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Use Ira Mortgage Payment Unemployed


Use Ira Mortgage Payment Unemployed document sample

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									                                                                                                                                           Print Form
                                                       2011 CAMP RAMAH
                                                                                                                            For Office Use Only
   Due with
                       Due By
                     March 2, 2011
                                        FINANCIAL AID APPLICATION                                                      Date Received __________

                                        DUE WITH ENROLLMENT APPLICATION                                                T R '10 _____T R '09_____

                                         Incomplete application will not be considered. All                            W-2 '10 ____W-2 '09_____
       Tax Return          Tax Return
          2009                2010      applications must include COMPLETE 2009 Income                                 08 Ramah FA __________
                                                      Tax documents & W-2
      W-2 or 1099         W-2 or 1099                                                                                  08 Other ______________
      forms 2009          forms 2010
                                          2010 Tax return and W-2 Must be Submitted by
                                                            March 2, 2011
                            I. YOUR FAMILY                                                (Check All That Apply)
                                                                                                                                     For Office Use
                                                              Grade                  Ses. Ses.     Gesher           Tikvah
                     Camper's Name(s):                       (Fall '10)
                                                                                      1    2     (a/b/c/d)       (1/2/E/E2 )




Has applicant or any member of your family attended Camp Ramah in California before?                   Yes            No

List names and years: .
 Parents Are:
                     Married            Separated*      Divorced*          Single (Never Married)             Widowed
Camper Lives With:            Both Parents/Guardians       Mother/ Guardian 1               Father/ Guardian 2
                       Parent/Guardian 1:                                                  Parent/Guardian 2:
 Name                                                                 Name

 Address                                                              Address

 City, State, Zip                                                     City, State, Zip

Phone                               Email                            Phone                                    Email

 Employer                                                             Employer

  Position                                                                Position

      Years w/ Employer                                                    Years w/ Employer

 Work Phone                                                           Work Phone

Self Employed?             Yes                   No                  Self Employed?              Yes                        No

 If Unemployeed, Date Unemployed                                      If Unemployeed, Date Unemployed

 Gross Salary Before Unemployed                                       Gross Salary Before Unemployed

 Former Profession                                                    Former Profession

 To what Synagogue do you Belong?

 Affiliation:        Conservative           Reform        Orthodox             Reconstructionist             Unaffiliated                     Other:

                                                                                                                                 G:\\DOC?0\\Scholarship 2010\\Fin aid app2010.doc
II. YOUR FINANCIAL AID REQUEST                                                                                         Text
How did you hear about this scholarship?             Newspaper Ad         Camp        Friend        Synagogue           Other:

Have you received financial aid from CAMP RAMAH in the past?                 Yes        No
From what other sources are you seeking financial aid for Ramah this summer? Please contact as many sources as possible.
           Organization (Please list all sources)                    Phone                      Contact                  Amount Expected

How do you plan to cover the cost of camp?                                             Non-Ramah Subsidy Total

a. Total Ramah Tuition (total tuition charges for all children)

b. Family can afford (Scholarships are based on the expectation that families contribute)

c. Non-Ramah subsidies (Total from Organization list above)

                                       d. Total lines b through c:

 Financial aid request from Camp Ramah?                                    (subtract line d. from line a.)

1. Statement of Total Cash (attach additional sheet, if needed)
                                                                                                   Present Balance
 Type of Account
A. Checking

B. Savings/ CD's

C. Trust           Parent's/Family's       Child's

D. Total stocks, bonds & mutual funds

E. Other


2. Statement of Personal Residence and other Real Estate (attach additional sheet, if needed)

                   Type                       Year Acquired         Original Cost      Current Value         Loan Balance        Monthly Payment
A. Personal Home (1st)

B. Personal Home (2nd Mortgage)

C. Second Home/Timeshare

D. Investment Property


                                                                                                                       G:\\DOC?0\\Scholarship 2010\\Fin aid app2010.doc
3. Statement of Retirement Funds (attach additional sheet, if needed)
                 Type                                   Original Value                                           Current Value
Total Pension Plan

Total IRA Account (401k, 403b?)

4. Statement of Automobiles, Trucks, and other Vehicles

       Year             Own/Lease          Make & Model         Original Cost       Current Value            Loan Balance       Monthly Payment


5. Statement of Personal Loans/Credit Card Debts Medical and Other Liabilities (attach additional sheet, if needed)

                     Creditor's Name                                  Type of Obligation                   Current Balance    Monthly Payment


6. Statement of 2010 School Tuition (if applicable, entire family, attach additional sheet, if needed)
                             Relationship to                              Grade     Full Tuition     Room & Board        Financial Aid               Parent(s) Monthly
     Child's Name                                     School Name
                               Applicant                                  Level      Amount          (if not included)     Amount                        Payment


                                                                                                                             G:\\DOC?0\\Scholarship 2010\\Fin aid app2010.doc
 A. Income
(Must submit complete federal tax return as backup)                                            Tax Year 2010              Tax Year 2011
Budget Summary: Gross Income & Expenses                                                  Please complete and submit   Please project this year's
                                                                                             09/10 tax returns by     income/indicate with **
Reporting:         Both Parents/Guardian                      One Only                    March 2, 2011 as backup         areas of change
                                                                                           Annual amounts              Annual amounts
1st Parent's Salaries - Wages - Commissions

2nd Parent's Salaries - Wages - Commissions

Interest (from stocks, bonds, other)

Dividends (Schedule B)

Tax Refunds, Credits, or offsets State and Local taxes

Alimony received

Business Income or Loss (from Schedule C or C-EZ)

Capital Gain or Loss (Schedule D)

Pension Income, Annuities, IRA distributions

Social Security


Rental Real Estate, Royalties, Partnerships, Trusts, S Corp

Other Taxable Income (Circle Which) ADFC, Cal Works, Food Stamp, Government Assistance

Other Non-Taxable (please specify)

Child Support or decreed shared child expense contribution

Family/ Friends Financial assistance

                                 Total Annual Income

                                                                                                                         G:\\DOC?0\\Scholarship 2010\\Fin aid app2010.doc
  B. Expense
       Current Monthly Expenses
      (put 0 in boxes that do not apply)      Amount (monthly)        Current Monthly Expenses                 Amount (monthly)

     Rent                   or Mortgage
 must indicate, Pls. include all properties                      Clothing, Entertainment, Miscellaneous
          listed in Statement 2

Association Dues                                                 Alimony or Child Support Paid

Homeowner's Taxes
                                                                 Medical & Dental (not covered by insurance)
(not included in mortgage payment)

                                                                 Monthly Loan Payments
Homeowner's Insurance
                                                                 (from statements 4 and 5)

Medical Insurance                                                Monthly School Payments (from statement 6)

Automobile Insurance                                             School Related Expenses (average per month

Life & Disability Insurance                                      Other

Utilities :( telephone, cable, gas, etc.)                        Other

Food & Household Supplies                                        Other

Gas, Oil, Auto Repairs, Local
                                                                         Subtotal Monthly Expenses:

                             Total Annual Expense (Subtotal above x 12)

Voluntary deferred compensation contributions (e.g., IRA accounts):
        2009                                      2010                                           2011

                                                                                                               G:\\DOC?0\\Scholarship 2010\\Fin aid app2010.doc
If your annual expenses (IV.B) are greater than your annual income (IV.A), please explain how your family will make up the
difference this year.

Do you see your financial circumstances changing in any way during the coming year? Please explain. If you are currently unemployed,
please let us know when you plan to return to work. (Please continue on a separate page as necessary.)

Describe in detail the need or special circumstances that make your application necessary this year? Please provide us with any information
that might help us evaluate your request. (Please continue on a separate page as necessary.)

We certify that the information provided herein is true and correct. We understand that any falsification of information provided in this
application and attachments will terminate financial assistance retroactively, obligating me to repay Ramah the full dollar amount allocated
to the family. We give Camp Ramah in CA permission to verify all the information provided in the application. We further agree, as a
condition to receiving any financial aid, to inform Ramah of any changes in the family's financial situation that may occur during the next

                                 No application will be considered without
                              COMPLETE 2010 and 2009 Income Tax documents!

PARENT/GUARDIAN SIGNATURE _________________________________________________ DATE __________________

PARENT/GUARDIAN NAME (Print) _________________________________________________________________________

PARENT/GUARDIAN SIGNATURE __________________________________________________ DATE__________________
                           (Two Signatures are required for two parent/guardian households)

PARENT/GUARDIAN NAME (Print) _________________________________________________________________________

          Please note: the application deadline is March 2, 2011(for campers enrolled on or before March 3)
                       Incomplete applications WILL NOT be considered.
                             (Applications from late enrollees will only be reviewed as space and funds permit.)
                                                    MAIL ALL DOCUMENTS TO:
                              17525 Ventura Blvd. # 201, Encino, CA 91316 ATTN: BUSINESS OFFICE

                                                                                                                    G:\\DOC?0\\Scholarship 2010\\Fin aid app2010.doc

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