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How To Get A Discount On Price!
                  Market Value is based on
                   other Home Sales in the
                   same area of a Home
                   that is for sale.
                  You can get 10-50%
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                   Comparable Value on our
                   Homes ! … Depending
                   on Condition of the Home
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Discount On Price Example:
Home On Mt Vernon, Meadowbrook
              A really nice Lady
              bought this 2-1, Home
              with CH/AC the same
              day we got it !
              She Got A $14,000.00
              (20%) Discount ! … We
              taught her how to Save apx.
              $80,000.00 ! … Wow !
              You Can Too ! … It’s So
              Exciting !
How To Determine Market Value !
        3605 Mt. Vernon - Price Per SQ FT

                       Comp Price Address Beds Baths SQ FT $/SF

                       METRO $54,900 3605 Mt Vernon 2      1   1200   $45.75

                         1.   $69,900 3133 Mt Vernon 3     2   1496   $58.25

3 3                      3.   $73,500 2805 Bomar       2   1    980   $75.00

  35                     5.   $82,500 2934 Wilkinson   3   1    1120 $73.66
                       A $14,000 Discount ! …
   1    Metro >        As you can see, Our Price on Mt. Vernon
                       Is Lower than Market Value which, is
                       determined by the other Home Prices in this
                       Area ! … Based on the “Comps.”, (the other
                       Home Prices), Mt. Vernon’s Value at $57.00
                       per SF, would be Valued at $68,400 !
What Is Interest ?
           If You Rent A Car For
            A Week, You Pay To
            Borrow And Use It To
            Drive Then, Give It
            Back !
           If You Rent Furniture
            For A Week, You Pay
            To Borrow And Use It
            To Sit Then, Give It
            Back !
Interest Is … Like Rent !
               If You Borrow Money, It’s
                Like Renting Money ! …
               You Borrow And Use It
                To Buy Something, Like
                A Home Then, Instead Of
                Giving The Home Back,
                You Give The Money
                Back + The Interest, In
                Monthly Payments &
                Keep The Home !
How To Figure Interest On Money
           Per Year:
Interest Rate is charged on a per year basis.
If you borrowed $10,000 at a 10% Interest
Rate for 1 year, you would pay back the
$10,000 + $1,000 (Interest or Rent) =
A Total of $11,000 at the end of 1 year.
    How Interest Is Figured On
       Money Per Month:
Same Example of $10,000 at 10% Interest:
$10,000 x 10% = $1,000 Divided by 12
Months = $83.33 for 1 month and each
Month, if the loan balance stayed at
(Hand out the 10k Loan Ex.)
   What Is Principal Reduction ?
If you paid a $10,000 loan back on monthly
Payments over a 5 year period, you would
pay $212.47 per month.
Look at your Hand Out called the
“Amoritization Schedule” or Loan Payment
See the first payment ? The Interest is $83.33 and
The other amount, $129.14 goes to reduce or pay
down on the Loan Balance. This is called
“Principal Reduction” !
  Principal Reduction Continued:
Now, look at the second payment. Notice
The interest amount is lower than the first
Payment. … The computer figures the
Monthly Interest automatically.
Here is how … you take the new lower loan
Balance of $9,870.86 x 10% = $987.08 divided by
12 mos. = $82.26 for the next month’s payment.
The Principal Reduction Amt. is higher $130.21.
This happens each month until the loan is Paid off.
Total Interest Paid On $10,000
Look at the last page, at the bottom, you’ll
See the total interest or rent charged for the
use of this $10,000 for 5 years, $2,748.26 !

Is there a way to save money on the
Interest? … Ah ha ! … Lets See !
How To Get A Discount On
Interest !
The answer is “Yes” ! … You can hug me
after the show ! Ok ? … Check this out !
Anytime you make a monthly payment and
you add say, $100 to your regular payment
amount, this $100 goes directly on the loan
balance shortening the term or years on the
(Look at Ex # 2)
Discount On Interest Cont.:
So, here we go ! … Look at Example # 2.
If you paid an extra $100 per month, you will
Payoff this loan in 38 months, (3 yrs & 2
mos) instead of 60 mos. Or (5 yrs).
Look at the last page, the total Interest is
$1,679.72. … You saved $1,068.54 !
… Got it ? … GREAT !
Discount On Interest Cont:
Now, we know how Interest works.
Remember the $14,000 Discount on
Mt. Vernon and we said the savings is
actually more ? … Watch this ! …
It’s the $14,000 + the interest that our
customer would have paid ! … Or a total of
$28,643.28 … Saved ! … Very Cool Stuff !
Go to Ex # 3.
Discount On Interest Cont:
And Now, The Ever Popular Example # 3 !
Ok, … Now, … I want
everyone to strap their seat belts on !
What you’re about to see will make you fall
out of your chair ! … Then, we’re going to show
you how to SAVE SO MUCH MONEY, you WILL
want to Hug Us for teaching this to you ! …
Let’s look at Ex # 3 !
Discount On Interest Cont:
In this Example, we are using $50,000 loan.

At 11% Interest for 30 years. The Principal & Interest
payment is $476.16. People that do not know what you’re
about To learn will pay a lot of Interest ! … Hold on to your
seat and go to the last page. … Look at the bottom of the
Interest Column.
This is what they would pay, $121,421.72 in Interest !
Add this to the $50,000 loan. That’s a Total of $171,421.72
they would pay for this loan on their Home !

Ok, … Get back in your seats !
Discount On Interest Cont:
I don’t know about you but, I do not want to
Pay that much ! … Anybody want to pay that
Much ? … This is how Banks make a lot of
Money ! And… they don’t want you to know
what you’re about to learn !
Here’s their “Dirty Little Secret” !
Go to Ex # 4.
Discount On Interest Cont:
It’s simple ! By adding an extra $100 to the Payment per
month, it shortens the # of Payments from 360 (30 yrs)
down to 173 (14.5 yrs) ! … Yes ! … Cut in half ! …
Now, look at the total interest column on the
last page ! … $50,216.35 !

We just SAVED YOU … $71,000.00 BUCKS ! …
WOW ! … Some Banks charge you a Penalty for
doing this on their loan ! … Now, … You can add
$50 or $250 to your monthly payments, it’s your
     How To Get A Discount On
         Property Taxes !
“Homestead Exemption” …
When you buy a Home, The Property Tax Office
  gives you a 15-30% discount per year on your
  property taxes ! …
Example: Our Customer on Cottey St., taxes were
  $865.00 / yr. After he got his “Homestead
  Exemption”, his taxes lowered to $569.00 / yr,
  SAVING him apx $300.00 / yr !
    Discount On Property Taxes
Another way to SAVE $ is to simply …
Ask the Property Tax Office to Lower them !
The Property Taxes, in Texas, are based on
State Mandated Rules, the Tax Office has to
follow. Sometimes, the information they
have on Homes is inaccurate because, they
can’t see the condition of the interior ! Since our
Homes are older, they have room for
Improvement and If your like me, I want to improve
my Home just the way I want it ! So, … Ck this out!
    Discount On Property Taxes
Before you do any improvements to your
Home, take pictures of the repairs that you
Want to do. Ask us for pictures first, we
usually have some you can use. Oops ! …
There we go again, SAVING You More …
Time & Money ! … Ok, now, … Take these
Pictures to the Tax Office, show them, and ask to
Lower Your Taxes ! No Guaranty here but, there is
A Good Chance they’ll Lower Your Taxes !
    Discount On Property Taxes
More Ways to Lower Your Taxes !
 If you or someone living with you has a
 If you or someone living with you is over the age
  of 65.
These Different ways to Lower Your Taxes are
Available to You the following year after
You Buy A Home ! … Oh ! … It Gets Better !
   Get Title In Your Name:
                                                                                                                                This is what a Title Looks like !
                                                                                                                                It is called A …
                                                  SPECIAL WARRANTY DEED
                                                  SPECIAL WARRANTY DEED

DATE: April 26, 2008

                                                                                                                                “Special Warranty Deed”
                           YOUR NAME HERE

Consideration:       Ten and no/100 Dollars and other good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of
                     which is hereby acknowledged and confessed by Grantor.

Property: Lot 27 AND 28, BLOCK 20 , GRAHAM PARK ADDITION to the City of Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas,
                                                                                                                                This is recorded at the County
                                                                                                                                Clerk’s Office At the Court
according to plat recorded in Volume 309, Page 23 , Deed Records of Tarrant County, Texas.

Grantor reserves all oil, gas, and other minerals in, on and under the Property.

Reservations from and exceptions to Conveyance and Warranty: This conveyance is given and accepted subject to any
other liens, all restrictions, reservations, covenants, conditions, rights of way, easements, municipal or other governmental
zoning laws, regulations, and ordinances affecting the property. Grantee also assumes the payment of all ad valorem
taxes for past, present, and future years.
                                                                                                                                House Downtown.
                                                                                                                                WARNING ! … If a person
Grantor, for the consideration and subject to the reservations from and exceptions to conveyance and warranty, grants,
sells, and conveys to Grantee the property, together with all and singular the rights and appurtenances thereto in any wise
belonging, to have and hold it to Grantee, Grantee’s heirs, executors, administrators, successors, or assigns forever.
Grantor binds Grantor and Grantor’s heirs, executors, administrators, and successors to warrant and forever defend all
and singular the property to Grantee and Grantee’s heirs, executors, administrators, successors, and assigns against
every person whomsoever lawfully claiming or to claim the same or any part thereof, except as to the reservations from
and exceptions to conveyance and warranty, by through, and under Grantor, but not otherwise.

When then context requires, singular nouns and pronouns include the plural.
                                                                                                                                Buying a Home does not get
METRO BUYS HOMES, LLC                                                                                                           one of these, they do not
STATE OF TEXAS                          *
COUNTY OF TARRANT                       *
          This instrument was acknowledged before me on this ______ day of APRIL, 2008 by
David C. Boles, President of Metro Buys Homes, LLC, a Texas Limited Liability Company.
                                                                                                                                have Title in their name !
After recording, return to: XMA03
                                                                 Notary Public, State of Texas                                  They will not be the Owner !
                                                                                                                                We Always Give You Your Title
How To Lower Your Payment:
There is no other Loan Program we know of
Where you can Lower Your Monthly
Payment !
We Do ! … And show you how ! …
Oh Know, are we showing you how to SAVE
We structure your Financing Like the Example on
the next slide …
Lower Your Payment Cont:
               $65,000 Price
                -$5,000 Dn Pmt.
               $60,000 Financed Amt.
      Loan # 1           Loan # 2
      $55,000             $5,000
         11%                 14%
         $550              $100 = $650
          273                 76
Pay extra $50 to $200 on Loan # 2 to Pay It Off in
2-3 years and that $100 payment does away !
Lowering Your Payment Down To The $550 / mo !
Payoff Your Home In 5-15 Years:
If you do what you’ve learned here, you can
Payoff Your Loan in 5-15 Years ! …
Here we go again ! … SAVING YOU MORE
We can help you plan & show you how to do
It on your VERY OWN HOME that we’ll
Help You Get A Great Deal on from
Metro Homes !
           No Closing Cost !
If you were to get a Loan from a Bank, you
Would pay, in addition to your Down Pmt.,
$5,000 -$10,000 in Closing Cost & Fees !

We have No Closing Cost !
Bad Credit ? … No Credit ? …
No SS # ? …
Look ! … If you have some money for your
Initial Investment, (The Down Payment),
[We like to see 10% but, we’ll work with you
Like, you may do some repairs & get credit
For part of the Dn Pmt.] and … you have
Good Job & Rental History, …
       Simple Steps To Do Now !
   Ask us any questions
   Let us help you
   We’ll customize a plan for you
   You Buy A Home !

Thank you so much for coming to learn about
Our “Metro Owner Finance Program” !
Please tell your family & friends !

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