND, PA 18351            NORTHAMPTON    JUL-16-2002     JUL-15-2007    4911   ELECTRIC SERVICES
PA0051632   TREATMENT PLANT                701 N. DELAWARE DRIVE       EASTON, PA 18042              NORTHAMPTON    JUN-04-2001     JUN-03-2006    4941   WATER SUPPLY
PA0063860   LEHIGHTON WATER AUTH                                       FRANKLIN TWP, PA                CARBON       MAY-17-1999     MAY-16-2004    4941   WATER SUPPLY
PA0062936   LEHIGHTON WATER AUTHORITY      100 MAURY ROAD              LEHIGHTON, PA 18235             CARBON       APR-29-2003     APR-28-2008    4941   WATER SUPPLY
PA0061689   AG-MAR WWTP                    LAKESIDE RD                 FREELAND, PA 18224              LUZERNE      NOV-18-2003     NOV-17-2008    4952   SEWERAGE SYSTEMS
PA0052426   ALLIED UTILITY SERVICES INC    SECNR                       SCHNECKSVILLE, PA 18078         LEHIGH       APR-17-2003     APR-16-2008    4952   SEWERAGE SYSTEMS
PA0061662   ARROWHEAD SEWER CO INC    HC 88                            POCONO LAKE, PA 183479601       MONROE       MAY-12-2003     MAY-11-2008    4952   SEWERAGE SYSTEMS
PA0028568   TREATMENT                 STREET                           BANGOR, PA 18013              NORTHAMPTON    JAN-13-2003     MAR-30-2006    4952   SEWERAGE SYSTEMS
PA0020206   BATH BOROUGH AUTHORITY STP     RACE & MILL STREETS         BATH, PA 18014                NORTHAMPTON    JUN-03-2002     JUN-02-2007    4952   SEWERAGE SYSTEMS
                                           2000 FEET EAST OF STATE RTE
PA0021199   BEAVER MEADOWS MUN AUTH        93                          BEAVER MEADOWS, PA 18216        CARBON       APR-04-2002     APR-03-2007    4952   SEWERAGE SYSTEMS
PA0058343   BEDMINSTER WWTP                432 ELEPHANT RD             BEDMINSTER, PA 18910             BUCKS       JAN-11-2002     JAN-10-2007    4952   SEWERAGE SYSTEMS
PA0050598   BETHEL BAPTIST CHURCH          754 EAST ROCKHILL ROAD      SELLERSVILLE, PA 18960           BUCKS       JUL-11-2002     JUL-10-2007    4952   SEWERAGE SYSTEMS
PA0061182   BIG BOULDER STP                OFF LAKE HARMONY RD         LAKE HARMONY, PA 18624          CARBON       OCT-30-2002     OCT-29-2007    4952   SEWERAGE SYSTEMS
PA0062910   BOWMANSTOWN BORO STP           LINCOLN AVE                 BOWMANSTOWN, PA 18030           CARBON       JUN-28-2002     JUN-27-2007    4952   SEWERAGE SYSTEMS
PA0053929   BUBBAS POTBELLY STOVE          1485 RTE 309                QUAKERTOWN, PA 189510000         BUCKS       DEC-17-2001     DEC-17-2006    4952   SEWERAGE SYSTEMS
PA0061247   CARBON DACK ASSOC. LLC                                     MAHONING TWP, PA                CARBON       AUG-08-2000     AUG-07-2005    4952   SEWERAGE SYSTEMS
PA0021580   CATASAUQUA WWTF                18 W RACE ST                CATASAUQUA, PA 180322598        LEHIGH       MAY-29-2003     SEP-30-2007    4952   SEWERAGE SYSTEMS
PA0063711   WWTF                           11 BLAKESLEE BOULEVARD      LEHIGHTON, PA 18235             CARBON       SEP-30-2003     SEP-29-2008    4952   SEWERAGE SYSTEMS
PA0062472   CHESTNUT RIDGE MHP             175 CHURCH DR               PALMERTON, PA 18071             CARBON       SEP-19-2001     OCT-30-2006    4952   SEWERAGE SYSTEMS
PA0026000   WASTEWATER TREATMENT PLANT     112 UNION STREET            ALLENTOWN, PA 18102             LEHIGH       MAR-20-2003     SEP-30-2007    4952   SEWERAGE SYSTEMS
PA0026042   WASTEWATER TREATMENT PLANT     144 SHIMERSVILLE ROAD       BETHLEHEM, PA 18015-9528      NORTHAMPTON    MAR-10-2003     SEP-30-2007    4952   SEWERAGE SYSTEMS
                                           T/A TOHICKON FAMILY
PA0051586   CLOVER D INC                   CAMPGROUND                  QUAKERTOWN, PA 18951             BUCKS       DEC-02-2003     DEC-31-2008    4952   SEWERAGE SYSTEMS
PA0062294   COOLBAUGH TWP WATER SYS        RT 196                      COOLBAUGH TWP, PA 18466         MONROE       MAY-22-2000     MAY-21-2005    4952   SEWERAGE SYSTEMS
PA0063240   DANIELSVILLE WWTP              1069 MUNICIPAL RD           WALNUTPORT, PA 18088          NORTHAMPTON    JAN-22-2004     FEB-09-2009    4952   SEWERAGE SYSTEMS
PA0021741   DUBLIN BORO STP                517 STONEBRIDGE RD          BEDMINSTER, PA 18910             BUCKS       DEC-09-2003     DEC-31-2008    4952   SEWERAGE SYSTEMS
PA0061603   INC                            ROUTE 435                   GOULDSBORO, PA 184240305      LACKAWANNA     MAY-02-2003     MAY-01-2008    4952   SEWERAGE SYSTEMS
PA0053911   EAST BANGOR MUNI AUTH          559 W FEDERAL AVE           EAST BANGOR, PA 18013         NORTHAMPTON    MAR-12-2001     MAR-11-2006    4952   SEWERAGE SYSTEMS
PA0027235   AUTHORITY WPCF                 50-A SOUTH DELAWARE DRIVE   EASTON, PA 180429405          NORTHAMPTON    OCT-30-2001     JUN-30-2006    4952   SEWERAGE SYSTEMS
PA0063282   FAIRLAND FARMS WWTF            PINE ST                     SCHNECKSVILLE, PA 180782103     LEHIGH       JAN-20-2004     APR-14-2009    4952   SEWERAGE SYSTEMS
PA0060879   FOUR SEASONS VILLAGE           324 CLUB RD                 LEHIGHTON, PA 18235             CARBON       JUN-06-2002     JUN-05-2007    4952   SEWERAGE SYSTEMS
PA0054623   GARY W VOLOVNIK                1624 THREE MILE RUN RD      PERKASIE, PA 18944               BUCKS       JUN-03-2003     JUN-30-2008    4952   SEWERAGE SYSTEMS
                                           1030 NORTH WEST END
PA0051993   GIAMBRONE ENTERPRISES LP       BOULEVARD                   QUAKERTOWN, PA 18951             BUCKS       SEP-14-2001     SEP-14-2006    4952   SEWERAGE SYSTEMS
PA0020435   GOLDEN OAKS WATER SUPPLY       50 E WOODHAVEN DRIVE        WHITE HAVEN, PA 18661           LUZERNE      JUL-08-2002      JUL-07-2007   4952   SEWERAGE SYSTEMS
PA0055689   HAWKINS, DANNY RAY                                                     Page
                                                                       RICHLAND TWP, PA     2 of 6      BUCKS       JUL-12-2000     JUL-12-2005    4952   SEWERAGE SYSTEMS
                                                                                                                         PERMIT      PERMIT EXPIRED    SIC
 NPDES ID          FACILITY NAME                        STREET                     ADDRESS               COUNTY                                                  SIC DESC
                                                                                                                      ISSUED DATE        DATE         CODE
PA0055298   HENRY ANDERSON                   2472 RIVER ROAD             NEW HOPE, PA 18938                BUCKS       MAR-10-2004     MAR-31-2009    4952   SEWERAGE SYSTEMS
PA0062766   HENRY STOUT                      6427 SADDLE ROAD            NEW TRIPOLI, PA 18066            LEHIGH       OCT-22-2001     FEB-25-2007    4952   SEWERAGE SYSTEMS
PA0052035   HERITAGE HILLS WWTP              1135 TAYLORSVILLE RD (REAR) NEWTOWN, PA 18940                 BUCKS       SEP-26-2002     SEP-30-2007    4952   SEWERAGE SYSTEMS
PA0061875   HICKORY HILLS DEVELOPMENT STP HICKORY HILLS                  FOSTER TWP, PA                   LUZERNE      JUN-24-2002     JUN-23-2007    4952   SEWERAGE SYSTEMS
PA0061905   HICKORY RUN SERVICE PLAZA        HC 2 STAR ROUTE             JIM THORPE, PA 18229             CARBON       MAY-28-2004     MAY-27-2009    4952   SEWERAGE SYSTEMS
PA0021873   JIM THORPE BORO                  421 NORTH STREET         JIM THORPE, PA 18229                CARBON       JUL-16-2003     JUL-15-2008    4952   SEWERAGE SYSTEMS
PA0053562   PROPERTIES                       CNTR                     OTTSVILLE, PA 18942                  BUCKS       APR-13-2000     APR-13-2005    4952   SEWERAGE SYSTEMS
PA0051799   LEHIGH CARBON COMM COLLEGE       4525 EDUCATION PARK DR      SCHNECKSVILLE, PA 180782502      LEHIGH       MAR-12-2003     MAR-31-2008    4952   SEWERAGE SYSTEMS
                                             WYNNEWOOD TERRACE
PA0036081   LEHIGH CO AUTH                   DEVELOPMENT                 LAURY'S STATION, PA 18059        LEHIGH       AUG-14-2003     AUG-13-2008    4952   SEWERAGE SYSTEMS

PA0051811   LEHIGH CO AUTH - WELL WL17       6394 CLAUSER RD             OREFIELD, PA 18069               LEHIGH       JAN-17-2003     FEB-22-2008    4952   SEWERAGE SYSTEMS
PA0036102   LEHIGH COUNTY AUTH - HEIDELBER                               GERMANSVILLE, PA 18053           LEHIGH       DEC-14-1999     DEC-13-2004    4952   SEWERAGE SYSTEMS
PA0055131   LEHIGH COUNTY GAME PRESERVE      5150 GAME PRESEDRVE ROAD    SCHNECKSVILLE, PA 18078          LEHIGH       MAY-22-2002     MAY-21-2007    4952   SEWERAGE SYSTEMS
PA0063231   LEHIGH TWP MUNI AUTH             PENNSVILLE STP              WALNUTPORT, PA 18088           NORTHAMPTON    FEB-23-2003     FEB-07-2009    4952   SEWERAGE SYSTEMS
PA0055255   LEISER, ERIC                                                 MACUNGIE BORO, PA 18062          LEHIGH       NOV-15-1999     NOV-14-2004    4952   SEWERAGE SYSTEMS
PA0043915   CENTR                            3300 RIVER ROAD             MT BETHEL, PA 183436122        NORTHAMPTON    FEB-06-2002     FEB-05-2007    4952   SEWERAGE SYSTEMS
PA0055824   MARTIN, THOMAS                                               UPPER BLACK EDDY, PA 18972        BUCKS       FEB-01-1999     FEB-01-2004    4952   SEWERAGE SYSTEMS
PA0041742   AUTHORITY                        STREETS                     NAZARETH, PA 18064             NORTHAMPTON    NOV-25-2003     MAR-30-2007    4952   SEWERAGE SYSTEMS
                                             E OF SR 93 ALONG RAILROAD
            NIS HOLLOW ESTATES - EAST        TRCK                        NESQUEHONING, PA 18240           CARBON       NOV-19-2002     DEC-22-2007    4952   SEWERAGE SYSTEMS
PA0070220   WWTF
            NORTHAMPTON AREA SCHOOL          CHEROKEE LANE               LEHIGHTON, PA 18235              CARBON       APR-16-2003     APR-15-2008    4952   SEWERAGE SYSTEMS
PA0051675   DIST                             MOORE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL KLECKNERSVILLE, PA 18014           NORTHAMPTON    MAY-29-2002     MAY-28-2007    4952   SEWERAGE SYSTEMS
PA0063568   NORTHAMPTON BORO WTP             2ND ST & ROOSEVELT RD       WHITEHALL, PA 18052              LEHIGH       AUG-26-2002     AUG-25-2007    4952   SEWERAGE SYSTEMS
PA0031127   NORTHAMPTON BOROUGH              1401 LAUBACH AVENUE         NORTHAMPTON, PA 18067          NORTHAMPTON    OCT-29-2002     MAR-30-2007    4952   SEWERAGE SYSTEMS
PA0052132   OREFIELD MIDDLE SCHOOL           2675 ROUTE 309              OREFIELD, PA 18069               LEHIGH       JAN-23-2003     JAN-22-2008    4952   SEWERAGE SYSTEMS
PA0023051   PALMERTON BORO WWTF              S THIRD ST END              PALMERTON, PA 18071              CARBON       AUG-29-2002     AUG-28-2007    4952   SEWERAGE SYSTEMS
PA0060097   PAWC-POCONO CO PLACE WWTP        1 LAKEVIEW ACCESS RD        TOBYHANNA, PA 184669599          MONROE       JAN-30-2003     JAN-29-2008    4952   SEWERAGE SYSTEMS
PA0037052   TREATMENT PLANT                  SOUTH MAIN ST               PEN ARGYL, PA 18072            NORTHAMPTON    AUG-06-2002     AUG-05-2007    4952   SEWERAGE SYSTEMS
PA0061719   PINECREST DEVELOPMENT CORP       P O BOX 760                 POCONO PINES, PA 18350           MONROE       JAN-27-2003     JAN-26-2008    4952   SEWERAGE SYSTEMS

PA0064297   PORTLAND ULTRA-POLY              1 DIVISION ST               PORTLAND, PA 18351             NORTHAMPTON    JUL-22-2003     JUL-21-2008    4952   SEWERAGE SYSTEMS
PA0053261   PRAXAIR INCORPORATED             416 W CENTER ST             STOCKERTOWN, PA 18083          NORTHAMPTON    JUL-06-2000     JUL-05-2005    4952   SEWERAGE SYSTEMS
PA0020290   TREATMENT PLANT                  777 EAST BROAD STREET       QUAKERTOWN, PA 18951              BUCKS       JAN-10-2001     JAN-10-2006    4952   SEWERAGE SYSTEMS
PA0052787   CHURC                            180 THATCHER ROAD           QUAKERTOWN, PA 18951              BUCKS       JAN-13-2004     JAN-31-2009    4952   SEWERAGE SYSTEMS
PA0062481   RICO CARISCH RES STP             20 CANAL ROAD               EASTON, PA 18042-9713          NORTHAMPTON    NOV-15-2001     NOV-14-2006    4952   SEWERAGE SYSTEMS
PA0062944   ROBERT BARKER & CHARLES RICE     618 QUAKER PLAIN RD         BANGOR, PA 18013               NORTHAMPTON    FEB-03-2003     FEB-02-2008    4952   SEWERAGE SYSTEMS
PA0055158   ROGER & THERESA BAHNCK           327 DURHAM RD               OTTSVILLE, PA 18942               BUCKS       DEC-18-2003     DEC-31-2008    4952   SEWERAGE SYSTEMS
PA0035629   SAFETY REST AREA SITE #39        INTERSTATE 80 EASTBOUND     FOSTER TWP, PA                   LUZERNE      FEB-17-2003     FEB-29-2008    4952   SEWERAGE SYSTEMS

PA0054313   ZIEGLER                          3176 WALNUT ST              SPRINGTOWN, PA 18081              BUCKS       OCT-28-2002     OCT-31-2007    4952   SEWERAGE SYSTEMS
PA0020176   SLATINGTON MUNI WATERWORKS       3055 WELSHTOWN ROAD         SLATINGTON, PA 18080             LEHIGH       JUL-09-2003     JUL-08-2008    4952   SEWERAGE SYSTEMS
PA0061204   SPLIT ROCK WTP                   CROSSHILL RD                LAKE HARMONY, PA 18624           CARBON       SEP-17-2001     SEP-16-2006    4952   SEWERAGE SYSTEMS
PA0061107   STILLWATER SEWER PLANT                                       POCONO SUMMIT, PA 18346          MONROE       OCT-23-2003     OCT-22-2008    4952   SEWERAGE SYSTEMS
PA0052850   STOCKERTOWN BORO STP             209 MAIN STREET             STOCKERTOWN, PA 180830000      NORTHAMPTON    JUL-15-2002     JUL-14-2007    4952   SEWERAGE SYSTEMS
PA0050768   STONEBRIDGE ESTATES              STONY BRIDGE RD             BEDMINSTER, PA 18910              BUCKS       NOV-13-2003     NOV-30-2008    4952   SEWERAGE SYSTEMS
PA0020711   TOPTON BORO STP                  96 PUMP LANE                MERTZTOWN, PA 19539               BERKS       NOV-26-2001     DEC-01-2006    4952   SEWERAGE SYSTEMS
PA0055344   UPPER MAKEFIELD TWP              1076 EAGLE RD               NEWTOWN, PA 18940                 BUCKS       JUN-01-2004     JUN-30-2009    4952   SEWERAGE SYSTEMS
PA0053147   UPPER SAUCON TWP WATER           5500 CAMP MEETING ROAD      CENTER VALLEY, PA 18034-8401     LEHIGH       AUG-06-2002     MAR-30-2007    4952   SEWERAGE SYSTEMS
PA0055280   VAN ELLIS SRSTP                  6179 COVERED BRIDGE RD      PIPERSVILLE, PA 189471307         BUCKS       OCT-21-2003     OCT-31-2008    4952   SEWERAGE SYSTEMS
PA0021555   WEATHERLY WTF                    SEVENTH ST                  WEATHERLY, PA 18255              CARBON       APR-29-2002     APR-28-2007    4952   SEWERAGE SYSTEMS

PA0052167   WIND GAP MUNICIPAL AUTHORITY     578 ABEL COLONY ROAD        WIND GAP, PA 18091             NORTHAMPTON    JUL-31-2002     SEP-30-2006    4952   SEWERAGE SYSTEMS
PA0063142   CHRINS                           1053 BUSHKILL DR            EASTON, PA 18042               NORTHAMPTON    JAN-04-2000     JAN-03-2005    4953   REFUSE SYSTEMS
PA0070483   LANDFIL                          1963 PEN ARGYL ROAD         PEN ARGYL, PA 18072            NORTHAMPTON    APR-19-2004     APR-30-2009    4953   REFUSE SYSTEMS

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                                                                                                                PERMIT      PERMIT EXPIRED    SIC
 NPDES ID          FACILITY NAME                    STREET                 ADDRESS              COUNTY                                                   SIC DESC
                                                                                                             ISSUED DATE        DATE         CODE
PA0070394   LANDFILL                      539 ROUNDTABLE DRIVE   NAZARETH, PA 18064            NORTHAMPTON    DEC-19-2001     DEC-18-2006    4953   REFUSE SYSTEMS
PA0012327   HIDDEN VALLEY LANDFILL        ROUTE 611 EASTON RD    FERNDALE, PA 18921               BUCKS       MAR-18-2003     MAR-31-2008    4953   REFUSE SERVICE
                                                                                                                                                    METALS SYSTEMS
                                                                                                                                                    CENTERS AND
PA0040614   BETHLEHEM STEEL CORP          1170 EIGHTH AVENUE     BETHLEHEM, PA 18025             LEHIGH       SEP-28-2001     NOV-15-2006    5051   OFFICES
                                                                                                                                                    PACKAGED FROZEN
PA0063169   POCONO FOODS INC                                     UPPER MOUNT BETHEL, PA        NORTHAMPTON    SEP-15-2004     SEP-14-2009    5142   FOODS
                                                                                                                                                    PETROLEUM BULK
            ATLANTIC REF & MKT C/FULLERTON FULLERTON MARKETING                                                                                      STATIONS AND
PA0062723   TERM                           TERMINAL              WHITEHALL, PA 180524699         LEHIGH       OCT-31-2002     OCT-30-2007    5171   TERMINALS
                                                                                                                                                    PETROLEUM BULK
                                                                                                                                                    STATIONS AND
PA0070084   BUCKEYE TERMINALS LLC         5198 BUCKEYE ROAD      EMMAUS, PA 18049                LEHIGH       AUG-26-2002     AUG-25-2007    5171   TERMINALS
                                                                                                                                                    PETROLEUM BULK
                                                                                                                                                    STATIONS AND
PA0036811   GILBERT TERMINAL              2525 APPLEBUTTER RD    HELLERTOWN, PA 18055          NORTHAMPTON    MAY-05-2003     MAY-04-2008    5171   TERMINALS
                                                                                                                                                    PETROLEUM AND
                                                                                                                                                    EXCEPT BULK
                                          TANK FARM & SHIPPERS                                                                                      STATIONS AND
PA0041009   PIPELINE PETROLEUM INC        ROADS                  MACUNGIE, PA 18062              LEHIGH       SEP-03-2002     SEP-02-2007    5172   TERMINALS
                                                                                                                                                    MOBILE HOME
PA0034070   GLENCREST MHP                 6000 GLENCREST RD      SLATINGTON, PA 18080-3060       LEHIGH       JUN-17-2002     JUN-16-2007    5271   DEALERS
                                                                                                                                                    MOBILE HOME
PA0034746   LIL WOLF MHP                  3411 LIL WOLF DR       OREFIELD, PA 18069-2138         LEHIGH       JAN-30-2003     JAN-29-2008    5271   DEALERS
                                                                                                                                                    MOBILE HOME
PA0033740   WHISPERING HOLLOW SOUTH MHP 139 COUNTRY CLUB RD      NORTHAMPTON, PA 18067         NORTHAMPTON    NOV-01-2002     OCT-31-2007    5271   DEALERS
                                                                                                                                                    MISCELLANEOUS FOOD
PA0053279   BUCKINGHAM SPRINGS VILLAGE    1490 DURHAM RD         NEW HOPE, PA 18938-5437          BUCKS       SEP-05-2002     SEP-30-2007    5499   STORES
PA0053015   COUNTRY PLACE                 1007 RTE 313           PERKASIE, PA 18944-3775          BUCKS       JUN-01-2004     JUN-30-2009    5812   EATING PLACES
PA0053813   TERMINAL                      100 TANK FARM ROAD     MACUNGIE, PA 18062              LEHIGH       JAN-08-2003     JAN-07-2008    5983   FUEL OIL DEALERS
                                                                                                                                                    INSTITUTIONS, NOT
            THORNHURST CNTRY CLUB                                                                                                                   FEDERALLY
PA0060411   ESTATES                                              WILKES-BARRE, PA                LUZERNE      MAY-11-1999     MAY-10-2004    6036   CHARTERED OF
PA0070475   POCONO MTN LODGE              RR 1                   WHITE HAVEN, PA 18661-9801      LUZERNE      DEC-17-1999     DEC-16-2004    6513   BUILDINGS
                                                                                                                                                    OPERATORS OF
                                                                                                                                                    RESIDENTIAL MOBILE
PA0032328   HICKORY HILLS MHC             121 HICKORY HILLS DR   BATH, PA 18014-2162           NORTHAMPTON    MAY-24-2002     MAY-23-2007    6515   HOME SITES
                                                                                                                                                    OPERATORS OF
                                                                                                                                                    RESIDENTIAL MOBILE
PA0044270   KEYSTONE MOBILE HOME PARK     5230 KEYSTONE RD       LAURYS STATION, PA 18059        LEHIGH       MAR-18-2002     MAR-17-2007    6515   HOME SITES
                                                                                                                                                    OPERATORS OF
                                                                                                                                                    RESIDENTIAL MOBILE
PA0040487   MAPLE LANE ESTATES WPCF       RR 1                   FREELAND, PA 182242025          LUZERNE      JUL-22-2003      JUL-21-2008   6515   HOME SITES
                                                                                                                                                    OPERATORS OF
                                                                                                                                                    RESIDENTIAL MOBILE
PA0031178   MELODY LAKES ESTATES          22 ASH LANE            RICHLAND, PA                     BUCKS       MAR-18-2003     MAR-31-2008    6515   HOME SITES
                                                                                                                                                    OPERATORS OF
                                                                                                                                                    RESIDENTIAL MOBILE
PA0045187   RICHLAND MEADOWS MHP                                 QUAKERTOWN BORO, PA 18951        BUCKS       SEP-23-2004     SEP-30-2009    6515   HOME SITES
                                                                                                                                                    OPERATORS OF
                                                                                                                                                    RESIDENTIAL MOBILE
PA0052591   WALNUTPORT MOBILE HOME PARK 901 S BEST AVE           WALNUTPORT, PA 18088          NORTHAMPTON    JAN-15-2003     JAN-14-2008    6515   HOME SITES
                                                                                                                                                    OPERATORS OF
                                                                                                                                                    RESIDENTIAL MOBILE
PA0070301   WHISPERING HOLLOW NORTH MHP PA ROUTE 248             NORTHAMPTON, PA 18067         NORTHAMPTON    JUL-22-2003     JUL-21-2008    6515   HOME SITES
                                                                                                                                                    VEHICLE PARKS AND
PA0061948   OTTOS CAMPING RESORT          1500 ROCK ST           LEHIGHTON, PA 18235             CARBON       JUL-08-2003     JUL-07-2008    7033   CAMPSITES
                                                                                                                                                    AMUSEMENT AND
                                                                                                                                                    SERVICES, NOT
PA0063428   BLUE MOUNTAIN SKI AREA                               PALMERTON, PA                   CARBON       DEC-03-2000     DEC-02-2005    7999   CLASSIFIED
            MAHONING VALLEY NURSING &                                                                                                               INTERMEDIATE CARE
PA0070491   REHABILITATION CENTER WWTF    397 HEMLOCK DR         LEHIGHTON, PA 182359640         CARBON       JAN-07-2003     JAN-06-2008    8052   FACILITIES
                                                                                                                                                    HEALTH AND ALLIED
                                                                                                                                                    SERVICES, NOT
PA0054704   TRI-COUNTY RESPITE            5666 CLYMER ROAD       QUAKERTOWN,Page 4 of
                                                                            PA 18951       6      BUCKS       OCT-31-2002     OCT-31-2007    8099   CLASSIFIED
                                                                                                                     PERMIT      PERMIT EXPIRED    SIC
 NPDES ID          FACILITY NAME                      STREET                    ADDRESS              COUNTY                                                   SIC DESC
                                                                                                                  ISSUED DATE        DATE         CODE
                                                                                                                                                         ELEMENTARY AND
PA0030996   BANGOR AREA SCHOOL DIST        123 FIVE POINTS RICHMOND RD BANGOR, PA 18013             NORTHAMPTON    JAN-29-2003     JAN-28-2008    8211   SECONDARY SCHOOLS
            BEDMINSTER ELEMENTARY                                                                                                                        ELEMENTARY AND
PA0029521   SCHOOL                         2914 FRETZ VALLEY ROAD     BEDMINSTER, PA 18910             BUCKS       FEB-27-2003     FEB-28-2008    8211   SECONDARY SCHOOLS
                                                                                                                                                         ELEMENTARY AND
PA0036439   PA DPW/WHITE HAVEN CENTER      827 OLEY VALLEY ROAD       WHITE HAVEN, PA 18661           LUZERNE      DEC-05-2002     DEC-04-2007    8211   SECONDARY SCHOOLS
                                                                                                                                                         ELEMENTARY AND
PA0029530   PALISADES SCHOOL DISTRICT                                 NOCKAMIXON TWP, PA               BUCKS       JUL-18-2000     JUL-18-2005    8211   SECONDARY SCHOOLS
            WEISENBERG ELEMENTARY                                                                                                                        ELEMENTARY AND
PA0040932   SCHOOL                         2665 GOLDEN KEY ROAD       KUTZTOWN, PA 195308562          LEHIGH       MAR-11-2003     MAR-10-2008    8211   SECONDARY SCHOOLS
                                                                                                                                                         UNIVERSITIES, AND
PA0063819   LAFAYETTE COLLEGE              118 MARKLE HALL            EASTON, PA 18042              NORTHAMPTON    FEB-25-2004     FEB-24-2009    8221   SCHOOLS
                                                                                                                                                         UNIVERSITIES, AND
            LEHIGH UNIV PACKER &                                                                                                                         PROFESSIONAL
PA0044423   MOUNTAINTOP                    461 WEBSTER                BETHLEHEM, PA 18015           NORTHAMPTON    JAN-18-2001     JAN-17-2006    8221   SCHOOLS
                                                                                                                                                         MUSEUMS AND ART
PA0032107   BELTZVILLE STATE PARK          2950 POHOPOCO DR           LEHIGHTON, PA 18235-8905        CARBON       NOV-15-2001     NOV-14-2006    8412   GALLERIES
                                                                                                                                                         MUSEUMS AND ART
PA0034118   BLUE RIDGE REAL ESTATE         JACK FROST MOUNTAIN WWTF BLAKESLEE, PA 18610               CARBON       SEP-16-2002     SEP-15-2007    8412   GALLERIES
            COMM OF PA - WASHINGTON                                 WASHINGTON CROSSING, PA                                                              MUSEUMS AND ART
PA0051268   CROSSI                                                  18977                              BUCKS       JUL-16-1999     JUL-16-2004    8412   GALLERIES
                                                                    WASHINGTON CROSSING, PA                                                              MUSEUMS AND ART
PA0042978   COMMONWEALTH OF PA                                      18977                              BUCKS       MAY-05-1999     MAY-05-2004    8412   GALLERIES
                                                                                                                                                         MUSEUMS AND ART
PA0042641   DCNR-NOCKAMIXON STATE PARK                                BEDMINSTER TWP, PA 18910         BUCKS       AUG-17-2004     AUG-31-2009    8412   GALLERIES
                                                                                                                                                         MUSEUMS AND ART
PA0032999   HICKORY RUN STATE PARK         RR 1 BOX 81                WHITE HAVEN, PA 18661-9712      CARBON       NOV-25-2003     NOV-24-2008    8412   GALLERIES
PA0062316   BLUE MTN VILLAGE ON CHICOLA LK 1 BLUE MOUNTAIN VLG        SAYLORSBURG, PA 18353           MONROE       OCT-10-2002     OCT-09-2007    8811   PRIVATE HOUSEHOLDS
PA0086550   CONRAD RESIDENCE               RR 1 BOX 321               ALBURTIS, PA 18011-9801          BERKS       OCT-08-2004     NOV-01-2009    8811   PRIVATE HOUSEHOLDS
PA0062367   LAKEVIEW ESTATES WWTF          SR 507 NORTH               GOULDSBORO, PA 18424            WAYNE        MAR-10-2003     MAR-31-2008    8811   PRIVATE HOUSEHOLDS
PA0063088   FAMILY RES                     2020 RAUBSVILLE ROAD       HELLERTOWN, PA 18055-9766     NORTHAMPTON    NOV-24-2003     JUN-09-2008    8811   PRIVATE HOUSEHOLDS
PA0053597   LAWRENCE LOT 5 SRSTP           5650 TOLLGATE RD           PIPERSVILLE, PA 18947-1516       BUCKS       JUN-06-2001     JUN-06-2006    8811   PRIVATE HOUSEHOLDS
PA0053601   RICHARD & BRENDA STEINMETZ     5564 TOLLGATE ROAD         PIPERSVILLE, PA 18947            BUCKS       JUL-06-2001     JUL-06-2006    8811   PRIVATE HOUSEHOLDS
                                                                                                                                                         GOVERNMENT, NOT
            DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY                                                                                                                       ELSEWHERE
PA0010987   TOBYHANNA                      11 HAP ARNOLD BOULEVARD    TOBYHANNA, PA 18466-500         MONROE       JAN-23-2003     JAN-22-2008    9199   CLASSIFIED
                                                                                                                                                         PUBLIC ORDER AND
                                                                                                                                                         SAFETY, NOT
PA0041076   DCNR - FOREST DISTRICT 19      2808 THREE MILE RUN RD     PERKASIE, PA 18944               BUCKS       DEC-11-2003     DEC-10-2008    9229   CLASSIFIED
                                                                                                                                                         ADMINISTRATION OF
                                           BROOKMONT DR & ALTEMOSE                                                                                       PUBLIC HEALTH
PA0062260   BROOKMONT HEALTH CARE CTR      DR                         EFFORT, PA 18330                MONROE       JUN-19-2002     JUN-18-2007    9431   PROGRAMS
PA0063665   ALLENTOWN CITY                                            ALLENTOWN CITY, PA 18101        LEHIGH       APR-26-2004     APR-25-2009
PA0058564   CAMP TOHIKANEE                 990 RICHLANDTOWN RD        QUAKERTOWN, PA 18951             BUCKS       FEB-26-2003     FEB-28-2008
PA0058441   CHRISTIAN & MELANIE DERSTINE   2700 OLD BETHLEHEM ROAD    SELLERSVILLE, PA 18960           BUCKS       MAR-20-2002     MAR-19-2007
PA0056481   CLEE, WALTER                   6755 EASTON ROAD           PIPERSVILLE, PA 18947            BUCKS       DEC-17-2001     DEC-17-2006
PA0064122   PLANT                          2254 APPLEBUTTER ROAD      BETHLEHEM, PA 18015           NORTHAMPTON    JAN-02-2002     JAN-01-2007
PA0056308   CRAWFORD, MARK                 912 GREEN STREET           PERKASIE, PA 18944               BUCKS       APR-01-2002     MAR-31-2007
                                                                      UPPER BLACK EDDY, PA 18972-
PA0057738   DELAWARE CANAL STATE PARK      11 LODI HILL RD            9540                             BUCKS       SEP-14-1999     SEP-14-2004
PA0056316   FITTON, ROBERT                                            KINTNERSVILLE, PA 18930          BUCKS       NOV-23-1999     NOV-23-2004
PA0058513   GREG THOMPSON                  MINK & MAPLE ROADS         KINTNERSVILLE, PA 18930          BUCKS       SEP-06-2002     SEP-30-2007
PA0062847   H A BERKHEIMER INC             1883 JORY ROAD             PEN ARGYL, PA 18072           NORTHAMPTON    JUL-24-2002     JUL-23-2007
PA0063011   HAZLETON CITY AUTH WATER DEPT 400 E ARTHUR GARDNER PKY    HAZLETON, PA 18201              LUZERNE      JAN-08-2004     JAN-07-2009
PA0063827   JAMES AND JUDY SAUNDERS        WEST PENN PINES MHP        NEW RINGGOLD, PA 17960         SCHUYLKILL    FEB-17-2004     FEB-16-2009
                                                                      WASHINGTON CROSSING, PA
PA0057908   JERICHO NATIONAL GC            388 BROWNSBURG RD          18977                            BUCKS       JUL-07-2000     JUL-07-2005
PA0064114   JIM THORPE AREA SCH DIST                                  KIDDER TWP, PA                  CARBON       MAY-29-2001     MAY-28-2006
PA0058548   KEELERSVILLE CLUB              2522 RIDGE RD              PERKASIE, PA 18944               BUCKS       JUL-30-2002     JUL-31-2007
PA0057959   KELLER, EDWARD & LOIS                                     QUAKERTOWN BORO, PA 18951        BUCKS       MAY-09-2000     MAY-09-2005
PA0058734   KEMMERER                       HAYCOCK RUN RD             KINTNERSVILLE, PA 18930          BUCKS       AUG-07-2003     AUG-31-2008
PA0062880   KIDSPEACE CORP                 ORCHARD HILLS CAMPUS       OREFIELD, PA 180692044          LEHIGH       AUG-29-2002     AUG-28-2007
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                                                                                                                  PERMIT      PERMIT EXPIRED    SIC
 NPDES ID          FACILITY NAME                      STREET                   ADDRESS            COUNTY                                              SIC DESC
                                                                                                               ISSUED DATE        DATE         CODE
PA0058505   KILCAR HOUSE INC              1197 CALIFORNIA RD         QUAKERTOWN, PA 18951           BUCKS       SEP-04-2002     SEP-30-2007
PA0064149   LLC                           SUITE 175                  BETHLEHEM, PA 18017           LEHIGH       SEP-24-2001     SEP-23-2006
PA0057941   LON MOYER                     OLD BETHLEHEM RD           QUAKERTOWN, PA 18951           BUCKS       MAY-09-2000     MAY-09-2005
PA0058165   LOT NO 8 SFSTP                MOUNTAIN VIEW DR           QUAKERTOWN, PA 18951           BUCKS       FEB-01-2001     FEB-01-2006
PA0058122   LUCY GREEN & MARK SFIRRI      1699 PINEVILLE RD          NEW HOPE, PA 18938             BUCKS       MAR-14-2001     MAR-14-2006
PA0064271   RESIDENCE                     4926 MAIN ROAD W           EMMAUS, PA 18049              LEHIGH       NOV-26-2002     NOV-25-2007
PA0063941   MICROPACK CORP                                           PALMERTON, PA                 CARBON       JUL-06-1999     JUL-05-2004
PA0058637   MOYERS CHICKS INC             266 E PALETOWN RD          QUAKERTOWN, PA 189512831       BUCKS       MAR-18-2003     MAR-31-2008
PA0058319   MS COURTNEY G KEEP            932 BECK RD                QUAKERTOWN, PA 18951           BUCKS       MAY-25-2001     MAY-25-2006
PA0063487   NORTHSIDE HEIGHTS ESTATES     97 SAM BROOKE CIRCLE       LEHIGHTON, PA 18235           CARBON       SEP-12-2001     SEP-11-2006
PA0063631   TROXELL BUILDING              BOULEVARD                  ALLENTOWN, PA 18104           LEHIGH       OCT-29-2002     OCT-28-2007
PA0058203   PETERS CLAY POTS              1320 NORTH WEST END BLVD   QUAKERTOWN, PA 18951           BUCKS       JUN-06-2001     JUN-06-2006
PA0058475   PLUMSTEAD TWP                 TIMBERLY FARMS STP         PLUMSTEADVILLE, PA 18949       BUCKS       FEB-26-2003     FEB-28-2008
PA0057932   REPLOGLE LOT #1               OLD BETHLEHEM RD           QUAKERTOWN, PA 18951           BUCKS       MAY-09-2000     MAY-09-2005
PA0063347   ROMANISHAN SR, WAYNE                                     BUSHKILL TWP, PA            NORTHAMPTON    SEP-27-2000     SEP-26-2005
PA0058017   RUFE, DANIEL                                             NOCKAMIXON TWP, PA             BUCKS       AUG-10-2000     AUG-10-2005
PA0057401   S & S STYLES                  6801 EASTON ROAD           PIPERSVILLE, PA 18947          BUCKS       MAY-22-2003     MAY-31-2008
PA0056677   STEVE & CAROLINE MACRI        6770 POINT PLEASANT PIKE   NEW HOPE, PA 18938             BUCKS       DEC-19-2001     DEC-19-2006
PA0058599   TAX MAP PARCEL 1-12-142-2     DEEP RUN RD                PIPERSVILLE, PA 18947          BUCKS       JUL-01-2003     JUL-31-2008
PA0063533   TOBYHANNA TWP                 STATE AVE                  POCONO PINES, PA 18350        MONROE       AUG-27-2001     AUG-26-2006
PA0058611   TOM HELDER                    3260 MINK ROAD             KINTNERSVILLE, PA 18930        BUCKS       SEP-04-2002     SEP-30-2007
PA0058238   WARREN P MANGER               130 BEAUMONT DRIVE         NEWTOWN, PA 18940              BUCKS       FEB-08-2001     FEB-08-2006
PA0053163   WEBSTER YOUNGS                5029 VERA CRUZ ROAD        CENTER VALLEY, PA 18034       LEHIGH       OCT-16-2002     OCT-15-2007
PA0063959   WILLIS, ELAINE                                           TOBYHANNA TWP, PA 18466       MONROE       OCT-12-1999     OCT-11-2004

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