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Rid Of Pimple Scars


									             Rid Of Pimple Scars

Millions of people suffer from acne scars and
wish they could find a way to get rid of pimple
scars forever. Many people will feel a lot of
self consciousness and grief over these scars.
Some people, have even obsessed in the
mirror over them. There are many different
solutions to this problem, but this article will
focus on basic home remedies.
Use olive oil
Olive oil, can reduce your acne scars and also
improve your skin. Apply a couple of drops on
the affected part of the skin every day. It's
humidifying properties will improve the
texture of the skin and reduce scars.

Not only is honey a sweet substance, it also
can be used to make the skin look younger
and reduce acne scars. It can be taken orally
as well.

Lavender Oil
Many cosmetic products will use lavender oil
because of it's regenerative properties. It will
make the skin fresher, cleaner and look
younger. Apply to scars and massage the

Paste of rose water and sandalwood
After you make the paste, apply it to acne
scars. You can leave it overnight and wash it
with water in the morning. For best results,
do this with other acne scar treatments to get
rid of pimple scars as quickly as possible.

Ice cubes
Another popular remedy is to use ice cubes
wrapped in a piece of cloth. Apply to the
affected area for 10 minutes every day. By
reducing the inflammation, the skin should
look smoother.
Remember that the best way to get rid of
pimple scars is to use a combination of
several methods and to stick to them for at
least a couple of months.
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