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					                  Empowerment Speaker
                  Angela's work and personal experiences have led her to become a highly-respected,
                  engaging empowerment and motivational speaker across the country and abroad.
                  From audiences of 10 to 10,000+, Angela develops an intimate setting by
                  interweaving open discussion on often-difficult subjects with music, art and film,
                  fostering deep connections with the community.

Abducted from a shopping mall!
Angela Rose is also a national leader in the movement to shatter the silence of sexual violence.
Angela was catapulted into activism by a violent attack that happened when she was 17 years old.
The summer after her senior year of high school, Angela was kidnapped at knifepoint from a shopping
mall parking lot by a paroled child killer. Angela was re-traumatized in reporting the crime - the
detective accused her of lying.

Instead of being silent, Angela Rose turned a suburban community into a group of proactive citizens.
Working with others attacked by her perpetrator, Angela spearheaded the movement culminating
with the passage of the 1998 Sexually Violent Persons Commitment Act in Illinois. During this process,
countless people confided in her that they had survived a sexual assault. Yet, the vast majority of
them had been victimizied by someone who they trusted but had never told anyone. Angela came
to recognize how sexual violence plagues our society, yet the silence that cloaks these crimes feed
this public health crisis.

                         PAVE: Promoting Awareness, Victim Empowerment
                         Angela founded PAVE: Promoting Awareness, Victim Empowerment in 2001 and
                         it has since grown into a well-respected national nonprofit that uses social,
                         educational and legislative tactics to shatter the silence of sexual violence.

Binding Project
PAVE launched an international art campaign called the Binding Project where
participants write a word of empowerment on plastic zip tie bracelets. PAVE is
currently collecting thousands of binding bracelets to be included in an installation art
piece. These zip ties are what was used to bind Angela's hands behind her back
during the abduction.

                           Emergency National Protest “Call it RAPE”
                           In 2007 through Angela’s leadership, PAVE staged an emergency protest
                           dubbed "Call it RAPE" where nearly 40 cities in 3 business days across the
                           country participated in response to the silencing of rape victims in court.

                                                       Film-maker and Musician
       Angela's most recent endeavor is producing a documentary Transition to
   Survivor, her first single "Transition" is the theme song that released in 2007. This
       blending of the harsh realities of assault and creative expression motivate
  individuals to turn tragedy into triumph and mobilize groups to create a world
                                                                      without violence.
                                       Angela’s Audiences
                            "I liked the honesty with which the information was presented and the
                            efficiency of the presentation. Also, I have experienced the effects of
                            sexual violence in my family. Very Relevant! No improvement needed, very
                            well done! It’s great to see a positive briefing on such a sensitive subject.
                            Thank you." –male Air Force

Colleges and Law Schools
“Angela Rose is very professional and well spoken; extremely well prepared and forthcoming with
information. Thanks for the insight on things. My girlfriend was sexually assaulted before we started
dating and this helps me understand what she went through a little better. This presentation is good for
males and females and can really hit home." -male Law School student

                  "Your determination and energy is very inspirational! Thank you for sharing your story.
                  I’m sure you helped many young women realize many things about their
                  relationships and things that have happened to them, keep up the good work!"
                  -Jenny, sophomore

                    Community Centers & Women’s Groups
        "Angela taught us so much about healing, living and loving. We
       celebrate her strength today." -LaCASA Survivor Dedication Night

"This workshop had amazing conversations and emotions were sparked. It was comfortable because
everyone opened up and had a chance to talk. The presenter, Angela, was very open and relatable -
real and friendly with a great personality. It helped create an open dialogue about multiple
oppressions" -Building Unity Multicultural Conference

Take Back the Night Events
"Thank you so much for sharing your story, it helped me so me a lot with what I went through. You are
such a strong lady and I really connected with what you said. Your actions have helped so many
others." –UC San Diego student

                                   “Wow! You have an amazing story! Your presentation was great, it
                                   really got me thinking. I seriously had no clue so many people were
                                   sexually abused! Thanks for being so strong and for coming to
                                   speak to us!” –Sara, Bahamas
                           Selected Previous Publicity

                     "...the protest, which was organized by PAVE (Promoting Awareness,
                     Victim Empowerment), a Chicago-based advocacy group for rape
                     victims." Time Magazine, 07/23/07

                       "We will not tolerate the silencing of rape victims."
                       -Angela Rose, Today Show, 07/19/07

                       "We're just not going to stand for it, so they've got the scarves over
                       their mouths to show that victims should be given free speech." -
                       Angela Rose, CNN, 07/14/07

                        “Angela was kidnapped at knifepoint and was sexually assaulted
                        by a repeat offender. If her attacker had remained behind bars
                        where he belonged, countless victims would have been saved.”
                        Montel Williams Show, 08/02/02

                       “Cool Girl. Six years ago, 17-year-old Angela Rose was walking to
                       her car in a parking lot when she was abducted at knifepoint.
                       Though traumatized, Angela turned her tragedy into positive...”
                       Girl’s Life, 02/02

                        Angela was devastated after being kidnapped and sexually
                        assaulted. Then, she learned her attacker was a paroled
                        murderer. So she put him behind bars-for good.”
                        CosmoGirl!, 10/01

                               “Angela Rose may have been a victim of a sex crime four
                               years ago, but her brave reaction in the months and years
                               after that attack proves she is anything but helpless or
powerless. Her story should inspire victims and others who are fed up with crime and want
to fight back.” Chicago Sun-Times, 07/13/00
                               SELECTED TELEVISION

        January, 08 – America’s Most Wanted Safety Center - Washington, DC

           September 27, 07 - Sac & Co. Morning Show - Sacramento, CA

            July 19, 07 - TODAY SHOW - PAVE National Protest, Matt Lauer

                          July 13, 07 - Situation Room - CNN

                  Winter 2002 - The John Walsh Show -New York, NY

                August 2002 - The Montel Williams Show -New York, NY

                              SELECTED MAGAZINES

                   Feb/March 2002 – Girls’ Life Magazine -Cool Girl

            October 2001 - CosmoGirl Magazine -I put my kidnapper in jail

                              SELECTED NEWSPAPERS

             September 19, 07 - Loyola Phoenix Voices against violence

               July 13, 07 - Associated Content PAVE National Protests

   December 6, 06 – AP International Coverage – WI city apologizes to rape victim

    November 14, 06 - Nassau Guardian, Bahamas - Guardians Asked to Speak Up

August 19, 2005 - Chicago Sun Times and AP - Rep. Emanuel seeks GPS bracelets for all
                                 child sex offenders

March 05, 2005 - Chicago Tribune - CD aims to shatter silence, alert women to violence

April 24, 2002 - The Badger Herald - Sexual assault awareness videos premiere at Union

        June 24, 1997 - Chicago Sun-Times - Court OKs confining sex offenders

         September 13, 1996 - Chicago Sun-Times (cover story) - Teen’s Plea

September 13, 1996 - Chicago Tribune -Kidnapping victim urges tougher laws for felons

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