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					                                                 Lee Higgins
                                                  28/05/ 1981
                             Studio 24, 376-380 Camden road, London - N7 0LG

I am a highly skilled developer with a broad range of experience. My career has been split between two
industries, Defence and Computer games. This unique mix brings skills from both industries which
complement each other. The majority of my career has been in the Defenc e industry, this has brought skills
in large complex system design, formal software desi gn and control, complex signal processing algorithm
development and multi-threaded, multi-comput er development. My computing knowledge is both broad and
detailed. I seem to have a talent for learning new software related techniques or API's very quickly. I have
recently moved from full-time permanent employment to contracting. I have had fantastic feedback from my

“Lee is a rare breed. He has yet to tell me there is something he can't produce. If we can design it, he can
build it – and it's fantastic to be able to have that confidence when I offer our servic es to clients.”

May 15, 2010   Dean Johnson MCSD , Creative Director, Brandwidth

                            Please note, this CV is split into TWO sections.
iOS Developer Contractor – Director of DepthPerPixel ltd
January '10 - Present
After a successful year back in the Defence Industry (see defence section) I returned to London and started
Dept h Per Pixel ltd. Depth Per Pixel offers a number of services including native iPhone and iPad application
development, we also specialise in porting existing applications from platforms such as Flash, Sony PSP,
PC, Wii, Windows and OS X.

Projects have included:
       Guinness World Rec ords Lite - iPhone
       Guinness World Rec ords Lite - iPad
       Happily E ver After - Nint endo Wii Prototype
       Kahoots - iPhone (PSP minis conversion)
       Kahoots HD - iPad
       Daily Mail news app - iPhone
       Daily Mail news app - iPad

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iPhone Developer
November '08 – January '10
After leaving Blimey I decided to continue development of iPhone projects I had been working on in my spare
time. I am a registered iPhone developer and have a full application pipeline in place along wit h testing
hardware. The application pipeline includes a Java based texture atlas system to optimise application
content for the iPhone. I have developed an OpenGL based application framework which allows me to create
games and applications very rapidly. I have completed projects that include ports of a PSP and flash game to
the iPhone. I have a framework that is very modular and designed to be plat form independent. Demos

Blimey Game Studios (Now, Slightly Mad Studios) Programmer
August '08 – November '08
Blimey was a perfect opportunity for me to gain some top class skills developing first -class racing games for
the major consoles. Blimey had several operational problems to do with source control and server
maintenance. Noticing these issues I immediat ely went about finding solutions. I reorganised the neglected
servers and re-wired the local network to increase its performance. I also made several rec ommendations to
resolve source control issues. The majority of my time was spent bug-fixing game code. I longed for a more
for filing position and so made the decision to leave Blimey.

Morpheme Game Studios (Eidos Interactive) Lead Game Engine and Tools Programmer
January '08 – August '08
A Job at Morpheme was my first leap into the computer games industry, for which I had left a successful
career in the defence industry. During my time at Morpheme I used my skills to expand their technology onto
new platforms, namely the Nintendo Wii. This involved myself porting the studios game engine, in under o ne
month. During this period I had extensive experience with the Nintendo Ndev development kit, Directx and
windows TCP/ IP sockets. I also expanded their technology to support rich 3D environments, which included
a physics simulation. This period allowed m e to re-cap and increase my experience with the Windows
programming environment, after a long period using Linux. Along with the development of the studios
technology I streamlined their build and source control system. During this period I used both C++ a nd Java.
Unfortunately studio owner, Eidos Interactive, entered a restructuring phase which resulted in the
redundancy of the entire studio.

System s engineering and Asse ssment (SEA) – Software Consultant
February ‟09 – February '10
During this time I used my previous defenc e experience to advis e and implement several complex projects.
The major project being a RADA R processing system. This project has allowed me to build upon my digital
signal processing skills as well as learn new skills with mySQL. I have lead several small sized projects. I
used cross compiling tools to develop for PowerPC hardware which also involved the use of a DMA engine
and TCI/ IP networking. I acquired an advanced knowledge of the Netbeans IDE during this period.

QinetiQ Level 4 Software Engineer/ Software Team Leader
October ‟05 – January '08
Promotion to career level 4 saw new responsibilities which included leading soft ware tasks. With this new
responsibility I decided to champion software re-use, and streamline the creation of new soft ware by creating
common code libraries. Design and creation of an application framework synchronised software modules
produced by each soft ware engineer and increased consistency and maintainability of code. This period saw
me integrating software with many third party companies, providing technical support and working closely
with customers to refine requirements and ensure their satisfaction. The vast success of previous sonar
technology demonstrators put the company in a very good position to win a contract to produce the 2054

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sonar replacement system. With this new work I was given the responsibility to produce the main signal
processing component. The various procedures and frameworks I had developed and improved on in
previous projects, helped make this challenging project a coherent and reliable success. I am constantly
looking at new developments in the industry and evaluating how they could be us ed to improve quality and
productivity. During this period I had extensive experience with software design and distributed computing
techniques, including TCP/IP and UDP network programming and multi-t hreaded parallel computing. I also
gained considerable experience implementing complex signal processing algorithms. This de velopment
period was spent primarily developing software on and for Linux, although all soft ware I produced was also
tested and working in a Windows environment.

QinetiQ Level 3 Software Engineer
October „03 – October „05
Upon ret urn to QinetiQ I was placed on the rapidly expanding and successful open systems' team. During
this period I produced major components for several important technical demonstrator systems. I gained
experience deploying the systems on military hardware and became an important and respected member of
the open-systems team. Many of the projects I was involved with required working away for long periods and
organisation of travel and accommodation. This period used my skills in the following areas; Linux embedded
OS creation, C++ design and implementation, Direct X, Distributed computing, multi-threading, use of the
standard templat e library, and implementing design patterns.

Final Year of Degree Study
October „02 – October „03
During this year I gained technical leadership exp erience by heading a group project to produce a complex
computer game technical demonstrator. My final year project, “A Hardware View of Assembly language”
gained praise from respected lecturer and writer Alan Clements, this project contained an interesti ng mix of
low and high level concepts, seeing a simple A RM core emulator implement ed in Java. During the course of
my final year I gained hands on experience with various topics including; Assembly programming, OpenGL,
Multi-threading and Java.

QineiQ Level 1 Year in Industry Student
June „01 – October „02
Introduction to the industry came with a successful interview for a placement student position in the
underwater system group at QinetiQ Winfrith. During my placement I gained valuable experience of t he full
software life cycle. The quality of my work was at a standard which allowed me to work on major components
of deliverable systems, along side fully qualified soft ware engineers. After a very successful year I was
awarded sponsorship for the final year of my degree, and a guaranteed position. During my placement year I
gained experience in several areas such as; Distributed computing, Multi -threading and Networking.

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     Languages:
    C/C++,                                                                         9+ years
    Java,                                                                          6 years
    Bash scripting,                                                                2 years
    XML, HTML,                                                                     5 years
    Objective-C/C++                                                                2 years
    mySQL                                                                          1 year

     Libraries: Boost, STL, Ptypes, Pthreads, Sockets (TCP/UDP), ODE, PAL(Physics Abstraction layer),
       OGRE 3D, Cocoa touch
     API/Middleware: Intel IPP, OpenGL/OpenGL ES, DeRSCI Middleware, Direct X, OpenCL, mySQL,
       Open AL
     Applications: MS Visual Studio, Xcode, Netbeans, Linux GNU tool chain, Vi,
                    Subversion, Git, Perforce, Visual Sourc e safe,
                    MS Office, Open Office. VMWare.
    Operating System s: Windows, Redhat Linux (Advanced) , OS X 10.6
    Hardware: x86 PC, CPCI Blade servers, Rack mount Servers, Nintendo WII NDev, Sony PSP,
     Power PC, iOS devices.
    Design: Object Orientation, UML, Design Patterns, Agile
    Specialist:            3D mobile graphics.
                            Digital Signal Processing.
                            Distributed computing and Multi-threading.
                            Multi-plat form software design.
                            Network programming.
                            SC Security cleared.

BSc(Hon's) Computer Studies (2: 2 with a first class project)
A-level's: Comput er Studies, Physics, General Studies (B, C, D)
Ten high grade GCSE's including double A* for science.


City&Guilds C++ programming
City&Guilds Visual Basic programming
QED Advanced Java programming
Introduction to sonar processing
Duke of Edinburgh B ronze
Submarine escape training


Sonar/Defence system s:

2054 (Bow and Towed array) Technology demonstrators (DeRSCI Open Systems program)
2087 Technology demonstrators (DeRS CI Open System s program)
2054 Inboard replacement sonar
PACE Sonar recording system
DART Radar tracking system

iPhone/iPad Apps:

Guinness World Record Lite iPad
Guinness World Record Lite iPhone
Kahoots                    iPad
Kahoots                    iPhone
Daily Mail news app        iPad
Daily Mail news app        iPhone

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