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									                                                      Offering a brief look at the vital research and development contributions made by
                                                      the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program in direct support of the Air Force mission.

                                                Advantage                                                                                     4th


Air Force SBIR Update
by Stephen Guilfoos, Air Force SBIR Program Manager

Raising the Bar
The Air Force SBIR Phase II Enhancement Program – Revisited

In our 3rd Qtr 2000 Air Force SBIR                               The purpose of the enhancement program is to address
                                                                 unanticipated technical barriers that are keeping the SBIR
Advantage newsletter, we discussed the                           small businesses from meeting their intended Phase II
                                                                 objectives. One of those objectives is to commercialize
                                                                 their technology through Phase III contracts. By
initiation of the Air Force SBIR Enhancement
                                                                 “commercialization” we mean the selling of their SBIR
                                                                 product or service to military customers. Because of the
program. Since that time, we have modified                        risky nature of SBIR, there are many unknowns. Some of
                                                                 those unknowns grow into barriers for small businesses
the enhancement process to bring it more                         that cannot be broken down without additional
                                                                 development work. As such, the small business will
in concert with the needs of the Air Force.                      not be able to commercialize their technology without
                                                                 additional work. This additional work is usually outside
                                                                 the scope of the original Phase II contract.
                                                                 continued on page 4...
SBIR Tech Issues
Tech Issues is intended for personnel directly involved in the operation and support of the AF SBIR program.

Shopping Mall’s “new look” and increased capabilities
                                                                              CBD, and OSD agency topics which are managed by the Air
                                                                              Force. In this latter regard, you can search the Tech Mall by
                                                                              any of the applicable agencies or use the default setting for
                                                                              “all” agencies combined. Since this is a new capability, the
                                                                              Tech Mall contains detailed instructions for using the agency
                                                                              search options. Please note that the Army and Navy also
                                                                              manage selected MDA, CBD, and OSD SBIR/STTR topics,
                                                                              but those topics are not part of our Technology Mall.

                                                                              Electronic Library – Thumbnail Images
                                                                              When folks visit their local community
Mouse-over message tips                                                       libraries, it is a common practice to take new
                                                                              books off the display shelf for a brief glance
Starting with the Home Page                                                   of the cover and book jacket. In a virtual
If you haven’t visited the Shopping Mall during the past                      sense within the Shopping Mall’s Electronic
few months, you are in for a pleasant surprise that begins                    Library, you can now view the opening
once you open the home page. You will notice that the                         pages of SBIR Advantage Newsletters,
artistic layout has been modified to give the Mall a richer                    Impact and Transition Stories, and brochures
color contrast, along with eye-catching graphics. However,                    and publications. This is accomplished
there is no learning curve for the user in that we retained the               through use of “thumbnail images,” which
same basic menu and navigational structure. Further, we                       appear to the left of publication titles, with the option of
recently added mouse-over message tips, containing brief                      expanding the thumbnails to full screen view by double-
text descriptions associated with each of the menu headings                   clicking them with your mouse button.
to assist you in readily identifying the appropriate Mall
                                                                              Small Business Area –
concourse so that you can readily find the information                         For Small Business Firms Only
you are seeking.                                                              If you are not a small business firm registered
Expanded Technology Mall – Agency Searches                                    on the DoD SBIR/STTR submission website,
The Tech Mall is where you can find small business firms’                       then you do not need access to the Small
award abstracts, summary reports, and Impact/Transition                       Business Area. This section of the Shopping
                                    stories relating to                       Mall is password controlled since its purpose
                                    specific SBIR/STTR                         is to collect and convey firm-specific
                                    topic numbers. Over                       information. Think of the Small Business
                                    the past year, more                       Area as a business communication hub for
                                    and more Phase I and                      firms wishing to submit summary reports, draft Impact and
                                    Phase II summary                          Transition stories, and Phase II enhancement and Fast Track
Quick way to narrow your search     reports are starting                      data. Further, firms can receive proposal status debriefings
by agency
                                    to appear, providing                      once SBIR/STTR awards are made. For small business firms,
                                    updated R&D narratives                    the Small Business Area is now an electronic SBIR/STTR
                                    beyond that initially                     business practice.
                                    contained in the award                    Come and See for Yourself!
                                    abstract proposals.                       The above represents some of the highlights of the
                                    Moreover, we have                         dynamically evolving Shopping Mall. In addition to the agency
                                    expanded the Tech                         search expansion within the Technology Mall, the Small
                                    Mall to include not only                  Business Listing is growing by leaps and bounds as more
                                    Air Force “agency”                        firms add their R&D mission summaries. The Small Business
                                    SBIR/STTR abstracts                       Listing is a great data resource for customers searching for
                                    and summary reports                       firms’ core competencies. Best of all – since the Shopping
                                    but also selected MDA,                    Mall is a 24/7 public website – you can visit the Mall at your
If searching by ALL, it will                                                  convenience and see for yourself.
indicate the agency to the right
of the listing.
AF SBIR Transition Impact

SB I R Project Aids Development
of New Optical Technology for
Testing On-board I R Sensors
Air Force Requirements           using the collimator to
The test and evaluation          support the Airborne Laser
of installed IR sensors          (ABL) program. The future
on-board modern military         use of this test capability    of a collimator of this kind   Real-time, large format
                                                                                               IR scene generators
aircraft presents new            will enable pre-mission/pre-   especially challenging. The
                                                                                               and projectors
challenges for the ground        flight as well as post-flight    resulting test equipment       require high fidelity
test environment. Current        check out of installed IR      and associated software        and versatile optical
development of real-time,        sensors to reduce flight        provided by OPTICS 1           coupling to serve
large format, IR scene           hours needed to debug          added capability that has      modern military aircraft.
generators and free space        systems, to provide a          benefited a number of other     The resultant optical
projectors require optically     secure test facility, and      company state-ofthe-art        collimators are being
coupling between the             to provide a controlled,       electro-optical programs.      used on a number of
                                                                The work performed for         DoD programs. The Air
projector and the installed      repeated test environment
                                                                                               Force has proposed
sensor to simulate an IR         for post-flight debugging.      the Air Force Flight Test
                                                                                               this SBIR supported
scene which is observed by       This will result in more       Center (AFFTC), Edwards        system to support the
the sensor with sufficient        capable IR sensors at          AFB was later leveraged in     Airborne Laser (ABL)
fidelity such that the sensor     a reduced cost from a          the development of a multi-    program.
behaves as if it were            Test and Evaluation (T&E)      spectral imaging system
observing the outside world      approach.                      currently being delivered
during a flight.                                                 under a Phase III SBIR         SBIR Topic
                                 Company Impact                                                Number:
                                                                contract with another DoD
SBIR Technology                  The SBIR project presented                                    AF95-245
This SBIR effort addressed       a unique set of challenges
the critical shortfall in test   to assure the level of         The opportunity to design      Optical Coupler Between
capability by analysis,          performance needed by the      and implement a state-         IR Scene Emitter &
                                                                                               Installed Sensor
design, and manufacture          Air Force. While OPTICS 1      of-the-art test system
of various IR optical            had prior experience in        significantly advanced the      Contract Number:
collimators to provide           zoom lenses, this program      company’s capabilities and     04611-96-C-0071
compact, high fidelity,           added significantly to the      design methodologies. This
                                                                                               Company Name:
low profile, and versatile,       company’s specific              knowledge is used on a         OPTICS 1 Inc.
interfaces between an            understanding of thermal       continuous basis in other      Westlake Village, CA
IR two-dimensional, free         infrared zoom optics. This     SBIR projects, in non-SBIR
                                                                                               Technical Project Office:
space IR emitter and the         knowledge and experience       government work and in         AFFTC/412TW/EW-MA
sensor unit under test.          contributed to OPTICS 1        commercial and industrial      Edwards AFB, CA
                                 winning of a subsequent Air    systems.
Air Force
Transition Payoff                Force development contract
The resultant optical            for a wide-angle infrared
collimators have been            collimator.
used to provide a proof-         Optical test equipment
of-concept demonstration         must typically perform
with an IR Maverick missile      2 to 4 times better than
and have been used by            the system under test.
the Navy to test Forward         This makes the design
Looking Infrared sensors.        and implementation
The Air Force has proposed
the IR projector system
    Air Force SBIR Update                                                Continued from front page...

The enhancement                                                                                                       Will We Accept
program will extend                                                                                                   Other Government
existing Phase II                                                                                                     Money?
contracts for up                                                                                          Under extenuating
to an additional                                                                                          circumstances, the
year and add more                                                                                         enhancement program
money to pay                                                                                              will allow other non-
for the additional                                                                                        military government
development that is needed to break down these                          money to be used as matching money when other
technological barriers. The Air Force SBIR program will                 potential customers of the technology are interested in
add up to $500,000 of SBIR money matched to other                       helping fund the enhancement.
non-SBIR government money.                                              Some examples of other non-military sources:
                                                                          Special grants from state agencies
WHY Government Money?
                                                                          Other federal agencies
One of the goals of the DOD SBIR program is to transition
                                                                          And in rare instances, prime contractors.
technology into operational use within the military. This is
part and parcel of the small business’ commercialization                The Phase II enhancement program is executed by the
plan. When a technology barrier is discovered, we realize               AFRL technology directorates and at the logistics and test
that this technology transition goal might not be met. To               centers. The final decisions are local. In special situations,
enhance the potential of transition to a military weapon                these organizations may waive the requirement that the
system or subsystem, and to demonstrate the interest                    matching money be fully equal to the Air Force amount of
of the military in using the technology, we are looking for             enhancement money. We allow the flexibility to leverage
military acquisition offices to invest their non-SBIR money              the matching money.
toward that SBIR effort. The reasoning here is simple. If
a military acquisition office is willing to invest its money,            Bottom Line
they usually have a high level of interest in actually using            The Air Force has set aside more than 10% of our SBIR
this technology in their systems and subsystems.                        budget for use on Phase II enhancements. We are firmly
A secondary reason for government money, specifically                    committed to helping small businesses break down
military money, is that we can put the money directly on                technological barriers that keep their technology from
the SBIR contract and control how the small business                    being successfully transitioned into operational use. We
spends those additional dollars. When the matching                      want to do more than just develop technology – we want
money comes from non-military sources, the money goes                   to increase the potential of the technology being actually
to the small business through other avenues outside the                 used in the military marketplace.
SBIR program. Hence, the SBIR program losses control
over how that money is actually spent.

            Air Force
            Research Laboratory AFRL                                      Air Force SBIR Program                      SBIR Advantage is published
            Science and Technology for Tomorrow’s Air and Space Force     AFRL/XPTT                                   quarterly by the Air Force SBIR
                                                                          2275 D Street                               Program office. This publication
                                                                          Wright-Patterson AFB OH 45433-7226          offers an overview of AF SBIR issues
                                                                                                                      and information. The purpose of
                                                                          Comm: (800) 222-0336
                                                                                                                      SBIR Advantage is to provide Air Force,
                                                                          Fax: (937) 255-2329
                                                                                                                      DoD, and other government leader-
                                                                                                                      ship with additional insight into the
                                                                                                                      vital contributions made by the SBIR
                                                                          The goal of the Air Force SBIR Program      program to Air Force R&D.
                                                                          is to serve the technology needs of Air
                                                                                                                      SBIR Advantage is available online at:
                                                                          Force warfighters. It accomplishes its
                                                                          mission as part of the Air Force Research
                                                                          Laboratory’s (AFRL) integrated research     Contents of this newsletter are not
                                                                                                                      necessarily the official views of, or
                                                                          and development (R&D) team. AFRL’s          are endorsed by, the U.S. Government,
                                                                          mission is leading the discovery, devel-    DoD, or Department of the Air Force.
                                                                          opment, and integration of affordable
                                                                          warfighting technologies for our air
                                                                          & space forces.

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