Meeting Minutes - November, 2005 by TroyO


									                         NY METRO CHAPTER
                             MEETING NOTES November 16, 2005
                                  Dinner: 6:00 7:00 p.m.

Educational Session 7:00 8:15 p.m.
      Speakers: Victor J Faggella
      From: Centurion Home Inspection
      Marketing your business

Business Session 8:30 9:00 p.m.
      Victor G Faggella, President ( P ) 203-263-0178
      Doug Kaufman, Vice President (P) 914-584-6669
      Evan Grugett, Treasurer (P) 914-723-5795
      Peter Eliopoulos ( P ) 914-961-3471

Guests in Attendance:
Minutes Accepted:
      Victor G Faggella,
      Doug Kaufman(second)

       Secure for 2 years and for 1 year
       Victor G Faggella,
       Doug Kaufman (second)
President Report:
       Last Meeting
Vice President Report:
              No Report
Treasurer Report: Evan Grugett
         As of last statement:
           Checking $6563.07 /Savings 10311.04 Total around $16,874.11
Annual Seminar ( Not in checking or savings as of yet , Profit 5931.48 )
Secretary Report:
       New Secretary - Peter Eliopoulos
New York State Association of Home Inspectors: Frank Libero/Evan Grugett
       Applications for New York State License is available September 1, 2005
COR Representatives Report: Frank Libero 845-947-4577
       No Report
Educational Committee: Bart Rodi: 845-268-6663
       Companies that we are getting to speak at our meetings:
       Need one for January
Membership Committee: Need some one to head this up
               No Report
  Publicity: (P) Peter Eliopoulos 914-961-3471
      We are now getting announcements of meeting in local papers &
      Articles in 5 local newspapers and Magazines

       Social: Evan Grugett: 914-723-5795
    Holiday Party: Wednesday Dec, 14 2005

Host Inspections: (P) Thomas Rooney: 914-769-2685
Newsletter (P)Victor G Faggella,
       UPDATED AND RUNNING: Chapter News Letters is available on site

Internet Report & Web Site: Vic G. Faggella:
         Updated and running and looking great: CHECK IT OUT @

Public Relations: Peter Eliopoulos 914-961-3471 or 845-526-1010
Westchester Newspaper announces Meeting in local papers.

Newcomers Hour: Working on a new format
Librarian: Jim Hanratty
      A lot of books are out - PLEASE RETURN ALL BOOK - Annual inventory -
Old Business:
      MCR Credits for the Connecticut and New Jersey
      Membership drive - Everyone should try to bring in one guest - new member Incentive at next meeting
New Business:
      By Laws need review by executive board
      Secure for 2 years and for 1 year
      Holiday Party: Wednesday Dec, 14 2005
War Stories:
      None , Speakers time was extended

Meeting Adjourned By:

                     Motion: Vic G. Faggella:     Second: Frank Liberco

Certificate of Satisfactory Completion of Membership Renewal Credits:
     Secretary - Peter Eliopoulos has the following Certifications for:
Paul Detunnis, John Thomas, Martin Greenberg, Thomas Moore, Joseph Pirrone, Andres Rego, Glenn Smith
All dues must be paid to date to receive certifications.

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