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									Colorado Association of Libraries
        C/O Arapahoe Library District
           12855 E. Jamison Circle
           Englewood, CO 80112
                Phone: 303-463-6400
                 Fax: 303-798-2485

Colorado Academic Library Association (CoALA)
Colorado Association of School Libraries (CASL)
 Colorado Public Library Association (CoPLA)


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                       SECOND ANNUAL REPORT

                                    FROM THE PRESIDENT,
                                    DONNA JONES MORRIS
The Colorado Association of Libraries is now one year seven and one-half months old. March 1, 2001, the
Colorado Educational Media Association (CEMA) and the Colorado Library Association (CLA) officially
joined together to form the Colorado Association of Libra ries (CAL). Much has been accomplished to provide
a solid foundation for this new organization. CAL now includes 1,257 members from all types including
academic, public, school, and special libraries as well as library supporters. Thank you to all Colo rado
librarians and library supporters who have worked to help establish a solid base for CAL.

Our organization has officers elected by the membership to govern the Association, according to the new
bylaws. The framework of a Long Range Plan has been developed. The ongoing process of creating a
procedures manual has started. Each part of CAL is establishing new traditions and practices to ensure
organizational viability and stability.

CAL has a firm financial base upon which to operate. We contract with or employ six individuals to perform
given tasks. Kathleen Sagee Noland, the Executive Director utilizes her superior organizational knowledge full
time as the CAL organizational anchor. Heidi Baker our Special Projects and Colorado Association of School
Libraries (CASL) Liaison uses her extensive organizational expertise for 10 hours per week as she works with
CASL and other projects as assigned. CAL pays our Webmaster, Vicki Nichols, an honorarium to keep our
website up-to-date. CAL also pays a stipend to Janet Lee production co-editor of the Colorado Libraries. Ellen
Dumas is also Colorado Libraries co-editor.

CAL is represented in the Colorado Legislature by two professional lobbyists, Jerry Braden and Ruben Valdez
whose efforts are essential to ensure the viability of Colorado library service. They work to support the CAL
Legislative Agenda that is developed and guided by the CAL Legislative Committee. An extensive legislative
overview for the past year is included in this report.

New tax limitations and special fund designations are two factors that have resulted in major reductions in state
funding for libraries. In fact, state funding for libraries was reduced by 77% in the last two legislative sessions.
In response, our librarians worked diligently and initiated CAL-athon, whereby most Colorado legislators were
called and asked to support library issues. The combination of the loss of funding, the Child Internet Protection
Act, and other issues resulted in a number of newspaper, radio, and television stations contacting several CAL
officers, including myself. The most extensive public relations program I did was for ―Colorado Matters‖ on
public radio. This summer, the strategic issues/emergency response committee (SIERS) was established to
formulate official CAL positions and strategies on strategic issues before they become a crisis.

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CAL received an LSPA Grant to fund a second year ―@your libraries‖ TM campaign. The goal was to train
librarians to effectively publicize library activities through establishing partnerships between those with
experience (coaches) and those without experience (players) in public relations. This grant also sponsored
statewide library publicity.

I represented CAL at a wide range of activities and functions including the Colleague Connection, the National
Book Festival, most Association spring meetings, Legislative Committee meetings, and numerous other
meetings. The major goal set for this past year was to develop a Long Range Plan. The project was tackled at
the summer Board retreat and the guiding framework has now been completed and is included in this report.

And now CAL is about to host our second significant conference, October 16 to 19, 2003 in Keystone. The title
of the conference, ―Working Together Works‖ indicates how much librarians have accomplished this past year
by pulling together. The next two CAL Conferences will be October 21 – 24, 2004 and October 6 - 9, 2005
both at the Marriott Tech Center, Denver, Colorado and we expect them to be successful.

Please join me in thanking all those who have worked together to form CAL, including the Steering Committee
from CEMA and CLA that set the course of this new organization. It has been both a joy and a challenge to
serve as the first President of the Colorado Association of Libraries. The time, energy, and organizational
demands have been significant. During the first year, I organized monthly Board meetings and worked with
only a part-time Executive Director. When the organizational finances were stable, and our CAL Executive
Director began working full- time, our burdens were eased. With regard to the future, two key components that
an organization as complex as CAL must maintain are a full- time executive director and the strong support of
you, the CAL membership. As Colorado initiates new avenues of service the collaborative way in which
Coloradoans and librarians work will be a cornerstone of the new yet to be developed library service model.

                                    TREASURER’S REPORT

   1. It is expected that the membership dues and the annual conference will continue to generate a positive
      cash flow for CAL. Our current assets, including restricted funds, as of the August 2003 balance sheet is
      as follows:

                                                                 2002        2003

       Foothills Bank Checking                        $    508.37   $ 1,360.25
       Foothills Bank Money Market                    $186,239.32   $161,263.74
       Petty Cash                                     $     71.53   $      1.35
       Credit Card Account – Wells Fargo/PayPal       $ 13,419.50   $ 11,191.49
       Restricted Fund – Paralibrarians               $ 2,024.66    $ 2,024.66
       Restricted Fund – Advocacy Grant               $             $ 74,367.90
       Restricted Fund – CLEF                         $             $ 1,171.08
       Restricted Fund – ALA Legislative              $             $    280.00
       Restricted Fund – Boucher                      $ 40,260.81   $ 40,252.36
       TOTAL Checking/Savings/Restricted Funds $241,124.19   $291,912.83

   2. A major emphasis this year was to stabilize the accounting records giving us the ability to better analyze
      the flow of income with expenses. This resulted in the ability to allocate dollars to hire a full-time
      Executive Director.

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3. To provide further protection for the CAL treasury, the organization has purchased Board and Staff
   Liability Insurance, Business and Workman‘s Compensation Insurance, and Conference Insurance.

4. The majority of our current assets are currently held in a money market account. In looking at possible
   CD investments we determined that the interest rates were very close in percentage for 6 month
   accounts. Thus, it was not to our advantage to move money into a CD account at this time. We will
   continue to monitor interest rates over the next year and transfer money into a CD account if interest
   rates increase to an acceptable level.

5. We moved our credit card processing account from Wells Fargo to PayPal. As a result, our processing
   fees and uncollected charges have gone down, saving CAL more dollars.

6. CAL completed an audit review and the organization‘s treasury was found to be in excellent balance and
   in compliance with generally accepted accounting standards and practices.

                      Interest                                                    Administration
                    $3,000 (1%)                                                (Membership Dues)
                                                                                 $106,750 (36%)

                                                                                     Associations and Divisions
                                                                                           $6,450 (2%)

            $164,000 (55%)
                                                                           Colorado Library Journal
                                                                                $19,300 (6%)

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                                             Workshops          (Operating Expenses)
                                             $5,196 (2%)            $27,170 (9%)
                               $6,800 (2%)                                               Administration
                                                                                       (Lobbyist Contract)
                                                                                         $45,000 (15%)
                         $6,000 (2%)
                   Colorado Libraries
                     $24,400 (8%)
                  Associations, Divisions
                     and Committees
                      $7,000 (2%)

                                                                                              Executive Director
                                                                                          Special Projects Coordinator
                                                                                               Production Editor
                                                                                               Web Coordinator
                                                                                                Contract Labor
                               Annual Conference                                                  $60,000 (19%)
                                $126,300 (41%)

                                                   Category                         Amount
                                Administration - General                        $       27,170
                                Administration - Lobbyist                       $       45,000
                                Administration - Salary                         $       60,000
                                Annual Conference                               $      126,300
                                Associations, Divisions and Committees          $        7,000
                                Colorado Libraries                              $       24,400
                                Newsletter                                      $        6,000
                                Travel                                          $        6,800
                                Workshops                                       $        5,196
                                Total                                           $      307,866

George Jaramillo, Treasurer

                                   SECRETARY/ARCHIVIST’S REPORT
My work for the Board was simplified when a full- time Executive Director was hired this year. My main
responsibilities included providing the minutes of the annual Business Meeting; attending every session of the
Executive Board; soliciting agenda items and reports for the meetings; and preparing the Annual Report. I
served as an informal liaison with the special libraries community. I also participated in the Board‘s summer
retreat and strategic planning weekend. I served on the Strategic Planning Task Force to write the Mission and
Strategic Plan from the information generated at the session. The Mission and Strategic Plan are included at the
end of this Annual Report.

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I confirmed and formalized our agreement to deposit CAL‘s Archives at Denver Public Library with their new
Archivist in the Western History Department, CAL member Joan Harms. I collected materials to be deposited at
year end, and issued a list of types of records and materials needed for the permanent archival collection.

Linda Van Wert, Secretary/Archivist

                               EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR’S REPORT
The office performs a variety of functions for the association with a full-time executive director Kathleen Sagee
Noland, and quarter-time special projects coordinator Heidi Baker to ensure that there is continuity and stability
for the associations‘ records, processes, and functions. Our Web coordinator, Vicki Nichols, and the Colorado
Libraries journal production editor, Janet Lee, work to produce our Web site and award-winning publication.
The Executive Director coordinates the work of the paid staff. All will be working closely with the Executive
Board to implement the new strategic plan, and will continue to provide general support for the board and all of
CAL‘s associations/divisions/interest groups, and committees.

Staff is actively involved in the work of many of CAL‘s groups, but especially the Conference, Membership,
Publications, and Strategic Issue and Emergency Response Committees:

•We work on all aspects of the conference, and are especially involved with registration, exhibits, and the
printed program.

•The Membership Committee is supported by our providing the materials needed for the member ship and
renewal drives, as well as membership acknowledgments and administering the benefits of CAL membership,
such as publications delivery and applying discounts to members for conference and workshop registrations.

•We work closely with Publications to ensure that the advertisements from vendors make their way into the
printed publications, that ads are paid for, and that members and subscribers receive their issues of these

•Working with the new SIER committee, the office will be planning strategies to help CAL to deal with
emerging issues before they become crises, and implementing the office processes to do this.

Our organization is very fortunate to have a board that is interested in CAL‘s membership and participation
with groups that enable CAL to keep up on industry trends and increase our knowledge of association
management. Thanks to this support from the board, the Executive Director is able to maintain membership and
participate in the Colorado Society of Association Executives (CSAE) and the American Society of Association
Executives (ASAE).

CAL faces three challenges as we prepare to start into 2004. Our membership is aging out of the profession; we
need to find ways to attract and retain younger members to help keep our orga nization strong. In addition, with
budget cuts in all types of libraries across the state, our institutional and individual memberships may decrease,
so we will need to look at ways to generate non-dues revenue to fill the gap left by declining dues revenue. CAL
will also be working to complete items outlined in the Long Range Plan. Staff looks forward to working on
these issues in the coming year.

Thanks to the Executive Board which, on behalf of the entire membership, has allowed us to serve you – our
members. We are committed to do all we can to serve the organization and help it grow and thrive in 2004.

Kathleen Sagee Noland, Executive Director

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                        Colorado Academic Library Association (CoALA)
Association officers for 2002/03 are: Tom Riedel, Chair; Beth Avery, Vice Chair/Chair-Elect; Joan Lamborn,
Past Chair; Dawn Bastian, Secretary; Nancy Chaffin and Bette Rathe, members-at- large.

The Association
The first order of business at the academic association meeting in Keystone was to reconsider our name. With
the CAL merger, we were the Academic Libraries Association of the Colorado Association of Libraries. In
order to bring the name of our member association more in line with that of other CAL member associations,
we voted to change our name to the Colorado Academic Library Association, or CoALA. This change was
subsequently approved by the board and our bylaws were updated.

The CoALA listserv, hosted by Auraria Library since 1998, moved in the fall of 2002. The new listserv is
hosted out of Grand Junction at the Pathfinder Library System on the Tripath server, a joint project of
Pathfinder and Three Rivers Library Systems. Many thanks are due to Ellen Greenblatt (Auraria Library),
Allison Cowgill (CSU Libraries), and Randy Hagan at the University of Colorado at Denver Computing,
Information and Networking Services for establishing and hosting the listserv initially, and to John Campbell,
Pathfinder Director, for shepherding us into the new phase.

Spring Workshop
A joint workshop planned by CoALA and TSAD (Technical Services and Automation Division of CAL) was
presented May 30th at the Auraria campus in Denver. The topic was ―Managing Change‖.

      Kim Dority, head of G. Kim Dority & Associates, Inc., a company that helps corporations and
       associations analyze their organizations‘ information resources, develop appropriate Web content, and
       align information strategy with their business goals, provided the keynote address: Zen and the Art of
       Change Management. Ms Dority‘s address was followed by two thoughtful reactors, Lynn Taylor,
       Director of Access Services at Denver Public Library, and Catherine Murray-Rust, Dean of Colorado
       State University Libraries.
      After lunch on their own in LoDo, attendees selected one of three concurrent sessions focusing on
       different aspects of change: Developments in Education for Technical Services Librarians; Electronic
       Serials Management with Gold Rush; and Design by Committee, which presented a case study on Web
      The workshop closed with a poster session on assessment projects in place at academic libraries across

Slate of Candidates
Candidates for the CoALA board for the 2003/04 term include: Gayle Abrahamson from Colorado State
University in Pueblo, vice-chair; Dawn Bastian from CSU Fort Collins, secretary; Bette Rathe from University
of Northern Colorado, and Rhonda Gonzales from CSU Pueblo, members-at- large; and Yuliya Lef from
Colorado Mountain College, community college representative.

Annual CAL Conference
Concern was raised at the association business meeting last year about the relevance of conference
programming for the academic audience—it was generally agreed that CoALA should encourage and facilitate

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programming of special interest to academic librarians for the 2003 conference. Our first move was to seek
representation from our group to serve on the program committee, and Nancy Chaffin of CSU and Jan Loechell
of Regis volunteered. Exhortations and offers of help went out over our listserv to drum up participation.
Whether by design or serendipity, the upcoming conference offers a variety of programs focused on academic
libraries and librarians covering topics such as marketing, teaching library skills online, collaboration among
librarians and teaching faculty, customer service, the role of technical services librarians, budget reduction
strategies, coaching and professional development, and Web-based management.

Tom Riedel, Chair

                          Colorado Association of School Libraries (CASL)
The Association
CASL, the Colorado Association of School Libraries, represents the school library community and media
specialists within the Colorado Association of Libraries.

President-Elect David Sanger takes office in October.         Kim Meyer was elected 2004 President- Elect.
President Judy Barnett will then assume the role of Past President as Jody Gehrig completes her term. Secretary
Jacque Ossian‘s completed term is filled by Sherry Crow as the 2004-05 Secretary. Higher Education
Representative Clara Sitter from the University of Denver, and State Library Representative Nance Nassar are
also CASL board members. CASL is represented on the CAL executive board by Donna Jones Morris and
Carol Sehnert, who will be replaced by Judy Barnett as a result of the 2003 elec tions.

A two-day planning retreat emphasized CASL‘s local connections in the seven regional library areas; CASL
Regional Directors for 2002-03 were Karen Kargel (Central), Penny LoFaro (Three Rivers), Kim Sutherland
(Pathfinder), Julie Herrera (Southwest), Janice Fisher-Giles (High Plains), and Glenda Hawkinson (Plains &
Peaks). CASL‘s 2004 goals are to
     Maintain CAL‘s school library membership at 500 through outreach by the CASL regional directors.
     Recruit at least one more member for every CAL committee.
     Establish and refine permanent presence in CAL publications such as journal, newsletter, Web site, and
        investigate a school listserv.
     Hold 2004 spring workshop for 50 attendees.

CAL‘s professional journal Colorado Libraries instituted a new column, ‗Focus on Schools,‘ edited by Cat
DeRose. AASL representative Betty Bankhead and President Judy Barnett represented CASL at the AASL
national conference, held in June in Toronto, where CASL member Dawn Vaughn was elected AASL President.

Spring Workshop
CASL hosted a successful Spring Workshop, ‗Our Big Fat Information Literacy and Technology Wedding‘
with guest Stevan Kalmon of the State Library. Mr. Kalmon spoke about integrating educational technology and
information literacy into the curriculum, following the state mandate regarding the integration of these tools into
classroom instruction. Participants generated an implementation checklist available at

Karen Alexander, Veronica Anderson, Agnus Benko, Sharon Coil, Sherry Crow, Denise Lindstrom, David
Sanger, Madeline Wood, and their school collaborators presented ‗best practice‘ technology lesson plans. The
Jared Polis Foundation also provided an overview of their traveling ‗Educat ion Station‘ and their programs.
Evaluations were extremely positive and encouraged more offerings concerning technology integration.

Judy Barnett, President

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                            Colorado Public Libraries Association (CoPLA)
At the beginning of my term, we did not yet know what type of funding challenges were ahead of us.
Nonetheless, we had targeted advocacy as our key need.

To that end, public library "players" have been instrumental in two activities:

   The first was CAL-athon, our first ever attempt to arrange for a coord inated virtual- legislator contact effort
    around CAL's legislative agenda. Over 800 legislator phone calls or emails were made. While these did not
    prevent legislators, who faced an extraordinary budget crisis, from deeply cutting various library programs, it
    may well have accounted for the restoration of $600,000 to systems, and it certainly let representatives and
    senators know that there was a strong and well-organized library constituency. Many library supporters
    contacted their legislators for the first time; the core of these phone callers and e-mailers were public library
    supporters. We hope to build on the success of this effort at the CAL conference, with a goal of 1200
    legislative contacts.

   The second activity was the "@ your library" (tm) campaign. Funded by an LSTA grant, this grant resulted
    in at least 16 public relations events, pairing up 8 "coach" libraries with an equal number of "players." These
    events, in addition to helping to build various new partnerships, also succeeded in getting some local library
    visibility. Note, however, that not all of the libraries involved were public libraries. This grant has been
    continued into next year, and will feature another round of coach/player partnerships, as well as the unveiling
    of a statewide public relations/public awareness campaign.

In addition, on May 29 and 30, thirty-seven directors of public libraries in Colorado attended a two- day retreat
in Glenwood Springs. The event was organized by Jacqui Spuhler of the Garfield Co. Public Library and Eloise
May of the Arapahoe Library District. The directors discussed several topics, most of them again involving
money. After giving updates on local economic conditions, the directors discussed upcoming election plans, and
an overview of various election strategies.

We also discussed some ideas for responding to the apparent dismantling of our statewide library infrastructure.
Specifically, we targeted four concerns:

   Regional library services systems. The public library directors believed that planning for a sustainable
    statewide infrastructure should be the top priority of system boards, rather than merely reducing the scope of
    existing services.

   Courier. We agreed that the courier needed to move in the direction of being entirely fee-based.

   Continuing Education. Systems have for the past two decades provided the greatest piece of continuing
    education; we discussed various ways public libraries might host specific events around the state, probably
    based on "local talent." This is the model the Douglas County Libraries piloted with its 2002 "Geekfest"
    technical panel. Beyond that, we will have to rely on CAL, especially at the annual conference, and the State

   Computer Consortia. While courier and CE might be absorbed into our existing budgets (although reduced in
    scope), many of us expressed concern about the sustainability of our computer consortia. Resource sharing
    will not be easy if the smaller libraries around the state can't list their catalogs at all. We are fortunate to have
    a great deal of technical expertise at the State Library, and have requested that at the upcoming CAL
    conference, Brenda Bailey-Hainer provide a review of existing consortia, and facilitate some discussion and
    recommendations about logical next steps. Since then, Bre nda did indeed submit such a program request.

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Finally, I was pleased to represent public libraries in the CAL Long Range Planning meeting in Frisco on
August 1-2, 2003.

Michele Seipp will lead CoPlA as President in 2004.

It is clear that this is a time of profound change in Colorado, and profound challenge to public libraries. It is
fortunate that we have so many smart and dedicated people both within and without our ranks to help us figure
out how best to act now.

Jamie Larue, President

                                        DIVISION REPORTS
                     Management and Administration Division (MAD CAL)

The Management and Administration Division of CAL (MAD CAL) held a Spring workshop in May, "Show &
Sell: Using Retail Techniques in Libraries." Seventy people attended the workshop to learn merchandising,
branding, and marketing techniques used in bookstores and new Express-type libraries. The panel of speakers
included Sherri Hines-Kerr, Cahoots Communications; Linda Milliman, Tattered Cover; Cori Jackamore, DPL
Schlessman Family Branch; Michael Brendle, Brendle Architects; and Laurie Christensen, ALD Castlewood
Express Library. After expenses, we made $2204.72 for CAL. We are reprising the workshop as a
Pre-conference workshop at the CAL conference in Keystone.

Rochelle Logan, Chair

                                          Paralibrarian Division
2003 kept us busy. 63 people belong to the Paralibrarian‘s Division now. We held a successful Spring
Workshop with Pat Wagner and Queen Brown as presenters. We made $215.25 on our silent auction, and
proceeds were donated to our scholarship fund.

This year we had four Paralibrarians applying for our scholarships to subsidize their attendance at the fall
conference. Two were selected from their essays. The winners were Patty DeGrasse and Stephany Liptak; each
received $150.00.

We selected Kathleen Noland to receive the Lucy Schweers Award.

We planned the following three programs for the 2003 CAL Conference:
 Diane Turner – Customer Service: Are you a Pointer, Setter, or Pit Bull.
 Lynda Redman & Bonnie Mueller – Bust the Budget Blues.
 Jennifer Kutzik & Jim Hill – 3rd Congress on Professional Education: Focus on Support Staff (ALA program

We elected Diane Ellsworth to serve as Secretary in 2004.

Shannon Cruthers, Chair

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                              Technical Services and Automation Division
The Technical Services and Automation Division changed listowners this year. Ellen Greenblatt of Colorado
University at Denver graciously hosted the list for several years for Colorado Library Association. Tami Morse
McGill of Colorado State University took over as listowner in January 2003. The new list is called CAL- TSAD
and subscribers can be added by contacting Tami at

The Division again co-sponsored a successful workshop with the Colorado Academic Library Association. The
workshop was held on May 30, 2003, at the Auraria campus; the theme was ―Managing Change.‖ The keynote
speaker was Kim Dority, formerly of Jones e-Global Library and currently of G.K. Dority and Associates.
Reactors were Catherine Murray-Rust, the new Dean of Colorado State University Libraries and Lynn Taylor,
Director of Access Services at Denver Public Libraries. Concurrent sessions included ―Developments in
Education for Technical Services Librarians‖ by Janet Swan Hill, Associate Director for Technical Services,
CU-Boulder; ―Electronic Serials Management with Gold Rush‖ by Betty Meagher and Chris Brown from
Denver University; and ―Design by Committee‖ by Martin Garnar of Regis University.
Concluding the day were poster sessions on assessment and LibQual.

The Division‘s candidates for new officers for 2004 represent candidates from the various types of libraries—
public, school/media, and academic. Major challenges facing the Division include how to identify and meet t he
common needs of these various types of libraries.

Patricia Smith, Acting Chair

                                       Trustees and Friends Division

The highlight for the year was a workshop, ―Library Trustees in the Community,‖ which was organized, hosted,
and underwritten by Margery Smith, Director of Bemis Public Library in Littleton. Featuring nationally-
recognized presenter Pat Wagner, the workshop was held on April 19, 2003, and was attended by 33 board
members and library directors representing 11 libraries across Colorado. In addit ion to the materials presented
by Ms. Wagner, the event provided an opportunity for board members and library directors to informally
discuss issues of mutual concern to all libraries in the state. Our thanks to Margery and the Bemis staff for
supporting this outstanding event.

Earlier in the year, library trustees and friends were asked to participate in CAL‘s legislative activities, assisting
in hosting events at individual local libraries for members of the Colorado General Assembly and in seeking
support on library issues by contacting local legislators.

The Trustees and Friends Division was represented at several CAL board meetings, and continues to be a voice
in CAL activities.

James F. Weber, Chair

                                  SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS
Membership in CAL‘s interest groups has grown. As of September 2003, each interest group had the following
membership: Bulgarian Colorado Libraries – 16; Colorado Chapter of REFORMA – 33; Government
Documents – 19; Library Instruction (LIRT) – 110; Local History and Special Collections – 53; Network
Systems – 17; Special Libraries – 39; Volunteer Coordinators in Libraries – 14.

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                    Bulgarian/Colorado Library Partnership Interest Group
The Bulgarian/Colorado Library Partner Interest Group continues to appreciate the support of CA L for this
unique project. Activities since the last CAL conference include:
        Presentation at the Emporia State University conference sponsored by Emporia State University,
           held in Sofia, Bulgaria in November, 2002.
        Growth in some partner libraries particularly Aurora, Eagle, Lone Tree, and Jefferson County.
        1000 pounds of books sent from Colorado libraries to Bulgarian libraries.
        One new partnership between Montrose Public Library and Kurdjali Public Library.
        Decline in other partners due to infrequent or unavailable communication.
        Video sent to Varna on the event of the first contact between the United States and the city of Varna.
           The video was broadcast on Varna TV.
        Presentation about Partnership at American Library Association Conference in Toronto, Canada,
           June, 2003.
        Arranged presentation about Partnership by Snezjana Ianeva at the American Embassy in Bulgaria,
           and Marguerita Angelova, the Bulgarian Parliament Librarian at the World Library and Information
           Congress sponsored by the International Federation of Library Associations in Berlin, Germany
        Applied, in cooperation with IRIS in Iowa, for a U.S. Department of State grant to assist Bulgarian
           public libraries become community information centers.
        Wrote article with Lisa Cole of the Arapahoe Library District on the Partnership for Advances in
           Librarianship. Still waiting for publication.
        Continued selling jewelry to support the project. Thank you for buying Bulgarian jewelry and crafts!

Nancy Bolt, Chair

                              Government Documents Interest Group
The Government Publications Workshop was held in Grand Junction on June 12-13, 2003. The meeting was co-
sponsored by the CAL Government Document Interest Group and the CO/WY Government Publications
Interest Group. Approximately 18 people attended the workshop, desp ite the closure of I-70 on June 12.

Christopher Brown and McKinley Sielaff presented ―Documents Tech Talk: Cataloging Issues‖ at the CAL
Conference. This program was sponsored by the CAL Government Documents Interest Group. The session
focused on how bibliographic control issues concerning cataloging of U.S. federal publications affect the
retrieval and display of those items in the catalog. Public service staff along with Documents librarians and
staffers and those who catalog documents attended the session.

Susan Simmons, Chair

                                   Special Libraries Interest Group
The Special Libraries Interest Group has grown from eight members in 2002 to 39 members in 2003.
Membership met informally at the 2002 CAL conference and at the 2003 conference. Our agenda is to plan and
promote a program of specific interest to special librarians for the 2004 CAL conference. Contact will be
maintained via e- mail.

Linda Van Wert, Chair

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                                        Reforma Interest Group

This has been an exciting year for the Colorado Chapter of Reforma: a year that has had challenges, rewards
and growth. The year began with a meeting of brainstorming ideas what should be the goals and objectives for
the year. The members agreed that networking was a key factor that needed to be nurtured for the future
success of the Colorado Chapter. Patty McLaughlin of SALUD Community Partnerships spoke briefly at the
August meeting about the SALUD network functions. Reports were given of Lando’s Run for the Money.
Orlando Archibeque ran 15 miles up Pikes Peak to raise money for the Reforma Scholarship fund. Amando
Alvarez a long-time member of REFORMA published his book Rising River: The Blackfoot Chronicles. The
Colorado Chapter launched its first local newsletter to be produced quarterly, edited by Mary Clare Wickins.

 In October the Denver Public Library sponsored Ben Ocon to speak at the Colorado Association of Libraries
October conference at Keystone ski resort. We were happy to host Ben Ocon for the conference and a reception.
His speech was inspiring and enlightening. Several Reforma members presented sessions at the conference on
book purchasing, programming, and services to Latinos and to Spanish speaking populations.

As the November elections approached, and Colorado had an issue that dealt with Bilingual programs in
schools, many articles and discussions were addressing the issue of Language Rights. The November meeting
featured Denver Councilman, Dennis Gallagher with his thoughts on Language Rights as well as how to best
influence and get to know your legislatures.

December 12, 2003 the Colorado Chapter of Reforma became an interest group to The Colorado Association of
Libraries. A big thank you goes to all the members who signed the petition and did the research to make this a
reality. The Christmas party was a joyous event for us to relax and get to know each other better; Ofeyla
Ramirez was honored for many years of service with the Colorado Chapter.

Launching into 2003, the Colorado Chapter of Reforma was one of the sponsors of a workshop for Colorado
Librarians on Diversity with Yolanda Cuesta. It was a very informative and exciting workshop, well received
by the attendees. Reforma members also were enthusiastic hosts for the workshop as well as Yolanda Cuesta.
We hope to have her back for the Colorado Association of Libraries conference in October 2003.

April proved also to be a very busy month for the chapter. Reforma is in charge of the exhibit tables for the
Young Adult Literature conference. This year exhibitors doubled in number and many att endees were
interested in the Reforma display table itself. Mary Clare Wickins and Amando Alvarez both Reforma members
featured a session at the YA conference. Reforma voted to issue a mini- grant to the Barnum Branch of Denver
Public Library to support a book give-away for their Dia De Los Nino - Dia de Los Libros event. Other
libraries were encouraged and held Dia de Los Ninos … programs. The events seem to be widespread and more
plentiful than in previous years. Several programs were featured in the newsletter. At the April meeting guest
speaker Francisco Miraval spoke on concepts of time in the Latino culture, connecting dreams, Latinos three
essential characteristics-brotherhood, creativity, acceptance of the Divine.

In the fall, Reforma co-sponsored the mural ―Journey,‖ which was unveiled in September at the Auraria
Library. The mural was a gift to Auraria and commissioned by assets for Colorado Youth. REFORMA member
Janet St. Clair reported on her experience with the Mascota Lilbrary Project in the Fall issue of Colorado
Libraries. A social event was planned the CAL conference. Author Pat Mora met with REFORMA in October.

This year, the Reforma chapter has achieved the following goals:
        Increased membership by 40%
        Increased awareness of the organization in the library and public communities

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          Increased information lines within the organization by way of the newsletter and e- list
          Increased contacts for networking
          Supported community programs
          Supported continuing education for Librarians
          Active in Scholarship fund raising events

Next year the Colorado chapters hopes to continue these goals as well as the following:
        Establish an approved budget – to enable the president and officers to act quickly on expenditures.
        Continue to have informative speakers at meetings
        To increase members
        To establish better networking with other areas of the state
        To establish a mini- grant system for libraries to utilize resources

(Respectfully submitted to REFORMA National)
Ruth E. DeChant Munive, Colorado Chapter President 2002--2003

                                     COMMITTEE REPORTS
                                Organization and Planning Committee
The Vice President has the charge to oversee all CAL committees. During the second year of CAL as an
organization, the Chairs and their members are really what makes CAL work. The committees continue to work
on fulfilling their charges as the organization evolves.

A list of committees with their chairs is included at the end of the CAL Annual Report. Thank you to all the
volunteers who have made the first year a successful one and who have ensured a smooth transition to year two.

Paul Paladino, CAL Vice President

                                            Awards Committee
The Committee was formed with 12 members in December 2002. Using e- mail, the group combined the awards
of CLA and CEMA into one list for CAL. Some awards were eliminated, some were renamed and descriptions
of several were edited for clarity. The new list of awards presented to the CAL Board was approved February
21, 2003. Also approved were changes in requirements for submitting nominations.

In April the Awards Committee met at Frisco Library to plan publicity strategies and establish deadlines.
Awards and their descriptions as well as the nomination form and criteria were made available on the CAL Web
site. Messages on Libnet informed everyone of the changes and encouraged them to check out the Web site
for more information. Publicity was continued through June, with messages on Libnet and flyers to schools and
other library groups and meetings. Innovative Interfaces Incorporated agreed to sponsor the Student Stipend

Not many nominations were received by the deadline of June 15, 2003 so the decision was made to extend the
deadline to July 7. Several more nominations were then received. However, extending the deadline created
problems for the committee and it could not meet in person to discuss the nominations. We relied on e- mail and
phone calls and were able to reach consensus on the contentious ones. A total of 19 award recipients were
chosen. Six were legislative award recipients and two were for Intellectual Freedom. On August 1 st the award

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recipients were approved by the CAL Board. Determination was then made as to which awards would be
presented during certain programs at the conference.

All recipients and the award presenters were notified by letters in September. Information was also sent to
Kathleen Noland to be included in the conference publication. A plaque for each recipient was ordered from the
Trophy Case in Grand Junction.

The Committee‘s goals set for 2003 were: 1) Merge similar awards from the two associations, 2) Rewrite
awards descriptions to more accurately reflect the purpose of the award, 3) Prepare an information page to
instruct nominators on how to effectively nominate a colleague. Find a way to disseminate this information.
4) Change requirements of nomination to include nomination form, letter of nomination, and two letters of
support, 5) Investigate possibilities for adding awards, such as ―Outstanding library Web site.‖ All goals were
met except for #5, which has become one of our goals for 2004.

Goals have been established for 2004: 1) Recruit a smaller committee. This year‘s committee had 12 members
but only 50% were active; 2) Improve publicity at workshops and meetings of librarians between January and
June, 3) Investigate possibilities for adding awards, such as ―Outstanding library Web site.‖

Members of the 2003 Awards Committee:
Jean Harris, PPLD                           Patricia Toner, Louisville Public
Sue Williams, CU Boulder                    Penny Shiel, MCPLD
Barb Schneller, Aurora Public               Daphne Davis, Wilkinson Public
Carol Krismann, CU Boulder                  Lorrie Ann Butler, DPL
Krystyna Mrozek, CC                         Kathy Johnson, Douglas County
John Horton, Denver Public Schools          Mary Katherine Johnson, Marmot

                                               CAL Awards 2003

•Outstanding Citizen Award
       Calvin Otto, Pikes Peak Library District
•Econo-Clad Summer Reading Program Awards

•Media Award
       The Mountain Radio KQMT 99.5 Denver
•Legislative Awards
       Bruce Cairns, Senator
       Nancy Spence, Representative
       Mark Larson, Representative
       Michael Merrifield, Representative
       Bob Lackner, Legislation bill drafter
       Karen Stroup, Legislative support staff

•Exemplary Library Services to Ethnic Populations
Phyllis Larison, Head of Adult, Young Adult and Outreach Services, Bemis Public Library

•CAL Student Stipend Award
Valerie Grenawalt, MLIS student at the University of Denver

•Julie J. Boucher Intellectual Freedom Award

                                                  Page 15 of 36
       Library Category
       Sydne Caler, Pikes Peak Library District
       Community Category
       Longmont Citizens for Justice and Democracy

•Career Achievement Award
        Eloise May, Director, Arapahoe Library District
•Colorado Librarian of the Year
        Richard Lee and the staff of the Pueblo City-County Library District
•Distinguished Service Award
        Donna Jones Morris, Director, Arkansas Regional Library Service System
•Library Benefactor Award
        Mrs. Douglas Buck
•Outstanding Volunteer Award
        William McDougald, Pikes Peak Library District
•Project of the Year
        Wagging Tales Program, Aurora Public Library
•Lucy Schweers Award for Excellence in Paralibrarianship
        Kathleen Sagee Noland, Executive Director, Colorado Association of Libraries

                            Congratulations to Colorado‘s National Award-Winners:
2003 ALA Award Recipients from Colorado
•Distinguished School Administrators Award, Sponsored by SIRS
        Barbara E. De Spain, Principal - Lois Lenski Elementary School, Centennial
•AASL National School Library Media Program of the Year Award, Sponsored by Follett Library Resources
        Cherry Creek High School, Greenwood Village (Single School)
•Paul Howard Award 2003
        Elisa Murillo, Grand Junction
2003 MPLA Award Recipients from Colorado

The following individuals from Colorado will be attending the 2003 MPLA Leadership Institute at Ghost Ranch
in New Mexico.
         Cindy Jaye, Denver Public Library, Hampden Branch
         Tom Riedel, Regis University
         Susan Simmons, Mamie D. Eisenhower Public Library
The Institute is supported in part by EBSCO and the representative from ESBSO who will be attending the
Institute is also from Colorado: Rachel Vukas

Mary Katherine Johnson, Chair

                                            Colorado Libraries
Four issues of Colorado Libraries were published since the last conference.

The 2003 issues and guest editors were:

v. 28 # 4 Assistive Technology. Guest edited by Veronica Smith and Janet Lee.
v. 29 # 1 Collaboration in Colorado. Guest edited by Teri R. Switzer
v. 29 # 2 Library Education in the West. Guest edited by Sylvia Hall Ellis.
v. 29 # 3 Strategies for Tight Times. Guest edited by David Gleim.

                                                  Page 16 of 36
In the works are an issue devoted to Colorado Writes, spring 2004; and Diversity in Colorado Libraries:
Underrepresented Populations, Ellen Greenblatt guest editor, winter 2003.

The covers highlighted this past year included: a detailed plate from a collection of Indian Ledgerbooks
(Colorado Historical Society), a photograph of Sarah Wood, first librarian of Auror a (Aurora History Museum),
a photograph of Whitney Borland measuring snow at Camp Hale Colorado (Colorado State University Water
Resource Archives) and two photographs of Fire Station No. 3 in Denver (Denver Public Library‘s African
American Research Library).

Janet Lee, co-editor, began a six month sabbatical in July 2003. For this reason the fall issue came out earlier
than expected. Janet will return in December in time to complete the winter 2003 issue.

Janet Lee and Eileen Dumas, Co-Editors

       Education Committee and Colorado Library Educational Foundation (CLEF)
Beth Wrenn-Estes updated the CLEF bylaws and it was approved by the CLEF Board in 2003. Susan J.
Simmons, Beth Wrenn-Estes, and Marjorie Harrison, serving on the Scholarship Committee, awarded five $200
scholarships to attend the CAL Annual Conference in Keystone, Colorado.

Tom Moothart, Chair

                                   Intellectual Freedom Committee
This report covers the 12-month period following the October 2002 CAL Conference. A roster of current
members is available on the CAL Web site. At the close of the CAL conference, Martin Garnar will step down
after three years service as chair of the committee. The committee has recommended Nicolle Steffen, Associate
Director of the Library Research Service, as the next committee chair.

Purpose of the committee:
    serve as an information resource to the Colorado library community during intellectual freedom crises
    educate the Colorado library community about the basic principles of intellectual freedom and current
      issues facing librarians
    promote interest in intellectual freedom through the Julie J. Boucher Memorial Lecture series
    recognize contributions on behalf of intellectual freedom through the Julie J Boucher Award for
      Intellectual Freedom (awarded annually)
    maintain on- line Intellectual Freedom Handbook, available,
      and other publications as demand requires.

The committee met eight times on an irregular schedule. Minutes of the meetings are in the committee‘s

Projects & Presentations:
In February 2003, the committee released an on- line FAQ for librarians on the USA PATRIOT Act, followed
by a printable FAQ on the same subject for patrons in September 2003. In August and September, the
committee conducted a survey on intellectual freedom in Colorado (the first of its kind in the US) and will
present the results at the October CAL Conference.

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Members of the committee made numerous presentations around the state, including:
   CARL User Group (October 2002)
   Southwest Library System Institute (November 2002)
   Colorado State University (December 2002)
   University of Denver LIS class session (February 2003)
   Colorado Freedom of Information Council series at the Tattered Cover (March 2003)
   Arkansas Valley RLSS Institute (April 2003)
   High Plains RLSS Retreat (April 2003)
   Pathfinder RLSS Institute (April 2003)
   University of Denver Bridges to the Future class session (April 2003)
   Durango Public Library (April 2003)
   Democratic Women of Boulder County (April 2003)
   Regis University (April 2003)
   Arapahoe Library District (April 2003)
   C‘YAAL workshop (May 2003)
   Community College of Denver education class session (September 2003)
   Denver Public Schools (September 2003)
   CAL (October 2003)

The vast majority of these presentations were focused on the USA PATRIOT Act. As a result of increased
interest in the USA PATRIOT Act, committee members gave frequent interviews to Colorado media outlets,
including the Denver Post, Pueblo Chieftain, Colorado Springs Gazette, and Colorado Public Radio‘s
―Colorado Matters‖ program. Other presentation topics included filtering, acceptable use policies, general
information on intellectual freedom principles, legislation, and responses to everyday situations involving
intellectual freedom. Groups interested in scheduling presentations should contact Nicolle Steffen at or (303) 866-6927.

Julie J Boucher Memorial Lecture and Award:
The 2003 lecture will feature Charles Levendosky, editorial page editor & columnist for the Casper Star-
Tribune and noted advocate for First Amendment rights. Mr. Levendosky will speak on the USA PATRIOT Act
and its implications for the First Amendment. We are pleased to continue the tradition of featuring the Boucher
lecture as a keynote event.

For the first time, the 2003 award will be split into two categories: library and community. By doing so, the IFC
hopes to encourage activities that support intellectual freedom both inside and outside the library community.
The winner of the library category is Sydne Caler of the Pikes Peak Library District for her career-long
commitment to intellectual freedom. The winner of the community category is Longmont Citizens for Justice
and Democracy for their ―Subversive Book Checkout‖ action protesting the USA PATRIOT Act.

Upcoming projects:
Although the committee likes to remain flexible to respond to urgent issues, we do like to have one or two
major projects to guide our energies. Past projects include the on-line IF Handbook, on- line IF Facilitator‘s
Training Manual, and USA PATRIOT Act FAQs. For the coming year, we are considering a few options:
     collecting challenge information for Colorado schools
     resurrecting financial support from SIRS for the former CEMA IF award
     other projects brought to us by the membership are welcomed

Martin Garnar, Chair

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                                         Membership Committee
 Much was accomplished in 2003. We crafted a new flyer , updated the membership benefits, created
membership numbers to simplify registration for workshops and conference, completed a joint membership
directory of Colorado library associations, and donated a gift basket to the PAC raffle.

Membership as of August 2003:

      Individual Members                                  926
      Institutional Members                                59
      Board of Trustees                                   177
      Corporate Members                                    25
      Subscriptions                                        51
      Lifetime                                            19

       Total                                              1,257

•Colorado Academic Library Association (CoALA)              191
•Colorado Association of School Libraries (CASL)            316
•Colorado Public Library Association (CoPLA)               366

•Management & Administration (MADCAL)                      184
•Paralibrarian                                              63
•Technical Services & Administration (TSAD)                157
•Trustees, Friends, and Retired                            236

Inte rest Groups
•Bulgarian Libraries                                        16
•Colorado Chapter of REFORMA                                33
•Government Documents                                       19
•Library Instruction (LIRT)                                110
•Local History and Special Collections                      53
•Network Systems                                            17
•Special Libraries                                          39
•Volunteer Coordinators in Libraries                        14

Shannon Cruthers, Chair, Membership Committee

                                         Nominations Committee
The Nominating Committee of the Colorado Association of Libraries: Jamie LaRue, Public Libraries; Betty
Meagher, Academic Libraries and Dave Sanger, School Libraries & Bill Knott, Chair, met electronically in the
spring and summer of 2003 and prepared a slate of officers for this year's election. The slate was approved by
the CAL Executive Board on August 1 and the Association Executive Director conducted the mail election. The
winners of the election were:
  President-Elect, Ellen Greenblatt, Auraria Library
  Secretary, Stephanie Weldon, UC Health Sciences Center

                                                 Page 19 of 36
 Executive Board At-Large, Judy Barnett, Wasson High School
 ALA Councilor, Nancy Bolt, Colorado State Library
 MPLA Representative, Kay Lowell, University of Northern Colorado

Submitted by Bill Knott, Nominating Committee Chair

                                        Publications Committee
The Publications Committee had an active year taking on and finalizing several projects. First, the committee
reviewed and updated its charge to reflect the increased role and responsibility of the committee to the
Executive Board. We then updated the job descriptions for several of the editorial positions with the different
CAL publications. And finally, we reviewed and updated the Publications Manual, ensuring its accuracy and
adding publication guidelines for the various communiques, (CAL Newsletter, Colorado Libraries, and the CAL
Web site).

Special thanks go to Janet Lee and Eileen Dumas for their work on Colorado Libraries, Kathleen Sagee for the
CAL Newsletter, and to Heidi Baker and Vicki Nichols for their work in making the many changes and rewrites
to the Publications page of the CAL Web site. Of note, it is important to acknowledge the efforts and work of
the full committee:

Heidi Baker                          Allison A. Cowgill
Cat DeRose                           Eileen Dumas
Janet Lee                            Vicki Nichols
Kathleen Sagee Noland

Chair: Marcellus Turner

                                           Revisions Committee
The Revisions Committee is charged with reviewing CAL Bylaws and Policies and Procedures and
recommending changes to the Executive Board. This year the Committee focused upon revising polices and
procedures for nominations and elections to the Board; for reimbursement of travel expenses; for approval of
facility rents and fees; and for improving the timeliness of agenda items presented to the Executive Board. The
Committee also submitted the Polices and Procedures Manual for access through the CAL Web site. Members
of the Revisions Committee are Beverly Moore and David Gleim, Chair.

David Gleim Chair, and Member-at-Large, CAL Executive Board

                  Colorado Blue Spruce Young Adult Book Award Committee
The Blue Spruce committee, complete with new members, has been hard at work, seeking to improve teen
literacy in Colorado. As such, we saw an increase in the numbers of institutions and teens participating in the
program in 2003:

       2002                                                2003
       Total number of teens voting: 992                   Total number of teens voting: 1227
       Institutions participating: 25                      Institutions: 30

                                                 Page 20 of 36
       Public:                                                School:
       11 public libraries participated                       19 schools participated ( 12 middle/jr. & high)
       74 teens participated                                  1153 teens participated

The survey conducted in 2002 showed there was no consensus on which voting date works best. We will
continue with the new date of February 1, 2003. Depending upon response, another date may be tested in 2005.

A video featuring teens promoting the nominated titles was produced by one of our committee members. As
part of a direct mail campaign, copies of this video, Blue Spruce gift tags, and information about the award were
sent to hundreds of school media specialists, librarians, and educators across the state. A winter postcard,
reminding participants of the voting deadline, will also be sent out. Our Econoclad sales representatives
continue to offer free labels for the nominee titles each year, making it easier for participants to recognize and
display the titles.

Blue Spruce once again featured prominently in the statewide YA Summer Reading Program, FourTeeners,
produced by C‘YAAL (Colorado Young Adult Advocates in Libraries). Blue Spruce will also be featured at the
spring Young Adult Literature Conference.

As we all know, language literacy is the basis of all other learning, including numeracy. Our teens today use 1/3
of the vocabulary of their grandparents and fewer report reading as a favored activity. Studies have proven that
teens who read for fun have larger vocabularies, and tend to have higher GPAs and do better on standardized
tests. By empowering teens to take a role in their own literacy, by allowing them to nominate and select their
own favorite books, we are giving them a positive choice in their own learning. We thank CAL for their
continuing efforts to improve teen literacy and learning in Colorado.

Mary McCarthy, CBSYABA co-chair

                     Strategic Issues/Emergency Response (SIERS) Committee
The SIERS Committee was established by the CAL Executive Board during the 2003 Strategic Planning Retreat
in August. The purpose of this committee is to make recommendations on:
                  A strategy for CAL to deal with strategic issues before they become a crisis.

                  A strategy for CAL to deal with emergency issues.

                Ways to demonstrate the impact of budget cuts at the federal, state, regional, and local level to
legislators, the library community, and general public.
                  Capacity building for CAL to implement these recommendations.

CAL President Donna Jones Morris appointed the following people to the Committee in the Fall o f 2003:

Public Libraries

Kay Pride                Jefferson County Public Library
Mike Sawyer              Adams County Public Library

Academic Libraries

Beth Avery              Western State College

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School Libraries
Dave Sanger            Chair, CAL-Colorado Association of School Librarians; Retired

CAL Legislative Committee

Patti Bateman          Aurora Public Library

CAL Intellectual Freedom Committee
Nicolle Steffen        Colorado State Library

State Library

Nancy Bolt             Colorado State Library
Gene Hainer            Colorado State Library

Bonnie McCune          Colorado State Library

CAL Office

Kathleen Noland        CAL Executive Director

     Donna Jones Morris, President

                                          LIAISON REPORTS
                     American Library Association (ALA) Chapter Councilor
Since December 2000 librarians, with the assistance of ALA, have worked to appeal the Childrens' Internet
Protection Act (CIPA) legislation. The Colorado Association of Libraries (CAL) contributed $200.00 to this

In his opinion, Justice Kennedy stated: "If some libraries do not have the capacity to unblock specific Web sites
or to disable the filter or if it is shown that an adult user's election to view constitutionally protected Internet
material is burdened in some other substantial way, that would be the subject for an as-applied challenge." It is
still possible for an as-applied challenge to follow.

According to Judith Krug of the American Library Association's Office for Intellectual Freedom, a major reason
for the CIPA case outcome was the U.S. Solicitor General's assertion during oral arguments that under the law,
any adult could ask any librarian to take the filter off at any time in order to access all information available on
the Internet for specific subjects.

ALA, its committees, divisions, and officers will pursue a variety of activities to provide libraries with
authoritative information, to minimize the negative impact of CIPA on library users, and to continue to protect
the First Amendment rights of library users. As the Association moves forward with these activities,
information will be available on the ALA Web site:
To begin the process, ALA President Carla D. Hayden convened a meeting of key member leaders and staff at
ALA Headquarters in Chicago August 23, 2003 to discuss the Association‘s response to the Supreme Court‘s
decision upholding the constitutionality of CIPA. Hayden stressed that the purpose of the meeting was not to set
policies, but to take a ―first step‖ to develop a plan addressing short-term needs as well as to begin work on a
long-range strategy.

                                                   Page 22 of 36
The participants identified four priority areas:
    criteria for filters/compliance/implementation,
      communication/public relations,

      political/legislative, and

      research/data collection

The group discussed approaches to address each of these areas. Among the more difficult considerations was
ALA‘s role in regard to the manufacturers of Internet filters. Since ALA policy is to oppose the use of filters in
libraries, Executive Director Keith Michael Fiels said the Association‘s message must include ―a way to
acknowledge our constant opposition to filters‖. Fiels stated that ALA‘s anti- filter stand shouldn‘t preclude
ALA developing criteria for filters and then evaluating software based on those standards.
After the meeting, Hayden issued a list of next steps, which included:
     gathering information on the costs of implementing filters ,
     beginning the development of criteria and tools for evaluating filters,

      providing libraries with information on how to meet CIPA‘s implementation requirements, and

      developing a communications plan to keep ALA members informed on new resources and educating the
       public about Internet safety, and

      working with ALA chapters to oppose state- level filtering laws
Museum And Library Services Act
On August 1, 2003, the Senate passed S. 888, the Museum and Library Services Act. The Museum and Librar y
Services Act contains a five- year reauthorization of the Library Services and >Technology Act (LSTA).
Authorizing funding levels in the Senate bill would be $238 million, slightly more than the House numbers
proposed in their bill, H.R. 13, which is still pending.

ALA Web Site
In the past nine months, there has been a great deal of discussion about the Association Web site. At the ALA
2003 Annual Conference, the ALA Council passed a resolution, which requires the information on the previous
ALA site to be available in the interim while the problems are being corrected on the new site. Future revisions
to the site must adhere to usability principles and international standards.

School Libraries And Librarians
At the ALA 2003 Annual Conference, the ALA Council amended the Resolution on School Libraries and
Librarians, to read: ―That the American Library Association Council directs its President and Executive
Director to convey to Governors, State Boards of Education, National Association of School Administrators,
Chief State School Officers, National Association of Independent Schools, National Council of PTA, National
Educational Association, American Federation of Teachers, and National Association of School Boards of
Education the urgent need to support and maintain school library programs and certified school librarians and
encourage them to pass this concern along to their state affiliates; that the ALA President and Executive
Director encourage state associations to influence state legislation requiring adequate funding and appropriate
staff of school libraries in schools at all levels; and that the ALA Executive Director arrange a process to
support ALA members to advocate for school libraries and librarians.‖

USA Patriot Act
On July 22, 2003, the House of Representatives passed a congressional measure that would place limits on the
USA PATRIOT Act. In an appropriations bill, the House voted that none of the funds appropriated for use by

                                                   Page 23 of 36
the Department of Justice may be used to administer "sneak and peek" searches and seizures allowed under
section 213 of the USA PATRIOT Act. This congressional measure must survive the joint conference
committee between the House and Senate and a possible veto by the president.

A warrant for a "sneak and peek" search allows a law enforcement agent to enter into a home or business to take
photos, seize physical property, examine and copy computer files, load a keystroke detector on a computer, or
download the information from a previously loaded keystroke detector. Under section 213, "sneak and peek"
warrants can be applied not only to terrorism investigations, but also to any criminal investigation.

Congress has rejected several attempts by the Department of Justice to legitimize "sneak and peek" searches
until the use of this procedure was linked to terrorism investigations in the USA PATRIOT Act.

Lynn Silipigni Connaway, ALA Representative

As the CASL representative to AASL Affiliate Assembly, I represent Colorado at four one- half day sessions
each year at midwinter and annual conference. AASL Affiliate Assembly provides a direct channel of
communication from state affiliates to the AASL Board. Colorado is fortunate to have two board members,
Gene Hainer representing our region, and Jody Gehrig representing school district supervisors. This year‘s
meetings focused on professional membership and involvement, retention of librarians and library positions,
and the impact of ―No Child Left Behind‖ legislation.

Affiliates present concerns and commendations to the Affiliate Assembly. CASL‘s concerns were
    1) the severe budget reductions at the state level resulting in the elimination of several regional library
        systems and numerous programs that supported school libraries and
    2) the continuing effect of the economy and state budget deficits on local school districts and therefore
        school library budgets and library staffing.

CASL‘s commendations were for
  1) the new requirement by CDE that all school districts submit educational technology and information
     literacy plans as a part of the district accreditation plan and
  2) the revision of endorsement criteria for school librarians which, when finalized would introduce a more
     flexible, three-tiered approach to endorsement.

The biggest news from Affiliate Assembly was ALA‘s resolution affirming school libraries‘ role in education
entitled ―School Libraries and Librarians are Critical to Educational Success‖.

AASL is preparing for the upcoming 11 th national conference in Kansas City October 22-26. Colorado will be
represented on the program by several members including a pre-conference program presented by Mary
Johnson of Academy S. D. Colorado will also be represented by Dawn Vaughn, Cherry Creek High School, as
AASL president-elect and Cherry Creek High School as the 2003 National School Library Media Program of
the Year. I was fortunate to be selected to author and present the first AASL Leadership Institute called Leading
Through Collaboration. This is the first in what we hope will be a series of ins titutes designed to be licensed by
regional or state affiliates to help provide regional professional development opportunities for members.

Betty Bankhead, Representative

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                          Colorado's @ your library Advocacy Campaign

1.    Materials have been printed and have been sent for distribution. These materials included 3000 large
posters (11 x 17) , 7000 small posters (1000 each of different images, 81/2 x 11) , and 600,000 bookmarks
(75,000 each of different images; half cut, half uncut)

These items were designed specifically to have space for local libraries to add their own information if they
wish. Approximately 1000 bookmarks and one set of posters have been sent to each public library location. In
some cases, if more were requested, we honored that request. If a library was very small, fewer were sent. Other
libraries have been sent a sample and an order sheet.

2.     A Web site has been created especially for the general public (, and
registered to CAL. A survey on the site will help us obtain feedback as well as a master list of folks statewide
interested in libraries. The Web site contains bibliographies and other resources related to the separate themes.

3. We welcomed Burger King and Coca-Cola as corporate partners for the print materials campaign. They
agreed to provide a free Icee until late December when the bookmark is shown at a Burger King. Burger Kings
should have a counter card cross-promoting the library campaign.

4.   Early childhood literacy: Efforts centered on Summer Reading and positioning of libraries as supportive
of emergent literacy.

        Ads were purchased in three parents/children‘s summer publications, promoting summer reading.
Promotional items were sent to some 2500 teacher, care centers, recreation programs, Head Starts to encourage
them to encourage kids and parents to become active in summer reading. Coupons were included and prizes
offered if coupons were returned. Some 10 teachers and 27 children entered.

       Support was provided to ―Reading Rockets,‖ a children‘s literacy program that began airing on Rocky
Mountain PBS in September. (Approximate amount $3200). Flyers and promotional materials were obtained
from the producers, and these went out broadly to lots of early childhood contacts within the Dept. of
Education, the Children‘s Literacy Coalition, preschool programs, etc.

5.  General visibility of libraries:
        Plans are underway to purchase two more sets of sponsorships—one on PBS, one on Colorado Public
Radio. (Approximate amounts are $17,000 for CPR during prime drive time and $10,000 for PBS, the Jim
Lehrer News Hour.)

        The remainder of this year‘s grant is designated to purchase of either bus or billboard signage if funds
are sufficient. Ready- made ads based on the print campaign are being prepared. These will be reproduced on
CDs and sent to publications statewide with a request that they donate space. If funds remain, bumper stickers
that libraries can order will be created.

6. Trainings: Trainings finished last May, but another round is scheduled for CAL. Academic libraries, under
the leadership of Leslie Manning, are beginning to sponsor targeted training for that market. Targeted training
for school libraries will kick off either at ALA mid-winter or ALA in June. We‘re beginning to gather resources
and support for this group.

7.    Coach/Player project: The second year of the Coach/Player project is being initiated under the auspices of
the CAL Advocacy Committee (formerly a committee of CCLD). At this point, we‘ll have nine teams (18
libraries), with the preponderance being school libraries. Because of reductions in funding, the primary
responsibility for maintaining contact and providing support will lie with this volunteer group. Of the 24

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libraries that participated in the 2002/03 pilot year, all but one have embarked on at least one advocacy activity.
Three are still underway or planned for completion in October. Based on feedback we will add some individuals
as Advisors for next year‘s project. Reports from participants indicated they felt the project was very valuable.
In a number of instances, although the initial advocacy project was not implemented or did not reach stated
objectives, it opened participants‘ eyes to other opportunities.
8.    Spanish materials: Some posters and bookmarks have been translated into Spanish for distribution .

9. Television: 15 cable stations received copies of the ALA public service announcements. KDVR Channel
20 in Denver produced an independent spot targeted to children.

Bonnie F. McCune, Representative & Library Community Programs Consultant

                                            Legislative Committee
2003 Legislation Report.
 Achievements: Both the Library Law Recodification and a $600,000 allocation from the Tobacco Funds to
   Colorado library systems bills were passed and signed, as well as a bill to allow schools to refuse release of
   report cards until library materials are returned and all fines paid.
 Impact of State‘s Revenue Problems: Library services, along with many other statewide services, received
   severe budget cuts while legislators agonized over how to make reduced revenues meet statewide costs.
   Library service cuts included $2.3M for Regional Library Systems, Payment for Lending, $96,000 from the
   Talking Book Library and Institutional Library for new materials, and 3 FTE. Since June 2002, state
   funding for libraries has been cut by 86%, a total of $7.3 million dollars. This could result in a reduction of
   approximately 75% of federal funds, or $1.8 million.
 Hopeful News: $142 million in federal funds from the new Tax Reduction Bill will be coming to Colorado.
   At this time, it is anticipated that Governor Owens will allocate some money towards children‘s programs
   and put the rest into a trust fund. It may be part of the Long Bill in 2004.

2004 Legislative Committee Planning Items
 The 2004 CAL Legislative Agenda is, at this writing, in development and under discussion at this time.
   Although more discussion will obviously take place before any recommendation is made to the Board to
   take to CAL membership at the October conference business meeting, the following items have been
   discussed by the State Education Board and the Commissioner for submission to the Governor‘s Office and
   may be appropriate for CAL, based on input from the CDE budget recommendations and input from around
   the state regarding priority library services.

     1.   Colorado Virtual Library            $398,000 (6% over last year)
     2.   Regional Library Systems            $1M (up from $600,000)
     3.   Star Lending                        $180,000 (program similar to Payment For Lending)
     4.   Institutional Library materials     $50,000 (decrease from current $67,000)

    CIPA – The State Library has recruited and hired a CIPA consultant to do an objective study (not
     philosophical) on filters available, costs, ease with which filters can be turned off for adults, possible
     impacts, and more. The CSL hopes to have this person hired sometime in August and the report back by
     December 1, 2003.

    CIPA study assumptions will be: 1) CIPA and other Colorado laws must be obeyed until or if it is
     challenged in court and overturned or stayed. 2) Children‘s access to the Internet will have to be limited. 3)
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   Adults should have the ability to easily reach information on the Internet, even from filtered machines. 4)
   Local control will be in effect and honored.

Legislative Awards for CAL Conference
 The Legislative Committee will give awards to Sen. Cairn and Rep. Spence for their work on the Library
   Law legislation.
 Rep. Merrifield will receive an award for his efforts to obtain $600,000 o ut of the Tobacco Funds for
   Regional Systems.
 Rep. Larsen will receive an award for his bill for School Library Sanctions.
 The Legislative Committee will present special legislative awards to both Bob Lackner, from Legislative
   Legal Services, and Karen Stroup, from the Colorado Department of Education, for their support of libraries
   and their help in working with CAL on bills and issues of interest to Colorado libraries.

PAC Update
 The PAC currently has approximately $10,000, $1,000 of which was collected during the Public Library
  Director‘s retreat.
 Foul Play will be PAC Fundraiser movie at the CAL conference. In addition, the PAC is working with the
  Vail Library to try to find Goldie Hawn memorabilia.
 The PAC committee suggested the Canadian Library Association‘s library calendar as a fundraising
  concept. More on PAC fundraising ideas as that information is released.
 PayPal will soon be an option on the PAC Web site for donations.
 At this time, there are no recommendations for PAC donation recipients in the legislature. We will
  recommend people who actively support libraries during the 2004 legislative year.

PR Activity Plans
CAL approved both 1) an Advocacy project using Summer Reading Programs across the state to achieve
advocacy with state, as well as local, legislators and decision- makers, and 2) a strategic planning effort on
CAL‘s ability to react to and present information about library issues as they arise.

Summer Reading Program Advocacy
 Bonnie McCune modified the Colorado @your library documents to focus on ways to bring local, state, and
   national decision makers into the libraries. The 8-page document was distributed to Library directors and
   made available on the CAL Web page. The Legislative Committee members noted the excellent work on
   this project!
 Legislative Committee members are contacting all public libraries to ensure that follow-up information is
   sent to the State Library.

Strategic Planning Committee for CAL PR/Response to Issues in the Media
 An initial core group met to discuss the purpose and the message. The concept is to have a strategy for CAL
    to deal with emerging issues before they become a crisis, as well as get a consistent and positive message
    out about libraries to educate the public and the lawmakers.
 It is believed that CAL should have a designated person with a backup designee for the media to call to get a
    statement instead of having them call around to find someone who may or may not be prepared to give an
    appropriate statement. The designated spokesperson should work closely with the Legislative Committee
    but ongoing PR is not considered a core mission of the Legislative Committee.
 A new committee has been created and appointed by the CAL President to implement the plan and concept.
    All CAL PR will be reviewed and released by this committee, with the approval of the CAL President.
 The Committee will be the Strategic Issues/Emergency Response Committee or SIER.

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Legislative Committee programs submitted for the October Conference
1. Daylong sessions on Saturday aimed at Trustees, Friends, and Directors – These sessions were coordinated
   by Nancy Bolt and Patricia Froehlich. Patricia also gave a special Saturday session on the newly passed
   Library Law currently entitled ―Revised Library Law: A Guided Tour.‖

2. ―Successful Legislator Relationships: How & Why‖ – This is a repeat of the popular 2002 overview session
   entitled ―How to Grow Your Legislative Garden.‖ A number of Legislative Committee members will
   discuss 1) how & why to talk to your legislators, 2) the importance o f advocacy to your legislators and
   library‘s governing body, 3) the current political environment, 4) Legislative Network, 5) the PAC, 6) CAL-
   athon activities/impact, 7) quick overview of the new Library Law, 8) Q & A.

3. CAL-athon activity - CAL-athon information was made available at the conference Registration Desk with
   scripted messages and email/phone access will be provided onsite for attendees to deliver the message.
   Additionally, plans include promoting this activity widely on the listservs and providing ample opportunity
   for individuals who cannot attend the conference to also participate. A Grand Prize will be offered in a
   drawing for CAL-athon participants regardless of where they participate.

4. Nancy Bolt and Jim Zelenski were ―joint‖ keynote speakers at a conference event to talk about the state
   budget, the Tabor and Gallagher amendments, Amendment 23, and how they all work together to get the
   state into the current economic situation.

Patti Bateman, Chair

                 Mountain Plains Library Association (MPLA) Representative
As MPLA representative, I facilitated the exchange of information between CAL and MPLA by reporting
MPLA activities to the CAL Board and CAL activities back to MPLA. This communication of information is
beneficial to both organizations. During this past year, I promoted the MPLA Leadership Institute and selected
the three participants from Colorado. I also selected an MPLA Board Choice awardee from Colorado to receive
a one year free membership to MPLA. This year‘s board choice was Rhonda Gonzales, University of Southern
Colorado, Pueblo. I ensured there was an MPLA Booth at the CAL Conference last Fall, that questions about
MPLA were answered, and that there was a drawing for 10 free one- year memberships in MPLA.

The following individuals from Colorado will be attending the 2003 MPLA Leadership Institute at Ghost Ranch
in New Mexico. These individuals are to be congratulated for their selection from among a number of fine
candidates. The Colorado Association of Libraries will support the attendees by covering their registration
expenses. Congratulations to: Cindy Jaye, Denver Public Library, Hampden Branch; Tom Riedel, Regis
University; and Susan Simmons, Mamie D. Eisenhower Public Library. The Institute is supported in part by
EBSCO and the representative from ESBSO who will be attending the Institute is also from Colorado:
Rachel Vukas.

Suzanne N. Taylor, MPLA Representative

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                        CAL Conference Committee
                     Working Together – Works!
                     Keystone, Colorado, October 16-19, 2003

A dedicated group of your colleagues tested and proved the theme they chose for the 2003 conference –
―Working Together – Works!‖ As co-chairs we were very lucky to find so many creative and committed people
to take on the many tasks necessary to plan a successful conference. Thank you to all of them. Thank you to all
of you who have joined CAL in working together at Keystone and in the promising year to come.

           This year's conference featured a computerized networking center and a group of ―weavers‖
           (friendly people who like to network.) The weavers‘ mission was to ensure a productive conference
           experience. Pat Wagner (also our opening night speaker) brought together her expertise on people
           and libraries to enhance everyone‘s conference experience.

           Keynote speakers included
              Charles Levendosky as the speaker for the Julie J. Boucher Memorial Lecture on Intellectual
              Children's illustrator Christopher Canyon who also entertained us with his guitar, and
              Don Gallegos, former president of King Soopers, who will talk about customer service with real
              dedication, panache and humor.

           We offered three full-day and five half-day pre-conferences on a variety of subjects ranging from
           technology to services for Spanish speaking patrons to partnerships between public and sc hool

           Conference attendees chose from nearly 90 workshops on a wide variety of topics of interest to all
           types of librarians.

           An added feature to our workshops this year was our computer classroom with live Internet
           connections. We were able to negotiate with Keystone for a reasonable rate to provide conference-
           wide Internet this year.

           We were honored to have Elena Poptodorova, the Bulgarian ambassador to the United State in
           attendance at our conference. Ambassador Poptodorova spoke on the culture of Bulgaria and the role
           of libraries and their needs.

           The Big Book Bash continues to take on a life of its own within the conference. Over 160 Colorado
           authors displayed their books and were on hand to chat with librarians. This year we had a
           partnership with the Borders bookstore in Dillon, and they provided conference authors‘ books for
           sale during the event.

Patt Paul & Kim Meyer, Co-Chairs

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                                  2004/2005 Site Selection Committee
A site and dates have been secured for both the 2004 and 2005 CAL Co nference, thanks to the work of Judy
Maki, Beth Avery, and Dodie Ownes, who worked with Helms-Briscoe to select a location. The 2004
Conference, to be held jointly with MPLA, will take place October 20-24, at the Denver Marriott Tech Center.
The 2005 Conference will be at the same location, with the dates of October 6-10. The attractive facility is
more than adequate for all of our conference needs and we have secured a very reasonable and cost-effective
price structure.

Dodie Ownes, Chair

                             CAL THREE-YEAR STRATEGIC PLAN
                              MISSION, VISION, GOALS, VALUES
Mission Statement:

The Colorado Association of Libraries is the unifying bond and collective voice for the Colorado library
community. We are united to advocate for improved library services, to support and protect information access
and to foster the professional development of our members.

Vision Statement:

Through CAL‘s efforts, Colorado libraries will be essential to the enrichment of all Colorado communities. The
Association will be the most powerful recognized advocate for all library issues in the state. As a model
association for the region, CAL will be the first choice for professional development, advocacy, and leadership.

Goals for reaching our vision:

Enrichment & Advocacy Goals:
   1. Build advocacy skills among members
   2. Create a community network of influencers and contacts
   3. Develop a model for CAL‘s internal and public communications
   4. Build funding and steady cash flow

Model Association Goals:
  1. Increase and motivate membership
  2. Sponsor and support quality conferences, workshops and publications that meet the mission and
      professional needs of the organization
  3. Encourage collegiality and networking among libraries and communities
  4. Support statewide technology efforts and appropriate resource sharing

Values that inform our mission and vision:
    Service
    Advocacy
    Collaboration
    Diversity
    Intellectual freedom
    Lifelong learning
    Continuing education
    Stewardship
    Respect

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Board Roster - Updated September 2003

                                  Page 31 of 36
VOTING BOARD MEMBERS             At-Large                           Mountain Plains Library
                                 Shannon Cruthers                   Association (MPLA)
President                        Two Year Term Ends October         Representative
Donna Jone s Morri s             2004                               Suzanne Taylor (Term Ends
One Year Term Ends October       Auraria Library                    10/03)
2003                             1100 Lawrence St.                  Colorado State University
Arkansas Valley RLSS             Denver, CO 80204                   1019 Campus Delivery
635 W. Corona, Suite 113         Phone: 303/556-6701                Fort Collins, CO 80523
Pueblo, CO 81004                 Fax: 303/556-2623 or 303/556-      Phone: 970/491-1880
Phone: 719/542-2156 ext. 101     3528                               Email:
Fax: 719/542-3155                Email:                   
Email:        shannon.crut hers @cudenver. edu
                                                                    American Library Association
Vice President/President-Elect   At-Large                           (ALA) Councilor
Paul Paladino                    David Gleim                        Lynn Connaway (Term Ends
One Year Term Ends October       Three Year Term Ends October       10/03)
2003; serves as President Term   2005                               OCLC
Ending October 2004              Auraria Library                    2954 Kalmia A ve. #37
Montrose Library District        1100 Lawrence St.                  Boulder, CO 80301
320 S. 2nd St.                   Denver, CO 80204                   Phone: 303/381-8702
Montrose, CO 81401               Phone: 303/556-2805                Fax: 303/381-8600
Phone: 970/249-9656              Fax: 303/556-3528                  Email:
Fax: 970/240-1901                Email:
Email:                                         American Association of School
                                 At-Large                           Librarians Delegate
Treasurer                        Carol Sehnert                      Betty Bankhead (Term Ends
George Jaramillo                 One Year Term Ends October         10/05)
Two Year Term Ends October       2003                               1712 S. Emerson St.
2004                             Chaparral High School              Denver, CO 80210
Colorado University Libraries    15655 Brookstone Dr.               Phone: 303/722-0428
110 Morgan Library               Parker, CO 80134                   Email: bbank
Ft. Collins, CO 80523-1019       Phone: 303/805-6048
Phone: 970/491-1836              Email:   American Association of School
Fax: 970/491-1195                                                   Librarians Delegate
Email:                                                              Judy Barnett
gjaramil@manta.colostate. edu    EX-OFFICIO and ELECTED             Wasson High School
                                 REPRES ENTATIV ES                  2115 Afton Wy.
Secretary                                                           Colorado Springs, CO 80909
Linda Van Wert                   Association of College &           Phone: 719/328-2024
One Year Term Ends October       Research Libraries (ACRL)          Fax: 719/328-2058
2003                             Liaison                            Email:
Gambro, Inc.                     Joan Lamborn
10811 W. Collins A ve.           University of Northern Colorado    Colorado State Library Liaison
Lakewood, CO 80215               James A. Michener Library          Nancy Bolt
Phone: 303/231-4159              Campus Box 48                      Colorado State Library
Fax: 303/239-2115                Greeley, CO 80639-0091             201 E. Colfax A ve. #309
linda.     Phone: 970/351-2601                Denver, CO 80203-1704
                                 Fax: 970/351-2963                  Phone: 303/866-6733
                                 E-mail:      Fax: 303/866-6940

                                                                    Beverly Moore
                                                                    1719 Jerry Murphy Rd.
                                                                    Pueblo, CO 81001
                                                                    Phone: 719/544-3486

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Kathleen Sagee Noland                  Aurora Public Library             Lafayette Public Library
Executive Director                     14949 E. Alameda Pkwy.            775 W. Baseline Rd.
Colorado Association of Libraries      Aurora, CO 80012                  Lafayette, CO 80026
c/o Arapahoe Library District          Phone: 303/739-6637               Phone: 303/665-5200
12855 E. Jamison Cir.                  Fax: 303/739-6579                 Fax: 303/665-8936
Englewood, CO 80112                    Email:        Email:
Phone: 303/463-6400                                            
Fax: 303/798-2485
Email: executivedirector@cal -         ASSOCI ATIONS                                                                 DIVISIONS
                                       Colorado Academic Library
Heidi Baker                            Association (CoALA)               Management and Administration
Special Projects Coordinator           •Tom Riedel, Chair                (MADCAL)
Colorado Association of Libraries      Regis University                  •Rochelle Logan, Chair
c/o Arapahoe Library District          3333 Regis Blvd. D-20             Douglas Public Library District
12855 E. Jamison Cir.                  Denver, CO 80221                  961 S. Plum Creek Blvd.
Englewood, CO 80112                    Work: 303/458-4261                Castle Rock, CO 80104
Phone: 303/463-6400                    Fax: 303/964-5497                 303/663-1560
Fax: 303/798-2485                      E-mail:         Email:
                                       •Beth Avery, Vice Chair/Chair     •Ted Schmidt, Vice-Chair/Chair-
Vicki Nichol s                         Elect                             elect
Web Coordinator                        Western State College             Loveland Public Library
Jefferson County Public Library        Leslie J. Savage Library          300 N. Adams
10200 W. 20th A venue                  Gunnison, CO 81231                Loveland, CO 80537
Lakewood, CO 80215                     Work: 970/943-2898                Phone: 970/962-2400
Phone: 303/275-2230                    Fax: 970/943-2042                 Email:
Fax: 303/275-2225                      E-mail:
Email: vnichols                                     Paralibrarian Division
                                       Colorado Association of School    •Shannon Cruthers, Chair
Bonnie McCune                          Librarians (CASL)                 Auraria Library
@your library™ Grant                   •Judy Barnett, Pre sident         1100 Lawrence St.
Coordinator                            Wasson High School                Denver, CO 80204
Colorado State Library                 2115 Afton Wy.                    Phone: 303/556-6701
201 E. Colfax A ve. #309               Colorado Springs, CO 80909        Fax: 303/556-3528
Denver, CO 80203-1704                  Phone: 719/328-2024               Email:
Phone: 303/866-6891                    Fax: 719/328-2058                 shannon.crut hers @cudenver. edu
Fax: 303/866-6940                      Email:
Email:                                             •Lynda Redman, Chair-Elect
                                       •David Sanger, President-Elect    The Children's Hospit al Medical
Porcia Chen Silverberg                 Baker Middle School               Library
@your library™ Grant                   574 W. 6th A ve.                  1056 E. 19th A ve.
Consul tant                            Denver, CO 80204                  Denver, CO 80218
13255 Clermont Circle                  Work: 303/620-5560                Phone: 303/864-5355
Thornton, CO 80241                     Fax: 303/620-5575                 Email:
Phone: 303/667-6555                    E-mail:
Email:                Email:         Technical Services &
                                                                         Automation Di vi sion (TS AD)
Janet Lee                              Colorado Public Library           •Pat Smith, Acting Chair
Co-editor Colorado Libraries           Association (CoPLA)               Colorado State University Libraries
Dayton Memorial Library                •Jamie LaRue, President           Fort Collins, CO 80523
Regis University                       Douglas Public Library District   Phone: 970/491-1856
3333 Regis Blvd. D20                   961 S. Plum Creek Blvd.           Fax: 970/491-4611
Denver, CO 80221                       Castle Rock, CO 80104   
Phone: 303/458-3552                    Phone: 720/733-8624
Fax: 303/964-5143                      Fax: 720/733-9622
Email:                  Email:
Eileen Dumas                           •Michele Seipp, Vice-
Co-editor Colorado Libraries           President/President-Elect

                                                  Page 33 of 36
Trustee s, Friends, and Retired    Special Collections & Local       •Patt Paul, Co-Chair
Divi sion                          Hi story                          Douglas Public Library District
•Jim Weber, Chair                  Johanna Harden, Chair             Parker Library
Bemis (Littleton) Public Library   Douglas Public Library District   10851 So. Crossroads Dr.
6014 S. Datura St.                 961 South Plum Creek Boulevard    Parker, CO 80134
Littleton, CO 80121                Castle Rock, CO 80104             Phone: 303/841-3503
Phone: 303/797-0962                Phone: 303/814-0795               E-mail:
Email:          Fax: 303/688-1942
                                   Email:    Continuing Education
•Ed Walsh, Vice-Chair                                                Committee
Arapahoe Library District Board    Special Libraries                 Tom Moothart, Chair
12855 E. Jamison Cir.              Linda Van Wert, Chair             Colorado State University Libraries
Englewood, CO 80112                Gambro, Inc.                      153 Morgan Library
                                   10811 W. Collins A ve.            Fort Collins, CO 80523-1019
                                   Lakewood, CO 80215                Phone: 970/491-1875
INTEREST GROUPS                    Phone: 303/231-4159               Fax: 970-491-5817
                                   Fax: 303/239-2115                 Email:
Bulgarian Libraries                Email:                  
Nancy Bolt, Chair                  linda.
Colorado State Library                                               Intellectual Freedom Committee
201 E. Colfax A ve. #309           Volunteers in Libraries           Martin Garnar, Chair
Denver, CO 80203-1704              Eileen Dumas, Chair               Regis University
Phone: 303/866-6733                Aurora Public Library             3333 Regis Blvd. MS D-20
Fax: 303/866-6940                  14949 E. Alameda Dr.              Denver, CO 80221
Email:     Aurora, CO 80012                  Phone: 303/964-5459
                                   Phone: 303/739-6637               Fax: 303/964-5497
Government Documents               Fax: 303/739-6579                 Email:
Susan Simmons, Chair               Email:
Mamie Doud Eisenhower Public                                         Legislative Committee
Library                                                              •Patti Bateman, Chair
3 Community Park Rd.               COMMITTEES                        Aurora Public Library
Broomfield, CO 80020                                                 14949 E. Alameda Pkwy.
Phone: 720/887-2367                Awards Committee                  Aurora, CO 80012
Fax: 720/887-1384                  Mary Katherine Johnson            Phone: 303/739-6594
Email:                             Marmot Library Net work           Fax: 303/739-6586       123 N. 7th St. #302               Email:
                                   Grand Junction, CO 81501
Library Instruction (LIRT)         Phone: 970/242-3331               •Jody Howard, Vice-Chair
Greg Heald, Chair                  Fax: 970/245-7854                 Adams County Five Star Schools
University of Northern Colorado    Email:              1500 E. 128 Ave.
Library                                                              Thornton, CO 80241
Greeley, CO 80631                  Budget and Finance Committee      Phone: 720/972-4741
Phone: 970/351-1550                George Jaramillo, Chair           Fax: 720/972-4769
Fax: 970/351-2963                  Colorado University Libraries     Email:       110 Morgan Library
                                   Ft. Collins, CO 80523-1019        Membership Committee
Network Systems                    Phone: 970/491-1836               •Shannon Cruthers, Co -Chair
Jo Haight Sarling, Chair           Fax: 970/491-1195                 Auraria Library
Denver Public Li brary             Email:                            1100 Lawrence St.
10 W. 14 Ave. Pkwy.                gjaramil@manta.colostate. edu     Denver, CO 80204
Denver, CO 80204                                                     Phone: 303/556-6701
Phone: 720/865-1171                Conference Planning Committee     Fax: 303/556-3528
Email:   •Kim Meyer, Co-Chair              Email:
                                   Marshdale Elementary School       shannon.crut hers @cudenver. edu
REFORMA Colorado                   8300 Tim Tam Trail
Lisa Murillo, Chair                E vergreen, CO 80439
Denver Public Library              Phone: 303/982-5188
Phone: 303/571-1665                Fax: 303/982-5187

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Nominating Committee                 RELATED GROUPS                        •Shannon Cruthers, CAL Liaison
Bill Knott, Chair                                                          Auraria Library
Jefferson County Public Library      Blue Spruce Young Adult Book          1100 Lawrence St.
10200 W. 20 Ave.                     Award                                 Denver, CO 80204
Lakewood, CO 80215                   Mary McCarthy, CAL Liai son           Phone: 303/556-6701
Phone: 303/ 275-2200                 Susan Dunn, CAL Liaison               Fax: 303/556-3528
Fax: 303/275-2202                    PO Box 27072                          Email:
Email:    Denver, CO 80227-0072                 shannon.crut hers @cudenver. edu
                                     Fax: 303/442-1808
Organization and Planning            Phone: 303/866-6900                   PREZ Group/ Associate
Committee (O&P)                      Email:      Members
Paul Paladino, Chair
Montrose Library District            Colorado Library Educational          Colorado Association of Law
320 S. 2nd St.                       Foundation (CLEF)                     Libraries (CoALL)
Montrose, CO 81401                   Tom Moothart                          Holly Kulikow ski, President
Phone: 970/249-9656                  Colorado State University Libraries   Holland and Hart
Fax: 970/240-1901                    153 Morgan Library                    Phone: 303/295-8485
Email:          Fort Collins, CO 80523-1019           Fax: 303/295-8261
                                     Phone: 970/491-1875                   Email:
Publications Committee               Fax: 970-491-5817           
Marcellus Turner, Chair              Email:
Jefferson County Public Library            Colorado Council of Medical
10200 W. 20 Ave.                                                           Librarians (CCML)
Lakewood, CO 80215                   Colorado Library Marketing            Jenny Garcia, President
Phone: 303/275-6172                  Council (CLMC)                        PO Box 101058
Fax: 303/275-2225                    Marti Cox, Chair                      Denver, CO 80210-1058
Email:   Information Res ourc es Manager       Email:
                                     Medical Group Management
Revi sions Committee                 Association                           Special Library Association -
David Gleim, Chair                   104 Inverness Terrace E.              Rocky Mountain Chapter
Auraria Library                      Englewood, CO 80112                   (RMSLA)
1100 Lawrence St.                    Phone: (303) 397-7887                 Cheryl German, President
Denver, CO 80204                     Fax: (303) 397-1823                   Mamie Doud Eisenhower Pub
Phone: 303/556-2805                  Email:               Library
Fax: 303/556-3528                                                          3 Community Park Rd
Email:      Colorado Library Political Action     Broomfield, CO 80020
                                     Committee (CLPAC)                     Phone: 720/887-2368
Site Selection Committee             PO Box 452                            Fax: 720/887-1384
Judy Maki, Co-Chair                  Lafayette, CO 80026                   Email:
                                     •Gail M. Dow, President
Dodie Ownes, Co-Chair                Phone: 303/773-1645
Library Journal./School Library      Email:
13450 W. 26th A ve.                  •Lisbeth Lord,
Golden, CO 80401                     Secretary/Treasurer
Phone: 303/271-0420                  Phone: 303/926-8460
Fax: 303/271-0427                    Email:
downes             •Lorena Mitchell, CAL Liaison
                                     Plains & Peaks RLSS
                                     530 Communication Circle #205
                                     Colorado Springs, CO 80905
                                     Phone: 719/473-3417
                                     Fax: 719/632-9645

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