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									An Environmental Affair
Volume 16, Issue 7                                                                                       July 2005

                                     City of Los Angeles Kicks off New Environmental
                                                   Pre-School Program
 The City of Los Angeles
   Environmental Affairs      In June, the Environmental Affairs Department (EAD) partnered with the City
      Department was          Attorney’s Office to launch the “Green Team LA program,” a program that will
  established in 1990 to      provide information, education, and resources to pre-schools regarding envi-
     advise the city on       ronmental toxics, health hazards, and ways
   environmental issues       to avoid and prevent them. The program will
       and provide a          reach out to pre-school owners, their staff,
   centralized source of      and also to parents of pre-schoolers. Green
                              Team LA’s program will include workshops,
                              expert speakers, on-site evaluations, and
     information. The
                              provide kits of information, videos, non-
   Environmental Affairs
                              mercury thermometers, lead testing devices,
   Department seeks to
                              and more to pre-schools. Additional pro-
   protect and enhance
                              gram partners include the American Lung EAD General Manager Detrich B. Al-
    the environmental
                              Association and Physicians for Social Respon- len and partner agencies kick off the
      quality of life for     sibility.                                        new program with parents, caregivers,
  residents, workers and                                                       and pre-schoolers.
   visitors in the City of    Green Team LA will begin with over twenty
        Los Angeles.          pre-schools in the San Fernando Valley, South Los Angeles, and Wilmington
                              and spread to licensed preschool facilities citywide.

                              The program is an important addition to the Environmental Affairs Depart-
                              ment’s ongoing efforts to reach out to businesses regarding hazardous and
  Inside This Issue:          toxic materials and pollution prevention. By partnering with these other agen-
                              cies, EAD will be able to address a broad range of environmental and health
SMMRA New Shuttle             concerns, such as covering pollutants to the air, water, soil and the harmful
 Service to Santa       2     impacts to children. The Green Team LA program also will “send the message
 Monica Mountains             home,” by educating and informing the pre-schoolers’ parents on what they
                              can do to rid their home of any environmental pollutants and health hazards.
  Community Tree        3
                              In the upcoming year, EAD will be working with its Green Team LA partners to
                              implement the first phase of the program at over twenty pre-schools, and
                              then phase in additional pre-schools citywide. The Environmental Affairs De-
Have an ‘Energy Star’   3
                              partment also will be working with its partners on the development of tar-
                              geted materials to support Green Team LA, including the creation of a 30-
                              minute video to inform the public about the program and its efforts. Through
       Grants           4     the Green Team LA program, we all can look forward to healthier children and
                              a safer environment.
 Calendar of Events     5-7
                              Watch for more information on Green Team LA in EAD’s upcoming newslet-
  Recycling Cellular    7
VOLUME 16, ISSUE 7                            AN ENVIRONMENTAL AFFAIR                                    PAGE 2

being healthy and resource-
efficient.                               SMMNRA Offers New Shuttle Buses Taking Visitors
           An Environmental Affair is      to the Heart of the Santa Monica Mountains
  produced monthly by the EAD to
        inform residents about
environmental issues and activities     ParkLINK Shuttle, a partnership to link several popular county, state
 in Los Angeles. For questions, or      and National Park sites
    to update or cancel your free       with a public transporta-
         subscription, call the         tion system, will begin this
 Environmental Information Center       summer in the Santa
Hotline at (213) 978-0888, send an
                                        Monica Mountains National
               e-mail to:, or visit    Recreation           Area
             our website at             (SMMNRA).       The project         will provide an alternative
TDD (213) 978-0899. You can also        to the use of private cars,
reach us by fax at (213) 978-0893.      reduce trips, improve air
As a covered entity under Title II of   quality, reduce vehicle im-
the Americans with Disabilities Act,
  the City of Los Angeles does not
                                        pacts and parking demand,
     discriminate on the basis of       and provide a high-quality
  disability and upon request, will     visitor experience.
provide reasonable accommodation
    to ensure equal access to its                             The ParkLINK Shuttle is a ‘clean diesel’ vehi-
                                  The weekend and holiday-
                                                              cle because it runs on ultra-low sulfur diesel
                                  only public transportation
                                                              (ULSD), is retrofitted with a catalyst and a par-
system is starting out with five 20-passenger, ‘clean diesel’ ticulate matter trap.
buses to operate during the three-year demonstration pro-
ject. The buses will be fully accessible for wheelchairs, and will have room for recreational gear such
as backpacks, bicycles, boogie boards, and picnic baskets. Bus seats are equipped with seat belts for
passengers to wear. Riding the entire loop takes two hours and costs one dollar per ride.

The bus route includes Malibu Canyon Road, Pacific Coast Highway (PCH), Kanan Dume Road and Mul-
holland Highway. Along the route, the buses will stop at Malibu Creek State Park, Tapia Park, Malibu
Lagoon State beach, Solstice Canyon, Zuma Beach, Peter Strauss Ranch, Paramount Ranch and two
Backbone trailheads (Kanan Road and Malibu Canyon Road).

Buses will operate in a ‘clockwise’ and ‘counter-clockwise’ direction. Hours of operation are approxi-
mately 8 am to 5 pm. This month, ParkLINK Shuttle begins a 12-hour schedule to match the addi-
tional daylight hours (8 am to 8 pm). For the shuttle schedule, visit

Bus stop improvements such as passenger shelters, benches, and signs have been built for each of
the nine stops. Three smaller stops, known as flag stops, also are planned at key trailheads. Two of
the flag stops will be shared with Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) Route 434, which stops
along PCH and in Malibu (at Cross Creek) to facilitate regional connections for bus riders.

The ParkLINK Shuttle will provide an excellent opportunity for visitors who are dependent on public
transit to come and see these National Recreation Area sites. It also is an alternate way to explore
and use the parks while saving gas and protecting the environment. Depending on the success of this
three-year demonstration project, the shuttle may expand to include many other popular parkland

The ParkLINK Shuttle is a multi-agency partnership which includes the National Park Service, Califor-
nia State Parks, Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy, and Los Angeles County Beaches and Harbors.
Funding for the buses and the capital improvements is provided by a grant from the National Park
Service’s Transportation Program. For more information on the Santa Monica Mountains Recreation
Area, visit, or call the National Park Service’s headquarters office at (805) 370-
VOLUME 16, ISSUE 7                     AN ENVIRONMENTAL AFFAIR                                    PAGE 3

                         Community Tree Planting in Sun Valley

Sun Valley community activists Vicky Burch and Phil Tabbi teamed up with Waste Management and
the City of Los Angeles Environmental Affairs Depart-
ment to plant new trees at the intersection of
Sunland Boulevard and Glenoaks Boulevard. These
two volunteers canvassed local businesses adjacent
to the tree planting locations to explain their vision
and get support for the project. The community
agreed that trees would enhance their business dis-
trict and beautify the area. The project culminated
in a Community Tree-Planting Day on Saturday, June
4, 2005. Kids from the Jeopardy program, staff from
the local Police Department, and volunteers from the
Police Advisory Board participated in planting the
trees. Store workers agreed to water the trees to ensure their survival.

Waste Management provided funding to remove concrete to plant trees and the Environmental Affairs
Department provided trees and labor through its LA Green Corridors grant. A total of fourteen trees
were planted through this community enhancement project. Participants plan to continue planting
more trees along Sunland and Glenoaks. Trees in this area will reduce vehicle pollution on major
streets and from the nearby Interstate 5 freeway.

                               Have an ‘Energy Star’ Summer

High temperatures are on the way, but that doesn't have to mean high energy bills this summer. The
Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Energy Star program has advice on smart ways to keep cool
with energy-efficient products and practices.

The average family spends $1,500 per year on energy bills, nearly half of which
goes to heating and cooling. If just half of all American homes were cooled with En-
ergy Star qualified products, the change would prevent nearly 70 billion pounds of
greenhouse gas emissions, equivalent to the emissions of nearly 6 million cars. To
help protect against high energy bills and help the environment, EPA encourages the

•   Look for the Energy Star on products such as ceiling fans, programmable ther-
    mostats, and room air conditioners.

•   Schedule an annual checkup for your central air conditioner with a licensed contractor, and check
    or replace its air filter once a month.

•   Replace an old or broken-down central air conditioner or heat pump with new, high efficiency
    equipment. Homeowners can save as much as 20 percent on annual energy costs if this new
    equipment is properly sized and installed, along with having properly sealed and insulated ducts.

•   Seal up gaps and cracks in your home "envelope" (basement, attic, around doors and windows).
    Add insulation if needed. This will help reduce energy bills throughout the winter, too.

•   Get informed. For more on year-round improvements to make your home more energy efficient,
    review the EPA's Guide to Energy-Efficient Heating and Cooling on the Energy Star Web site,, or call 1-888-STAR-YES for a free copy.
VOLUME 16, ISSUE 7                     AN ENVIRONMENTAL AFFAIR                                     PAGE 4

                  $$$    FUNDING OPPORTUNITIES          $$$
         Visit http:/ for more grant opportunities.
Lawrence Foundation Grants                            fellowships; Science and Society professional
The mission of the Lawrence Foundation is to          development fellowships; doctoral dissertation
make a difference in the world by providing           research improvement grants; small grants for
contributions and grants to organizations that are    training and research; conference and workshop
working to solve pressing educational,                                  awards; other funding
environmental, health and other issues. Grants are                      opportunities. Applications are
awarded twice per year. Letter of inquiry required.                     due by August 23, 2005. More
Letters of inquiry are open to any organization                         information on this grant may be
that wishes to be considered for a grant that                           obtained by visiting
meets the grant guidelines. For more information,             
call (310) 451-1567, visit                                              nsf05588/nsf05588.htm. or e-mail inquiries
to For December                         The City of Los Angeles
grant cycle (two cycle periods), letters of inquiry   Neighborhood Matching Fund Grant (NMF) is a
are due Monday, August 1.                             competitive matching grant program that awards
                                                      funding of up to $10,000 for beautification
Liberty Hill Environmental Justice Fund This          projects to community-based organizations. The
fund makes grants to grassroots organizations,        next NMF funding cycle (C9-2005) will begin July
which are working to decrease exposure to toxic       10, 2005. New applications, updated guidelines,
substances in neighborhoods and workplaces,           and a new citywide workshop schedule will be
particularly in low-income areas and communities      available for download at that time at
of color. Groups engaged in community        The proposed due
organizing, applied research, policy advocacy,        date for the C9 application will be late October,
litigation, or popular education are eligible to      2005.
apply. Awards range from $7,000 to $70,000.
Applications are accepted from August to            The Discovery Corps Fellowship Program is a
November. For more information visit                pilot program by the National Science Foundation                            (NSF) that is seeking new postdoctoral and
                                                    professional development models to combine
Submit a Lesson Plan to the Chemical                research expertise with service-oriented projects.
Education Foundation and Win $1,000                 Discovery Corps Fellows leverage their research
The Chemical Education Foundation (CEF) is          expertise through projects that address areas of
sponsoring a You Be The Chemist (YBTC) lesson       national need. Their projects enhance research
plan competition for educators in grades K-8. The capacity and infrastructure, contribute to
Foundation will award $1,000 for first prize and    workforce development and job creation and
$500 for runner-up entries in three categories:     develop innovative linkages between chemistry
Scientific Inquiry, Structure of Matter, and Safety and other fields. For this pilot program, successful
and Recycling. The six winning lesson plan entries Fellows will have research expertise in areas
and their authors will be published on the CEF Web supported by the NSF Division of Chemistry. The
site. Visit or Discovery Corps Fellowship Program comprises
Lesson_Plan.html for more information. You also two categories of awards: recent doctoral
may contact The                recipients serve as Discovery Corps Postdoctoral
deadline is Friday, October 21.                     Fellows; and mid-career professionals serve as
                                                    Discovery Corps Senior Fellows. For more
The National Science Foundation’s Science           information, visit
and Society grant considers proposals that          nsf05593/nsf05593.htm, or contact Katharine J.
examine questions that arise in the interactions of Covert, Program Director, Directorate for
engineering, science, technology, and society.      Mathematical & Physical Sciences, Division of
Funding takes place for the following categories:   Chemistry, at (703) 292-4950; by fax at (703)
Science and Society Scholars Awards; standard       292-9037; or by email at
research grants and grants for collaborative        Deadline for submissions is December 2, 2005.
research; Science and Society postdoctoral
VOLUME 16, ISSUE 7                      AN ENVIRONMENTAL AFFAIR                                   PAGE 5

         JULY AND AUGUST CALENDAR OF EVENTS                              The EAD website, located at
                                                               , contains
                                   more information call FoLAR at         updated information on this
      EACH MONTH:                  (323) 223-0585, or visit               month’s events. To ensure
 EAD recommends contacting                        your event is included in our
 event sponsor prior to event)                                            monthly newsletter, submit
                                                                          information to the editor by
                                                                         the 10th of each month prior
                                                                       to publication. After the 10th,
                                                                       events can be entered into our
                                                                             website calendar only.
                                                                             The EAD reserves the right
Collapse:     How     Societies    Pavilion of Wings at the            to edit all submittals and does
Choose to Fail or Succeed is       Natural History Museum The             not necessarily endorse the
a groundbreaking exhibit that      Robinsons-May Pavilion of Wings       events listed. All events are
examines how human societies       is open and will run through La-        subject to change, so call
have recognized or ignored—        bor Day, Monday, September           listed event contacts to verify
and solved or failed to solve—     5, 2005. Enter a world of free                 information.
key environmental issues, in-      flying butterflies and stroll
cluding those that concern         through a beautifully landscaped
                                   temporary exhibit housed at the     table display on Venice Beach
contemporary global society. A
                                   Museum's South Lawn. See a          back in the early 1930s has
dynamic collage of images,
                                   giant swallowtail, monarch,         blossomed into a world-
graphics, and live interviews
                                   American painted Lady or even a     renowned educational aquar-
asks the visitor to consider the
                                   California dogface - California's   ium. Seventy Years and Count-
environmental challenges facing
                                   state butterfly. Over the sum-      ing highlights the 70-year
Southern California, and how
                                   mer, thirty different butterfly     growth of Cabrillo Marine Mu-
decisions today may shape its
                                   and moth species will call the      seum and Aquarium in a spe-
future. Collapse? exhibits at
                                   pavilion home. Discover how         cial exhibit on display for six
the Natural History Museum of
                                   butterflies interact with the       m o nths.    Did    You    S e a?
Los Angeles County, located at
                                   plants and gain a new under-        is a photograph exhibit high-
900 Exposition Boulevard in Los
                                   standing of various environ-        lighting the beauty of Southern
Angeles. For more information,
                                   mental issues. Special ticketed     California marine life. Both ex-
call (213) 763-DINO, or visit
                                   admission applies: $3 for adults,   hibits are available for viewing Ends January
                                   $2 for seniors and students and     at the Aquarium, located at
16, 2006.
                                   $1 for children ages 5 to 12.       3720 Stephen White Drive in
                                   Tickets are sold in half-hour       San Pedro. For additional infor-
Baldwin Hills Hikes are held                                           mation, contact CMA at (310)
on the 3rd Saturday of each        time slots throughout the day.
                                   The Natural History Museum of       548-7562,           or    visit
month at Kenneth Hahn State                                       The ex-
Recreation Area. Sponsored by      Los Angeles County is located at
                                   900 Exposition Boulevard in Los     hibits run through January 6,
the LA Audubon Society. For                                            2006. Free.
more     information    visit      Angeles. Call (213) 763-DINO or call          for more information.
(323) 876-0202.
                                   Cabrillo Marine Aquarium’s
                                                                             THIS MONTH:
                                                                        EAD recommends contacting
Sundays at the River! Join         Special Exhibits: Did You
                                                                        event sponsor prior to event)
Friends of the Los Angeles River   Sea? and Seventy Years and
(FoLAR) on the third Sunday        Counting Back when bread was
each month through November.       8 cents a loaf and gas cost 10
                                   cents a gallon, a retired dentist    Sat and Sun, Jul 9 and 10
"Down by the River" walks are
non-strenuous and open to all      took over a collection of marine
                                   life collected by L.A. City Life-   28th Annual Lotus Festival
ages. Tours are free to FoLAR                                          sponsored by the City of Los
members with a suggested con-      guards that was moved to the
                                   Cabrillo Beach Bathhouse in         Angeles Department of Recrea-
tribution of $5 for non-                                               tion and Parks. Featuring food,
members. Rain cancels.       For   1935. What started as a card
VOLUME 16, ISSUE 7                        AN ENVIRONMENTAL AFFAIR                                       PAGE 6

                                    for desert as toxic dump. Can        sion. For more information, con-
      THIS MONTH:                   these three seemingly incompati-     tact the Museum at (213) 763-
                                    ble futures coexist? Admission is    DINO.
          (continued)               free for Autry National Center
                                    members, $10 for nonmembers.             Sat and Sun, Jul 30-31
                      fireworks,    For reservations, call (323) 667-
                      entertain-    2000 ext. 354. The discussion        Long Beach Dragon Boat Fes-
                      ment, arti-   takes place at the Museum of the     tival One of the largest dragon
                      sans,   an    American West in Griffith Park,      boat competitions in California,
                      interna-      located at 4700 Western Heritage     the festival also will include Chi-
                      t i o n a l   Way from 2 pm to 3:30 pm.            nese traditional art demonstra-
                      market-                                            tions, Chinese Acrobats, tradi-
place, community services, a                   Fri, Jul 22               tional dance, music and martial
children’s courtyard, Taiko                                              arts performances, and more.
drummers, the famous dragon         Meet the Grunion at the              The competition takes place at
boat races, and much more.          Cabrillo       Marine                Marine Stadium, located at 5225
The event runs from noon to 9       Aquarium        Watch                East Paoli Way in Long Beach.
pm on Saturday (fireworks           the silvery fish come                The Festival takes place from 9
night), and runs from noon to 8     up on the beach to                   am to 5 pm both days. For more
pm on Sunday. This year the         spawn! Learn about                   i n f o r m a t i o n ,     v i s i t
Lotus Festival highlights the       the mating rituals         , or call
people and culture of Korea. To     and growth of this                   (562) 570-3215. Sponsored by
obtain more information, and        curious fish.      The               the International Culture Ex-
general parking directions, visit   Aquarium opens at 8                  hange Association. The Dragon            pm and an auditorium program         Boat Festival is part of the 74th
lotus.htm, or call Rec and Parks    begins at 9 pm, followed by          Annual Long Beach International
at (213) 485-1310. Echo Park        guided observation at the beach.     Sea Festival. More about the
Lake is located on Park Avenue      Warm clothing and a flashlight       Sea Festival can be found at
between Glendale Avenue and         are recommended. $5 for adults,
Echo Park Boulevard, just north     $1 for seniors, students and chil-
of the Hollywood (101) and          dren. For more information on
                                    this event, contact the Aquarium
Pasadena (110) freeway junc-
                                    at (310) 548-7562. The Aquar-               NEXT MONTH:
tion, near Dodger Stadium. Ad-
mission is free.                    ium is located at 3720 Stephen
                                    M. White Drive in San Pedro.                    Tues, Aug 2

          Sat, Jul 16                          Sat, Jul 30            Orcas: Behavior and Ecology
                                                                      of Killer Whales The Aquarium
Desert As Home, Preserve or         Earth Works! Join National His- of the Pacific
Wasteland? This panel discus-                           tory Museum hosts a lecture
              sion, part of a                           staff as they on orcas by
              new series that                           explore their marine       biolo-
              examines     the                          newest ex- g i s t        Nancy
              impact that hu-                           hibit,   Col- B l a c k ,    co-
              mans have had                             lapse?    and owner of Mon-
              on the Western        learn all about the world. Make t e r e y       Bay
              environment,          earth friendly crafts and learn Whale Watch.
              looks at three        about making good choices to Orcas, also known as killer
              interrelated de-      save the planet and make recy- whales, are large dolphins that
sert venues and issues: Death       cled art.    Earth Works takes are well known for their vocali-
Valley National Park as pre-        place from 10 am to 5 pm at the zations and dialects. Presented
serve; Las Vegas’ unprece-          Los Angeles County Natural His- in partnership with the National
dented housing development          tory Museum located at 900 Ex- Marine Sanctuary System, the
for desert as home; and Yucca       position Boulevard in Los Ange- lecture will explain the differ-
Mountain’s nuclear waste site       les. Free with Museum admis- ences in social behaviors be-
VOLUME 16, ISSUE 7                       AN ENVIRONMENTAL AFFAIR                                    PAGE 7

                                    Heritage located in Griffith Park,   various exquisite foods pre-
      NEXT MONTH:                   at 4700 Heritage Way, from 2         pared by some of LA’s finest
                                    pm to 3:30 pm.                       restaurants. Enjoy the world
          (continued)                                                    class sounds of Taiko Drums,
                                       Fri thru Sun, Aug 12-14           cultural music and dance per-
tween the three orca types—                                              formances, a Children’s Pavil-
transients, residents, and off-     39th Annual Watts Summer             ion, and an Arts & Crafts Mar-
shores. Since 1987 Black and                     Festival The Watts      ketplace. $8 for adults, seniors
her team have identified nearly                  Summer Festival is      and kids $5. Children under five
350 orcas by photographing                       one of the longest      have free admission. Sponsored
their unique dorsal fin shapes                   running     African-    by the Little Tokyo Service Cen-
and markings. Black has drawn                    American     cultural   ter.   The Tofu Festival takes
on an informal network of re-                    festivals   in   the    place on 2nd Street and South
searchers and commercial fish-                   United States that      San Pedro Street in the Little
ermen to track the behavior                      promotes     cultural   Tokyo District of Downtown Los
and movement of killer whales       awareness for children and           Angeles. For more information,
from Mexico to Alaska. $7. For      families. This yearly event com-     visit, or call
more information, or to make        memorates the past and cele-         (213) 473-3030.      The event
reservations, contact the Aquar-    brates the future of African         takes place on Saturday from
ium of the Pacific at (562) 590-    American people through the          noon to 10 pm, and on Sunday
3100, ext. 0. The Aquarium is       sharing and exhibition of arts,      from 11 am to 9 pm.
located at 100 Aquarium Way in      crafts, theatrical presentations,
Long Beach.                         music, culinary arts, and fash-      Annual Block Party and Arts
                                    ion. The event takes place from                Festival A San Pedro
          Sat, Aug 6                noon to 9 pm at 10950 S. Cen-                  tradition for more than
                                    tral Avenue in Watts.       Free.              twenty        years—
Mothering        Nature:     Are    Sponsored by the Watts Sum-                    celebrating     music,
Women Good for the Earth?           mer Festival, Inc. For more in-                food, and interactive
How have women’s choices (or        formation call (323) 789-7304,       arts activities in a fun environ-
lack thereof) impacted the          or visit      ment for the entire family. The
Western environment, and how                                             party takes place at 1003 S.
have these choices differed            Sat and Sun, Aug 13-14            Beacon Street in San Pedro,
from those of men? Admission                                             from 11 am to midnight. Free.
is free for Autry National Center   10th Annual Tofu Festival In         Sponsored by the Beacon House
members, $10 for nonmem-                      addition to over           Association of San Pedro. For
bers. For reservations, call                  100     imaginative        more information call (310)
(323) 667-2000 ext. 354. The                  and delicious tofu         514-4940,            or    visit
panel discussion takes place at               and soy dishes,            www.beaconhouseassociation.
the Autry Museum of Western                   come and sample            com.

                                Recycling Cellular Telephones

               Upgrading to another cell ‘phone, and need to get rid of the old one? You can keep
               your old cellular out of the landfills and donate it to charity, or have it recycled. Visit
               any of the websites listed below and find out how you can keep that old ‘phone from
               turning into e-waste.

     •                       •
     •                      •
     •                       •
                                    Air Quality                                   Indoor Air or Mold Concerns
                                    Calidad del aire                              Aire interior ó preocupaciones de moho
                                    South Coast Air Quality Management District   Environmental Hygiene
                                    (800) 288-7664                                (626) 430-5440

                                    Asbestos                                      Lead Poisoning
HOTLINE CONNECTION                  Asbestos                                      Veneno del plomo
                                    Environmental Hygiene                         National Lead Information Center
       The Environmental            (626) 430-5440                                (800) 424-5323
  Information Center (EIC)
serves as a referral source         Bulky Item Pick-up                            Leaf Blowers
    to the community. Our           Recogida de articulos grandes                 Sopladores de hojas
hotline connection offers a         L.A. City Bureau of Sanitation                Leaf Blower Complaint Line
 list of the most frequently        (800) 773-2489                                (800) 996-2489
 requested numbers. If the
                                    Hazardous and E-Waste Disposal                Mosquitoes
   number you need is not           Desembolso de materiales peligrosos           Infestaciónes de mosquitos
  listed, please contact the        L.A. County Dept. of Public Works             L.A. West Mosquito Abatement
 EIC at (213) 978-0888,             (888) 253-2652                                (310) 915-7370
 or toll-free in Los Angeles        L.A. City Bureau of Sanitation
 only at (800) 439-4666.            (800) 988-6942                                Recycling
You can also visit our website at                                                 Reciclaje          Housing and Building Complaints               City of L.A. Public Works Dept.
and click on Environmental          Las quejas del construccion y albergar        (800) 773-2489
                                    Housing Code Enforcement
      Information Center.
                                    (213) 367-9411                                Smoking Violations
                                                                                  Infracciónes de fumar
                                    Illegal Storm Drain Dumping                   Office of the City Attorney
                                    Depositos en los drenajes de desagües         (888) 333-0730
                                    Stormwater Management
                                    (800) 974-9794

The City of Los Angeles
Environmental Affairs Department
                                                                                                  First Class Mail
200 N. Spring Street, Suite 2005
                                                                                                U.S. Postage Paid
Los Angeles, CA 90012
                                                                                                 Los Angeles, CA
                                                                                                Permit No. 12932

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