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									November 15, 2005

Coulee Region United Soccer Association
Board Meeting Minutes
November 13, 2005

Kent Bruden, Chris Buchanan, Mike Byars, Jay Calkins, Kathleen Christian, Steve
Christian, Dave Gebhart, Jeff Henessee, Cindy Hood, Ann Kotnour, Joe Kotnour, Leslie
Kroker, Jason Murphy, Mary Pershing, Jonella Rademacher, Tim Ringhand, Leslie
Swartz, Dean Zimmer

The agenda was distributed electronically on November 10, 2005 prior to this meeting.
Please refer to the agenda as the notes provided by the secretary will give a simple review
of the item as well as any new information provided on that particular topic.


      We need to have a chairperson for volunteer committee. This person would be on
             the board. Kathleen suggested and would inquire with Carolyn Pillai and
             Dave and Julie Snyder to see if they have any interest.
      Ann and Joe Kotnour will head the parent rep committee.
      Joe K. will help coordinate parking for fundraising purposes.
      Concessions still to be determined.
      Mike Byars declined his role as volunteer coordinator for next year.
      Volunteer Check Return:
             Mike, Jonella, and the Kotnour’s are working to complete.
             Mike estimates about 24 people left to contact and will be completed in
             the next week.
             Volunteer check donations estimated to be between $6000 to $7000.
             Decision made to cash checks of those people who were left a message by
                     the above phone calls and who have not responded. There was
                     discussion on Blenka and Emmel check. Board decided to cash
                     the Emmel check and Jonella will have Blenka help her do some of
                     the fundraising prep work.
             Mike designated a volunteer to do the work of returning the $50 checks to
                     those who requested theirs be returned. He will also have this
                     person send out a tax donation form to those requesting for tax
                     purposes. Dave has a tax donation form that he used in the past
                     for those requesting such a form. He stated board could use it or
                     revise it accordingly. Steve D. should have a copy of those being
                     sent out to individuals as well.
       Jason Murphy has been named CRUSA Technical Director. He will work under
               the supervision of Chris and will also serve on the TAC.
       Recruitment of coaches for next year has begun.
       Jason will invite the participation of an Onalaska High School coach to be on
               TAC and will report back to board of anyone interested.
       Total payment of fall program coaching was $576.00
By-Laws/Policies/Mission Statement:
       Mary, Tim and Chris have been working on above.
       A copy of the above proposed will be sent to members within the next week for
               board member review.
       A couple of issues that this committee is working on addressing are:
               Mission Statement
                       Cindy recommended that this statement needs to have incorporated
                       within it “opportunities for all children.”
               Should the board allow a member to have voting rights if they have a
                       child(ren) who participate in competing soccer clubs? It is felt that
                       such is a conflict of interest.
       2006 CRSL/MYSA rules update given by Jonella. Jonella and Chris attended the
               MYSA AGM on November 5, 2005 where these proposals did not pass.
       Team formation policies and procedures will be set forth by the TAC and the
               By-law/policy committees.
                       Motion made by Jonella
                       Seconded by Ann
                       All in favor was unanimous.
       Leslie provided an overview of expenses to profits for the 2005 teams. (Handout)
       2006 Registration
               Forms (registration, medical/liability release, volunteer, scholarship) have
                       been completed by Chris.
               Online registration forms and payment almost completed and will be
                       utilized this year along with traditional methods of registering.
               Fees need to be set. Chris to meet with Steve D. for cost benefit analysis.
                       The proposed fee structure will be sent out electronically and
                       voting members are required to vote on fees. If you don’t respond
                       by the set deadline, it will be assumed that you are in favor of
                       proposed fees.
               Registrations Dates will be as follows:
                       January 16, 2006 at Onalaska Middle School from 6pm to 8pm.
                       Jeff Henessee to contact OMS and set this up.

                       January 18, 2006 at Central High School from 5pm to 7pm. Dave
                       to contact CHS and set this up.
                       Registration deadline will be January 25, 2006.
                Discussion of voting members followed. It was decided that the following
                       would hold voting privileges:
                               Board of Directors (Jeff, Jonella, Steve D., Steve C., Dave)
                               Leslie, Robin, Kent, Mary, Jay and Mary

Treasurer Report:
       Contract for Chris has been completed and signed. A copy will be given to Steve
               C. for board minutes.
       Salary for Chris has been placed in a separate account and will be under the
               direction of the VP.
       Steve D. absent and no financial update was given.

Fundraising/Marketing Update:
       Robin asked for feedback on handout of reasons why you should contribute to
       Jonella discussed the various T-shirt sponsorship levels. (Handout)
       There will be a sponsorship level for fields this year.
       Chris is working on grants from various Wisconsin societies who sponsor sports.

          Dave provided the following updates:
                Jeff Bahr will be involved with maintenance for 2006
                Work for the season has been completed by Jeff Bahr
                Dave received and turned in to Steve D. the following checks:
                       CHS fall 2005          $2500
                       AHS fall 2005          $2500
                       LHS fall 2005          $1800
                Dave billed Sparta $800 for aeration work done by Jeff Netzer
                       Jeff Netzer to receive $400 for the above
                Concession monies will be given to Steve D. from Patty and Jonella
                Dave recommends that next season we purchase two water pumps, a weed
                       eater and air compressor

       2006 Rendezvous Tourney ref assignor will be Scott Scheiffer
       Certification Clinic set for December 10 and 11. Dave to check with LHS and
               Jonella to check with AHS for availability.
       Recertification clinic set for February 25, 2006. Location to TBA
       Times and fees were not established for the above clinic.
       Kent to send his database of referee email addresses to Chris.
       Kent hopes to hold an indoor didactic session in the spring for newer referees.

Technical Advisors Committee:
       See agenda for details.
    See agenda for details.
    Chris has worked many long hours and site looks great! Thank You!!

     Dean provided an update. Also, see the agenda for details.
     The Adidas brand has already been discontinued.

     The date for this will be March 11, 2006.
     Dave will contact LHS to see if we can use the facility for AGM.

     Chris is working to organize this event.
     Current cost amount ~$1595.00
     This would be for boys and girls ages 16, 17 and 18

      June 16-18, 2006
      Residential camp June 12-16, 2006
      Jeff and Sue working on flyers and hope to have them completed this week.

     This will be our residential camp planned for June 12-16, 2006.

     Jonella asked for board reimbursement of the money that she has spent for
             the expenses to get Chris started in his job. These expenses included the
                    Workman comp            $1100.00
                    Medical thru Dec 31       500.00
                    Office set up             150.00
             The amount of $1799.00 reimbursement was approved by the board.
                    Jonella made motion
                    Joe K. seconded the motion
                    All were in favor



                      BOARD MEETING REMINDER

                           SUNDAY DECEMBER 4, 2006
                               6:00PM TO 9:00PM
       700 St. James Street
         La Crosse, WI

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