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									                                                                                            Creating pathways to
                                                                                            the future for all students
 A Newsletter for Beaverton School District Employees                                                September 1, 2005

                           Changes, challenges ahead for 2005-06
District Goal:

districtwide with
a special
emphasis on
literacy and
gains for each

                              Welcome back to a new school year. The         on international
                           2005-06 school year promises changes and          studies and lan-
                           challenges. Between new school construc-          guage. Planning
                           tion, a capital construction bond measure         continues on the
                           headed for the ballot in May (see story, page     school, which
                           3), and continued success in student achieve-     also will open
                           ment (see story, page 2), our 4,000 employ-       next fall.
                           ees can expect a memorable year.
                             The official groundbreaking for Beaver-          two dozen
                           ton’s newest school will be held at 3:30 p.m.     administrators
                           Tuesday, Sept. 27. But as these photos attest,    are either in new
                           the heavy equipment is already laying the         positions or new
                           groundwork for what will be Aloha-Huber           to the District, while we welcome 225 new
                           Park K-8 School near the intersection of S.W.     certified staff and 61 new classified staff to
                           170th and Farmington. The new school will         the District.
                           open next fall.
                                                                               Welcome to all, and have a great year!
                             Meanwhile, Aloha High School will
                           remain under reconstruction all year with
                           the addition of 18 classrooms and a new
                           cafeteria and kitchen, while Aloha Park
                                                                             Inside This Issue
                           Elementary will be undergoing remodeling                            results
                                                                             State assessment results, page 2
                           all year as it makes its transformation into a                        measure
                                                                             District seeks bond measure, page 3
                           new secondary magnet option with a focus                              BEAOP
                                                                             Transition year for BEAOP, page 4

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Community Involvement Office, 503-591-4360.
                            September 1, 2005                                                               Page 2

                     District shows gains in student performance
                       Students in the Beaverton School District showed significant improvement across the
You can see          board in almost all areas, especially reading and mathematics, according to State assessment
Beaverton’s          results released last month by the Oregon Department of Education.
State assessment
results on our         The District recorded its highest-ever percentages of students who met or exceeded State
District website.    standards in several categories, including all tested grade levels in mathematics and 3rd, 5th
From the front       and 10th grade reading. Beaverton also recorded a historic high in the percentage of 5th
page, click on       graders meeting or exceeding State science standards.
District News
and look for the       Further, the District improved over the prior year at every grade level and in every subject
press release        area, except 8th grade science, which remained static, and 10th grade science, which fell by
called ‘State As-    two percentage points. Beaverton scores were significantly higher than the State average in
sessment Results     every subject and grade level.
Released.’ The
complete District       The District’s Goal emphasizes improvements in student achievement in mathematics and
results are linked   literacy, and the State results indicate that focused instructional efforts in those areas are
from the press       making a difference.
                       Many of Beaverton’s Title I schools made the most significant gains in the District, reflect-
                     ing a closing of the achievement gap between high-achieving and under-represented student
                     populations. For example, William Walker Elementary made gains of more than 20 percent
                     over the past two years at both 3rd and 5th grades in both mathematics and reading, as
                     well as a 13-percent, one-year increase in 5th grade science. Third graders are not tested in
                     science. Other Title I schools showing significant, across-the-board increases include Aloha
                     Park, Barnes, Fir Grove, Kinnaman, McKay and Vose. Eighty percent of Vose 5th graders
                     met or exceeded State math standards, a 16 percent increase over the previous year and 31
                     percent higher than two years ago.

                     Clothes Closet Opens

                     Girl Scouts (left to right)
                     Eva Decesaro, Anna
                     Geannopoulos and
                     Kasey Martinez sit atop a
                     mound of bags filled with
                     clothes destined for the
                     new Clothes Closet. From
                     its new location at the
                     Administration Center,
                     the Clothes Closet opened
                     Aug. 31 and served 145
                     students, almost double
                     the 75 students served on
                     the first day last school
                     year! The three Girl
                     Scouts helped set up the
                     Clothes Closet last month
                     as they work on earning
                     their Silver Award.
Page 3                                                   September 1, 2005

                   Board to determine details of bond measure
                     The District is expected to add another 750 students this year, bringing the total enroll-
                   ment to 36,502. This is one of Oregon’s fastest growing school districts, where many build-
                   ings are already at or above capacity, especially at the elementary and high school levels.

                     Due to this growing capacity need, the School Board has determined to put a capital con-
                   struction bond measure on the ballot in May, 2006. Along with increasing student achieve-
                   ment and reaching new contract agreements with certified and classified staff, the bond
                   measure will be the top priority this year for the Board and the District.

                     Next week, the District’s Long Range Facilities Planning Committee will hold the last
                   of a series of summer meetings to prioritize possible projects for an upcoming capital con-
BEF Family         struction bond measure. The Committee’s recommendations will be sent to Superintendent
Fun Days           Jerome Colonna, who will take a finalized list of recommendations to the School Board in
                   October. The Board is expected to make final decisions about the amount of the bond and
The Beaverton      the projects it will contain during its October meeting, to be held at 6 p.m. Monday, Oct.
                   10, at Cedar Mill Elementary.
Foundation will
receive 25 per-
                     District employees will receive information throughout the year as the election approach-
cent of proceeds
on purchases       es, and your input and involvement is welcomed and encouraged.
at Silver Dollar
Pizza in Aloha     The District’s Risk Man-
                   agement crew -- Steph-
between 11
                   anie Wegner, Sharon
a.m. and 10        White and Dan Thomas
p.m. Monday        -- provide informa-
through Friday,    tion to school support
Sept. 12-16. Buy   staff during a breakout
a pizza during     session at the Aug. 19
Beaverton Edu-     Support Staff In-service.
cation Founda-     More than a dozen
tion Family Fun    District departments
Days, and you’ll   shared year-opening
be helping the
BEF raise funds
for the academic
programs that it
                                                                                         Some 200 support
funds through-                                                                           staff attended the
out the schools                                                                          In-service, where an
in our District.                                                                         ice-breaker activity
                                                                                         was a mass game of
                                                                                         Rock, Paper, Scissors.
                                                                                         The game culminated
                                                                                         in two chains con-
                                                                                         verging in the middle
                                                                                         of Stoller’s gym for a
                                                                                         final showdown.
       September 1, 2005                                                             Page 4

BAEOP to grow membership, change name
By Brenda Renning
BAEOP President

  The Beaverton Associa-
tion of Educational Office
Professionals (BAEOP)
will spend the 2005-06
year in transition. To
follow suit with other
districts and states, we are
expanding our member-
ship to include a broader
collection of support staff.

  Our mission remains
the same: Dedicated to
promoting professionalism
and networking by provid-
ing opportunities for the
professional and personal
                               Some of the BAEOP Board members got together during the
growth of its members.         Support Staff In-Service. From left to right they are Nancy
                               Klepper, Lori Gilett, Tammy Hartley, President Brenda Ren-
  The current members          ning, Tammy Taylor, LeAnn Barackman and Mary Benson.
voted on a new name,
which we feel better repre-
sents the members of our organization -- B.E.S.T. (Beaverton Education Support Team).

  Beaverton School District high school art students will be invited to compete in a new
logo design for us once school begins. When the board approves the new logo, a re-designed
website will emerge. The current website is We invite
you to check us out!

  The Beaverton chapter is the largest in the state. The Oregon A.E.O.P. board is mainly
comprised of Beaverton School District employees. A handful of members traveled to the
national conference in Tucson this July, and we are proud to represent our state. All but five
states were represented with over 500 in attendance.

  Besides the transition, we are planning the following activities: Annual scholarship win-
ners, classified staff and administrator of the year awards, annual installation banquet,
member socials and information night, and regular board meetings.

  All Beaverton School District employees are invited to come and eat Pizza Schmizza from
5-9 p.m. Tuesday, September 20, at 18021 N.W. Evergreen Parkway. A portion of sales will
benefit our organization. Bring your hungry families, and help support our worthy cause!

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